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17-1: Towards Deeper Integration Among China, Japan and Korea Downloads
Bo Young Choi and Seo Young Lee
16-13: 중국 지역별 창업 생태계 분석 및 시사점: 청두, 우한을 중심으로 (Analysis of the Chinese Regional Startup Eco-System and its Implications: With a Focus on Chengdu and Wuhan) Downloads
Jonghyuk Oh, Jinhee Pak and Hongwon Kim
16-12: 대북제재로 인한 북·중 접경지역에서의 무역 거래관행 변화 분석 (Analyzing the Changes in Trading Practices in North Korea-China Border Region Due to North Korea Sanctions) Downloads
Jung-kyun Rhee, Junyoung Kim, So Jeong Im, Guo-shan An and Mitsuhiro Mimura
16-11: 한국의 비관세조치 현황 분석: 비관세조치 식별 DB구축을 중심으로 (An Analysis of Korea's Non-tariff Measures: Focused on Data Collection and Classification) Downloads
Jong Duk Kim, Bo Young Choi, Jun Hyun Eom and Min-Chirl Chung
16-10: 일본 전자상거래 시장 현황 분석 및 정책 시사점 (An Analysis on Japan's E-Commerce Market and Its Policy Implications) Downloads
Hyong-Kun Lee
16-9: 동북아 초국경 인프라 개발과 재원조달: 중국 동북지역을 중심으로 (Cross-Border Projects and Financial Cooperation in the Northeast Asia: Focusing on the Northeastern Chinese Province ) Downloads
Jangho Choi, Junyoung Kim and Boram Lee
16-8: WTO SPS 분쟁 사례 연구 (Study of WTO SPS Disputes) Downloads
Minji Kang
16-7: 원화 국제화를 위한 국내 제도개선 방안 (Institutional Requirements for the Internationalization of the Korean Won) Downloads
Jang Yung Lee
16-6: 2000년대 이후 중국의 대북투자 추정 (Estimation of China's Investments on North Korea after 2000s) Downloads
Sooho Lim, Junyoung Kim and Seokki Hong
16-5: 우크라이나 위기 발발 이후 러시아 경제상황 변화와 정책 시사점 (A Study on Changes in the Russian Economy Following the Outbreak of the Ukrainian Crisis and Its Implications ) Downloads
Joungho Park, Weon-Yong Sung and Boogyun Kang
16-4: Mega FTA 대응전략 연구: TBT 협정을 중심으로 (Study on the Strategies for Mega FTAs: A Comparative Analysis of TBT Chapters of Korea's FTAs) Downloads
Saebyul Yoo
16-3: 신흥국 건설시장 진출 관련 국가 리스크와 대응 방안 (Country Risk Management for Construction Projects in Emerging Countries) Downloads
Jun Hyun Eom, Sung Hyun Son and Ka Woen Gwun
16-2: 주요국의 대베트남 진출전략과 시사점 (Overseas Expansion Strategy of Major Countries’ Firms Toward Viet Nam and the Implications for Korea) Downloads
Sungil Kwak and Jae-Ho Lee
16-1: 한국 중소기업의 글로벌 가치사슬 진입전략 및 정책적 시사점 연구 (Strategies for Korean Small and Medium Enterprises’ Participation in Global Value Chains and Policy Implications) Downloads
Zukweon Kim
15-12: 국제사회의 재생에너지 사업 자금 조달 현황과 시사점 (Catalyzing Investment for Renewable Energy in Developing Countries: Experiences and Future Tasks) Downloads
Jin-Young Moon, Jihei Song and Seojin Lee
15-11: 아시아 취약국 ODA 지원전략과 CPS 개선방향 (Study on Korea's ODA for Fragile States in Asia) Downloads
Yul Kwon, Sang Mi Lee and Aila Yoo
15-6: 남아시아 국가 간 주요 경제지표 연관성과 시사점 (Co-movement of Key Economic Indicators Among South Asian Countries) Downloads
Woong Lee and Jung Mi Lee
15-5: 인도 경상수지 적자의 장단기 요인과 시사점 (Short- and Long-Term Causes of Current Account Deficit in India and its Implications) Downloads
Woong Lee
15-4: 이스라엘의 기술창업 지원정책과 한-이스라엘 협력 확대방안 (Israeli Hightech Startup Promotion Policies and Bilateral Cooperation between Korea and Israel) Downloads
Kwon Hyung Lee, Sung Hyun Son and Yun Hee Jang
15-3: The Effect of Changes in the U.S. Monetary Policy on China's Capital Market Stability and Trade between China and Korea Downloads
Jianhua Gang, Zongxin Qian, Chao Zhang and Jiarui Zhang
15-2: 북한 경제개혁의 재평가와 전망: 선군경제노선과의 연관성을 중심으로 (A Reassessment and Prospect of Economic Reform in North Korea: Focus on the Connection with Military-First Economic Policy) Downloads
Sooho Lim, Yoojeong Choi and Seokki Hong
15-1: 중국의 내수용 수입구조 변화와 한국의 대응 (The Structural Changes in China's Import Market for Domestic Demand and its Implications for Korea) Downloads
Jihyun Jung and Furong Jin
14-13: 마그레브 지역의 ICT 산업 동향 및 시사점: 모로코・튀니지를 중심으로 (Industrial Development in the Maghreb ICT Sector and Its Policy Implications: With a Focus on Morocco and Tunisia) Downloads
Kwon Hyung Lee, Jong-Moon Jang, Sung Hyun Son and Tae-Eung Sung
14-12: 한국의 대중남미 수출부진요인 분석과 과제 (The Factors of Underperformance of Korea's Exports to Latin America and Policy Implications) Downloads
Ki-Su Kwon and Misook Park
14-11: 인도 문화산업의 경쟁력 분석과 한·인도 협력방안: 방송·영화·애니메이션을 중심으로(Competitiveness of India's Cultural Industry and Korea-India Cooperation -- Focus on Broadcasting, Film and Animation) Downloads
Yoon-Jung Choi and Jung Mi Lee
14-9: 도시의 기후변화 대응을 위한 개발협력: 논의 동향 및 시사점 (International Development Cooperation for Urban Response to Climate Change: Issues and Implications) Downloads
Jione Jung and Jihei Song
14-8: Aid for Trade: 현황과 주요 이슈 (Recent Trends and Major Issues in Aid for Trade) Downloads
Jione Jung and Aila Yoo
14-7: 미국 하원의 통상정책 결정요인과 시사점 (U.S. Congressional Trade Votes: Panel Analysis) Downloads
Hee-Chae Ko and Horag Choi
14-6: 북극이사회의 정책동향과 시사점 (A Study on the Governance of Arctic Council and its Implications for Korea) Downloads
Jin-Young Moon, Yun-ok Kim and Hyun-Kyo Seo
14-5: 개성공단의 국제경쟁력 강화방안 연구 (Study on the Strategies for the Enhancement of International Competitiveness of the Kaesong Industrial Complex) Downloads
Seung Kwon Na and Yi Kyung Hong
14-4: 중국의 지식산업화 분석과 시사점:대학과 중국과학원의 특허 라이선싱을 중심으 (Analysis of Chinese Knowledge Industrialization and its Implication: Focus On Patent Licensing of the University and Chinese Academy of Sciences) Downloads
Hyun Jung Park and Hyo-jin Lee
14-3: 주요 기간산업 관련 WTO 보조금 분쟁 연구 (Analysis of WTO Subsidy Disputes Involving Major Basic Industries) Downloads
Hyo-young Lee and Jun Hyun Eom
14-2: 통상협상에서 Mode 4 논의 동향 및 대응방향 (Mode 4 Issues in the Trade Negotiations: Progress and Policy Implications for Korea) Downloads
Jungu Kang
14-1: 중국 서부지역 It제조 클러스터 분석 및 시사점: 충칭(重慶)시,청두(成都)시, 시안(西安)시를 중심으로 (Comparative Analysis of Chinese Western IT Manufacturing Cluster and its Implications: With Focus on the Chongqing, Chengdu, Xi’An) Downloads
Jonghyuk Oh and Hyun Jung Park
13-44: 미얀마의 개발과제와 한-미얀마 개발협력방향 (Myanmar: Development Challenges and Opportunities) Downloads
Yoon Ah Oh and Na Ri Park
13-43: 국제사회의 기후변화 대응 역량개발 지원 현황과 시사점 (International Support for Climate Change Capacity Development and Policy Implications for Korea) Downloads
Jione Jung and Jihei Song
13-42: 금융포용과 마이크로파이낸스: ODA 지원사례 및 빈곤감소 효과분석을 중심으로 (Microfinance and Financial Inclusion: Focusing on the Analysis of ODA Support Cases and Poverty Reduction Effects) Downloads
Sungil Kwak and JuYoung Lee
13-41: ODA 국별 성과관리체제 및 평가방법에 관한 연구 (Country Results Management and Country Evaluation: Approaches, Donor Practices and Implications for South Korea) Downloads
Jisun Jeong and Tae Hyun Oh
13-40: 원조예측성 강화를 위한 Oda 예산제도 연구: 호주사례를 중심으로 (A Study on Aid Predictability: Focusing on Multi-Year Rolling Planning and Budgeting Framework) Downloads
Yul Kwon and Juyoung Lee
13-28: 주요국의 창조산업 해외진출전략과 시사점 (Creative Industries' Export and Internationalization Strategies of Selected Countries and Their Policy Implications) Downloads
Jeong-Gon Kim and Eunji Kim
13-27: 신흥국의 국가리스크 비교분석 및 시사점 (Comparative Analysis and Implications of Developing Country Risk) Downloads
Jin-Young Moon, Yun-ok Kim and Minyoung Lee
13-26: 국제사회의 대이란 경제제재 이후 중·이란 관계 동향 및 시사점 (China and Iran: Current Relations and Implications) Downloads
Philip Pilsoo Choi, Minkyung Lim and Jaeeun Park
13-25: 주요국의 대아프리카 환경 ODA 공여정책과 결정요인 분석 및 시사점 (Environmental ODA to Africa: Policies, Determinants and Implications) Downloads
Sungil Kwak and Hyelin Jeon
13-24: 태평양 동맹의 발전 전망과 시사점 (Prospects and Implications of the Pacific Alliance) Downloads
Taekyoon Lim and Siun Yi
13-23: 키르기스스탄 광산업 투자환경의 변화와 시사점 (The Investment Environment Changes in the Mining Industry of the Kyrgyz Republic and Implications) Downloads
Jinhong Joo
13-22: 한·벨라루스 Ict산업 협력방안 (Toward Korea-Belarus Cooperation in the ICT Sector) Downloads
Jiyoung Min
13-21: 3기 푸틴 정부의 ‘대외정책개념’과 정책적 시사점 (Third-Term Putin Government's ‘Concept of Foreign Policy’ and Korea-Russia Cooperation) Downloads
Sung Hoon Jeh and Boogyun Kang
13-20: 러시아의 북극개발전략과 한·러 협력의 새로운 가능성 (Russian Arctic Development Strategy and New Possibility for Korea-Russia Cooperation) Downloads
Sung Hoon Jeh and Jiyoung Min
13-19: 한·인도 수교 40주년: 투자 부문 성과와 과제 (The 40th Anniversary of Korea-India Amity: Evaluation and Prospects for Investment Cooperation) Downloads
Choong Jae Cho and Yoon-Jung Choi
13-18: 한·인도 수교 40주년: 교역 부문 성과와 과제 (The 40 Year Anniversary of Korea-India Amity: Evaluation and Prospects of Trade Sector) Downloads
Woong Lee, Young Chul Song and Jung Mi Lee
13-17: 중ㆍASEAN 분업구조 및 결정요인 분석 (Trade Patterns and Determinants of Vertical and Horizontal Intra-Industry Trade between ASEAN and China) Downloads
Jae Wan Cheong and Ho-Kyung Bang
13-16: 필리핀 경제의 구조적 문제점과 한국-필리핀 경제 협력 방향 (The High Growth Economy of the Philippines and its Implications) Downloads
Yoon Ah Oh and Mingeum Shin
13-15: 비이슬람 국가의 이슬람 금융 정책과 시사점: 영국, 싱가포르. 일본의 사례 (The Policy and Implications of Islamic Finance in Non-Islamic States: Cases of the UK, Singapore, and Japan) Downloads
Daechang Kang, Sung Hyun Son and Young Kyoung Suh
13-14: 인도네시아 공공민간협력제도의 구조와 정책적 시사점 (The Structure and Policy Implications of Indonesian Public-Private Partnership) Downloads
Daechang Kang and Yoomi Kim
13-13: 한국의 기체결 FTA 서비스 및 투자 협정문 분석- 한-미 Fta와 한-EU FTA를 중심으로 (Analysis on the Service and Investment Chapters of Korea's FTAs: A Comparative Analysis of the Korea-US FTA vs. The Korea-EU FTA) Downloads
Jong Duk Kim and Jun Hyun Eom
13-12: 한·중·일 3국 IT 서비스산업의 비교우위 검토: 생산성 분석을 중심으로 (A Review on a Comparative Advantage in IT Service Sector Among Korea-China-Japan: Focusing on Productivity Analysis) Downloads
Seung Kwon Na, Ho-Kyung Bang and Boram Lee
13-11: 북·중 관광협력의 현황과 시사점 (Cooperation between North Korea and China in Tourism and Policy Implication) Downloads
Jiyeon Kim, Philip Pilsoo Choi, Minkyung Lim and Seung Kwon Na
13-10: 국제행사타당성조사 일반지침 수립을 위한 방법론 연구 (Methods for Evaluating International Expositions in Korea) Downloads
Heung Chong Kim, Sung Chun Jung, Taeyoon Kim, Sungil Kwak, Hyong-Kun Lee and Hyun Jean Lee
13-9: 한·러 비자면제협정 체결의 경제적 효과와 활용 방안 (The Economic Impact and Application Plan of the Visa-Free Regime between Korea and Russia) Downloads
Yeo-Cheon Jeong, Soonchan Park and Boogyun Kang
13-8: 중국 농촌 소비시장 특징과 진출방안: 베이징시 근교를 중심으로 (China's Rural Consumption Market: With Focus on the Suburbs of Beijing) Downloads
Furong Jin and Jonghyuk Oh
13-7: 한·캐나다 수교 50주년: 경제협력 성과와 과제 (50 Years of Korea-Canada Relations: Achievements in Economic Cooperation and Tasks Ahead) Downloads
Hee-Chae Ko and Jonghyuk Kim
13-6: 상하이 시 문화산업 현황과 시사점 (Culture Industry in Shanghai: The Current Snapshot, Industrial Policies, and the Implications to Korea) Downloads
Su Yeon No and Jooyoung Kwak
13-5: 한·중·일 3국 환경상품 교역의 특성: 경쟁력 패턴분석을 중심으로 (Characteristics of the Environment Trilateral --Trilateral Merchandise Trade: Focusing on the Competitive Pattern Analysis Downloads
Ho-Kyung Bang, Seung Kwon Na and Boram Lee
13-4: 북·중 접경지역 경제교류 실태와 거래관행 분석 (Economic Cooperation and Practices of Economic Transactions in Border Areas of North Korea and China) Downloads
Jong-Woon Lee and Yi Kyung Hong
13-3: 중국 진출 한국기업의 유턴 유형화 및 유턴정책 개선방안 (Reshoring Pattern-Analysis of China Based Korean Firms and Its Policy Implications) Downloads
Minkyung Lim and Jina Yeo
13-2: 중국 토지공급체계의변화와 개혁과제 (China's Land Supply System and its Reform) Downloads
Pil Soo Choi and Sungchan Cho
13-1: APEC 환경상품 논의동향과 한국의 대응방안: 2012 환경상품 리스트를 중심으로 (APEC Discussions on Environmental Goods and its Policy Implications for Korea) Downloads
Kyong Su Lim and Hyeri Park
12-5: Issues on Development Aid: European Perspective Downloads
Deok Ryong Yoon
12-4: Korea-Japan Economic Cooperation Amid a New East Asian Integration Downloads
Sung Chun Jung and Choong Yong Ahn
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