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Volume 82, issue 4, 2015

College-Major Choice to College-Then-Major Choice pp. 1247-1288 Downloads
Paola Bordon and Chao Fu
Bad Boys: How Criminal Identity Salience Affects Rule Violation pp. 1289-1308 Downloads
Alain Cohn, Michel Maréchal and Thomas Noll
Corporate Prediction Markets: Evidence from Google, Ford, and Firm X pp. 1309-1341 Downloads
Bo Cowgill and Eric Zitzewitz
Time Varying Structural Vector Autoregressions and Monetary Policy: A Corrigendum pp. 1342-1345 Downloads
Marco Del Negro and Giorgio Primiceri
The Mortality Cost of Political Connections pp. 1346-1382 Downloads
Raymond Fisman and Yongxiang Wang
Securitization and Lending Competition pp. 1383-1408 Downloads
David M. Frankel and Yu Jin
State Capacity and Military Conflict pp. 1409-1448 Downloads
Nicola Gennaioli and Hans-Joachim Voth
Real Options and Risk Dynamics pp. 1449-1482 Downloads
Dirk Hackbarth and Timothy Johnson
Mediation and Peace pp. 1483-1501 Downloads
Johannes Hörner, Massimo Morelli and Francesco Squintani
Business Cycle Dynamics under Rational Inattention pp. 1502-1532 Downloads
Bartosz Maćkowiak and Mirko Wiederholt
Uncertainty, Information Acquisition, and Price Swings in Asset Markets pp. 1533-1567 Downloads
Antonio Mele and Francesco Sangiorgi
The Institutional Causes of China's Great Famine, 1959–1961 pp. 1568-1611 Downloads
Xin Meng, Nancy Qian and Pierre Yared
Income Differences and Prices of Tradables: Insights from an Online Retailer pp. 1612-1656 Downloads
Ina Simonovska

Volume 82, issue 3, 2015

Bargaining in Standing Committees with an Endogenous Default pp. 825-867 Downloads
Vincent Anesi and Daniel Seidmann
On Existence and Uniqueness of Equilibrium in a Class of Noisy Rational Expectations Models pp. 868-921 Downloads
Bradyn Breon-Drish
Signalling to Dispersed Shareholders and Corporate Control pp. 922-962 Downloads
Mike Burkart and Samuel Lee
Credit Markets, Limited Commitment, and Government Debt pp. 963-990 Downloads
Francesca Carapella and Stephen Williamson
Split-panel Jackknife Estimation of Fixed-effect Models pp. 991-1030 Downloads
Geert Dhaene and Koen Jochmans
The Baby Boom and World War II: A Macroeconomic Analysis pp. 1031-1073 Downloads
Matthias Doepke, Moshe Hazan and Yishay Maoz
Identifying and Testing Models of Managerial Compensation pp. 1074-1118 Downloads
George-Levi Gayle and Robert A. Miller
Dynamic Competitive Economies with Complete Markets and Collateral Constraints pp. 1119-1153 Downloads
Piero Gottardi and Felix Kubler
Quid Pro Quo: Technology Capital Transfers for Market Access in China pp. 1154-1193 Downloads
Thomas J. Holmes, Ellen McGrattan and Edward Prescott
Financial Fragility in Small Open Economies: Firm Balance Sheets and the Sectoral Structure pp. 1194-1222 Downloads
Yannick Kalantzis
Implementation in Weakly Undominated Strategies: Optimality of Second-Price Auction and Posted-Price Mechanism pp. 1223-1246 Downloads
Takuro Yamashita

Volume 82, issue 2, 2015

History, Expectations, and Leadership in the Evolution of Social Norms pp. 423-456 Downloads
Daron Acemoglu and Matthew Jackson
The Impact of Competition on Management Quality: Evidence from Public Hospitals pp. 457-489 Downloads
Nicholas Bloom, Carol Propper, Stephan Seiler and John van Reenen
Relational Contracts in Competitive Labour Markets pp. 490-534 Downloads
Simon Board and Moritz Meyer-Ter-Vehn
Cross-Border Banking and Global Liquidity pp. 535-564 Downloads
Valentina Bruno and Hyun Song Shin
From Polygyny to Serial Monogamy: A Unified Theory of Marriage Institutions pp. 565-607 Downloads
David de la Croix and Fabio Mariani
Bargaining and Reputation: An Experiment on Bargaining in the Presence of Behavioural Types pp. 608-631 Downloads
Matthew Embrey, Guillaume Frechette and Steven Lehrer
Optimal Contracting and the Organization of Knowledge pp. 632-658 Downloads
William Fuchs, Luis Garicano and Luis Rayo
The U-Shapes of Occupational Mobility pp. 659-692 Downloads
Fane Groes, Philipp Kircher and Iourii Manovskii
The Informational Content of Surnames, the Evolution of Intergenerational Mobility, and Assortative Mating pp. 693-735 Downloads
Maia Güell, Sevi Rodríguez Mora and Christopher I. Telmer
On Transparency in Organizations pp. 736-761 Downloads
Philippe Jehiel
Optimal Sales Contracts with Withdrawal Rights pp. 762-790 Downloads
Daniel Krähmer and Roland Strausz
Determinants of College Major Choice: Identification using an Information Experiment pp. 791-824 Downloads
Matthew Wiswall and Basit Zafar

Volume 82, issue 1, 2015

Estimates of the Trade and Welfare Effects of NAFTA pp. 1-44 Downloads
Lorenzo Caliendo and Fernando Parro
Learning and Model Validation pp. 45-82 Downloads
Inkoo Cho and Kenneth Kasa
A Linder Hypothesis for Foreign Direct Investment pp. 83-121 Downloads
Pablo Fajgelbaum, Gene M. Grossman and Elhanan Helpman
Do Competitive Workplaces Deter Female Workers? A Large-Scale Natural Field Experiment on Job Entry Decisions pp. 122-155 Downloads
Jeffrey Flory, Andreas Leibbrandt and John List
Does Belief Heterogeneity Explain Asset Prices: The Case of the Longshot Bias pp. 156-186 Downloads
Amit Gandhi and Ricardo Serrano-Padial
Projects and Team Dynamics pp. 187-218 Downloads
George Georgiadis
Consumer Inattention and Bill-Shock Regulation pp. 219-257 Downloads
Michael Grubb
Goods Prices and Availability in Cities pp. 258-296 Downloads
Jessie Handbury and David Weinstein
Loss Aversion and Inefficient Renegotiation pp. 297-332 Downloads
Fabian Herweg and Klaus M. Schmidt
Dissecting the Effect of Credit Supply on Trade: Evidence from Matched Credit-Export Data pp. 333-359 Downloads
Daniel Paravisini, Veronica Rappoport, Philipp Schnabl and Daniel Wolfenzon
Multiproduct Retailing pp. 360-390 Downloads
Andrew Rhodes
Contractible Contracts in Common Agency Problems pp. 391-422 Downloads
Balázs Szentes

Volume 81, issue 4, 2014

Learning, Misallocation, and Technology Adoption: Evidence from New Malaria Therapy in Tanzania pp. 1331-1365 Downloads
Achyuta Adhvaryu
Demand Reduction and Inefficiency in Multi-Unit Auctions pp. 1366-1400 Downloads
Lawrence M. Ausubel, Peter Cramton, Marek Pycia, Marzena Rostek and Marek Weretka
Equilibrium Pricing and Trading Volume under Preference Uncertainty pp. 1401-1437 Downloads
Bruno Biais, Johan Hombert and Pierre-Olivier Weill
Information Acquisition and Welfare pp. 1438-1483 Downloads
Luca Colombo, Gianluca Femminis and Alessandro Pavan
Education and Crime over the Life Cycle pp. 1484-1517 Downloads
Giulio Fella and Giovanni Gallipoli
Attack, Defence, and Contagion in Networks pp. 1518-1542 Downloads
Sanjeev Goyal and Adrien Vigier
New, Like New, or Very Good? Reputation and Credibility pp. 1543-1574 Downloads
Bruno Jullien and In-Uck Park
Employer Learning, Productivity, and the Earnings Distribution: Evidence from Performance Measures pp. 1575-1613 Downloads
Lisa Kahn and Fabian Lange
Instrumental Variables with Unrestricted Heterogeneity and Continuous Treatment pp. 1614-1636 Downloads
Maximilian Kasy
Fiscal Policy in an Expectations-Driven Liquidity Trap pp. 1637-1667 Downloads
Karel Mertens and Morten Ravn
Mechanism Design by an Informed Principal: Private Values with Transferable Utility pp. 1668-1707 Downloads
Tymofiy Mylovanov and Thomas Tröger
Complementary Bidding Mechanisms and Startup Costs in Electricity Markets pp. 1708-1742 Downloads
Mar Reguant

Volume 81, issue 3, 2014

Asymptotic Efficiency of Semiparametric Two-step GMM pp. 919-943 Downloads
Daniel Ackerberg, Xiaohong Chen, Jinyong Hahn and Zhipeng Liao
Imperfect Choice or Imperfect Attention? Understanding Strategic Thinking in Private Information Games pp. 944-970 Downloads
Isabelle Brocas, Juan D. Carrillo, Stephanie Wang and Colin F. Camerer
Student Portfolios and the College Admissions Problem pp. 971-1002 Downloads
Hector Chade, Gregory Lewis and Lones Smith
Upstream Innovation and Product Variety in the U.S. Home PC Market pp. 1003-1045 Downloads
Alon Eizenberg
Trade Integration, Market Size, and Industrialization: Evidence from China's National Trunk Highway System pp. 1046-1070 Downloads
Benjamin Faber
Universal Social Orderings: An Integrated Theory of Policy Evaluation, Inter-Society Comparisons, and Interpersonal Comparisons pp. 1071-1101 Downloads
Marc Fleurbaey and Koichi Tadenuma
Customer Capital pp. 1102-1136 Downloads
Francois Gourio and Leena Rudanko
Heterogeneous Beliefs and Tests of Present Value Models pp. 1137-1163 Downloads
Kenneth Kasa, Todd Walker and Charles H. Whiteman
When Strong Ties are Strong: Networks and Youth Labour Market Entry pp. 1164-1200 Downloads
Francis Kramarz and Oskar Skans
Moral Hazard, Incentive Contracts, and Risk: Evidence from Procurement pp. 1201-1228 Downloads
Gregory Lewis and Patrick Bajari
Semiparametric Inference in Dynamic Binary Choice Models pp. 1229-1262 Downloads
A. Norets and X. Tang
Learning Your Comparative Advantages pp. 1263-1295 Downloads
Theodore Papageorgiou
Optimal Income Taxation with Adverse Selection in the Labour Market pp. 1296-1329 Downloads
Stefanie Stantcheva

Volume 81, issue 2, 2014

Resource Allocation in the Brain pp. 501-534 Downloads
Ricardo Alonso, Isabelle Brocas and Juan D. Carrillo
Pounds That Kill: The External Costs of Vehicle Weight pp. 535-571 Downloads
Michael Anderson and Maximilian Auffhammer
Do Firms Want to Borrow More? Testing Credit Constraints Using a Directed Lending Program pp. 572-607 Downloads
Abhijit V. Banerjee and Esther Duflo
Inference on Treatment Effects after Selection among High-Dimensional Controls†pp. 608-650 Downloads
Alexandre Belloni, Victor Chernozhukov and Christian Hansen
When Demand Creates its Own Supply: Saving Traps pp. 651-680 Downloads
Christophe Chamley
Roads and Trade: Evidence from the US pp. 681-724 Downloads
Gilles Duranton, Peter Morrow and Matthew Turner
Fiscal Devaluations pp. 725-760 Downloads
Emmanuel Farhi, Gita Gopinath and Oleg Itskhoki
Pricing-to-Market: Evidence From Plant-Level Prices pp. 761-786 Downloads
Doireann Fitzgerald and Stefanie Haller
Growing up in a Recession pp. 787-817 Downloads
Paola Giuliano and Antonio Spilimbergo
Taxation of Human Capital and Wage Inequality: A Cross-Country Analysis pp. 818-850 Downloads
Fatih Guvenen, Burhanettin Kuruscu and Serdar Ozkan
A Canonical Model of Choice with Initial Endowments pp. 851-883 Downloads
Yusufcan Masatlioglu and Efe Ok
Optimal Taxation in a Limited Commitment Economy pp. 884-918 Downloads
Yena Park

Volume 81, issue 1, 2014

Bargaining and Reputation in Search Markets pp. 1-29 Downloads
Alp Atakan and Mehmet Ekmekci
Contractual Incompleteness, Unemployment, and Labour Market Segmentation pp. 30-56 Downloads
Steffen Altmann, Armin Falk, Andreas Grunewald and David Huffman
Getting Parents Involved: A Field Experiment in Deprived Schools pp. 57-83 Downloads
Francesco Avvisati, Marc Gurgand, Nina Guyon and Eric Maurin
Rent-sharing, Holdup, and Wages: Evidence from Matched Panel Data pp. 84-111 Downloads
David Card, Francesco Devicienti and Agata Maida
Cycles and Instability in a Rock--Paper--Scissors Population Game: A Continuous Time Experiment pp. 112-136 Downloads
Timothy Cason, Daniel Friedman and Ed Hopkins
Household Choices and Child Development pp. 137-185 Downloads
Daniela Del Boca, Christopher Flinn and Matthew Wiswall
International Trade and Labour Income Risk in the U.S pp. 186-218 Downloads
Mine Senses
Parental Leave and Mothers' Careers: The Relative Importance of Job Protection and Cash Benefits pp. 219-265 Downloads
Rafael Lalive, Analia Schlosser, Andreas Steinhauer and Josef Zweimüller
Resale and Rent-Seeking: An Application to Ticket Markets pp. 266-300 Downloads
Phillip Leslie and Alan Sorensen
Self-Organization for Collective Action: An Experimental Study of Voting on Sanction Regimes pp. 301-324 Downloads
Thomas Markussen, Louis Putterman and Jean-Robert Tyran
Higher Order Risk Attitudes, Demographics, and Financial Decisions pp. 325-355 Downloads
Charles Noussair, Stefan Trautmann and Gijs Kuilen
Exogenous Information, Endogenous Information, and Optimal Monetary Policy pp. 356-388 Downloads
Luigi Paciello and Mirko Wiederholt
Pride and Prejudice: Using Ethnic-Sounding Names and Inter-Ethnic Marriages to Identify Labour Market Discrimination pp. 389-425 Downloads
Yona Rubinstein and Dror Brenner
A Major in Science? Initial Beliefs and Final Outcomes for College Major and Dropout pp. 426-472 Downloads
Ralph Stinebrickner and Todd Stinebrickner
Individual Learning and Cooperation in Noisy Repeated Games pp. 473-500 Downloads
Yuichi Yamamoto
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