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394: Firm Size Distribution and Growth Downloads
Patrizio Pagano and Fabiano Schivardi
393: The Stability of the Relation between the Stock Market and Macroeconomic Forces Downloads
Fabio Panetta
392: Unobserved Factor Utilization, Technology Shocks and Business Cycles Downloads
Domenico J. Marchetti and Francesco Nucci
391: Expectations and information in second generation currency crises models Downloads
Massimo Sbracia and Andrea Zaghini
390: Disuguaglianza dei redditi individuali e ruolo della famiglia in Italia Downloads
Giovanni D'Alessio and Luigi Federico Signorini
389: The monetary transmission mechanism; evidence from the industries of five OECD countries Downloads
Luca Dedola and Francesco Lippi
388: La "credit view" in economia aperta: un�applicazione al caso italiano Downloads
Paolo Chiades and Leonardo Gambacorta
387: The multimarket contacts theory; an application to Italian banks Downloads
Riccardo De Bonis and Annalisa Ferrando
386: Revisiting the Case for a Populist Central Banker Downloads
Francesco Lippi
385: Testing for Stochastic Trends in Series with Structural Breaks Downloads
Fabio Busetti
384: Will a Common European Monetary Policy Have Asymmetric Effects? Downloads
Luigi Guiso, Anil Kashyap, Fabio Panetta and Daniele Terlizzese
383: (Fractional) Beta Convergence Downloads
Claudio Michelacci and Paolo Zaffaroni
382: Endogenous Growth with Intertemporally Dependent Preferences Downloads
Giuseppe Ferraguto and Patrizio Pagano
381: The Determinants of Cross-Border Bank Shareholdings; an Analysis with Bank-Level Data from OECD Countries Downloads
Dario Focarelli and Alberto Pozzolo
380: Bank Competition and Regulatory Reform: The Case of the Italian Banking Industry Downloads
Paolo Angelini and Nicola Cetorelli
379: Promise and Pitfalls in the Use of 'Secondary' Data-Sets: Income Inequality in OECD Countries Downloads
Anthony Atkinson and Andrea Brandolini
378: Stock Values and Fundamentals; Link or Irrationality? Downloads
Fabio Fornari and Marcello Pericoli
377: The Italian Business Cycle; Coincident and Leading Indicators and Some Stylized Facts Downloads
Filippo Altissimo, Domenico J. Marchetti and Gian Paolo Oneto
376: Do Better Institutions Mitigate Agency Problems? Evidence from Corporate Finance Choices Downloads
Mariassunta Giannetti
375: EMU fiscal rules: Is there a gap? Downloads
Fabrizio Balassone and Daniela Monacelli
374: Strategic Monetary Policy with Non-Atomistic Wage-Setters Downloads
Francesco Lippi
373: Tassazione e costo del lavoro nei paesi industriali Downloads
Maria Rosaria Marino and Roberto Rinaldi
372: Investment and Growth in Europe and in the United States in the Nineties Downloads
Paola Caselli, Patrizio Pagano and Fabiano Schivardi
371: The Seasonal Adjustment of the harmonised Index of Consumer Prices for the Euro Area: a Comparison of Direct and Indirect Methods Downloads
Riccardo Cristadoro and Roberto Sabbatini
370: Forecasting Industrial Production in the Euro Area Downloads
Giorgio Bodo, Roberto Golinelli and Giuseppe Parigi
369: Banking System, International Investors and Central Bank Policy in Emerging Markets Downloads
Mariassunta Giannetti
368: Information Spillovers and Factor Adjustment Downloads
Luigi Guiso and Fabiano Schivardi
367: An Investment-Function-Based Measure of Capacity Utilisation. Potential Output and Utilised Capacity in the Bank of Italy's Quarterly Model Downloads
Giuseppe Parigi and Stefano Siviero
366: On the Mechanics of Migration Decisions; Skill Complementarities and Endogenous Price Differentials Downloads
Mariassunta Giannetti
365: Labor Markets and Monetary Union; a Strategic Analysis Downloads
Alex Cukierman and Francesco Lippi
364: Rigidity in the labour market, unemployment and growth Downloads
Fabiano Schivardi
363: The transmission of monetary policy shocks in Italy Downloads
Eugenio Gaiotti
362: Markup and the Business Cycle: Evidence from Italian Manufacturing Branches Downloads
Domenica J. Marchetti
361: Why Do Banks Merge? Downloads
Dario Focarelli, Fabio Panetta and Carmelo Salleo
360: The cost and availability of credit for firms in industrial districts Downloads
Paolo Finaldi Russo and Paola Rossi
359: Does Market Transparency Matter? a Case Study Downloads
Antonio Scalia and Valerio Vacca
358: The Impact of News on the Exchange Rate of the Lira and Long-Term Interest Rates Downloads
Fabio Fornari, Carlo Monticelli, Marcello Pericoli and Massimo Tivegna
357: Are model-based inflation forecasts used in monetary policymaking? A case study Downloads
Stefano Siviero, Daniele Terlizzese and Ignazio Visco
356: What is the Optimal Institutional Arrangement for a Monetary Union? Downloads
Leonardo Gambacorta
355: The economyc policy of fiscal consolidations: The european experience Downloads
Andrea Zaghini
354: How deep are the deep parameters? Downloads
Filippo Altissimo, Stefano Siviero and Daniele Terlizzese
353: Is there an Equity Premium Puzzle in Italy? A Look at Asset Returns, Consumption and Financial Structure Data over the Last Century Downloads
Fabio Panetta and Roberto Violi
352: Errors and omissions in the balance of payments, capital exports and the financial openness of Italy Downloads
Marco Committeri
351: Median Voter Preferences, Central Bank Independence and Conservatism Downloads
Francesco Lippi
350: The Distribution of Personal Income in Post-War Italy: Source Description, Data Quality, and the Time Pattern of Income Inequality Downloads
Andrea Brandolini
349: The economic effects of the new rules for the taxation of income from financial investment Downloads
Riccardo Cesari
348: Atypical working hours in Italy: an analysis based on Istat�s survey on the use of time Downloads
Roberto Torrini
347: Industrial District and Local Banks: Do the Twins Ever Meet? Downloads
Alberto Baffigi, Marcello Pagnini and Fabio Quintiliani
346: A homogeneous reconstruction of regional data: household accounts and disposable income, 1970-1995 Downloads
Pierpaolo Berrettoni, Roberto Delogu, Carmine Pappalardo and Paolo Piselli
345: Reallocation and Learning over the Business Cycle Downloads
Fabiano Schivardi
344: Investment and the Exchange Rate Downloads
Francesco Nucci and Alberto Pozzolo
343: What Caused the Asian Currency and Financial Crisis? Downloads
Giancarlo Corsetti, Paolo Pesenti and Nouriel Roubini
342: Energy Consumption, Survey Data and the Prediction of Industrial Production in Italy Downloads
Domenico J. Marchetti and Giuseppe Parigi
341: "Enemy of None but a Common Friend of All"? An International Perspective on the Lender-of-Last-Resort Function Downloads
Curzio Giannini
340: Heterogeneous "Credit Channels" and Optimal Monetary Policy in a Monetary Union Downloads
Leonardo Gambacorta
339: The Probability Density Function of Interest Rates Implied in the Price of Options Downloads
Fabio Fornari and Roberto Violi
338: Nonlinear VAR: Some Theory and an Application to US GNP and Unemployment Downloads
Filippo Altissimo and Giovanni Luca VIolante
337: Foreign direct investment and trade: complements or substitutes? Downloads
Alessandra Mori and Valeria Rolli
336: Fiscal Consolidations under Fixed Exchange Rates Downloads
Paola Casell
335: Signaling Fiscal Regime Sustainability Downloads
Francesco Drudi and Alessandro Prati
334: Budgetary policy in the countries of the European Union in the 1990s Downloads
Paola Caselli and Roberto Rinaldi
333: The demand for bank loans in Italy at national and macro-regional level (1984-96) Downloads
Dario Focarelli and Paola Rossi
332: Central Bank Independence, Centralization of Wage Bargaining, Inflation and Unemployment: Theory and Evidence Downloads
Alex Cukierman and Francesco Lippi
331: Research and Development, Regional Spillovers, and the Location of Economic Activities Downloads
Alberto Pozzolo
330: The problem of increasing fragility in the “financial instability hypothesis” from a Kaleckian perspective Downloads
Gennaro Corbisiero
329: Results and problems of five years of incomes policy: an initial quantitative evaluation Downloads
Silvia Fabiani, Alberto Locarno, Gianpaolo Oneto and Paolo Sestito
328: The Behaviour of the Dollar and Exchange Rates in Europe: Empirical Evidence and Possible Explanations Downloads
Paolo del Giovane and Alberto Pozzolo
327: International Risk Sharing and European Monetary Unification Downloads
Bent E. S�rensen and Oved Yosha
326: Adverse Selection of Investment Projects and the Business Cycle Downloads
Pietro Reichlin and Paolo Siconolfi
325: Style, Fees and Performance of Italian Equity Funds Downloads
Riccardo Cesari and Fabio Panetta
317: Sensitivity of VaR measures to different risk models Downloads
Francesco Drudi, Andrea Generale and Giovanni Majnoni
315: Tassi bancari attivi e struttura finanziaria in Italia: un'analisi empirica Downloads
Carlo Cottarelli, Giovanni Ferri and Andrea Generale
265: Il recupero dei crediti: costi, tempi e comportamenti delle banche Downloads
Andrea Generale and Giorgio Gobbi
231: Un’analisi empirica della relazione tra tassi del mercato interno e dell’eurolira Downloads
Chiara Bentivogli and Andrea Generale
227: Un’analisi empirica della relazione tra tassi del mercato interno e dell’eurolira Downloads
Giovanni Ferri and Andrea Generale
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