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2019, volume 71, issue 2

Introduction to the special issue on sovereign debt restructuring pp. 309-319 Downloads
Sayantan Ghosal and Marcus Miller
Sovereign debt: election concerns and the democratic disadvantage pp. 320-343 Downloads
Amrita Dhillon, Andrew Pickering and Tomas Sjöström
The macroeconomic effects of official debt restructuring: evidence from the Paris Club pp. 344-363 Downloads
Gong Cheng, Javier Diaz-Cassou and Aitor Erce
Pre-emptive sovereign debt restructuring and holdout litigation pp. 364-381 Downloads
Kartik Anand and Prasanna Gai
Deconstructing delays in sovereign debt restructuring pp. 382-404 Downloads
David Benjamin and Mark Wright
Waiting for a haircut? A bargaining perspective on sovereign debt restructuring pp. 405-420 Downloads
Sayantan Ghosal, Marcus Miller and Kannika Thampanishvong
Resolving sovereign debt crises: the role of political risk pp. 421-444 Downloads
Christoph Trebesch
Lost and found: market access and public debt dynamics pp. 445-471 Downloads
Antonio Bassanetti, Carlo Cottarelli and Andrea Presbitero
The sovereign debt listing puzzle pp. 472-495 Downloads
Elisabeth de Fontenay, Josefin Meyer and Mitu Gulati

2019, volume 71, issue 1

The changing distribution of wealth in the pre-crisis US and UK: the role of socio-economic factors pp. 1-24 Downloads
Frank Cowell, Eleni Karagiannaki and Abigail McKnight
The ‘mighty girl’ effect: does parenting daughters alter attitudes towards gender norms? pp. 25-46 Downloads
Mireia Borrell-Porta, Joan Costa-Font and Julia Philipp
Balancing family and work: transition to self-employment among new mothers pp. 47-72 Downloads
Sung-Hee Jeon and Yuri Ostrovsky
Out of sight, out of mind? The education outcomes of children with parents working abroad pp. 73-94 Downloads
Joanna Clifton-Sprigg
Helping with the kids? How family-friendly workplaces affect parental well-being and behaviour pp. 95-118 Downloads
Verena Lauber and Johanna Storck
Job creation in a multi-sector labour market model for developing economies pp. 119-144 Downloads
Arnab K Basu, Nancy H Chau, Gary S Fields and Ravi Kanbur
Effective skill: a new theoretical perspective on the relation between skills, skill use, mismatches, and wages pp. 145-165 Downloads
Rolf Van der Velden and Ineke Bijlsma
Temporary investment incentives and divestment by foreign firms pp. 166-186 Downloads
José Mata and Paulo Guimaraes
R&D policy and competition in a Schumpeterian growth model with heterogeneous firms pp. 187-202 Downloads
Carmelo Parello
Exploring heterogeneity in willingness to pay for the attributes of higher education institutions pp. 203-224 Downloads
Sharon Walsh, John Cullinan and Darragh Flannery
Assessing activist fiscal policy in advanced and emerging market economies using real-time data pp. 225-249 Downloads
Tigran Poghosyan and Mehmet Tosun
Winners and losers of corporate tournaments pp. 250-268 Downloads
Ian Gregory-Smith and Peter Wright
The effect of language on foreign direct investment pp. 269-291 Downloads
Xiaoyun Feng, Faqin Lin and Nicholas Sim
Bargaining and hold-up: the role of arbitration pp. 292-308 Downloads
Yannick Gabuthy and Abhinay Muthoo

2018, volume 70, issue 4

Personality and pay: do gender gaps in confidence explain gender gaps in wages? pp. 919-949 Downloads
Leonora Risse, Lisa Farrell and Tim Fry
What makes you ‘super-rich’? New evidence from an analysis of football players’ wages pp. 950-973 Downloads
Vincenzo Carrieri, Francesco Principe and Michele Raitano
General education, vocational education and skill mismatches: short-run versus long-run effects pp. 974-993 Downloads
Dieter Verhaest, Jeroen Lavrijsen, Walter Van Trier, Ides Nicaise and Eddy Omey
Overeducation in Europe: trends, convergence, and drivers pp. 994-1015 Downloads
Seamus McGuinness, Adele Bergin and Adele Whelan
Endogenous real wage rigidity in a search frictions model pp. 1016-1035 Downloads
Christopher Martin and Bingsong Wang
Political competition and rural welfare: evidence from Pakistan pp. 1036-1061 Downloads
Katrina Kosec, Hamza Haider, David Spielman and Fatima Zaidi
Incentive for risk sharing and trust formation: experimental and survey evidence from Bangladesh pp. 1062-1083 Downloads
Masahiro Shoji
Prices vs quantities for international environmental agreements pp. 1084-1107 Downloads
Ulrike Kornek and Robert Marschinski
Effects of commodity price shocks on inflation: a cross-country analysis pp. 1108-1135 Downloads
Atsushi Sekine and Takayuki Tsuruga
Prudent sovereign debt borrowing pp. 1136-1147 Downloads
Christopher Bliss
Contests with ambiguity pp. 1148-1169 Downloads
David Kelsey and Tigran Melkonyan

2018, volume 70, issue 3

Trust and signals in workplace organization: evidence from job autonomy differentials between immigrant groups pp. 591-612 Downloads
André van Hoorn
Heterogeneous effects of high school peers on educational outcomes pp. 613-634 Downloads
Silvia Mendolia, Alfredo Paloyo and Ian Walker
The dynamic effect of disability on work and subjective well-being pp. 635-657 Downloads
Melanie Jones, Kostas Mavromaras, Peter Sloane and Zhang Wei
The role of museums in bilateral tourist flows: evidence from Italy pp. 658-679 Downloads
Nadia Campaniello and Matteo Richiardi
How free admittance affects charged visits to museums: an analysis of the Italian case pp. 680-698 Downloads
Roberto Cellini and Tiziana Cuccia
Currency depreciation and the monetary adjustment process: reconsidering Lord King’s contributions pp. 699-718 Downloads
Joseph T Salerno and Carmen Elena Dorobat
Milton Friedman’s causal realist stance? pp. 719-740 Downloads
Edward Mariyani-Squire
Smoking behaviour and individual well-being: a fresh look at the effects of the 2005 public smoking ban in Italy pp. 741-762 Downloads
Emilia Del Bono and Daniela Vuri
Judging on thin ice: the effects of group membership on evaluation pp. 763-783 Downloads
Cheryl Litman and Thomas Stratmann
Do people exaggerate how happy they are? Using a promise to induce truth-telling pp. 784-798 Downloads
Fredrik Carlsson and Mitesh Kataria
Electricity market integration and the impact of unilateral policy reforms pp. 799-820 Downloads
Luigi Grossi, Sven Heim, Kai Hüschelrath and Michael Waterson
Constraints on LTV as a macroprudential tool: a precautionary tale pp. 821-845 Downloads
Jose G Montalvo and Josep M Raya
Partial employment protection and perceived job security: evidence from France pp. 846-867 Downloads
Alexandre Georgieff and Anthony Lepinteur
How important is precautionary labour supply? pp. 868-891 Downloads
Robin Jessen, Davud Rostam-Afschar and Sebastian Schmitz
The use of third-party information reporting for tax deductions: evidence and implications from charitable deductions in Denmark pp. 892-916 Downloads
Christian Gillitzer and Peer Skov
Double limit analysis of optimal personal income taxation pp. 917-917 Downloads
Michael Sattinger

2018, volume 70, issue 2

Top incomes and inequality in the UK: reconciling estimates from household survey and tax return data pp. 301-326 Downloads
Richard Burkhauser, Nicolas Hérault, Stephen Jenkins and Roger Wilkins
Political institutions and economic growth in Africa’s ‘Renaissance’ pp. 327-352 Downloads
Robert Bates and Steven Block
The moral and fiscal implications of antiretroviral therapies for HIV in Africa pp. 353-374 Downloads
Paul Collier and Olivier Sterck
Growth spillovers and market access in Africa pp. 375-391 Downloads
Alexander J Moore
Why do the econometric-based studies on the effect of warming on agriculture disagree? A meta-analysis pp. 392-416 Downloads
Kaixing Huang and Nicholas Sim
Climate leadership by conditional commitments pp. 417-442 Downloads
Leif Helland, Jon Hovi and Håkon Sælen
The thief’s wages: theft and human capital development pp. 443-467 Downloads
Geoffrey Williams
Protest treatment and its impact on the WTP and WTA estimates for theft and robbery in the UK pp. 468-484 Downloads
Jose Ignacio Hernández, Alistair Hunt, Matteo Pazzona and Felipe Vásquez Lavín
More skilled, better paid: labour-market returns to postsecondary vocational education pp. 485-508 Downloads
Petri Böckerman, Mika Haapanen and Christopher Jepsen
Matching skills of individuals and firms along the career path pp. 509-537 Downloads
Elisabeth Bublitz
University education and non-cognitive skill development pp. 538-562 Downloads
Sonja C Kassenboehmer, Felix Leung and Stefanie Schurer
Fiscal consolidation after the Great Recession: the role of composition pp. 563-585 Downloads
Ivan Kataryniuk and Javier Valles
Optimum saving and growth: Harrod on dynamic welfare economics pp. 586-586 Downloads
Mauro Boianovsky

2018, volume 70, issue 1

Assessing Piketty’s second law of capitalism pp. 1-21 Downloads
Jakob Madsen, Antonio Minniti and Francesco Venturini
Women voters and trade protectionism in the interwar years pp. 22-46 Downloads
Alan de Bromhead
Heterogeneous firms and informality: the effects of trade liberalization on labour markets pp. 47-72 Downloads
Dennis Becker
Changing social preferences and optimal redistributive taxation pp. 73-92 Downloads
Jang-Ting Guo and Alan Krause
Double limit analysis of optimal personal income taxation pp. 93-113 Downloads
Michael Sattinger
Positional preferences and efficient capital accumulation when households exhibit a preference for wealth pp. 114-140 Downloads
Sugata Ghosh and Ron Wendner
Status competition and benevolence in social networks pp. 141-162 Downloads
Yao-Yu Chih
Financial strain in the United Kingdom pp. 163-182 Downloads
Declan French
The welfare effects of involuntary part-time work pp. 183-205 Downloads
Daniel Borowczyk-Martins and Etienne Lalé
The German employment miracle in the Great Recession: the significance and institutional foundations of temporary working-time reductions pp. 206-224 Downloads
Alexander Herzog-Stein, Fabian Lindner and Simon Sturn
Does altruism matter for remittances? pp. 225-242 Downloads
Alexis Antoniades, Ganesh Seshan, Roberto Weber and Robertas Zubrickas
Information transmission within federal fiscal architectures: theory and evidence pp. 243-265 Downloads
Axel Dreher, Kai Gehring, Christos Kotsogiannis and Silvia Marchesi
The cost of capital in a model of financial intermediation with coordination frictions pp. 266-285 Downloads
Oana Peia and Radu Vranceanu
Multiple borrowing and adverse selection in credit markets pp. 286-299 Downloads
Eric Van Tassel
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