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843644000000000381: Dynamic Assignment of Heterogeneous Objects: A Mechanism Design Approach Downloads
Alex Gershkov and Benny Moldovanu
843644000000000332: Risk, Delay, and Convex Self-Control Costs Downloads
Drew Fudenberg and David Levine
843644000000000241: Incentive Reversal Downloads
Eyal Winter
843644000000000034: Regular Infinite Economies Downloads
Enrique Covarrubias
843644000000000022: Self Confirming Equilibrium and the Lucas Critique Downloads
Drew Fudenberg and David Levine
814577000000000457: Estimating Time Preferences from Convex Budgets Downloads
James Andreoni and Charles Sprenger
814577000000000452: Risk Preferences Are Not Time Preferences Downloads
James Andreoni and Charles Sprenger
814577000000000447: Certain and Uncertain Utility: The Allais Paradox and Five Decision Theory Phenomena Downloads
James Andreoni and Charles Sprenger
814577000000000437: Stochastic Approximation, Cooperative Dynamics and Supermodular Games Downloads
Michel Benaim and Mathieu Faure
814577000000000432: Colonel Blotto’s Top Secret Files Downloads
Ayala Arad and Ariel Rubinstein
814577000000000415: Expectations as Endowments: Reference-Dependent Preferences and Exchange Behavior Downloads
Keith Ericson and Andreas Fuster
814577000000000398: Prizes and Patents: Using Market Signals to Provide Incentives for Innovations Downloads
Varadarajan Chari, Mikhail Golosov and Aleh Tsyvinski
814577000000000384: Learning Self-Control Downloads
S. Nageeb Ali
814577000000000379: Equilibrium Trust Downloads
Luca Anderlini and Daniele Terlizzese
814577000000000374: Eliciting Welfare Preferences from Behavioral Datasets Downloads
Ariel Rubinstein and Yuval Salant
814577000000000361: Grading Exams: 100, 99, 98,... or A, B, C? Downloads
Pradeep Dubey and John Geanakoplos
814577000000000356: Hyperbolic discounting is rational: Valuing the far future with uncertain discount rates Downloads
J. Farmer and John Geanakoplos
814577000000000351: Uphill Self-Control Downloads
Jawwad Noor and Norio Takeoka
814577000000000344: On the Smooth Ambiguity Model: A Reply Downloads
Peter Klibano, Massimo Marinacci and Sujoy Mukerji
814577000000000339: How (Not) to Do Decision Theory Downloads
Eddie Dekel and Barton Lipman
814577000000000335: Questions in Decision Theory Downloads
Itzhak Gilboa
814577000000000330: Seller Reputation and Trust in Pre-Trade Communication Downloads
Bruno Jullien and In-Uck Park
814577000000000324: Subjectivity in Inductive Inference Downloads
Itzhak Gilboa and Larry Samuelson
814577000000000319: Self-Deception and Choice Downloads
Igor Kopylov and Jawwad Noor
Gaetano Bloise, Pietro Reichlin and Mario Tirelli
814577000000000309: Altruism, Turnout and Strategic Voting Behavior Downloads
Ozgur Evren
814577000000000297: A Model of Non-Informational Preference Change Downloads
Franz Dietrich and Christian List
814577000000000292: Social Learning with Coarse Inference Downloads
Antonio Guarino and Philippe Jehie
814577000000000284: Unattainable Payoffs for Repeated Games of Private Monitoring Downloads
Josh Cherry and Lones Smith
814577000000000279: On Reputational Rents as an Incentive Mechanism in Competitive Markets Downloads
Bernardita Vial and Felipe Zurita
814577000000000274: Is Behavioral Economics Doomed? Downloads
David Levine
814577000000000269: A Relationship between Risk and Time Preferences Downloads
Kota Saito
814577000000000264: Choice under Pressure: A Dual Preference Model and Its Application Downloads
Tolga Koker
814577000000000259: Decision Making in Uncertain and Changing Environments Downloads
Karl Schlag and Andriy Zapechelnyuk
814577000000000254: THE RESOLUTION GAME A Multiple Selves Perspective Downloads
Dimitri Migrow and Matthias Uhl
814577000000000248: The Refined Best-Response Correspondence and Backward Induction Downloads
Dieter Balkenborg, Josef Hofbauer and Christoph Kuzmics
814577000000000242: Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement in Imperfect Markets Downloads
Jiahua Che, Larry Qiu and Wen Zhou
814577000000000236: Need I remind you? Monitoring with collective memory Downloads
David Miller and Kareen Rozen
814577000000000231: Axiomatic Equilibrium Selection for Generic two-player games Downloads
Srihari Govindan and Robert Wilson
814577000000000219: Fairness Motivations and Procedures of Choice between Lotteries as Revealed through Eye Movements Downloads
Amos Arieli, Yaniv Ben-Ami and Ariel Rubinstein
814577000000000206: Existence of Equilibria in Discontinuous and Nonconvex Games Downloads
Rabia Nessah and Guoqiang Tian
814577000000000201: Asymmetric Contests with Conditional Investments Downloads
Ron Seigel
814577000000000197: Contagion of Liquidity Crisis between Firms Downloads
Dong Chuhl Oh
814577000000000193: How Exposure to Markets Can Favor Inequity Averse Preferences Downloads
Robertas Zubrickas
814577000000000186: Implementing the Nash Program in Stochastic Games Downloads
Dilip Abreu and David Pearce
814577000000000178: A Foundation for Markov Equilibria in Infinite Horizon Perfect Information Games Downloads
V Bhaskar, George J. Mailathy and Stephen Morris
814577000000000174: Herding versus Hotelling: Market Entry with Costly Information Downloads
David Ridley
814577000000000169: Quality, Upgrades, and (the Loss of) Market Power in a Dynamic Monopoly Model Downloads
James Anton and Gary Biglaiser
814577000000000164: Is the “curse of natural resources” really a curse? Downloads
Pietro Peretto
814577000000000160: The Existence of Equilibria in Games with Arbitrary Strategy Spaces and Payoffs: A Full Characterization Downloads
Guoqiang Tian
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