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Volume 36, issue 4, 1969

On Experimental Research in Oligopoly pp. 399-415 Downloads
J. W. Friedman
Response of Paid Student Subjects to Differential Behaviour of Robots in Bifurcated Duopoly Games pp. 417-432 Downloads
A. C. Hoggatt
The Experimental Determination of Indifference Curves pp. 433-451 Downloads
K. R. MacCrimmon and M. Toda
Risk Attitude and Cost Variability in a Capacity Choice Experiment pp. 453-466 Downloads
Roger Sherman
Buffer Stocks and Reaction Coefficients: An Experiment with Decision Making under Risk pp. 467-484 Downloads
John A. Carlson and Terrence B. O'Keefe
The Impact of Risk-Taking Propensity, Information, Communication and Terminal Bid pp. 485-501 Downloads
L. L. Cummings and D. L. Harnett
Monetary and Fiscal Policy in a World of Capital Mobility pp. 503-517 Downloads
John E. Floyd
Imperfect Competition with Unknown Demand pp. 519-525 Downloads
J. Hadar and Claude Hillinger

Volume 36, issue 3, 1969

The Efficient Capital Programme for a Maintainable Utility Level pp. 263-287 Downloads
H. Atsumi
Bayesian Estimation of the CES Production Function pp. 289-294 Downloads
V. K. Chetty and U. Sankar
On the Concept of Optimum Population pp. 295-318 Downloads
P. S. Dasgupta
An Econometric Model of Puerto Rico pp. 319-333 Downloads
M. Dutta and V. Su
The Efficiency Analysis of Choices Involving Risk pp. 335-346 Downloads
Giora Hanoch and H. Levy
Planning without Prices pp. 347-362 Downloads
Geoffrey Heal
The Relation between the Rate of Return and the Rate of Technical Progress pp. 363-379 Downloads
D. Levhari and Eytan Sheshinski
Quasi-Transitivity, Rational Choice and Collective Decisions pp. 381-393 Downloads
Amartya Sen
Note and Comments: On Putty-Clay: A Comment pp. 395-398 Downloads
R. Britto

Volume 36, issue 2, 1969

The Timescale of Economic Models: How Long is the Long Run? pp. 137-152 Downloads
Anthony Atkinson
Optimal Savings under Uncertainty pp. 153-163 Downloads
Jerusalem D. Levhari and T. Srinivasan
Stabilization Policies in a Growing Economy pp. 165-183 Downloads
Jerome Stein and Keizo Nagatani
Trade Union Power, Threat Effects and the Extent of Organization pp. 185-196 Downloads
Sherwin Rosen
The Enterprise under Central Planning pp. 197-212 Downloads
Richard Portes
Alternative Asymptotic Tests of Significance and Related Aspects of 2SLS and 3SLS Estimated Parameters pp. 213-226 Downloads
P. J. Dhrymes
On Rational Entrepreneurial Behaviour and the Demand for Investment pp. 227-239 Downloads
A. B. Treadway
Generalized Production Functions pp. 241-250 Downloads
Arnold Zellner and N. S. Revankar
Directly Additive Utility and Constant Marginal Budget Shares pp. 251-254 Downloads
Arthur Goldberger
A Note on a Covariance Matrix with its Application to the Two-Parameter Hypothesis on Risky-Asset Choice pp. 254-256 Downloads
T. Ichiishi
The Degree of Monopoly in the Kaldor-Mirrlees Growth Model pp. 257-260 Downloads
D. Mario Nuti
A Further Note pp. 260-262 Downloads
Joan Robinson

Volume 36, issue 1, 1969

A Note on Uncertainty and Indifference Curves pp. 1-4 Downloads
K. Borch
Mean-Variance Analysis in the Theory of Liquidity Preference and Portfolio Selection pp. 5-12 Downloads
Martin Feldstein
Comment on Borch and Feldstein pp. 13-14 Downloads
James Tobin
Capital Gains, Income, and Saving pp. 15-26 Downloads
Karl Shell, M. Sidrauski and Joseph Stiglitz
Optimal Intervention to Achieve Non-Economic Objectives pp. 27-38 Downloads
J. N. Bhagwati and T. Srinivasan
Fundamental Duality Relations in the Pure Theory of Capital and Growth pp. 39-53 Downloads
M. Bruno
The Utility of Wealth and the Utility of Windfalls pp. 55-66 Downloads
J. S. Flemming
The Dynamic Nonsubstitution Theorem pp. 67-76 Downloads
James Mirrlees
Optimum Growth when Capital is Non-transferable pp. 77-88 Downloads
P. S. Dasgupta
Fixed Factor Coefficients and Harrod-Neutral Technical Progress pp. 89-97 Downloads
Ken-Ichi Inada
Endogenous Technical Progress and Steady Growth pp. 99-107 Downloads
Ken-Ichi Inada
A Note on a Class of Utility and Production Functions Yielding Everywhere Differentiable Demand Functions pp. 109-111 Downloads
A. P. Barten, Teun Kloek and F. B. Lempers
The Measurement of Utility pp. 111-116 Downloads
Claude Hillinger
A Note on the Stability Conditions in Cournot's Dynamic Market Solution when neither the actual Market Demand Function nor the Production Levels of Rivals are known pp. 117-122 Downloads
Yasu Hosomatsu
Classes of Utility Functions Admitting Tyrni's Homogeneous Saving Function pp. 122-124 Downloads
P. J. Kalman
Intermediate Goods in Production Theory: The Differentiable Case pp. 124-131 Downloads
James Melvin
Marshallian External Economies and Gains from Trade between Similar Countries pp. 131-135 Downloads
T. Negishi

Volume 35, issue 4, 1968

The Structure of Utility Functions pp. 367-390 Downloads
W. M. Gorman
Embodied Technology and the Existence of Labour and Output Aggregates pp. 391-412 Downloads
F. M. Fisher
On a Property of Concave Functions pp. 413-416 Downloads
B. P. Stigum
Embodied Technology and the Aggregation of Fixed and Movable Capital Goods pp. 417-428 Downloads
F. M. Fisher
Capital Aggregation and Optimality Conditions pp. 429-442 Downloads
J. K. Whitaker
The Core of an Economy with a Measure Space of Economic Agents pp. 443-452 Downloads
W. Hildenbrand
A Theory of Saving and Portfolio Selection pp. 453-463 Downloads
A. Douglas
Optimal Growth and Investment Allocation pp. 465-480 Downloads
Sanjit Bose
Distortions and Immiserizing Growth: a Generalization pp. 481-485 Downloads
Jagdish N. Bhagwati

Volume 35, issue 3, 1968

The Dual in Nonlinear Programming and its Economic Interpretation pp. 237-256 Downloads
Michel Balinski and William Baumol
Reaction Functions and the Theory of Duopoly pp. 257-272 Downloads
J. W. Friedman
The Effects of Relative Prices and Capacity on the Demand for Labour in the U.S. Manufacturing Sector pp. 273-288 Downloads
M. I. Nadiri
Some Effects of Taxes on Risk-Taking pp. 289-306 Downloads
B. Näslund
Continuous and Discrete Time Approaches to a Maximization Problem pp. 307-325 Downloads
L. G. Telser and R. L. Graves
On the Existence of a Keynesian Equilibrium pp. 327-334 Downloads
E. Glustoff
On the Stability of the Golden Rule Path in the Hayekian Production Process Case pp. 335-345 Downloads
K. Inada
Empirical Evidence on the Acceleration Principle: A Comment pp. 347-349 Downloads
A. G. Hines
The Dynamics of the Number of Firms in an Industry pp. 349-353 Downloads
E. Howrey and R. E. Quandt
A Re-examination of the Existence and Stability Propositions in Kaldor's Growth Models pp. 353-360 Downloads
K. Kubota
An Invariably Stable Cobweb Model pp. 360-362 Downloads
J. A. Carlson
Optimality in a World of Progress and Learning pp. 363-365 Downloads
Richard Zeckhauser
Neutral Inventions and Production Functions: an Addendum pp. 366 Downloads
R. Sato and M. Beckmann

Volume 35, issue 2, 1968

On Putty-Clay pp. 105-132 Downloads
Christopher Bliss
Money Wage Determination Revisited pp. 133-143 Downloads
O. Eckstein
Optimal Growth and Continual Planning Revision pp. 145-154 Downloads
Steven Goldman
The General Instability of a Class of Competitive Growth Processes pp. 155-174 Downloads
M. Kurz
On Warranted Growth Paths pp. 175-184 Downloads
Frank Hahn
On Second-Best National Saving and Game-Equilibrium Growth pp. 185-199 Downloads
Edmund Phelps and R. A. Pollak
Consistent Planning pp. 201-208 Downloads
R. A. Pollak
The Demand Curves from a Quadratic Utility Indicator pp. 209-224 Downloads
Leon Wegge
Elasticities of Substitution and the Theory of Derived Demand pp. 225-236 Downloads
Y. Mundlak

Volume 35, issue 1, 1968

A Note on Democratic Decision and the Existence of Choice Sets pp. 1-9 Downloads
Prasanta K. Pattanaik
Comparative Statics under Walras' Law: the Case of Strong Dependence pp. 11-21 Downloads
J. P. Quirk
Optimal Development in the Labour-Surplus Economy pp. 23-34 Downloads
Avinash Dixit
Technical Change and Capital from the Point of View of the Dual pp. 35-46 Downloads
R. E. Hall
Adjustment Costs in the Theory of Investment of the Firm pp. 47-55 Downloads
J. P. Gould
Spectral Analysis of the Term Structure of Interest Rates pp. 67-76 Downloads
Clive Granger and H. J. B. Rees
Regression Analysis of Grouped Observations when the Cross Classifications are Unknown pp. 77-89 Downloads
Y. Haitovsky
The Class of Homothetic Isoquant Production Functions pp. 91-104 Downloads
S. Clemhout
Neutral Inventions and Production Functions pp. NP1-NP2 Downloads
R. Sato and M. J. Beckmann
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