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2021, volume 73, articles 4

Ten years after the start of the euro crisis: lessons for financial markets and macroeconomic policies pp. 1392-1403 Downloads
Anindya Banerjee, Georgios Kouretas, Athanasios Papadopoulos and George Tavlas
How does the ZLB affect the properties of alternative exchange rate systems? pp. 1404-1426 Downloads
Hiona BalfoussiaBy, Harris Dellas, Dimitris Papageorgiou and Evangelia Vourvachaki
Wage growth and inflation in Europe: a puzzle? pp. 1427-1453 Downloads
Vizhdan Boranova, Raju Huidrom, Sylwia Nowak, Petia Topalova, Volodymyr Tulin and Richard Varghese
Cross-country spillovers of national financial markets and the effectiveness of ECB policies during the euro-area crisis pp. 1454-1470 Downloads
Heather D Gibson, Stephen Hall, Deborah Gefang, Pavlos Petroulas and George Tavlas
Central bank purchases of sovereign bonds in the euro area, the random walk hypothesis, and different measures of risk pp. 1471-1492 Downloads
Ansgar Belke, Daniel Gros and Farzaneh Shamsfakhr
Monetary policy expectations and sovereign risk dynamics in the Eurozone pp. 1493-1515 Downloads
Theodoros BratisBy, Nikiforos T Laopodis and Georgios Kouretas
Fiscal policy uncertainty and its effects on the real economy: German evidence pp. 1516-1535 Downloads
Joscha Beckmann, Robert Czudaj and Georgios Kouretas
How loose, how tight? A measure of monetary and fiscal stance for the euro area* pp. 1536-1556 Downloads
Nicoletta Batini, Alessandro Cantelmo, Giovanni Melina and Stefania Villa
Pandemic shocks and fiscal-monetary policies in the Eurozone: COVID-19 dominance during January–June 2020 pp. 1557-1580 Downloads
Yothin Jinjarak, Rashad Ahmed, Sameer Nair-Desai, Weining Xin and Joshua Aizenman
Liquidity traps in a monetary union pp. 1581-1603 Downloads
Robert Kollmann
Why macroprudential policy matters in a monetary union pp. 1604-1633 Downloads
Claudia M. Buch, Manuel Buchholz, Katharina Knoll and Benjamin Weigert
Institutions and macroeconomic performance: core versus periphery countries in the Eurozone pp. 1634-1660 Downloads
Tryfonas Christou, Apostolis Philippopoulos and Vanghelis Vassilatos

2021, volume 73, articles 3

Historical migration and contemporary health pp. 955-981 Downloads
Thomas Andersen, Carl-Johan Dalgaard, Christian Skovsgaard and Pablo Selaya
Does employment protection affect unemployment? A meta-analysis pp. 982-1007 Downloads
Philipp Heimberger
Shocks and labour cost adjustment: evidence from a survey of European firms* pp. 1008-1033 Downloads
Thomas Mathä, Stephen Millard, Tairi Room, Ladislav Wintr and Robert Wyszyński
The impact of a minimum wage change on the distribution of wages and household income pp. 1034-1056 Downloads
Paul Redmond, Karina Doorley and Seamus McGuinness
High-performance work systems and the performance of public sector workplaces in Britain pp. 1057-1076 Downloads
Alex Bryson and Michael White
Ambiguity and long-run cooperation in strategic games pp. 1077-1098 Downloads
Marco Rojas and Damián Vergara
Time well spent versus a life considered: changing subjective Well-Being in China pp. 1099-1121 Downloads
Shu CaiBy, Albert Park and Winnie Yip
Development priorities: the relative benefits of agricultural growth pp. 1122-1152 Downloads
Fabio Monteforte, Mathan Satchi and Jonathan Temple
Predicting poverty trends by survey-to-survey imputation: the challenge of comparability pp. 1153-1174 Downloads
Astrid Mathiassen and Bjørn K. Getz Wold
Fiscal sustainability under entitlement spending pp. 1175-1199 Downloads
Floriana Cerniglia, Enzo Dia and Andrew Hughes Hallett
Time-inconsistent discounting and the Friedman rule: roles of non-unitary discounting pp. 1200-1217 Downloads
Takeo Hori, Koichi Futagami and Shoko Morimoto
Measuring the efficiency of VAT reforms: a demand system simulation approach pp. 1218-1243 Downloads
Peter Tóth, Andrej Cupak and Marian Rizov
Elasticities of taxable income and adjustment costs: bunching evidence from New Zealand pp. 1244-1269 Downloads
Nazila Alinaghi, John Creedy and Norman Gemmell
Inflation, market structure, and innovation-driven growth with distinct cash constraints pp. 1270-1303 Downloads
Chien-Yu Huang, Juin-jen Chang and Lei Ji
Executive pensions and the pay–performance relation—Evidence from changes to pension legislation in the UK pp. 1304-1323 Downloads
Damon Morris, Ian Gregory-Smith, Brian G. M Main, Alberto Montagnoli and Peter Wright
Social diversity and bridging identity pp. 1324-1344 Downloads
María D. C García-Alonso and Zaki Wahhaj
Product-market integration with endogenous firm heterogeneity pp. 1345-1368 Downloads
Ivan Ledezma
Evolutionary economics under nonconvexity and externalities pp. 1369-1389 Downloads
Jean-Paul Chavas and Runhao Wang

2021, volume 73, articles 2

Marriage and housework (Measuring trends in leisure: the allocation of time over five decades) pp. 479-508 Downloads
Cristina BorraBy, Martin Browning and Almudena Sevilla
Acculturation, education, and gender roles: evidence from Canada (Gender differences in educational attainment among the children of Canadian immigrants) pp. 509-533 Downloads
Anke S KesslerBy and Kevin Milligan
The educational attainment of the children of stay-at-home mothers: evidence from the Irish Marriage Bar (Evidence from maternity leave expansions of the impact of maternal care on early child development) pp. 534-560 Downloads
Irene MoscaBy, Vincent O’Sullivan and Robert Wright
Pareto-improving indirect tax coordination and tax diversity (Tariff reform in a small open economy with public production) pp. 561-577 Downloads
Christos KotsogiannisBy and Miguel-Angel Lopez-Garcia
International spillover effects of U.S. tax reforms: evidence from Germany (Output spillovers from fiscal policy) pp. 578-600 Downloads
Désirée I ChristofzikBy and Steffen Elstner
Risk sharing, regional stabilization, and redistribution: the role of fiscal mechanisms in Switzerland (Fiscal flows and financial markets: to what extent do they provide risk sharing within Sweden?) pp. 601-622 Downloads
Lars Feld, Christoph Schaltegger and Janine Studerus
A cohort-based analysis of labor force participation for advanced economies (Labor force participation: recent developments and future prospects) pp. 623-643 Downloads
Francesco GrigoliBy, Zsoka Koczan and Petia Topalova
Information asymmetry in voluntary environmental agreements: theory and evidence from UK climate change agreements (Environmental efficiency and pollution costs of nitrogen surplus in dairy farms: a parametric hyperbolic technology distance function approach) pp. 644-670 Downloads
Morakinyo O AdetutuBy and Eleni Stathopoulou
Sovereign debt restructuring and growth (Investment cycles and sovereign debt overhang) pp. 671-697 Downloads
Lorenzo Forni, Geremia Palomba, Joana Pereira and Christine Richmond
Nuptiality to regulate the commons? The case of the Don Cossacks (South Russia), 1867–1916 (Turbulent dynamics in a 17th century population) pp. 698-717 Downloads
Noël Bonneuil and Elena Fursa
Global volatility accounting and structural transformation (Was Prometheus unbound by chance? Risk, diversification, and growth) pp. 720-743 Downloads
Tarek M Harchaoui
Transitioning to a higher retirement age with exponential and quasi-hyperbolic discounters in mixed economies (Procrastination and obedience) pp. 744-770 Downloads
Sarah Lynne Salvador Daway-DucanesBy
Spillover effects of the Venezuelan crisis: migration impacts in Colombia (Civil wars beyond their borders: the human capital and health consequences of hosting refugees) pp. 771-795 Downloads
German CarusoBy, Christian Gomez Canon and Valerie Mueller
How polarized is sub-Saharan Africa? A look at the regional distribution of consumption expenditure in the 2000s (Polarization, foreign military intervention, and civil conflict) pp. 796-819 Downloads
Fabio ClementiBy, Michele Fabiani and Vasco Molini
Incomplete information and iterated strict dominance (Rationalizability in infinite, dynamic games of incomplete information) pp. 820-836 Downloads
Christian W Bach and Andrés Perea
A theory of status and coordination in organizations (Formal and real authority in organizations) pp. 837-855 Downloads
Wing Man Wynne Lam
Estimating a non-neutral production function (Offshoring and directed technical change) pp. 856-878 Downloads
Davide Antonioli, Georgios Gioldasis and Antonio Musolesi
How hard is it to maximize profit? Evidence from a 19th-century Italian state monopoly (Estimation and hypothesis testing in dynamic singular equation systems) pp. 879-902 Downloads
Carlo Ciccarelli, Gianni De Fraja and Silvia Tiezzi
Technology entry in the presence of patent thickets (Our divided patent system?) pp. 903-926 Downloads
Bronwyn Hall, Georg von Graevenitz and Christian Helmers
Monopolistic competition with generalized additively separable preferences (New trade models, same old gains?) pp. 927-952 Downloads
Paolo Bertoletti and Federico Etro
Technology Entry in the Presence of Patent Thickets pp. 953-953 Downloads
Bronwyn Hall, Georg von Graevenitz and Christian Helmers

2021, volume 73, articles 1

A comprehensive classification of monetary policy frameworks in advanced and emerging economies pp. 2-26 Downloads
David Cobham
Explaining central bank trust in an inflation-targeting country: the case of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand pp. 27-48 Downloads
Bernd Hayo and Florian Neumeier
How monetary policy changes bank liability structure and funding cost pp. 49-75 Downloads
Mattia Girotti
Labour market transitions after layoffs: the role of occupational skills pp. 76-97 Downloads
Miriam Rinawi and Uschi Backes-Gellner
The effects of youth labour market reforms: evidence from Italian apprenticeships pp. 98-121 Downloads
Andrea Albanese, Lorenzo Cappellari and Marco Leonardi
Returning to the parental home after the Great Recession: a matter of partnership dissolution or unemployment? pp. 122-150 Downloads
Fernanda Mazzotta and Lavinia Parisi
Why are some African countries succeeding in their democratic transitions while others are failing? pp. 151-177 Downloads
Dramane Coulibaly and Luc Omgba
Real exchange rate misalignment and civil conflict: Evidence from sub-Saharan Africa pp. 178-199 Downloads
Dessie Ambaw and Nicholas Sim
On the association between undocumented immigration and crime in the United States pp. 200-224 Downloads
Christian Gunadi
Household bargaining, spouses’ consumption patterns and the design of commodity taxes pp. 225-247 Downloads
Helmuth Cremer, Jean-Marie Lozachmeur and Kerstin Roeder
Individual incentives and workers’ contracts: evidence from a field experiment pp. 248-272 Downloads
Ali Choudhary, Vasco Gabriel and Neil Rickman
Helicopter money: survey evidence on expectation formation and consumption behaviour pp. 273-294 Downloads
Uros Djuric and Michael Neugart
Charitable giving when donors are constrained to give a minimum amount pp. 295-316 Downloads
Edward Cartwright and Zarak Mirza
Fiscal consolidations and distributional effects: which form of fiscal austerity is least harmful? pp. 317-349 Downloads
Richard McManus, Gulcin Ozkan and Dawid Trzeciakiewicz
Identifying price-leadership structures in oligopoly pp. 350-370 Downloads
Sang-Hyun Kim, Hao Lan and Paul W Dobson
No mere tautology: the division of labour is limited by the division of labour pp. 371-398 Downloads
Andrew Smyth and Bart Wilson
The effects of the universal metering programme on water consumption, welfare and equity pp. 399-422 Downloads
Carmine Ornaghi and Mirco Tonin
Discretionary policy and multiple equilibria in a new Keynesian model pp. 423-445 Downloads
Volker Hahn
On the ratifiability of efficient cartel mechanisms in first-price auctions with participation costs and information leakage pp. 446-459 Downloads
Xiaoyong Cao, Shao-Chieh Hsueh and Guoqiang Tian
Optimal taxation with externalities of consumption and education spending pp. 460-478 Downloads
Jie Zhang
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