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1989 - 2020

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Volume 27, issue 4, 2015

The welfare effects of minority-protective judicial review pp. 499-521 Downloads
Justin Fox and Matthew C Stephenson
Social networks, ethnic diversity, and cooperative behavior in rural Malawi pp. 522-543 Downloads
Kim Yi Dionne
(Don’t) Make My Vote Count pp. 544-569 Downloads
Marco Faravelli and Santiago Sánchez-Pagés
Political conflicts, the role of opposition parties, and the limits on taxation pp. 570-587 Downloads
Stephane Wolton
Learning from others: an experimental test of Brownian motion uncertainty models pp. 588-612 Downloads
David Glick and C Daniel Myers
Campaign promises as an imperfect signal: How does an extreme candidate win against a moderate candidate? pp. 613-649 Downloads
Yasushi Asako
Predicting majority rule: Evaluating the uncovered set and the strong point pp. 650-672 Downloads
Jacob Bower-Bir, William Bianco, Nicholas D’Amico, Christopher Kam, Itai Sened and Regina Smyth
Legislative organization and ideal-point bias pp. 673-703 Downloads
Keith Krehbiel and Zachary Peskowitz

Volume 27, issue 3, 2015

Open primaries and crossover voting pp. 351-379 Downloads
Seok-ju Cho and Insun Kang
The overvaluing of expertise in discussion partner choice pp. 380-400 Downloads
T.K. Ahn and John Barry Ryan
Self-enforcing clientelism pp. 401-427 Downloads
Jorge Gallego
Buying votes with imperfect local knowledge and a secret ballot pp. 428-456 Downloads
Miguel R Rueda
Public pensions and the intergenerational politics of aging societies pp. 457-484 Downloads
Robert Grafstein
Handicaps to improve reputation pp. 485-496 Downloads
Amihai Glazer

Volume 27, issue 2, 2015

When and how can unilateral policies promote the international diffusion of environmental policies and clean technology? pp. 177-205 Downloads
Thomas Hale and Johannes Urpelainen
Vacancies, vetting, and votes: A unified dynamic model of the appointments process pp. 206-236 Downloads
Gary E Hollibaugh
Conflict bargaining as a signal to third parties pp. 237-268 Downloads
John Tyson Chatagnier
Electoral geography and redistributive politics pp. 269-287 Downloads
Karen L Jusko
Strategic ambiguity about military capacity with multiple adversaries pp. 288-300 Downloads
Patrick Hummel
Putting path dependence in its place: toward a Taxonomy of institutional change pp. 301-323 Downloads
Thomas Rixen and Lora Anne Viola
A strategic theory of international environmental assistance pp. 324-347 Downloads
Elena V McLean

Volume 27, issue 1, 2015

Exploitation in economies with heterogeneous preferences, skills and assets: An axiomatic approach pp. 8-33 Downloads
Roberto Veneziani and Naoki Yoshihara
On the problem of socialist economic design pp. 34-42 Downloads
John Roemer
The fragility of deterrence in conflicts pp. 43-57 Downloads
Philipp Denter and Dana Sisak
Voting systems and strategic manipulation: An experimental study pp. 58-85 Downloads
Anna Bassi
Combining ideological and policy distances with valence for a model of party competition in Germany 2009 pp. 86-107 Downloads
Anna-Sophie Kurella and Franz Urban Pappi
Crisis bargaining, domestic opposition, and tragic wars pp. 108-131 Downloads
Philip Arena
Bringing the minority back to the party: An informational theory of majority and minority parties in Congress pp. 132-150 Downloads
Adam Ramey
Federal employee unionization and presidential control of the bureaucracy: Estimating and explaining ideological change in executive agencies pp. 151-174 Downloads
Jowei Chen and Tim Johnson

Volume 26, issue 4, 2014

The role of oversight committees in closed rule legislation pp. 521-547 Downloads
Wim Van Gestel and Christophe Crombez
Modeling the electoral dynamics of party polarization in two-party legislatures pp. 548-572 Downloads
Samuel Merrill, Bernard Grofman and Thomas L Brunell
Local public goods as vote-purchasing devices? Persuasion and mobilization in the choice of clientelist payments pp. 573-598 Downloads
Guillermo Rosas, Noel P Johnston and Kirk Hawkins
A strategic theory of effective monitoring arrangements for international institutions pp. 599-628 Downloads
Thania Sanchez and Johannes Urpelainen
Capitalist exploitation without capitalist production: The consequences of imperfect contracting pp. 629-652 Downloads
Gilbert Skillman
The facets of exploitation pp. 653-676 Downloads
Marc Fleurbaey
Motivating operatives for suicide missions and conventional terrorist attacks pp. 677-695 Downloads
Daniel Arce and Kevin Siqueira

Volume 26, issue 3, 2014

Narrow versus broad judicial decisions pp. 355-383 Downloads
Justin Fox and Georg Vanberg
The social brain paradigm and social norm puzzles pp. 384-404 Downloads
Marcus Holmes and Costas Panagopoulos
Anti-terrorism policies and the risk of provoking pp. 405-441 Downloads
Franz Dietrich
Polls, coalitions and strategic voting under proportional representation pp. 442-467 Downloads
Michael Herrmann
Depth versus rigidity in the design of international trade agreements pp. 468-495 Downloads
Leslie Johns
Executive appointments: Duration, ideology, and hierarchy pp. 496-517 Downloads
Fang-Yi Chiou and Lawrence S Rothenberg

Volume 26, issue 2, 2014

International policy diffusion at the systemic level: Linking micro patterns to macro dynamism pp. 177-196 Downloads
Taku Yukawa, Iku Yoshimoto and Susumu Yamakage
Natural resources and institutional development pp. 197-221 Downloads
David Wiens
Veto players and policy adaptability: An intertemporal perspective pp. 222-248 Downloads
Mariano Tommasi, Carlos Scartascini and Ernesto Stein
Yesterday’s heroes, today’s villains: Ideology, corruption, and democratic performance pp. 249-282 Downloads
Daniel W Gingerich
Reform or revolution? Theory and evidence on the role of the middle class in the rise of universal male suffrage pp. 283-311 Downloads
Tianyang Xi
Supermajority voting, social indifference and status quo constraints pp. 312-330 Downloads
Reuben Kline
Change in parliamentary party systems and policy outcomes: Hunting the core pp. 331-351 Downloads
Carol Mershon and Olga Shvetsova

Volume 26, issue 1, 2014

Knowing one’s future preferences: A correlated agent model with Bayesian updating pp. 3-34 Downloads
Muhammet A Bas, Curtis S Signorino and Taehee Whang
Linear and quadratic utility loss functions in voting behavior research pp. 35-58 Downloads
Shane Singh
An institutional remedy for ethnic patronage politics pp. 59-78 Downloads
T Clark Durant and Michael Weintraub
Lobbying for wealth redistribution by changing the social planner’s preferences pp. 79-92 Downloads
Mingli Zheng
Intra-party dynamics in mixed-member electoral systems: How strategies of candidate selection impact parliamentary behaviour pp. 93-116 Downloads
Annika Hennl
Exit polls and voter turnout pp. 117-134 Downloads
Asger Lau Andersen and Thomas Jensen
The selection and signaling effects of third-party intervention pp. 135-157 Downloads
Yukari Iwanami
Street-level charity: Beggars, donors, and welfare policies pp. 158-174 Downloads
Cristian Pérez Muñoz and Joshua D Potter
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