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2008: Offshore Hedge Funds: Survival & Performance 1989-1995 Downloads
Stephen Brown, William Goetzmann and Roger Ibbotson
2008: Human Capital, Asset Allocation, and Life Insurance Downloads
Roger Ibbotson, Peng Chen, Moshe Milevsky and Xingnong Zhu
2008: Does Skin in the Game Matter? Director Incentives and Governance in the Mutual Fund Industry Downloads
Martijn Cremers, Joost Driessen, Pascal Maenhout and David Weinbaum
2008: Markets for Attention: Will Postage for Email Help? Downloads
Shyam Sunder, Matthew Cronin, Darrin Filer, Robert Kraut, James Morris, Rahul Telang and Proceedings The
2008: The Euro is Good After All: Corporate Evidence Downloads
Arturo Bris, Yrjö Koskinen and Mattias Nilsson
2008: Corporate Leverage And Currency Crises Downloads
Arturo Bris and Yrjö Koskinen
2008: The Fundamentals of Commodity Futures Returns Downloads
Gary Gorton, Fumio Hayashi and K. Rouwenhorst
2008: Corporate Financial Policies and Performance Around Currency Crises Downloads
Arturo Bris, Yrjö Koskinen and Vicente Pons-Sanz
2008: Fooling Some of the People All of the Time: The Inefficient Performance and Persistence of Commodity Trading Advisors Downloads
Geetesh Bhardwaj, Gary Gorton and K. Rouwenhorst
2008: Measuring Prices and Price Competition Online: Amazon and Barnes and Noble Downloads
Austan Goolsbee and Judith Chevalier
2008: The Subprime Panic Downloads
Gary Gorton
2008: Why Do Demand Curves for Stocks Slope Down? Downloads
Antti Petajisto
2008: A Textbook Example of International Price Discrimination Downloads
Christos Cabolis, Sofronis Clerides, Ioannis Ioannou and Daniel Senft
2008: The Panic of 2007 Downloads
Gary Gorton
2008: The Role of Beta and Size in the Cross-Section of European Stock Returns Downloads
Steven Heston, K. Rouwenhorst and Roberto Wessels
2008: Dynamic Competition, Innovation and Strategic Financing Downloads
Matthew Spiegel and Heather Tookes
2008: Why Does the Law of One Price Fail? An Experiment on Index Mutual Funds Downloads
James Choi, David Laibson and Brigitte Madrian
2008: Turning Over Turnover Downloads
Martijn Cremers and Jianping Mei
2008: Natural Selection in Financial Markets: Does it Work? Downloads
Hongjun Yan
2008: The Open-End Japanese Mutual Fund Puzzle Downloads
Stephen Brown, William Goetzmann, Takato Hiraki, Toshiyuki Otsuki and Noriyoshi Shiraishi
2008: Positive Portfolio Factors Downloads
Stephen Brown, William Goetzmann and Mark Grinblatt
2008: The Dow Theory: William Peter Hamilton's Track Record Re-Considered Downloads
Stephen Brown, William Goetzmann and Alok Kumar
2008: Hedge Funds and the Asian Currency Crisis of 1997 Downloads
Stephen Brown, William Goetzmann and James Park
2008: Conditions for Survival: Changing Risk and the Performance of Hedge Fund Managers and CTAs Downloads
Stephen Brown, William Goetzmann and James Park
2008: Investor Sentiment in Japanese and U.S. Daily Mutual Fund Flows Downloads
Stephen Brown, William Goetzmann, Takato Hiraki, Noriyoshi Shiraishi and Masahiro Watanabe
2008: Hedge Funds With Style Downloads
Stephen Brown and William Goetzmann
2008: Double Auction Dynamics: Structural Effects of Non-binding Price Controls Downloads
Dhananjay K. and Shyam Sunder
2008: Social Identity and Preferences Downloads
Daniel Benjamin, James Choi and A. Strickland
2008: Convergence of Double Auctions to Pareto Optimal Allocations in the Edgeworth Box Downloads
Dhananjay K., Shyam Sunder and Stephen Spear
2008: How are Preferences Revealed? Downloads
John Beshears, James Choi, David Laibson and Brigitte Madrian
2008: Safety First Portfolio Insurance Downloads
Mark Broadie and William Goetzmann
2008: International Momentum Strategies Downloads
K. Rouwenhorst
2008: Tax Expense Surprises and Future Returns Downloads
Jacob Thomas and Frank Zhang
2008: Long-Term Global Market Correlations Downloads
William Goetzmann, Lingfeng Li and K. Rouwenhorst
2008: Institutional Investors and Proxy Voting: The Impact of the 2003 Mutual Fund Voting Disclosure Regulation Downloads
Martijn Cremers and Roberta Romano
2008: The Flypaper Effect in Individual Investor Asset Allocation Downloads
James Choi, David Laibson and Brigitte Madrian
2008: Estimating Exchange Rate Equations Using Estimated Expectations Downloads
Ray Fair
2008: The Origins of Mutual Funds Downloads
K. Rouwenhorst
2008: Simplification and Saving Downloads
John Beshears, James Choi, David Laibson and Brigitte Madrian
2008: Estimating Term Structure Equations Using Macroeconomic Variables Downloads
Ray Fair
2007: Understanding Recent Trends in House Prices and Home Ownership Downloads
Robert Shiller
2007: Non-Monotonicity of the Tversky-Kahneman Probability-Weighting Function: A Cautionary Note Downloads
Jonathan Ingersoll
2007: Low Interest Rates and High Asset Prices: An Interpretation in Terms of Changing Popular Economic Models Downloads
Robert Shiller
2007: Takeover Defenses and Competition Downloads
Martijn Cremers, Vinay Nair and Urs Peyer
2007: Accounting: Labor, Capital and Product Markets Downloads
Shyam Sunder
2007: Auditor Liability Reforms in the UK and the US: A Comparative Review Downloads
Tim Bush, Shyam Sunder and Stella Fearnley
2007: Uniform Financial Reporting Standards: Reconsidering the Top-Down Push Downloads
Shyam Sunder
2007: Economizing Principle in Accounting Research Downloads
Shyam Sunder
2007: Takeovers and the Cross-Section of Returns Downloads
Martijn Cremers, Vinay Nair and Kose John
2007: Testing for a New Economy in the 1990s Downloads
Ray Fair
2007: Risk Aversion and Stock Prices Downloads
Ray Fair
2007: Bootstrapping Macroeconometric Models Downloads
Ray Fair
2007: Estimates of the Effectiveness of Monetary Policy Downloads
Ray Fair
2007: Interpreting the Predictive Uncertainty of Elections Downloads
Ray Fair, Cowles Discussion and Yale Working
2007: A Comparison of Five Federal Reserve Chairmen: Was Greenspan the Best? Downloads
Ray Fair
2007: On Modeling the Effects of Inflation Shocks Downloads
Ray Fair
2007: Evaluating Inflation Targeting Using a Macroeconometric Model Downloads
Ray Fair
2007: Estimated Age Effects in Athletic Events and Chess Downloads
Ray Fair
2007: Branch Rickey's Equation Fifty Years Later Downloads
Ray Fair and Danielle Catambay
2007: College Football Rankings and Market Efficiency Downloads
Ray Fair and John Oster
2007: Financing the Civil War: The Confederacy's Financial Strategy Downloads
Rose Razaghian
2007: Collateralized Debt Obligations and Credit Risk Transfer Downloads
Douglas Lucas, Laurie Goodman and Frank Fabozzi
2007: Securitization: The Tool of Financial Transformation Downloads
Frank Fabozzi and Vinod Kothari
2007: Regulation, Competition and Independence in a Certification Society: Financial Reports Vs. Baseball Cards Downloads
Shyam Sunder and Karim Jamal
2007: Prospect Theory, Mental Accounting, and Momentum Downloads
Mark Grinblatt and Bing Han
2007: Bonds or Loans? The Effect of Macroeconomic Fundamentals Downloads
Galina Hale
2007: Presidential and Congressional Vote-Share Equations Downloads
Ray Fair
2007: Price Bubbles Sans Dividend Anchors: Evidence from Laboratory Stock Markets Downloads
Shin'ichi Hirota and Shyam Sunder
2007: Commodity Futures: A Japanese Perspective Downloads
Gary Gorton, Fumio Hayashi and K. Rouwenhorst
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