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Volume 76, issue 2, 2022

Variable Selection With Second-Generation P-Values pp. 91-101 Downloads
Yi Zuo, Thomas G. Stewart and Jeffrey D. Blume
A Generalization of the Savage–Dickey Density Ratio for Testing Equality and Order Constrained Hypotheses pp. 102-109 Downloads
Joris Mulder, Eric-Jan Wagenmakers and Maarten Marsman
Bang the Can Slowly: An Investigation into the 2017 Houston Astros pp. 110-116 Downloads
Ryan Elmore and Gregory J. Matthews
The Case-Control Approach Can be More Powerful for Matched Pair Observational Studies When the Outcome is Rare pp. 117-123 Downloads
Wei Wang, Dylan S. Small, Guy Cafri and Elizabeth W. Paxton
Pseudo-Ranks: The Better Way of Ranking? pp. 124-130 Downloads
Georg Zimmermann, Edgar Brunner, Werner Brannath, Martin Happ and Arne C. Bathke
Publication Policies for Replicable Research and the Community-Wide False Discovery Rate pp. 131-141 Downloads
Joshua Habiger and Ye Liang
Statistical Implications of Endogeneity Induced by Residential Segregation in Small-Area Modeling of Health Inequities pp. 142-151 Downloads
Rachel C. Nethery, Jarvis T. Chen, Nancy Krieger, Pamela D. Waterman, Emily Peterson, Lance A. Waller and Brent A. Coull
COVID-19 Pandemic as a Change Agent in the Structure and Practice of Statistical Consulting Centers pp. 152-158 Downloads
Shing Lee, Emilia Bagiella, Roger Vaughan, Usha Govindarajulu, Paul Christos, Denise Esserman, Hua Zhong and Mimi Kim
On Deconfounding Spatial Confounding in Linear Models pp. 159-167 Downloads
Dale L. Zimmerman and Jay M. Ver Hoef
Comparing Three Groups pp. 168-176 Downloads
Jelle J. Goeman and Aldo Solari
Re-exploring the Penney-Ante Game pp. 177-183 Downloads
Sushil Kumar Singh, Neelkanth Rawat, Sargun Singh and Savinder Kaur
Pairwise Independence May Not Imply Independence: New Illustrations and a Generalization pp. 184-187 Downloads
Nitis Mukhopadhyay
A Survey of Bias in Machine Learning Through the Prism of Statistical Parity pp. 188-198 Downloads
Philippe Besse, Eustasio del Barrio, Paula Gordaliza, Jean-Michel Loubes and Laurent Risser
Bayesian Analysis of Infectious Diseases: COVID-19 and Beyond pp. 199-199 Downloads
Qiwei Li
Statistics in Medicine pp. 199-200 Downloads
Weixiao Dai and Toshimitsu Hamasaki
The Impact of Application of the Jackknife to the Sample Median pp. 201-201 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 76, issue 1, 2022

A Proposal for Informative Default Priors Scaled by the Standard Error of Estimates pp. 1-9 Downloads
Erik van Zwet and Andrew Gelman
Computing (Bivariate) Poisson Moments Using Stein–Chen Identities pp. 10-15 Downloads
Christian H. Weiß and Boris Aleksandrov
Calculating Sample Size for Follmann’s Simple Multivariate Test for One-Sided Alternatives pp. 16-21 Downloads
Matthew J. McIntosh
Bayesian Inference Is Unaffected by Selection: Fact or Fiction? pp. 22-28 Downloads
David A. Harville
Difference Between Binomial Proportions Using Newcombe’s Method With Multiple Imputation for Incomplete Data pp. 29-36 Downloads
Yulia Sidi and Ofer Harel
Reconstructing the Kaplan–Meier Estimator as an M-estimator pp. 37-43 Downloads
Jiaqi Gu, Yiwei Fan and Guosheng Yin
Myths About Linear and Monotonic Associations: Pearson’s r, Spearman’s ρ, and Kendall’s τ pp. 44-52 Downloads
Edwin van den Heuvel and Zhuozhao Zhan
When Your Permutation Test is Doomed to Fail pp. 53-63 Downloads
William F. Christensen and Brinley N. Zabriskie
A Bayesian Spatial Analysis of the Heterogeneity in Human Mobility Changes During the First Wave of the COVID-19 Epidemic in the United States pp. 64-72 Downloads
Giulia Carella, Javier Pérez Trufero, Miguel Álvarez and Jorge Mateu
A Geometric Derivation of the Cantor Distribution pp. 73-77 Downloads
Brett Presnell
On the Power of the F-test for Hypotheses in a Linear Model pp. 78-84 Downloads
William E. Griffiths and Carter Hill
Exploratory Data Analysis with MATLAB, 3rd ed., by Wendy L. Martinez, Angel R. Martinez, and Jeffrey L. Solka pp. 85-86 Downloads
Yang Ni
Do Dice Play God? The Mathematics of Uncertainty, by Ian Stewart pp. 85-85 Downloads
James M. Flegal
The Phantom Pattern Problem: The Mirage of Big Data pp. 86-87 Downloads
Emilija Perković
Statistics for Making Decisions pp. 87-88 Downloads
Angelika M. Stefan
A Connection Between Baseball and Clinical Trials Found in “Slugging Percentage is Not a Percentage—And Why That Matters” pp. 89-89 Downloads
Byron J. Gajewski, Jo A. Wick and Truman J. Milling

Volume 75, issue 4, 2021

Comparing Covariate Prioritization via Matching to Machine Learning Methods for Causal Inference Using Five Empirical Applications pp. 355-363 Downloads
Luke Keele and Dylan S. Small
The Classical Occupancy Distribution: Computation and Approximation pp. 364-375 Downloads
Ben O’Neill
The Short-Term and Long-Term Hazard Ratio Model: Parameterization Inconsistency pp. 376-382 Downloads
Philippe Flandre and John O’Quigley
Hurdle Blockmodels for Sparse Network Modeling pp. 383-393 Downloads
Narges Motalebi, Nathaniel T. Stevens and Stefan H. Steiner
Random number generators produce collisions: Why, how many and more pp. 394-402 Downloads
Marius Hofert
Learning Hamiltonian Monte Carlo in R pp. 403-413 Downloads
Samuel Thomas and Wanzhu Tu
Pairwise Comparisons Using Ranks in the One-Way Model pp. 414-423 Downloads
Dennis D. Boos and Siyu Duan
A Review of Bayesian Perspectives on Sample Size Derivation for Confirmatory Trials pp. 424-432 Downloads
Kevin Kunzmann, Michael J. Grayling, Kim May Lee, David S. Robertson, Kaspar Rufibach and James M. S. Wason
Facilitating Authentic Practice for Early Undergraduate Statistics Students pp. 433-444 Downloads
Peter E. Freeman
The Impact of Application of the Jackknife to the Sample Median pp. 445-449 Downloads
Jianning Yang and John E. Kolassa
Beyond Multiple Linear Regression: Applied Generalized Linear Models and Multilevel Models in R pp. 450-451 Downloads
Youjin Lee
Probability and Statistical Inference: From Basic Principles to Advanced Models pp. 451-453 Downloads
Gabriel J. Young
Textual Data Science with R pp. 453-454 Downloads
Kenneth R. Benoit
Letter to the Editor: Zhang, J. (2021), “The Mean Relative Entropy: An Invariant Measure of Estimation Error,” The American Statistician, 75, 117–123: comment by Vos and Wu pp. 455-457 Downloads
Paul Vos and Qiang Wu
Response to Letter to the Editor: Zhang, J. (2021) pp. 458-458 Downloads
Jin Zhang

Volume 75, issue 3, 2021

Statistical Challenges in Agent-Based Modeling pp. 235-242 Downloads
David L. Banks and Mevin B. Hooten
A Prediction Tournament Paradox pp. 243-248 Downloads
David J. Aldous
Null Hypothesis Significance Testing Defended and Calibrated by Bayesian Model Checking pp. 249-255 Downloads
David R. Bickel
Connecting and Contrasting the Bayes Factor and a Modified ROPE Procedure for Testing Interval Null Hypotheses pp. 256-264 Downloads
J. G. Liao, Vishal Midya and Arthur Berg
Reconnecting p-Value and Posterior Probability Under One- and Two-Sided Tests pp. 265-275 Downloads
Haolun Shi and Guosheng Yin
Improving Effect Estimates by Limiting the Variability in Inverse Propensity Score Weights pp. 276-287 Downloads
Keith Kranker, Laura Blue and Lauren Vollmer Forrow
The Exact Form of the “Ockham Factor” in Model Selection pp. 288-293 Downloads
Jonathan Rougier and Carey E. Priebe
Adjusting Published Estimates for Exploratory Biases Using the Truncated Normal Distribution pp. 294-299 Downloads
Travis Loux and Orlando Davy
Learning Temporal Structures of Random Patterns by Generating Functions pp. 300-309 Downloads
Yanlong Sun and Hongbin Wang
A Set of Efficient Methods to Generate High-Dimensional Binary Data With Specified Correlation Structures pp. 310-322 Downloads
Wei Jiang, Shuang Song, Lin Hou and Hongyu Zhao
On Being an Ethical Statistical Expert in a Legal Case pp. 323-333 Downloads
William B. Fairley and William A. Huber
From One Environment to Many: The Problem of Replicability of Statistical Inferences pp. 334-342 Downloads
James J. Higgins, Michael J. Higgins and Jinguang Lin
Illustrating Randomness in Statistics Courses With Spatial Experiments pp. 343-353 Downloads
Amanda S. Hering, Luke Durell and Grant Morgan
Reviewof Books and Teaching Materials pp. 354-354 Downloads
Yen-Chi Chen

Volume 75, issue 2, 2021

The Mean Relative Entropy: An Invariant Measure of Estimation Error pp. 117-123 Downloads
Jin Zhang
Slugging Percentage Is Not a Percentage—And Why That Matters pp. 124-127 Downloads
Douglas VanDerwerken
Toward Replicability With Confidence Intervals for the Exceedance Probability pp. 128-138 Downloads
Brian D. Segal
A Problem of Distributive Justice, Solved by the Lasso pp. 139-144 Downloads
Philip T. Reiss
A Robustified Posterior for Bayesian Inference on a Large Number of Parallel Effects pp. 145-151 Downloads
J. G. Liao, Arthur Berg and Timothy L. McMurry
Bayes Factors for Testing Order Constraints on Variances of Dependent Outcomes pp. 152-161 Downloads
Florian Böing-Messing and Joris Mulder
Visually Communicating and Teaching Intuition for Influence Functions pp. 162-172 Downloads
Aaron Fisher and Edward H. Kennedy
Does Home Health Care Increase the Probability of 30-Day Hospital Readmissions? Interpreting Coefficient Sign Reversals, or Their Absence, in Binary Logistic Regression Analysis pp. 173-184 Downloads
Alecos Papadopoulos and Roland B. Stark
Making Recursive Bayesian Inference Accessible pp. 185-194 Downloads
Mevin B. Hooten, Devin S. Johnson and Brian M. Brost
Harmonizing Optimized Designs With Classic Randomization in Experiments pp. 195-206 Downloads
Adam Kapelner, Abba M. Krieger, Michael Sklar, Uri Shalit and David Azriel
March Madness “Anomalies”: Are They Real, and If So, Can They Be Explained? pp. 207-216 Downloads
Dale L. Zimmerman, Nathan D. Zimmerman and Joshua T. Zimmerman
The Lorenz Curve in the Classroom pp. 217-225 Downloads
Roberta La Haye and Petr Zizler
Further Examples Related to Correlations Between Variables and Ranks pp. 226-229 Downloads
Chunming Zhang
The Model Thinker: What You Need to Know to Make Data Work for You pp. 230-231 Downloads
Edward L. Boone
SAS for Mixed Models: Introduction and Basic Applications pp. 231-231 Downloads
Christine R. Wells
x + y: A Mathematician's Manifesto for Rethinking Gender pp. 232-233 Downloads
Christina P. Knudson

Volume 75, issue 1, 2021

Intuition for an Old Curiosity and an Implication for MCMC pp. 1-6 Downloads
Michael Lavine and Jim Hodges
Exact Bayes Factors for the Comparison of Multinomial Distributions pp. 7-14 Downloads
Rudy Ligtvoet
The Price is Right: Analyzing Bidding Behavior on Contestants’ Row pp. 15-22 Downloads
Paul Kvam
Testing for Positive Quadrant Dependence pp. 23-30 Downloads
Chuan-Fa Tang, Dewei Wang, Hammou El Barmi and Joshua M. Tebbs
Hypothesis Testing in Presence of Adversaries pp. 31-40 Downloads
J. González-Ortega, D. Ríos Insua, F. Ruggeri and R. Soyer
Objective Bayesian testing for the correlation coefficient under divergence-based priors pp. 41-51 Downloads
Bo Peng and Min Wang
Sampling Strategies for Fast Updating of Gaussian Markov Random Fields pp. 52-65 Downloads
D. Andrew Brown, Christopher S. McMahan and Stella Watson Self
Optimizing Sample Size Allocation and Power in a Bayesian Two-Stage Drop-the-Losers Design pp. 66-75 Downloads
Alex Karanevich, Richard Meier, Stefan Graw, Anna McGlothlin and Byron Gajewski
Assumption Lean Regression pp. 76-84 Downloads
Richard Berk, Andreas Buja, Lawrence Brown, Edward George, Arun Kumar Kuchibhotla, Weijie Su and Linda Zhao
Correction of Survival Bias in a Study About Increased Mortality of Heads of Government pp. 85-91 Downloads
Julian Fecker, Martin Schumacher, Kristin Ohneberg and Martin Wolkewitz
Modeling Response Time to Structure Fires pp. 92-100 Downloads
Madison Arnsbarger, Joshua Goldstein, Claire Kelling, Gizem Korkmaz and Sallie Keller
A Probabilistic Approach to The Moments of Binomial Random Variables and Application pp. 101-103 Downloads
Duy Nguyen
Null Hypothesis Significance Testing Interpreted and Calibrated by Estimating Probabilities of Sign Errors: A Bayes-Frequentist Continuum pp. 104-112 Downloads
David R. Bickel
Data Visualization: Charts, Maps, and Interactive Graphics. Robert Grant pp. 113-113 Downloads
James M. Flegal
Fundamentals of Probability with Stochastic Processes, 4th ed. Saeed Ghahramani pp. 113-114 Downloads
James M. Flegal
Spatio-Temporal Statistics With R pp. 114-114 Downloads
Nicholas W. Bussberg
McCann and Habiger (2020), “The Detection of Nonnegligible Directional Effects With Associated Measures of Statistical Significance,” pp. 115-115 Downloads
Roger L. Berger
Response to the Letter to the Editor on “The Detection of Nonnegligible Directional Effects With Associated Measures of Statistical Significance,” The American Statistician, 74:3, 213–217: Comment by Roger Berger pp. 116-116 Downloads
Melinda H. McCann and Joshua D. Habiger
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