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2022, issue 1, vol 42

Level-adjusted S-Gini index and its complementary index as a pair of sensitivity-adjustable inequality measures pp. 1-16 Downloads
Masato Okamoto
SecThis paper assesses spillover effects across ten sectoral consumer price indices, weighted components of the CPI basket, of an emerging ASEAN economy, Vietnam. The findings show a high degree of total connectedness across sectors. Some essential goods and services such as food and beverages, clothing and footwear, housing and utilities exhibit more central roles within the directional price graph. Besides, the time-varying spillover index announces several volatility spikes that correspond to economic turmoil, especially in the current COVID-19 pandemic. Methodological contribution suggests that one should not overlook the cointegration order regarding disaggregated consumer price indices. Robustness analysis by varying the normalization rules and estimating a TVP-VAR model agrees with the main conclusions.toral consumer price synchronization: evidence from an emerging ASEAN economy pp. 17-29 Downloads
Binh Pham
Stability and Contractual Efficiency in Matching with Contracts and Lexicographic Preferences pp. 41-48 Downloads
Benjamin Tello
A decomposition of strategy-proofness in discrete resource allocation problems pp. 49-59 Downloads
Hidekazu Anno and Sui Takahashi
Gravity of Covid-19 pp. 60-68 Downloads
Amjad Masood, Junaid Ahmed and Inmaculada Martínez-Zarzoso
International equity and bond market dynamics an asymmetric error correction study of united states, india and brazil pp. 69-82 Downloads
Munawar Sayyad, Pat Obi and Kaushik Bhattacharjee
CES technology and comovement problem pp. 83-89 Downloads
Yoonseok Choi
Who will gain from the South Dakota vs. Wayfair Inc. ruling? pp. 90-98 Downloads
Juan Carlos Lopez
Financial Inclusion, Political Risk, and Banking Sector Stability: Evidence from Different Geographical Regions pp. 99-108 Downloads
Seyed Alireza Athari
The COVID-19 effects on cryptocurrency markets: robust evidence from time-frequency analysis pp. 109-123 Downloads
Ngo Hung
Why have Bordeaux wine prices become so difficult to forecast? pp. 124-142 Downloads
Stephen Bazen and Jean-Marie Cardebat
Waiting in the wings? The choice to create pp. 143-153 Downloads
Florence Neymotin
Intertemporal Bundling and Collusion pp. 154-161 Downloads
Arthur Fishman
The northern ireland housing market: would unification with the south be problematic? pp. 162-192 Downloads
William Miles
Capital flight, quality of institutions and domestic investment in Africa pp. 193-202 Downloads
Jean Francky Landry Ngono
Favourite–longshot biases in a pari-mutuel system without cross arbitrage pp. 203-207 Downloads
Kazuki Okamoto and Mototsugu Fukushige
The Disproportionate Impacts of Covid-19 on Private Investors During and After the Covid-19 Pandemic: A Mobile Trading App Analysis in South Korea pp. 208-214 Downloads
Hwang Kim and Yuinyon Kim
Knowledge, overconfidence, and behavior in COVID-19: results from an online survey pp. 215-223 Downloads
Guanlin Gao and Danyang Li
A Simple Model of the Production-health Trade-off During an Epidemic pp. 224-231 Downloads
Tommy Andersson, Albin Erlanson, Robert Östling and Daniel Spiro
The attitudinal gender gap of an economics education pp. 233-243 Downloads
Curtis Price, Perry Burnett and Daria Sevastianova

2021, issue 2, vol 42

Discrimination against same-sex couples in the rental housing market, a meta-analysis pp. 643-653 Downloads
Alexandre Flage

2021, issue 4, vol 41

The role of subnational autonomy in the COVID-19 pandemic: Initial evidence pp. 2188-2205 Downloads
Chiara Del Bo
Search externalities and management policies pp. 2206-2215 Downloads
Maxime Liégey
R&D cooperation and choice of partner, in high and low-tech industries. Evidence from Italian firms pp. 2216-2231 Downloads
Iacopo Grassi and Claudia Cantabene
A Database and Index for Political Polarization in the EU pp. 2232-2248 Downloads
Sebastian Müller and Gunther Schnabl
Crop choices in Indian agriculture: Role of market access and price policy pp. 2249-2256 Downloads
Digvijay Negi, Pratap Birthal, Devesh Roy and Jaweriah Hazrana
Did people stop visiting theme parks before they closed due to COVID-19? Evidence from Magic Kingdom wait times pp. 2257-2266 Downloads
Todd Gabe
Does more stringent environmental policy harm or benefit polluting firms? A GOLE approach pp. 2267-2274 Downloads
Akihiko Yanase and Keita Kamei
When it blows, it does not do so at the top: employment and wage inequalities in Norwegian small and large firms pp. 2275-2280 Downloads
Jarle Aarstad and Olav Kvitastein
Multi-episode count data estimation for health care demand pp. 2281-2290 Downloads
Hiroaki Masuhara
Local neighbourhood effect on hospitalisation expenditure in India pp. 2291-2299 Downloads
Namrata Gulati and Vikash Gautam
The impact of China's One-Child Policy on economic preferences: A regression discontinuity design pp. 2300-2308 Downloads
Xiaomeng Zhang and Wei Wang
A single-parameter generalization of Gini based on the 'metallic' sequences of number theory pp. 2309-2319 Downloads
S Subramanian
Does global financial cycle drive systemic risk? pp. 2320-2329 Downloads
Mikhail Stolbov, Maria Shchepeleva and Gazi Uddin
On the social welfare effects of runner-up mergers in concentrated markets pp. 2330-2337 Downloads
Dragan Jovanovic, Christian Wey and Mengxi Zhang
Environmental corporate social responsibility and strategic transfer pricing in quantity competition pp. 2338-2347 Downloads
Jumpei Hamamura
Eliminate the normative worst, then choose pp. 2348-2355 Downloads
Abhinash Borah and Raghvi Garg
Oil innovations and Gulf Cooperation Council stock market connectedness pp. 2356-2369 Downloads
Salem Ziadat and David McMillan
The US-China Trade War: Spillover Effects on Indonesia and other Asian Countries pp. 2370-2385 Downloads
Rudi Purwono, Unggul Heriqbaldi, Miguel Angel Esquivias and M Khoerul Mubin
Lindahl pricing, three ways pp. 2386-2392 Downloads
Nathan Chan and Mirco Dinelli
First Mover Advantage in Team Sports pp. 2393-2400 Downloads
Frank Daumann, Florian Follert, Daniel Hamacher and Lasse Plöhn
Does Firm Size Matter? Evidence from Indonesian Manufacturing Firms pp. 2401-2417 Downloads
Mohammad Yasin, Miguel Angel Esquivias and Suyanto Suyanto
Do Covid-19 mobility restrictions affect economic uncertainty in Italy? Evidence from a SVAR approach pp. 2418-2432 Downloads
Chiara Casoli, Luca Pedini and Francesco Valentini
The influence of sovereign credit ratings on sovereign credit default swaps: do splits matter? pp. 2433-2444 Downloads
Kok-tiong Lim, Kim-leng Goh and Kian-teng Kwek
Entry in Tax Competition and Intergovernmental Transfer pp. 2445-2450 Downloads
Yuya Kikuchi
Traffic safety and norms of compliance with rules: An exploratory study pp. 2464-2483 Downloads
Hélène Laurent, Marc Sangnier and Carole Treibich
Welfare analysis of alternative poverty alleviation policies pp. 2484-2494 Downloads
Kenichi Kurita
Individualism and Inflation pp. 2495-2507 Downloads
Fahim Al Marhubi
A blockchain application to the management of local complementary currencies pp. 2508-2516 Downloads
Sothearath Seang and Dominique Torre
Revisiting the relation between stock price and exchange rate - An asymmetric panel ARDL analysis pp. 2517-2528 Downloads
Cheah Siew-pong, Yiew Thian-hee, Ng Cheong-fatt and Foo Chuan-chew
Gender Bias and U.S. International Adoptions pp. 2529-2542 Downloads
Channary Khun and Sokchea Lim
Zipf's exponent and Zipf's law in the BRICS: a rolling sample regressions approach pp. 2543-2549 Downloads
Guillermo Peña and Fernando Sanz-Gracia
Violent conflicts and food security in Cameroon pp. 2550-2560 Downloads
Armand Mboutchouang kountchou, Steve kevin Ngangni and Linda Zanfack tiague
Immigration and housing rents in Switzerland: Identification in a shift-share research design pp. 2561-2573 Downloads
Dario Fauceglia and Tilman Slembeck
Do income policy mitigate the economic impacts of Covid-19 on tourism in Brazil? pp. 2574-2579 Downloads
Luiz Carlos de Ribeiro, Gervásio Santos, Rodrigo Cerqueira and Kênia Souza
Creative solutions: Expertise versus Crowd Sourcing pp. 2580-2586 Downloads
Uri Gneezy, Katharina Laske and Marina Schröder
Would a central planner let people starve? The great unsolved puzzle of china's great famine (1958-61) pp. 2587-2600 Downloads
M. Christian Lehmann
Technical efficiency of electric companies in sub-saharan africa pp. 2601-2611 Downloads
Alastaire Alinsato, Franck Nkeudjoua and Boris Houenou
Impact of the political experience on the firm's performance: Case of Tunisian companies after the 2011 revolution pp. 2612-2624 Downloads
Wided Bouaine and Yosr Hrichi
The Impact of Lockdown on Hotel Performance: A Difference-in-Differences analysis for the US pp. 2625-2634 Downloads
Michael Polemis and Aikaterina Oikonomou
 On the determinants of housing finance development: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) pp. 2635-2648 Downloads
Christian Nguena, Fulbert Tchana tchana and Albert Zeufack
The bright side of CEO-board social ties: Evidence from French firms' cash holdings pp. 2649-2656 Downloads
Pascal Nguyen and Sadek Ouhadouch
Does entrepreneurship reduce poverty in developing countries? pp. 2657-2675 Downloads
Komivi Afawubo and Yawo Noglo
Income Inequality and Health: New Methodology and an Application pp. 2676-2689 Downloads
Jaesang Sung, Qihua Qiu and James Marton
Poverty vulnerability: The role of poverty lines in the post-pandemic era pp. 2690-2696 Downloads
Jaime Lara and Fabian Mendez-Ramos
Do remittances improve access to safe drinking water and sanitation in developing countries? pp. 2697-2710 Downloads
Roger Tsafack and Ronald Djeunankan
Efficiency and inventory turnover in the primary sector: A regional analysis pp. 2711-2724 Downloads
Luca Pulina, Manuela Pulina and Valentina Santoni
Wagner-Keynesian Nexus in a DSGE Model pp. 2725-2735 Downloads
Shiou-Yen Chu and Brian Chi-ang Lin

2021, issue 3, vol 41

Measuring financial inclusion in African countries pp. 848-866 Downloads
Désiré Avom, Chrysost Bangaké and Hermann Ndoya
Do all inside and affiliated directors hold the same value for shareholders? pp. 882-895 Downloads
Etienne Redor and Magnus Blomkvist
Does happiness matter? The effect of teacher job satisfaction on college enrollment rates pp. 882-895 Downloads
Lauren Calimeris
Is There Anything Good About Corporate Tax Cut? pp. 896-910 Downloads
Rafi Hossain and Ashikur Rahman
Does agriculture possess the strong linkages necessary to drive industrialization and poverty reduction in Burkina Faso? pp. 911-928 Downloads
Patrice Rélouendé Zidouemba
Electricity demand in the iron ore industry: Evidence from Brazil pp. 929-937 Downloads
Max Resende, Juliano Leal and João Simoni
Does environmental CSR performance matter for corporate financial performance? Evidence from panel quantile regression pp. 938-951 Downloads
Younes Ben Zaied and Béchir Ben Lahouel
Revisiting global income convergence: 1990-2018 A disaggregated analysis pp. 952-974 Downloads
Sulekha Hembram and Sushil Haldar
Does Institutional Quality Moderate the Relationship between Corruption and Subjective Well-Being? pp. 975-996 Downloads
Amanina Abdur Rahman, Spyridon Stavropoulos, Martijn Burger and Elena Ianchovichina
Dynamics of energy use, technological innovation, economic growth, and trade openness in Bangladesh pp. 997-1008 Downloads
Md. Shafiqul Islam
Does the Shimer puzzle really exist in the American labour market? pp. 1009-1025 Downloads
Fumitaka Furuoka
On Estimating Risk Premium With Flexible Fourier Form pp. 1026-1035 Downloads
Jing Li
Cross-border labour mobility decisions: The effect of complementarities in local labour markets pp. 1036-1049 Downloads
Camille Dumeignil, Jean-Yves Lesueur and Mareva Sabatier
The Impact of the COVID-19 Crisis on Individuals' Risk and Time Preferences pp. 1050-1069 Downloads
Luc Meunier and Sima Ohadi
Human Rights in Sub Saharan Africa: Understanding the Influence Of Militarisation, Governance and Democracy pp. 1070-1081 Downloads
Chimere Iheonu, Shedrach Agbutun and Chinedum Chiemela
Clustering of time series for the analysis of the COVID-19 pandemic evolution pp. 1082-1096 Downloads
Juan Brida, Emiliano Alvarez and Erick Limas
Non-Linear Response of Fiscal Policy to the Business Cycle: Empirical Evidence in Sub-Saharan Africa pp. 1097-1112 Downloads
Idrys Fransmel Okombi
The Impact of Infrastructure development on Foreign Direct Investment in Cameroon pp. 1113-1124 Downloads
Stéphane Mbiankeu Nguea
Does the asset-light business model create value? A panel data stochastic frontier approach for the global semiconductor industry pp. 1125-1138 Downloads
Guangshun Qiao
Impacts of global value chains on foreign direct investment (The case of Asian developing countries) pp. 1139-1152 Downloads
Jun Zhao
Taxation and Income Inequality in Sub-Saharan Africa pp. 1153-1164 Downloads
Martin Ambassa Messy and Itchoko Motande Mondjeli Mwa Ndjokou
Stability of Conventional and Islamic banks, externalities and resilience to crises: evidences from comprehensive Saudi banks' time-series data pp. 1165-1179 Downloads
Mohamed Ben Mimoun
The impact of Wayfair vs. South Dakota on retailers: an event study pp. 1180-1186 Downloads
Euikyu Choi, Wei Du and Caitlin Riley
Does volatility hinder economic complexity? pp. 1187-1202 Downloads
Désiré Avom, Brice Kamguia and Joseph Ngameni
Incumbency advantage, money, and campaigns: A note on some suggestive evidence from Chile pp. 1203-1211 Downloads
Ercio Muñoz Saavedra
How much can we identify from repeated games? pp. 1212-1222 Downloads
Jose Abito and Cuicui Chen
Risk Sharing Heterogeneity in the United States pp. 1223-1240 Downloads
Daniel Stempel
Copula econometrics to simulate effects of private policing on crime pp. 1241-1254 Downloads
Francis Petterini and Akauã Flores
Implications of homeownership policies on land prices: the case of a French experiment pp. 1256-1265 Downloads
Kevin Beaubrun-Diant and Tristan-Pierre Maury
Dynamic Relationships between Oil Price, Inflation and Economic Growth: A VARMA, GARCH-in-mean, asymmetric BEKK Model for Turkey pp. 1266-1281 Downloads
Gurkan Bozma, Murat Akadg and Rahman Aydin
Mixed duopoly in price competition under the optimal privatization rate pp. 1282-1291 Downloads
Kojun Hamada
Econometric study of the effect of deposits on Islamic Banks profitability: Evidence from Malaysia pp. 1292-1302 Downloads
Roukia Bouhider
Brief Mindfulness Meditation and Individual Contribution to Public Goods pp. 1303-1312 Downloads
Guanlin Gao and Xinyan Shi
Female judges and in-group bias in labor courts pp. 1313-1321 Downloads
Raphael Corbi, Rafael Ferreira, Jaqueline Oliveira and Danilo Souza
Our product is unique: A note on a delegation game with differentiated products pp. 1322-1329 Downloads
Clemens Buchen, Sven Hartmann and Alberto Palermo
A directional technology convergence index pp. 1330-1337 Downloads
Barnabé Walheer
Does the exploitation of natural resources promote the industrialization of African countries? pp. 1338-1356 Downloads
Guivis Zeufack Nkemgha, Vladimir Kengne and Armel Peuwo Djouaka
Capital Structure and Performance in Vietnamese Construction Firms: Using Quantile Regression Approach pp. 1357-1373 Downloads
Nham Nguyen, Bao Nguyen, Bao To and Tam Le
Risk aversion and Bitcoin returns in extreme quantiles pp. 1374-1386 Downloads
Elie Bouri, Rangan Gupta, Chi Keung Lau and David Roubaud
Property rights and economic growth: A dynamic GMM analysis pp. 1387-1398 Downloads
Joshua Ang and Jason Patalinghug
Calendar effects and crowdfunded projects pp. 1407-1417 Downloads
Alexandre Garel and Benjamin Le pendeven
Individual investor attention and the predictability of stock market volatility and returns pp. 1418-1424 Downloads
F. Henrique Castro and Marcelo Guzella
What happens to FDI spillovers when input-output tables go granular? pp. 1425-1430 Downloads
Robert Genthner
Crises, credit booms and monetary regime pp. 1431-1443 Downloads
Youssef Ghallada, Alexandre Girard and Kim Oosterlinck
Is the Yardstick ratio “a good yardstick†for stock market valuations? pp. 1444-1450 Downloads
Máté Bors, Delong Li and Yiguo Sun
On the efficiency of online soccer betting markets: a new methodology based on symbolic series pp. 1451-1460 Downloads
Salvatore Caruso and Giuseppe Pernagallo
Trust and Perceptions of Autonomous Vehicles in Latin America pp. 1461-1470 Downloads
Andrés Marroquín, Luke Sadd and Antonio Saravia
Can foreclosure benefit consumers? The case of innovation in new markets pp. 1471-1480 Downloads
Alexandre Carbonnel
A carrot, a stick, or a relative piece-rate: an experimental study pp. 1481-1485 Downloads
Yuri Khoroshilov and Anna Dodonova
Effects of discretionary fiscal policy and fiscal communication on fiscal credibility: Empirical evidence from Brazil pp. 1486-1500 Downloads
Gabriel Montes and Paulo henrique Luna
CO2 emission in Africa: national leader's professional background effect pp. 1501-1524 Downloads
Ajoumessi Donal
Urbanization, Governance and Informal Economy: an African Tale pp. 1525-1540 Downloads
Hermann Ndoya and Aristophane Djeufack dongmo
Do politically and economically similar states in the U.S.A. trade more with each other? pp. 1541-1552 Downloads
Nawaraj Paudel and Sajal Lahiri
The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Use of Remote Meeting Technologies pp. 1553-1565 Downloads
Augusto Espín and Christian Rojas
COVID- 19 impact on remittances and economic growth in three transitional countries in ASEAN: evidence from nonlinear analysis pp. 1566-1578 Downloads
Keshmeer Makun and Tiru Jayaraman
The Income Redistributive Effects of Taxes in Africa pp. 1579-1591 Downloads
Mark Kunawotor, Charles Barnor and Raymond Dziwornu
Welfare-reducing discriminatory output subsidies with mixed ownership and R&D pp. 1592-1602 Downloads
Jiaqi Chen, Sang-Ho Lee and Timur Muminov
The Effects of Monetary Policy on Output and Inflation in India: A Time-varying Approach pp. 1603-1614 Downloads
Abdhut Deheri
Crude Oil Price and Real GDP Growth: An Application of ARDL Bounds Cointegration and Toda-Yamamoto Causality Tests pp. 1615-1626 Downloads
Clovis Miamo and Elvis Achuo
A comment on "salaries or piece rates: on the endogenous matching of harvest workers and crops" pp. 1627-1630 Downloads
Silvia Martinez-Gorricho and Miguel Sanchez Villalba
Should high domestic value added be policy emphasis in the era of global production sharing?: Evidence from Thailand pp. 1631-1641 Downloads
Wannaphong Durongkaveroj
Impact of trade openness on the budget balance in WAEMU pp. 1642-1654 Downloads
Thiernaud Behanzin and Mamadou Konte
How effective is the 2020 stimulus check in Minnesota and Wisconsin counties? pp. 1655-1665 Downloads
Rubana Mahjabeen and Praopan Pratoomchat
Nonlinear Cointegration and Asymmetric Adjustement between Economic policy uncertainty and Gold price: Evidence from the United States pp. 1666-1680 Downloads
Riadh El Abed and Zouheir Mighri
COVID-19 and stock market volatility: A time-varying perspective pp. 1681-1689 Downloads
Mert Topcu, Ibrahim Yagli and Furkan Emirmahmutoglu
The role of the government's participation constraint in the relationship between the price of the medicine and the patients' co-payment pp. 1690-1696 Downloads
Olga Rozanova
Monotone comparative statics on semilattices pp. 1711-1718 Downloads
Nikolai Kukushkin
Disadvantageous inequalities, effort and money burning: are people willing to pay to reduce others' income when inequalities are based on individual performance or based on arbitrary decisions? pp. 1719-1726 Downloads
Jérémy Celse
Gender differences in preferences for income tax refunds pp. 1727-1740 Downloads
Kimberly Krieg and Sarah Lyon
A production function with variable elasticity of substitution greater than one pp. 1741-1746 Downloads
Constantin Chilarescu
Fiscal devolution and energy sector performance in Pakistan pp. 1747-1762 Downloads
Faisal Jamil and Fawad Khan
The three-factor model without a linear return generating process pp. 1763-1772 Downloads
Claude Bergeron
Has Financial Deepening Done More Harm Than Good? pp. 1773-1806 Downloads
Maxime Fajeau
Price discrimination with network effects: different welfare results from identical demand functions pp. 1807-1812 Downloads
Ryo Hashizume, Takeshi Ikeda and Tatsuhiko Nariu
Is Real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Series Stationary in EU Countries? Evidence from the RALS-CIPS Test pp. 1813-1825 Downloads
Gökhan Konat and Fatma Zeren
The Turning Point of Global Value Chain's Position in Emerging East Asian Economies pp. 1826-1842 Downloads
Hiroyuki Taguchi and Ken Nibayashi
Stochastic Expected Inequity-Averse Choice pp. 1843-1848 Downloads
Yosuke Hashidate and Keisuke Yoshihara
Export behaviour and innovation: a challenge to be met by cooperatives pp. 1849-1859 Downloads
Mercè Sala-Ríos and Mariona Farré-Perdiguer
Assessment of interstate dynamics of virtual water trade flows in primary crops production: Empirical evidence from India pp. 1860-1875 Downloads
Rita Chopra and Smruti Behera
How do powerful decision-makers affect firm's stock price crash risk? pp. 1876-1886 Downloads
Ramzi Benkraiem, Florence Depoers, Assil Guizani and Faten Lakhal
The impact of environmental economics class on college students` future temperature expectations pp. 1887-1897 Downloads
Onur Sapci
With a little help from my website. Firm survival and web presence in times of COVID-19 – Evidence from 10 European countries pp. 1898-1906 Downloads
Joachim Wagner
Women's empowerment, self-employment and incomes inequalities in Sub-Saharan Africa pp. 1907-1918 Downloads
Jean Francky Landry Ngono
The impacts of cryptocurrencies in the performance of Brazilian stocks' portfolios pp. 1919-1931 Downloads
Mateus Portelinha, Carlos Heitor Campani and Raphael Roquete
The Relationship between Economic Growth and Child Abuse in Malaysia pp. 1932-1946 Downloads
Mohd Shahidan Shaari, Paul Anthony Mariadas, Benjamin Nangle and Abdul Rahim Ridzuan
Testing hysteresis in unemployment using artificial network (ANN) unit root test pp. 1947-1958 Downloads
Fumitaka Furuoka
Does women's political empowerment promote public health expenditure in Africa? pp. 1959-1969 Downloads
Sosson Tadadjeu, Alim Belek, Henri Njangang, Marie-Laure Belomo and Brice Kamguia
On the empirical relations between producers expectations and economic growth pp. 1970-1982 Downloads
Juan Brida, Bibiana Lanzilotta and Lucia Rosich
Inequalities in Africa: Does financial integration matter? pp. 1983-1993 Downloads
Ongo Nkoa Bruno Emmanuel, Song Jacques Simon and Balla Mekongo Célestin Ghislain
Rentier premium and wealth inequality pp. 1994-2002 Downloads
Jangyoun Lee
Economic Policy Uncertainty and Banks' Interest Income: Empirical Evidence from an International Panel Dataset pp. 2003-2011 Downloads
Whelsy Boungou and Charles Mawusi
Framing and Loss Aversion Tested in the Context of an Academic Examination pp. 2012-2020 Downloads
Axel Freudenberger and Yoav Wachsman
Short-term effects of marijuana legalization in Uruguay on homicides: an analysis using synthetic control pp. 2021-2028 Downloads
Marco Jorge
Does the dividend policy signal quality? Investigation on the bank funding costs, and market discipline pp. 2029-2040 Downloads
Dung viet Tran, Trung duc Nguyen and Chi huu Lu
Fear of the Coronavirus and Cryptocurrencies' returns pp. 2041-2054 Downloads
Sinda Hadhri
The Impact of Devaluation on Productivity of Exporting Firms pp. 2055-2062 Downloads
Mezid Keraga
How does import competition impact job type? pp. 2063-20 Downloads
Lourenco Paz
Quality of institutions and standard of living: a panel cointegration analysis pp. 2074-2079 Downloads
Roberto Antonietti and Chiara Burlina
Optimal deterrence under misperception of the probability of apprehension and the magnitude of sanctions pp. 2080-2088 Downloads
Jeffrey Wagner
What happens to FDI spillovers when input-output tables go granular? pp. 2099-2105 Downloads
Robert Genthner
Optimal teleworking agreements vs. yearning for normality when vaccine is on the horizon pp. 2106-2115 Downloads
Jacek Rothert
Economic activity and financial markets: the case of air travel in COVID-19 pandemic pp. 2116-2126 Downloads
Xiaoyang Wang, Peimin Chen and Jianhe Liu
Active search in the Diamond search model pp. 2127-2132 Downloads
Arthur Fishman
Remittances at record highs in Latin America: Time to revisit the Dutch disease pp. 2133-2146 Downloads
Arnoldo López-Marmolejo, Carlos Vladimir Rodríguez-Caballero and Daniel Ventosa-Santaulà ria
Advantageous defensive efforts in contests pp. 2147-2157 Downloads
Chen Cohen and Shmuel Nitzan
A textual analysis of central bank communication the case of Indonesia pp. 2158-2172 Downloads
Haryo Kuncoro, Gatot Ahmad and Dianta Sebayang
Colonial and socio-economic history and HIV prevalence in sub-Saharan Africa: a multi-level model analysis pp. 2173-2187 Downloads
Maxime Agbo and Agnès Zabsonré

2021, issue 2, vol 41

Exchange Rate and Stock Market Development in Bangladesh pp. 201-212 Downloads
Md. Thasinul Abedin, Rajarshi Mitra, Kanon Sen and Md. Hossain
FOMC forecasts and economic policy uncertainty pp. 213-221 Downloads
Dandan Liu and Michael Ellis
Credit rating levels and acquisitions: the European evidence pp. 222-233 Downloads
Magnus Blomkvist, Johannes Kortekangas and Hitesh Vyas
A machine learning approach to risk disclosure reporting pp. 234-251 Downloads
Max Resende and Alexandre Ferreira
Success Factors of Initial Coin Offering (ICO) projects pp. 252-262 Downloads
José Campino, Ana Brochado and à lvaro Rosa
The Impact of Winning an NCAA Men's Basketball or Football Championship on Academic Quality pp. 263-275 Downloads
Austin Eggers and Peter Groothuis
On the All Commodities Surplus Theorem pp. 276-282 Downloads
Yukihiko Fujita
Measuring the US marginal propensity to consume pp. 283-292 Downloads
Samih Azar
Does agricultural mechanization reduce vulnerable employment? Evidence from cross-country panel data pp. 294-303 Downloads
Xiaoshi Zhou and Wanglin Ma
Container shipping trade and real GDP growth: A panel vector autoregressive approach pp. 304-315 Downloads
Nektarios Michail, Konstantinos Melas and Dimitris Batzilis
Proo-poor growth modeling in developing countries: A Gini regression approach pp. 316-327 Downloads
Ndéné Ka
Do remittances spur financial inclusion in Africa? a multi-dimensional approach pp. 328-341 Downloads
Abba Yadou Barnabé, Ningaye Paul and Chrysost Bangaké
How persistent is unemployment in major Latin American economies? pp. 342-360 Downloads
Pedro Clavijo
Parochial altruism and the absence of the group size paradox in inter-group conflicts pp. 361-373 Downloads
Christoph March and Marco Sahm
Remittances and Financial Inclusion: Does Financial Development Matter? pp. 374-386 Downloads
Jude Eggoh and Chrysost Bangaké
International R&D teams: Performance effects and the moderating role of technological competences pp. 387-397 Downloads
Daniel Sommer and Bernd Ebersberger
Child Care Policy and Capital Mobility pp. 398-404 Downloads
Masaya Shintani and Masaya Yasuoka
Economies of scale and scope of universities – towards bigger size and specialization? pp. 405-416 Downloads
Tommaso Agasisti, Alice Bertoletti and Giacomo Pignataro
Equity Crowdfunding Success for Female Entrepreneurs: French Evidence pp. 417-431 Downloads
Guillaume Andrieu, Benjamin Le pendeven and Gaël Leboeuf
The Impacts of Energy Sanctions on the Black-Market Premium: Evidence from Iran pp. 432-443 Downloads
Omid Zamani, Mohammad Reza Farzanegan, Jens-Peter Loy and Majid Einian
The Effect of Pandemics on Domestic Credit: A Cross-country Analysis pp. 444-456 Downloads
Gamze Danisman and Ender Demir
The impact of oil price shocks on latin american stock markets: a behavioral approach pp. 457-467 Downloads
Paulo Marschner and Paulo Ceretta
Venture capital and economic growth in Japan pp. 468-477 Downloads
Jiayuan Wang
The effect of Covid-19 pandemic on labour market outcomes in Moldova pp. 478-489 Downloads
Sézard Timbi and Joel Stephan Tagne
Testing the degree of persistence of Covid-19 using Fourier quantile unit root test pp. 490-494 Downloads
Mohsen Bahmani-Oskooee, Tsangyao Chang, Zahra Elmi and Omid Ranjbar
The synergistic effect of government health spending and institutional quality on health capital accumulation in WAEMU countries pp. 495-506 Downloads
Issa Dianda and Idrissa Ouedraogo
The trashy side of baseball: An econometric analysis of the Houston Astros cheating scandal pp. 507-522 Downloads
Brandli Stitzel, Ryan Mattson and Rex Pjesky
How large is the effect of inequality on economic growth? pp. 523-531 Downloads
Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay and Rui Sun
Does ethnic diversity hurt fiscal sustainability? pp. 532-543 Downloads
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Closing the Gender Gap in Secondary School Enrolment in sub-Saharan Africa: Does women's political empowerment matter? pp. 544-552 Downloads
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Global inequality in life expectancies: what role does income inequality play? pp. 553-563 Downloads
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Performance measure aggregation – two action levels pp. 564-572 Downloads
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Is happiness in the hands of women? pp. 573-587 Downloads
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Oil-US Stock Market Nexus: Some insights about the New Coronavirus Crisis pp. 588-593 Downloads
Claudiu Albulescu, Michel Mina and Cornel Oros
Do thin capitalization rules crowd out multinational firms in Africa? Looking towards efficiency in revenue mobilization pp. 594-603 Downloads
Ludovic Feulefack Kemmanang
How long have you been waiting? Explaining the role of irrelevant information in the promotion of U.S. Navy officers pp. 604-614 Downloads
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Why Do Employment Policies Fail to Reduce Unemployment in Sub-Saharan Africa? Looking towards the brain drain pp. 615-633 Downloads
Manuela Komguep and Luc Nembot
Childcare Support and Public Capital in an Ultra-Declining Birthrate Society pp. 634-642 Downloads
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Extended Gini index pp. 654-661 Downloads
Ram Dubey and Giorgio Laguzzi
Skills for the future – forecasting firm competitiveness using machine learning methods and employer–employee register data pp. 654-661 Downloads
Pål Børing, Arne Fevolden and André Lynum
East Asia's success against COVID-19 – acclaimed or ignored? pp. 662-675 Downloads
Marc Oliver Rieger
What drives export performance in the BRICS countries? An ARDL investigation pp. 686-695 Downloads
Flavio Vieira and Cleomar Gomes da Silva
Consumption-contagion dynamics during epidemic with voluntary social distancing pp. 696-701 Downloads
Pakasa Bary and Rani Setyodewanti
Imports, productivity and substitutability between intermediate inputs: a quantile regressions approach pp. 702-709 Downloads
Segundo Camino-Mogro, Paul Carrillo-Maldonado and Alberto López
The Surprising Stability Between Gas Prices and Expected Inflation pp. 710-719 Downloads
Sam Devore and Eric Olson
Social media and political instability: some empirical evidence pp. 720-733 Downloads
Benjamin Fomba Kamga, Dieu Ne Dort Talla Kokam and Tii Nchofoung
Competitive effects of horizontal mergers with asymmetric firms pp. 734-740 Downloads
Cuong Vuong and Edmond Baranes
American Baseball Fans Do Not Influence Game Outcomes pp. 741-750 Downloads
Timothy Zimmer, Allison Snyder and Lawrence Bukenya
Curse or blessing: how do oil price fluctuations influence financial development in low- and middle-income net oil-exporting countries? pp. 751-763 Downloads
Brahim Gaies
Natural resources, economic freedom and Foreign Direct Investment in Africa pp. 764-771 Downloads
Armand Totouom
Platform competition and willingness to pay in a vertical differentiated two-sided market pp. 772-780 Downloads
Francesco Angelini, Corrado Benassi and Massimiliano Castellani
Double truncation in choice-based sample: An application of on-site survey sample pp. 781-787 Downloads
Kavita Sardana
New evidence of competitiveness based on the global competitiveness index pp. 788-797 Downloads
Manuel Nogueira and Mara Madaleno
Share buybacks, monetary policy, and crowding out pp. 798-801 Downloads
Romar Correa
The influence of the institutional context on interfirm relationships: A Comparative study between low- and high-income countries pp. 802-815 Downloads
Ismail Badraoui, Youssef Boulaksil, Tarik Saikouk and G.A.J. van der Vorst
Trade flows between the West African Economic and Monetary Union's members so little: does exports structure matter ? pp. 816-833 Downloads
Doukoure Fe
Foreign ownership and bank performance Evidence from French market pp. 834-847 Downloads
Marc Kouzez
How to obtain a better result of updating the I-O table from the MTT method pp. 1697-1710 Downloads
Jeerawadee Pumjaroen and Tipat Sottiwan

2021, issue 1, vol 41

Homeownership and happiness: evidence from Canad pp. 1-17 Downloads
Ehsan Latif
Does Temperature affect Income? pp. 18-27 Downloads
Dennis Wesselbaum
Does Informality and Trade Openness Impact Long Run Growth? Empirical Evidence from Ghana pp. 28-40 Downloads
Charles Mawusi
A Choice of an Index under Inefficiency: Tornqvist or Fisher Index? Evidence from Simulation pp. 41-47 Downloads
Yongseung Han and Myeong Hwan Kim
Long-run economic determinants of asylum applications pp. 48-59 Downloads
Deniz Karaman Örsal
A New Keynesian Phillips Curve With Staggered Contracts and Indexation pp. 60-65 Downloads
Olivier Musy
Strategic Issues in College Admissions with Early Decision pp. 66-84 Downloads
Ayşe Mumcu and Ismail Saglam
Positive Effects of Bundling on Rival's Profit and Social Welfare in a Vertical Relationship pp. 85-92 Downloads
Qing Hu and Tomomichi Mizuno
Does the central banker type affect inflation expectations? pp. 93-102 Downloads
Helder Ferreira de Mendonça and Pedro Mendes Garcia
Beyond the chains: Slavery and Africa's wealth gap with the world pp. 103-116 Downloads
Andrew Phiri
The Sun's wrath: economic effects of sunspot volatility pp. 117-124 Downloads
Michael Batu and Zichun Zhao
Hedge and safe haven status of Bitcoin: copula-DCC approach pp. 125-136 Downloads
Masao Kumamoto and Juanjuan Zhuo
Colonial spectre and foreign investments concentration: Does African growth escape? pp. 137-154 Downloads
Ludovic Feulefack Kemmanang and Jonas Juleo Dongmo Zamke
The asymmetric pattern of fuel demand in Brazil pp. 155-160 Downloads
Carlos Frederico Uchoa, Cleiton de Jesus and Leonardo Cardoso
One for All, All for One? Unilateral Policy Choices Reconsidered pp. 161-166 Downloads
Takumi Haibara
Effect of the size of government spending on corruption in sub-saharan african countries pp. 167-181 Downloads
Abdoulaye Dramane
Economic growth and the functional distribution of income: A labor share Kuznets curve pp. 192-200 Downloads
Anelí Bongers
Long-run inheritance tax and capital income tax with rational altruism pp. 7182-191 Downloads
Pascal Belan and Erwan Moussault
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