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Volume 58, issue 3, 2023

Making Big Decisions: The Impact of Moves on Marriage among U.S. Army Personnel pp. 713-754 Downloads
Susan Payne Carter and Abigail Wozniak
Does Enrollment Lead to Completion? Measuring Adjustments in Education to Local Labor Market Shocks pp. 755-782 Downloads
Ramiro Burga and Sarah Turner
Cash Transfers and Fertility: How the Introduction and Cancellation of a Child Benefit Affected Births and Abortions pp. 783-818 Downloads
Libertad Gonzalez and Sofia Karina Trommlerová
Natural Disasters and Early Human Development: Hurricane Catarina and Infant Health in Brazil pp. 819-851 Downloads
Victor Hugo de Oliveira, Ines Lee and Climent Quintana-Domeque
Where Have All My Siblings Gone? pp. 852-892 Downloads
Steven Stern
The Unintended Consequences of Informal Childcare Subsidies for Older Women’s Retirement Security pp. 893-928 Downloads
Yulya Truskinovsky
Multigenerational Persistence: Evidence from 146 Years of Administrative Data pp. 929-961 Downloads
Jørgen Modalsli
The Human Capital Peace Dividend pp. 962-1002 Downloads
Mounu Prem, Juan F. Vargas and Olga Namen
Price Consciousness at the Peak of “Impatience” pp. 1003-1027 Downloads
Mary Zaki and Jessica E. Todd
Socialized Healthcare and Women’s Fertility Decisions pp. 1028-1055 Downloads
Resul Cesur, Pinar Mine Gunes, Erdal Tekin and Aydogan Ulker

Volume 58, issue 2, 2023

Efficiency versus Equity in the Provision of In-Kind Benefits: Evidence from Cost Containment in the California WIC Program pp. 363-392 Downloads
Katherine Meckel, Maya Rossin-Slater and Lindsey Uniat
Are Resource Booms a Blessing or a Curse? Evidence from People (Not Places) pp. 393-420 Downloads
Grant D. Jacobsen, Dominic P. Parker and Justin B. Winikoff
Examining the Educational Spillover Effects of Severe Natural Disasters: The Case of Hurricane Maria pp. 421-451 Downloads
Umut Özek
Is Supported Employment Effective for Young Adults with Disability Pension? Evidence from a Swedish Randomized Evaluation pp. 452-487 Downloads
Mattias Fogelgren, Petra Ornstein, Magnus Rödin and Peter Skogman Thoursie
First- and Second-Generation Impacts of the Biafran War pp. 488-531 Downloads
Richard Akresh, Sonia Bhalotra, Marinella Leone and Una Osili
Property Division upon Divorce and Household Decisions pp. 532-560 Downloads
Yuting Huang, Juan Pantano, Han Ye and Junjian Yi
The Effect of Education on Mortality and Health: Evidence from a Schooling Expansion in Romania pp. 561-592 Downloads
Ofer Malamud, Andreea Mitrut and Cristian Pop-Eleches
The Impact of Advisor Gender on Female Students’ STEM Enrollment and Persistence pp. 593-632 Downloads
Serena Canaan and Pierre Mouganie
High-Ability Influencers? The Heterogeneous Effects of Gifted Classmates pp. 633-665 Downloads
Simone Balestra, Aurélien Sallin and Stefan C. Wolter
School Principal Race, Teacher Racial Diversity, and Student Achievement pp. 666-712 Downloads
Brendan Bartanen and Jason A. Grissom

Volume 58, issue 1, 2023

Does Universal Preschool Hit the Target?: Program Access and Preschool Impacts pp. 1-42 Downloads
Elizabeth Cascio
Fighting Crime in the Cradle: The Effects of Early Childhood Access to Nutritional Assistance pp. 43-73 Downloads
Andrew Barr and Alexander A. Smith
Food for Thought?: Experimental Evidence on the Learning Impacts of a Large-Scale School Feeding Program pp. 74-111 Downloads
Elisabetta Aurino, Aulo Gelli, Clement Adamba, Isaac Osei-Akoto and Harold Alderman
Risk Attitudes and Household Migration Decisions pp. 112-145 Downloads
Christian Dustmann, Francesco Fasani, Xin Meng and Luigi Minale
Who Benefits from Free Health Insurance?: Evidence from Mexico pp. 146-182 Downloads
Gabriella Conti and Rita Ginja
Social Networks, Ethnicity, and Entrepreneurship pp. 183-220 Downloads
William Kerr and Martin Mandorff
Will You Marry Me, Later?: Age-of-Marriage Laws and Child Marriage in Mexico pp. 221-259 Downloads
Cristina Bellés-Obrero and María Lombardi
The Economics of Hypergamy pp. 260-281 Downloads
Ingvild Almås, Andreas Kotsadam, Espen R. Moen and Knut Røed
The Impact of Health on Labor Supply near Retirement pp. 282-334 Downloads
Richard Blundell, Jack Britton, Monica Costa Dias and Eric French
Heterogeneous Impact of the Minimum Wage: Implications for Changes in Between- and Within-Group Inequality pp. 335-362 Downloads
Tatsushi Oka and Ken Yamada

Volume 57, issue S, 2022

Monopsony in the Labor Market: New Empirical Results and New Public Policies pp. s1-s10 Downloads
Orley Ashenfelter, David Card, Henry Farber and Michael Ransom
Labor Market Polarization, Job Tasks, and Monopsony Power pp. s11-s49 Downloads
Ronald Bachmann, Gökay Demir and Hanna Frings
Monopsony in Movers: The Elasticity of Labor Supply to Firm Wage Policies pp. s50-s86 Downloads
Ihsaan Bassier, Arindrajit Dube and Suresh Naidu
Labor Market Competition and Employment Adjustment over the Business Cycle pp. s87-s110 Downloads
Douglas Webber
The Urban Wage Premium in Imperfect Labor Markets pp. s111-s136 Downloads
Boris Hirsch, Elke J. Jahn, Alan Manning and Michael Oberfichtner
Labor Market Frictions and Moving Costs of the Employed and Unemployed pp. s137-s166 Downloads
Tyler Ransom
Labor Market Concentration pp. s167-s199 Downloads
José Azar, Ioana Marinescu and Marshall Steinbaum
Strong Employers and Weak Employees: How Does Employer Concentration Affect Wages? pp. s200-s250 Downloads
Efraim Benmelech, Nittai K. Bergman and Hyunseob Kim
Labor Market Concentration, Earnings, and Inequality pp. s251-s283 Downloads
Kevin Rinz
Labor Monopsony and the Limits of the Law pp. s284-s323 Downloads
Suresh Naidu and Eric A. Posner
Theory and Evidence on Employer Collusion in the Franchise Sector pp. s324-s348 Downloads
Alan Krueger and Orley Ashenfelter
Locked In? The Enforceability of Covenants Not to Compete and the Careers of High-Tech Workers pp. s349-s396 Downloads
Natarajan Balasubramanian, Jin Woo Chang, Mariko Sakakibara, Jagadeesh Sivadasan and Evan Starr

Volume 57, issue 6, 2022

Parental Beliefs about Returns to Different Types of Investments in School Children pp. 1789-1825 Downloads
Orazio Attanasio, Teodora Boneva and Christopher Rauh
Parental Leave, (In)formal Childcare, and Long-Term Child Outcomes pp. 1826-1884 Downloads
Natalia Danzer, Martin Halla, Nicole Schneeweis and Martina Zweimüller
Is There a Male-Breadwinner Norm? The Hazards of Inferring Preferences from Marriage Market Outcomes pp. 1885-1914 Downloads
Ariel J. Binder and David Lam
Gender Differences within the Firm: Evidence from Two Million Business Travelers pp. 1915-1945 Downloads
Javier D. Donna and Gregory Veramendi
The Protestant Legacy: Missions, Gender, and Human Capital in India pp. 1946-1980 Downloads
Rossella Calvi, Lauren Hoehn-Velasco and Federico G. Mantovanelli
Internal Migration, Education, and Intergenerational Mobility: Evidence from American History pp. 1981-2011 Downloads
Zachary Ward
Grandparents, Moms, or Dads? Why Children of Teen Mothers Do Worse in Life pp. 2012-2047 Downloads
Anna Aizer, Paul Devereux and Kjell Salvanes
The Long-Run Effects of Cesarean Sections pp. 2048-2085 Downloads
Ana Costa-Ramón, Mika Kortelainen, Ana Rodríguez-González and Lauri Sääksvuori
Relative Obesity and the Formation of Noncognitive Abilities during Adolescence pp. 2086-2112 Downloads
Wei Huang, Elaine M. Liu and C. Andrew Zuppann
Early-Life Exposure to Tap Water and the Development of Cognitive Skills pp. 2113-2149 Downloads
Yvonne Jie Chen, Li Li and Yun Xiao

Volume 57, issue 5, 2022

Intergenerational Transmission of Maternal Health: Evidence from Cebu, the Philippines pp. 1425-1465 Downloads
Leah E.M. Bevis and Kira Villa
Intergenerational Altruism and Retirement Transfers: Evidence from the Social Security Notch pp. 1466-1497 Downloads
Anita Mukherjee
Local Labor Markets and Human Capital Investments pp. 1498-1525 Downloads
Russell Weinstein
Conscientiousness, Extraversion, College Education, and Longevity of High-Ability Individuals pp. 1526-1565 Downloads
Peter Savelyev
Depression, Risk Preferences, and Risk-Taking Behavior pp. 1566-1604 Downloads
Deborah Cobb-Clark, Sarah C. Dahmann and Nathan Kettlewell
Errors in Survey Reporting and Imputation and Their Effects on Estimates of Food Stamp Program Participation pp. 1605-1644 Downloads
Bruce D. Meyer, Nikolas Mittag and Robert M. Goerge
Grandmothers’ Labor Supply pp. 1645-1689 Downloads
Wolfgang Frimmel, Martin Halla, Bernhard Schmidpeter and Rudolf Winter-Ebmer
Beyond Labor Market Outcomes: The Impact of the Minimum Wage on Nondurable Consumption pp. 1690-1714 Downloads
Cristian Alonso
Conscription and Military Service: Do They Result in Future Violent and Nonviolent Incarcerations and Recidivism? pp. 1715-1757 Downloads
Xintong Wang and Alfonso Flores-Lagunes
Hanging Out with the Usual Suspects: Neighborhood Peer Effects and Recidivism pp. 1758-1788 Downloads
Stephen B. Billings and Kevin T. Schnepel

Volume 57, issue 4, 2022

Early Social Security Claiming and Old-Age Poverty: Evidence from the Introduction of the Social Security Early Eligibility Age pp. 1079-1106 Downloads
Gary V. Engelhardt, Jonathan Gruber and Anil Kumar
Contemporary State Policies and Intergenerational Income Mobility pp. 1107-1146 Downloads
Lars J. Lefgren, Jaren Pope and David P. Sims
Peers and Motivation at Work: Evidence from a Firm Experiment in Malawi pp. 1147-1177 Downloads
Lasse Brune, Eric Chyn and Jason Kerwin
The Effect of Paid Sick Leave Mandates on Coverage, Work Absences, and Presenteeism pp. 1178-1208 Downloads
Kevin Callison and Michael Pesko
The Missing Men: World War I and Female Labor Force Participation pp. 1209-1241 Downloads
Jörn Boehnke and Victor Gay
Do Internships Pay Off? The Effects of Student Internships on Earnings pp. 1242-1275 Downloads
Shushanik Margaryan, Nils Saniter, Mathias Schumann and Thomas Siedler
Tough on Young Offenders: Harmful or Helpful? pp. 1276-1310 Downloads
Giulia Lotti
Locus of Control and Investment in Training pp. 1311-1349 Downloads
Marco Caliendo, Deborah Cobb-Clark, Cosima Obst, Helke Seitz and Arne Uhlendorff
How Do Medicaid Expansions Affect the Demand for Healthcare Workers? Evidence from Vacancy Postings pp. 1350-1393 Downloads
Marcus Dillender
Effects of the Affordable Care Act on Part-Time Employment: Early Evidence pp. 1394-1423 Downloads
Marcus Dillender, Carolyn J. Heinrich and Susan Houseman

Volume 57, issue 3, 2022

Why Are Low-Wage Workers Signing Noncompete Agreements? pp. 689-724 Downloads
Matthew S. Johnson and Michael Lipsitz
The Short- and Long-Run Effects of Attending the Schools that Parents Prefer pp. 725-746 Downloads
Diether Beuermann and C. Kirabo Jackson
Does Pollution Drive Achievement? The Effect of Traffic Pollution on Academic Performance pp. 747-776 Downloads
Jennifer Heissel, Claudia Persico and David Simon
Universal Access to Free School Meals and Student Achievement: Evidence from the Community Eligibility Provision pp. 776-820 Downloads
Krista Ruffini
Empowering Mothers and Enhancing Early Childhood Investment: Effect on Adults’ Outcomes and Children’s Cognitive and Noncognitive Skills pp. 821-867 Downloads
Victor Lavy, Giulia Lotti and Zizhong Yan
Long-Run Impacts of Intergovernmental Transfers pp. 868-917 Downloads
Irineu de Carvalho Filho and Stephan Litschig
Moving to Economic Opportunity: The Migration Response to the Fracking Boom pp. 918-955 Downloads
Riley Wilson
How Can Progressive Vouchers Help the Poor Benefit from School Choice? Evidence from the Chilean Voucher System pp. 956-997 Downloads
Josefa Aguirre
Greek Life, Academics, and Earnings pp. 998-1032 Downloads
William E. Even and Austin Smith
Screening through Activation? Differential Effects of a Youth Activation Program pp. 1033-1077 Downloads
Caroline Hall, Kaisa Kotakorpi, Linus Liljeberg and Jukka Pirttilä

Volume 57, issue 2, 2022

The Employment Effects of the Social Security Earnings Test pp. 341-371 Downloads
Alexander Gelber, Damon Jones, Daniel W. Sacks and Jae Song
How Much Does Marital Sorting Contribute to Intergenerational Socioeconomic Persistence? pp. 372-399 Downloads
Helena Holmlund
Hot Temperature and High-Stakes Performance pp. 400-434 Downloads
R. Jisung Park
Financial Inclusion, Shocks, and Poverty: Evidence from the Expansion of Mobile Money in Tanzania pp. 435-464 Downloads
Olukorede Abiona and Martin Foureaux Koppensteiner
High Sex Ratios and Household Portfolio Choice in China pp. 465-490 Downloads
Wenchao Li, Changcheng Song, Shu Xu and Junjian Yi
Shackled to the Soil? Inherited Land, Birth Order, and Labor Mobility pp. 491-524 Downloads
A. Nilesh Fernando
Knocking on Parents’ Doors: Regulation and Intergenerational Mobility pp. 525-554 Downloads
Sauro Mocetti, Giacomo Roma and Enrico Rubolino
The Impact of Low-Ability Peers on Cognitive and Noncognitive Outcomes: Random Assignment Evidence on the Effects and Operating Channels pp. 555-596 Downloads
Di Xu, Qing Zhang and Xuehan Zhou
Heterogeneous Employment Effects of Job Search Programs: A Machine Learning Approach pp. 597-636 Downloads
Michael Knaus, Michael Lechner and Anthony Strittmatter
In Sickness and in Health: Interaction Effects of State and Federal Health Insurance Coverage Mandates on Marriage of Young Adults pp. 637-688 Downloads
Scott Barkowski and Joanne Song McLaughlin

Volume 57, issue 1, 2022

Low-Touch Attempts to Improve Time Management among Traditional and Online College Students pp. 1-43 Downloads
Philip Oreopoulos, Richard W. Patterson, Uros Petronijevic and Nolan G. Pope
Distinguishing Barriers to Insurance in Thai Villages pp. 44-78 Downloads
Cynthia Kinnan
Educator Incentives and Educational Triage in Rural Primary Schools pp. 79-111 Downloads
Daniel Gilligan, Naureen Karachiwalla, Ibrahim Kasirye, Adrienne Lucas and Derek Neal
Pre- and Post-Birth Components of Intergenerational Persistence in Health and Longevity: Lessons from a Large Sample of Adoptees pp. 112-142 Downloads
Evelina Björkegren, Mikael Lindahl, Mårten Palme and Emilia Simeonova
Labor Supply Responses to Health Shocks: Evidence from High-Frequency Labor Market Data from Urban Ghana pp. 143-177 Downloads
Rachel Heath, Ghazala Mansuri and Bob Rijkers
Long-Term Educational Consequences of Vocational Training in Colombia: Impacts on Young Trainees and Their Relatives pp. 178-216 Downloads
Adriana Kugler, Maurice Kugler, Juan E. Saavedra and Luis Omar Herrera-Prada
The Effect of Mandatory-Access Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs on Foster Care Admissions pp. 217-240 Downloads
Rania Gihleb, Osea Giuntella and Ning Zhang
Impacts of State Aid for Nontraditional Students on Educational and Labor Market Outcomes pp. 241-271 Downloads
Oded Gurantz
Teacher Pension Plan Incentives, Retirement Decisions, and Workforce Quality pp. 272-303 Downloads
Shawn Ni, Michael Podgursky and Xiqian Wang
How Do Peers Impact Learning? An Experimental Investigation of Peer-to-Peer Teaching and Ability Tracking pp. 304-339 Downloads
Erik Kimbrough, Andrew McGee and Hitoshi Shigeoka
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