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2023, volume 75, articles 3

A year of COVID: the evolution of labour market and financial inequalities through the crisis pp. 589-612 Downloads
Thomas Crossley, Paul Fisher, Hamish Low and Peter Levell
COVID-19 anti-contagion policies and economic support measures in the USA pp. 613-630 Downloads
Theologos Dergiades, Costas Milas, Elias Mossialos and Theodore Panagiotidis
The institutional wage adjustment to import competition: evidence from the Italian collective bargaining system pp. 631-651 Downloads
Alessia Matano, Paolo Naticchioni and Francesco Vona
Do US top executives benefit from market concentration? pp. 652-680 Downloads
Maria Bas and Caroline Paunov
Habit formation and trade unions pp. 681-703 Downloads
Laszlo Goerke and Sven A Hartmann
Long-term relatedness and income distribution: understanding the deep roots of inequality pp. 704-728 Downloads
Trung Vu
Productivity-enhancing reallocation during the Great Recession: evidence from Lithuania pp. 729-749 Downloads
Jose Garcia-Louzao and Linas Tarasonis
Policing and crime: dynamic panel evidence from California pp. 750-779 Downloads
Nicholas Lovett, David M Welsch and Yuhan Xue
Population sorting and human capital accumulation pp. 780-801 Downloads
Leonid Azarnert
Economic insecurity and political preferences pp. 802-825 Downloads
Walter Bossert, Andrew Clark, Conchita D’Ambrosio and Anthony Lepinteur
The corporate sector and the current account pp. 826-857 Downloads
Jan Behringer and Till van Treeck
Evidence of self-selection and spatial mismatch in interregional migration: the case of Italy pp. 858-872 Downloads
Bianca Biagi, Claudio Detotto and Alessandra Faggian
Passing the buck!—how credible are self-reported measures of confidence in public institutions? pp. 873-883 Downloads
Somdeep Chatterjee

2023, volume 75, articles 2

Social progress around the world: trends and convergence pp. 281-306 Downloads
Jesús Peiró-Palomino, Andrés J Picazo-Tadeo and Vicente Rios
Human capital and welfare pp. 307-324 Downloads
Stefano Bosi, Carmen Camacho and David Desmarchelier
Stress, effort, and incentives at work pp. 325-345 Downloads
Elena Cottini, Paolo Ghinetti, Elisabetta Iossa and Pierluigi Sacco
The impact of one-parent family payment reforms on the labour market outcomes of lone parents pp. 346-370 Downloads
Paul Redmond, Seamus McGuinness and Claire Keane
Wage inequality and union membership at the establishment level: An econometric study using Norwegian data pp. 371-392 Downloads
Elin Svarstad and Ragnar Nymoen
Essential work and emergency childcare: identifying gender differences in COVID-19 effects on labour demand and supply pp. 393-417 Downloads
Jordy Meekes, Wolter H J Hassink and Guyonne Kalb
Household inequality and remittances in rural Thailand: a life-cycle perspective pp. 418-443 Downloads
Richard Disney, Andy McKay and C Rashaad Shabab
Mobilizing women voters: experimental evidence from Pakistan pp. 444-459 Downloads
Zain Chaudhry, Karrar Hussain and Attique Ur Rehman
Environmental regulation, taxes, and activism pp. 460-489 Downloads
Morakinyo O Adetutu, Kayode A Odusanya, Eleni Stathopoulou and Thomas G Weyman-Jones
Improving children’s executive functions: evidence from capoeira pp. 490-506 Downloads
Guilherme Hirata
Quasi-randomization by survey date for policy analysis pp. 507-525 Downloads
Kimin Kim and Myoung-Jae Lee
On the use of current and forward-looking data in monetary policy: a behavioural macroeconomic approach pp. 526-552 Downloads
Paul De Grauwe and Yuemei Ji
Credit, banking fragility, and economic performance pp. 553-573 Downloads
Jérôme Creel, Paul Hubert and Fabien Labondance
Assessing the effects of fiscal policy news under imperfect information pp. 574-587 Downloads
Luisa Corrado and Edgar Silgado-Gómez

2023, volume 75, articles 1

The impact of ADHD genetic risk on educational achievement: a comparative cross-national study pp. 1-34 Downloads
Bernhard C Dannemann and Erkan Gören
Can wishful thinking explain evidence for overconfidence? An experiment on belief updating pp. 35-54 Downloads
Uri Gneezy, Moshe Hoffman, Mark A Lane, John List, Jeffrey A Livingston and Michael J Seiler
A note on the unemployment volatility puzzle pp. 55-74 Downloads
Nikolaos Kokonas
The unexpected influencer: Pope Francis and European perceptions of the recent refugee crisis pp. 75-95 Downloads
Claudio Deiana, Gianluca Mazzarella, Elena Claudia Meroni and Luca Tiozzo Pezzoli
The anchoring of long-term inflation expectations of consumers: insights from a new survey pp. 96-116 Downloads
Gabriele Galati, Richhild Moessner and Maarten van Rooij
Asymmetric information, strategic transfers, and the design of long-term care policies pp. 117-141 Downloads
Chiara Canta and Helmuth Cremer
Economic geography aspects of the Panama Canal pp. 142-162 Downloads
Stephan Maurer and Ferdinand Rauch
Higher order risk attitudes in the time of COVID-19: an experimental study pp. 163-182 Downloads
Irene Mussio, Maximiliano Sosa Andrés and Abdul H Kidwai
Eradicating female genital cutting: implications from political efforts in Burkina Faso pp. 183-205 Downloads
Yuya Kudo
Grand rights and opera reuse today pp. 206-232 Downloads
Alexander Cuntz
Road accidents: unexpected costs of stock market movements pp. 233-255 Downloads
Jane Fry and Lisa Farrell
Political connections and firms: network dimensions pp. 256-280 Downloads
Maurizio Bussolo, Simon Commander and Stavros Poupakis

2022, volume 74, articles 4

Brexit and Japanese foreign direct investment in the UK: a sectoral analysis (A knowledge and physical Capital model of international trade flows, foreign direct investment and multinational enterprises) pp. 959-975 Downloads
Andrzej Cieślik and Michael Ryan
Under attack: Terrorism and international trade in France, 2014–2016 (The economic cost of conflict: A case study of the Basque Country) pp. 976-998 Downloads
Volker Nitsch and Isabelle Rabaud
Longitudinal patterns in cohort income inequality, income instability, and income trajectories of a US cohort on the cusp of retirement (Growth-rate heterogeneity and the covariance structure of life-cycle earnings) pp. 999-1020 Downloads
Thomas L Hungerford
The causal impact of performance-based funding on university performance: quasi-experimental evidence from a policy in Russian higher education (Impacts of performance-based research funding systems: the case of the Norwegian publication indicator) pp. 1021-1044 Downloads
Tommaso Agasisti, Ekaterina Abalmasova, Ekaterina Shibanova and Aleksei Egorov
Parental gender bias and investment in children’s health and education: evidence from Bangladesh (Child gender and parental investments in India: Are boys and girls treated differently?) pp. 1045-1062 Downloads
Lutfunnahar Begum, Philip Grossman and Asad Islam
Damage sensitivity and stability in international environmental agreements (Self-enforcing international environmental agreements) pp. 1063-1076 Downloads
Heather Eckert and Bruno Nkuiya
Firm dynamics by age and size classes and the choice of size measure (A unified theory of firm selection and growth) pp. 1077-1109 Downloads
Stelios Giannoulakis and Plutarchos Sakellaris
Job search, unemployment protection, and informal work (Re-employment probabilities of unemployment benefit recipients) pp. 1110-1138 Downloads
Iain W Long and Vito Polito
Migration and growth in a Schumpeterian growth model with creative destruction (A model of growth through creative destruction) pp. 1139-1166 Downloads
Carmelo Parello
Preferences or expectations: understanding the gender gap in major choice (The demand for and return to education when education outcomes are Uncertain) pp. 1167-1194 Downloads
Aparajita Dasgupta and Anisha Sharma
The cyclicality of job search effort in matching models (Labor supply in the past, present, and future: a Balan ced-Growth perspective) pp. 1195-1213 Downloads
Alper Çenesiz and Luís Guimarães
How Uzawa differs from Lucas (A model of growth through creative destruction) pp. 1214-1227 Downloads
Kazuyuki Sasakura
Did the Black Death cause economic development by ‘inventing’ fertility restriction? (Land use and management in the upland demesne of the De Lacy estate of Blackburnshire c. 1300) pp. 1228-1246 Downloads
Jeremy Edwards and Sheilagh Ogilvie
Reply to Edwards and Ogilvie: ‘Did the Black Death Cause Economic Development by “Inventing” Fertility Restriction’ (On the origins of gender roles: Women and the plough) pp. 1247-1263 Downloads
Nico Voigtländer and Hans-Joachim Voth

2022, volume 74, articles 3

Wealth concentration in the USA using an expanded measure of net worth (Top wealth shares in the UK over more than a century) pp. 623-642 Downloads
Lindsay Jacobs, Elizabeth Llanes, Kevin Moore, Jeffrey Thompson and Alice Henriques Volz
Wealth inequality, intergenerational transfers, and family background (Intergenerational wealth mobility and the role of inheritance: Evidence from multiple generations) pp. 643-670 Downloads
Juan C Palomino, Gustavo Marrero, Brian Nolan and Juan Rodríguez
Inflation trends in Asia: implications for central banks (Are Phillips curves useful for forecasting inflation?) pp. 671-700 Downloads
Juan Angel Garcia and Aubrey Poon
Professionals Inflation Forecasts: The Two Dimensions Of Forecaster Inattentiveness (Sectoral and aggregate inflation dynamics in the euro area) pp. 701-720 Downloads
Joshy Easaw and Roberto Golinelli
Are economic growth and well-being compatible? Welfare reform and life satisfaction in Japan (Childcare expansion in East Asia: Changing shape of the institutional configurations in Japan and South Korea) pp. 721-745 Downloads
Francesco Sarracino, Kelsey J O’Connor and Hiroshi Ono
The persistence of unhappiness: trapped into despair? (Estimation of dynamic nonlinear random effects models with unbalanced panels) pp. 746-772 Downloads
Lionel Wilner
Heterogeneous gains from countercyclical fiscal policy: new evidence from international industry-level data* (Optimal investment with costly reversibility) pp. 773-804 Downloads
Sangyup Choi, Davide Furceri and Joao Jalles
Private and public consumption: substitutes or complements? (Temporary and permanent government spending in an open economy) pp. 805-819 Downloads
Joao Jalles and Georgios Karras
Data brokers co-opetition (The impact of big data on firm performance: an empirical investigation) pp. 820-839 Downloads
Yiquan Gu, Leonardo Madio and Carlo Reggiani
What drives financial development? A Meta-regression analysis (A new database of financial reforms) pp. 840-868 Downloads
Chris Doucouliagos, Jakob de Haan and Jan-Egbert Sturm
For some, luck matters more: the impact of the great recession on the early careers of graduates from different socio-economic backgrounds* (Cashier or consultant? Entry labor market conditions, field of study, and career success) pp. 869-893 Downloads
Emilia Del Bono and Greta Morando
Adult skills and labor market conditions during teenage years: cross-country evidence from international surveys (Is post-secondary education a safe port and for whom? Evidence from Canadian data) pp. 894-919 Downloads
By Marianne Haraldsvik and Bjarne Strøm
Simultaneous borrowing and saving in microfinance (Microfinance beyond group lending) pp. 920-935 Downloads
Dyotona Dasgupta and Prabal Roy Chowdhury
The dynamics of disability and benefit receipt in Britain (Large sample properties of matching estimators for average treatment effects) pp. 936-957 Downloads
Melanie K Jones and Duncan McVicar

2022, volume 74, articles 2

Revealed preference analysis and bounded rationality (Consume now or later? Time inconsistency, collective choice and revealed preference) pp. 313-332 Downloads
Eileen Tipoe, Abi Adams and Ian Crawford
Rising wealth inequality: when r − g matters (The rise and decline of general laws of capitalism) pp. 333-358 Downloads
Hoang Khieu
Quantifying multipliers in Italy: does fiscal policy composition matter? (The macroeconomic effects of public investment: Evidence from advanced economies) pp. 359-381 Downloads
Matteo Deleidi
An economical business-cycle model (Breaking through the zero lower bound) pp. 382-411 Downloads
Pascal Michaillat and Emmanuel Saez
Fiscal multipliers in a small open economy: the case of Austria (The macroeconomic effects of fiscal policy in Portugal: a bayesian SVAR analysis) pp. 412-430 Downloads
Jan Čapek, Jesus Crespo Cuaresma, Johannes Holler and Philip Schuster
Labour productivity during the Great Depression and the Great Recession in UK engineering and metal manufacture (The Productivity Puzzle: a Firm-level Investigation into Employment Behaviour and Resource Allocation over the Crisis) pp. 431-452 Downloads
Robert Hart
Posthumous trading patterns affecting artwork prices (Financial returns, price determinants, and genre effects in American art investment) pp. 453-472 Downloads
Dakshina G De Silva, Georgia Kosmopoulou, Rachel A J Pownall and Robert Press
Household saving, health, and healthcare utilization in Japan (Stature, obesity, and portfolio choice) pp. 473-497 Downloads
Raslan Alzuabi, Sarah Brown, Daniel Gray, Mark Harris and Christopher Spencer
The role of income and substitution in commodity demand (Modelling OECD industrial energy demand: asymmetric price responses and energy-saving technical change) pp. 498-522 Downloads
John Baffes, Alain Kabundi and Peter Nagle
Does misery love company? An experimental investigation (How much do we care about absolute versus relative income and consumption?) pp. 523-540 Downloads
Katherine Farrow, Gilles Grolleau and Lisette Ibanez
Mental health, reporting bias and economic transitions (Semiparametric estimation with mismeasured dependent variables: an application to duration models for unemployment spells) pp. 541-564 Downloads
Sarah Brown, Mark Harris, Preety Srivastava and Karl Taylor
Erratum: Mental health, reporting bias and economic transitions pp. 565-566 Downloads
Sarah Brown, Mark Harris, Preety Srivastava and Karl Taylor
Conflict and the nature of precautionary wealth (Behavioral and material determinants of production relations in land-abundant tropical agriculture) pp. 567-593 Downloads
Rishabh Sinha, Leila Aghabarari and Ahmed Rostom
The evolution of tax implicit value judgements in the UK: 1968–2018 (Comparing poverty rates internationally: Lessons from recent studies in developed countries) pp. 594-609 Downloads
Justin van de Ven and Nicolas Hérault
Logit function in stochastic categorizations (Choice overload: a conceptual review and meta-analysis) pp. 610-622 Downloads
Kai Wang

2022, volume 74, articles 1

Slow real wage growth during the Industrial Revolution: productivity paradox or pro-rich growth? (Engels’ pause: technical change, capital accumulation, and inequality in the British industrial revolution) pp. 1-13 Downloads
Nicholas Crafts
Return to apprenticeships: a comparison between existing apprentices and newly recruited apprentices (Apprenticeship as a stepping stone to better jobs: evidence from Brazilian matched employer-employee data) pp. 14-39 Downloads
Stefan Speckesser and Lei Xu
Economic conditions, task shares, and overqualification (Changes in unemployment and wage inequality: an alternative theory and some evidence) pp. 40-61 Downloads
Fraser Summerfield
Return migration and self-employment: is there a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ effect? (The intergenerational transmission of liberal professions) pp. 62-84 Downloads
Clotilde Mahé
Worker surveillance capital, labour share, and productivity (Workplace surveillance: an overview) pp. 85-93 Downloads
Philippe Askenazy
The gender pay gap: what can we learn from Northern Ireland? (Women’s labour market participation in Northern Ireland: a re-examination of the ‘traditionalism’ argument) pp. 94-114 Downloads
Melanie Jones and Ezgi Kaya
Technological unemployment revisited: automation in a search and matching framework (The future of work: meeting the global challenges of demographic change and automation) pp. 115-135 Downloads
Dario Cords and Klaus Prettner
Task-specific human capital and returns to specialization: evidence from association football (All about balance? A test of the jack-of-all-trades theory using military enlistment data) pp. 136-154 Downloads
Karol Kempa
Impacts of the Great Recession on sport: evidence from English Football League attendance demand (US household tourism expenditure and the great recession: an analysis with the consumer expenditure survey) pp. 155-177 Downloads
Babatunde Buraimo, Giuseppe Migali and Rob Simmons
Sovereign debt crises and cross-country assistance (A pyrrhic victory? Bank bailouts and sovereign credit risk) pp. 178-193 Downloads
Christian Grisse and Gisle Natvik
E pluribus unum? Political fractionalization and deviations from the law of one price in the USA (Fractionalization) pp. 194-214 Downloads
Massimo Antonini, David Fielding and Jacinta Pires
Strategic environmental policy and international market share rivalry under differentiated Bertrand oligopoly (Tradable permits vs. ecological dumping when governments act non-cooperatively) pp. 215-235 Downloads
Harvey E Lapan and Shiva Sikdar
Can hope elevate microfinance? Evidence from Oaxaca, Mexico (Multiple inference and gender differences in the effects of early intervention: a reevaluation of the Abecedarian, Perry Preschool, and early training projects) pp. 236-264 Downloads
Ruben Irvin Rojas Valdes, Bruce Wydick and Travis J Lybbert
Non-parametric estimation and evaluation of capability sets (Gender differences in Italian children's capabilities) pp. 265-296 Downloads
Pim Verbunt, Nicky Rogge and Tom Van Puyenbroeck
Innovation and product market concentration: Schumpeter, arrow, and the inverted U-shape curve (Lessons from schumpeterian growth theory) pp. 297-311 Downloads
Flavio DelbonoBy and Luca Lambertini
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