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2 - 2020

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2020, issue 2, vol 40

PricThe musical tribute band is a neglected topic in the field of economics. At first sight, it may seem to be a simple case of general copycatting which has been covered for other products and markets. We provide empirical exploration of the market in the form of a pricing equation using recent data for tribute concerts in Germany. This shows the importance of voluntary withdrawal by the copyright holders or involuntary withdrawal (death or prolonged illness) as ticket prices are statistically significantly higher when the original act, being tributed, no longer exists. We also find features of the act being tributed, such as a proxy for relevance based on the size of their Wikipedia entry, to be statistically significant determinants of ticket in live music: an empirical analysis of the tribute band sector pp. 890-900 Downloads
Samuel Cameron and Hendrik Sonnabend
Sweeping It under the Rug: Household Chores and Misreporting of Child Labor pp. 901-905 Downloads
Eva Dziadula and Danice Guzmán
Impacts of sectoral labour productivity growth of emerging countries in East Asia pp. 906-919 Downloads
Hidekatsu Asada
Analysis of the asymmetric response of exchange rate to interest rate differentials: Evidence from the MINT countries pp. 938-943 Downloads
Dinci Penzin and Afees Salisu
Asymmetry of information and financial development: Evidence from middle income countries pp. 944-951 Downloads
Michel Samba and Arthur Mveng
Policy uncertainty and bank lending pp. 952-977 Downloads
Dung Tran
Evaluation of bankruptcy prevention tools: evidences from COSME programme pp. 978-988 Downloads
Loredana Cultrera
Determinants of labor force participation and its impact on the standard of living of working age individuals in Indonesia, a gender perspective pp. 989-1001 Downloads
Yandi Yusnandar, B.S. Nazamuddin, Raja Masbar and Abd. Jamal
Labor participation externalities and unemployment pp. 1002-1010 Downloads
Chia-Hui Lu
The Fundamental Surplus or the Fundamentality of Vacancy Posting Costs? pp. 1011-1016 Downloads
Mehrab Kiarsi
Assessing the extent of contagion of sovereign credit risk among BRICS countries pp. 1017-1032 Downloads
Lumengo Bonga-Bonga and Mathias mandla Manguzvane
Determinants of FDI attractiveness: A MCI model approach pp. 1033-1048 Downloads
Helmi Hammami, Moez Hammami, Siriki Coulibaly and Mariem Marzouk
Is there a garbage Kuznets curve? Evidence from OECD countries pp. 1049-1055 Downloads
Rayan Baalbaki and Walid Marrouch
Why Do Firms Release Profit Warnings? pp. 1056-1067 Downloads
François Aubert and Waël Louhichi
A geometric programming approach to dynamic economic models pp. 1068-1074 Downloads
Inna Tsener
Impact Assessment of the State Support Program for Micro and Small Enterprises in Georgia pp. 1075-1082 Downloads
Sophiko Skhirtladze, Zurab Abramishvili, Giorgi Papava and Irakli Barbakadze
The impact of state aid on economic growth pp. 1083-1090 Downloads
Michael Polemis and Thanasis Stengos
Does Applying Deep Learning in Financial Sentiment Analysis Lead to Better Classification Performance? pp. 1091-1105 Downloads
Cuiyuan Wang, Tao Wang and Changhe Yuan
Conditional GMM estimation for gravity models pp. 1106-1111 Downloads
Masaya Nishihata and Taisuke Otsu
Productivity growth, malthus delusion, and unified growth theory pp. 1112-1121 Downloads
M Attar
A note on the concavity of the happiness function in family support pp. 1122-1131 Downloads
Fernando Bruna and Paolo Rungo
Interest rate and the financial and housing wealth effects in ten CEEC pp. 1132-1145 Downloads
Mihaela Nicolau
Countries: The role of Mobile Banking & Financial Services Development in Africa pp. 1146-1158 Downloads
Christian Nguena
Entrepreneurship and natural resource rent-seeking: The roles of institutional quality pp. 1159-1177 Downloads
Nguyen Canh, Sangho Kim and Su Thanh
Informal economy, government intervention and labor market in Algeria: An analysis by structural models pp. 1178-1193 Downloads
Kahina Cherfi-Feroukhi and Saïd Souam
The declining influence of workplace differences on the gender wage gap pp. 1194-1200 Downloads
John Heywood and Nikolaos Theodoropoulos
What happen to multidimensional poverty between 2006 and 2015 in Togo? pp. 1201-1215 Downloads
Dossè Djahini-Afawoubo and Mawuli Kodjovi Couchoro
Industry Concentration and Venture Capital Flows around the World pp. 1216-1231 Downloads
Yan Alperovych and Xavier Mouchette
Air passengers during the economic crisis: The Spanish case pp. 1232-1248 Downloads
Miriam Marcén and Marina Morales
The monetary policy transmission mechanism and the role of money market funds in the Eurozone pp. 1249-1260 Downloads
Nicholas Apergis, Tasawar Hayat and Tareq Saeed
Effect of Economic and Monetary Policy Uncertainty on stock markets. Evidence on return, volatility and liquidity pp. 1261-1271 Downloads
Jessica Paule-Vianez, Raúl Gómez-Martínez and Camilo Prado-Román
Supporting NBS restoration measures: A test of VBN theory in the Brague catchment pp. 1272-1280 Downloads
Nabila Arfaoui and Amandine Gnonlonfin
A game-theoretic model of sexual harassment pp. 1281-1291 Downloads
Amitrajeet Batabyal and Hamid Beladi
Gender equality as a confounder in the epidemiological approach pp. 1292-1299 Downloads
Miriam Beblo, Luise Goerges and Eva Markowsky
A generalization of the Dorfman-Steiner Formula: Advertising spillovers under imperfect competition pp. 1300-1307 Downloads
Takanori Adachi
Revisiting the volunteer's dilemma: group size and public good provision in the presence of some ambiguity aversion pp. 1308-1318 Downloads
Brishti Guha
Trends in Economic Inequality: Are U.S. states growing apart? pp. 1319-1331 Downloads
Edmond Berisha, Ram Dubey, John Meszaros and Eric Olson
Comparison of the Marshall-Lerner condition in OECD and Asian countries: new evidence from pooled mean group estimation pp. 1332-1348 Downloads
Esmaeil Ebadi
Employee Investment and Screening based on Labor Force Attachment pp. 1349-1356 Downloads
Atsuko Tanaka and Hsuan-chih Lin
Cultural Differences and Measurement of Material Deprivation: EU-SILC questionnaire revision in Turkey pp. 1357-1367 Downloads
Idil Atasu and Burcay Erus
Hedging strategy for financial variables and commodities pp. 1368-1379 Downloads
Ilyes Abid, Abderrazak Dhaoui, Khaled Guesmi and Olfa Kaabia
Multivariate Stochastic Dominance: A Parametric Approach pp. 1380-1387 Downloads
Noureddine Kouaissah and Sergio Ortobelli lozza
A note on implied correlation for bivariate contracts pp. 1388-1396 Downloads
Guillaume Coqueret and Bertrand Tavin
Information and Communication Technology and Intra-Regional Trade in the Economic Community of West African States: Ambivalent or Complementary? pp. 1397-1412 Downloads
Boniface Ngah Epo and Ronie Bertrand Nguenkwe

2020, issue 1, vol 40

Credit Quality and Stock Returns of Commercial Banks pp. 1-17 Downloads
Nawazish Mirza, Amir Hasnaoui and Birjees Rahat
Investor Attention, Lottery Stocks and the Cross-Section of Expected Returns pp. 18-34 Downloads
Maxim Zagonov and Bernd Hanke
Cross-listing in the European ETP market pp. 35-40 Downloads
Stefano Alderighi
Tax avoidance and asset returns: some theoretical results on the tax clientele effects pp. 41-49 Downloads
Liqun Liu and Zijun Wang
Assessing Market Timing Performance of Brazilian Multi-Asset Pension Funds using the Battese and Coelli's Stochastic Frontier Model (1995) pp. 50-60 Downloads
Isoé Schneider, Daniel Baggio, João Tusi da Silveira and Maria Baccin Brizolla
Consumption, Leisure, and Cross-country Welfare Costs of Business Cycles pp. 61-76 Downloads
Marcelo Mello and Christiano Coelho
Conditional capital asset pricing model, long-run risk, and stock valuation pp. 77-86 Downloads
Claude Bergeron, Tov Assogbavi and Jean-pierre Gueyie
Valuation, Dividend Yield, and the Expenditure Savings Multiple pp. 87-95 Downloads
Ioanna Konstantakopoulou
Valuation, Dividend Yield, and the Expenditure Savings Multiple pp. 96-100 Downloads
Alcide Bennet and Brandon Renfro
Ethereum as a Hedge: The intraday analysis pp. 101-108 Downloads
Artem Meshcheryakov and Stoyu Ivanov
Asymmetric parametric division rules revisited pp. 109-116 Downloads
René Levínský and Miroslav Zelený
Advertising Caps and News Quality pp. 117-127 Downloads
Maria Rosa Battaggion and Alessandro Vaglio
Unemployment, poverty and police performance: an ARDL analysis of crime in São Paulo pp. 128-139 Downloads
Tauã Vital, Daniel De Souza and Jessica Faciroli
Ramsey Optimal Policy versus Multiple Equilibria with Fiscal and Monetary Interactions pp. 140-147 Downloads
Jean-Bernard Chatelain and Kirsten Ralf
Natural resources, quality of institutions and foreign direct investment in Africa pp. 148-162 Downloads
Ludovic Feulefack and Bertelet Ngassam
Bitcoinomics 101: principles of the Bitcoin market pp. 163-176 Downloads
Prateek Goorha
Individual health perspective, income protection insurance coverage and human capital growth pp. 177-187 Downloads
Weiguang Liu
Regulation and Productivity Growth: Are We in a New Productivity Slowdown? pp. 188-201 Downloads
John Dawson
A note on Covariate Balancing Propensity Score and Instrument-like variables pp. 202-209 Downloads
Adeola Oyenubi
Exclusionary bundle discounts: A simple model with two applications pp. 210-216 Downloads
C.-Philipp Heller, Heiner Lindenlaub and Frank Maier-Rigaud
The Impact of Land Bank Demolitions on Property Values pp. 217-233 Downloads
Gregory Niemesh, L. Allison Jones-Farmer, Joseph Hart, William Holmes and Nathan Soundappan
Measuring external stability in one-to-one matching pp. 234-247 Downloads
Ismail Saglam
Efficiency Wages with Endogenous Monitoring pp. 248-261 Downloads
Yanay Farja and Ori Zax
Fisher Effect: An Empirical Re-examination in Case of India pp. 262-276 Downloads
Masudul Adil, Shadab Danish, Sajad Bhat and Bandi Kamaiah
Labor productivity, labor supply of the old, and economic growth pp. 277-285 Downloads
Hung-Ju Chen and Koichi Miyazaki
Economic development, inequality and generalized trust pp. 286-291 Downloads
Andreas Kyriacou and Pedro Trivin
Measuring the impact of financial crisis on quality of life in Europe pp. 292-307 Downloads
Gianni Betti, Antonella D'Agostino, Giulio Ghellini and Sergio Longobardi
The Economic Consequences of Government Spending in South Korea pp. 308-315 Downloads
Myeong Hwan Kim, Yongseung Han, Heather Tierney and Eréndira Yareth Vargas López
A Note on the Algebra of Multiple Exchange Rates pp. 316-337 Downloads
Sena Gnangnon
Off-label use of recreational cannabis: Acid reflux in Colorado pp. 338-348 Downloads
Jacqueline Doremus, Sarah Stith and Jacob Vigil
The behavior of private entrepreneurs in an imperfect financial market pp. 349-358 Downloads
Tao Gu
Social capital and Life Satisfaction: A new approach pp. 359-381 Downloads
Anne Musson and Damien Rousselière
A Note on the Algebra of Multiple Exchange Rates pp. 382-387 Downloads
C. Di Bella, Francesco Grigoli and Rafael Romeu
Two-sided platforms, heterogeneous tastes, and coordination pp. 388-406 Downloads
Shun Tsukamoto
Monetary policy and the yield curve pp. 407-424 Downloads
Edward Gamber and Julie Smith
Election Uncertainty and Capital Structure pp. 425-436 Downloads
Bahar Ulupinar and Isa Camyar
Impact of Political Uncertainty on Banking Productivity: Investigating the Jasmin Revolution Effect on the Tunisian Banking System pp. 437-447 Downloads
Mohamed El Fodil Ihaddaden
Comovement in the Cryptocurrency Market pp. 448-455 Downloads
Benjamin Blau, Todd Griffith and Ryan Whitby
Correlates of Gambling pp. 456-462 Downloads
Ana Brochado, Margarida Abreu and Victor Mendes
The Brazilian granular business cycle pp. 463-472 Downloads
Murilo Silva and Sergio Da Silva
Unbundling financial services: The case of brokerage and investment research pp. 473-484 Downloads
Sébastien Galanti and Anne-Gaël Vaubourg
What is the information value of bank's stress tests? An investigation using banks' bond split ratings pp. 485-499 Downloads
Moustapha Daouda Dala, Isabelle Distinguin and Alain Sauviat
A Glass Ceiling? Gender Inequality of Top Earners in Thailand pp. 500-515 Downloads
Lusi Liao and Sasiwimon Paweenawat
Cultural Action and Regional Economic Development: An Audit in the Cameroonian Context pp. 516-533 Downloads
Marcel Dama dié
Are incentives to attract investments effective? An analysis of Brazilian municipalities pp. 534-541 Downloads
Fabiana Rocha and Veronica Orellano
The effect of the trading activities of banks on systemic risk: does banking industry concentration matter? pp. 542-555 Downloads
Eric Fina Kamani
The effect of public spending on growth in oil-rich, conflict-prone countries: the case of Chad pp. 556-566 Downloads
Mohammadou Nourou
Travel Visas and Trade Finance pp. 567-573 Downloads
Veysel Avsar
Co-movement between some commodities and the Dow Jones Islamic Index: A Wavelet analysis pp. 574-586 Downloads
Heni Boubaker and Hichem Rezgui
Risk Aversion and Optimal Hedge Ratio in Commodities Futures Markets pp. 587-600 Downloads
Willy Kamdem, Willy Domtchueng Kamdem, David Kamdem and Louis aimé Fono
Post-crisis changes in the pattern of capital flows - The case of Korea pp. 601-611 Downloads
Youngjin Yun
Can the women's parliamentary representation reduces corruption and informal sector in Africa? Empirical analysis pp. 612-623 Downloads
Ibrahim Ngouhouo and Loudi Njoya
Soft power and Germany's exports - First evidence from transaction data pp. 624-631 Downloads
Joachim Wagner
Intergenerational transmission of homeownership decisions in Spain pp. 632-638 Downloads
Marina Morales
Cost pass-through in the airline industry: price responses and asymmetries pp. 639-652 Downloads
Shih-Hsien Chuang
Outsourcing Wombs with Social Ignominy pp. 653-664 Downloads
Amrita Pramanick and Swapnendu Banerjee (Bandyopadhyay)
Extreme natural events are associated with significant economic losses and expected to increase in frequency and intensity with time. While previous research has primarily investigated singular event types, the relative impact of multiple types of reoccurring events on the housing market has not been extensively studied. Filling this void in the literature, I estimate the housing price capitalization of numerous fire and flooding incidents in Southern California between 2000 and 2015. The results provide evidence that capitalization of extreme natural events is heterogeneous across type, time, and reoccurrence, and these variables are important when considering related policies involving outreach and education pp. 665-678 Downloads
Mitchell Livy
Estimating the impact of e-commerce on retail exit and entry using Google Trends pp. 679-688 Downloads
David Vitt
Mixed duopoly in quantity competition under the optimal privatization rate pp. 689-698 Downloads
Kojun Hamada
Threshold effect of institutions on finance-growth nexus in MENA region: New evidence from panel simultaneous equation model pp. 699-715 Downloads
Hichem Saidi
International Drivers of Policy Uncertainty in Emerging Economies pp. 716-726 Downloads
Gian Soave
Bitcoin and Global Political Uncertainty – Evidence from the U.S. Election Cycle pp. 727-742 Downloads
Tobias Burggraf
Privatization of Brazilian airports: a synthetic control approach pp. 743-757 Downloads
Caio Resende and Thiago Caldeira
The COVID-19 risk perception: A survey on socioeconomics and media attention pp. 758-764 Downloads
Toan Luu Huynh
Investor Horizons and Employee Satisfaction: A test of the long-term perspective vision of CSR pp. 765-781 Downloads
Alexandre Garel and Arthur Petit-Romec
Liberalization of the market for alcohol: Evidence from a Canadian province pp. 782-800 Downloads
Didier Tatoutchoup and Octave Keutiben
Formal and informal constraints on state government and economic freedom pp. 801-806 Downloads
Peter Calcagno and Joshua Hall
Supply elasticity of new housing supply in Malaysia: an analysis across housing sub-markets pp. 807-820 Downloads
Geok Peng Yeap and Hooi Hooi Lean
Long and short-run tax buoyancies in small states pp. 821-827 Downloads
Jeetendra Khadan
A survey analyzing assumptions for rational decision making in health care pp. 828-836 Downloads
Afschin Gandjour and Dimitrios Kourouklis
Political environment and attraction of foreign direct investment: an institutionalist approach pp. 837-845 Downloads
Eduardo Henrique de Borba and Ana Paula Menezes Pereira
Domestic public debt and financial development in Sub-Saharan Africa: Is there an inverted-U relationship? pp. 846-854 Downloads
Walid Benayed and Foued Gabsi
Are Uncertainties across the World Convergent? pp. 855-862 Downloads
Christina Christou, Giray Gözgör, Rangan Gupta and Chi keung Lau
Does Financial inclusion affect the African banking stability? pp. 863-879 Downloads
Imen Kouki, Ilyes Abid, Khaled Guesmi and Stéphane Goutte
Organizational sustainability and career frameworks in professional services firms pp. 880-889 Downloads
Edouard Ribes
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