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Volume 4, issue 2, 2014

Adaptive Management on Danube Delta’s Biodiversity pp. 1 Downloads
Ildiko Ioan and Anca Costea – Dunarintu
Sustainable Urban Development pp. 2 Downloads
Carmen Radulescu and Madalina Dociu
Analysis of Financial Performance in the Banking System in Kosovo - the Period 2006-2012 pp. 3 Downloads
Skender Ahmeti, Arta Hoti and Sevdie Alshiqi – Bekteshi
Considerations Regarding Foreign Investments in Romania in the Year 2014 pp. 5 Downloads
Moldovan Iosif
Importance of the Application of International Accounting Standards in Kosovo Businesses pp. 9 Downloads
Erdin Maloku, Arta Hoti, Besnik Livoreka and Sevdie Alshiqi
Heterogeneity of Capital Stocks in Japan: Classification by Factor Analysis pp. 10 Downloads
Konomi Tonogi, Jun-Ichi Nakamura and Kazumi Asako
Designing and Implementation Iraqi E-Government Front Office Online System pp. 11 Downloads
Hayder Sabah Abdulwahida, Ariffin Abdul Mutaliba, Shafiz Affendi Mohd Yusofa and Suhad Jaffar Alib
The Impact of Social Networks on Innovation: The Case of European Regions pp. 12 Downloads
Alfonso Badiola-Sánchez, Alfonso Badiola-Sánchez, Pablo De Castro, Pablo Coto-Millán and Miguel Ángel Pesquera
The Strategies and Barriers of Career Development for Young Doctors in Romania – An Overview of the Romanian Medical System pp. 13 Downloads
Oana Maria Lungu (Dragomir)
Utilizing the Quantile Regression to Explore the Determinants on the Application of E-Learning pp. 14 Downloads
Quang Linh Huynh and Thuy Lan Le Thi
Electricity Consumption and Economic Growth in Emerging Economies pp. 15 Downloads
Yılmaz Bayar and Hasan Alp Özel
Impact of Accounting-Tax Relationship on Managerial Decision pp. 16 Downloads
Robu Sorin - Adrian
Impact Of Information Organization On Performance In Tourism pp. 17 Downloads
Calotă Traian-Ovidiu
The Influence of the Business Environment on Small and Medium Enterprises pp. 18 Downloads
Iulian Viorel Brașoveanu and Petronela – Evelina Bălu

Volume 4, issue 1.1, 2014

Designing and implementation Iraqi e-government front office online system pp. 1 Downloads
Hayder Sabah Abdulwahid, Ariffin Abdul Mutalib, Shafiz Affendi Mohd Yusof and Suhad Jaffar Ali
Two Variance Modulated Methods for Solving Optimization Problems pp. 2 Downloads
Ike Basil Onukogu
A structural approach to supply chain integration process pp. 3 Downloads
Shpetim Cerri
Neuro-linguistic programming – performance technical communication and negotiation pp. 4 Downloads
Silvia Popescu
Analysis of regulations regarding anticompetitive practices at the level of European Union. Case study: Romania pp. 5 Downloads
Andreea-Florina Fora
Predicting the Diameters and the Mass of Golden Delicious Apple Fruits Using Growing Degree Days pp. 6 Downloads
Dhimitri Papamihal
The impact of social networks on innovation: The case of European regions pp. 7 Downloads
Alfonso Badiola-Sánchez, Pedro Casares-Hontañón, Pablo De Castro, Pablo Coto-Millán and Miguel Ángel Pesquera
How vertical exchanges in it organizations encourage the sharing of knowledge and the mediating influence of trust and reciprocity pp. 8 Downloads
Billy Whisnant and Odai Khasawneh
Corporate governance – a component of sustainable development pp. 9 Downloads
Cicilia Ionescu and Floarea Georgescu
The Economic and Scientific Mutations in Human Resources Structures pp. 10 Downloads
Diana Andreea Mandricel and Gabriela Ionaș
Tax System Elements of the Republic of Moldova pp. 11 Downloads
Traian-Ovidu Calota and Sorin-Adrian Robu
A Hierarchy in Accounting – Taxation Relation? pp. 12 Downloads
Sorin-Adrian Robu
The role of technological innovation in sustainable economic development pp. 13 Downloads
Andreea Constantinescu and Simona Frone
Modeling gearing of regional eco-bio-logistic components in bioeconomic management, using Arena simulation software pp. 14 Downloads
Claudiu Pîrnău
Milk chain in the context of the Common Agricultural Policy reform – Productivity gaps between Romania and the EU-27 Member States pp. 15 Downloads
Mariana Grodea
Simultaneous Optimization of Response Surfaces: Using Variance Weighted Gradient pp. 16 Downloads
M.P. Iwundu, O.P. Otaru and I.B. Onukogu
Diversification of Financing Mechanisms for Higher Education and Correlation with the Social Dimension – Major Objectives for European Policies pp. 17 Downloads
Ioana Duca, Postole Mirela-Anca and Ciobanasu Marilena
International Trends in Measuring and Assessing the Higher Education Financing System by means of Indicators pp. 18 Downloads
Rodica Gherghina, Câmpeanu Emilia Mioara and Creţan Georgiana
The Impact Of Destination Branding To Tourists Behavior Albania In Focus pp. 19 Downloads
Oriola Theodhori and Eleina Qirici
Europe 2020 strategy framework and the research and innovation process pp. 20 Downloads
Daniela Popa and Anca Costea-Dunărințu
European Union involvement in ensuring the financial viability of the pension system pp. 21 Downloads
Oana Claudia Ionescu
Requirements Regarding The Implementation Of A Performance Management Based On Process Analysis Within Local Government In Romania pp. 22 Downloads
Bogdan-Gabriel Vasilciuc and Florin Văduva

Volume 4, issue 1, 2014

Empirical Evidence of Fiscal Policy Impact on Endogenuos Models of Economic Growth - the Case of Albania Classification-JEL pp. 2 Downloads
Olta Milova and Arjeta Vokshi – Abazi
Strategies of Drinking Beer from Traditional to Experiential Marketing - Bergenbier Case Study pp. 3 Downloads
Mădălina Moraru
Model for Estimating the Potential of Social Networking Sites Usage in Tourism Industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina pp. 4 Downloads
Edin Osmanbegović, Kadrija Hodžić and Mirza Suljic
Governance and Investment in the Valuation of Natural Resources pp. 5 Downloads
Florina Bran
Strategies Regarding the Sustainable Development of Agriculture in Romania in Terms of Climate Risk pp. 6 Downloads
Mariana Iovițu and Ana Maria Călin
Applying the Directed Acyclic Graph to Examine the Factors Related to the Adoption of E-Learning pp. 7 Downloads
Quang Linh Huynh and Thuy Lan Le Thi
The Influence of Communism on Ethical Decision Making pp. 8 Downloads
Ngo Thai Phuong, Bahaudin G. Mujtaba and Greg Fisher
The Digital in Store and the Re-Enchantment of the Customer Experience: What Impact on the Immersion in the Experience of Consumption? pp. 9 Downloads
Ghali Zohra
Mission of Women in The Scope of E-government in Iraq pp. 10 Downloads
Hayder Sabah

Volume 3, issue 6, 2013

Perceived Usefulness and Use of Information Technology: the Moderating Influences of the Dependence of a Subcontractor towards His Contractor pp. 1 Downloads
Sabri Khayati and Samia Karoui Zouaou
Environmental Protection - An Integral Part of Sustainable Development pp. 1 Downloads
Mădălina AlbuAuthor-Email:
Macroeconomic Variables and the Dynamic Effect of Public Expenditure: Long-term Trend Analysis in Nigeria pp. 2 Downloads
Ajibola Arewa and Prince C. Nwakahma
The Dynamics of the Dry Bulk Sub-Markets pp. 2 Downloads
Ghiorghe Batrinca and Gianina Cojanu
Growth and the Enlargement of a Common Market pp. 3 Downloads
Cheng-Te Lee, Shang-Fen Wu and Chen Fang
Successful Business Managers during the Current Economic Crisis Classification-JEL pp. 3 Downloads
Borcoşi Corina Ana and Neamţu Ion
A New Heart Arrhythmia’s Detection Algorithm pp. 4 Downloads
Farid Rezazadeh and Seyed Amin Hosseini Seno
Knowledge Management – Innovation and Positive Practices pp. 4 Downloads
Ciobanasu Marilena
Trade Openness and Inequality pp. 5 Downloads
Nasfi Fkili Wahiba
Corporate Governance – A Key Element of the Entity pp. 5 Downloads
Florin Constantin Dima and Corina Maria Ducu
Using Social Network Analysis to Analyze Collaboration in Batik Smes pp. 6 Downloads
Ade Iriani
Efficiency, Effectiveness and Profitability – Concepts Used in Assessing Public Expenditures in Education pp. 6 Downloads
Ioana Duca
Legal Regime of Shale Gas Extraction pp. 7 Downloads
Ovidiu – Horia Maican
Using Probability – Impact Matrix in Analysis and Risk Assessment Projects pp. 7 Downloads
Vasile Dumbravă and Severian Iacob
An Empirical Research Regarding Information Technology in Hospitality Industry: A Case Study from Mures County pp. 8 Downloads
Oltean Flavia Dana
Different Styles of Leadership in Organizations Touristic and their Benefits and Disadvantages pp. 8 Downloads
Constanţa Enea and Enea Constantin
Uml Language Use in Identifying Tangible and Intangible Assets in a Cluster pp. 9 Downloads
Claudiu Pîrnău and Anca Ioana Vlad
The Economic Progress in the Sustainable Human Resources Development pp. 9 Downloads
Loredana-Maria Paunescu
Understanding Industrial Innovation and Upgrade from Modularization’s Perspective pp. 10 Downloads
Soana Jaupllari (Teka) and Olta Zoto
Romanian Companies Performance - Approach by Value Signals pp. 10 Downloads
Cristina Gradea
Understanding Industrial Innovation and Upgrade from Modularization’s Perspective pp. 11 Downloads
Dewen Yao
Study on the Vat Special Scheme for Travel Agencies and it’s Implications on Profitability pp. 11 Downloads
Negruţiu Magdalena and Calotă Traian-Ovidiu
Stock Market Reaction to Patent Value in Japan: an Event Study Analysis pp. 12 Downloads
Nahoko Mitsuyama
The Investments in Education and Quality of Life pp. 12 Downloads
Dan Dumitru Ionescu, Alina Măriuca Ionescu and Elisabeta Jaba
Comparative Analysis of Energy Sectors in Some Countries of Eastern Europe pp. 13 Downloads
Alina Zaharia and Aurelia-Gabriela Antonescu
The Evolution and Sustainability of Pension Systems the Role of the Private Pensions in Regard to Adequate and Sustainable Pensions pp. 13 Downloads
Oana Claudia Ionescu and Elisabeta Jaba
Accounting– a Pivot of the Business Performance? pp. 14 Downloads
Robu Sorin-Adrian
Economic Intelligence pp. 14 Downloads
Valeriu Ivan
The Corporate Insolvency’s Evolution in the EU and India in the Period 2007-2012 Classification-JEL pp. 15 Downloads
Ileana Ashrafzadeh - Nișulescu and Marușa Beca
The Value and the Evaluation Process in Accounting pp. 15 Downloads
Iulia Jianu, Roxana Ruiu, Ionel Jianu and Mihaita Ruiu
A New Economic Model for Italian Farms: the Wine & Food Tourism pp. 16 Downloads
Maurizio Lanfranchi, Carlo Giannetto and Irina Dragulanescu
Information - Seeking as Optimal Consumer Experience. An Empirical Investigation pp. 17 Downloads
Alina Lazoc
Considerations Regarding Cultural Values in Multinational Companies pp. 18 Downloads
Mădălina Albu
The Development of Economic Competitiveness Based on Knowledge pp. 19 Downloads
Loredana - Maria Paunescu
Study on the Accounting and Tax Scheme of Second-Hand Goods Such as Cars pp. 20 Downloads
Negruţiu Magdalena and Calotă Traian-Ovidiu
Between Form without Substance and Substance without Form: Estimating the Brand Image of Romanian Smes pp. 21 Downloads
Oncioiu Ionica
Consequences of Corruption and Prevention Program in Romania pp. 22 Downloads
Constanţa Enea and Enea Constantin
The Influence of Micro and Macro Environment Components on Trade Companies in Romania pp. 23 Downloads
Elena Pîndiche and Roxana Ionita
Contributions of Emotional Education Youth’s to Improve or Change Teaching Methods pp. 24 Downloads
Paraschiva Grigorie, Popa Marineta, Ramona Georgiana Busuioceanu and Ilie-Alexandru Grigorie
Debt Sustainability pp. 25 Downloads
Mirela Anca Postole
Using Java Objects and Services for Database Business Applications pp. 26 Downloads
Dănuţ - Octavian Simion
Models for Analyzing the Business Solvency under Economic Crisis Conditions pp. 27 Downloads
Victor Troacă
Cloud Computing Technology - Optimal Solution for Efficient Use of Business Intelligence and Enterprise Resource Planning Applications pp. 28 Downloads
Vatuiu Teodora, Mioara Udrică and Naiana Tarcă
The Impact of Innovation in Romanian Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises on Economic Growth Development pp. 29 Downloads
Oncioiu Ionica
Scientific Research between Real and Desirable pp. 30 Downloads
Popescu Silvia

Volume 3, issue 5, 2013

Knowledge Management Issues in Malaysian Organizations: the Perceptions of Leaders pp. 1 Downloads
Javad Moshari
Complicated Relationships among Audit Committee Independence, Nonfinancial and Financial Performance pp. 2 Downloads
David Han-Min Wang and Quang Linh Huynh
Tourism Planning in Urban Areas – Trends, Best Practices and Priorities in Bucharest pp. 3 Downloads
Mariana Iovitu, Carmen Radulescu and Madalina Dociu
Direct Problems and Inverse Problems in Biometric Systems pp. 4 Downloads
Mihailescu Marius Iulian
Brand Alliance, a Strategy to Enter New Markets and a Tool for Positioning pp. 5 Downloads
Dr Salah Elyas and Yacoub Mohamed
The Effect of Exchange Rate Fluctuation on Trade Balance: Empirical Evidence from Saudi Arab Economy pp. 6 Downloads
Najia Saqib
Case Study on Analysis of Financial Statements at a Furniture Manufacturer pp. 7 Downloads
Calotă Traian-Ovidiu and Vintilescu Daniel-Teodor

Volume 3, issue 4, 2013

Seasonality in Equity Rising on Stock Markets. Windows of Opportunity? Empirical Evidence from China, India, Brazil and South Africa pp. 1 Downloads
Bellonia Antonella, Passaretti Tommaso and Visconti Raffaele
A Polynomial Distribution Applied to Income and Wealth Distribution pp. 2 Downloads
Elvis Oltean and Fedor V. Kusmartsev
Effects of the Economic Crisis on the Romanian Consumer pp. 3 Downloads
Badea Mihaela
Developments and Thoroughgoing Studies on Taxation of Royalties Obtained by French Non-Residents in Romania pp. 4 Downloads
Calotă Traian-Ovidiu and Roşca Alexandru
Territorial Systems with Rural Vocation, Innovation and Climate Change: from the Web an Opportunity for the Sustainability of Well-Being pp. 5 Downloads
Rosa Misso, Nicola Marinelli and Irene Paola Borrelli
Impact of Placement Choices and Governance Issues on Credit Risk in Banking: Nonparametric Evidence from an Emerging Market pp. 6 Downloads
Erol Muzir
Relative Value and Principles of Servicity pp. 7 Downloads
Alexandru Jivan
Strategic Planning in Universities from Pará, Brazil. Contributions to the Achievement of Institutional Objectives pp. 8 Downloads
Tatiane Santana, Francisco Diniz and Antonio Jose Goncalves Fernandes

Volume 3, issue 3, 2013

Organizational Knowledge Management Movement Strategies pp. 1 Downloads
Alen Badal
How to Respond to Information Needs of University Stakeholders: Proposal of Indicators for Reporting on Intellectual Capital pp. 2 Downloads
Yolanda Ramírez Córcoles, Ángel Tejada Ponce and Jean Vanderdonckt
Analysis of Internet Usage Intensity in Iraq: An Ordered Logit Model pp. 3 Downloads
Almas Heshmati, Firas H. Al-Hammadany and Ashraf Bany-Mohammed
Relative Efficiency of Education Expenditures in Eastern Europe: A Non-parametric Approach pp. 4 Downloads
Aleksander Aristovnik
Enhancing Knowledge Sharing Among Higher Education Students through Digital Game pp. 5 Downloads
Shirin Shafieiyoun and Akbar Moazen Safaei
Enhancing Learning within the 3-D Virtual Learning Environment pp. 6 Downloads
Shirin Shafieiyoun and Akbar Moazen Safaei
Impact of the Influential Factors of Economic Competitiveness upon Romania’s West Region Firms pp. 7 Downloads
Diana Tănase, Adrian Tănase and Florin Franţ
Distributors’ Knowledge Sharing Competency (DKSC): Scale Generation and Development Process pp. 8 Downloads
Hedia Maamri and Abdelfattah Triki
Impact of Development and Efficiency of Financial Sector on Economic Growth: Empirical Evidence from Developing Countries pp. 9 Downloads
Najia Saqib
Mediating Role of Knowledge Management in Effect of Management Accounting Practices on Firm Performance pp. 10 Downloads
David Han-Min Wang and Quang Linh Huynh
Analyses of the Decision Support Systems Programmed for the IOM 80/20 Nursing Initiative pp. 11 Downloads
Edward J. Lusk, Christine T. Kovner, Chuo-Hsuan Lee, Carina Katigbak and Nellie Selander
Features of Accounting and Tax Treatments Applicable to Intangible Assets of the Research and Development Activities Nature in the Spirit of National Regulations pp. 12 Downloads
Traian Calota
Comparative Analysis of the Value Added Tax Evolution pp. 13 Downloads
Mirela Anca Postole
Comparative Analysis of the Value Added Tax Evolution pp. 14 Downloads
Kešeljević Aleksandar
Improving the Numbers of Financial Statements pp. 15 Downloads
Traian Calota and Alin-Eliodor Tănase

Volume 3, issue 2, 2013

A Suitable ‘GPS’ for SME’s: the Strategic Planning and Organizational Learning Nexus pp. 1 Downloads
Fabiola Baltar
The Push Factors for Corporate Social Responsibility: A Probit Analysis pp. 2 Downloads
Paolo Cominetti, Laura Poddi and Sergio Vergalli
Moderating Effects of Human Factors on IT-Business Alignment and IT Effectiveness in Modern Firms pp. 3 Downloads
Teresita Navedo-Samper, Edgar Ferrer and Isabel Rivera-Ruiz
Study of Competitiveness for the Representative Companies in the National Domestic Dairy pp. 4 Downloads
Elena Nisipeanu and Isabella Sima
Active Strategies, Randomness and Ability in Investment Fund’s Performance Evaluation: a Behavioral Approach pp. 5 Downloads
Silvia Bou and Magda Cayón Costa
University Knowledge Transfer in Romania: Getting Ready for the U-Multi-rank pp. 6 Downloads
Miia Kosonen and Kirsimarja Blomqvist
University Knowledge Transfer in Romania: Getting Ready for the U-Multi-rank pp. 7 Downloads
Cristina Maria Serbanica and Tudorel Popescu
Perspectives on Total Factor Productivity and Foreign Direct Investment in OECD Countries based on Panel Data Econometrics pp. 8 Downloads
Neil Dias Karunaratne
Touristic Investments in Saranda Region pp. 9 Downloads
Rakela Thano
The Impact of Information Systems on user Performance: An Exploratory Study pp. 10 Downloads
Bejjar Mohamed Ali and Boujelbene Younes
Innovative Models of Increasing Competition and Competitiveness in Science pp. 11 Downloads
Gabriel I. Năstase

Volume 3, issue 1, 2013

Laboratory Experimentation in Economics Classification-JEL: C90, C91, C92 pp. 1 Downloads
Dimitrios Koumparoulis
A Measure of Perceived Usefulness in the Pre-Implementation Stages of Healthcare Projects pp. 2 Downloads
Dana Costea and Ganesh Vaidyanthan
Growth Rates and Responsiveness of Credit to the Changes in Deposits in the Indian Banking pp. 3 Downloads
Mulakala Upender and V. Sridhar
Proposing a New Framework for Biometric Optical Recognition for Handwritten Digits Data Set pp. 4 Downloads
Marius Iulian Mihailescu
Quality through E-Learning and Quality for E-Learning pp. 5 Downloads
Vatuiu Teodora, Udrica Mioara and Negrutiu Magdalena
Labor Market Consequences of Job Security and Labor Laws in the Era of Flexicurity: Implications for Turkey pp. 6 Downloads
Meltem Ince Yenılmez
Investigating the Role of Knowledge gap in enhancing Software Quality pp. 7 Downloads
Ahmed Mehrez
Values and Environmental Ethics – Pillars of Changing Human Behaviour Toward Sustainable Development pp. 8 Downloads
Florina Bran, Carmen Radulescu and Ildiko Ioan
The Analysis of Limited Russian and North European Corporate Governance Standards after Global Crisis, Corporate Scandals and Market Manipulation pp. 9 Downloads
Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy
Role of Customs Duties in the Formation of Budget Revenues pp. 10 Downloads
Mirela - Anca Postole and Marilena Ciobănaşu
The Contribution of Education to the Economic Development Process of the States pp. 11 Downloads
Rodica Gherghina and Ioana Duca
Using Linear Programming in order to Optimize the Allocation of Resources for Investment pp. 12 Downloads
Rodica Gherghina and Ioana Duca
Presentation of Consolidated Statement of Cash Flows under IAS 7, Statement of Cash Flows pp. 13 Downloads
Calota Traian-Ovidiu and Tănase Alin-Eliodor
Comparative Fiscal Analysis of Taxation of Income Obtained by Micro-Enterprises in Romania pp. 14 Downloads
Calota Traian-Ovidiu
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