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Volume 28, issue 3, 1961

The Analogy Between Atemporal and Intertemporal Theories of Resource Allocation pp. 143-160 Downloads
Edmond Malinvaud
Comparative Advantage and the Theory of Tariffs: A Multi-Country, Multi-Commodity Model pp. 161-175 Downloads
Ronald W. Jones
Additive Logarithmic Demand Functions and the Slutsky Relations pp. 176-181 Downloads
Kenneth Arrow
Imperfect Capital Markets and the Theory of Investment pp. 182-195 Downloads
Lucien Foldes
Monopolistic Competition and General Equilibrium pp. 196-201 Downloads
Takashi Negishi
Congestion and Idle Capacity in an Economy pp. 202-211 Downloads
A. B. Araoz and H. B. Malmgren

Volume 28, issue 2, 1961

Prices and the Turnpike: I. The Story of a Mare's Nest pp. 77-88 Downloads
John Hicks
Prices and the Turnpike: II. Proof of a Turnpike Theorem: The "No Joint Production" Case pp. 89-97 Downloads
M. Morishima
Prices and the Turnpike: III. Paths of Economic Growth that are Optimal with Regard only to Final States: A Turnpike Theorem pp. 98-104 Downloads
Roy Radner
Stability of a Dynamic Input-Output System pp. 105-116 Downloads
Dale W. Jorgenson
Neutral Inventions and the Stability of Growth Equilibrium pp. 117-124 Downloads
Hirofumi Uzawa
The Stability of the Cournot Oligopoly Solution: The Effects of Speeds of Adjustment and Increasing Marginal Costs pp. 125-135 Downloads
Franklin M. Fisher
Comments on the Stability of the Cournot Oligipoly Model pp. 136-139 Downloads
M. McManus and Richard E. Quandt
A Comment on Newman's "Complete Ordering and Revealed Preference" pp. 140-141 Downloads
Hirofumi Uzawa
Further Comment pp. 142 Downloads
Peter Newman

Volume 28, issue 1, 1960

The Geometric Representation of Policies to Attain Internal and External Balance pp. 1-22 Downloads
W. M. Corden
Equilibrium in a Uniformly Expanding Closed Leontief-Type System pp. 23-28 Downloads
Zivia S. Wurtele
A Symposium on Monetary Theory: Monetary and Value Theory: Comments pp. 29-31 Downloads
William Baumol
A Symposium on Monetary Theory: On the Invariance of Demand for Cash and other Assets pp. 32-36 Downloads
R. W. Clower and M. L. Burstein
A Symposium on Monetary Theory: The Patinkin Controversy pp. 37-43 Downloads
Frank Hahn
A Symposium on Monetary Theory: The Real Balance Effect and Orthodox Demand Theory: a Critique of Archibald and Lipsey pp. 44-49 Downloads
R. J. Ball and Ronald Bodkin
A Symposium on Monetary Theory: Monetary and Value Theory: Further Comment pp. 50-56 Downloads
G. C. Archibald and R. C. Lipsey
Index-linked Bonds pp. 57-68 Downloads
Peter Robson
The Abdication of the Israeli Pound as a Standard of Measurement for medium and long-term Contracts pp. 69-75 Downloads
A. Rubner

Volume 27, issue 3, 1960

The Theory of Hedging and Speculation in Commodity Futures pp. 139-151 Downloads
Leland L. Johnson
Cardinal Utility, Portfolio Selection and Taxation pp. 152-166 Downloads
Marcel K. Richter
Economic Growth and the Distributive Shares pp. 167-178 Downloads
Ronald Findlay
A Rejoinder to Mr. Findlay pp. 179-181 Downloads
Nicholas Kaldor
Walras' Tâtonnement in the Theory of Exchange pp. 182-194 Downloads
Hirofumi Uzawa
On the Three Hicksian Laws of Comparative Statics pp. 195-201 Downloads
Michio Morishima
A Supplementary Note on Complete Ordering and Revealed Preference pp. 202-205 Downloads
Peter Newman
The Equivalence of the Liquidity Preference and Loanable Funds Theories and the New Stock-Flow Analysis pp. 206-209 Downloads
Cliff L. Lloyd
Testing Marginal Productivity Theory pp. 210-213 Downloads
G. C. Archibald

Volume 27, issue 2, 1960

Complete Ordering and Revealed Preference pp. 65-77 Downloads
Peter Newman
A Mathematical Formulation of the Ricardian System pp. 78-98 Downloads
Luigi L. Pasinetti
The Market for Investment Goods. An Analysis where Time of Delivery Enters Explicitly pp. 99-108 Downloads
Bjorn Thalberg
Mr. Kaldor's Theory of Income Distribution pp. 109-118 Downloads
Hiroshi Atsumi
Towards a General Kaldorian Theory of Distribution pp. 119-120 Downloads
James Tobin
A Rejoinder to Mr. Atsumi and Professor Tobin pp. 121-123 Downloads
Nicholas Kaldor
The Demand Approach to Economic Development pp. 124-132 Downloads
H. Myint
On the Stability of the Cournot Solution on the Oligopoly Problem pp. 133-134 Downloads
R. D. Theocharis
A Regular Input-Output Model with Decreasing Marginal Returns pp. 135-138 Downloads
Hans Jurgen Jaksch

Volume 27, issue 1, 1959

Some Notes on Stability Conditions pp. 1-9 Downloads
P. K. Newman
A Note on Crawling Along the Ceiling pp. 10-15 Downloads
R. C. O. Matthews
Interrelated Industries and the Rate of Technological Change pp. 16-22 Downloads
W. Paul Strassmann
Capital Levies in Western Europe After the Second World War pp. 23-43 Downloads
P. Robson
Investment Allowances, Initial Allowances and Cheap Loans as Means of Encouraging Investment pp. 44-49 Downloads
J. Black
Cash Circulation in the Planned Economies of Eastern Europe pp. 50-57 Downloads
J. Baracs
A View of the Aggregation Problem pp. 58-64 Downloads
M. H. Peston

Volume 26, issue 3, 1959

A "Value and Capital" Growth Model pp. 159-173 Downloads
John Hicks
Cardinal Utility for Even-chance Mixtures of Pairs of Sure Prospects pp. 174-177 Downloads
Gerard Debreu
The Case for "Revealed Preference" pp. 178-189 Downloads
Harvey M. Wagner
The Marginal Productivity Theory of Wages and Disguised Unemployment pp. 190-197 Downloads
Dipak Mazumdar
An Afterthought on the "Real Cost—Opportunity Cost" Dispute and Some Aspects of General Equilibrium Under Conditions of Variable Factor Supplies pp. 198-208 Downloads
Jaroslav Vanek
Comments on the General Theory of Second Best pp. 209-224 Downloads
M. McManus
McManus on Second Best pp. 225-226 Downloads
Kelvin Lancaster and Richard Lipsey

Volume 26, issue 2, 1959

A Statistical Summary of the Extent of Import Control in the United Kingdom since the War pp. 75-109 Downloads
M. F. W. Hemming, C. M. Miles and G. F. Ray
The Balance of Payments in a Monetary Economy pp. 110-125 Downloads
Frank Hahn
Whose Cost of Living? pp. 126-134 Downloads
S. J. Prais
Regional Disparities in the Incidence of Taxation in Uganda pp. 135-147 Downloads
Walter Elkan
A Problem Encountered in the Comparison of Technical Coefficients pp. 148-152 Downloads
Zivia S. Wurtele
A Graphical Exposition of Böhm-Bawerk's Interest Theory pp. 153-158 Downloads
R. Dorfman

Volume 26, issue 1, 1958

Monetary and Value Theory: A Critique of Lange and Patinkin pp. 1-22 Downloads
G. C. Archibald and Richard Lipsey
The Capital-Output Ratio in Japanese Economic Development pp. 23-32 Downloads
G. Ranis
Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Törnqvist Demand Equations pp. 33-50 Downloads
P. R. Fisk
Marketing Boards and Economic Development in Nigeria and Ghana pp. 51-62 Downloads
E. K. Hawkins
A Single Geometric Measure for Elasticity of Demand and Supply pp. 63-65 Downloads
E. J. Mishan
A Note on Kaldor's "Speculation and Economic Stability" pp. 66-68 Downloads
Paul Streeten
A Comment pp. 69 Downloads
Nicholas Kaldor
Neutral Money in Patinkin's "Money, Interest, and Prices" pp. 70-71 Downloads
P. Wonnacott
Consumer's Surplus, and Discriminating Monopoly pp. 72-74 Downloads
Roy Houghton
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