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Volume 74, issue 1, 2020

The Democratization of Data Science Education pp. 1-7 Downloads
Sean Kross, Roger D. Peng, Brian S. Caffo, Ira Gooding and Jeffrey T. Leek
Fostering Undergraduate Data Science pp. 8-16 Downloads
Fulya Gokalp Yavuz and Mark Daniel Ward
A Short Note on Almost Sure Convergence of Bayes Factors in the General Set-Up pp. 17-20 Downloads
Debashis Chatterjee, Trisha Maitra and Sourabh Bhattacharya
Generating Correlation Matrices With Specified Eigenvalues Using the Method of Alternating Projections pp. 21-28 Downloads
Niels G. Waller
Interval Estimation for the Correlation Coefficient pp. 29-36 Downloads
Xinjie Hu, Aekyung Jung and Gengsheng Qin
The Johnson System of Frequency Curves—Historical, Graphical, and Limiting Perspectives pp. 37-52 Downloads
Johan René van Dorp and M. C. Jones
A Note on Item Response Theory Modeling for Online Customer Ratings pp. 53-63 Downloads
Chien-Lang Su, Sun-Hao Chang and Ruby Chiu-Hsing Weng
On the Loss Robustness of Least-Square Estimators pp. 64-67 Downloads
Tamal Ghosh, Malay Ghosh and Tatsuya Kubokawa
Comment on “A Note on Collinearity Diagnostics and Centering†by Velilla (2018) pp. 68-71 Downloads
Román Salmerón Gómez, Catalina García García and Jose García Pérez
Models for Geostatistical Binary Data: Properties and Connections pp. 72-79 Downloads
Victor De Oliveira
Two-Tailed p-Values and Coherent Measures of Evidence pp. 80-86 Downloads
Peter H. Peskun
A Shiny Update to an Old Experiment Game pp. 87-92 Downloads
Robert B. Gramacy
Further Examples Related to the Identical Distribution of X/(X+Y) and Y/(X+Y) pp. 93-97 Downloads
Barry C. Arnold
The Scaled Uniform Model Revisited pp. 98-100 Downloads
Micha Mandel
Benjamin, D. J., and Berger, J. O. (2019), “Three Recommendations for Improving the Use of p-Valuesâ€, The American Statistician, 73, 186–191: Comment by Foulley pp. 101-102 Downloads
Jean-Louis Foulley

Volume 73, issue S1, 2019

Moving to a World Beyond “p  pp. 1-19 Downloads
Ronald L. Wasserstein, Allen L. Schirm and Nicole A. Lazar
What Have We (Not) Learnt from Millions of Scientific Papers with P Values? pp. 20-25 Downloads
John P. A. Ioannidis
Why is Getting Rid of P-Values So Hard? Musings on Science and Statistics pp. 26-30 Downloads
Steven N. Goodman
Will the ASA's Efforts to Improve Statistical Practice be Successful? Some Evidence to the Contrary pp. 31-35 Downloads
Raymond Hubbard
Correcting Corrupt Research: Recommendations for the Profession to Stop Misuse of p-Values pp. 36-45 Downloads
John L. Kmetz
Quality Control for Scientific Research: Addressing Reproducibility, Responsiveness, and Relevance pp. 46-55 Downloads
Douglas W. Hubbard and Alicia L. Carriquiry
The Role of Expert Judgment in Statistical Inference and Evidence-Based Decision-Making pp. 56-68 Downloads
Naomi C. Brownstein, Thomas A. Louis, Anthony O’Hagan and Jane Pendergast
Expert Knowledge Elicitation: Subjective but Scientific pp. 69-81 Downloads
Anthony O’Hagan
Before p  pp. 82-90 Downloads
Lee Kennedy-Shaffer
The Limited Role of Formal Statistical Inference in Scientific Inference pp. 91-98 Downloads
Raymond Hubbard, Brian D. Haig and Rahul A. Parsa
Large-Scale Replication Projects in Contemporary Psychological Research pp. 99-105 Downloads
Blakeley B. McShane, Jennifer L. Tackett, Ulf Böckenholt and Andrew Gelman
Valid P-Values Behave Exactly as They Should: Some Misleading Criticisms of P-Values and Their Resolution With S-Values pp. 106-114 Downloads
Sander Greenland
The p-Value Requires Context, Not a Threshold pp. 115-117 Downloads
Rebecca A. Betensky
Assessing Statistical Results: Magnitude, Precision, and Model Uncertainty pp. 118-121 Downloads
Andrew A. Anderson
Putting the P-Value in its Place pp. 122-128 Downloads
Joachim I. Krueger and Patrick R. Heck
Evidence From Marginally Significant t Statistics pp. 129-134 Downloads
Valen E. Johnson
The p-value Function and Statistical Inference pp. 135-147 Downloads
D. A. S. Fraser
p-Values, Bayes Factors, and Sufficiency pp. 148-151 Downloads
Jonathan Rougier
Limitations of P-Values and R-squared for Stepwise Regression Building: A Fairness Demonstration in Health Policy Risk Adjustment pp. 152-156 Downloads
Sherri Rose and Thomas G. McGuire
An Introduction to Second-Generation p-Values pp. 157-167 Downloads
Jeffrey D. Blume, Robert A. Greevy, Valerie F. Welty, Jeffrey R. Smith and William D. Dupont
A Proposed Hybrid Effect Size Plus p-Value Criterion: Empirical Evidence Supporting its Use pp. 168-185 Downloads
William M. Goodman, Susan E. Spruill and Eugene Komaroff
Three Recommendations for Improving the Use of p-Values pp. 186-191 Downloads
Daniel J. Benjamin and James O. Berger
The False Positive Risk: A Proposal Concerning What to Do About p-Values pp. 192-201 Downloads
David Colquhoun
Moving Towards the Post p  pp. 202-212 Downloads
Robert A. J. Matthews
Blending Bayesian and Classical Tools to Define Optimal Sample-Size-Dependent Significance Levels pp. 213-222 Downloads
Mark Andrew Gannon, Carlos Alberto de Bragança Pereira and Adriano Polpo
How Effect Size (Practical Significance) Misleads Clinical Practice: The Case for Switching to Practical Benefit to Assess Applied Research Findings pp. 223-234 Downloads
Stanley Pogrow
Abandon Statistical Significance pp. 235-245 Downloads
Blakeley B. McShane, David Gal, Andrew Gelman, Christian Robert and Jennifer L. Tackett
Statistical Inference Enables Bad Science; Statistical Thinking Enables Good Science pp. 246-261 Downloads
Christopher Tong
Inferential Statistics as Descriptive Statistics: There Is No Replication Crisis if We Don’t Expect Replication pp. 262-270 Downloads
Valentin Amrhein, David Trafimow and Sander Greenland
The New Statistics for Better Science: Ask How Much, How Uncertain, and What Else Is Known pp. 271-280 Downloads
Robert J. Calin-Jageman and Geoff Cumming
How Large Are Your G-Values? Try Gosset’s Guinnessometrics When a Little “p†Is Not Enough pp. 281-290 Downloads
Stephen Ziliak
Predictive Inference and Scientific Reproducibility pp. 291-295 Downloads
Dean Billheimer
Treatment Choice With Trial Data: Statistical Decision Theory Should Supplant Hypothesis Testing pp. 296-304 Downloads
Charles Manski
Trial Size for Near-Optimal Choice Between Surveillance and Aggressive Treatment: Reconsidering MSLT-II pp. 305-311 Downloads
Charles Manski and Aleksey Tetenov
Frequentist, Bayes, or Other? pp. 312-318 Downloads
Michael Lavine
Inference and Decision Making for 21st-Century Drug Development and Approval pp. 319-327 Downloads
Stephen J. Ruberg, Frank E. Harrell, Margaret Gamalo-Siebers, Lisa LaVange, J. Jack Lee, Karen Price and Carl Peck
Multiple Perspectives on Inference for Two Simple Statistical Scenarios pp. 328-339 Downloads
Noah N. N. van Dongen, Johnny B. van Doorn, Quentin F. Gronau, Don van Ravenzwaaij, Rink Hoekstra, Matthias N. Haucke, Daniel Lakens, Christian Hennig, Richard D. Morey, Saskia Homer, Andrew Gelman, Jan Sprenger and Eric-Jan Wagenmakers
Five Nonobvious Changes in Editorial Practice for Editors and Reviewers to Consider When Evaluating Submissions in a Post p  pp. 340-345 Downloads
David Trafimow
The Impact of Results Blind Science Publishing on Statistical Consultation and Collaboration pp. 346-351 Downloads
Joseph J. Locascio
Coup de Grâce for a Tough Old Bull: “Statistically Significant†Expires pp. 352-357 Downloads
Stuart H. Hurlbert, Richard A. Levine and Jessica Utts
The World of Research Has Gone Berserk: Modeling the Consequences of Requiring “Greater Statistical Stringency†for Scientific Publication pp. 358-373 Downloads
Harlan Campbell and Paul Gustafson
Assessing the Statistical Analyses Used in Basic and Applied Social Psychology After Their p-Value Ban pp. 374-384 Downloads
Ronald D. Fricker, Katherine Burke, Xiaoyan Han and William H. Woodall
Content Audit for p-value Principles in Introductory Statistics pp. 385-391 Downloads
Karsten Maurer, Lynette Hudiburgh, Lisa Werwinski and John Bailer
Beyond Calculations: A Course in Statistical Thinking pp. 392-401 Downloads
E. Ashley Steel, Martin Liermann and Peter Guttorp

Volume 73, issue 4, 2019

Test for Trend With a Multinomial Outcome pp. 313-320 Downloads
Aniko Szabo
A Five-Decision Testing Procedure to Infer the Value of a Unidimensional Parameter pp. 321-326 Downloads
Aaron McDaid, Zoltán Kutalik and Valentin Rousson
A Bayes Factor for Replications of ANOVA Results pp. 327-339 Downloads
Christopher Harms
Bias Reduction in Logistic Regression with Missing Responses When the Missing Data Mechanism is Nonignorable pp. 340-349 Downloads
Arnab Kumar Maity, Vivek Pradhan and Ujjwal Das
Power and Sample Size for Fixed-Effects Inference in Reversible Linear Mixed Models pp. 350-359 Downloads
Yueh-Yun Chi, Deborah H. Glueck and Keith E. Muller
A Comparative Review of Nonparametric Statistics Textbooks pp. 360-366 Downloads
Alice Richardson
Demystifying the Integrated Tail Probability Expectation Formula pp. 367-374 Downloads
Ambrose Lo
Key Attributes of a Modern Statistical Computing Tool pp. 375-384 Downloads
Amelia McNamara
Modeling Efficiency of Foreign Aid Allocation in Malawi pp. 385-399 Downloads
Philip A. White, Candace Berrett, E. Shannon Neeley-Tass and Michael G. Findley
We Stand on the Shoulders of Giants—Pioneers of Statistics in Industry pp. 400-407 Downloads
Ronald D. Snee
On the Mean Value Theorem for Estimating Functions pp. 408-410 Downloads
Alexandre Galvão Patriota
Comment on VanDerwerken (2019) pp. 411-412 Downloads
Jesse Frey
The Other Arbitrary Cutoff pp. 413-414 Downloads
Peter Bacchetti
Handbook of Educational Measurement and Psychometrics Using R pp. 415-416 Downloads
Anelise G. Sabbag
Randomistas: How Radical Researchers Are Changing Our World pp. 416-417 Downloads
Megan D. Higgs
Stochastic Processes: From Applications to Theory pp. 418-419 Downloads
Christian Litterer
Correction pp. 420-420 Downloads
The Editors
Editorial Collaborators pp. 420-421 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 73, issue 3, 2019

Disease Mapping With Generative Models pp. 213-223 Downloads
Feifei Wang, Jian Wang, Alan E. Gelfand and Fan Li
Evaluating Wikipedia as a Self-Learning Resource for Statistics: You Know They'll Use It pp. 224-231 Downloads
Peter K. Dunn, Margaret Marshman and Robert McDougall
A Cheap Trick to Improve the Power of a Conservative Hypothesis Test pp. 232-242 Downloads
Thomas J. Fisher and Michael W. Robbins
What Properties Might Statistical Inferences Reasonably be Expected to Have?—Crisis and Resolution in Statistical Inference pp. 243-252 Downloads
Geoffrey K. Robinson
Who Wants to be a Statistician? An Analysis of ACT-Tested Public School Students pp. 253-263 Downloads
Jeff Allen
The Analysis of Survey Data with Framing Effects pp. 264-272 Downloads
Jacob Goldin and Daniel Reck
Inducing Any Feasible Level of Correlation to Bivariate Data With Any Marginals pp. 273-277 Downloads
Hakan Demirtas
Sharpening Jensen's Inequality pp. 278-281 Downloads
J. G. Liao and Arthur Berg
Practical Teaching Strategies for Hypothesis Testing pp. 282-287 Downloads
Ryoungsun Park
Exploring the Equivalence of Two Common Mixture Models for Duration Data pp. 288-295 Downloads
Peter S. Fader, Bruce G. S. Hardie, Daniel McCarthy and Ramnath Vaidyanathan
Joint Clustering With Correlated Variables pp. 296-306 Downloads
Hongmei Zhang, Yubo Zou, Will Terry, Wilfried Karmaus and Hasan Arshad
R-squared for Bayesian Regression Models pp. 307-309 Downloads
Andrew Gelman, Ben Goodrich, Jonah Gabry and Aki Vehtari
Displaying Time Series, Spatial, and Space-Time Data with R, 2nd ed pp. 310-311 Downloads
Silas Bergen
Letter to the Editor pp. 312-312 Downloads
Thaddeus Tarpey and Eva Petkova

Volume 73, issue 2, 2019

Leadership in Statistics: Increasing Our Value and Visibility pp. 109-116 Downloads
Eric W. Gibson
Revisiting Nested Group Testing Procedures: New Results, Comparisons, and Robustness pp. 117-125 Downloads
Yaakov Malinovsky and Paul S. Albert
Bayesian Analysis on a Noncentral Fisher–Student’s Hypersphere pp. 126-140 Downloads
Richard Le Blanc
Randomization Inference for Outcomes with Clumping at Zero pp. 141-150 Downloads
Luke Keele and Luke Miratrix
A Method to Handle Zero Counts in the Multinomial Model pp. 151-158 Downloads
Frank Tuyl
Near-Balanced Incomplete Block Designs, With an Application to Poster Competitions pp. 159-164 Downloads
Xiaoyue Niu and James L. Rosenberger
A Primer on Visualizations for Comparing Populations, Including the Issue of Overlapping Confidence Intervals pp. 165-178 Downloads
Tommy Wright, Martin Klein and Jerzy Wieczorek
A Starting Point for Navigating the World of Daily Fantasy Basketball pp. 179-185 Downloads
Charles South, Ryan Elmore, Andrew Clarage, Rob Sickorez and Jing Cao
Teaching Bayes’ Theorem: Strength of Evidence as Predictive Accuracy pp. 186-190 Downloads
Jeffrey N. Rouder and Richard D. Morey
Higher-Order Moments Using the Survival Function: The Alternative Expectation Formula pp. 191-194 Downloads
Subhabrata Chakraborti, Felipe Jardim and Eugenio Epprecht
A Note on Bias of Closed-Form Estimators for the Gamma Distribution Derived From Likelihood Equations pp. 195-199 Downloads
Francisco Louzada, Pedro L. Ramos and Eduardo Ramos
A Graphical Tool for Interpreting Regression Coefficients of Trinomial Logit Models pp. 200-207 Downloads
Flavio Santi, Maria Michela Dickson and Giuseppe Espa
Business Survival Analysis Using SAS: An Introduction to Lifetime Probabilities pp. 208-209 Downloads
Xin Wang
Statistical Analysis of Contingency Tables pp. 208-208 Downloads
Anna Schenfisch and Brittany Fasy
Quantitative Methods for HIV/AIDS Research pp. 209-210 Downloads
Nicole Bohme Carnegie
Clinical Trial Optimization Using R pp. 210-211 Downloads
Emily Dressler
Survival Analysis with Interval-Censored Data: A Practical Approach with Examples in R, SAS, and BUGS pp. 211-212 Downloads
Minggen Lu

Volume 73, issue 1, 2019

Why are p-Values Controversial? pp. 1-3 Downloads
Todd A. Kuffner and Stephen G. Walker
Asymptotic Properties of Marginal Least-Square Estimator for Ultrahigh-Dimensional Linear Regression Models with Correlated Errors pp. 4-9 Downloads
Gyuhyeong Goh and Dipak K. Dey
Invariance, Optimality, and a 1-Observation Confidence Interval for a Normal Mean pp. 10-15 Downloads
Stephen Portnoy
On An Intriguing Distributional Identity pp. 16-21 Downloads
M. C. Jones, Éric Marchand and William E. Strawderman
Comparing Objective and Subjective Bayes Factors for the Two-Sample Comparison: The Classification Theorem in Action pp. 22-31 Downloads
Mithat Gönen, Wesley O. Johnson, Yonggang Lu and Peter H. Westfall
The Perils of Balance Testing in Experimental Design: Messy Analyses of Clean Data pp. 32-42 Downloads
Diana C. Mutz, Robin Pemantle and Philip Pham
Modified Wilcoxon–Mann–Whitney Test and Power Against Strong Null pp. 43-49 Downloads
Youyi Fong and Ying Huang
Enriching Students’ Conceptual Understanding of Confidence Intervals: An Interactive Trivia-Based Classroom Activity pp. 50-55 Downloads
Xiaofei Wang, Nicholas G. Reich and Nicholas Horton
Sum of a Random Number of Correlated Random Variables that Depend on the Number of Summands pp. 56-60 Downloads
Joel E. Cohen
Teaching Communication in a Statistical Collaboration Course: A Feasible, Project-Based, Multimodal Curriculum pp. 61-69 Downloads
Mario A. Davidson, Charlene M. Dewey and Amy E. Fleming
Simple Measures of Individual Cluster-Membership Certainty for Hard Partitional Clustering pp. 70-79 Downloads
Dongmeng Liu and Jinko Graham
An Examination of Discrepancies in Multiple Imputation Procedures Between SAS® and SPSS® pp. 80-88 Downloads
Jianjun Wang and Dallas E. Johnson
Phlegon's Stem-and-Leaf Display pp. 89-93 Downloads
Spyros Missiakoulis
blogdown: Creating Websites With R Markdown pp. 94-104 Downloads
Megan D. Higgs, Xiaoke Zhang, Angelo Elmi, James M. Flegal, Jessica Utts, Sandra E. Safo, Craig A. Rolling, Michael J. Higgins and Jingyi Jessica Li
Letter to the Editor pp. 105-105 Downloads
M.C. Jones
Editorial Collaborators pp. 106-108 Downloads
The Editors
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