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2018, issue 3, vol 381685-1702

The effect of externality on the transitional dynamics: the case of Lucas model Downloads
Constantin Chilarescu

2018, issue 4, vol 38

Impact of strengthening Intellectual Property Rights Regime on income inequality: An Econometric Analysis pp. 1703-1719 Downloads
Swati Saini and Meeta Mehra
A note on Stackelberg equilibrium in duopoly: Strategic use of corporate social responsibility pp. 1720-1726 Downloads
Ajay Sharma
A Note on the Likelihood of the Absolute Majority Paradoxes pp. 1727-1734 Downloads
Mostapha Diss, Eric Kamwa and Abdelmonaim Tlidi
Remittances and subjective well-being of the left behinds in Tajikistan pp. 1735-1747 Downloads
Azizbek Tokhirov
The heterogeneous impact of oil price on exchange rate: Evidence from Thailand pp. 1748-1756 Downloads
Chee-Hong Law
Efficient multi-agent experimentation and multi-choice bandits pp. 1757-1761 Downloads
Alejandro Francetich
Facilitating Political Performance in the USA pp. 1762-1768 Downloads
Nicos Antoniades and Perry Haan
Innovation Strategies, Outcomes and Firm Performance: An Analysis of Firm Behaviour in India's Manufacturing Sector pp. 1769-1786 Downloads
George Paily
Tacit collusion and its welfare effect in a network product market pp. 1787-1795 Downloads
Tsuyoshi Toshimitsu
Time-Frequency varying beta estimation -a continuous wavelets approach- pp. 1796-1810 Downloads
Roman Mestre and Michel Terraza
Climate and output variability in the Euro-Mediterranean region, 1950-2000 pp. 1811-1822 Downloads
Jean-pascal Bassino, Celine Gimet and Stephane Quefelec
Hidden Costs of the Great London Smog: Evidence from Missing Births pp. 1823-1830 Downloads
Alastair Ball
The age structure change of population and labour productivity impact pp. 1831-1844 Downloads
Olfa Frini and Khoutem Ben Jedidia
The impact of trade on growth in the Great Lakes states pp. 1845-1856 Downloads
John O'Trakoun
Stochastic Convergence or Divergence of Total Factor Productivity and GDP of Italian Regions. Re-examing the Evidence pp. 1857-1863 Downloads
Oreste Napolitano, Mariafortuna Pietroluongo and Kostantinos Kounetas
The path to an economics PhD pp. 1864-1876 Downloads
Garrison Schlauch and Richard Startz
The effects of divorce laws on labor supply: a reconsideration and new results pp. 1877-1888 Downloads
Yuqing Zhou
A Substitution Effect as a Possible Cause for the Antebellum Heights Puzzle pp. 1889-1904 Downloads
Shawn Osell
Role of Energy on Economy The Case of Micro to Macro Level Analysis pp. 1905-1926 Downloads
Suleman Sarwar, Rida Waheed, Mehnoor Amir and Muqaddas Khalid
The relationship between energy, pollution, economic growth and corruption: A Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modeling (PLS-SEM) approach pp. 1927-1946 Downloads
Sami Ben Jabeur and Asma Sghaier
Inflation and Relative Price Variability in Brazil: A Time-Varying Parameter Approach pp. 1947-1956 Downloads
Cleomar da Silva and Gilberto Boaretto
Interest Rates, Inflation and Partial Fisher Effects under Nonlinearity: Evidence from Canada pp. 1957-1969 Downloads
Serdar Ongan and Ismet Gocer
OCD and Errors in Financial Decisions pp. 1970-1977 Downloads
Na Young Park
Progressivity of burden-sharing in a Lindahl Equilibrium: a unifying criterion pp. 1978-1985 Downloads
Wolfgang Buchholz and Dirk Rübbelke
Bargaining over Monetary Policy and Optimal Committee Composition in a Currency Union pp. 1986-1996 Downloads
Yuta Saito
Do remittances increase the size of the informal economy in Sub-saharan African countries? pp. 1997-2007 Downloads
Henri Njangang, Edmond Noubissi and Hilaire Nkengfack
Currency The present paper analyzes the role of imports in the occurrence of a currency crisis. For this, it extends a third generation model with balance sheet effects by introducing imports as foreign inputs in the production function. The results show that when imported inputs are financed by foreign debt the probability of a currency crisis increases for two reasons. First, the currency depreciation creates negative balance sheet effects if the price elasticity of imports is low. Second, the currency depreciation lowers the capital available for production and hence implies a direct negative effect on output. Moreover, in order to avoid a crisis monetary policy must be more aggressive compared to the case without foreign inputs.crises and monetary policy: the role of foreign inputs pp. 2008-2015 Downloads
Irem Zeyneloglu
A note on the privatization neutrality result with colluding private firms pp. 2016-2025 Downloads
Marc Escrihuela-Villar and Carlos Gutiérrez-Hita
Correlated shocks in estimated DSGE models pp. 2026-2036 Downloads
Alexander Falter and Dennis Wesselbaum
Efficiency or speculation? A dynamic analysis of the Bitcoin market pp. 2037-2046 Downloads
Refk Selmi, Aviral Tiwari and Shawkat Hammoudeh
US Bank Efficiency and FED Activity pp. 2047-2059 Downloads
Mohammad Al Masud and Levent Kutlu
Efficient Sets Are Very Small pp. 2060-2063 Downloads
Bhaskara Rao Kopparty and Surekha Rao
Heterogeneous expectations, collateral constraints and unconventional monetary policy pp. 2064-2072 Downloads
Aloisio Araujo, Liev Maribondo and Susan Schommer
Return on Investment in Contest pp. 2073-2078 Downloads
Yizhaq Minchuk, Baruch Keren and Yossi Hadad
Magazine Subscription and Intertemporal Discounting: Some Further Evidence pp. 2079-2093 Downloads
Marcelo Resende and Eduardo Ferioli
Crude oil and equity markets in major European countries: New evidence pp. 2094-2110 Downloads
Ramzi Benkraiem, Thi hong van Hoang, Amine Lahiani and Anthony Miloudi
An alternative framework for a textbook analysis of the money multiplier pp. 2111-2115 Downloads
Jesse Zinn
Market foreclosure, output and welfare under second-degree price discrimination pp. 2116-2127 Downloads
Yong Chao and Babu Nahata
Developing Countries' Increasing Weight in World Trade, Openness, and Convergence pp. 2128-2140 Downloads
Francisco Alcalá and Marta Solaz
Does export diversification converge? Evidence from cross-country analysis pp. 2141-2151 Downloads
Vaseem Akram
A note on the use of decile or quintile group-share of income or consumption from the popular income inequality databases to explain inequality conditions pp. 2152-2166 Downloads
Amlan Majumder and Takayoshi Kusago
The contribution of job satisfaction, organizational climate and employee commitment on management innovation in Tunisian SMEs: The effect of the post-revolution environment pp. 2167-2183 Downloads
Nejib Ben moussa
Analysis of the efficiency of public policy on the supply of social housing in a poor country pp. 2184-2193 Downloads
Minfede Raoul
Is the relationship between external debt and human development non-linear? A PSTR approach for developing countries pp. 2194-2216 Downloads
Khemais Zaghdoudi
Intragroup Communication in a Public Goods Experiment with Nested Exchanges pp. 2217-2224 Downloads
Yoav Wachsman
Green investment strategies and bank-firm relationship: a firm-level analysis pp. 2225-2239 Downloads
Pasquale Marcello Falcone
Macroeconomic Response of Disentangled Oil Price Shocks: Empirical Evidence from Japan pp. 2240-2253 Downloads
Mahmood Rahman and Zakaria Zoundi
Effect of Banking Concentration on the Lending Channel: evidence from Colombia pp. 2254-2265 Downloads
Juan Camilo Galvis Ciro and Guillermo David Hincapié Vélez
Multi-product firms and gains from trade through intra-firm adjustments pp. 2266-2272 Downloads
Michael Irlacher
The effect of Brazilian corn and soybean crop expansion on price and volatility transmission pp. 2273-2283 Downloads
José Cruz Junior, Daniel Capitani and Rodrigo Silveira
Board characteristics and MENA banks' credit risk: A fuzzy-set analysis pp. 2284-2303 Downloads
Rim Boussaada, Aymen Ammari and Nouha Ben Arfa
The simple algebra of surplus in private values open auctions: A nested logit merger model pp. 2304-2312 Downloads
Luke Froeb, Vladimir Mares, Steven Tschantz and Charles Taragin
Threshold effects of population aging on stock prices pp. 2313-2319 Downloads
Juanjuan Zhuo and Masao Kumamoto
Application of Granularity Adjustment Approximation Method to Incremental Value-at-Risk in Concentrated Portfolios pp. 2320-2330 Downloads
Yu Takata
Firms' leverage and labour productivity: a quantile regression approach pp. 2331-2344 Downloads
Padmaja Mundakkad
Macroprudential policy in a DSGE model: anchoring the countercyclical capital buffer pp. 2345-2352 Downloads
Leonardo Nogueira Ferreira and Márcio Issao Nakane
Performance and growth among de novo subchapter-s banks pp. 2353-2361 Downloads
Russell Kashian, Ronald Tittle, Richard Cummings and Peter Westort
International input-output linkages and exogenous shock transmission: a simple model pp. 2362-2370 Downloads
Ben Shepherd
Private pricing in the art market pp. 2371-2378 Downloads
Francesco Angelini and Massimiliano Castellani
Cost Efficiency, Asymmetry and Dependence in US electricity industry pp. 2379-2388 Downloads
Graziella Bonanno and Filippo Domma

2018, issue 3, vol 38

On a trade-off in the evolution of ownership pp. 1257-1260 Downloads
Miyashita Haruki
Who are the Joneses You are Keeping up with? pp. 1261-1266 Downloads
Mengyuan Zhou
Access to Finance for French Firms: Do boardroom attributes matter? pp. 1267-1278 Downloads
Ramzi Benkraiem, Amal Hamrouni, Anthony Miloudi and Ali Uyar
Foreign Investment, Domestic Investment and Economic Growth in China: Does Foreign Investment Crowd in or Crowd out Domestic Investment? pp. 1279-1291 Downloads
Najid Ahmad, Mouna Hdia, Hong-Zhou Li, Jianlin Wang and Xian-Liang Tian
Negative selection migration and education investment: theoretical investigation on the roles of remittances and the prospect of migration pp. 1292-1301 Downloads
Daichi Yamada
A note on the effects of human capital policies in Italy during the Great Recession pp. 1302-1312 Downloads
Paolo Di Caro, Roberta Arbolino and Ugo Marani
What is the optimal housing choice for a minimal BMI? pp. 1313-1337 Downloads
Yuval Arbel, Chaim Fialkoff and Amichai Kerner
A note on stable cartels pp. 1338-1342 Downloads
Liang Mao
Discretionary fiscal policy and sovereign risk pp. 1343-1365 Downloads
Gabriel Montes and Iven Valpassos
Visible consumption, relative deprivation, and health: evidence from a developing country pp. 1366-1380 Downloads
Punarjit Roychowdhury
Video recordings in experiments – Are there effects on self-selection or the outcome of the experiment? pp. 1381-1394 Downloads
Tim Lohse and Salmai Qari
Assessing the relationship between total factor productivity and foreign direct investment in an economy with a skills shortage: the case of South Africa pp. 1395-1405 Downloads
Lumengo Bonga-Bonga and Maphelane Phume
Cognitive ability and economic preferences: evidence from survey and experimental data in Mexico pp. 1406-1414 Downloads
Raymundo Campos-Vazquez, Eduardo Medina-Cortina and Roberto Velez-Grajales
Parallel Imports, Product Quality and Endogenous Trading Bloc Formation pp. 1415-1427 Downloads
Sunandan Ghosh
Smart Specialization Strategy and Directed Technological Change pp. 1428-1437 Downloads
Christophe Feder
Optimal policy mix in an endogenous timing with a consumer-friendly public firm pp. 1438-1445 Downloads
Arturo Garcia, Mariel Leal and Sang-Ho Lee
G7 countries: between trade openness and CO2 emissions pp. 1446-1456 Downloads
Mihai Mutascu
Innovation practices at Vietnamese manufacturers: the impacts of innovation on profitability and growth pp. 1457-1466 Downloads
Hoa Hoang, Dung Pham and Duc Nguyen
Social responsibility in a bilateral monopoly with R&D pp. 1467-1475 Downloads
Arturo Garcia, Mariel Leal and Sang-Ho Lee
Carry trades and economic policy uncertainty: measuring the political dimension of the forward rate bias in emerging countries pp. 1476-1484 Downloads
Michael Araki, Marcelo Klotzle and Antonio Pinto
Asymmetric responses of CO2 emissions to oil price shocks in China: a non-linear ARDL approach pp. 1485-1493 Downloads
Taha Zaghdoudi
Corporate governance and fundamental indexation in Brazil pp. 1494-1504 Downloads
Raphael Roquete, Ricardo Leal and Carlos Campani
An INAR(1) model with Poisson-Lindley innovations pp. 1505-1513 Downloads
Tito Lívio, Naushad Khan, Marcelo Bourguignon and Hassan Bakouch
Environmental efficiency of price and quantity policies pp. 1514-1522 Downloads
Hsiao-chi Chen and Shi-miin Liu
Does Gibrat's law hold among urban social economy enterprises? A research note on Montreal social economy pp. 1523-1540 Downloads
Marie Bouchard and Damien Rousselière
R&D cooperation in a three-firm Cournot industry pp. 1541-1546 Downloads
Abhishek Kabiraj
Longevity, Human Capital and Domestic Investment pp. 1547-1553 Downloads
Francisco Parro and Patricio Valenzuela
Unemployment duration and educational mismatches: An empirical investigation among graduates in Cambodia pp. 1554-1565 Downloads
Vichet Sam
Nonlinear exchange rate pass-through in Latin America pp. 1566-1582 Downloads
Lucas Lourenço and Claudio Vasconcelos
Military service and future earnings: Evidence from an Informed Difference-in-Differences (IDID) approach pp. 1583-1589 Downloads
Muhammad Asali
Nonlinear Exchange Rate Transmission in the Euro Area: A Multivariate Smooth Transition Regression Approach pp. 1590-1602 Downloads
Nidhaleddine Ben Cheikh, Ben Zaied Younes and Pascal Nguyen
Why Firms Should Care for All Consumers pp. 1603-1612 Downloads
Lisa Planer-Friedrich and Marco Sahm
Are Venture Capital SMEs more likely to start exporting? pp. 1613-1622 Downloads
Stefania Rossi, Graziella Bonanno, Marco Giansoldati and Tullio Gregori
Malice in auctions and commitments to cancel pp. 1623-1631 Downloads
Brishti Guha
Maternal investments and child cognitive achievement pp. 1632-1654 Downloads
Jeremy Cook and John Rabon
On the purification of mixed strategies pp. 1655-1675 Downloads
Chaowen Yu, Yuhki Hosoya and Toru Maruyama
Sentiment and sign predictability of stock returns pp. 1676-1684 Downloads
Harri Pönkä

2018, issue 2, vol 38

Reciprocity in a social network: evidence from a natural field experiment pp. 672-680 Downloads
Luis Reyes
Board competence and bank performance in China pp. 681-688 Downloads
Chaojie Jin and Emmanuel Mamatzakis
Decomposing the language pay gap among the indigenous ethnic minorities of Mexico: is it all down to observables? pp. 689-695 Downloads
Adriana Aguilar-Rodriguez, Alfonso Miranda and Yu Zhu
War on drugs, violence, and the share of low-income workers in Mexico pp. 696-702 Downloads
Carlos Carrasco and Mario Durán-Bustamante
The economics of production planning pp. 703-711 Downloads
Ngo Long and Frank Stähler
The effects of a bonus-malus workers' compensation system on the labor force structure, productivity, and welfare pp. 712-719 Downloads
Coralia Azucena Quintero Rojas and Sébastien Ménard
Intergroup Conflict with Intragroup Altruism pp. 720-724 Downloads
Wei Hu and Nicolas Treich
Trickle Down? A little bit pp. 725-732 Downloads
Edmond Berisha
Do environmental provisions in regional trade agreements affect trade in services? pp. 733-750 Downloads
Laurent Didier
The regional pricing of risk: An empirical investigation of the MENA Region pp. 751-760 Downloads
Khaled Khaled, Amel Belanes and Akassi Kablan
A calibration of the output elasticity of public capital pp. 761-771 Downloads
Carmen D. Ã lvarez-Albelo
Is there an economic rationale for leaving or joining the EU? Evidence from a political economy framewor pp. 772-782 Downloads
Javad Abedini and Nicolas Peridy
Returns to Skills or Returns to Tasks? A Comment on Hanushek et al. (2015) pp. 783-790 Downloads
Monika Köppl-turyna and Michael Christl
Productivity and Size of Firms: Evidence from Indian Manufacturing pp. 791-798 Downloads
Chandan Sharma
Income diversification and bank performance: evidence from malaysian banks pp. 799-809 Downloads
Rayenda Brahmana, Maria Kontesa and Rachel Gilbert
The Effect of Education, R&D and ICT on Economic Growth in High Income Countries pp. 810-825 Downloads
Kais Saidi and Mongi Chebli
Fiscal credibility and disagreement in expectations about inflation: evidence for Brazil pp. 826-843 Downloads
Gabriel Montes and Tatiana Acar
Endogenous input price and collusion sustainability in the output market pp. 844-851 Downloads
Carlo Capuano and Iacopo Grassi
Identifying macroeconomic effects of refugee migration to Germany pp. 852-862 Downloads
Enzo Weber and Roland Weigand
Diplomatic representation, service exports and goods exports pp. 863-869 Downloads
Robin Visser
The impact of state subsidies for family leave on foster care and adoptions pp. 870-879 Downloads
Florence Neymotin
Does Trust Influence Economic Growth? Evidence from the Arab World pp. 880-891 Downloads
Kamal Kasmaoui, Mazhar Mughal and Jamal Bouoiyour
Informality and exogenous regulations in regional economies pp. 892-900 Downloads
Laudo Ogura
Social order and financial development pp. 901-907 Downloads
Mansokku Lee, Changkuk Jung and Taeyoung Lee
NIMBY effect, mortgage payments and firm size: the different impact of homeownership on new businesses pp. 908-915 Downloads
Gaetano Lisi
Credibility is not enough: the importance of common knowledge to anchor expectations pp. 916-920 Downloads
Marcelo Griebeler and Guilherme Stein
Optimal capital income taxation in the case of private donations to public goods pp. 921-939 Downloads
Shigeo Morita and Takuya Obara
On the Merit of Debt Relief Programs in Heavily Indebted Poor Countries pp. 940-956 Downloads
Boniface Yemba and Inoussa Boubacar
Supporting economic growth through innovation: How does human capital influence the rate of growth? pp. 957-972 Downloads
Mohamed Mabrouki
Nai-peng Tey; Faculty of Economics and Administration, University of Malaya Title: Personal income in Malaysia: distribution and differentials pp. 973-982 Downloads
Kim-Leng Goh and Nai-peng Tey
Do Top 100 wine lists provide consumers with better information? pp. 983-994 Downloads
Jean-Marie Cardebat, Paola Corsinovi and Davide Gaeta
In recent years, the Sustainable Development Goals has managed to shepherd the reduction of energy poverty and extension of sustainable energy, making both international objectives. Using two-period data collected in Bangladesh, we assess the impact of the solar home system (SHS), a promising technology to facilitate multidimensional outcomes from both monetary and non-monetary aspects such as education, health, and security. The results revealed that SHS contributes to the reduced consumption of cow dung and kerosene; extended study hours for children aged 6–15 years; and increased non-farm income and expenditures on food, clothing, and education. However, no significant effect was observed on security and health conditions pp. 995-1013 Downloads
Masamitsu Kurata, Noriatsu Matsui, Yukio Ikemoto and Hiromi Tsuboi
Testing the Fisher Effect in the US pp. 1014-1027 Downloads
Yifei Cai
Exchange rate passthrough to domestic prices in some MENA countries pp. 1028-1037 Downloads
Sarra Smaili and Mohamed Ben Aissa
Cournot tatonnement and Nash equilibrium in binary status games pp. 1038-1044 Downloads
Nikolai Kukushkin and Pierre Mouche
The Political Economy of Soda Taxation pp. 1045-1051 Downloads
Sriparna Ghosh and Joshua Hall
The Lucas Paradox in the Great Recession: Does the type of capital matter? pp. 1052-1057 Downloads
Alba Del Villar Olano
Decomposition of the Environmental Kuznets curve for Deforestation in the Congo Basin pp. 1058-1068 Downloads
Novice patrick Bakehe
Institutions or human capital: which is more important for economic performance? Evidence from Brazil pp. 1069-1076 Downloads
Thais Niquito, Felipe Ribeiro and Marcelo Portugal
Misclassification error when identifying job stayers in the Current Population Survey pp. 1077-1082 Downloads
Chase Eck
Nowcasting the New Turkish GDP pp. 1083-1089 Downloads
Baris Soybilgen and Ege Yazgan
Exchange Rate and Service Exports from India: A Nonlinear ARDL Analysis pp. 1090-1101 Downloads
Manoranjan Sahoo
s there an electorally-motivated crime rate cycle? Evidence from Argentina pp. 1102-1110 Downloads
Osvaldo Meloni
Unemployment and confidence in Canada: Evidence from national and regional level data pp. 1111-1123 Downloads
Wei-fong Pan
Time Delay and Investment Decisions: Evidence from An Experiment in Tanzania pp. 1124-1137 Downloads
Plamen Nikolov
Grading happiness: what grading systems tell us about cross-country wellbeing comparisons pp. 1138-1155 Downloads
Fernanda Marquez-Padilla and Jorge Alvarez
The Impact of R&D Investments on Performance of Firms in Different Degrees of Proximity to the Technological Frontier pp. 1156-1170 Downloads
Leonardo Andrade, Leonardo Cardenas, Fernando Lopes, Fernando Oliveira and Kaio Cesar Fernandes
Long-run co-movements between oil prices and rig count in the presence of structural breaks pp. 1171-1179 Downloads
Nicoleta Iliescu
Time discounting in the presence of time constraints pp. 1180-1186 Downloads
Makito Takeuchi and Masafumi Tsubuku
A Simple Extension to the Dixit-Stiglitz Framework to Allow for Strategic Interaction pp. 1187-1197 Downloads
Niroth Chhy
Are Fluctuations in Military Spending Transitory or Permanent? International Evidence pp. 1198-1212 Downloads
Muhammad Shahbaz, Naceur Khraief, Mantu Mahalik and Saleheen Khan
On the Representability of a Class of Lexicographic Preferences pp. 1213-1218 Downloads
Kuntal Banerjee
Direct And Indirect Government Venture Capital Investments In Europe pp. 1219-1230 Downloads
Yan Alperovych, Anita Quas and Thomas Standaert
Determinants of Smallholder Vegetable Farmers Credit Access and Demand in Southwest region, Cameroon pp. 1231-1240 Downloads
Victor Afari-Sefa, Jean Claude Bidogeza, Yannick Djoumessi and Cyrille Kamdem
Human capital and higher education: rate of returns across disciplines pp. 1241-1256 Downloads
Jannet Jacob

2018, issue 1, vol 38

Single-profile axiomatizations of the plurality and the simple majority rules pp. 13-19 Downloads
Adrian Miroiu
Effort Complementarity and Team Size, An Experimental Analysis of Moral Hazard in Teams pp. 20-29 Downloads
Francisco Costa and Joísa Dutra
Is there an impact of labor market freedom on the elderly female labor force participation rate in the U.S.? An exploratory study pp. 30-40 Downloads
Richard Cebula and Gigi Alexander
The dynamic effects of aggregate supply and demand shocks in the Mexican economy pp. 41-51 Downloads
Ivan Mendieta-Muñoz
Envy-free allocation of indivisible goods with money and externalities pp. 52-59 Downloads
Satoshi Nakada
Stock market integration in the Asia-Pacific region: Evidence from cointegration of liquidity risk pp. 60-70 Downloads
Wahyoe Soedarmono
Governance in Africa: Convergence or Divergence? pp. 71-88 Downloads
Oasis Kodila-Tedika
Governance in Africa: Convergence or Divergence? pp. 71-88 Downloads
Julia Grundner
Land and Real Estate Price Sensitivity to a Disaster: Evidence from the 2011 Thai Floods pp. 89-97 Downloads
Yasuyuki Sawada, Hiroyuki Nakata, Kunio Sekiguchi and Yoko Okuyama
The asymmetric behaviour of spanish unemployment persistence pp. 98-104 Downloads
Guglielmo Maria Caporale and Luis Gil-Alana
Are export promotion programs efficient for small and medium enterprises? pp. 105-110 Downloads
Bruno Karoubi, Marjorie Lecerf and Gael Bertrand
The Impact of Domestic Investment in the Industrial Sector on Economic Growth with Partial Openness: Evidence from Tunisia pp. 111-128 Downloads
Sayef Bakari, Mohamed Mabrouki and Asma Elmakki
Pollution halos and free-entry pp. 129-135 Downloads
Luis Gautier
Determinants of IMF lending: How different is Sub-Saharan Africa? pp. 136-145 Downloads
Doris Oberdabernig
A sporting chance: on the impact of sports participation on subsequent earnings pp. 146-151 Downloads
Geraint Johnes
Was Zidane honest or well-informed? How UEFA barely avoided a serious scandal pp. 152-158 Downloads
László Csató
Foreign direct investments and "green" consumers pp. 159-181 Downloads
Natalia Vechiu
On the provision of guided tours in multiple foreign languages to tourists pp. 182-185 Downloads
Amitrajeet Batabyal and Seung Yoo
Barriers to Financial Institutional Development: A Preliminary Theoretical Exploration of Social Capital, Growth and Institutional Development pp. 186-195 Downloads
Ammar Shamaileh
Infinite Population and Positive Responsiveness: A Note pp. 196-200 Downloads
Sususmu Cato
Policy announcement and credit risk: zero interest rate policy and quantitative monetary easing policy pp. 201-210 Downloads
Kunihiro Hanabusa
Free cash flow and corporate profitability in emerging economies: Empirical evidence from Vietnam pp. 211-220 Downloads
An Nguyen and Tuan Nguyen
Determinants of foreign direct investment in Africa: An analysis of the impact of financial development pp. 221-233 Downloads
Bruno Emmanuel Ongo Nkoa
Impact of children's health insurance benefit on labor supply of adults: evidence from newly arrived immigrants pp. 234-247 Downloads
Keshar Ghimire
Key drivers of NEET phenomenon among youth people in Senegal pp. 248-261 Downloads
François Cabral
Leasing and business cycles pp. 262-270 Downloads
Na Zhang
Risk and competitiveness in the Italian banking sector pp. 271-280 Downloads
Francesco Marchionne and Alberto Zazzaro
Financial Development and Monetary Policy Efficiency: Unraveling the Empirical Contradiction and Discovering the True Relation pp. 281-296 Downloads
Mahmood Rahman
Analyzing the production structure by the subsystem approach to the input-output model: a cross-country perspective pp. 297-308 Downloads
Claudio Di Berardino, Gianni Onesti and Dario D'Ingiullo
Macro-determinants of Income Inequality: An Empirical Analysis in case of India pp. 309-325 Downloads
Aadil Ganaie, Sajad Bhat and Bandi Kamaiah
Convergent validity of stated preference methods to estimate willingness-to-pay for seafood traceability: The case of Gulf of Mexico oysters pp. 326-335 Downloads
John Whitehead, O. Morgan and William Huth
Determinants of total factor productivity growth of Tunisian manufacturing firms pp. 336-348 Downloads
Khaled Thabet
Corporate Governance and Tunneling: Empirical Evidence from Turkey pp. 349-361 Downloads
Elif Selcuk and Pinar Sener
Does financial well-being affect portfolio construction? Evidence from an online survey pp. 362-366 Downloads
Brent Davis
Political Influence and Trade Uncertainty: Evidence from Sanction Threats and Impositions pp. 367-372 Downloads
Seung Hoon Lee and Yong Suk Lee
The impact of positive and negative macroeconomic news surprises: Gold versus Bitcoin pp. 373-382 Downloads
Osamah Al-Khazali, Elie Bouri and David Roubaud
Factors affecting Willingness to Accept compensation for crops conversion programs: a farm level study in Tunisia pp. 383-392 Downloads
Lamia Soltani, Aymen Frija and Mohamed salah Matoussi
Public/Private Partnership and tariff regulation failure: the example of Dakar/Diamniadio toll highway in Senegal pp. 393-403 Downloads
Elhadji Mounirou Ndiaye
Dynamics of Spatial Inequality and Poverty: Evidence from Two Decades of Surveys in Vietnam, 1993-2014 pp. 404-418 Downloads
Takahiro Yamada
What meets the eye: the effect of the presence of immigrants on personal attitudes to migrations in Europe pp. 419-430 Downloads
Eugenio Levi, Rama Mariani and Fabrizio Patriarca
Technological progress, firm selection, and unemployment pp. 431-442 Downloads
Kosho Tanaka
The end of Oslo's rent control: Impact on rent level pp. 443-458 Downloads
Are Oust
Comparative Monetary Tools: Open Market Operations and Interest on Reserves pp. 459-471 Downloads
Shawn Osell
Personality and Risk Aversion pp. 472-489 Downloads
François Desmoulins-Lebeault, Jean-François Gajewski and Luc Meunier
International financial openness and industrial R&D pp. 490-500 Downloads
Sahar Milani and Rebecca Neumann
Commodity-specific consumer expenditure in India: pro-poor or pro-rich pp. 501-508 Downloads
Jayanta Sen and Debarati Das
On modeling fossil fuel prices: geometric Brownian motion vs. variance-gamma process pp. 509-519 Downloads
Alejandro Mosiño and Alejandro Moreno-Okuno
On parental care and home production pp. 520-527 Downloads
Xiaoyan Youderian
Revisiting the momentum factor in the U.K. stock market pp. 528-531 Downloads
Mohammad Momani
How Costly is Social Screening? Evidence from the Banking Industry pp. 532-540 Downloads
Simon Cornée and Ariane Szafarz
The desirability of the supply function competition under demand uncertainty pp. 541-549 Downloads
Ismail Saglam
Economic Motivations for Software Bug Bounties pp. 550-557 Downloads
Christopher Sprague and Jeffrey Wagner
An old wine in new shari'a compliant bottles? A time-frequency wavelet analysis of the efficiency of monetary policy in dual financial systems pp. 558-564 Downloads
Amine Ben Amar
Are there economic benefits to being polite? Experimental evidence from the Israeli rental housing market pp. 565-573 Downloads
Shahar Sansani
A replication of "Inherited Trust and Growth" pp. 574-582 Downloads
Christoph Eder
Further Results on Preference Uncertainty and Monetary Conservatism pp. 583-592 Downloads
Keiichi Morimoto
Price cycles in the German retail gasoline market - Competition or collusion? pp. 593-602 Downloads
Melissa Linder
Cross-Validating Synthetic Controls pp. 603-609 Downloads
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Political regime persistence and economic growth in Odisha: An empirical assessment of the Naveen Patnaik rule pp. 610-622 Downloads
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Extending the state-space representation of the judgement-augmented Hodrick-Prescott filter pp. 623-628 Downloads
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Inducing e-waste sorting investment under imperfect information pp. 629-637 Downloads
Prudence Dato
The impact of bank rating changes on lending in major European banks pp. 638-649 Downloads
Oussama Ben Hmiden and Tanguy Meigné
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Markus Haas
Minorities and Political Success pp. 657-671 Downloads
Gil Epstein and Odelia Heizler
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