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2024, issue 1, vol 44

Older and wiser? Relative age and college course failure pp. 1 - 10 Downloads
P. Wesley Routon and Jay Walker
Recursive Nash-in-Nash bargaining solution pp. 11 - 24 Downloads
Xiaowei Yu and Keith Waehrer
Playing games with GPT: What can we learn about a large language model from canonical strategic games? pp. 25 - 37 Downloads
Philip Brookins and Jason DeBacker
Economic policy uncertainties and business confidence in Japan pp. 38 - 56 Downloads
Gabriel Montes and Pedro Salgado
An empirical study of the immediate effect of the brexit referendum on greenfield foreign direct investment in the uk pp. 57 - 63 Downloads
Daniel Bembennek and Michael Frenkel
Stakeholder activism and foreign firm exit from Russia in 2022 pp. 64 - 73 Downloads
Alex Knorre, Ruslan Kuchakov and Dmitriy Skougarevskiy
How asset transformation matters for the fate of technology-led banks? pp. 74 - 87 Downloads
Maxence Miéra, Nicolas Bédu and Viola Lamani
Do wealth shocks matter for the life satisfaction of the elderly? Evidence from the health and retirement study pp. 88 - 98 Downloads
Marco Cozzi and Qiushan Li
Interim rank and risk-taking: Evidence from long jump competitions pp. 99 - 111 Downloads
Jamie Emerson and Brian Hill
COVID-19 and automation: Evidence from European countries pp. 112 - 121 Downloads
Martin Lábaj and Matej Vitáloš
The impact of governance on environmental performance: evidence from African countries pp. 122 - 139 Downloads
Sana Ben Abdallah, Dhafer Saidane and Sami Ben Mim
Estimating the trajectories of the Okun's coefficient and NAIRU with the rolling regression method: Evidence from Lebanon pp. 140 - 153 Downloads
Jean-François Verne
Macroprudential policy, mortgage lending and economic activity in Mexico pp. 154 - 162 Downloads
Liliana Celedón-Cabriales, Alejandra Martínez-hidalgo, Abigahil Meléndez Kamila Sánchez, Patricia Kaory Tamez-González and Carlos Carrasco
Remittances and growth in Africa: Does financial development and institutional quality matter? pp. 163 - 172 Downloads
Yosra Saidi
Does domestic monetary policy affect foreign direct investment to India? pp. 173 - 181 Downloads
Virender Kumar, Naveen Kumar, Puneet Arora and Apoorva Gupta
Climate policy uncertainty and US industry stock returns: A quantile regression approach pp. 182 - 189 Downloads
Guillaume Pijourlet
Financial literacy, personality traits and financial wellbeing: A preliminary evidence pp. 190 - 210 Downloads
Naukhaiz Chaudhry, Waheed Akhter and David Roubaud
Heterogeneity, incomplete information and efficiency: a longitudinal study of a students' network pp. 211 - 234 Downloads
Aditya Das, Arya Gangopadhyay and Zakir Husain
An interpretation of the economic structural change decomposition versus sustainable growth path challenge: An empirical assessment in Asia-Pacific economies pp. 235 - 250 Downloads
Jules-Eric Tchapchet-Tchouto
Did Vietnam's market-based labor export policy aid its economic take-off? A synthetic control approach pp. 251 - 263 Downloads
Mingchao Sun
Relationship between labor force participation and unemployment in Pakistan pp. 264 - 272 Downloads
Muhammad zaheer Khan, Rusmawati Said and Sadaf Amjad
Cooking up Game Theory: A Practical Application in a Multi-Stage Cooking Competition pp. 273 - 279 Downloads
Iacopo Grassi and Gaetano Polichetti
Special issue âIn memory of Pr. Michel Terrazaâ pp. 280 - 282 Downloads
Walter Labys
A summary measure of answers to statements (SMAS) in the case of ordered rating scales pp. 283 - 294 Downloads
Joseph Deutsch and Jacques Silber
On goodness of fit measures for Gini regression pp. 295 - 307 Downloads
Amit Shelef and Edna Schechtman
Oaxaca-Blinder decomposition of changes in means and inequality: A simultaneous approach pp. 308 - 320 Downloads
Arthur Charpentier and Emmanuel Flachaire
Liquidity on Eurozone stock markets: A non-linear approach pp. 321 - 340 Downloads
Boumediene Souiki and Françoise Seyte
Putting corona into hedge fund managers' head pp. 341 - 357 Downloads
Costas Siriopoulos and Dionisis Philippas
Stock market performance under COVID-19: Evidence from investor behavior pp. 358 - 372 Downloads
Houssam Bouzgarrou, Zied Ftiti, Wael Louhichi and Mohamed Youssfi
Bayesian statistical inference addressed to share prices dynamics' theory pp. 373 - 398 Downloads
Geoffrey Ducournau and Daniel Melhem
The multi-scale analysis of dynamic transmission volatility of carbon prices pp. 399 - 415 Downloads
Ange Nsouadi and Virginie Terraza
Underpricing of IPOs: Evidence from the Euronext Paris market pp. 416 - 429 Downloads
Ayad Assoil and Jean-Marie Laporte
A continuous wavelets approach of China opening reforms effects on relationships between mainland Chinese stock exchanges and Hong Kong pp. 430 - 465 Downloads
Yang Zhou and Roman Mestre
The dynamics of international patents production: A panel smooth transition regression approach pp. 466 - 489 Downloads
Jamel Trabelsi, Arbia jihène Jebeniani and Sofiène Omri
The housing price index and the number of housing units: a surprising co-movement in France pp. 490 - 499 Downloads
Bator Anne and Hervé Blanchard
Risk factors associated to the COVID-19: comparisons between France and Luxembourg pp. 500 - 514 Downloads
Stéphane Mussard and Maria Pi Alperin

2023, issue 4, vol 43

An econometric modeling of price support: The Bitcoin case pp. 1548 - 1554 Downloads
Levent Kutlu
Technological sophistication made in China? â New insights from Germany's evaluation of COVID-19 antigen rapid tests pp. 1555 - 1564 Downloads
Silas Dreier and Wan-Hsin Liu
The effect of exchange rate on the money demand: evidence from ECOWAS countries pp. 1565 - 1580 Downloads
Ibrahim Ouattara and Balakissa Kone
Vulnerability and resilience: crisis transmission channels for GVCs in COVID times pp. 1581 - 1592 Downloads
Amirah El-Haddad and Chahir Zaki
An empirical analysis of sexual harassment case outcomes in academia pp. 1593 - 1600 Downloads
Chitra Jogani and Gerardo Ruiz Sánchez
Does debt servicing matter for capital formation in Nigeria? pp. 1601 - 1613 Downloads
Taofik Ibrahim and Mohammed Shuaibu
War and cryptocurrency markets: An empirical investigation pp. 1614 - 1625 Downloads
Mohamed Arouri, Sabrine Ayed, Mathieu Gomes and Adel Barguellil
Global value chains participation and economic upgrading: Evidence from developing countries pp. 1626 - 1641 Downloads
Malak Hosny
External debt and capital flight in sub-Saharan Africa: The role of institutions pp. 1642 - 1655 Downloads
Jean Claude Kouakou Brou and Mamadou Thiam
Market responses to S&P exclusions: Evidence from the 2010-2019 period pp. 1656 - 1665 Downloads
Euikyu Choi, Wei Du, Orhan Kara and Marek Marciniak
On the transmission of us uncertainty shocks to the European labor market pp. 1666 - 1679 Downloads
Michel de Souza
Pollution and income: Looking into the environmental Kuznets curve in south Asian countries pp. 1680 - 1697 Downloads
Ashim Kar
Cooperation and ethical choices: an experimental approach pp. 1698 - 1717 Downloads
Ngoc-thao Noet and Serge Blondel
Tort reform and contingent incomplete liability pp. 1718 - 1729 Downloads
John Stranlund and Jeffrey Wagner
In pursuit of Happiness in developing countries: does the diffusion of ICT matter? pp. 1730 - 1740 Downloads
Georges Ngnouwal Eloundou, Blaise Ondoua Beyene and Marius Messoh Lonte
How relevant is information? Some experimental evidence pp. 1741 - 1748 Downloads
Pedro Hemsley, Marcio Firmo and Vitor Onuki
Responses of unemployment to productivity changes for a general matching technology pp. 1749 - 1758 Downloads
Rich Ryan
The male breadwinner norm in Brazil pp. 1759 - 1770 Downloads
Kauany de Souza, Fabiana Rocha and Pedro Forquesato
Do political connections affect the environmental performance of Sharia-compliant and non-Sharia-compliant firms? Evidence from Indonesia's PROPER program pp. 1771 - 1779 Downloads
Budi Wahyono
Demand for education investment in a model with uncertainty pp. 1780 - 1786 Downloads
Hiroki Tanaka and Masaya Yasuoka
Fundamental comparative statics of the canonical agricultural household model pp. 1787 - 1796 Downloads
Michael Caputo
Who should be behind the wheel? A study of Oregon's Measure 88 pp. 1797 - 1801 Downloads
Kerianne Lawson and Joshua Hall
New evidence on financial integration in Latin America pp. 1802 - 1815 Downloads
Jamel Jouini
Government spending news and stock price index pp. 1816 - 1841 Downloads
Boniface Yemba, Yi Duan and Nabaneeta Biswas
Influence of medical technology on entrepreneurial intention -evidence from China household survey pp. 1842 - 1852 Downloads
Chuanzhen Wu and Yunping Liu
Empirical investigation of the S-curve phenomenon in Pakistan-China commodity trade pp. 1853 - 1864 Downloads
Javed Iqbal, Sareer Ahmad, Misbah Nosheen and Mark Wohar
Unconventional monetary policy and wealth inequality: evidence from the US pp. 1865 - 1874 Downloads
Thomas Gries, Lukas Wiechers and Sebastian Luna-Victoria
The impacts of cryptocurrency shocks on emerging market currencies: evidence from quantile regression pp. 1875 - 1886 Downloads
Mei-yin Lin
Asymmetric relationship between macroeconomic uncertainty and stock market performance: a study of the Indian stock market pp. 1887 - 1895 Downloads
Prem Vaswani and Padmaja M
Governance and growth: A panel VAR approach pp. 1896 - 1907 Downloads
Guilherme Amorim and Marcelo Silva
Donations, volunteering, and life satisfaction in Germany pp. 1908 - 1927 Downloads
Olaf Hübler
Skill preferences in job postings pp. 1928 - 1943 Downloads
Andrei Ternikov

2023, issue 3, vol 43

Estimating returns to education: back to the short-cut pp. 1208 - 1213 Downloads
Harry Patrinos and George Psacharopoulos
Revisiting the finance-growth nexus: Global evidence pp. 1214 - 1224 Downloads
Abd Rahman Razak and Wahyoe Soedarmono
Gender, productivity, and promotion in the Irish economics profession pp. 1225 - 1234 Downloads
Kevin Devereux and Margaret Samahita
How does Bitcoin react to economic discomfort? Evidence from the economic misery index pp. 1235 - 1253 Downloads
Sinda Hadhri
The granularity of the manufacturing sector: insights from a developing economy pp. 1254 - 1264 Downloads
Ali Elguellab and Ezzahid Elhadj
Bounds on the damages from a price overcharge pp. 1265 - 1270 Downloads
Sander Heinsalu
Optimal tax design with costly tax evasion pp. 1271 - 1278 Downloads
Siqi Wang and Jun-ichi Itaya
PEA: core-analogue for non-cohesive games pp. 1279 - 1285 Downloads
Fatma Aslan, Papatya Duman and Walter Trockel
The impact of innovation on the profitability of the biotech industry pp. 1286 - 1297 Downloads
Camille Loir and Bertrand Groslambert
A cost-benefit analysis of the medicines patent pool pp. 1298 - 1319 Downloads
Lucy Xiaolu Wang
Harmonizing welfare and externalities: unraveling the product versus process standards puzzle in regulatory policy pp. 1320 - 1327 Downloads
Difei Geng and Doyoung Park
Revisiting the financial development and economic growth nexus: Evidence from south Korea pp. 1328 - 1337 Downloads
Zulal Denaux, Mert Topcu and Furkan Emirmahmutoglu
Institutionalist impact upon the efficiency of public finance policy. A theoretical approach pp. 1338 - 1355 Downloads
Evangelia Vasilarou and Michel Zouboulakis
Testing âhot handâ hypothesis at the individual athletes' level in soccer pp. 1356 - 1365 Downloads
Vojtech Kotrba
Do municipal mergers reduce public expenditure? Evidence from the MTE approach pp. 1366 - 1376 Downloads
Tsuyoshi Goto
Education, employment, and labor force participation in the United States pp. 1377 - 1388 Downloads
Jamie Emerson
A note on local uniqueness of equilibria: How isolated is a local equilibrium? pp. 1389 - 1394 Downloads
Stefano Matta
Does institutional quality matter in financial development and income inequality nexus? new evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa pp. 1395 - 1410 Downloads
Valentine Soumtang Bime and Itchoko Motande Mondjeli Mwa Ndjokou
Workplace sanitation and female labour force participation in the informal sector pp. 1411 - 1420 Downloads
Lokesh Posti, Rajan Khare and Rahul Kumar
The long and short run effects of foreign direct investment on economic complexity in Sub-Saharan African countries pp. 1421 - 1433 Downloads
Jasnine Mogem Kouam, Luc Nembot Ndeffo and Mathurin Aimé Mekam Pouatcha
A start-up problem in a pure network good market and the role of a stand-alone effect with a monopoly: A revisit of Rohlfs (1974, 2001) pp. 1434 - 1443 Downloads
Tsuyoshi Toshimitsu
Dissecting decline in the economy-wide advertising intensity 1997-2017 pp. 1444 - 1452 Downloads
Darren Filson
Changing the inflation target in emerging markets: the reward of reducing risk pp. 1453 - 1457 Downloads
Ekaterina Pirozhkova and Nicola Viegi
On estimates of overall budget sensitivity parameters across income groups: Some evidence pp. 1458 - 1469 Downloads
John Francois, Eric Antony Lacey and Robert Utz
Outward FDI and its impact on the parent firm: A case of Indian manufacturing firms pp. 1470 - 1484 Downloads
Amal Krishnan and Padmaja Mundakkad
Eco-anxiety, connectedness to nature, and green equity investments pp. 1485 - 1492 Downloads
Fabrice Herve and Sylvain Marsat
Truck drivers and drugs: impact of mandatory drug testing on safety on Brazilian highways pp. 1493 - 1501 Downloads
Bruno Pegoraro, Thiago Monteiro Caldeira and Silvio Paula
Does trade openness affect youth unemployment? New evidence from developing and emerging economies pp. 1502 - 1513 Downloads
Mina Baliamoune
Export upstreamness and financial development pp. 1514 - 1518 Downloads
Hamid Beladi and Avik Chakrabarti
The effects of cash and in-kind transfers on intra-household inequality: Insights from a randomized experiment pp. 1519 - 1527 Downloads
José Casco
Excess stimulus and monetary policy pp. 1528 - 1538 Downloads
Christopher Cotton
Okun's law: Place-of-birth-specific unemployment in Sweden pp. 1539 - 1547 Downloads
Umba Nsabimana

2023, issue 2, vol 43

Field interest and the choice of college major pp. 688 - 699 Downloads
Shannon Breske, Cory Koedel and Eric Parsons
Time vs. money metrics for contingent valuation surveys: Theory and correlations from data on two marine ecosystems Theory and correlations from data on two marine ecosystems pp. 700 - 718 Downloads
Bengt Kriström and Klarizze anne Puzon
The stance of U.S. monetary policy and the realized variance of gold-price returns pp. 719 - 732 Downloads
Christian Pierdzioch, Sebastian Rohloff and Roland von Campe
The decision to remit is a matter of interpersonal trust pp. 733 - 747 Downloads
Kamal Kasmaoui, Farid Makhlouf and Refk Selmi
The optimal hedge ratio: A closed-form solution, a conjecture, and a challenge pp. 748 - 758 Downloads
William Smith
On the implementability of a "robot tax" pp. 759 - 768 Downloads
Hideto Koizumi
A model of accrual rates for paid sick leave mandates pp. 769 - 783 Downloads
Adrienne Ohler and Adam Thorp
Tariff-induced licensing contracts, consumers' surplus and welfare revisited pp. 784 - 792 Downloads
Seung-Leul Kim and Sang-Ho Lee
Leading indicators of sovereign defaults in middle- and low-income countries: the role of foreign exchange reserve ratios in times of pandemic pp. 793 - 812 Downloads
Sofiane El Ouardi
Hidden costs of industrial disasters: Marriage market consequences of the Bhopal Gas Disaster pp. 813 - 829 Downloads
Shreyasee Das and Shatanjaya Dasgupta
The role of mediators in compensation negotiations between gainers and losers pp. 830 - 841 Downloads
Jean Christophe Pereau
Analysis of club convergence in the U.S. after the Great Recession pp. 842 - 854 Downloads
María Barrios gonzález, Heather Tierney and Myeong Hwan Kim
Trend inflation in Brazil pp. 855 - 867 Downloads
Adonias Costa Filho
Public skate-parks and community well-being: A spatial econometric study pp. 868 - 881 Downloads
Zachary Knepper and Christopher Yencha
Predicting preferences for flexible working arrangements in future employment: A gender analysis pp. 882 - 893 Downloads
M. Ryan Haley and Laurie Miller
Determinants of innovation in small- and medium-sized enterprises in Senegal pp. 894 - 906 Downloads
Philippe Jean-Amans, Harouna Wassongma and François Fall
Welfare impact of organic cotton adoption in Benin pp. 907 - 921 Downloads
Ichaou Mounirou and Nassibou Bassongui
Beta convergence and sigma convergence of key financial ratios post the Great Recession: community banks vs. non-community banks pp. 922 - 933 Downloads
Su-Jane Chen
Testing for explosive behavior in relative inflation measures: Implications for monetary policy under uncertainty pp. 934 - 947 Downloads
Jamilu Iliyasu, Aliyu Sanusi and Suleiman Mamman
From shadow banking to resilient market-based finance pp. 948 - 961 Downloads
Patrizio Morganti
Convex costs and profitability of corporate social responsibility in network industries pp. 962 - 967 Downloads
Luciano Fanti and Domenico Buccella
Time aggregation and unemployment volatility pp. 968 - 977 Downloads
Noritaka Kudoh and Hiroaki Miyamoto
Price of investment goods and structural change: analysis of the Korean economy pp. 978 - 991 Downloads
Lhakpa Sherpa
Tax incentives for R&D: what drives cross-country differences? pp. 992 - 998 Downloads
Krzysztof Szczygielski and Jacek Lewkowicz
A dictator game study on human expectations of generosity using time as a reward medium pp. 999 - 1009 Downloads
Oliver Kovacs, Gabor Murai and Zoltan Szabo
Monopoly profit lower than oligopoly due to risk aversion pp. 1010 - 1015 Downloads
Jim Jin and Shinji Kobayashi
Progressive tax and responsiveness to changes in investment projects: no loss offset pp. 1016 - 1026 Downloads
Junwook Yoo
A Note on the public investment-debt-cash linkages: a Brazilian cross-state analysis pp. 1027 - 1035 Downloads
Paulo Matos and Valdeir Monteiro
Herd behavior and contagion effects of the COVID-19 pp. 1036 - 1046 Downloads
Bruna Peixoto and Roberto Ferreira
Workplace segregation and electoral success of right wing identity politics in India pp. 1047 - 1062 Downloads
Anirban Mukherjee and Soham Paul
An Expansionary Effect of QE Not via the Signaling Channel pp. 1063 - 1069 Downloads
Hidekazu Niwa
Testing for herding using different return definitions: a comparison between simple and logarithmic returns pp. 1070 - 1080 Downloads
Junkai Wang and Robert Hudson
Sequential coordination and input price leadership in bilateral oligopoly pp. 1081 - 1087 Downloads
Robin Naylor and Christian Soegaard
Can more perishable products be welfare-improving? pp. 1088 - 1097 Downloads
Pak-Sing Choi and Felix Munoz-Garcia
Trade union and gender wage gap: Evidence from China pp. 1098 - 1110 Downloads
Xinxin Ma
Do investors care about carbon risk? The impact of the Paris agreement on the inflation hedging performance of commodities pp. 1111 - 1121 Downloads
Refk Selmi
Public investment and labor market flexibility pp. 1122 - 1132 Downloads
Chun-Hung Kuo and Hiroaki Miyamoto
Twitter sentiment and stock return volatility of US travel and leisure firms pp. 1133 - 1142 Downloads
Syed jawad hussain Shahzad, Elie Bouri and Román Ferrer
Altruism heterogeneity, quality competition and horizontal differentiation among healthcare providers pp. 1143 - 1154 Downloads
Nadja Kairies-Schwarz
Non-linearities in the R&D-firm growth relationship: Evidence from a semiparametric location-scale regression approach pp. 1155 - 1161 Downloads
Drini Morina, Henning Lucas and Stefanie Heiden
COVID-19 and decreasing consumption: a multisectoral assesment for Italy pp. 1162 - 1171 Downloads
Clio Ciaschini, Margherita Carlucci, Francesco Chelli, Giuseppe Ricciardo Lamonica and Luca Salvati
Effect of foreign direct investment on population health in Africa: Is there any threshold role of governance? pp. 1172 - 1184 Downloads
Fabrice Nguegang
A gravity model analysis for the renewable energy trade potential in India, South Asia and Southeast Asia pp. 1185 - 1194 Downloads
Pratyush Raychaudhuri
Top managers' preferences and Firm actions: the moderating role of early-life experience of wars pp. 1195 - 1201 Downloads
Huong Trang Kim
Firm-specific determinants of internet services adoption pp. 1202 - 1207 Downloads
Francesco Fasano and Maurizio La rocca

2023, issue 1, vol 43

Revisiting educational Kuznets curve: An analysis of educational inequality based on absolute and relative inequality measures pp. 1 - 7 Downloads
Takahiro Akita
Using the zeta function to explain 'downside' and 'upside' inequality aversion pp. 8 - 17 Downloads
S Subramanian
Switching costs in the Swedish retail market for electricity pp. 18 - 27 Downloads
Oskar Hellquist and Jesper Stage
Examining structural stability and time-varying causality between economic policy uncertainty and Asia-Pacific Islamic stock price pp. 28 - 37 Downloads
Isiaka Raifu
Climatic variability, remittances and household consumption volatility In developing countries pp. 38 - 52 Downloads
Romuald Kinda and Hajer Kratou
Priming past experiences and preferences for redistribution pp. 53 - 73 Downloads
Jeffrey Cross, Stephen Wu and Wei Zhan
Have lower interest rates tightened capital regulation? Empirical analysis using data of regional banks pp. 74 - 84 Downloads
Akira Sakai
Financial openness and CSR: Banks in Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain pp. 85 - 92 Downloads
Brahim Gaies
Braess paradox with mixed strategies pp. 93 - 98 Downloads
Hans Haller
Optimization of water use in agriculture pp. 99 - 107 Downloads
Assaad Ghazouani
On the stationary distribution of income and wealth in a growing economy with endogenous labor supply pp. 108 - 115 Downloads
Kazuo Mino
Does debt maturity influence productivity? pp. 116 - 136 Downloads
Ryota Nakatani
Inflation persistence in Europe: the effects of the covid-19 pandemic and of the Russia-Ukraine war pp. 137 - 145 Downloads
Guglielmo Naria Caporale, Juan Infante, Luis Gil-Alana and Raquel Ayestaran
Optimal size of public expenditure in the countries of the West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU) pp. 146 - 160 Downloads
Maiga Nouhoun Oumarou and Sirpe Gnanderman
Unobserved heterogeneity in the analysis of mobile financial services use: Evidence from the City of Yaoundé pp. 161 - 176 Downloads
Steve Douanla Meli and Benjamin Fomba Kamga
The Wall Street Journal panel of economists: How did they do in predicting economic growth in a time of pandemic? pp. 177 - 190 Downloads
Karlyn Mitchell and Douglas Pearce
Developing Asia and the informal sector pp. 191 - 202 Downloads
Richard Grabowski and Sharmistha Self
Are unit root tests useful for univariate time series forecasts with different orders of integration? A Monte Carlo study pp. 203 - 244 Downloads
Adam Check, Ming Chien Lo and Kwok Ping Tsang
Contribution of agriculture subsectors on economic growth in Bangladesh: An application of the ARDL method pp. 245 - 264 Downloads
Md Shajedur Rahaman, Mohammad Chhiddikur Rahman, Md Abdur Rouf Sarkar and Mohammad Ariful Islam
The effects of presentation of unrealized gain or loss of equity instruments on investing decision of investors pp. 265 - 279 Downloads
Chin Yee Gan, Lee Lee Chong and Zauwiyah Ahmad
COVID-19 and stock liquidity: Evidence from top 30 Kuala Lumpur composite index pp. 280 - 294 Downloads
Yee - Ee Chia, Ricky Chee - Jiun Chia and Mohd Ashari Bakri
A note on ex-ante inequality of opportunity across Mexican regions pp. 295 - 301 Downloads
Luis Monroy-Gómez-Franco
Exchange Rate and Agricultural Trade: Evidence from Iran pp. 302 - 308 Downloads
Behzad Fakari Sardehae, Naser Shahnoushi Foroushani and Saleh Tabrizy
Strategic debt in a mixed duopoly: The limited liability effect pp. 309 - 317 Downloads
Armel Jacques
Energy storage and the direction of technical change pp. 318 - 327 Downloads
Mohamed Bahlali
The labor market effects of gas price fluctuations pp. 328 - 341 Downloads
Nicholas Wright and Alvin Harris
Population aging and economic growth: A semiparametric panel data analysis pp. 342 - 354 Downloads
Tselmuun Tserenkhuu
Are bond markets, economic growth, and institutional quality related? Evidence from VECM estimation pp. 355 - 365 Downloads
Rudra Pradhan, Nidhi Aggarwal and Rebecca Abraham
Fiscal policy response to the COVID-19 pandemic in the euro area pp. 366 - 372 Downloads
Riccardo Tilli, Paolo D'Imperio and Cristiana Fiorelli
On mask wearing in environments with and without a mask mandate pp. 373 - 380 Downloads
Amitrajeet Batabyal
Early marriage and early childbearing in West Africa: Does ethnicity matter? pp. 381 - 388 Downloads
Agnes Zabsonre and Maxime Agbo
Recombination of ideas and the direction of inventive activity in economic growth research: Evidence from the Journal of Economic Growth pp. 389 - 397 Downloads
Jussi Heikkilä
Understanding the effects of migrant remittances on agricultural production in West African countries pp. 398 - 412 Downloads
Achille Augustin Diendere and Abdoul Hadirou Yoda
An intersectoral migration and growth model with distinct population growth rates pp. 413 - 428 Downloads
João Plínio Juchem Neto and Bruno Paese
Oil price volatility: impacts in the Brazilian economy pp. 429 - 440 Downloads
Adilson de Oliveira, Susan Schommer and Ledson da Rosa
Manipulation in reported dividends: Empirical evidence from US banks pp. 441 - 461 Downloads
Aineas Mallios
How does the economic policy uncertainty factor in the dynamics of oil price uncertainty? pp. 462 - 470 Downloads
Jacques Minlend
Governance and financial development: does financial openness matter? Evidence from Sub-Saharan African countries pp. 471 - 483 Downloads
Samuel cédric Nkot and Sezard Timbi
Why and how a well-intended (local) government can hide information from citizens for their own good: The case of public goods provision in less developed areas pp. 484 - 499 Downloads
Maxime Agbo and Agnes Zabsonre
Platform Perils: The winner's curse on B2C consumer lending platforms pp. 500 - 509 Downloads
Endre Reite and Joakim Prestmo
Implications for determinacy with average inflation targeting pp. 510 - 517 Downloads
Yamin Ahmad and James Murray
The failure of the delegation principle in a principal-agent model with transfers pp. 518 - 525 Downloads
Mehdi Ayouni, Franck Bien and Thomas Lanzi
Does outward foreign direct investment crowd out domestic investment in India? pp. 526 - 536 Downloads
Padmaja M
Spatial inequality in accessibility to ICU beds in Brazilian municipalities in the Covid-19 pandemic pp. 537 - 549 Downloads
Paulo Ricardo Uranga, Natássia Bayer and Adelar Fochezatto
Drivers of cash holdings value: does economic policy uncertainty matter? pp. 550 - 563 Downloads
Mohamed Arouri, Hayet Ben Haj Hamida, Issam Mejri and Srdjan Redzepagic
Why do women have a higher rate of return to schooling than men? pp. 564 - 573 Downloads
Yanan Chen and Kyle Kelly
Three tax reforms with and without public pollution abatement pp. 574 - 582 Downloads
Takumi Haibara
The effect of COVID-19 on Amazon MTurk pp. 583 - 588 Downloads
Jun Yeong Lee and Elizabeth Hoffman
The impact of Intermarket Sweep Orders on volatility: an agent-based stock market model pp. 589 - 595 Downloads
Gianluca Virgilio and Pedro Parco Espinoza
Natural resources and economic development: the role of national innovation system pp. 596 - 601 Downloads
Karamat Khan, Xueke Song, Salman Ali Shah and Kishwar Ali
When does capital structure hurt economic value? Nonlinear evidence from Turkey pp. 602 - 612 Downloads
Hasan Okuyan
Entrepreneurship And Informal Economy In Africa pp. 613 - 628 Downloads
Aïcha Tiendrebeogo
How do economic complexity and productive capacities foster foreign direct investment flows? Evidence from the Asian economies pp. 629 - 643 Downloads
Nathapornpan Uttama and Popkarn Arwatchanakarn
Does international trade stimulate structural change in Africa? pp. 644 - 663 Downloads
Doukoure Charles Fe and Romain Kouakou N'guessan
On venture capital exit dynamics pp. 664 - 678 Downloads
Maia Gejadze, Pierre Giot and Armin Schwienbacher
A bootstrap test of the time-varying efficiency of German growth forecasts pp. 679 - 687 Downloads
Christian Pierdzioch
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