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2017, volume 69, issue 3

The UK productivity puzzle, 2008–2012: evidence using plant-level estimates of total factor productivity pp. 529-549 Downloads
Richard HarrisBy and John Moffat
On the heterogeneous consequences of civil war pp. 550-568 Downloads
Vincenzo BoveBy, Leandro Elia and Ron P Smith
Fiscal multipliers: new evidence from a large panel of countries pp. 569-590 Downloads
Wee Chian Koh
It is not your fault, but it is your problem: global financial crisis and emerging markets pp. 591-611 Downloads
F. Gulcin Ozkan and D. Filiz Unsal
Inflation during times of economic slack and deleveraging: a panel data analysis pp. 612-631 Downloads
Selien De Schryder
The design of fiscal consolidation measures in the European Union: distributional effects and implications for macro-economic recovery pp. 632-654 Downloads
Alari PaulusBy, Francesco Figari and Holly Sutherland
Rethinking potential output: embedding information about the financial cycle pp. 655-677 Downloads
Claudio BorioBy, Piti Disyatat and Mikael Juselius
Rich transitional dynamics, physical capital, and technology intensity pp. 678-706 Downloads
Pedro Mazeda GilBy, André Almeida and Sofia B.S.D. Castro
Who gained from the introduction of free universal secondary education in England and Wales? pp. 707-733 Downloads
Robert A. HartBy, Mirko Moro and J. Elizabeth Roberts
Intra-household commuting choices and local labour markets pp. 734-757 Downloads
Jennifer Roberts and Karl Taylor
Long-term effect of teenage birth on earnings: evidence from a British cohort study pp. 758-781 Downloads
Sandy TubeufBy and Rosalind Bell-Aldeghi
Female job satisfaction: can we explain the part-time puzzle? pp. 782-808 Downloads
By Sarah Bridges and Trudy Owens
Resource curse avoidance: governmental intervention and wage formation in the Norwegian petroleum sector pp. 809-833 Downloads
Jan Morten DyrstadBy
Taxation, risk aversion, and the wage gaps in tournaments pp. 834-845 Downloads
John Douglas SkåtunBy

2017, volume 69, issue 2

The use of international agreements in transnational environmental protection pp. 333-344 Downloads
Michael Finus, Philip Cooper and Christian Almer
Environmental cooperation: contrasting international environmental agreements pp. 345-364 Downloads
Todd Sandler
Multilateral versus sequential negotiations over climate change pp. 365-387 Downloads
Alejandro Caparrós and Jean-Christophe Pereau
Dynamic cooperation with tipping points in the climate system pp. 388-409 Downloads
Robert C. Schmidt
Luring others into climate action: coalition formation games with threshold and spillover effects pp. 410-431 Downloads
Valentina Bosetti, Mélanie Heugues and Alessandro Tavoni
Strategic uncertainty, indeterminacy, and the formation of international environmental agreements pp. 432-452 Downloads
Daiju Narita and Ulrich J. Wagner
River coalitions and water trade pp. 453-469 Downloads
Erik Ansink, Michael Gengenbach and Hans-Peter Weikard
Scarcity climate rents under a carbon price with oligopoly competition pp. 470-495 Downloads
Francisco André and Luis M. de Castro
Sharing R&D investments in breakthrough technologies to control climate change pp. 496-521 Downloads
Santiago Rubio

2016, volume 68, issue 4

Understanding context effects for a measure of life evaluation: how responses matter pp. 861-870 Downloads
Angus Deaton and Arthur A. Stone
What we know about context effects in self-report surveys of well-being: comment on Deaton and Stone pp. 871-876 Downloads
Richard E. Lucas, Shigehiro Oishi and Ed Diener
Response to Lucas, Oishi, and Diener pp. 877-878 Downloads
Angus Deaton and Arthur A. Stone
More for less? Puzzling selection effects in the insurance market pp. 879-897 Downloads
Edmund Cannon, Giam Pietro Cipriani and Katia Bazar-Rosen
Not so dissatisfied after all? The impact of union coverage on job satisfaction pp. 898-919 Downloads
Alex Bryson and Michael White
Expenditure and confidence: using daily data to identify shocks to consumer confidence pp. 920-944 Downloads
Marta Lachowska
Too many graduates? An application of the Gottschalk–Hansen model to young British graduates between 2001–2010 pp. 945-967 Downloads
Nigel O’Leary and Peter Sloane
Do freedom of information laws improve bureaucratic efficiency? An empirical investigation pp. 968-993 Downloads
Krishna Chaitanya Vadlamannati and Arusha Cooray
Import competition, dynamic resource allocation and productivity dispersion: micro-level evidence from China pp. 994-1015 Downloads
Sai Ding, Wei Jiang and Puyang Sun
Money doctors and their reform proposals for China reconsidered, 1903–29 pp. 1016-1038 Downloads
Tai-kuang Ho
On the fee elasticity of the demand for trademarks in Europe pp. 1039-1061 Downloads
Benedikt Herz and Malwina Mejer
The political economy of migration policies in oil-rich Gulf countries pp. 1062-1083 Downloads
Halvor Mehlum and Gry Østenstad
Bubbles and unemployment in an endogenous growth model pp. 1084-1106 Downloads
Ken-ichi Hashimoto and Ryonghun Im
Trade liberalization, technology transfer, and endogenous R&D pp. 1107-1119 Downloads
Hong Hwang, Sugata Marjit and Cheng-Hau Peng
Estimating nonlinear effects of fiscal policy using quantile regression methods pp. 1120-1145 Downloads
Ludger Linnemann and Roland Winkler
Fiscal policies enhancing growth in Europe: does one size fit all? pp. 1146-1165 Downloads
Carine Bouthevillain and Gilles Dufrénot
A behavioral model of simultaneous borrowing and saving pp. 1166-1174 Downloads
Karna Basu

2016, volume 68, issue 3

Food price volatility and its consequences: introduction pp. 655-664 Downloads
Rabah Arezki, Karim El Aynaoui, Yaw Nyarko and Francis Teal
Global food prices and domestic inflation: some cross-country evidence pp. 665-687 Downloads
Davide Furceri, Prakash Loungani, John Simon and Susan Wachter
Analysing food price trends in the context of Engel’s Law and the Prebisch-Singer hypothesis pp. 688-713 Downloads
John Baffes and Xiaoli Etienne
Are grain markets in Niger driven by speculation? pp. 714-735 Downloads
Catherine Araujo Bonjean and Catherine Simonet
Seasonality in local food markets and consumption: evidence from Tanzania pp. 736-757 Downloads
Jonathan Kaminski, Luc Christiaensen and Christopher L. Gilbert
Food imports, international prices, and violence in Africa pp. 758-781 Downloads
Stijn van Weezel
Implications of food subsistence for monetary policy and inflation pp. 782-810 Downloads
Rafael Portillo, Luis-Felipe Zanna, Stephen O’Connell and Richard Peck
Managing food price volatility in a large open country: the case of wheat in India pp. 811-835 Downloads
Christophe Gouel, Madhur Gautam and Will Martin
Food security, welfare, and partial de-regulation of parastatals pp. 836-856 Downloads
Steve McCorriston and Donald MacLaren

2016, volume 68, issue 2

Editor's Choice The profit-maximizing non-profit pp. 301-315 Downloads
Amihai Glazer
Searching for the source of macroeconomic integration across advanced economies pp. 316-339 Downloads
Uluc Aysun
Immigration and economic growth in the OECD countries 1986–2006 pp. 340-360 Downloads
Ekrame Boubtane, Jean-Christophe Dumont and Christophe Rault
Self-confirming immigration policy pp. 361-378 Downloads
Paolo Giordani and Michele Ruta
The unfairness of (poverty) targets pp. 379-397 Downloads
Melanie Allwine, Jamele Rigolini and Luis Lopez-Calva
Subsidies and capital markets: implications for microfinance loan portfolios pp. 398-418 Downloads
Eric Van Tassel
Instruments, rules, and household debt: the effects of fiscal policy pp. 419-443 Downloads
Javier Andrés, José Boscá and Javier Ferri
British tax credit simplification, the intra-household distribution of income and family consumption pp. 444-464 Downloads
Paul Fisher
Tax incentives and investment in the UK pp. 465-483 Downloads
Gavin Wallis
Inflation targeting and interest rates: a panel time-series approach pp. 484-505 Downloads
Matteo Lanzafame
What drives the gender wage gap? A look at the role of firm and job-title heterogeneity pp. 506-524 Downloads
Ana Rute Cardoso, Paulo Guimaraes and Pedro Portugal
Graduate returns, degree class premia and higher education expansion in the UK pp. 525-545 Downloads
Robin Naylor, Jeremy Smith and Shqiponja Telhaj
Fertility and economic growth: the role of workforce skill composition and child care prices pp. 546-565 Downloads
Creina Day
Caps on Coasean transfers pp. 566-584 Downloads
Ian MacKenzie and Markus Ohndorf
History-dependent growth incidence: a characterization and an application to the economic crisis in Italy pp. 585-603 Downloads
Flaviana Palmisano and Dirk Van de gaer
Optimal plans and timing under additive transformations to rewards pp. 604-626 Downloads
Michael Caputo and Martin Forster
Screening workers for ability and motivation pp. 627-650 Downloads
Francesca Barigozzi and Nadia Burani

2016, volume 68, issue 1

Editor's Choice Publick Stews and the genesis of public economics pp. 1-15 Downloads
Bruce Elmslie
ICT use and total factor productivity growth: intangible capital or productive externalities? pp. 16-39 Downloads
Ram C. Acharya
Returns to scale and curvature in the presence of spillovers: evidence from European countries pp. 40-63 Downloads
Anthony J. Glass, Karligash Kenjegalieva and Robin Sickles
Does knowledge tradeability make secrecy more attractive than patents? An analysis of IPR strategies and licensing pp. 64-88 Downloads
Frederique Goy and Changtao Wang
Political cycle in graduation rates pp. 89-107 Downloads
Christian Hubert Ebeke and Sabine Mireille Ntsama
Do migrants send remittances as a way of self-insurance? pp. 108-130 Downloads
Catia Batista and Janis Umblijs
Real wage rigidity and the unemployment volatility puzzle in small open economies pp. 131-151 Downloads
Tord S. Krogh
Lousy pay with lousy conditions: the role of occupational desegregation in explaining the UK gender pay and work intensity gaps pp. 152-173 Downloads
Joanne Lindley
Public-private wage duality during the Greek crisis pp. 174-196 Downloads
Rebekka Christopoulou and Vassilis Monastiriotis
The impact of children on women’s labour supply and earnings in the UK: evidence using twin births pp. 197-216 Downloads
Mary A. Silles
Flexibilization without hesitation? Temporary contracts and job satisfaction pp. 217-237 Downloads
Adrian Chadi and Clemens Hetschko
Hiring costs for skilled workers and the supply of firm-provided training pp. 238-257 Downloads
Marc Blatter, Samuel Muehlemann, Samuel Schenker and Stefan Wolter
Adaptation to climate change can support unilateral emission reductions pp. 258-278 Downloads
Klaus Eisenack and Leonhard Kähler
Non-binding agreements in public goods experiments pp. 279-300 Downloads
Astrid Dannenberg
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