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1989 - 2022

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Volume 34, issue 2, 2022

Inefficient voting with identical voters pp. 175-190 Downloads
Ole-Andreas Elvik Naess
A theory of policy sabotage pp. 191-218 Downloads
Alexander V. Hirsch and Jonathan P. Kastellec
Rational erraticism pp. 219-235 Downloads
Frank Bohn and Xue Wang
Electoral accountability and political competence pp. 236-261 Downloads
Lindsey Gailmard
Social Power and Non-cooperative Game Theory pp. 262-279 Downloads
William Bosworth,
Homo moralis goes to the voting booth: Coordination and information aggregation pp. 280-312 Downloads
Ingela Alger and Jean-François Laslier
Accountability and learning with motivated agents pp. 313-329 Downloads
Tinghua Yu

Volume 34, issue 1, 2022

Clientelism and development: Vote-buying meets patronage pp. 3-34 Downloads
Vladimir Shchukin and Cemal Eren Arbatli
Congressional oversight and electoral accountability pp. 35-58 Downloads
Austin Bussing and Michael Pomirchy
Gender, sexism, and war 1 pp. 59-77 Downloads
Dan Reiter and Scott Wolford
Informative campaigning in multidimensional politics: The role of naïve voters pp. 78-106 Downloads
Satoshi Kasamatsu and Daiki Kishishita
Explaining legal inconsistency pp. 107-126 Downloads
JBrandon Duck-Mayr
Do supermajority rules really deter extremism? the role of electoral competition 1 pp. 127-144 Downloads
Daiki Kishishita and Atsushi Yamagishi
The NIMBY problem pp. 145-172 Downloads
David Foster and Joseph Warren

Volume 33, issue 4, 2021

The limits of information revelation in multilateral negotiations: A theory of treatymaking pp. 399-429 Downloads
James D. Morrow and Kevin L. Cope
On the separation of executive and legislative powers: Executive independence, liberty, and social welfare pp. 430-454 Downloads
Justin Fox and Mattias K Polborn
Solving the guardianship dilemma by war pp. 455-474 Downloads
Jacque Gao
Axioms for defeat in democratic elections pp. 475-524 Downloads
Wesley H. Holliday and Eric Pacuit

Volume 33, issue 3, 2021

Biased politicians and independent agencies pp. 279-299 Downloads
Amy Pond
Poor people’s beliefs and the dynamics of clientelism pp. 300-332 Downloads
Miquel Pellicer, Eva Wegner, Lindsay J. Benstead and Ellen Lust
Separation of powers with ideological parties pp. 333-382 Downloads
Alvaro Forteza and Juan S. Pereyra
Indirect accountability of political appointees pp. 383-396 Downloads
Christopher Li

Volume 33, issue 2, 2021

Electoral competition in the presence of identity politics pp. 169-197 Downloads
Leyla D. Karakas and Devashish Mitra
Sanctions and incentives to repudiate external debt pp. 198-224 Downloads
Carlo de Bassa, Edoardo Grillo and Francesco Passarelli
Skill, power and marginal contribution in committees pp. 225-235 Downloads
Ruth Ben-Yashar, Shmuel Nitzan and Tomoya Tajika
Violence, coercion, and settler colonialism pp. 236-273 Downloads
Chelsea A. Pardini and Ana Espinola-Arredondo
Erratum to ‘Don’t hatch the messenger? On the desirability of restricting the political activity of bureaucrats’ pp. 274-276 Downloads
Jean Guillaume Forand and Gergely Ujhelyi

Volume 33, issue 1, 2021

A model of electoral alliances in highly fragmented party systems pp. 3-24 Downloads
Marcelo de C Griebeler and Roberta Carnelos Resende
Group cooperation against a hegemon pp. 25-55 Downloads
Guillaume Cheikbossian
Schooling, nation building and industrialization pp. 56-94 Downloads
Esther Hauk and Javier Ortega
Don’t hatch the messenger? On the desirability of restricting the political activity of bureaucrats pp. 95-139 Downloads
Jean Guillaume Forand and Gergely Ujhelyi
The stability of multi-level governments pp. 140-166 Downloads
Enriqueta Aragonès and Clara Ponsatí

Volume 32, issue 4, 2020

Security in the absence of a state: Traditional authority, livestock trading, and maritime piracy in northern Somalia pp. 497-537 Downloads
Avidit Acharya, Robin Harding and J. Andrew Harris
Power transfers, military uncertainty, and war pp. 538-556 Downloads
William Spaniel
Should I stay or should I go? British voter you got to let me know! Prime Ministers, intra-party conflict, and membership referendums in the British Westminster model pp. 557-581 Downloads
Thomas König and Xiao Lu
Social conflict, property rights, and the capital–labor split pp. 582-604 Downloads
Christodoulos Stefanadis
The politics of fiscal federalism: Building a stronger decentralization theorem pp. 605-639 Downloads
Raúl A. Ponce-Rodríguez, Charles Hankla, Jorge Martinez-Vazquez and Eunice Heredia-Ortiz
Corrigendum pp. 640-640 Downloads

Volume 32, issue 3, 2020

Editors’ introduction to JTP issue 32(3) pp. 363-365 Downloads
Torun Dewan and John W Patty
When strategic uninformed abstention improves democratic accountability pp. 366-388 Downloads
Gento Kato
Strategic candidacy for political compromise in party politics pp. 389-408 Downloads
Akifumi Ishihara
Cults of personality, preference falsification, and the dictator’s dilemma pp. 409-434 Downloads
Charles Crabtree, Holger L Kern and David A Siegel
A majoritarian basis for judicial countermajoritarianism pp. 435-459 Downloads
James R. Rogers and Joseph Daniel Ura
Authoritarian election as an incentive scheme pp. 460-493 Downloads
Hao Hong and Tsz-Ning Wong

Volume 32, issue 2, 2020

Editors’ introduction pp. 185-187 Downloads
Torun Dewan and John W Patty
Subpoena power and informational lobbying pp. 188-234 Downloads
Arnaud Dellis and Mandar Oak
War and diplomacy on the world stage: Crisis bargaining before third parties pp. 235-261 Downloads
Scott Wolford
Delegation and political turnover pp. 262-288 Downloads
Greg Sasso
Legislative bargaining and partisan delegation pp. 289-311 Downloads
Thomas Choate, John Weymark and Alan E Wiseman
Military conscription, external security, and income inequality: The missing link pp. 312-347 Downloads
Nikitas Konstantinidis
Parties, agendas, and roll rates pp. 348-359 Downloads
Shawn Patterson and Thomas Schwartz

Volume 32, issue 1, 2020

Revisiting electoral personalism pp. 3-10 Downloads
José Antonio Cheibub and Monika Nalepa
Who wins preference votes? An analysis of party loyalty, ideology, and accountability to voters pp. 11-35 Downloads
Olle Folke and Johanna Rickne
The personal vote and party cohesion: Modeling the effects of electoral rules on intraparty politics pp. 36-69 Downloads
Royce Carroll and Monika Nalepa
Preference vote and intra-party competition in open list PR systems pp. 70-95 Downloads
José Antonio Cheibub and Gisela Sin
Voting behavior under proportional representation pp. 96-111 Downloads
Peter Buisseret and Carlo Prato
Public goods equilibria under closed- and open-list proportional representation pp. 112-142 Downloads
Daniel M Kselman
Party, candidate, and voter incentives under free list proportional representation pp. 143-167 Downloads
Thomas Mustillo and John Polga-Hecimovich
Challenging the wisdom on preferential proportional representation pp. 168-182 Downloads
Carol Mershon
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