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Volume 38, issue 12, 2018

From the Editors pp. 2503-2503 Downloads
Tony Cox and Karen Lowrie
Introduction to Special Series: Communicating About Zika pp. 2504-2506 Downloads
Dominique Brossard, Kathleen Hall Jamieson and William Hallman
Chronicling the Risk and Risk Communication by Governmental Officials During the Zika Threat pp. 2507-2513 Downloads
Marin Pearson Allen
Frequency of Risk‐Related News Media Messages in 2016 Coverage of Zika Virus pp. 2514-2524 Downloads
Tara Kirk Sell, Crystal Watson, Diane Meyer, Marissa Kronk, Sanjana Ravi, Laura E. Pechta, Keri M. Lubell and Dale A. Rose
Communicating Zika Risk: Using Metaphor to Increase Perceived Risk Susceptibility pp. 2525-2534 Downloads
Hang Lu and Jonathon P. Schuldt
Understanding Fear of Zika: Personal, Interpersonal, and Media Influences pp. 2535-2545 Downloads
Chun Yang, James Price Dillard and Ruobing Li
Differences Between Florida and the Rest of the United States in Response to Local Transmission of the Zika Virus: Implications for Future Communication Campaigns pp. 2546-2560 Downloads
Kenneth M. Winneg, Jo Ellen Stryker, Daniel Romer and Kathleen Hall Jamieson
Residential Location and Psychological Distance in Americans’ Risk Views and Behavioral Intentions Regarding Zika Virus pp. 2561-2579 Downloads
Branden B. Johnson
Retweeting Risk Communication: The Role of Threat and Efficacy pp. 2580-2598 Downloads
Sarah C. Vos, Jeannette Sutton, Yue Yu, Scott Leo Renshaw, Michele K. Olson, C. Ben Gibson and Carter T. Butts
Rethinking Social Amplification of Risk: Social Media and Zika in Three Languages pp. 2599-2624 Downloads
Christopher D. Wirz, Michael A. Xenos, Dominique Brossard, Dietram Scheufele, Jennifer H. Chung and Luisa Massarani
Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment of Salmonellosis from the Consumption of Australian Pork: Minced Meat from Retail to Burgers Prepared and Consumed at Home pp. 2625-2645 Downloads
Phillip M. Gurman, Tom Ross and Andreas Kiermeier
Mercury Levels and Risk Implications Through Fish Consumption on the Sinaloa Coasts (Gulf of California, Northwest Mexico) pp. 2646-2658 Downloads
Nydia‐Yuriana Zamora‐Arellano, Miguel Betancourt‐Lozano, César Ilizaliturri‐Hernández, Jaqueline García‐Hernández, Matín Jara‐Marini, Cristina Chávez‐Sánchez and Jorge Ricardo Ruelas‐Inzunza
A Probabilistic Transmission Model for the Spread of Extended‐Spectrum‐β‐Lactamase and AmpC‐β‐Lactamase‐Producing Escherichia Coli in the Broiler Production Chain pp. 2659-2682 Downloads
Carolina Plaza Rodríguez, Guido Correia Carreira and Annemarie Käsbohrer
Sequential Refined Partitioning for Probabilistic Dependence Assessment pp. 2683-2702 Downloads
Christoph Werner, Tim Bedford and John Quigley
Multivariate Global Sensitivity Analysis Based on Distance Components Decomposition pp. 2703-2721 Downloads
Sinan Xiao, Zhenzhou Lu and Pan Wang
Improving Hurricane Power Outage Prediction Models Through the Inclusion of Local Environmental Factors pp. 2722-2737 Downloads
D. Brent McRoberts, Steven M. Quiring and Seth D. Guikema

Volume 38, issue 11, 2018

From the Editors pp. 2243-2244 Downloads
Tony Cox and Karen Lowrie
Understanding Compound, Interconnected, Interacting, and Cascading Risks: A Holistic Framework pp. 2245-2257 Downloads
Gianluca Pescaroli and David Alexander
Valuing the Benefits of Rock Climbing and the Welfare Gains from Decreasing Injury Risk pp. 2258-2274 Downloads
Lea Nicita, W. Douglass Shaw and Giovanni Signorello
Pricing Storm Surge Risks in Florida: Implications for Determining Flood Insurance Premiums and Evaluating Mitigation Measures pp. 2275-2299 Downloads
Marilyn Montgomery and Howard Kunreuther
Tornado Damage Mitigation: Homeowner Support for Enhanced Building Codes in Oklahoma pp. 2300-2317 Downloads
Joseph T. Ripberger, Hank C. Jenkins‐Smith, Carol L. Silva, Jeffrey Czajkowski, Howard Kunreuther and Kevin M. Simmons
Setting Air Quality Standards for PM2.5: A Role for Subjective Uncertainty in NAAQS Quantitative Risk Assessments? pp. 2318-2339 Downloads
Anne E. Smith
Assessing the Economic Benefits of Flood Defenses: A Repeat‐Sales Approach pp. 2340-2367 Downloads
Allan Beltrán, David Maddison and Robert J. R. Elliott
Bayesian Analysis of Air Emission Violations from Waste Incineration and Coincineration Plants pp. 2368-2378 Downloads
Evan K. Paleologos, Mohamed Elhakeem and Mohamed El Amrousi
A Risk Assessment Approach for Evaluating the Impact of Toxic Contaminants Released Indoors by Considering Various Emergency Ventilation and Evacuation Strategies pp. 2379-2399 Downloads
Lingjie Zeng, Jun Gao, Qiong Wang and Le Chang
A Probabilistic Paradigm for the Parametric Insurance of Natural Hazards pp. 2400-2414 Downloads
Rui Figueiredo, Mario L.V. Martina, David B. Stephenson and Benjamin D. Youngman
Reflections on the Use of Conceptual Research in Risk Analysis pp. 2415-2423 Downloads
Terje Aven
Dynamic Stochastic Macroeconomic Model of Disaster Risk Reduction Investment in Developing Countries pp. 2424-2440 Downloads
Hiroaki Ishiwata and Muneta Yokomatsu
Resilience of Critical Infrastructures: Review and Analysis of Current Approaches pp. 2441-2458 Downloads
Corinne Curt and Jean‐Marc Tacnet
Which Parameters Are Important? Differential Importance Under Uncertainty pp. 2459-2477 Downloads
Isadora Antoniano‐Villalobos, Emanuele Borgonovo and Sumeda Siriwardena
Children Are Exposed to Fecal Contamination via Multiple Interconnected Pathways: A Network Model for Exposure Assessment pp. 2478-2496 Downloads
Yuke Wang, Christine L. Moe and Peter F. M. Teunis
Ten Great Ideas About Chance by Persi Diaconis and Brian Skyrms (Princeton University Press, 2018) pp. 2497-2501 Downloads
Louis Anthony (Tony) Cox

Volume 38, issue 10, 2018

From the Editors pp. 2011-2012 Downloads
Tony Cox and Karen Lowrie
Microbiota and Dose Response: Evolving Paradigm of Health Triangle pp. 2013-2028 Downloads
Margaret Coleman, Christopher Elkins, Bradford Gutting, Emmanuel Mongodin, Gloria Solano‐Aguilar and Isabel Walls
Mercury, Polychlorinated Biphenyls, Selenium, and Fatty Acids in Tribal Fish Harvests of the Upper Great Lakes pp. 2029-2040 Downloads
Matthew J. Dellinger, Jared T. Olson, Bruce J. Holub and Michael P. Ripley
Existing Regulatory Approaches to Reducing Exposures to Chemical‐ and Product‐Based Risk and Their Applicability to Diet‐Related Chronic Disease pp. 2041-2054 Downloads
Deborah A. Cohen and Debra S. Knopman
Formalizing the Precautionary Principle Accounting for Strategic Interaction, Natural Factors, and Technological Factors pp. 2055-2072 Downloads
Kjell Hausken
A Robust Approach to Risk Assessment Based on Species Sensitivity Distributions pp. 2073-2086 Downloads
Gianna S. Monti, Peter Filzmoser and Roland C. Deutsch
A Three‐Part Bayesian Network for Modeling Dwelling Fires and Their Impact upon People and Property pp. 2087-2104 Downloads
D. B. Matellini, A. D. Wall, I. D. Jenkinson, J. Wang and R. Pritchard
Assessing Transboundary Wildfire Exposure in the Southwestern United States pp. 2105-2127 Downloads
Alan A. Ager, Palaiologos Palaiologou, Cody R. Evers, Michelle A. Day and Ana M. G. Barros
Measuring Subjective Probabilities: The Effect of Response Mode on the Use of Focal Responses, Validity, and Respondents’ Evaluations pp. 2128-2143 Downloads
Wändi Bruine de Bruin and Katherine G. Carman
Should I Text or Call Here? A Situation‐Based Analysis of Drivers’ Perceived Likelihood of Engaging in Mobile Phone Multitasking pp. 2144-2160 Downloads
Oscar Oviedo‐Trespalacios, Md. Mazharul Haque, Mark King and Simon Washington
Predicting Cancer‐Prevention Behavior: Disentangling the Effects of Risk Aversion and Risk Perceptions pp. 2161-2177 Downloads
Mary Riddel and David Hales
It's Complicated: The 2014–2015 U.S. Measles Outbreak and Parents’ Vaccination Beliefs, Confidence, and Intentions pp. 2178-2192 Downloads
Michael A. Cacciatore, Glen J. Nowak and Nathaniel J. Evans
Bad News Has Wings: Dread Risk Mediates Social Amplification in Risk Communication pp. 2193-2207 Downloads
Robert D. Jagiello and Thomas T. Hills
Threshold Evaluation of Emergency Risk Communication for Health Risks Related to Hazardous Ambient Temperature pp. 2208-2221 Downloads
Yang Liu, Brenda O. Hoppe and Matteo Convertino
Assessing the Effects of Information About Global Population Growth on Risk Perceptions and Support for Mitigation and Prevention Strategies pp. 2222-2241 Downloads
Ian G. J. Dawson

Volume 38, issue 9, 2018

From the Editors pp. 1763-1764 Downloads
Tony Cox and Karen Lowrie
Bernard Goldstein: Building Risk Analysis Institutions pp. 1765-1771 Downloads
Michael R. Greenberg and Karen W. Lowrie
Tiered Approach to Resilience Assessment pp. 1772-1780 Downloads
Igor Linkov, Cate Fox‐Lent, Laura Read, Craig R. Allen, James C. Arnott, Emanuele Bellini, Jon Coaffee, Marie‐Valentine Florin, Kirk Hatfield, Iain Hyde, William Hynes, Aleksandar Jovanovic, Roger Kasperson, John Katzenberger, Patrick W. Keys, James H. Lambert, Richard Moss, Peter S. Murdoch, Jose Palma‐Oliveira, Roger S. Pulwarty, Dale Sands, Edward A. Thomas, Mari R. Tye and David Woods
The Value of Performance Weights and Discussion in Aggregated Expert Judgments pp. 1781-1794 Downloads
Anca M. Hanea, Marissa F. McBride, Mark A. Burgman and Bonnie C. Wintle
Two Types of Vigilance Are Essential to Effective Hazard Management: Maintaining Both Together Is Difficult pp. 1795-1801 Downloads
Robert Goble, Vicki Bier and Ortwin Renn
Anticipating or Accommodating to Public Concern? Risk Amplification and the Politics of Precaution Reexamined pp. 1802-1819 Downloads
Jamie K. Wardman and Ragnar Löfstedt
How to Perform an Ethical Risk Analysis (eRA) pp. 1820-1829 Downloads
Sven Ove Hansson
Risk Assessment and Risk Governance of Liquefied Natural Gas Development in Gladstone, Australia pp. 1830-1846 Downloads
R. G. van der Vegt
Exploring the Potential for Multivariate Fragility Representations to Alter Flood Risk Estimates pp. 1847-1870 Downloads
Robert A. Jane, David J. Simmonds, Ben P. Gouldby, Jonathan D. Simm, Luciana Dalla Valle and Alison C. Raby
The Effect of Geographic Proximity to Unconventional Oil and Gas Development on Public Support for Hydraulic Fracturing pp. 1871-1890 Downloads
Hilary S. Boudet, Chad M. Zanocco, Peter D. Howe and Christopher E. Clarke
Expanding the Political Philosophy Dimension of the RISP Model: Examining the Conditional Indirect Effects of Cultural Cognition pp. 1891-1903 Downloads
Jay D. Hmielowski, Meredith Y. Wang and Rebecca R. Donaway
Online Information Sharing About Risks: The Case of Organic Food pp. 1904-1920 Downloads
Femke Hilverda and Margôt Kuttschreuter
Explicating Experience: Development of a Valid Scale of Past Hazard Experience for Tornadoes pp. 1921-1943 Downloads
Julie L. Demuth
Consumption of Fish and Shrimp from Southeast Louisiana Poses No Unacceptable Lifetime Cancer Risks Attributable to High‐Priority Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons pp. 1944-1961 Downloads
Jeffrey K. Wickliffe, Bridget Simon‐Friedt, Jessi L. Howard, Ericka Frahm, Buffy Meyer, Mark J. Wilson, Deepa Pangeni and Edward B. Overton
Interstitial Lung Diseases in the U.S. Mining Industry: Using MSHA Data to Examine Trends and the Prevention Effects of Compliance with Health Regulations, 1996–2015 pp. 1962-1971 Downloads
Patrick L. Yorio, A. Scott Laney, Cara N. Halldin, David J. Blackley, Susan M. Moore, Kerri Wizner, Lewis J. Radonovich and Lee A. Greenawald
Quantitative Uncertainty Analysis for a Weed Risk Assessment System pp. 1972-1987 Downloads
Barney P. Caton, Anthony L. Koop, Larry Fowler, Leslie Newton and Lisa Kohl
A Bayesian Analysis of Abundance, Trend, and Population Viability for Harbor Seals in Iliamna Lake, Alaska pp. 1988-2009 Downloads
Peter L. Boveng, Jay M. Ver Hoef, David E. Withrow and Josh M. London

Volume 38, issue 8, 2018

From the Editors pp. 1519-1520 Downloads
Tony Cox and Karen Lowrie
Letter Concerning: Glynn ME, Keeton KA, Gaffney SH, Sahmel J. Ambient Asbestos Fiber Concentrations and Long‐Term Trends in Pleural Mesothelioma Incidence Between Urban and Rural Areas in the United States (1973–2012). Risk Analysis 2018;38(3):454–471 pp. 1521-1523 Downloads
Murray Martin Finkelstein
Response to Letter to the Editor Regarding “Ambient Asbestos Fiber Concentrations and Long‐Term Trends in Pleural Mesothelioma Incidence Between Urban and Rural Areas in the United States (1973–2012)” by Finkelstein pp. 1524-1528 Downloads
Kara A. Keeton, Meghan E. Glynn, Shannon H. Gaffney and Jennifer Sahmel
The Ethical Foundations of Risk Analysis pp. 1529-1533 Downloads
Daniel J. Rozell
A Framework to Understand Extreme Space Weather Event Probability pp. 1534-1540 Downloads
Seth Jonas, Kassandra Fronczyk and Lucas M. Pratt
On the Relationship between Safety and Decision Significance pp. 1541-1558 Downloads
Emanuele Borgonovo, Alessandra Cillo and Curtis L. Smith
Security Investment in Contagious Networks pp. 1559-1575 Downloads
Seyed Alireza Hasheminasab and Behrouz Tork Ladani
Lognormal Approximations of Fault Tree Uncertainty Distributions pp. 1576-1584 Downloads
Ashraf Ben El‐Shanawany, Keith H. Ardron and Simon P. Walker
DAMS: A Model to Assess Domino Effects by Using Agent‐Based Modeling and Simulation pp. 1585-1600 Downloads
Laobing Zhang, Gabriele Landucci, Genserik Reniers, Nima Khakzad and Jianfeng Zhou
Resilience Analysis of a Remote Offshore Oil and Gas Facility for a Potential Hydrocarbon Release pp. 1601-1617 Downloads
Adnan Sarwar, Faisal Khan, Majeed Abimbola and Lesley James
A Comprehensive Risk Analysis of Transportation Networks Affected by Rainfall‐Induced Multihazards pp. 1618-1633 Downloads
Kai Liu, Ming Wang, Yinxue Cao, Weihua Zhu, Jinshan Wu and Xiaoyong Yan
Toward an Application Guide for Safety Integrity Level Allocation in Railway Systems pp. 1634-1655 Downloads
Kiswendsida Abel Ouedraogo, Julie Beugin, El‐Miloudi El‐Koursi, Joffrey Clarhaut, Dominique Renaux and Frederic Lisiecki
Mitigating Litigating: An Examination of Psychosocial Impacts of Compensation Processes Associated with the 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill pp. 1656-1671 Downloads
Liesel A. Ritchie, Duane A. Gill and Michael A. Long
Construction of a Dose–Illness Relationship via Modeling Morbidity and Application to Risk Assessment of Wastewater Reuse pp. 1672-1684 Downloads
Tingting Gao, Rong Chen, Yanzheng Liu, Xiaochang C. Wang and Yuyou Li
Human Dose–Response Data for Francisella tularensis and a Dose‐ and Time‐Dependent Mathematical Model of Early‐Phase Fever Associated with Tularemia After Inhalation Exposure pp. 1685-1700 Downloads
Gene McClellan, Margaret Coleman, David Crary, Alec Thurman and Brandolyn Thran
Modeling Poliovirus Transmission in Pakistan and Afghanistan to Inform Vaccination Strategies in Undervaccinated Subpopulations pp. 1701-1717 Downloads
Radboud J. Duintjer Tebbens, Mark A. Pallansch, Stephen L. Cochi, Derek T. Ehrhardt, Noha H. Farag, Stephen C. Hadler, Lee M. Hampton, Maureen Martinez, Steve G.F. Wassilak and Kimberly M. Thompson
A Mathematical Model for Pathogen Cross‐Contamination Dynamics during the Postharvest Processing of Leafy Greens pp. 1718-1737 Downloads
Amir Mokhtari, David Oryang, Yuhuan Chen, Regis Pouillot and Jane Van Doren
Risk Assessment of Salmonellosis from Consumption of Alfalfa Sprouts and Evaluation of the Public Health Impact of Sprout Seed Treatment and Spent Irrigation Water Testing pp. 1738-1757 Downloads
Yuhuan Chen, Régis Pouillot, Sofia M. Santillana Farakos, Steven Duret, Judith Spungen, Tong‐Jen Fu, Fazila Shakir, Patricia A. Homola, Sherri Dennis and Jane M. Van Doren
Review of Achieving Regulatory Excellence, Cary Coglianese (Ed.), Brookings Institution Press, 2017, 322 pp. $35.00 ISBN: 978‐0‐8157‐2842‐9 pp. 1758-1761 Downloads
E. Donald Elliott

Volume 38, issue 7, 2018

The Essential Elements of a Risk Governance Framework for Current and Future Nanotechnologies pp. 1321-1331 Downloads
Vicki Stone, Martin Führ, Peter H. Feindt, Hans Bouwmeester, Igor Linkov, Stefania Sabella, Finbarr Murphy, Kilian Bizer, Lang Tran, Marlene Ågerstrand, Carlos Fito, Torben Andersen, Diana Anderson, Enrico Bergamaschi, John W. Cherrie, Sue Cowan, Jean‐Francois Dalemcourt, Michael Faure, Silke Gabbert, Agnieszka Gajewicz, Teresa F. Fernandes, Danail Hristozov, Helinor J. Johnston, Terry C. Lansdown, Stefan Linder, Hans J. P. Marvin, Martin Mullins, Kai Purnhagen, Tomasz Puzyn, Araceli Sanchez Jimenez, Janeck J. Scott‐Fordsmand, George Streftaris, Martie van Tongeren, Nicolas H. Voelcker, George Voyiatzis, Spyros N. Yannopoulos and P. Marijn Poortvliet
Aging and Cardiometabolic Risk in European HEMS Pilots: An Assessment of Occupational Old‐Age Limits as a Regulatory Risk Management Strategy pp. 1332-1347 Downloads
Hans Bauer, Dennis Nowak and Britta Herbig
Mitigating Sports Injury Risks Using Internet of Things and Analytics Approaches pp. 1348-1360 Downloads
Gary B. Wilkerson, Ashish Gupta and Marisa A. Colston
Variability in Cross‐Domain Risk Perception among Smallholder Farmers in Mali by Gender and Other Demographic and Attitudinal Characteristics pp. 1361-1377 Downloads
Alison C. Cullen, C. Leigh Anderson, Pierre Biscaye and Travis W. Reynolds
Using the CAUSE Model to Understand Public Communication about Water Risks: Perspectives from Texas Groundwater District Officials on Drought and Availability pp. 1378-1389 Downloads
Matthew S. VanDyke and Andy J. King
Should I Stay or Should I Go Now? Or Should I Wait and See? Influences on Wildfire Evacuation Decisions pp. 1390-1404 Downloads
Sarah McCaffrey, Robyn Wilson and Avishek Konar
Effects of an Advisory Brochure on Fish Consumption of Urban Anglers in the Great Lakes Region pp. 1405-1421 Downloads
T. Bruce Lauber, Nancy A. Connelly, Jeff Niederdeppe and Barbara A. Knuth
Human Agency in Disaster Planning: A Systems Approach pp. 1422-1443 Downloads
John Hamer Powell, Michael Hammond, Albert Chen and Navonil Mustafee
Which Fire to Extinguish First? A Risk‐Informed Approach to Emergency Response in Oil Terminals pp. 1444-1454 Downloads
Nima Khakzad
Induced Earthquakes from Long‐Term Gas Extraction in Groningen, the Netherlands: Statistical Analysis and Prognosis for Acceptable‐Risk Regulation pp. 1455-1473 Downloads
Charles Vlek
Quantifying Cancer Risk from Radiation pp. 1474-1489 Downloads
Alexander P. Keil and David B. Richardson
Estimation of the Leukemia Risk in Human Populations Exposed to Benzene from Tobacco Smoke Using Epidemiological Data pp. 1490-1501 Downloads
Stacy Fiebelkorn and Clive Meredith
Evaluation of the Influenza Risk Reduction from Antimicrobial Spray Application on Porous Surfaces pp. 1502-1517 Downloads
Alexandre Chabrelie, Jade Mitchell, Joan Rose, Duane Charbonneau and Yoshiki Ishida
Risk Conundrums: Solving Unsolvable Problems. Roger Kasperson, editor. New York: Earthscan/Routledge, 2017, 269 pp. + index. ISBN‐978‐1‐138‐95607‐0, paper, $40.00+/‐ pp. 1518-1518 Downloads
Michael Greenberg

Volume 38, issue 6, 2018

From the Editors pp. 1105-1106 Downloads
Tony Cox and Karen Lowrie
The Cancer Risk Associated with Residential Exposure to Soil Containing Radioactive Coal Combustion Residuals pp. 1107-1115 Downloads
Kevin M. Towle, Neva F. B. Jacobs, James J. Keenan and Andrew D. Monnot
Using a Web†Based Diary Method to Estimate Risks and Benefits from Fish Consumption pp. 1116-1127 Downloads
Nancy A. Connelly, T. Bruce Lauber, Jeff Niederdeppe and Barbara A. Knuth
Potential Exposure and Cancer Risk from Formaldehyde Emissions from Installed Chinese Manufactured Laminate Flooring pp. 1128-1142 Downloads
Patrick Sheehan, Ankur Singhal, Kenneth T. Bogen, David MacIntosh, Renee M. Kalmes and John McCarthy
Influence of Distribution of Animals between Dose Groups on Estimated Benchmark Dose and Animal Welfare for Continuous Effects pp. 1143-1153 Downloads
Joakim Ringblom, Fereshteh Kalantari, Gunnar Johanson and Mattias Öberg
Assessment of Instructions on Protection Against Food Contaminated with Radiocesium in Japan in 2011 pp. 1154-1168 Downloads
Mayumi Seto, Koichiro Uriu, Isao Kawaguchi and Hiroyuki Yokomizo
A Probabilistic Analysis of Surface Water Flood Risk in London pp. 1169-1182 Downloads
Katie Jenkins, Jim Hall, Vassilis Glenis and Chris Kilsby
Characterizing Risk for Cumulative Risk Assessments pp. 1183-1201 Downloads
Margaret M. MacDonell, Richard C. Hertzberg, Glenn E. Rice, J. Michael Wright and Linda K. Teuschler
Risk Assessment of Human Toxoplasmosis Associated with the Consumption of Pork Meat in Italy pp. 1202-1222 Downloads
Roberto Condoleo, Laura Rinaldi, Stefania Sette and Ziad Mezher
Comparative Probabilistic Assessment of Occupational Pesticide Exposures Based on Regulatory Assessments pp. 1223-1238 Downloads
Jane G. Pouzou, Alison C. Cullen, Michael G. Yost, John C. Kissel and Richard A. Fenske
Insights into Flood†Coping Appraisals of Protection Motivation Theory: Empirical Evidence from Germany and France pp. 1239-1257 Downloads
Philip Bubeck, Wouter Botzen, Jonas Laudan, Jeroen C.J.H. Aerts and Annegret H. Thieken
An Agent†Based Model of Evolving Community Flood Risk pp. 1258-1278 Downloads
Gina L. Tonn and Seth D. Guikema
A Systems†Based Risk Assessment Framework for Intentional Electromagnetic Interference (IEMI) on Critical Infrastructures pp. 1279-1305 Downloads
Benjamin Donald Oakes, Lars†Göran Mattsson, Per Näsman and Andrés Alayón Glazunov
Dynamic Economic Resilience and Economic Recovery from Disasters: A Quantitative Assessment pp. 1306-1318 Downloads
Wei Xie, Adam Rose, Shantong Li, Jianwu He, Ning Li and Tariq Ali

Volume 38, issue 5, 2018

NICK PIDGEON: Bringing Environmental Risk and Communication into Decision Making pp. 871-875 Downloads
Michael R. Greenberg and Karen W. Lowrie
An Emerging New Risk Analysis Science: Foundations and Implications pp. 876-888 Downloads
Terje Aven
People's Risk Recognition Preceding Evacuation and Its Role in Demand Modeling and Planning pp. 889-905 Downloads
Junji Urata and Adam J. Pel
Influence of Risk Perception on Attitudes and Norms Regarding Electronic Cigarettes pp. 906-916 Downloads
Craig W. Trumbo
Does Medical Risk Perception and Risk Taking Change with Age? pp. 917-928 Downloads
Yaniv Hanoch, Jonathan J. Rolison and Alexandra M. Freund
Designing Graphs that Promote Both Risk Understanding and Behavior Change pp. 929-946 Downloads
Yasmina Okan, Eric R. Stone and Wändi Bruine de Bruin
Public Response to a Near†Miss Nuclear Accident Scenario Varying in Causal Attributions and Outcome Uncertainty pp. 947-961 Downloads
Jinshu Cui, Heather Rosoff and Richard S. John
Behavioral Modeling of Adversaries with Multiple Objectives in Counterterrorism pp. 962-977 Downloads
Dogucan Mazicioglu and Jason R. W. Merrick
A Comparison of the Bow†Tie and STAMP Approaches to Reduce the Risk of Surgical Instrument Retention pp. 978-990 Downloads
Maria Mikela Chatzimichailidou, James Ward, Tim Horberry and P. John Clarkson
A Value Measure for Public†Sector Enterprise Risk Management: A TSA Case Study pp. 991-1008 Downloads
Kenneth C. Fletcher and Ali E. Abbas
Evaluation of Two Approaches to Defining Extinction Risk under the U.S. Endangered Species Act pp. 1009-1035 Downloads
Grant G. Thompson, Lynn A. Maguire and Tracey J. Regan
Risks of Allergic Contact Dermatitis Elicited by Nickel, Chromium, and Organic Sensitizers: Quantitative Models Based on Clinical Patch Test Data pp. 1036-1051 Downloads
Kenneth T. Bogen and Michael R. Garry
Correlation of Noncancer Benchmark Doses in Short†and Long†Term Rodent Bioassays pp. 1052-1069 Downloads
Jessica Kratchman, Bing Wang, John Fox and George Gray
Risk Ranking of Antimicrobial†Resistant Hazards Found in Meat in Switzerland pp. 1070-1084 Downloads
Lucie Collineau, Luís Pedro Carmo, Andrea Endimiani, Ioannis Magouras, Cedric Müntener, Gertraud Schüpbach†Regula and Katharina D. C. Stärk
Review of Regulatory Emphasis on Transportation Safety in the United States, 2002–2009: Public versus Private Modes pp. 1085-1101 Downloads
Garrett C. Waycaster, Taiki Matsumura, Volodymyr Bilotkach, Raphael T. Haftka and Nam H. Kim
Structured to Fail? Regulatory Performance under Competing Mandates. Christopher Carrigan. New York: Cambridge University Press, (2017). 326 pp. $34.99 (paper), ISBN: 9781316632802 pp. 1102-1103 Downloads
Zhoudan Xie

Volume 38, issue 4, 2018

Impact of Cooking Procedures and Storage Practices at Home on Consumer Exposure to Listeria Monocytogenes and Salmonella Due to the Consumption of Pork Meat pp. 638-652 Downloads
Alessandra De Cesare, Eva Doménech, Damiano Comin, Adele Meluzzi and Gerardo Manfreda
When Does Poor Governance Presage Biosecurity Risk? pp. 653-665 Downloads
Stephen E. Lane, Anthony D. Arthur, Christina Aston, Sam Zhao and Andrew P. Robinson
Effects of Acknowledging Uncertainty about Earthquake Risk Estimates on San Francisco Bay Area Residents’ Beliefs, Attitudes, and Intentions pp. 666-679 Downloads
Kazuya Nakayachi, Branden B. Johnson and Kazuki Koketsu
Insurance, Public Assistance, and Household Flood Risk Reduction: A Comparative Study of Austria, England, and Romania pp. 680-693 Downloads
Susanne Hanger, Joanne Linnerooth†Bayer, Swenja Surminski, Cristina Nenciu†Posner, Anna Lorant, Radu Ionescu and Anthony Patt
Communicating Low†Probability High†Consequence Risk, Uncertainty and Expert Confidence: Induced Seismicity of Deep Geothermal Energy and Shale Gas pp. 694-709 Downloads
Theresa A. K. Knoblauch, Michael Stauffacher and Evelina Trutnevyte
Communicating Earthquake Preparedness: The Influence of Induced Mood, Perceived Risk, and Gain or Loss Frames on Homeowners’ Attitudes Toward General Precautionary Measures for Earthquakes pp. 710-723 Downloads
Michèle Marti, Michael Stauffacher, Jörg Matthes and Stefan Wiemer
Bounding Analysis of Drinking Water Health Risks from a Spill of Hydraulic Fracturing Flowback Water pp. 724-754 Downloads
William R. Rish and Edward J. Pfau
Scenario Analysis for the Safety Assessment of Nuclear Waste Repositories: A Critical Review pp. 755-776 Downloads
Edoardo Tosoni, Ahti Salo and Enrico Zio
An Assessment of the Cox Proportional Hazards Regression Model for Epidemiologic Studies pp. 777-794 Downloads
Suresh H. Moolgavkar, Ellen T. Chang, Heather N. Watson and Edmund C. Lau
Optimal Mission Abort Policy for Systems Operating in a Random Environment pp. 795-803 Downloads
Gregory Levitin and Maxim Finkelstein
Informing Ex Ante Event Studies with Macro†Econometric Evidence on the Structural and Policy Impacts of Terrorism pp. 804-825 Downloads
Jason Nassios and James Giesecke
Setting Priorities in Behavioral Interventions: An Application to Reducing Phishing Risk pp. 826-838 Downloads
Casey Inez Canfield and Baruch Fischhoff
Examining Factors that Influence the Existence of Heinrich's Safety Triangle Using Site†Specific H&S Data from More than 25,000 Establishments pp. 839-852 Downloads
Patrick L. Yorio and Susan M. Moore
Environmental Exposure of the Adult French Population to Permethrin pp. 853-865 Downloads
Marie Hermant, Olivier Blanchard, Guillaume Perouel, Guillaume Boulanger, Mathilde Merlo and Virginie Desvignes
Fact and Fiction in Global Energy Policy: 15 Contentious Questions. Benjamin K. Sovacool, Marilyn A. Brown, and Scott V. Valentine. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2016 pp. 866-868 Downloads
Dr. Catherine Mei Ling Wong

Volume 38, issue 3, 2018

From the Editors pp. 427-428 Downloads
Tony Cox and Karen Lowrie
A Risk Analysis Approach to Prioritizing Epidemics: Ebola Virus Disease in West Africa as a Case Study pp. 429-441 Downloads
Whenayon Simeon Ajisegiri, Abrar Ahmad Chughtai and C. Raina MacIntyre
Annual Burden of Occupationally†Acquired Influenza Infections in Hospitals and Emergency Departments in the United States pp. 442-453 Downloads
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Ambient Asbestos Fiber Concentrations and Long†Term Trends in Pleural Mesothelioma Incidence between Urban and Rural Areas in the United States (1973–2012) pp. 454-471 Downloads
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Wildfire Policy in Mediterranean France: How Far is it Efficient and Sustainable? pp. 472-488 Downloads
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Flood Risk Management: Exploring the Impacts of the Community Rating System Program on Poverty and Income Inequality pp. 489-503 Downloads
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Risk Prioritization in the Food Domain Using Deliberative and Survey Methods: Differences between Experts and Laypeople pp. 504-524 Downloads
Michael Siegrist, Philipp Hübner and Christina Hartmann
Public Perceptions of How Long Air Pollution and Carbon Dioxide Remain in the Atmosphere pp. 525-534 Downloads
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Who Would Be Willing to Accept Disaster Debris in Their Backyard? Investigating the Determinants of Public Attitudes in Post†Fukushima Japan pp. 535-547 Downloads
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Perceptions of Risk and Vulnerability Following Exposure to a Major Natural Disaster: The Calgary Flood of 2013 pp. 548-561 Downloads
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Hazard Analysis and Safety Requirements for Small Drone Operations: To What Extent Do Popular Drones Embed Safety? pp. 562-584 Downloads
Anastasios Plioutsias, Nektarios Karanikas and Maria Mikela Chatzimihailidou
Is There Any Hope? How Climate Change News Imagery and Text Influence Audience Emotions and Support for Climate Mitigation Policies pp. 585-602 Downloads
Lauren Feldman and P. Sol Hart
Optimal Inspection of Imports to Prevent Invasive Pest Introduction pp. 603-619 Downloads
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Community†Driven Hypothesis Testing: A Solution for the Tragedy of the Anticommons pp. 620-634 Downloads
José Manuel Palma†Oliveira, Benjamin D. Trump, Matthew D. Wood and Igor Linkov

Volume 38, issue 2, 2018

From the Editors pp. 213-214 Downloads
Tony Cox and Karen Lowrie
Perspectives on Cybersecurity Information Sharing among Multiple Stakeholders Using a Decision†Theoretic Approach pp. 215-225 Downloads
Meilin He, Laura Devine and Jun Zhuang
Cyber Risk Management for Critical Infrastructure: A Risk Analysis Model and Three Case Studies pp. 226-241 Downloads
M.†Elisabeth Paté†Cornell, Marshall Kuypers, Matthew Smith and Philip Keller
An Expert Elicitation of the Proliferation Resistance of Using Small Modular Reactors (SMR) for the Expansion of Civilian Nuclear Systems pp. 242-254 Downloads
Jonas Siegel, Elisabeth A. Gilmore, Nancy Gallagher and Steve Fetter
Dynamic Blowout Risk Analysis Using Loss Functions pp. 255-271 Downloads
Majeed Abimbola and Faisal Khan
Providing Limited Local Electric Service During a Major Grid Outage: A First Assessment Based on Customer Willingness to Pay pp. 272-282 Downloads
Sunhee Baik, M. Granger Morgan and Alexander L. Davis
Assessing the Cost of Large†Scale Power Outages to Residential Customers pp. 283-296 Downloads
Sunhee Baik, Alexander L. Davis and M. Granger Morgan
Bayesian Networks to Compare Pest Control Interventions on Commodities Along Agricultural Production Chains pp. 297-310 Downloads
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Tornado Warning Perception and Response: Integrating the Roles of Visual Design, Demographics, and Hazard Experience pp. 311-332 Downloads
Ronald L. Schumann, Kevin D. Ash and Gregg C. Bowser
Risk Communication Emergency Response Preparedness: Contextual Assessment of the Protective Action Decision Model pp. 333-344 Downloads
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Hazard Experience, Geophysical Vulnerability, and Flood Risk Perceptions in a Postdisaster City, the Case of New Orleans pp. 345-356 Downloads
Kevin Fox Gotham, Richard Campanella, Katie Lauve†Moon and Bradford Powers
The Mediated Amplification of a Crisis: Communicating the A/H1N1 Pandemic in Press Releases and Press Coverage in Europe pp. 357-375 Downloads
Constanze Rossmann, Lisa Meyer and Peter J. Schulz
A Bayesian Belief Network Model Assessing the Risk to Wastewater Workers of Contracting Ebola Virus Disease During an Outbreak pp. 376-391 Downloads
Joseph W. Zabinski, Kelsey J. Pieper and Jacqueline MacDonald Gibson
Multi†Exposure Pathway Model to Compare Escherichia coli O157 Risks and Interventions pp. 392-409 Downloads
Bruce Chapman, K. Pintar and B. A. Smith
A Reliability†Based Capability Approach pp. 410-424 Downloads
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Andrew W. Lo, Review of Adaptive Markets: Financial Evolution at the Speed of Thought, New Jersey, Princeton University Press, 2017 pp. 425-426 Downloads
Susan E. Dudley

Volume 38, issue 1, 2018

From The Editors pp. 1-3 Downloads
Tony Cox and Karen Lowrie
George Apostolakis: Applying Equal Doses of PRA and Collegiality pp. 4-7 Downloads
Michael Greenberg and Karen Lowrie
Sociotechnical Resilience: A Preliminary Concept pp. 8-16 Downloads
Sulfikar Amir and Vivek Kant
Development of an Asset Value Map for Disaster Risk Assessment in China by Spatial Disaggregation Using Ancillary Remote Sensing Data pp. 17-30 Downloads
Jidong Wu, Ying Li, Ning Li and Peijun Shi
Resilience Analysis of Countries under Disasters Based on Multisource Data pp. 31-42 Downloads
Nan Zhang and Hong Huang
Public Perception of Uncertainties Within Climate Change Science pp. 43-55 Downloads
Vivianne H. M. Visschers
Industrial Safety and Utopia: Insights from the Fukushima Daiichi Accident pp. 56-70 Downloads
Sébastien Travadel, Franck Guarnieri and Aurélien Portelli
Public Understanding of Ebola Risks: Mastering an Unfamiliar Threat pp. 71-83 Downloads
Baruch Fischhoff, Gabrielle Wong†Parodi, Dana Rose Garfin, E. Alison Holman and Roxane Cohen Silver
Risk Modeling of Interdependent Complex Systems of Systems: Theory and Practice pp. 84-98 Downloads
Yacov Y. Haimes
How to Design Rating Schemes of Risk Matrices: A Sequential Updating Approach pp. 99-117 Downloads
Jianping Li, Chunbing Bao and Dengsheng Wu
Modeling Precheck Parallel Screening Process in the Face of Strategic Applicants with Incomplete Information and Screening Errors pp. 118-133 Downloads
Cen Song and Jun Zhuang
Evaluating the Benefits of Adaptation of Critical Infrastructures to Hydrometeorological Risks pp. 134-150 Downloads
Scott Thacker, Scott Kelly, Raghav Pant and Jim W. Hall
Assessing the Likelihood and Magnitude of a Population Health Benefit Following the Market Introduction of a Modified†Risk Tobacco Product: Enhancements to the Dynamic Population Modeler, DPM(+1) pp. 151-162 Downloads
Annette M. Bachand, Sandra I. Sulsky and Geoffrey M. Curtin
Integrated Uncertainty Analysis for Ambient Pollutant Health Risk Assessment: A Case Study of Ozone Mortality Risk pp. 163-176 Downloads
Anne E. Smith and Garrett Glasgow
Bias†Corrected Estimation in Continuous Sampling Plans pp. 177-193 Downloads
Geoffrey Decrouez and Andrew Robinson
Incremental Sampling Methodology: Applications for Background Screening Assessments pp. 194-209 Downloads
Penelope S. Pooler, Philip E. Goodrum, Deana Crumbling, Leah D. Stuchal and Stephen M. Roberts
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Michael R. Greenberg
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