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Volume 51, issue 4, 1984

An Investigation of the Determinants of Manufacturing Employment in the United Kingdom pp. 529-557 Downloads
Stephen Nickell
Earnings, Unemployment, and the Allocation of Time Over Time pp. 559-578 Downloads
Kenneth Burdett, Nicholas Kiefer, Dale Mortensen and George R. Neumann
Bargaining with Incomplete Information: An Infinite-Horizon Model with Two-Sided Uncertainty pp. 579-593 Downloads
Peter Cramton
A Comparison of Posted-Offer and Double-Auction Pricing Institutions pp. 595-614 Downloads
Jon Ketcham, Vernon Smith and Arlington Williams
Informational and Performance Properties of a Class of Iterative Planning Procedures pp. 615-631 Downloads
Simon Clark
The Structure of Economies with Aggregate Measures of Capital: A Complete Characterization pp. 633-650 Downloads
Charles Blackorby and William Schworm
A Neoclassical Model of the Balance of Payments pp. 651-664 Downloads
Ron Michener
Pricing and Investment Policies in a System of Competitive Commuter Railways pp. 665-681 Downloads
Yoshitsugu Kanemoto
Probabilistic Social Choice Based on Simple Voting Comparisons pp. 683-692 Downloads
P. C. Fishburn
Acyclic Choice without the Pareto Principle pp. 693-699 Downloads
David Kelsey

Volume 51, issue 3, 1984

The Timing of Sales pp. 353-368 Downloads
Joel Sobel
Aggregate Consumer Behaviour and the Measurement of Inequality pp. 369-392 Downloads
Dale W. Jorgenson and Daniel T. Slesnick
Financial Intermediation and Delegated Monitoring pp. 393-414 Downloads
Douglas W. Diamond
Information Reliability and a Theory of Financial Intermediation pp. 415-432 Downloads
Ram T. S. Ramakrishnan and Anjan Thakor
Optimal Incentive Schemes with Many Agents pp. 433-446 Downloads
Dilip Mookherjee
The Manipulability of Resource Allocation Mechanisms pp. 447-460 Downloads
William Thomson
Nonuniform Pricing with Unobservable Numbers of Purchases pp. 461-470 Downloads
Michael Katz
A Welfare Analysis of Employment Contracts with and without Asymmetric Information pp. 471-489 Downloads
Arthur Hosios
Comparative Dynamics of an Equilibrium Intertemporal Asset Pricing Model pp. 491-508 Downloads
John B. Donaldson and Rajnish Mehra
Dynamic Exchange Rate Equilibria with Uncertain Government Policy pp. 509-519 Downloads
Jerry Nickelsburg
A Bayesian Approach to the Production of Information with a Linear Utility Function pp. 521-527 Downloads
Ian Tonks

Volume 51, issue 2, 1984

The Theoretical Limits to Redistribution pp. 177-195 Downloads
Kevin Roberts
Prices, Product Qualities and Asymmetric Information: The Competitive Case pp. 197-207 Downloads
Russell Cooper and Thomas Ross
Bertrand, the Cournot Paradigm and the Theory of Perfect Competition pp. 209-230 Downloads
Leo Simon
The Identifiability of the Proportional Hazard Model pp. 231-241 Downloads
James Heckman and B. Singer
Estimating Distributed Lags in Short Panels with an Application to the Specification of Depreciation Patterns and Capital Stock Constructs pp. 243-262 Downloads
Ariel Pakes and Zvi Griliches
Profiles of Fertility, Labour Supply and Wages of Married Women: A Complete Life-Cycle Model pp. 263-278 Downloads
Robert Moffitt
A Price Discrimination Analysis of Monetary Policy pp. 279-288 Downloads
John Bryant and Neil Wallace
Uncertainty in the Theory of Renewable Resource Markets pp. 289-303 Downloads
Robert Pindyck
Optimal Nonuniform Prices pp. 305-319 Downloads
M. Barry Goldman, Hayne E. Leland and David S. Sibley
Value of an Additional Firm in Monopolistic Competition pp. 321-332 Downloads
Michael Sattinger
Mixed-Strategy Equilibrium in a Market with Asymmetric Information pp. 333-342 Downloads
Robert Rosenthal and Andrew Weiss
A Note on Aoki's Conditions for Path Controllability of Continuous-Time Dynamic Economic Systems pp. 343-349 Downloads
Hans-Werner Wohltmann
A Note on "The Optimal Depletion of Exhaustible Resources" pp. 351 Downloads
Farhed A. Shah

Volume 51, issue 1, 1984

Pareto Inferior Trade pp. 1-12 Downloads
David M Newbery and Joseph Stiglitz
Flexibility and Uncertainty pp. 13-32 Downloads
Robert Jones and Joseph Ostroy
Considering an Informational Role for a Futures Market pp. 33-52 Downloads
Pamela P. Brannen and Edwin F. Ulveling
Product Differentiation with Imperfect Information pp. 53-61 Downloads
Asher Wolinsky
Informative Advertising with Differentiated Products pp. 63-81 Downloads
Gene M. Grossman and Carl Shapiro
Uncertainty, Asymmetric Information and Bilateral Contracts pp. 83-93 Downloads
Michael H. Riordan
Worker Allocation, Hierarchies and the Wage Distribution pp. 95-109 Downloads
Michael Waldman
Capitalist-Worker Conflict and Involuntary Unemployment pp. 111-127 Downloads
Martin Osborne
Assets, General Equilibrium and the Neutrality of Money pp. 129-138 Downloads
Christophe Chamley and Herakles Polemarchakis
Spatial Equilibrium with Entry pp. 139-156 Downloads
Thomas Palfrey
The Conditional Auction Mechanism for Sharing a Surplus pp. 157-170 Downloads
Herve Moulin
Consumer's Surplus and Welfare Change in a Simple Dynamic Model pp. 171-176 Downloads
Charles Blackorby, David Donaldson and David Moloney

Volume 50, issue 4, 1983

50th Anniversary of the Review of Economic Studies pp. 583 Downloads
Oliver D. Hart and Grayham Mizon
Assessing the Variability of Inflation pp. 585-596 Downloads
Adrian Pagan, Anthony Hall and Pravin Trivedi
Competitive Approximation of a Cournot Market pp. 597-607 Downloads
John Conlisk
The Estimation of Models of Labour Market Behaviour pp. 609-624 Downloads
Andrew Chesher and Tony Lancaster
Market Structure and the Durability of Goods pp. 625-637 Downloads
Andrew B. Abel
Credit Rationing and Payment Incentives pp. 639-646 Downloads
Franklin Allen
Prices as Signals of Product Quality pp. 647-658 Downloads
Asher Wolinsky
Search and Optimal Sample Sizes pp. 659-675 Downloads
Peter B. Morgan
Voting for Public Goods pp. 677-693 Downloads
Robert Aumann, M. Kurz and Abraham Neyman
Generic Instability of Majority Rule pp. 695-705 Downloads
Norman Schofield
International R & D Rivalry and Industrial Strategy pp. 707-722 Downloads
Barbara Spencer and James Brander
Distribution-Free Statistical Inference with Lorenz Curves and Income Shares pp. 723-735 Downloads
Charles M. Beach and Russell Davidson
On Least Squares Estimation when the Dependent Variable is Grouped pp. 737-753 Downloads
Mark Stewart
Spatial Competition and Spatial Price Discrimination: A Correction pp. 755-756 Downloads
George Norman

Volume 50, issue 3, 1983

Testing Restrictions in a Flexible Dynamic Demand System: An Application to Consumers' Expenditure in Canada pp. 397-410 Downloads
Gordon Anderson and Richard Blundell
A Multistage Model of Bargaining pp. 411-426 Downloads
Joel Sobel and Ichiro Takahashi
A Simple Competitive Model with Production and Storage pp. 427-441 Downloads
Jose Scheinkman and Jack Schechtman
Price Dispersion and Stockpiling by Consumers pp. 443-465 Downloads
Sam Bucovetsky
Housing Quality, Maintenance and Rehabilitation pp. 467-494 Downloads
Richard Arnott, Russell Davidson and David Pines
Capacity and Entry Under Demand Uncertainty pp. 495-511 Downloads
Stylianos Perrakis and George Warskett
Optimum Pricing Policy under Stochastic Inflation pp. 513-529 Downloads
Eytan Sheshinski and Yoram Weiss
A Theoretical Derivation of the Functional Form of Short Run Money Holdings pp. 531-541 Downloads
R. D. Milbourne, P. Buckholtz and M. T. Wasan
Optimal Consumption of a Nonrenewable Resource with Stochastic Discoveries and a Random Environment pp. 543-554 Downloads
Sudhakar D. Deshmukh and Stanley R. Pliska
The Usefulness of Demand Forecasts for Team Resource Allocation in a Dynamic Environment pp. 555-571 Downloads
Theodore Groves
Existence of a Temporary Equilibrium in a Three-Commodity Model pp. 573-579 Downloads
G. Tillmann

Volume 50, issue 2, 1983

Sequential Bargaining with Incomplete Information pp. 221-247 Downloads
Drew Fudenberg and Jean Tirole
The Time Pattern of Hedging and the Volatility of Futures Prices pp. 249-266 Downloads
Ronald W. Anderson and Jean-Pierre Danthine
Expectations Equilibria with Dispersed Information: Existence with Approximate Rationality in a Model with a Continuum of Agents and Finitely Many States of the World pp. 267-285 Downloads
Beth Allen
Asymptotic Properties of Instrumental Variables Statistics for Testing Non-Nested Hypotheses pp. 287-304 Downloads
Neil Ericsson
Competitive Stock Markets pp. 305-330 Downloads
Louis Makowski
Innovation and Communication: Signalling with Partial Disclosure pp. 331-346 Downloads
Sudipto Bhattacharya and Jay R. Ritter
Cournot Equilibrium with Free Entry: The Case of Decreasing Average Cost Functions pp. 347-354 Downloads
Yoshiaki Ushio
Comparative Statics and Asset Substitutability/Complementarity in a Portfolio Model: A Dual Approach pp. 355-367 Downloads
Ardeshir J. Dalal
Acceptable Versus Straightforward Game Forms: An Example pp. 369-373 Downloads
J. S. Jordan
Efficient Decentralisation with a Transferable Good pp. 375-381 Downloads
M. J. Browning
The Discrete Heal Algorithm With Intermediate Goods pp. 383-391 Downloads
Jacques Cremer
Are Groves-Ledyard Equilibria Attainable? pp. 393-396 Downloads
Thomas Muench and Mark Walker

Volume 50, issue 1, 1983

Optimal Labour Contracts under Asymmetric Information: An Introduction pp. 3-35 Downloads
Oliver D. Hart
Non-uniform Pricing, Output and Welfare under Monopoly pp. 37-56 Downloads
Michael Katz
Efficiency Aspects of the Financing of Unemployment Insurance and Other Government Expenditure pp. 57-69 Downloads
Christopher A. Pissarides
Total Utility, Overlapping Generations and Optimal Population pp. 71-86 Downloads
Gary Anthony Gigliotti
Price Smoothing and Inventory pp. 87-98 Downloads
Yakov Amihud and Haim Mendelson
Non-parametric Tests of Consumer Behaviour pp. 99-110 Downloads
Hal R. Varian
Small-Sample Properties of Estimators of Regression Coefficients Given a Common Pattern of Missing Data pp. 111-120 Downloads
Denis Conniffe
Defects in Disneyland: Quality Control as a Two-Part Tariff pp. 121-131 Downloads
Avishay Braverman, J. Luis Guasch and Steven Salop
Reproductive Behaviour in Peasant Societies: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis pp. 133-142 Downloads
James McIntosh
Dynamic Optimization with a Non-Convex Technology: The Case of a Linear Objective Function pp. 143-151 Downloads
Mukul Majumdar and Tapan Mitra
Straightforward Elections, Unanimity and Phantom Voters pp. 153-170 Downloads
Kim C. Border and J. S. Jordan
A Characterization of Strongly Locally Incentive Compatible Planning Procedures with Public Goods pp. 171-186 Downloads
Jean-Jacques Laffont and Eric Maskin
Myopic Versus Intertemporal Manipulation in Decentralized Planning Procedures pp. 187-195 Downloads
Guy Laroque and Jean Rochet
On the Simultaneous Existence of Full and Partial Capital Aggregates pp. 197-208 Downloads
Franklin M. Fisher
Non-joint Technologies pp. 209-219 Downloads
Ulrich Kohli
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