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Volume 66, issue 4, 1999

Editorial Announcements pp. i Downloads
Mark Armstrong, Orazio Attanasio and James Dow
Informational Alliances pp. 743-768 Downloads
David P. Baron and David Besanko
Profit Maximization and the Market Selection Hypothesis pp. 769-798 Downloads
Prajit K. Dutta and Roy Radner
To Each According to …? Markets, Tournaments, and the Matching Problem with Borrowing Constraints pp. 799-824 Downloads
Raquel Fernández and Jordi Gali
Competition, Financial Discipline and Growth pp. 825-852 Downloads
Philippe Aghion, Mathias Dewatripont and Patrick Rey
Speculation on Primary Commodities: The Effects of Restricted Entry pp. 853-871 Downloads
John McLaren
Robust Permanent Income and Pricing pp. 873-907 Downloads
Lars Hansen, Thomas Sargent and Thomas Tallarini
Budget Deficits and Redistributive Politics pp. 909-928 Downloads
Alessandro Lizzeri
The Life Cycle of Regulatory Agencies: Dynamic Capture and Transaction Costs pp. 929-947 Downloads
David Martimort
Education Signalling with Preemptive Offers pp. 949-970 Downloads
Jeroen M. Swinkels
Resale Markets and the Assignment of Property Rights pp. 971-991 Downloads
Philippe Jehiel and Benny Moldovanu

Volume 66, issue 3, 1999

Optimal Experimentation in a Changing Environment pp. 475-507 Downloads
R Keller and Sven Rady
Asymptotic Efficiency for Discriminatory Private Value Auctions pp. 509-528 Downloads
Jeroen M. Swinkels
Market Share, Market Value and Innovation in a Panel of British Manufacturing Firms pp. 529-554 Downloads
Richard Blundell, Rachel Griffith and John van Reenen
Time-on-the-Market as a Sign of Quality pp. 555-578 Downloads
Curtis R. Taylor
A Definition of Uncertainty Aversion pp. 579-608 Downloads
Larry Epstein
A Two-Sector Model of Endogenous Growth with Leisure pp. 609-631 Downloads
Antonio Ladrón- de-Guevara, Salvador Ortigueira and Manuel S. Santos
Real-Time Decentralized Information Processing as a Model of Organizations with Boundedly Rational Agents pp. 633-658 Downloads
Timothy van Zandt
A Dynamic Tiebout Theory of Voluntary vs. Involuntary Provision of Public Goods pp. 659-677 Downloads
Gerhard Glomm and Roger Lagunoff
Property Rights and Efficiency of Voluntary Bargaining under Asymmetric Information pp. 679-691 Downloads
Zvika Neeman
Sraffian Indeterminacy in General Equilibrium pp. 693-711 Downloads
Michael Mandler
The Structure of Sunspot Equilibria: The Role of Multiplicity pp. 713-732 Downloads
Piero Gottardi and Atsushi Kajii
Fair Bargains: Distributive Justice and Nash Bargaining Theory pp. 733-741 Downloads
Marco Mariotti

Volume 66, issue 2, 1999

Strategic Trading and Welfare in a Dynamic Market pp. 219-254 Downloads
Dimitri Vayanos
Staged Financing: An Agency Perspective pp. 255-274 Downloads
Darwin V. Neher
The Dynamics of Markups and Inventories in Retailing Firms pp. 275-308 Downloads
Victor Aguirregabiria
Incentives and Transactions Costs Within the Firm: Estimating an Agency Model Using Payroll Records pp. 309-338 Downloads
Christopher Ferrall and Bruce Shearer
Decision Theory without Logical Omniscience: Toward an Axiomatic Framework for Bounded Rationality pp. 339-361 Downloads
Barton Lipman
Evolutionary Drift and Equilibrium Selection pp. 363-393 Downloads
Ken Binmore and Larry Samuelson
Uncertain Medical Expenses and Precautionary Saving Near the End of the Life Cycle pp. 395-421 Downloads
Michael Palumbo
Estimating Multiple-Discrete Choice Models: An Application to Computerization Returns pp. 423-446 Downloads
Igal Hendel
Learning by Doing, Precommitment and Infant-Industry Promotion pp. 447-474 Downloads
Dermot Leahy and J. Peter Neary

Volume 66, issue 1, 1999

Introduction pp. 1-2 Downloads
Orazio Attanasio, Patrick Bolton and Hyun Song Shin
The Theory of Moral Hazard and Unobservable Behaviour: Part I pp. 3-21 Downloads
James Mirrlees
Nash Equilibrium and Welfare Optimality* pp. 23-38 Downloads
Eric Maskin
Implementation and Renegotiation pp. 39-56 Downloads
Eric Maskin and John Moore
Complexity and Renegotiation: A Foundation for Incomplete Contracts pp. 57-82 Downloads
Ilya Segal
Unforeseen Contingencies and Incomplete Contracts pp. 83-114 Downloads
Eric Maskin and Jean Tirole
Foundations of Incomplete Contracts pp. 115-138 Downloads
Oliver Hart and John Moore
Two Remarks on the Property-Rights Literature pp. 139-149 Downloads
Eric Maskin and Jean Tirole
Price Discrimination by a Many-Product Firm pp. 151-168 Downloads
Mark Armstrong
Managerial Incentive Problems: A Dynamic Perspective pp. 169-182 Downloads
Bengt Holmström
The Economics of Career Concerns, Part I: Comparing Information Structures pp. 183-198 Downloads
Mathias Dewatripont, Ian Jewitt and Jean Tirole
The Economics of Career Concerns, Part II: Application to Missions and Accountability of Government Agencies pp. 199-217 Downloads
Mathias Dewatripont, Ian Jewitt and Jean Tirole

Volume 65, issue 4, 1998

Information, the Dual Economy, and Development pp. 631-653 Downloads
Abhijit V. Banerjee and Andrew F. Newman
Brand Extension as Informational Leverage pp. 655-669 Downloads
Jay Choi
Patent Protection in the Shadow of Infringement: Simulation Estimations of Patent Value pp. 671-710 Downloads
Jean Lanjouw
Dividend Variability and Stock Market Swings pp. 711-740 Downloads
Martin Evans
Market Crashes and Informational Avalanches pp. 741-759 Downloads
In Ho Lee
The Selection of Preferences Through Imitation pp. 761-771 Downloads
Robin Cubitt and Robert Sugden
Conventional Contracts pp. 773-792 Downloads
H. Peyton Young
A Theory of Gradual Coalition Formation pp. 793-815 Downloads
Daniel Seidmann and Eyal Winter
Financial Distress and Underemployment pp. 817-845 Downloads
Ed Nosal
Risk Sharing and Information in Village Economies pp. 847-864 Downloads
Ethan Ligon

Volume 65, issue 3, 1998

Stochastic Volatility: Likelihood Inference and Comparison with ARCH Models pp. 361-393 Downloads
Sangjoon Kim, Neil Shephard and Siddhartha Chib
Testing For and Dating Common Breaks in Multivariate Time Series pp. 395-432 Downloads
Jushan Bai, Robin L. Lumsdaine and James H. Stock
Dynamic Equilibrium Economies: A Framework for Comparing Models and Data pp. 433-451 Downloads
Francis Diebold, Lee Ohanian and Jeremy Berkowitz
Let's Get Real: A Factor Analytical Approach to Disaggregated Business Cycle Dynamics pp. 453-473 Downloads
Mario Forni and Lucrezia Reichlin
A Nonparametric Test for I(0) pp. 475-495 Downloads
Ignacio N. Lobato and Peter M. Robinson
Semiparametric Estimation of the Intercept of a Sample Selection Model pp. 497-517 Downloads
Donald Andrews and Marcia M. A. Schafgans
The Effects of Open Market Operations in a Model of Intermediation and Growth pp. 519-550 Downloads
Stacey Schreft and Bruce Smith
Liquidity Preference and Financial Intermediation pp. 551-572 Downloads
Jayasri Dutta and Sandeep Kapur
Alternating-Offer Bargaining with Two-Sided Incomplete Information pp. 573-594 Downloads
Joel Watson
Learning from Neighbours pp. 595-621 Downloads
Venkatesh Bala and Sanjeev Goyal
A Note on "Strategic Trade Policy Design with Asymmetric Information and Public Contracts" pp. 623-625 Downloads
Giovanni Maggi
Strategic Trade Policy Design with Asymmetric Information and Public Contracts Corrigendum pp. 627-630 Downloads
S. Lael Brainard and David Martimort

Volume 65, issue 2, 1998

Strategic Jump Bidding in English Auctions pp. 185-210 Downloads
Christopher Avery
Self-Defeating Regional Concentration pp. 211-234 Downloads
Kiminori Matsuyama and Takaaki Takahashi
Strategic Bargaining and Competitive Bidding in a Dynamic Market Equilibrium pp. 235-260 Downloads
Melvyn Coles and Abhinay Muthoo
Matching As An Econometric Evaluation Estimator pp. 261-294 Downloads
James Heckman, Hidehiko Ichimura and Petra Todd
Bargaining over a Menu of Wage Contracts pp. 295-305 Downloads
Gyu Ho Wang
Asset Prices and Trading Volume in a Beauty Contest pp. 307-340 Downloads
Bruno Biais and Peter Bossaerts
Stochastic Dominance, Pareto Optimality, and Equilibrium Asset Pricing pp. 341-356 Downloads
Chongmin Kim
Delay and Cycles: Erratum pp. 357-359 Downloads
Douglas Gale and Leslie Reinhorn

Volume 65, issue 1, 1998

Standard Auctions with Financially Constrained Bidders pp. 1-21 Downloads
Yeon-Koo Che and Ian Gale
Economic Dynamics with Learning: New Stability Results pp. 23-44 Downloads
George Evans and Seppo Honkapohja
The Effect of Work Experience on Female Wages and Labour Supply pp. 45-85 Downloads
Sumru Altug and Robert A. Miller
Optimal Pricing with Costly Adjustment: Evidence from Retail-Grocery Prices pp. 87-107 Downloads
Margaret Slade and G.R.E.Q.A.M.
Measurement Error with Accounting Constraints: Point and Interval Estimation for Latent Data with an Application to U.K. Gross Domestic Product pp. 109-134 Downloads
Richard J. Smith, Martin Weale and Steven E. Satchell
Informational Constraints and the Overlapping Generations Model: Folk and Anti-Folk Theorems pp. 135-149 Downloads
V Bhaskar
Innovation and Bureaucracy Under Soft and Hard Budget Constraints pp. 151-164 Downloads
Yingyi Qian and Chenggang Xu
A General Characterization of Optimal Income Tax Enforcement pp. 165-183 Downloads
Parkash Chander and Louis L. Wilde
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