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Volume 104, issue 1, 2017

Erratum: On falsification of the binary instrumental variable model pp. e1-e1 Downloads
Linbo Wang, James M. Robins and Thomas S. Richardson
Should annual maximum temperatures follow a generalized extreme value distribution? pp. 1-16 Downloads
M. L. Stein
Erratum: Testing for high-dimensional white noise using maximum cross-correlations pp. e2-e2 Downloads
Jinyuan Chang, Qiwei Yao and Wen Zhou
Case-cohort studies with interval-censored failure time data pp. 17-29 Downloads
Q. Zhou, H. Zhou and J. Cai
Inference in a survival cure model with mismeasured covariates using a simulation-extrapolation approach pp. 31-50 Downloads
Aurelie Bertrand, Catherine Legrand, Raymond J. Carroll, Christophe de Meester and Ingrid Van Keilegom
On estimating regression-based causal effects using sufficient dimension reduction pp. 51-65 Downloads
Wei Luo, Yeying Zhu and Debashis Ghosh
Principal weighted support vector machines for sufficient dimension reduction in binary classification pp. 67-81 Downloads
Seung Jun Shin, Yichao Wu, Hao Helen Zhang and Yufeng Liu
Regression modelling on stratified data with the lasso pp. 83-96 Downloads
E. Ollier and V. Viallon
Selective factor extraction in high dimensions pp. 97-110 Downloads
Yiyuan She
Testing for high-dimensional white noise using maximum cross-correlations pp. 111-127 Downloads
Jinyuan Chang, Qiwei Yao and Wen Zhou
Generalized R-squared for detecting dependence pp. 129-139 Downloads
X. Wang, B. Jiang and J. S. Liu
Density estimation in the two-sample problem with likelihood ratio ordering pp. 141-152 Downloads
Tao Yu, Pengfei Li and Jing Qin
On asymptotic validity of naive inference with an approximate likelihood pp. 153-164 Downloads
H. E. Ogden
On pseudolikelihood inference for semiparametric models with boundary problems pp. 165-179 Downloads
Y. Chen, J. Ning, Y. Ning, K.-Y. Liang and K. Bandeen-Roche
Roy’s largest root test under rank-one alternatives pp. 181-193 Downloads
I. M. Johnstone and B. Nadler
Design-based asymptotics for two-phase sampling strategies in environmental surveys pp. 195-205 Downloads
L. Fattorini, M. Marcheselli, C. Pisani and L. Pratelli
Itemwise conditionally independent nonresponse modelling for incomplete multivariate data pp. 207-220 Downloads
Mauricio Sadinle and Jerome P. Reiter
A note on multiple imputation under complex sampling pp. 221-228 Downloads
J. K. Kim and S. Yang
On falsification of the binary instrumental variable model pp. 229-236 Downloads
Linbo Wang, James M. Robins and Thomas S. Richardson
Modelling structured correlation matrices pp. 237-242 Downloads
Ruey S. Tsay and Mohsen Pourahmadi
Modified marginal expected shortfall under asymptotic dependence pp. 243-249 Downloads
J.-J. Cai, V. Chavez-Demoulin and A. Guillou

Volume 103, issue 4, 2016

Some pioneers of modern statistical theory: a personal reflection pp. 747-759 Downloads
D. R. Cox
Replicates in high dimensions, with applications to latent variable graphical models pp. 761-777 Downloads
Kean Ming Tan, Yang Ning, Daniela M. Witten and Han Liu
Approximating fragmented functional data by segments of Markov chains pp. 779-799 Downloads
A. Delaigle and P. Hall
Misclassified group-tested current status data pp. 801-815 Downloads
L. C. Petito and N. P. Jewell
Optimal stratification in outcome prediction using baseline information pp. 817-828 Downloads
Florence H. Yong, Lu Tian, Sheng Yu, Tianxi Cai and L. J. Wei
On inverse probability-weighted estimators in the presence of interference pp. 829-842 Downloads
L. Liu, M. G. Hudgens and S. Becker-Dreps
In-sample forecasting with local linear survival densities pp. 843-859 Downloads
M. Hiabu, E. Mammen, M. D. Martìnez-Miranda and J. P. Nielsen
Combining eigenvalues and variation of eigenvectors for order determination pp. 875-887 Downloads
Wei Luo and Bing Li
Nonnested model comparisons for time series pp. 905-914 Downloads
T. S. McElroy
Multivariate spatial covariance models: a conditional approach pp. 915-935 Downloads
Noel Cressie and Andrew Zammit-Mangion
The cylindrical $K$-function and Poisson line cluster point processes pp. 937-954 Downloads
Jesper Møller, Farzaneh Safavimanesh and Jakob Gulddahl Rasmussen
Default Bayesian analysis with global-local shrinkage priors pp. 955-969 Downloads
Anindya Bhadra, Jyotishka Datta, Nicholas G. Polson and Brandon Willard
Bayesian inference on quasi-sparse count data pp. 971-983 Downloads
Jyotishka Datta and David B. Dunson
A conditional Lindley paradox in Bayesian linear models pp. 993-999 Downloads
Agniva Som, Christopher M Hans and Steven N MacEachern

Volume 103, issue 3, 2016

Joint estimation of multiple dependent Gaussian graphical models with applications to mouse genomics pp. 493-511 Downloads
Yuying Xie, Yufeng Liu and William Valdar
On an additive partial correlation operator and nonparametric estimation of graphical models pp. 513-530 Downloads
Kuang-Yao Lee, Bing Li and Hongyu Zhao
The correlation space of Gaussian latent tree models and model selection without fitting pp. 531-545 Downloads
N. Shiers, P. Zwiernik, J. A. D. Aston and J. Q. Smith
Variable selection for case-cohort studies with failure time outcome pp. 547-562 Downloads
Ai Ni, Jianwen Cai and Donglin Zeng
A differential-geometric approach to generalized linear models with grouped predictors pp. 563-577 Downloads
Luigi Augugliaro, Angelo M. Mineo and Ernst C. Wit
Sparse envelope model: efficient estimation and response variable selection in multivariate linear regression pp. 579-593 Downloads
Z. Su, G. Zhu, X. Chen and Y. Yang
Indirect multivariate response linear regression pp. 595-607 Downloads
Aaron J. Molstad and Adam J. Rothman
An adaptive two-sample test for high-dimensional means pp. 609-624 Downloads
Gongjun Xu, Lifeng Lin, Peng Wei and Wei Pan
Accurate directional inference for vector parameters pp. 625-639 Downloads
D. A. S. Fraser, N. Reid and N. Sartori
Distribution of likelihood-based p-values under a local alternative hypothesis pp. 641-652 Downloads
Stephen M. S. Lee and G. Alastair Young
A theoretical study of Stein's covariance estimator pp. 653-666 Downloads
Bala Rajaratnam and Dario Vincenzi
A Bayesian view of doubly robust causal inference pp. 667-681 Downloads
O. Saarela, L. R. Belzile and D. A. Stephens
Intrinsic efficiency and multiple robustness in longitudinal studies with drop-out pp. 683-700 Downloads
Peisong Han
Particle Metropolis-adjusted Langevin algorithms pp. 701-717 Downloads
Christopher Nemeth, Chris Sherlock and Paul Fearnhead
On random- and systematic-scan samplers pp. 719-726 Downloads
C. Andrieu
Bootstrap-based testing of equality of mean functions or equality of covariance operators for functional data pp. 727-733 Downloads
E. Paparoditis and T. Sapatinas
A goodness-of-fit test for structural nested mean models pp. 734-741 Downloads
S. Yang and J. J. Lok
On the win-ratio statistic in clinical trials with multiple types of event pp. 742-745 Downloads
D. Oakes

Volume 103, issue 2, 2016

Maximum likelihood estimation for semiparametric transformation models with interval-censored data pp. 253-271 Downloads
Donglin Zeng, Lu Mao and D. Y. Lin
Nonparametric maximum likelihood estimation for the multisample Wicksell corpuscle problem pp. 273-286 Downloads
Kwun Chuen Gary Chan and Jing Qin
Regression analysis of networked data pp. 287-301 Downloads
Yan Zhou and Peter X.-K. Song
Exact simulation of max-stable processes pp. 303-317 Downloads
Clément Dombry, Sebastian Engelke and Marco Oesting
Data augmentation for models based on rejection sampling pp. 319-335 Downloads
Vinayak Rao, Lizhen Lin and David B. Dunson
Exponential tilting in Bayesian asymptotics pp. 337-349 Downloads
S. A. Kharroubi and T. J. Sweeting
Partial least squares for dependent data pp. 351-362 Downloads
Marco Singer, Tatyana Krivobokova, Axel Munk and Bert de Groot
Skew-normal antedependence models for skewed longitudinal data pp. 363-376 Downloads
Shu-Ching Chang and Dale L. Zimmerman
A pairwise interaction model for multivariate functional and longitudinal data pp. 377-396 Downloads
Jeng-Min Chiou and Hans-Georg Müller
On exchangeable multinomial distributions pp. 397-408 Downloads
E. Olusegun George, Kyeongmi Cheon, Yilian Yuan and Aniko Szabo
A pairwise likelihood-based approach for changepoint detection in multivariate time series models pp. 409-421 Downloads
Ting Fung Ma and Chun Yip Yau
Nonparametric identification and maximum likelihood estimation for hidden Markov models pp. 423-434 Downloads
G. Alexandrovich, H. Holzmann and A. Leister
Quantile-based classifiers pp. 435-446 Downloads
C. Hennig and C. Viroli
Modelling complex survey data with population level information: an empirical likelihood approach pp. 447-459 Downloads
M. Oguz-Alper and Y. G. Berger
Calibrated propensity score method for survey nonresponse in cluster sampling pp. 461-473 Downloads
Jae Kwang Kim, Yongchan Kwon and Myunghee Cho Paik
On varieties of doubly robust estimators under missingness not at random with a shadow variable pp. 475-482 Downloads
Wang Miao and Eric J. Tchetgen Tchetgen
Sharp sensitivity bounds for mediation under unmeasured mediator-outcome confounding pp. 483-490 Downloads
Peng Ding and Tyler J. Vanderweele
Clarifying missing at random and related definitions, and implications when coupled with exchangeability pp. 491 Downloads
Fabrizia Mealli and Donald B. Rubin
Retraction Notice pp. e1 Downloads
Paul R. Rosenbaum

Volume 103, issue 1, 2016

Empirical Bayes deconvolution estimates pp. 1-20 Downloads
Bradley Efron
High-dimensional classification via nonparametric empirical Bayes and maximum likelihood inference pp. 21-34 Downloads
Lee H. Dicker and Sihai D. Zhao
Nonparametric Bayes inference on conditional independence pp. 35-47 Downloads
Tsuyoshi Kunihama and David B. Dunson
Going off grid: computationally efficient inference for log-Gaussian Cox processes pp. 49-70 Downloads
D. Simpson, J. B. Illian, F. Lindgren, S. H. Sørbye and H. Rue
Spatial regression models over two-dimensional manifolds pp. 71-88 Downloads
B. Ettinger, S. Perotto and L. M. Sangalli
Stochastic mechanistic interaction pp. 89-102 Downloads
Carlo Berzuini and A. Philip Dawid
Fréchet integration and adaptive metric selection for interpretable covariances of multivariate functional data pp. 103-120 Downloads
Alexander Petersen and Hans-Georg Müller
A unified framework for spline estimators pp. 121-131 Downloads
Katsiaryna Schwarz and Tatyana Krivobokova
Goodness-of-fit test in parametric mixed effects models based on estimation of the error distribution pp. 133-146 Downloads
Wenceslao González-Manteiga, María Dolores Martínez-Miranda and Ingrid Van Keilegom
Partially functional linear regression in high dimensions pp. 147-159 Downloads
Dehan Kong, Kaijie Xue, Fang Yao and Hao H. Zhang
Semiparametric approach to regression with a covariate subject to a detection limit pp. 161-174 Downloads
Shengchun Kong and Bin Nan
Semiparametric inverse propensity weighting for nonignorable missing data pp. 175-187 Downloads
Jun Shao and Lei Wang
An estimating equation approach to dimension reduction for longitudinal data pp. 189-203 Downloads
Kelin Xu, Wensheng Guo, Momiao Xiong, Liping Zhu and Li Jin
On distributions of ratios pp. 205-218 Downloads
Simon Broda and Raymond Kan
Some matched comparisons of two distributions of survival time pp. 219-224 Downloads
Christiana Kartsonaki and D. R. Cox
Towards a unification of second-order theory for likelihood and marginal composite likelihood pp. 225-230 Downloads
N. Lunardon
Higher dimensional Clayton–Oakes models for multivariate failure time data pp. 231-236 Downloads
R. L. Prentice
Improving Holm's procedure using pairwise dependencies pp. 237-243 Downloads
Sanat K. Sarkar, Yiyong Fu and Wenge Guo
A note on multiple imputation for method of moments estimation pp. 244-251 Downloads
S. Yang and J. K. Kim
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