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Volume 55, issue 1, 2021

Thank You and Goodbye pp. 1 Downloads
Martin Savelsbergh
Editorial Statement pp. 2-3 Downloads
Karen Smilowitz
A Bucket Graph–Based Labeling Algorithm with Application to Vehicle Routing pp. 4-28 Downloads
Ruslan Sadykov, Eduardo Uchoa and Artur Pessoa
Interval-Based Dynamic Discretization Discovery for Solving the Continuous-Time Service Network Design Problem pp. 29-51 Downloads
Luke Marshall, Natashia Boland, Martin Savelsbergh and Mike Hewitt
The Value of Limited Flexibility in Service Network Designs pp. 52-74 Downloads
Ahmad Baubaid, Natashia Boland and Martin Savelsbergh
The Restaurant Meal Delivery Problem: Dynamic Pickup and Delivery with Deadlines and Random Ready Times pp. 75-100 Downloads
Marlin W. Ulmer, Barrett W. Thomas, Ann Melissa Campbell and Nicholas Woyak
Exact and Heuristic Algorithms for the Carrier–Vehicle Traveling Salesman Problem pp. 101-121 Downloads
Güneş Erdoğan and E. Alper Y?ld?r?m
A Branch-and-Price Algorithm for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Stochastic Demands and Probabilistic Duration Constraints pp. 122-138 Downloads
Alexandre M. Florio, Richard F. Hartl, Stefan Minner and Juan-José Salazar-González
Branch-and-Cut and Iterated Local Search for the Weighted k -Traveling Repairman Problem: An Application to the Maintenance of Speed Cameras pp. 139-159 Downloads
Albert Einstein Fernandes Muritiba, Tibérius O. Bonates, Stênio Oliveira Da Silva and Manuel Iori
A Benders Decomposition Approach for the Multivehicle Production Routing Problem with Order-up-to-Level Policy pp. 160-178 Downloads
Zhenzhen Zhang, Zhixing Luo, Roberto Baldacci and Andrew Lim
The Joint Network Vehicle Routing Game pp. 179-195 Downloads
Mathijs van Zon, Remy Spliet and Wilco van den Heuvel
Integrated Planning for Multimodal Networks with Disruptions and Customer Service Requirements pp. 196-221 Downloads
Joris Wagenaar, Ioannis Fragkos and Rob Zuidwijk
An Efficient Exact Hypercube Model with Fully Dedicated Servers pp. 222-237 Downloads
Caio Vitor Beojone, Regiane Máximo de Souza and Ana Paula Iannoni
Routing Electric Vehicles on Congested Street Networks pp. 238-256 Downloads
Alexandre M. Florio, Nabil Absi and Dominique Feillet
Quantile Regression–Based Estimation of Dynamic Statistical Contingency Fuel pp. 257-273 Downloads
Lei Kang and Mark Hansen

Volume 54, issue 5, 2020

Traffic Priority Mechanisms pp. 1211-1224 Downloads
Roman Zakharenko
Bus Timetable Design to Ensure Smooth Transfers in Areas with Low-Frequency Public Transportation Services pp. 1238-1250 Downloads
Mizuyo Takamatsu and Azuma Taguchi
Integrating Resource Management in Service Network Design for Bike-Sharing Systems pp. 1251-1271 Downloads
Bruno Albert Neumann-Saavedra, Teodor Gabriel Crainic, Bernard Gendron, Dirk Christian Mattfeld and Michael Römer
Location of Charging Stations in Electric Car Sharing Systems pp. 1408-1438 Downloads
Georg Brandstätter, Markus Leitner and Ivana Ljubić
Variable Fixing for Two-Arc Sequences in Branch-Price-and-Cut Algorithms on Path-Based Models pp. 1526-5447 Downloads
Guy Desaulniers, Timo Gschwind and Stefan Irnich

Volume 54, issue 4, 2020

Introduction to the Special Section: Air Transportation Systems Planning and Operations Under Uncertainty pp. 855-857 Downloads
Guglielmo Lulli, Amedeo Odoni and Bruno F. Santos
Quantity-Contingent Auctions and Allocation of Airport Slots pp. 858-881 Downloads
Michael O. Ball, Alexander S. Estes, Mark Hansen and Yulin Liu
Air Traffic Control Capacity Planning Under Demand and Capacity Provision Uncertainty pp. 882-896 Downloads
Stefano Starita, Arne K. Strauss, Xin Fei, Radosav Jovanović, Nikola Ivanov, Goran Pavlović and Frank Fichert
Two-Stage Stochastic Mixed-Integer Programming with Chance Constraints for Extended Aircraft Arrival Management pp. 897-919 Downloads
Ahmed Khassiba, Fabian Bastin, Sonia Cafieri, Bernard Gendron and Marcel Mongeau
Impact of Off-Block Time Uncertainty on the Control of Airport Surface Operations pp. 920-943 Downloads
Sandeep Badrinath, Hamsa Balakrishnan, Emily Joback and Tom G. Reynolds
Equity and Strength in Stochastic Integer Programming Models for the Dynamic Single Airport Ground-Holding Problem pp. 944-955 Downloads
Alexander S. Estes and Michael O. Ball
Shift Planning Under Delay Uncertainty at Air France: A Vehicle-Scheduling Problem with Outsourcing pp. 956-972 Downloads
Julie Poullet and Axel Parmentier
Dynamic Disruption Management in Airline Networks Under Airport Operating Uncertainty pp. 973-997 Downloads
Jane Lee, Lavanya Marla and Alexandre Jacquillat
Dynamic Optimization for Airline Maintenance Operations pp. 998-1015 Downloads
Carlos Lagos, Felipe Delgado and Mathias A. Klapp
Dynamic Pricing and Routing for Same-Day Delivery pp. 1016-1033 Downloads
Marlin W. Ulmer
The Vehicle Routing Problem with Partial Outsourcing pp. 1034-1052 Downloads
Annelieke C. Baller, Said Dabia, Wout E. H. Dullaert and Daniele Vigo
Vehicle Routing Problems with Synchronized Visits and Stochastic Travel and Service Times: Applications in Healthcare pp. 1053-1072 Downloads
Hossein Hashemi Doulabi, Gilles Pesant and Louis-Martin Rousseau
New Exact Algorithm for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Stochastic Demands pp. 1073-1090 Downloads
Alexandre M. Florio, Richard F. Hartl and Stefan Minner
Efficient Move Evaluations for Time-Dependent Vehicle Routing Problems pp. 1091-1112 Downloads
Thomas R. Visser and Remy Spliet
Workforce Scheduling in the Era of Crowdsourced Delivery pp. 1113-1133 Downloads
Marlin Ulmer and Martin Savelsbergh
Pricing Carpool Rides Based on Schedule Displacement pp. 1134-1152 Downloads
Ruijie Li, Yu (Marco) Nie and Xiaobo Liu

Volume 54, issue 2, 2020

Introduction to the Special Section: ROADEF/EURO Challenge 2016—Inventory Routing Problem pp. 299-301 Downloads
Jean André, Eric Bourreau and Roberto Wolfler Calvo
Heuristic Sequence Selection for Inventory Routing Problem pp. 302-312 Downloads
Ahmed Kheiri
A Heuristic Branch-Cut-and-Price Algorithm for the ROADEF/EURO Challenge on Inventory Routing pp. 313-329 Downloads
Nabil Absi, Diego Cattaruzza, Dominique Feillet, Maxime Ogier and Frédéric Semet
A Matheuristic Algorithm for the Inventory Routing Problem pp. 330-354 Downloads
Zhouxing Su, Zhipeng Lü, Zhuo Wang, Yanmin Qi and Una Benlic
A Matheuristic with Fixed-Sequence Reoptimization for a Real-Life Inventory Routing Problem pp. 355-374 Downloads
Yun He, Christian Artigues, Cyril Briand, Nicolas Jozefowiez and Sandra Ulrich Ngueveu
The Continuous-Time Inventory-Routing Problem pp. 375-399 Downloads
Felipe Lagos, Natashia Boland and Martin Savelsbergh
Efficient Neighborhood Evaluations for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Multiple Time Windows pp. 400-416 Downloads
Maaike Hoogeboom, Wout Dullaert, David Lai and Daniele Vigo
Slack Induction by String Removals for Vehicle Routing Problems pp. 417-433 Downloads
Jan Christiaens and Greet Vanden Berghe
Optimal Solution of Vehicle Routing Problems with Fractional Objective Function pp. 434-452 Downloads
Roberto Baldacci, Andrew Lim, Emiliano Traversi and Roberto Wolfler Calvo
The Vehicle Routing Problem with Stochastic Two-Dimensional Items pp. 453-469 Downloads
Jean-François Côté, Michel Gendreau and Jean-Yves Potvin
The Team Orienteering Problem with Overlaps: An Application in Cash Logistics pp. 470-487 Downloads
Christos Orlis, Nicola Bianchessi, Roberto Roberti and Wout Dullaert
Joint Vehicle and Crew Routing and Scheduling pp. 488-511 Downloads
Edward Lam, Pascal Van Hentenryck and Phil Kilby
Integrated Liner Shipping Network Design and Scheduling pp. 512-533 Downloads
David F. Koza, Guy Desaulniers and Stefan Ropke
Mission Planning for Emergency Rapid Mapping with Drones pp. 534-560 Downloads
Katharina Glock and Anne Meyer

Volume 54, issue 1, 2020

A Slot-Scheduling Mechanism at Congested Airports that Incorporates Efficiency, Fairness, and Airline Preferences pp. 115–138 Downloads
Jamie Fairbrother, Konstantinos G. Zografos and Kevin D. Glazebrook
Airline Timetable Development and Fleet Assignment Incorporating Passenger Choice pp. 139–163 Downloads
Keji Wei and Vikrant Vaze
Generalized Periodic Vehicle Routing and Maritime Surveillance pp. 164–183 Downloads
Maria Fleischer Fauske, Carlo Mannino and Paolo Ventura
Risk-Averse Network Design with Behavioral Conditional Value-at-Risk for Hazardous Materials Transportation pp. 184–203 Downloads
Liu Su and Changhyun Kwon
Sparse Travel Time Estimation from Streaming Data pp. 1–20 Downloads
Saif Eddin Jabari, Nikolaos M. Freris and Deepthi Mary Dilip
Strategic Network Design for Parcel Delivery with Drones Under Competition pp. 204–228 Downloads
Gohram Baloch and Fatma Gzara
A Dynamic Discrete Choice Activity-Based Travel Demand Model pp. 21–41 Downloads
Oskar Blom Västberg, Anders Karlström, Daniel Jonsson and Marcus Sundberg
Same-Day Delivery with Drone Resupply pp. 229–249 Downloads
Iman Dayarian, Martin Savelsbergh and John-Paul Clarke
Phase Transition in Taxi Dynamics and Impact of Ridesharing pp. 250–273 Downloads
Bo Yang, Shen Ren, Erika Fille Legara, Zengxiang Li, Edward Y. X. Ong, Louis Lin and Christopher Monterola
Stability Analysis of Stochastic Linear Car-Following Models pp. 274–297 Downloads
Yu Wang, Xiaopeng Li, Junfang Tian and Rui Jiang
Stable Day-to-Day Dynamics for Departure Time Choice pp. 42–61 Downloads
Wen-Long Jin
An Integrated Choice and Latent Variable Model to Explore the Influence of Attitudinal and Perceptual Factors on Shared Mobility Choices and Their Value of Time Estimation pp. 62–83 Downloads
Weibo Li and Maria Kamargianni
Aviation Safety: A Whole New World? pp. 84–96 Downloads
Arnold Barnett
Improving Air Crew Rostering by Considering Crew Preferences in the Crew Pairing Problem pp. 97–114 Downloads
Frédéric Quesnel, Guy Desaulniers and Frédéric Quesnel
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