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2011 - 2016

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Methodology of Cost Estimation of EU Environmental Directives in Ukraine pp. 6-9 Downloads
Volodymyr Mishchenko
Waste Management in the Context of The Requirements of the Industrial Emissions Directive 2010/75/EU pp. 10-12 Downloads
Yuliya Makovetska and Tetyana Omelyanenko
State and Issues of Statutory and Regulatory Providing of Sustainable Development in Ukraine pp. 13-15 Downloads
Andriy Kovalenko
Methodical Approaches to Improvement of the Economic Estimation of Natural Wealth of Ukraine pp. 16-19 Downloads
Ihor Bystryakov and Dmitry Klynovyi
Environmental Education - an Important Tool for Sustainable Development pp. 20-22 Downloads
Vira Kutsenko and Halyna Trillenberh
The Decoupling Effect as a Criterion of Ecologicaloriented Economic Development of Ukraine pp. 23-26 Downloads
Andriy Gorsky
The Formation of Franchising as a Factor in the Solution of Environmental Problems pp. 27-28 Downloads
Inna Illiashenko
The Development of Natural and Economic Systems in Spatial Economics pp. 29-32 Downloads
Oleksiy Stepenko
Adapting of Economical Mechanism of Ecological Policy Under Economic Crisis Conditions pp. 33-36 Downloads
Iryna Shevchenko
Assessment of Value of Natural Resources of Territorial Economic Systems of Ukraine pp. 37-41 Downloads
Oksana Lutsiv
Analysis of the Environmental Factors Influence on the Agricultural Production Effectiveness pp. 42-44 Downloads
Oleksii Shkuratov
Theoretical Basis of Sustainable Subsoil Use pp. 45-48 Downloads
Vitaliy Puhach
Forecast of Atmospheric Air Safety in Big Cities of Ukraine pp. 49-51 Downloads
Volodymyr Boyko
Formation of Ecological and Economical Mechanism of Rational Use and Protection of Reclaimed Landin a Drainage Zone pp. 52-55 Downloads
Nina Lishchuk and Ivan Kovalchuk
Public Agricultural Sector in a Market Model Reproduction of Land Resources pp. 56-59 Downloads
Mykhaylo Shchuryk
Infrastructural Providing of Capitalization of Land Resources pp. 60-63 Downloads
Oksana Sakal
Features of Capitalization of Land Resources as the Main Means of Production in Agriculture pp. 64-66 Downloads
Natalia Tretiak
Investment Providing of Meliorative Measures: National and Regional Framework pp. 67-70 Downloads
Inna Androshchuk
Security of Ukrainian Water Resources: Analysis, Evaluation, Priorities of Providing pp. 71-75 Downloads
Lyudmyla Levkovska and Anatoliy Sunduk
Methodological Approach to Comprehensive Economic Evaluation of Water Resources pp. 76-79 Downloads
Valeriy Mandzyk
Water Bodies Rent Management Under Deepening of Water Complex Market Transformation: Regional Features and Institutional Limitations pp. 80-83 Downloads
Rosa Busel and Larysa Savosh
Organizational and Economic Principles to Improve the System Regulation of the Wood Market pp. 84-89 Downloads
Yaroslav Koval and Anatoliy Karpuk
Institutional Environment of Forest Resources Capitalication pp. 90-92 Downloads
Oleh Holub
Transformation of Forest Management at the Regional Level pp. 93-97 Downloads
Alexander Shubalyi
Features Of Formation Of Performance Management In The Forestry Sector pp. 98-100 Downloads
Maksym Shestak
Environmental and Economic Potential of Sustainable Regional Development and Its Indicative Dimension pp. 101-104 Downloads
Oksana Prystayko and Ievgen Khlobystov
Applying of Economic Mechanisms of Environmental Management and Protection in Area of Beautification of Human Settlements pp. 105-108 Downloads
Oleksandr Ihnatenko
Monitoring of Ecologically Sustainable Development of Rural Territories in the Global Challenges pp. 109-111 Downloads
Inna Irtyshcheva, Tetyana Stroyko and Marianna Stehnei
Theoretical Problems of Rural Territories Exploration as an Integral Socio-ecological-economic Systems pp. 112-115 Downloads
Mariya Ilyina
Ideological Transformations of Evolutionary Integration: Macroeconomic Model of Sustainable Development Potential Forming pp. 116-122 Downloads
Viktoriya Mykytenko
Model of Resource-Functional Ensuring the Effectiveness of the Management System pp. 123-127 Downloads
Olha Demeshok
Construction of the Structure Type Models for Identification the Measurement of Strategic Changes Potential of Industrial and Economic Systems pp. 128-131 Downloads
Ludmyla Ladonko


Identification Of The Basic Components Of The Management Of The Potential Of The Sustainable Development pp. 5-12 Downloads
Alexander Alymov and Olga Demeshok
Spectrophotometer For Atmospheric Ozone Research Receiver Reaction Of Irradiation With Complex Spectral Composition pp. 13-17 Downloads
Stiliyan Zh. Stoyanov
Teachings Of V. Vernadsky And The Knowledge Of Nature pp. 17-22 Downloads
Bronislaw Panasiuk
The Conceptual Foundations Revival Of Social Infrastructure Of Agro-Industrial Sphere Based On The Sustainable Development pp. 22-28 Downloads
Irina Irtysheva and Tatiana Stroyko
The Criteria For The Classification Of Forest Resources As A Precondition Of Their Economic Evaluation pp. 28-34 Downloads
Yaroslav Koval and Irina Antonenko
Socio-Economic Mechanism Of The Effective Resource Usage Of The Recreation Areas In The Context Of The Sustainable Development pp. 34-41 Downloads
Vira Kutsenko and Galina Trillenberh
The Target Functionals Of The Regional Strategy Of The Management Of The Provision Of The Energy Efficiency Industry pp. 41-48 Downloads
Victoria Mykytenko and Veronika Khudoley
Regional Policy In The Subsoil Usage And Its Contradictions In Ukraine pp. 48-55 Downloads
Vladimir Mishchenko
The Rent As An Economic Basis For The Rational Use Of Water Resources Potential pp. 56-61 Downloads
Lyudmila Levkovska and Katerina Ryzhova
The Peculiarities And The Methods Of The Economic Evaluation Of Forest Resources pp. 61-67 Downloads
Igor Lytsur and N. Matushevych
Investment Management Of Natural Resources pp. 68-73 Downloads
Vitaliy Pylypiv and Vladimir Pavlenko
The Environmentally Safe Development Of The Depressed Areas And Criteria For Their Identification pp. 74-83 Downloads
Yulia Khvesyk and Oleg Dobryanskiy
The Ways Of Improving The Effectiveness Of The Management Of The Forest Resources Usage pp. 83-88 Downloads
Oleg Golub
The Environmental Innovations As The Determinative Element Of The New Model Of Nature Usage pp. 89-94 Downloads
Lyudmyla Gorbach
The Legal Regulation Of The Ecological Safety Of Tourism And Recreational Activities In Ukraine pp. 95-101 Downloads
Maria Ilyina
The Socio-Economic Efficiency Of The Recreational Resources Usage In The Format Of The Sustainable Development pp. 101-107 Downloads
Inna Illiashenko and Valeria Yablonska
The Methodological Approaches To The Integrated Evaluation Of Natural And Technogenic Dangers Of The Regions Of Ukraine pp. 107-113 Downloads
Anna Obykhod and Vira Schulipenko
The Priorities Of The Financial And Economic Mechanism Of The Water Resources Management pp. 113-118 Downloads
Valery Mandzyk
The Fundamentals Of The Financial Provision Of The Environmental Safety In The Region pp. 118-123 Downloads
Valentina Kolmakova
The Structuring Of The Institutional Provision Of The Recreational Nature Usage In Ukraine pp. 123-127 Downloads
Natalia Korzhunova
The Environmental Audit And Assessment Of The Impact Of Agricultural Activities On The State Of The Natural Resources Of Agrosphere pp. 127-132 Downloads
Mykola Kocherga
The Mechanisms Of Costly Approach To Thecomprehensive Economic Evaluation Of Natural Resources pp. 132-138 Downloads
Dmitry Klynovy
The Externalities Of The Land Usage In The Forest Sector pp. 139-146 Downloads
Oksana Sakal
The Ecological Bases Of The Rational Use Of Agricultural Land pp. 146-153 Downloads
Oleksiy Stepenko
The Carpathian Euroregion In The Context Of European Integration Plans Of Ukraine pp. 154-159 Downloads
Vladimir Hymynets
The Key Elements Of Ensuring Food And The Environmental Safety Of Ukraine pp. 160-165 Downloads
Oleksiy Shkuratov
Institute Of Social Partnership In The Modern Concept Of The Sustainable Development pp. 166-171 Downloads
Yaroslav Ostafiychuk
Determination Of The Essence Of Water Saving In The Industrial Production pp. 172-177 Downloads
Olga Yarotska
The Role Of The Biological Productivity Of The Forests Of The Carpathian National Nature Park In The Formation The Region's Carbon-Deposit Potential pp. 177-182 Downloads
Victoria Bokoch and R. Vasylyshyn
The Directions Of The Improvement Of The Environmental Taxation In Ukraine pp. 182-188 Downloads
Olga Gamsina
The Investment Provision Of The Reconstruction Of Ecosystems pp. 188-193 Downloads
O. Luciw
The Corporatisation Of The Sphere Of The Subsoil Use In Ukraine pp. 193-198 Downloads
Vitaliy Pugach
The Assessment Of The Current State Of The Individual Components Of Zhytomyr Region's Agricultural Areas pp. 198-204 Downloads
Olga Kalenska
Services Sector In The Context Of The Sustainable Development pp. 204-209 Downloads
Olena Kalinichenko, Irina Mosiychuk and Irina Poyta
Foreign Experience Of Creating The Network Of The Biosphere Reserves pp. 209-214 Downloads
Oleg Karbivnychiy
The Role Of Financial Factor In Ensuring The Sustainable Development Of The Territorial Economic Systems pp. 214-220 Downloads
Lesya Tychkovska
Institutional Mechanism Of Adjusting The Scale And The Development Of The Information Potential Of Providing Economic Security pp. 220-227 Downloads
Alexander Grebenuk and Anna Pinchuk
Environmental Aspects Of The Development Of The International Transport Corridor Europe-Asia pp. 227-234 Downloads
Yuri Chernyavsky
The Adaptation Of Ukraine To Climate Change Implications pp. 234-240 Downloads
Victoria Shtets
Dynamics Of Costs And Investments In The Waste Management pp. 240-245 Downloads
Viktoria Trofimchuk
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