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Volume 57, issue S, 2022

Monopsony in the Labor Market: New Empirical Results and New Public Policies pp. s1-s10 Downloads
Orley Ashenfelter, David Card, Henry Farber and Michael R. Ransom
Labor Market Polarization, Job Tasks, and Monopsony Power pp. s11-s49 Downloads
Ronald Bachmann, Gökay Demir and Hanna Frings
Monopsony in Movers: The Elasticity of Labor Supply to Firm Wage Policies pp. s50-s86 Downloads
Ihsaan Bassier, Arindrajit Dube and Suresh Naidu
Labor Market Competition and Employment Adjustment over the Business Cycle pp. s87-s110 Downloads
Douglas Webber
The Urban Wage Premium in Imperfect Labor Markets pp. s111-s136 Downloads
Boris Hirsch, Elke J. Jahn, Alan Manning and Michael Oberfichtner
Labor Market Frictions and Moving Costs of the Employed and Unemployed pp. s137-s166 Downloads
Tyler Ransom
Labor Market Concentration pp. s167-s199 Downloads
José Azar, Ioana Marinescu and Marshall Steinbaum
Strong Employers and Weak Employees: How Does Employer Concentration Affect Wages? pp. s200-s250 Downloads
Efraim Benmelech, Nittai K. Bergman and Hyunseob Kim
Labor Market Concentration, Earnings, and Inequality pp. s251-s283 Downloads
Kevin Rinz
Recent literature has suggested that antitrust regulation is an appropriate response to labor market monopsony. This article qualifies the primacy of antitrust by arguing that a significant degree of labor market power is “frictional,” that is, without artificial barriers to entry or excessive concentration of employment. If monopsony is pervasive under conditions of laissez-faire, antitrust is likely to play only a partial role in remedying it, and other legal and policy instruments to intervene in the labor market will be required pp. s284-s323 Downloads
Suresh Naidu and Eric A. Posner
Theory and Evidence on Employer Collusion in the Franchise Sector pp. s324-s348 Downloads
Alan B. Krueger and Orley Ashenfelter
Locked In? The Enforceability of Covenants Not to Compete and the Careers of High-Tech Workers pp. s349-s396 Downloads
Natarajan Balasubramanian, Jin Woo Chang, Mariko Sakakibara, Jagadeesh Sivadasan and Evan Starr

Volume 57, issue 3, 2022

Why Are Low-Wage Workers Signing Noncompete Agreements? pp. 689-724 Downloads
Matthew S. Johnson and Michael Lipsitz
The Short- and Long-Run Effects of Attending the Schools that Parents Prefer pp. 725-746 Downloads
Diether Beuermann and C. Kirabo Jackson
Does Pollution Drive Achievement? The Effect of Traffic Pollution on Academic Performance pp. 747-776 Downloads
Jennifer Heissel, Claudia Persico and David Simon
Universal Access to Free School Meals and Student Achievement: Evidence from the Community Eligibility Provision pp. 776-820 Downloads
Krista Ruffini
Empowering Mothers and Enhancing Early Childhood Investment: Effect on Adults’ Outcomes and Children’s Cognitive and Noncognitive Skills pp. 821-867 Downloads
Victor Lavy, Giulia Lotti and Zizhong Yan
Long-Run Impacts of Intergovernmental Transfers pp. 868-917 Downloads
Irineu de Carvalho Filho and Stephan Litschig
Moving to Economic Opportunity: The Migration Response to the Fracking Boom pp. 918-955 Downloads
Riley Wilson
How Can Progressive Vouchers Help the Poor Benefit from School Choice? Evidence from the Chilean Voucher System pp. 956-997 Downloads
Josefa Aguirre
Greek Life, Academics, and Earnings pp. 998-1032 Downloads
William E. Even and Austin Smith
Screening through Activation? Differential Effects of a Youth Activation Program pp. 1033-1077 Downloads
Caroline Hall, Kaisa Kotakorpi, Linus Liljeberg and Jukka Pirttilä

Volume 57, issue 2, 2022

The Employment Effects of the Social Security Earnings Test pp. 341-371 Downloads
Alexander Gelber, Damon Jones, Daniel W. Sacks and Jae Song
How Much Does Marital Sorting Contribute to Intergenerational Socioeconomic Persistence? pp. 372-399 Downloads
Helena Holmlund
Hot Temperature and High-Stakes Performance pp. 400-434 Downloads
R. Jisung Park
Financial Inclusion, Shocks, and Poverty: Evidence from the Expansion of Mobile Money in Tanzania pp. 435-464 Downloads
Olukorede Abiona and Martin Foureaux Koppensteiner
High Sex Ratios and Household Portfolio Choice in China pp. 465-490 Downloads
Wenchao Li, Changcheng Song, Shu Xu and Junjian Yi
Shackled to the Soil? Inherited Land, Birth Order, and Labor Mobility pp. 491-524 Downloads
A. Nilesh Fernando
Knocking on Parents’ Doors: Regulation and Intergenerational Mobility pp. 525-554 Downloads
Sauro Mocetti, Giacomo Roma and Enrico Rubolino
The Impact of Low-Ability Peers on Cognitive and Noncognitive Outcomes: Random Assignment Evidence on the Effects and Operating Channels pp. 555-596 Downloads
Di Xu, Qing Zhang and Xuehan Zhou
Heterogeneous Employment Effects of Job Search Programs: A Machine Learning Approach pp. 597-636 Downloads
Michael C. Knaus, Michael Lechner and Anthony Strittmatter
In Sickness and in Health: Interaction Effects of State and Federal Health Insurance Coverage Mandates on Marriage of Young Adults pp. 637-688 Downloads
Scott Barkowski and Joanne Song McLaughlin

Volume 57, issue 1, 2022

Low-Touch Attempts to Improve Time Management among Traditional and Online College Students pp. 1-43 Downloads
Philip Oreopoulos, Richard W. Patterson, Uros Petronijevic and Nolan G. Pope
Distinguishing Barriers to Insurance in Thai Villages pp. 44-78 Downloads
Cynthia Kinnan
Educator Incentives and Educational Triage in Rural Primary Schools pp. 79-111 Downloads
Daniel Gilligan, Naureen Karachiwalla, Ibrahim Kasirye, Adrienne Lucas and Derek Neal
Pre- and Post-Birth Components of Intergenerational Persistence in Health and Longevity: Lessons from a Large Sample of Adoptees pp. 112-142 Downloads
Evelina Björkegren, Mikael Lindahl, Mårten Palme and Emilia Simeonova
Labor Supply Responses to Health Shocks: Evidence from High-Frequency Labor Market Data from Urban Ghana pp. 143-177 Downloads
Rachel Heath, Ghazala Mansuri and Bob Rijkers
Long-Term Educational Consequences of Vocational Training in Colombia: Impacts on Young Trainees and Their Relatives pp. 178-216 Downloads
Adriana Kugler, Maurice Kugler, Juan E. Saavedra and Luis Omar Herrera-Prada
The Effect of Mandatory-Access Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs on Foster Care Admissions pp. 217-240 Downloads
Rania Gihleb, Osea Giuntella and Ning Zhang
Impacts of State Aid for Nontraditional Students on Educational and Labor Market Outcomes pp. 241-271 Downloads
Oded Gurantz
Teacher Pension Plan Incentives, Retirement Decisions, and Workforce Quality pp. 272-303 Downloads
Shawn Ni, Michael Podgursky and Xiqian Wang
How Do Peers Impact Learning? An Experimental Investigation of Peer-to-Peer Teaching and Ability Tracking pp. 304-339 Downloads
Erik O. Kimbrough, Andrew McGee and Hitoshi Shigeoka

Volume 56, issue 4, 2021

Congestion Pricing, Air Pollution, and Children’s Health pp. 971-996 Downloads
Emilia Simeonova, Janet Currie, Peter Nilsson and Reed Walker
Health, Human Capital, and Domestic Violence pp. 997-1030 Downloads
Nicholas W. Papageorge, Gwyn C. Pauley, Mardge Cohen, Tracey E. Wilson, Barton H. Hamilton and Robert A. Pollak
Taxes and Adoptions from Foster Care: Evidence from the Federal Adoption Tax Credit pp. 1031-1072 Downloads
Margaret E. Brehm
Targeted vs. General Education Investments: Evidence from Special Education and English Language Learners in Boston Charter Schools pp. 1073-1112 Downloads
Elizabeth Setren
Maxed Out?: The Effect of Larger Student Loan Limits on Borrowing and Education Outcomes pp. 1113-1140 Downloads
Jeffrey Denning and Todd Jones
Is Informality Good for Business?: The Impacts of Inflows of Internally Displaced Persons on Formal Firms pp. 1141-1186 Downloads
Sandra V. Rozo and Hernan Winkler
The Effect of School Rank on Personality Traits pp. 1187-1225 Downloads
Laura Pagani, Simona Comi and Federica Origo
Is Compassion a Good Career Move?: Nonprofit Earnings Differentials from Job Changes pp. 1226-1253 Downloads
Andrew C. Johnston and Carla Johnston
Measuring Skills in Developing Countries pp. 1254-1295 Downloads
Rachid Laaja and Karen Macours
Selling Crops Early to Pay for School: A Large-Scale Natural Experiment in Malawi pp. 1296-1325 Downloads
Brian Dillon

Volume 56, issue 3, 2021

Can Public Rankings Improve School Performance?: Evidence from a Nationwide Reform in Tanzania pp. 655-685 Downloads
Jacobus Cilliers, Isaac M. Mbiti and Andrew Zeitlin
Gender Peer Effects on Students’ Academic and Noncognitive Outcomes: Evidence and Mechanisms pp. 686-710 Downloads
Jie Gong, Yi Lu and Hong Song
Disparities and Discrimination in Student Discipline by Race and Family Income pp. 711-748 Downloads
Nathan Barrett, Andrew McEachin, Jonathan N. Mills and Jon Valant
Measuring Social and Externality Benefits of Influenza Vaccination pp. 749-785 Downloads
Corey White
The Sources of the Wage Losses of Displaced Workers: The Role of the Reallocation of Workers into Firms, Matches, and Job Titles pp. 786-820 Downloads
Pedro Raposo, Pedro Portugal and Anabela Carneiro
High-Stakes Grades and Student Behavior pp. 821-849 Downloads
Ulrik Hvidman and Hans Sievertsen
The Labor Market Consequences of Receiving Disability Benefits during Childhood pp. 850-877 Downloads
Michael Levere
Why Do We Inflate Grades?: The Effect of Adjunct Faculty Employment on Instructor Grading Standards pp. 878-921 Downloads
Kelly Chen, Zeynep Hansen and Scott Lowe
Major Malfunction: A Field Experiment Correcting Undergraduates’ Beliefs about Salaries pp. 922-939 Downloads
John J. Conlon
Multigrading and Child Achievement pp. 940-968 Downloads
Gian Paolo Barbetta, Giuseppe Sorrenti and Gilberto Turati
Corrigendum to “The High/Scope Perry Preschool Program: Cost–Benefit Analysis Using Data from the Age–40 Followup” pp. 969 Downloads
Clive R. Belfield, Milagros Nores, Steve Barnett and Lawrence Schweinhart

Volume 56, issue 2, 2021

Engaging Teachers: Measuring the Impact of Teachers on Student Attendance in Secondary School pp. 343-379 Downloads
Jing Liu and Susanna Loeb
Workfare and Human Capital Investment: Evidence from India pp. 380-405 Downloads
Manisha Shah and Bryce Millett Steinberg
The Effects of Local Industrial Pollution on Students and Schools pp. 406-445 Downloads
Claudia Persico and Joanna Venator
Does Education Affect Attitudes towards Immigration?: Evidence from Germany pp. 446-479 Downloads
Shushanik Margaryan, Annemarie Paul and Thomas Siedler
Leadership Experiences, Labor Market Entry, and Early Career Trajectories pp. 480-511 Downloads
Martin Lundin, Oskar Nordström Skans and Pär Zetterberg
Firms and Skills: The Evolution of Worker Sorting pp. 512-538 Downloads
Christina Håkanson, Erik Lindqvist and Jonas Vlachos
Medicaid Benefit Generosity and Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from Medicaid Adult Vision Benefits pp. 539-569 Downloads
Michel H. Boudreaux and Brandy J. Lipton
Guest Worker Programs and Human Capital Investment: The Bracero Program in Mexico, 1942–1964 pp. 570-599 Downloads
Edward Kosack
Household Incomes in Tax Data: Using Addresses to Move from Tax-Unit to Household Income Distributions pp. 600-631 Downloads
Jeff Larrimore, Jacob Mortenson and David Splinter
How Effective Are Charity Managers?: Evidence from a Panel of Charities pp. 632-654 Downloads
Bradley Minaker

Volume 56, issue 1, 2021

Can Introducing Single-Sex Education into Low-Performing Schools Improve Academics, Arrests, and Teen Motherhood? pp. 1-39 Downloads
C. Kirabo Jackson
Teen Fertility and Siblings’ Outcomes: Evidence of Family Spillovers Using Matched Samples pp. 40-72 Downloads
Jennifer Heissel
Increasing Workplace Diversity: Evidence from a Recruiting Experiment at a Fortune 500 Company pp. 73-92 Downloads
Jeffrey A. Flory, Andreas Leibbrandt, Christina Rott and Olga Stoddard
The Effect of Advanced Placement Science on Students’ Skills, Confidence, and Stress pp. 93-124 Downloads
Dylan Conger, Alec I. Kennedy, Mark Long and Raymond McGhee, Jr.
Leveraging Parents through Low-Cost Technology: The Impact of High-Frequency Information on Student Achievement pp. 125-158 Downloads
Peter Bergman and Eric W. Chan
The Difficult School-to-Work Transition of High School Dropouts: Evidence from a Field Experiment pp. 159-183 Downloads
Pierre Cahuc, Stéphane Carcillo and Andreea Minea
Climate Change and Occupational Health: Are There Limits to Our Ability to Adapt? pp. 184-224 Downloads
Marcus Dillender
Brothers in Arms: Spillovers from a Draft Lottery pp. 225-268 Downloads
Paul Bingley, Petter Lundborg and Stéphanie Vincent Lyk-Jensen
The Effects of the Kalamazoo Promise Scholarship on College Enrollment and Completion pp. 269-310 Downloads
Timothy Bartik, Brad Hershbein and Marta Lachowska
Closing Routes to Retirement for Women: How Do They Respond? pp. 311-341 Downloads
Johannes Geyer and Clara Welteke
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