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Volume 39, issue 4, 1972

Prices for Individual Consumption, Quantity Indicators for Collective Consumption pp. 385-405 Downloads
Edmond Malinvaud
Expected Utility and Continuity pp. 407-421 Downloads
Lucien Foldes
A Paradox in the Theory of Optimal Stabilization pp. 423-432 Downloads
A. J. Preston
A Solution to the Qualitative Substitution Problem in Demand Theory pp. 433-441 Downloads
Ran Mosenson and Emmanuel Dror
Wealth Effects on Consumption in a Modified Life-Cycle Model pp. 443-453 Downloads
Angus Deaton
Optimum Investment in Human Capital pp. 455-460 Downloads
Assaf Razin
On Tobin's Multiperiod Portfolio Theorem pp. 461-468 Downloads
Guy V. G. Stevens
On the Tautness of Plans pp. 469-486 Downloads
Michael Keren
A Four-Flagged Lemma pp. 487-490 Downloads
Murat Sertel
On Differential Savings Propensities in Two-Class Growth Models pp. 491-494 Downloads
Ronald Britto
The Stability of the Competitive System which contains Gross Complementary Goods pp. 495-499 Downloads
Ryuzo Sato
CES Production Functions a la Samuelson pp. 501-503 Downloads
Ashok Guha
Some Notes on the Surrogate Production Function pp. 505-510 Downloads
James McIntosh
A Note on "The Balance of Payments and the Terms of Trade in Relation to Financial Controls" pp. 511-513 Downloads
Eitan Berglas and Assaf Razin
Stabilization Policies in a Growing Economy: A Comment pp. 515-519 Downloads
John Taylor
A Dynamic Model of Firm Entry: Comment pp. 521-522 Downloads
Koji Okuguchi
A Comment on Uncertainty and Household Decisions pp. 523-525 Downloads
M. K. Block and J. M. Heineke
A Comment on the General Theorem of the Second Best pp. 527-530 Downloads
G. Santoni and A. Church

Volume 39, issue 3, 1972

A Production Function for the Repairman Problem pp. 241-249 Downloads
Kenneth Arrow, David Levhari and Eytan Sheshinski
Monetary and Fiscal Policy in a World of Capital Mobility: a Respecification pp. 251-262 Downloads
Edward Tower
The Distribution of Wealth after a Model of Wold and Whittle pp. 263-279 Downloads
Josef Steindl
Demand for Consumer Durables: Stock Adjustment Models and Alternative Specifications of Stock Depletion pp. 281-295 Downloads
Ross Williams
The Optimal Linear Income-tax pp. 297-302 Downloads
Eytan Sheshinski
Resource Allocation in a Non-convex Economy pp. 303-323 Downloads
James C. Moore, Andrew B. Whinston and Joseph S. Wu
Private Wealth as an Obstacle to Pareto Optimality? pp. 325-329 Downloads
J. K. Whitaker
Risk Aversion and Wealth Effects on Portfolios with Many Assets pp. 331-354 Downloads
David Cass and Joseph Stiglitz
On the Role of Money and the Existence of a Monetary Equilibrium pp. 355-372 Downloads
Jean-Michel Grandmont and Yves Younes
Market Distortions and Gradual Reform pp. 373-383 Downloads
Michael Bruno

Volume 39, issue 2, 1972

Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Difference Equations with Moving Average Errors: A Simulation Study pp. 117-145 Downloads
David Hendry and Pravin Trivedi
Efficiency Prices in Infinite Dimensional Spaces: a Synthesis pp. 147-158 Downloads
Mordecai Kurz and Mukul Majumdar
On Optimal Consumption Plans in a Multi-sector Economy pp. 159-169 Downloads
Bezalel Peleg and Harl E. Ryder
Optimum Development in a Dual Economy pp. 171-184 Downloads
N. H. Stern
General Possibility Theorems for Group Decisions pp. 185-192 Downloads
Andreu Mas-Colell and Hugo Sonnenschein
On the Stability of Generalized Metzlerian Systems pp. 193-203 Downloads
Michihiro Ohyama
A Model of Economic Growth with Induced Bias in Technical Progress pp. 205-212 Downloads
Winston Chang
Money and Growth in Open Economies pp. 213-219 Downloads
Polly Reynolds Allen
A Note on the Problem of Aggregation pp. 221-230 Downloads
Fritz Pokropp
Corporate Taxation and Dividend Behaviour: a further Comment pp. 231-234 Downloads
M. A. King
Corporate Taxation and Dividend Behaviour: a Reply and Extension pp. 235-240 Downloads
Martin Feldstein

Volume 39, issue 1, 1972

On Price Adjustment without an Auctioneer pp. 1-15 Downloads
Franklin M. Fisher
A Theory of Monopolistic Price Adjustment pp. 17-26 Downloads
Robert Barro
Trade Unions and the Rate of Change of Money Wages in United States Manufacturing Industry pp. 27-54 Downloads
Orley Ashenfelter, George Johnson and John Pencavel
The Formulation of the Dependent Variable in the Wage Equation pp. 55-59 Downloads
Stanley Black and H. H. Kelejian
Wage Adjustment, Productivity and Price Change Expectations pp. 61-72 Downloads
John Vanderkamp
Market Games with Indivisible Commodities and Non-convex Preferences pp. 73-76 Downloads
Claude Henry
On the Distribution of Personal Incomes pp. 77-86 Downloads
John Wesson
On Optimal Taxation and Public Production pp. 87-103 Downloads
Partha Dasgupta and Joseph Stiglitz
On Producer Taxation pp. 105-111 Downloads
James Mirrlees
Liquidity Preference and Risk Aversion with an Exponential Utility Function pp. 113-115 Downloads
Errol Glustoff and Nic Nigro

Volume 38, issue 4, 1971

Disequilibrium Dynamics of Competitive Growth Paths pp. 385-400 Downloads
Walter Perrin Heller
Additive Utility Functions and Linear Engel Curves pp. 401-414 Downloads
Robert A. Pollak
Tax Policy, Corporate Saving and Investment Behaviour in Britain pp. 415-434 Downloads
Martin Feldstein and J. S. Flemming
Simultaneous Estimation Methods for Large- and Medium-size Econometric Models pp. 435-445 Downloads
G. S. Maddala
A General Equilibrium Model of the Term Structure under Transaction Costs pp. 447-455 Downloads
Gordon Pye
Equilibrium and Disequilibrium Growth with Money—the Tobin Models pp. 457-479 Downloads
Michael G. Hadjimichalakis
Weak Experimental Verification of the Expected Utility Hypothesis pp. 481-492 Downloads
R. N. Rosett
Cournot Oligopoly and Competitive Behaviour pp. 493-502 Downloads
R. J. Ruffin

Volume 38, issue 3, 1971

An Investment Planning Process for an Economy with Increasing Returns pp. 273-280 Downloads
Masahiko Aoki
Planning, Prices and Increasing Returns pp. 281-294 Downloads
Geoffrey Heal
Transitivity of Social Decisions under Some More General Group Decision Rules than the Method of Majority Decision pp. 295-306 Downloads
R. N. Batra and P. K. Pattanaik
Choice Functions and Revealed Preference pp. 307-317 Downloads
Amartya K. Sen
Uzawa's Preference Axioms pp. 319-329 Downloads
E. Gordon
Present Values Playing the Role of Efficiency Prices in the One-Good Growth Model pp. 331-339 Downloads
David Cass and M. E. Yaari
The Structure of the Asset Portfolios of Households pp. 341-357 Downloads
R. S. Uhler and J. G. Cragg
The Structure of the Cost of Capital under Uncertainty pp. 359-368 Downloads
A. Beja
A Maximum Sustainable Growth Rate for British Industrial Outputs pp. 369-376 Downloads
Terry Barker
Corporate Taxation and Dividend Behaviour—A Comment pp. 377-380 Downloads
M. A. King
Counter-examples to an Assertion concerning the Normal Distribution and a New Stochastic Price Fluctuation Model pp. 381-383 Downloads
R. A. Agnew
Correction to "On Optimal Development in a Multi-Sector Economy" pp. 384 Downloads
D. Gale

Volume 38, issue 2, 1971

A Tâtonnement Process for Public Goods pp. 133-150 Downloads
Jacques Dreze and D. de la Vallee Poussin
Differential Taxation, Public Goods, and Economic Efficiency pp. 151-174 Downloads
Joseph Stiglitz and P. Dasgupta
An Exploration in the Theory of Optimum Income Taxation pp. 175-208 Downloads
James Mirrlees
Capital Taxes, the Redistribution of Wealth and Individual Savings pp. 209-227 Downloads
Anthony Atkinson
The Dynamic Effects of Fiscal Policy in an Economy with Foresight pp. 229-244 Downloads
R. E. Hall
On the Theory of Foreign Exchange Reserve Requirements pp. 245-263 Downloads
G. C. Archibald and J. Richmond
Majority Voting and Social Choice pp. 265-267 Downloads
J. Craven
Note pp. 269-270 Downloads
P. Frevert
The Pasinetti Paradox in Neoclassical and More General Models: a Correction pp. 271 Downloads
R. N. Vaughan

Volume 38, issue 1, 1971

A Non-cooperative Equilibrium for Supergames pp. 1-12 Downloads
James W. Friedman
An Exercise in the Theory of Heterogeneous Capital Accumulation pp. 13-22 Downloads
C. Caton and Karl Shell
On the Existence and Optimality of Competitive Equilibrium for a Slave Economy pp. 23-36 Downloads
Ted Bergstrom
The Existence and Persistence of Cycles in a Non-linear Model: Kaldor's 1940 Model Re-examined pp. 37-44 Downloads
Winston Chang and D. J. Smyth
A Comment pp. 45-46 Downloads
N. Kaldor
The Stability of Kaldor's 1957 Model pp. 47-62 Downloads
D. G. Champernowne
Production and Investment Response to Changing Market Conditions, Technical Know-How, and Government PoliciesA Vintage Model of the Agricultural Sector pp. 63-94 Downloads
Alessandro Cigno
Factor Substitution and Effective Tariff Rates pp. 95-103 Downloads
Herbert Grubel and P. J. Lloyd
Optimal Trade Policies and Non-Economic Objectives in Models Involving Imported Materials, Inter-Industry Flows and Non-Traded Goods pp. 105-111 Downloads
Augustine H. H. Tan
Note on "The Structure of Utility Functions" pp. 113 Downloads
Karl Vind
Apologia for a Lemma pp. 114 Downloads
W. M. Gorman
Comment pp. 115 Downloads
Karl Vind
Clontarf Revisited pp. 116 Downloads
W. M. Gorman
The Invariably Stable Cobweb Model pp. 117-121 Downloads
R. D. Auster
A Generalization of a Cobweb Theorem pp. 123-125 Downloads
R. Manning
A Dynamic Model of Firm Entry pp. 127-129 Downloads
M. G. Myers and E. R. Weintraub
A Note on Corporate Taxation and Dividend Behaviour pp. 131-132 Downloads
G. Whittington
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