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Volume 72, issue 2, 2018

A Cautionary Note on Beta Families of Distributions and the Aliases Within pp. 121-129 Downloads
Alan D. Hutson and Albert Vexler
Simulation of Constrained Variables in Engineering Risk Analyses pp. 130-139 Downloads
Sashi Kanth Tadinada and Abhinav Gupta
A Note on Collinearity Diagnostics and Centering pp. 140-146 Downloads
Santiago Velilla
On Teaching Statistical Practice: From Novice to Expert pp. 147-154 Downloads
Joel B. Greenhouse and Howard J. Seltman
A Note on “Shaved Dice” Inference pp. 155-157 Downloads
Rolf Sundberg
Visualizing Type II Error in Normality Tests pp. 158-162 Downloads
José A. Sánchez-Espigares, Pere Grima and Lluís Marco-Almagro
Regression Using Pairs vs. Regression on Differences: A Real-life Case Study for a Master's Level Methods Class pp. 163-168 Downloads
Daniel R. Jeske and Janet M. Myhre
An Expression for Fast Computation of Sample Central Moments pp. 169-171 Downloads
Saralees Nadarajah and Rui Li
On the Gaussian Mixture Representation of the Laplace Distribution pp. 172-174 Downloads
Peng Ding and Joseph K. Blitzstein
The Tale of Cochran's Rule: My Contingency Table has so Many Expected Values Smaller than 5, What Am I to Do? pp. 175-183 Downloads
P. M. Kroonenberg and Albert Verbeek
Estimating Desired Sample Size for Simple Random Sampling of a Skewed Population pp. 184-190 Downloads
Timothy G. Gregoire and David L. R. Affleck
A New Lens on High School Dropout: Use of Correspondence Analysis and the Statewide Longitudinal Data System pp. 191-198 Downloads
Kathryn Schaefer Ziemer, Bianica Pires, Vicki Lancaster, Sallie Keller, Mark Orr and Stephanie Shipp
Facilitating the Calculation of the Efficient Score Using Symbolic Computing pp. 199-205 Downloads
Alexander B. Sibley, Zhiguo Li, Yu Jiang, Yi-Ju Li, Cliburn Chan, Andrew Allen and Kouros Owzar
Reviews of Books and Teaching Materials pp. 206-212 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 72, issue 1, 2018

Introduction: Special Issue on Data Science pp. 1-1 Downloads
Hadley Wickham, Jennifer Bryan and Nicole Lazar
Data Organization in Spreadsheets pp. 2-10 Downloads
Karl W. Broman and Kara H. Woo
Documenting and Evaluating Data Science Contributions in Academic Promotion in Departments of Statistics and Biostatistics pp. 11-19 Downloads
Lance A. Waller
Excuse Me, Do You Have a Moment to Talk About Version Control? pp. 20-27 Downloads
Jennifer Bryan
Extending R with C++: A Brief Introduction to Rcpp pp. 28-36 Downloads
Dirk Eddelbuettel and James Joseph Balamuta
Forecasting at Scale pp. 37-45 Downloads
Sean J. Taylor and Benjamin Letham
How R Helps Airbnb Make the Most of its Data pp. 46-52 Downloads
Ricardo Bion, Robert Chang and Jason Goodman
How to Share Data for Collaboration pp. 53-57 Downloads
Shannon E. Ellis and Jeffrey T. Leek
Infrastructure and Tools for Teaching Computing Throughout the Statistical Curriculum pp. 58-65 Downloads
Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel and Colin Rundel
Lessons From Between the White Lines for Isolated Data Scientists pp. 66-71 Downloads
Benjamin S. Baumer
Modeling Offensive Player Movement in Professional Basketball pp. 72-79 Downloads
Steven Wu and Luke Bornn
Packaging Data Analytical Work Reproducibly Using R (and Friends) pp. 80-88 Downloads
Ben Marwick, Carl Boettiger and Lincoln Mullen
Teaching Stats for Data Science pp. 89-96 Downloads
Daniel Kaplan
Wrangling Categorical Data in R pp. 97-104 Downloads
Amelia McNamara and Nicholas J. Horton
Reviews of Books and Teaching Materials pp. 105-113 Downloads
The Editors
Comment on “A Note on Collinearity Diagnostics and Centering” by Velilla (2018) pp. 114-117 Downloads
Ronald Christensen
Reply pp. 117-119 Downloads
Santiago Velilla

Volume 71, issue 4, 2017

A Note on High-Dimensional Linear Regression With Interactions pp. 291-297 Downloads
Ning Hao and Hao Helen Zhang
A Note on Priors for the Multinomial Model pp. 298-301 Downloads
Frank Tuyl
A Simple Analysis of the Exact Probability Matching Prior in the Location-Scale Model pp. 302-304 Downloads
Thomas J. DiCiccio, Todd A. Kuffner and G. Alastair Young
What Do Interpolated Nonparametric Confidence Intervals for Population Quantiles Guarantee? pp. 305-309 Downloads
Jesse Frey and Yimin Zhang
A Coefficient of Determination for Generalized Linear Models pp. 310-316 Downloads
Dabao Zhang
Excel Templates: A Helpful Tool for Teaching Statistics pp. 317-325 Downloads
Alejandro Quintela-del-Río and Mario Francisco-Fernández
Introductory Statistics Textbooks and the GAISE Recommendations pp. 326-335 Downloads
Peter K. Dunn, Michael D. Carey, Michael B. Farrar, Alice M. Richardson and Christine McDonald
Teaching Decision Theory Proof Strategies Using a Crowdsourcing Problem pp. 336-343 Downloads
Luís Gustavo Esteves, Rafael Izbicki and Rafael Bassi Stern
A Comparison of Correlation Structure Selection Penalties for Generalized Estimating Equations pp. 344-353 Downloads
Philip M. Westgate and Woodrow W. Burchett
Mean-Minimum Exact Confidence Intervals pp. 354-368 Downloads
Joseph B. Lang
Reviews of Books and Teaching Materials pp. 369-372 Downloads
The Editors
Comment on “The Target Parameter of Adjusted R-Squared in Fixed-Design Experiments” by Bar-Gera (2017) pp. 373-375 Downloads
Ronald Christensen
Editorial Collaborators pp. 376-377 Downloads
The Editors
Editorial Board EOV pp. ebi-ebi Downloads
The Editors

Volume 71, issue 3, 2017

A Note on the Inverse Birthday Problem With Applications pp. 191-201 Downloads
Wen-Han Hwang, Richard Huggins and Lu-Fang Chen
Sufficiency Revisited: Rethinking Statistical Algorithms in the Big Data Era pp. 202-208 Downloads
Jarod Y. L. Lee, James J. Brown and Louise M. Ryan
Statistical Engineering: An Idea Whose Time Has Come? pp. 209-219 Downloads
Roger W. Hoerl and Ronald D. Snee
Strategies for Success: Early-Stage Collaborating Biostatistics Faculty in an Academic Health Center pp. 220-230 Downloads
Heidi Spratt, Erin E. Fox, Nawar Shara and Madhu Mazumdar
All Data are Wrong, but Some are Useful? Advocating the Need for Data Auditing pp. 231-235 Downloads
Sitsofe Tsagbey, Miguel de Carvalho and Garritt L. Page
On the Use of the Concentration Function in Medical Fraud Assessment pp. 236-241 Downloads
Tahir Ekin, Francesca Ieva, Fabrizio Ruggeri and Refik Soyer
Coherent Hypothesis Testing pp. 242-248 Downloads
Victor Fossaluza, Rafael Izbicki, Gustavo Miranda da Silva and Luís Gustavo Esteves
Resolving a Multi-Million Dollar Contract Dispute With a Latin Square pp. 249-258 Downloads
William B. Fairley, Peter J. Kempthorne, Julie Novak, Scott McGarvie, Steve Crunk, Bee Leng Lee and Alan J. Salzberg
Bayes and MCMC for Undergraduates pp. 259-264 Downloads
Jeff Witmer
Convergence of Known Distributions to Limiting Normal or Non-normal Distributions: An Elementary Ratio Technique pp. 265-271 Downloads
Subhash Bagui and K. L. Mehra
A Useful Pivotal Quantity pp. 272-274 Downloads
Panagiotis (Panos) Toulis
Comparing Two Tests for Two Rates pp. 275-281 Downloads
Chunpeng Fan, Lin Wang and Lynn Wei
Reviews of Books and Teaching Materials pp. 282-289 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 71, issue 2, 2017

Reversals of Least-Square Estimates and Model-Invariant Estimation for Directions of Unique Effects pp. 97-105 Downloads
Brian Knaeble and Seth Dutter
Approximate Bayesianity of Frequentist Confidence Intervals for a Binomial Proportion pp. 106-111 Downloads
Shaobo Jin, Måns Thulin and Rolf Larsson
The Target Parameter of Adjusted R-Squared in Fixed-Design Experiments pp. 112-119 Downloads
Hillel Bar-Gera
Wallet Game: Probability, Likelihood, and Extended Likelihood pp. 120-122 Downloads
Yudi Pawitan and Youngjo Lee
Multivariate Chebyshev Inequality With Estimated Mean and Variance pp. 123-127 Downloads
Bartolomeo Stellato, Bart P. G. Van Parys and Paul J. Goulart
A Statistical Inference Course Based on -Values pp. 128-136 Downloads
Ryan Martin
A Bayesian Analysis of Synchronous Distance Learning versus Matched Traditional Control in Graduate Biostatistics Courses pp. 137-144 Downloads
Jo A. Wick, Hung-Wen Yeh and Byron J. Gajewski
Explaining Normal Quantile-Quantile Plots Through Animation: The Water-Filling Analogy pp. 145-147 Downloads
Robert A. Stine
The Quality of Pitches in Major League Baseball pp. 148-154 Downloads
Philippa Swartz, Mike Grosskopf, Derek Bingham and Tim B. Swartz
The Current Landscape of Teaching Analytics to Business Students at Institutions of Higher Education: Who is Teaching What? pp. 155-161 Downloads
Amy L. Phelps and Kathryn A. Szabat
An Empirical Comparison of Multiple Imputation Methods for Categorical Data pp. 162-170 Downloads
Olanrewaju Akande, Fan Li and Jerome Reiter
Efficient Computation of Reduced Regression Models pp. 171-176 Downloads
Stuart R. Lipsitz, Garrett M. Fitzmaurice, Debajyoti Sinha, Nathanael Hevelone, Edward Giovannucci, Quoc-Dien Trinh and Jim C. Hu
Closed-Form Estimators for the Gamma Distribution Derived From Likelihood Equations pp. 177-181 Downloads
Zhi-Sheng Ye and Nan Chen
Reviews of Books and Teaching Materials pp. 182-186 Downloads
The Editors
Models for count data pp. 187-190 Downloads
Iain L. MacDonald
Non-Asymptotic Mean and Variance Also Approximately Satisfy Taylor's Law pp. 187-187 Downloads
Michael P. Cohen
Reply pp. 190-190 Downloads
Kimberly F. Sellers, Darcy S. Morris, Galit Shmueli and Li Zhu

Volume 71, issue 1, 2017

What is Mentoring? pp. 1-2 Downloads
Aarti Shah
Mentoring in the ASA: A Commentary pp. 3-4 Downloads
David Morganstein
Mentoring in the ASA: A Rejoinder pp. 5-5 Downloads
Mary Kwasny
Statistical Mentoring at Early Training and Career Stages pp. 6-14 Downloads
Christine M. Anderson-Cook, Michael S. Hamada, Leslie M. Moore and Joanne R. Wendelberger
The Big Tent for Statistics: Mentoring Required pp. 15-22 Downloads
Eric A. Vance, Donna E. LaLonde and Lin Zhang
An Eight-Step Guide to Creating and Sustaining a Mentoring Program pp. 23-29 Downloads
Eric A. Vance, Erin Tanenbaum, Amarjot Kaur, Mark C. Otto and Richard Morris
Building Bridges: The Role of an Undergraduate Mentor pp. 30-33 Downloads
Mark Daniel Ward
Re-Defining the, and of Mentoring for Professional Statisticians pp. 34-37 Downloads
Lauren Vollmer, Aparna Keshaviah, Dmitriy Poznyak, Sharon Zhao, Fei Xing and Nicholas Beyler
Developing a Career in the Practice of Statistics: The Mentor's Perspective pp. 38-46 Downloads
Kim Love, Eric A. Vance, Frank E. Harrell,, Dallas E. Johnson, Michael H. Kutner, Ronald D. Snee and Doug Zahn
Mentoring Faculty Women in Statistics: Exploring Challenges and Opportunities for Leadership Development pp. 47-54 Downloads
Amanda L. Golbeck
Mentoring to Achieve Diversity in Graduate Programs pp. 55-60 Downloads
Jacqueline M. Hughes-Oliver
Experience Simpson's Paradox in the Classroom pp. 61-66 Downloads
Jiangtao Gou and Fengqing (Zoe) Zhang
An Intuitive Geometric Approach to the Gauss Markov Theorem pp. 67-70 Downloads
Leandro da Silva Pereira, Lucas Monteiro Chaves and Devanil Jaques de Souza
Bridging the Gap: A Generalized Stochastic Process for Count Data pp. 71-80 Downloads
Li Zhu, Kimberly F. Sellers, Darcy Steeg Morris and Galit Shmueli
Point Estimates of Test Sensitivity and Specificity from Sample Means and Variances pp. 81-87 Downloads
Richard G. Spencer, Benjamin D. Cortese, Vanessa A. Lukas and Nancy Pleshko
Response to the ASA’s Statement on -Values: Context, Process, and Purpose pp. 88-89 Downloads
Edward L. Ionides, Alexander Giessing, Yaacov Ritov and Scott E. Page
Letter to the Editor: Average Entropy Does Not Measure Uncertainty pp. 89-90 Downloads
Susan E. Hodge
Response to "Average Entropy Does Not Measure Uncertainty" pp. 91-91 Downloads
Omar A. Kittaneh
Reviews of Books and Teaching Materials pp. 92-96 Downloads
Reza Ramezan
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