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Volume 16, issue 1, 2024

Local Retail Prices, Product Variety, and Neighborhood Change pp. 1-33 Downloads
Fernando Borraz, Felipe Carozzi, Nicolás González- Pampillón and Leandro Zipitria
Behavioral Responses to State Income Taxation of High Earners: Evidence from California pp. 34-86 Downloads
Joshua Rauh and Ryan Shyu
Hassle Costs versus Information: How Do Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs Reduce Opioid Prescribing? pp. 87-123 Downloads
Abby Alpert, Sarah Dykstra and Mireille Jacobson
Fighting Crime in Lawless Areas: Evidence from Slums in Rio de Janeiro pp. 124-59 Downloads
Christophe Bellégo and Joeffrey Drouard
Does Health Care Consolidation Harm Patients? Evidence from Maternity Ward Closures pp. 160-89 Downloads
Daniel Avdic, Petter Lundborg and Johan Vikström
Attendance Boundary Policies and the Limits to Combating School Segregation pp. 190-227 Downloads
Andreas Bjerre-Nielsen and Mikkel Gandil
Labor Supply Responses to Income Taxation among Older Couples: Evidence from a Canadian Reform pp. 228-58 Downloads
Derek Messacar
Increasing the Retirement Age: Policy Effects and Underlying Mechanisms pp. 259-91 Downloads
Simon Rabaté, Egbert Jongen and Tilbe Atav
The Impact of Improving Access to Support Services for Victims of Domestic Violence on Demand for Services and Victim Outcomes pp. 292-324 Downloads
Martin Foureaux Koppensteiner, Jesse Matheson and Réka Plugor
Regulating Privacy Online: An Economic Evaluation of the GDPR pp. 325-58 Downloads
Samuel G. Goldberg, Garrett A. Johnson and Scott K. Shriver
The Introduction of the Income Tax, Fiscal Capacity, and Migration: Evidence from US States pp. 359-93 Downloads
Traviss Cassidy, Mark Dincecco and Ugo Antonio Troiano
Experimental Evidence on the Effectiveness of Nonexperts for Improving Vaccine Demand pp. 394-414 Downloads
Marcella Alsan and Sarah Eichmeyer
Addressing Environmental Justice through In-Kind Court Settlements pp. 415-46 Downloads
Pamela Campa and Lucija Muehlenbachs
State Taxation of Nonresident Income and the Location of Work pp. 447-81 Downloads
David Agrawal and Kenneth Tester
Corporate Taxation and Evasion Responses: Evidence from a Minimum Tax in Honduras pp. 482-517 Downloads
Felipe Lobel, Thiago Scot and Pedro Zúniga
Mandatory Retirement for Judges Improved the Performance of US State Supreme Courts pp. 518-48 Downloads
Elliott Ash and W. Bentley MacLeod

Volume 15, issue 4, 2023

Do Credit Supply Shocks Affect Employment in Middle-Income Countries? pp. 1-36 Downloads
Emilio Gutierrez, David Jaume and Martin Tobal
Public and Private Options in Practice: The Military Health System pp. 37-74 Downloads
Michael D. Frakes, Jonathan Gruber and Timothy Justicz
Age Discrimination across the Business Cycle pp. 75-112 Downloads
Gordon Dahl and Matthew Knepper
My Professor Cares: Experimental Evidence on the Role of Faculty Engagement pp. 113-41 Downloads
Scott Carrell and Michal Kurlaender
Public Pension Reforms and Retirement Decisions: Narrative Evidence and Aggregate Implications pp. 142-82 Downloads
Huixin Bi and Sarah Zubairy
Moved to Poverty? A Legacy of the Apartheid Experiment in South Africa pp. 183-221 Downloads
Bladimir Carrillo, Carlos Charris and Wilman Iglesias
Dynamic Impacts of School-Based Internet Access on Student Learning: Evidence from Peruvian Public Primary Schools pp. 222-54 Downloads
Leah Lakdawala, Eduardo Nakasone and Kevin Kho
Effects of Maturing Private School Choice Programs on Public School Students pp. 255-94 Downloads
David Figlio, Cassandra M. D. Hart and Krzysztof Karbownik
Electoral Cycles in Macroprudential Regulation pp. 295-322 Downloads
Karsten Müller
Market Power and Price Exposure: Learning from Changes in Renewable Energy Regulation pp. 323-58 Downloads
Natalia Fabra and Imelda Imelda
The Effects of Import Competition on Unionization pp. 359-89 Downloads
John S. Ahlquist and Mitch Downey
Information and Spillovers from Targeting Policy in Peru's Anchoveta Fishery pp. 390-427 Downloads
Gabriel Englander
Digitization and the Market for Physical Works: Evidence from the Google Books Project pp. 428-58 Downloads
Abhishek Nagaraj and Imke Reimers
Brexit Uncertainty and Its (Dis)service Effects pp. 459-85 Downloads
Saad Ahmad, Nuno Limão, Sarah Oliver and Serge Shikher
Do Tax Incentives Increase Firm Innovation? An RD Design for R&D, Patents, and Spillovers pp. 486-521 Downloads
Antoine Dechezleprêtre, Elias Einiö, Ralf Martin, Kieu-Trang Nguyen and John van Reenen
Juvenile Crime and Anticipated Punishment pp. 522-50 Downloads
Ashna Arora

Volume 15, issue 3, 2023

Sin Taxes and Self-Control pp. 1-34 Downloads
Renke Schmacker and Sinne Smed
Special Economic Zones and Human Capital Investment: 30 Years of Evidence from China pp. 35-64 Downloads
Fangwen Lu, Weizeng Sun and Jianfeng Wu
Common Practice: Spillovers from Medicare on Private Health Care pp. 65-88 Downloads
Michael L. Barnett, Andrew Olenski and Adam Sacarny
Spending Responses to High-Frequency Shifts in Payment Timing: Evidence from the Earned Income Tax Credit pp. 89-114 Downloads
Aditya Aladangady, Shifrah Aron-Dine, David Cashin, Wendy Dunn, Laura Feiveson, Paul Lengermann, Katherine Richard and Claudia Sahm
How Social Security Reform Affects Retirement and Pension Claiming pp. 115-50 Downloads
Rafael Lalive, Arvind Magesan and Stefan Staubli
Investing in Ex Ante Regulation: Evidence from Pharmaceutical Patent Examination pp. 151-83 Downloads
Michael D. Frakes and Melissa F. Wasserman
The Impact of Organizational Boundaries on Health Care Coordination and Utilization pp. 184-214 Downloads
Leila Agha, Keith Marzilli Ericson and Xiaoxi Zhao
Corporate Tax Breaks and Executive Compensation pp. 215-55 Downloads
Eric Ohrn
Incentivizing School Attendance in the Presence of Parent-Child Information Frictions pp. 256-85 Downloads
Damien de Walque and Christine Valente
The Costs of Misaligned Incentives: Energy Inefficiency and the Principal-Agent Problem pp. 286-321 Downloads
Joshua A. Blonz
Interregional Contact and the Formation of a Shared Identity pp. 322-50 Downloads
Manuel Bagues and Christopher Roth
More than Words: Leaders' Speech and Risky Behavior during a Pandemic pp. 351-71 Downloads
Nicolás Ajzenman, Tiago Cavalcanti and Daniel Da Mata
ACE—Analytic Climate Economy pp. 372-406 Downloads
Christian P. Traeger
Immigrant Integration in the United States: The Role of Adult English Language Training pp. 407-37 Downloads
Blake H. Heller and Kirsten Slungaard Mumma
Voting for Democracy: Chile's Plebiscito and the Electoral Participation of a Generation pp. 438-64 Downloads
Ethan Kaplan, Fernando Saltiel and Sergio Urzúa
College Enrollment and Mandatory FAFSA Applications: Evidence from Louisiana pp. 465-94 Downloads
Christa Deneault

Volume 15, issue 2, 2023

How Do Institutions of Higher Education Affect Local Invention? Evidence from the Establishment of US Colleges pp. 1-41 Downloads
Michael Andrews
The Health Impacts of Hospital Delivery Practices pp. 42-81 Downloads
David Card, Alessandra Fenizia and David Silver
Optimal Income Taxation with Spillovers from Employer Learning pp. 82-125 Downloads
Ashley Craig
Pensions and Fertility: Microeconomic Evidence pp. 126-65 Downloads
Alexander M. Danzer and Lennard Zyska
Profiting from Most-Favored-Customer Procurement Rules: Evidence from Medicaid pp. 166-97 Downloads
Josh Feng, Thomas Hwang and Luca Maini
No Spending without Representation: School Boards and the Racial Gap in Education Finance pp. 198-235 Downloads
Brett Fischer
Does Pay Transparency Affect the Gender Wage Gap? Evidence from Austria pp. 236-55 Downloads
Andreas Gulyas, Sebastian Seitz and Sourav Sinha
Peer Effects in Police Use of Force pp. 256-91 Downloads
Justin E. Holz, Roman G. Rivera and Bocar A. Ba
Can Forward Commodity Markets Improve Spot Market Performance? Evidence from Wholesale Electricity pp. 292-330 Downloads
Akshaya Jha and Frank A. Wolak
Borrowing Costs after Sovereign Debt Relief pp. 331-58 Downloads
Valentin Lang, David Mihalyi and Andrea Presbitero
Ask and You Shall Receive? Gender Differences in Regrades in College pp. 359-94 Downloads
Cher Hsuehhsiang Li and Basit Zafar
Climate Change and Labor Reallocation: Evidence from Six Decades of the Indian Census pp. 395-423 Downloads
Maggie Liu, Yogita Shamdasani and Vis Taraz
Taxing Billionaires: Estate Taxes and the Geographical Location of the Ultra-Wealthy pp. 424-66 Downloads
Enrico Moretti and Daniel Wilson
Go with the Politician pp. 467-96 Downloads
Yongwei Nian and Chunyang Wang
Externalities in International Tax Enforcement: Theory and Evidence pp. 497-525 Downloads
Thomas Tørsløv, Ludvig Wier and Gabriel Zucman
Coase and Cap-and-Trade: Evidence on the Independence Property from the European Carbon Market pp. 526-58 Downloads
Aleksandar Zaklan

Volume 15, issue 1, 2023

Housing in Medicaid: Should It Really Change? pp. 1-36 Downloads
Bertrand Achou
The Effect of Early Childhood Education on Adult Criminality: Evidence from the 1960s through 1990s pp. 37-69 Downloads
John Anders, Andrew C. Barr and Alexander A. Smith
Exploring Residual Profit Allocation pp. 70-109 Downloads
Sebastian Beer, Ruud de Mooij, Shafik Hebous, Michael Keen and Li Liu
Tax Audits as Scarecrows: Evidence from a Large-Scale Field Experiment pp. 110-53 Downloads
Marcelo Bergolo, Rodrigo Ceni, Guillermo Cruces, Matias Giaccobasso and Ricardo Perez-Truglia
The Employment Effects of Countercyclical Public Investments pp. 154-73 Downloads
Lukas Buchheim and Martin Watzinger
SOEs and Soft Incentive Constraints in State Bank Lending pp. 174-95 Downloads
Yiming Cao, Raymond Fisman, Hui Lin and Yongxiang Wang
Economic Effects of Environmental Crises: Evidence from Flint, Michigan pp. 196-232 Downloads
Peter Christensen, David A. Keiser and Gabriel E. Lade
The Extension of Credit with Nonexclusive Contracts and Sequential Banking Externalities pp. 233-71 Downloads
Giacomo De Giorgi, Andres Drenik and Enrique Seira
Expanding Access to Clean Water for the Rural Poor: Experimental Evidence from Malawi pp. 272-305 Downloads
Pascaline Dupas, Basimenye Nhlema, Zachary Wagner, Aaron Wolf and Emily Wroe
Employed in a SNAP? The Impact of Work Requirements on Program Participation and Labor Supply pp. 306-41 Downloads
Colin Gray, Adam Leive, Elena Prager, Kelsey Pukelis and Mary Zaki
Implications of Tax Loss Asymmetry for Owners of S Corporations pp. 342-69 Downloads
Lucas Goodman, Elena Patel and Molly Saunders-Scott
Health Effects of Increasing Income for the Elderly: Evidence from a Chilean Pension Program pp. 370-93 Downloads
Enrico Miglino, Nicolás Navarrete H., Gonzalo Navarrete H. and Pablo Navarrete H.
The Economic Consequences of Being Denied an Abortion pp. 394-437 Downloads
Sarah Miller, Laura Wherry and Diana Greene Foster
School Boards and Education Production: Evidence from Randomized Ballot Order pp. 438-72 Downloads
Ying Shi and John Singleton
What Does a Provider Network Do? Evidence from Random Assignment in Medicaid Managed Care pp. 473-509 Downloads
Jacob Wallace
Student Performance, Peer Effects, and Friend Networks: Evidence from a Randomized Peer Intervention pp. 510-42 Downloads
Jia Wu, Junsen Zhang and Chunchao Wang
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