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Volume 59, issue S, 2024

The Economics of Child Mental Health: Introducing the Causes and Consequences of Child Mental Health Special Issue pp. s1-s13 Downloads
Janet Currie
To What Extent Are Trends in Teen Mental Health Driven by Changes in Reporting? The Example of Suicide-Related Hospital Visits pp. s14-s40 Downloads
Adriana Corredor-Waldron and Janet Currie
The Effect of Household Earnings on Child School Mental Health Designations: Evidence from Administrative Data pp. s41-s76 Downloads
Lauren Jones, Mark Stabile, Kourtney Koebel and Jill Furzer
Child Mental Health, Family Circumstance, and Long-Term Success: The Effect of Household Income pp. s77-s107 Downloads
Randall Akee, William Copeland and Emilia Simeonova
(Breaking) Intergenerational Transmission of Mental Health pp. s108-s151 Downloads
Aline Bütikofer, Rita Ginja, Krzysztof Karbownik and Fanny Landaud
Domestic Violence Reports and the Mental Health and Well-Being of Victims and Their Children pp. s152-s186 Downloads
Manudeep Bhuller, Gordon B. Dahl, Katrine V. Løken and Magne Mogstad
Societal Disruptions and Childhood ADHD Diagnosis during the COVID-19 Pandemic pp. s187-s226 Downloads
Seth Freedman, Kelli Marquardt, Dario Salcedo, Kosali Simon and Coady Wing
In-Person Schooling and Youth Suicide: Evidence from School Calendars and Pandemic School Closures pp. s227-s255 Downloads
Benjamin Hansen, Joseph J. Sabia and Jessamyn Schaller
Effects of School-Based Mental Health Services on Youth Outcomes pp. s256-s281 Downloads
Ezra Golberstein, Irina Zainullina, Aaron Sojourner and Mark A. Sander
Adverse Impacts of Mental Health Needs Assessment on Jail Outcomes: Evidence from Transition Age Youth and Adults pp. s282-s316 Downloads
Scott Cunningham, Jonathan A. Seward, Karen Clay and Vivian S. Vigliotti
Improving Mental Health of Adolescent Girls in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: Causal Evidence from Life Skills Programming pp. s317-s364 Downloads
Manisha Shah, Sarah Baird, Jennifer Seager, Benjamin Avuwadah, Joan Hamory, Shwetlena Sabarwal and Amita Vyas
Trajectories of Early Childhood Skill Development and Maternal Mental Health pp. s365-s401 Downloads
Dilek Sevim, Victoria Baranov, Sonia Bhalotra, Joanna Maselko and Pietro Biroli

Volume 59, issue 2, 2024

Testing pp. 349-388 Downloads
Annika B. Bergbauer, Eric Hanushek and Ludger Woessmann
How Does Visitation Affect Incarcerated Persons and Their Families? Estimates Using Exogenous Variation in Visits Driven by Distance between Home and Prison pp. 389-415 Downloads
Lars Højsgaard Andersen, Maria Fitzpatrick and Christopher Wildeman
Parental Labor Supply: Evidence from Minimum Wage Changes pp. 416-442 Downloads
Anna Godøy, Michael Reich, Jesse Wursten and Sylvia Allegretto
Robots, Marriageable Men, Family, and Fertility pp. 443-469 Downloads
Massimo Anelli, Osea Giuntella and Luca Stella
Do Workers Discriminate against Female Bosses? pp. 470-501 Downloads
Martin Abel
Access to Colleges, Human Capital, and Empowerment of Women pp. 502-544 Downloads
Sheetal Sekhri, Md Amzad Hossain and Pooja Khosla
Home Location Choices and the Gender Commute Gap pp. 545-575 Downloads
Yizhen Gu, Naijia Guo, Jing Wu and Ben Zou
The Effects of a Structured Curriculum on Preschool Effectiveness: A Field Experiment pp. 576-603 Downloads
Mari Rege, Ingunn Størksen, Ingeborg F. Solli, Ariel Kalil, Megan M. McClelland, Dieuwer ten Braak, Ragnhild Lenes, Svanaug Lunde, Svanhild Breive, Martin Carlsen, Ingvald Erfjord and Per Sigurd Hundeland
Too Many Men, Too-Short Lives: The Effect of the Male-Biased Sex Ratio on Mortality pp. 604-626 Downloads
Simon Chang, Kamhon Kan and Xiaobo Zhang
Boom Town Business Dynamics pp. 627-651 Downloads
Ryan A. Decker, Meagan McCollum and Gregory B. Upton

Volume 59, issue 1, 2024

Age Discrimination in Hiring: Evidence from Age-Blind versus Non-Age-Blind Hiring Procedures pp. 1-34 Downloads
David Neumark
Changing Stability in U.S. Employment Relationships: A Tale of Two Tails pp. 35-69 Downloads
Raven Molloy, Christopher L. Smith and Abigail Wozniak
Savings Accounts to Borrow Less: Experimental Evidence from Chile pp. 70-108 Downloads
Dina Pomeranz and Felipe Kast
Performance Information and Personnel Decisions in the Public Sector: The Case of School Principals pp. 109-140 Downloads
Julie Cullen, Eric Hanushek, Gregory Phelan and Steven G. Rivkin
Remedial Education: Evidence from a Sequence of Experiments in Colombia pp. 141-174 Downloads
Horacio Alvarez Marinelli, Samuel Berlinski and Matias Busso
Obstacles on the Road to School: The Impacts of Mobility Restrictions on Educational Performance pp. 175-209 Downloads
Sami Miaari and Ines Lee
Detecting and Preventing Cheating in Exams: Evidence from a Field Experiment pp. 210-241 Downloads
Tobias Cagala, Ulrich Glogowsky and Johannes Rincke
Victimization and Skill Accumulation: The Case of School Bullying pp. 242-279 Downloads
Miguel Sarzosa
Did Craigslist’s Erotic Services Reduce Female Homicide and Rape? pp. 280-315 Downloads
Scott Cunningham, Gregory DeAngelo and John Tripp
Agricultural Productivity and Fertility Rates: Evidence from the Oil Palm Boom in Indonesia pp. 316-347 Downloads
Esther Gehrke and Christoph Kubitza

Volume 58, issue 6, 2023

Wages, Skills, and Skill-Biased Technical Change: The Canonical Model Revisited pp. 1783-1819 Downloads
Audra Bowlus, Lance Lochner, Chris Robinson and Eda Suleymanoglu
Labor Market Signaling and the Value of College: Evidence from Resumes and the Truth pp. 1820-1849 Downloads
Daniel Kreisman, Jonathan Smith and Bondi Arifin
The Role of Parental Wealth and Income in Financing Children’s College Attendance and Its Consequences pp. 1850-1880 Downloads
V. Joseph Hotz, Emily E. Wiemers, Joshua Rasmussen and Kate Maxwell Koegel
Selecting Talent: Gender Differences in Success in Competitive Selection Processes pp. 1881-1913 Downloads
Lídia Farré and Francesc Ortega
STEM Graduates and Secondary School Curriculum: Does Early Exposure to Science Matter? pp. 1914-1947 Downloads
Marta De Philippis
Declining Outmigration and Local Labor Markets pp. 1948-1973 Downloads
Emily Conover, Melanie Khamis and Sarah Pearlman
Undocumented and under Threat of Deportation: Immigrant Students in the Classroom pp. 1974-2000 Downloads
Benjamin Meadows
The Impact of Opioids on the Labor Market: Evidence from Drug Rescheduling pp. 2001-2041 Downloads
David Beheshti
Public Investments in Early Childhood Education and Academic Performance: Evidence from Head Start in Texas pp. 2042-2069 Downloads
Esra Kose
The Effect of Quarantining Welfare on School Attendance in Indigenous Communities pp. 2072-2110 Downloads
Deborah Cobb-Clark, Nathan Kettlewell, Stefanie Schurer and Sven Silburn

Volume 58, issue 5, 2023

The Growing Importance of Social Tasks in High-Paying Occupations: Implications for Sorting pp. 1429-1451 Downloads
Guido Matias Cortes, Nir Jaimovich and Henry Siu
The Lost Generation? Labor Market Outcomes for Post-Great Recession Entrants pp. 1452-1479 Downloads
Jesse Rothstein
Do Male Workers Prefer Male Leaders? An Analysis of Principals’ Effects on Teacher Retention pp. 1480-1522 Downloads
Aliza N. Husain, David A. Matsa and Amalia Miller
Selection into Identification in Fixed Effects Models, with Application to Head Start pp. 1523-1566 Downloads
Douglas Miller, Na’ama Shenhav and Michel Grosz
Setting a Good Example? Examining Sibling Spillovers in Educational Achievement Using a Regression Discontinuity Design pp. 1567-1607 Downloads
Krzysztof Karbownik and Umut Özek
Taken by Storm: The Effects of Hurricane Katrina on Medium-Term Student Outcomes in New Orleans pp. 1608-1643 Downloads
Douglas Harris and Matthew F. Larsen
The Effects of After-School Programs on Maternal Employment pp. 1644-1678 Downloads
Fabian T. Dehos and Marie Paul
Dynamics of the Gender Gap in High Math Achievement pp. 1679-1711 Downloads
Glenn Ellison and Ashley Swanson
The Minimum Wage, EITC, and Criminal Recidivism pp. 1712-1751 Downloads
Amanda Y. Agan and Michael D. Makowsky
Increasing Retirement Savings through Access Points and Persuasive Messages: Evidence from Mexico pp. 1752-1781 Downloads
Mariano Bosch and Adrian Rubli

Volume 58, issue 4, 2023

Human Capital Accumulation and Disasters: Evidence from the Pakistan Earthquake of 2005 pp. 1057-1096 Downloads
Tahir Andrabi, Benjamin Daniels and Jishnu Das
Social Interventions, Health, and Well-Being: The Long-Term and Intergenerational Effects of a School Construction Program pp. 1097-1140 Downloads
Bhashkar Mazumder, Maria Fernanda Rosales-Rueda and Margaret Triyana
The Minimum Legal Drinking Age and Crime Victimization pp. 1141-1177 Downloads
Aaron Chalfin, Benjamin Hansen and Rachel Ryley
Peer Discrimination in the Classroom and Academic Achievement pp. 1178-1206 Downloads
Andrew J. Hill and Weina Zhou
Risk Attitudes, Investment Behavior, and Linguistic Variation pp. 1207-1241 Downloads
Juliana Bernhofer, Francesco Costantini and Matija Kovacic
Admissions Policies, Cohort Composition, and Academic Success: Evidence from California pp. 1242-1272 Downloads
Michel Grosz
Distributional Effects of Education on Health pp. 1273-1306 Downloads
Silvia H. Barcellos, Leandro S. Carvalho and Patrick Turley
Publish or Perish: Selective Attrition as a Unifying Explanation for Patterns in Innovation over the Career pp. 1307-1346 Downloads
Huifeng Yu, Gerald Marschke, Matthew Ross, Joseph Staudt and Bruce Weinberg
Timing Matters: Evidence from College Major Decisions pp. 1347-1384 Downloads
Richard W. Patterson, Nolan Pope and Aaron Feudo
Long-Term Gains from Longer School Days pp. 1385-1427 Downloads
Patricio Dominguez and Krista Ruffini

Volume 58, issue 3, 2023

Making Big Decisions: The Impact of Moves on Marriage among U.S. Army Personnel pp. 713-754 Downloads
Susan Carter and Abigail Wozniak
Does Enrollment Lead to Completion? Measuring Adjustments in Education to Local Labor Market Shocks pp. 755-782 Downloads
Ramiro Burga and Sarah Turner
Cash Transfers and Fertility: How the Introduction and Cancellation of a Child Benefit Affected Births and Abortions pp. 783-818 Downloads
Libertad Gonzalez and Sofia Trommlerová
Natural Disasters and Early Human Development: Hurricane Catarina and Infant Health in Brazil pp. 819-851 Downloads
Victor Hugo de Oliveira, Ines Lee and Climent Quintana-Domeque
Where Have All My Siblings Gone? pp. 852-892 Downloads
Steven Stern
The Unintended Consequences of Informal Childcare Subsidies for Older Women’s Retirement Security pp. 893-928 Downloads
Yulya Truskinovsky
Multigenerational Persistence: Evidence from 146 Years of Administrative Data pp. 929-961 Downloads
Jørgen Modalsli
The Human Capital Peace Dividend pp. 962-1002 Downloads
Mounu Prem, Juan Vargas and Olga Namen
Price Consciousness at the Peak of “Impatience” pp. 1003-1027 Downloads
Mary Zaki and Jessica E. Todd
Socialized Healthcare and Women’s Fertility Decisions pp. 1028-1055 Downloads
Resul Cesur, Pinar Gunes, Erdal Tekin and Aydogan Ulker

Volume 58, issue 2, 2023

Efficiency versus Equity in the Provision of In-Kind Benefits: Evidence from Cost Containment in the California WIC Program pp. 363-392 Downloads
Katherine Meckel, Maya Rossin-Slater and Lindsey Uniat
Are Resource Booms a Blessing or a Curse? Evidence from People (Not Places) pp. 393-420 Downloads
Grant D. Jacobsen, Dominic P. Parker and Justin B. Winikoff
Examining the Educational Spillover Effects of Severe Natural Disasters: The Case of Hurricane Maria pp. 421-451 Downloads
Umut Özek
Is Supported Employment Effective for Young Adults with Disability Pension? Evidence from a Swedish Randomized Evaluation pp. 452-487 Downloads
Mattias Fogelgren, Petra Ornstein, Magnus Rödin and Peter Skogman Thoursie
First- and Second-Generation Impacts of the Biafran War pp. 488-531 Downloads
Richard Akresh, Sonia Bhalotra, Marinella Leone and Una Osili
Property Division upon Divorce and Household Decisions pp. 532-560 Downloads
Yuting Huang, Juan Pantano, Han Ye and Junjian Yi
The Effect of Education on Mortality and Health: Evidence from a Schooling Expansion in Romania pp. 561-592 Downloads
Ofer Malamud, Andreea Mitrut and Cristian Pop-Eleches
The Impact of Advisor Gender on Female Students’ STEM Enrollment and Persistence pp. 593-632 Downloads
Serena Canaan and Pierre Mouganie
High-Ability Influencers? The Heterogeneous Effects of Gifted Classmates pp. 633-665 Downloads
Simone Balestra, Aurélien Sallin and Stefan Wolter
School Principal Race, Teacher Racial Diversity, and Student Achievement pp. 666-712 Downloads
Brendan Bartanen and Jason A. Grissom

Volume 58, issue 1, 2023

Does Universal Preschool Hit the Target?: Program Access and Preschool Impacts pp. 1-42 Downloads
Elizabeth Cascio
Fighting Crime in the Cradle: The Effects of Early Childhood Access to Nutritional Assistance pp. 43-73 Downloads
Andrew Barr and Alexander A. Smith
Food for Thought?: Experimental Evidence on the Learning Impacts of a Large-Scale School Feeding Program pp. 74-111 Downloads
Elisabetta Aurino, Aulo Gelli, Clement Adamba, Isaac Osei-Akoto and Harold Alderman
Risk Attitudes and Household Migration Decisions pp. 112-145 Downloads
Christian Dustmann, Francesco Fasani, Xin Meng and Luigi Minale
Who Benefits from Free Health Insurance?: Evidence from Mexico pp. 146-182 Downloads
Gabriella Conti and Rita Ginja
Social Networks, Ethnicity, and Entrepreneurship pp. 183-220 Downloads
William Kerr and Martin Mandorff
Will You Marry Me, Later?: Age-of-Marriage Laws and Child Marriage in Mexico pp. 221-259 Downloads
Cristina Bellés-Obrero and María Lombardi
The Economics of Hypergamy pp. 260-281 Downloads
Ingvild Almås, Andreas Kotsadam, Espen R. Moen and Knut Røed
The Impact of Health on Labor Supply near Retirement pp. 282-334 Downloads
Richard Blundell, Jack Britton, Monica Costa Dias and Eric French
Heterogeneous Impact of the Minimum Wage: Implications for Changes in Between- and Within-Group Inequality pp. 335-362 Downloads
Tatsushi Oka and Ken Yamada
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