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1989 - 2020

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Volume 32, issue 4, 2020

Security in the absence of a state: Traditional authority, livestock trading, and maritime piracy in northern Somalia pp. 497-537 Downloads
Avidit Acharya, Robin Harding and J. Andrew Harris
Power transfers, military uncertainty, and war pp. 538-556 Downloads
William Spaniel
Should I stay or should I go? British voter you got to let me know! Prime Ministers, intra-party conflict, and membership referendums in the British Westminster model pp. 557-581 Downloads
Thomas König and Xiao Lu
Social conflict, property rights, and the capital–labor split pp. 582-604 Downloads
Christodoulos Stefanadis
The politics of fiscal federalism: Building a stronger decentralization theorem pp. 605-639 Downloads
Raúl A. Ponce-Rodríguez, Charles R. Hankla, Jorge Martinez-Vazquez and Eunice Heredia-Ortiz
Corrigendum pp. 640-640 Downloads

Volume 32, issue 3, 2020

Editors’ introduction to JTP issue 32(3) pp. 363-365 Downloads
Torun Dewan and John W Patty
When strategic uninformed abstention improves democratic accountability pp. 366-388 Downloads
Gento Kato
Strategic candidacy for political compromise in party politics pp. 389-408 Downloads
Akifumi Ishihara
Cults of personality, preference falsification, and the dictator’s dilemma pp. 409-434 Downloads
Charles Crabtree, Holger L Kern and David A Siegel
A majoritarian basis for judicial countermajoritarianism pp. 435-459 Downloads
James R. Rogers and Joseph Daniel Ura
Authoritarian election as an incentive scheme pp. 460-493 Downloads
Hao Hong and Tsz-Ning Wong

Volume 32, issue 2, 2020

Editors’ introduction pp. 185-187 Downloads
Torun Dewan and John W Patty
Subpoena power and informational lobbying pp. 188-234 Downloads
Arnaud Dellis and Mandar Oak
War and diplomacy on the world stage: Crisis bargaining before third parties pp. 235-261 Downloads
Scott Wolford
Delegation and political turnover pp. 262-288 Downloads
Greg Sasso
Legislative bargaining and partisan delegation pp. 289-311 Downloads
Thomas Choate, John Weymark and Alan E Wiseman
Military conscription, external security, and income inequality: The missing link pp. 312-347 Downloads
Nikitas Konstantinidis
Parties, agendas, and roll rates pp. 348-359 Downloads
Shawn Patterson and Thomas Schwartz

Volume 32, issue 1, 2020

Revisiting electoral personalism pp. 3-10 Downloads
José Antonio Cheibub and Monika Nalepa
Who wins preference votes? An analysis of party loyalty, ideology, and accountability to voters pp. 11-35 Downloads
Olle Folke and Johanna Rickne
The personal vote and party cohesion: Modeling the effects of electoral rules on intraparty politics pp. 36-69 Downloads
Royce Carroll and Monika Nalepa
Preference vote and intra-party competition in open list PR systems pp. 70-95 Downloads
José Antonio Cheibub and Gisela Sin
Voting behavior under proportional representation pp. 96-111 Downloads
Peter Buisseret and Carlo Prato
Public goods equilibria under closed- and open-list proportional representation pp. 112-142 Downloads
Daniel M Kselman
Party, candidate, and voter incentives under free list proportional representation pp. 143-167 Downloads
Thomas Mustillo and John Polga-Hecimovich
Challenging the wisdom on preferential proportional representation pp. 168-182 Downloads
Carol Mershon

Volume 31, issue 4, 2019

Editor’s Introduction to JTP issue 31.4 pp. 477-479 Downloads
A global game of diplomacy pp. 480-506 Downloads
Matt Malis and Alastair Smith
Persuading policy-makers pp. 507-542 Downloads
Christian Salas
The design of enforcement: Collective action and the enforcement of international law pp. 543-567 Downloads
Leslie Johns
Accessing the state: Executive constraints and credible commitment in dictatorship pp. 568-599 Downloads
Anne Meng
Plausible deniability pp. 600-625 Downloads
Joshua A Strayhorn
Strategic Ambiguity with Probabilistic Voting pp. 626-641 Downloads
Yasushi Asako
Why differentiated integration is such a common practice in Europe: A rational explanation pp. 642-659 Downloads
Katharina Holzinger and Jale Tosun
Collective risk social dilemma and the consequences of the US withdrawal from international climate negotiations pp. 660-676 Downloads
Oleg Smirnov
Presidential action and the Supreme Court: The case of signing statements pp. 677-698 Downloads
Sharece Thrower

Volume 31, issue 1, 2019

Editors’ Introduction to JTP issue 31.1 pp. 3-5 Downloads
Torun Dewan and John W Patty
Partisan strength and legislative bargaining pp. 6-45 Downloads
Thomas Choate, John Weymark and Alan E Wiseman
The superdominance relation, the positional winner, and more missing links between Borda and Condorcet pp. 46-65 Downloads
Raúl Pérez-Fernández and Bernard De Baets
Incentives for progressive income taxation pp. 66-102 Downloads
M. Socorro Puy
Fear and citizen coordination against dictatorship pp. 103-125 Downloads
Abraham Aldama, Mateo Vásquez-Cortés and Lauren Elyssa Young

Volume 30, issue 4, 2018

Editors’ Introduction to JTP issue 30.4 pp. 385-387 Downloads
Torun Dewan and John W Patty
Rivalry among agents seeking large budgets pp. 388-409 Downloads
Kimiko Terai and Amihai Glazer
Crises, investments, and political institutions pp. 410-430 Downloads
Per F Andersson and Johannes Lindvall
What resource curse? The null effect of remittances on public good provision pp. 431-450 Downloads
Desiree Desierto
Signature requirements for initiatives pp. 451-476 Downloads
Tomoya Tajika
Simultaneous and sequential voting under general decision rules pp. 477-488 Downloads
Friedel Bolle

Volume 30, issue 3, 2018

Editors’ Introduction to JTP issue 30.3 pp. 269-271 Downloads
Torun Dewan and John W. Patty
Directional equilibria pp. 272-305 Downloads
Hun Chung and John Duggan
Centripetal and centrifugal incentives in mixed-member proportional systems pp. 306-334 Downloads
Anna-Sophie Kurella, Thomas Bräuninger and Franz Urban Pappi
A model of electoral competition between national and regional parties pp. 335-357 Downloads
Mihir Bhattacharya
Multiwinner approval rules as apportionment methods pp. 358-382 Downloads
Markus Brill, Jean-François Laslier and Piotr Skowron

Volume 30, issue 2, 2018

Editors’ Introduction to JTP issue 30.2 pp. 181-183 Downloads
Torun Dewan and John W. Patty
‘Sons of the soil’: A model of assimilation and population control pp. 184-223 Downloads
Avidit Acharya, David D Laitin and Anna Zhang
‘Strong’ states and strategic governance: A model of territorial variation in state presence pp. 224-245 Downloads
Jessica Steinberg
Attract voters or appease activists? Opposition parties’ dilemma and party policy change pp. 246-266 Downloads
Florence So

Volume 30, issue 1, 2018

Editors’ introduction pp. 3-5 Downloads
Torun Dewan and John W Patty
Clarity or collaboration: Balancing competing aims in bureaucratic design pp. 6-44 Downloads
Christopher Carrigan
The electoral strategies of a populist candidate: Does charisma discourage experience and encourage extremism? pp. 45-73 Downloads
Gilles Serra
Elections and durable governments in parliamentary governments pp. 74-118 Downloads
David P Baron
Mediation in the shadow of an audience: How third parties use secrecy and agenda-setting to broker settlements pp. 119-146 Downloads
Shawn L. Ramirez
Power-sharing ‘discontinuities’: Legitimacy, rivalry, and credibility pp. 147-177 Downloads
Saurabh Pant
Erratum pp. 178-178 Downloads
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