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Volume 77, issue 3, 2023

Statistical Guidance to Authors at Top-Ranked Journals across Scientific Disciplines pp. 239-247 Downloads
Tom E. Hardwicke, Maia Salholz-Hillel, Mario Malički, Dénes Szűcs, Theiss Bendixen and John P. A. Ioannidis
Bayes Factors and Posterior Estimation: Two Sides of the Very Same Coin pp. 248-258 Downloads
Harlan Campbell and Paul Gustafson
Mixture of Networks for Clustering Categorical Data: A Penalized Composite Likelihood Approach pp. 259-273 Downloads
Jangsun Baek and Jeong-Soo Park
Quantifying the Inspection Paradox with Random Time pp. 274-282 Downloads
Diana Rauwolf and Udo Kamps
Selection Criterion of Working Correlation Structure for Spatially Correlated Data pp. 283-291 Downloads
Marcelo dos Santos, Fernanda De Bastiani, Miguel A. Uribe-Opazo and Manuel Galea
Bayesian Log-Rank Test pp. 292-300 Downloads
Jiaqi Gu, Yan Zhang and Guosheng Yin
Hitting a Prime in 2.43 Dice Rolls (On Average) pp. 301-303 Downloads
Noga Alon and Yaakov Malinovsky
A Comparison of Bayesian Multivariate Versus Univariate Normal Regression Models for Prediction pp. 304-312 Downloads
Xun Li, Joyee Ghosh and Gabriele Villarini
A Look into the Problem of Preferential Sampling through the Lens of Survey Statistics pp. 313-322 Downloads
Daniel Vedensky, Paul A. Parker and Scott H. Holan
Integrating Ethics into the Guidelines for Assessment and Instruction in Statistics Education (GAISE) pp. 323-330 Downloads
Rameela Raman, Jessica Utts, Andrew I. Cohen and Matthew J. Hayat
Consultancy Style Dissertations in Statistics and Data Science: Why and How pp. 331-339 Downloads
Serveh Sharifi Far, Vanda Inácio, Daniel Paulin, Miguel de Carvalho, Nicole H. Augustin, Mike Allerhand and Gail Robertson
Event History Analysis with R, 2nd ed pp. 340-341 Downloads
Ding-Geng Chen
Bartroff, J., Lorden, G. and Wang, L. (2022), “Optimal and Fast Confidence Intervals for Hypergeometric Successes,” The American Statistician: Comment by Schilling pp. 342-342 Downloads
Mark F. Schilling
Response to Comment by Schilling pp. 343-344 Downloads
Jay Bartroff, Gary Lorden and Lijia Wang

Volume 77, issue 2, 2023

The State of Play of Reproducibility in Statistics: An Empirical Analysis pp. 115-126 Downloads
Xin Xiong and Ivor Cribben
How Do We Perform a Paired t-Test When We Don’t Know How to Pair? pp. 127-133 Downloads
Michael Grabchak
The Cauchy Combination Test under Arbitrary Dependence Structures pp. 134-142 Downloads
Mingya Long, Zhengbang Li, Wei Zhang and Qizhai Li
Bayesian-Frequentist Hybrid Inference in Applications with Small Sample Sizes pp. 143-150 Downloads
Gang Han, Thomas J. Santner, Haiqun Lin and Ao Yuan
Optimal and Fast Confidence Intervals for Hypergeometric Successes pp. 151-159 Downloads
Jay Bartroff, Gary Lorden and Lijia Wang
Forbidden Knowledge and Specialized Training: A Versatile Solution for the Two Main Sources of Overfitting in Linear Regression pp. 160-168 Downloads
Chris Rohlfs
Estimating Knee Movement Patterns of Recreational Runners Across Training Sessions Using Multilevel Functional Regression Models pp. 169-181 Downloads
Marcos Matabuena, Marta Karas, Sherveen Riazati, Nick Caplan and Philip R. Hayes
Athlete Recruitment and the Myth of the Sophomore Peak pp. 182-191 Downloads
Monnie McGee, Benjamin Williams and Jacy Sparks
Data Privacy Protection and Utility Preservation through Bayesian Data Synthesis: A Case Study on Airbnb Listings pp. 192-200 Downloads
Shijie Guo and Jingchen Hu
Interactive Exploration of Large Dendrograms with Prototypes pp. 201-211 Downloads
Andee Kaplan and Jacob Bien
A Case for Nonparametrics pp. 212-219 Downloads
Roy Bower, Justin Hager, Chris Cherniakov, Samay Gupta and William Cipolli
Comment on “A Case for Nonparametrics” by Bower et al pp. 220-220 Downloads
Kenneth Rice and Thomas Lumley
A Response to Rice and Lumley pp. 221-222 Downloads
Roy Bower and William Cipolli
A Comparative Tutorial of Bayesian Sequential Design and Reinforcement Learning pp. 223-233 Downloads
Mauricio Tec, Yunshan Duan and Peter Müller
Handbook of Multiple Comparisons pp. 234-236 Downloads
Junyong Park
Graph Sampling pp. 234-234 Downloads
Jae-Kwang Kim
Correction: Linearity of Unbiased Linear Model Estimators pp. 237-237 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 77, issue 1, 2023

Bayesian Testing of Linear Versus Nonlinear Effects Using Gaussian Process Priors pp. 1-11 Downloads
Joris Mulder
A Study on the Power Parameter in Power Prior Bayesian Analysis pp. 12-19 Downloads
Zifei Han, Keying Ye and Min Wang
Coherent Tests for Interval Null Hypotheses pp. 20-28 Downloads
Spencer Hansen and Ken Rice
On Arbitrarily Underdispersed Discrete Distributions pp. 29-34 Downloads
Alan Huang
The Sign Test, Paired Data, and Asymmetric Dependence: A Cautionary Tale pp. 35-40 Downloads
Alan D. Hutson and Han Yu
Using the Lambert Function to Estimate Shared Frailty Models with a Normally Distributed Random Intercept pp. 41-50 Downloads
Hadrien Charvat
Analytical Problem Solving Based on Causal, Correlational and Deductive Models pp. 51-61 Downloads
Jeroen de Mast, Stefan H. Steiner, Wim P. M. Nuijten and Daniel Kapitan
A Statistical Basis for Reporting Strength of Evidence as Pool Reduction pp. 62-71 Downloads
Dan J. Spitzner
Assignment-Control Plots: A Visual Companion for Causal Inference Study Design pp. 72-84 Downloads
Rachael C. Aikens and Michael Baiocchi
Black Box Variational Bayesian Model Averaging pp. 85-96 Downloads
Vojtech Kejzlar, Shrijita Bhattacharya, Mookyong Son and Tapabrata Maiti
“Two Truths and a Lie” as a Class-Participation Activity pp. 97-101 Downloads
Andrew Gelman
The Probability Mass Function of the Kaplan–Meier Product–Limit Estimator pp. 102-110 Downloads
Yuxin Qin, Heather Sasinowska and Lawrence Leemis
Quantitative Drug Safety and Benefit-Risk Evaluation: Practical and Cross-Disciplinary Approaches pp. 111-112 Downloads
Huan Wang
Object Oriented Data Analysis pp. 111-111 Downloads
James O. Ramsay
Comment on “On Optimal Correlation-Based Prediction”, By Bottai et al. (2022) pp. 113-113 Downloads
Stan Lipovetsky

Volume 76, issue 4, 2022

On Optimal Correlation-Based Prediction pp. 313-321 Downloads
Matteo Bottai, Taeho Kim, Benjamin Lieberman, George Luta and Edsel Peña
Comment on “On Optimal Correlation-Based Prediction,” by Bottai et al. (2022) pp. 322-322 Downloads
Ronald Christensen
Multiple Imputation Inference with Integer-Valued Point Estimates pp. 323-328 Downloads
Bo Liu and Jerome P. Reiter
A Review of Adversarial Attack and Defense for Classification Methods pp. 329-345 Downloads
Yao Li, Minhao Cheng, Cho-Jui Hsieh and Thomas C. M. Lee
A New Transformation of Treated-Control Matched-Pair Differences for Graphical Display pp. 346-352 Downloads
Paul R. Rosenbaum
Bias Analysis for Misclassification Errors in both the Response Variable and Covariate pp. 353-362 Downloads
Juxin Liu, Annshirley Afful, Holly Mansell and Yanyuan Ma
The “Poisson” Distribution: History, Reenactments, Adaptations pp. 363-371 Downloads
James A. Hanley and Sahir Bhatnagar
Linearity of Unbiased Linear Model Estimators pp. 372-375 Downloads
Stephen Portnoy
Statistical Inference for Method of Moments Estimators of a Semi-Supervised Two-Component Mixture Model pp. 376-383 Downloads
Bradley Lubich, Daniel Jeske and Weixin Yao
A Practical Approach to Proper Inference with Linked Data pp. 384-393 Downloads
Andee Kaplan, Brenda Betancourt and Rebecca C. Steorts
Inference in Experiments Conditional on Observed Imbalances in Covariates pp. 394-404 Downloads
Per Johansson and Mattias Nordin
The Current State of Undergraduate Bayesian Education and Recommendations for the Future pp. 405-413 Downloads
Mine Dogucu and Jingchen Hu
From Black Box to Shining Spotlight: Using Random Forest Prediction Intervals to Illuminate the Impact of Assumptions in Linear Regression pp. 414-429 Downloads
Andrew J. Sage, Yang Liu and Joe Sato
Probability, Statistics, and Data: A Fresh Approach Using R pp. 430-430 Downloads
Scott A. Roths
Statistical Issues in Drug Development, 3rd ed pp. 431-431 Downloads
Jie Cui and Haoda Fu

Volume 76, issue 3, 2022

Bayes Factors Based on p-Values and Sets of Priors With Restricted Strength pp. 203-213 Downloads
Brendan Kline
Evaluating Real-Time Probabilistic Forecasts With Application to National Basketball Association Outcome Prediction pp. 214-223 Downloads
Chi-Kuang Yeh, Gregory Rice and Joel A. Dubin
Comparative Probability Metrics: Using Posterior Probabilities to Account for Practical Equivalence in A/B tests pp. 224-237 Downloads
Nathaniel T. Stevens and Luke Hagar
Spatial Confounding in Generalized Estimating Equations pp. 238-247 Downloads
Francis K. C. Hui and Howard D. Bondell
Expressing Regret: A Unified View of Credible Intervals pp. 248-256 Downloads
Kenneth Rice and Lingbo Ye
A Study on Estimating the Parameter of the Truncated Geometric Distribution pp. 257-261 Downloads
Chanseok Park, Kun Gou and Min Wang
Incorporating Minimum Variances into Weighted Optimality Criteria pp. 262-269 Downloads
Katherine Allen-Moyer and Jonathan Stallrich
Using Differentiable Programming for Flexible Statistical Modeling pp. 270-279 Downloads
Maren Hackenberg, Marlon Grodd, Clemens Kreutz, Martina Fischer, Janina Esins, Linus Grabenhenrich, Christian Karagiannidis and Harald Binder
On Generating Distributions with the Memoryless Property pp. 280-285 Downloads
Kimihiro Noguchi and Koby F. Robles
Alpha Seminar: A Course for New Graduate Students in Statistics pp. 286-291 Downloads
Christopher R. Bilder
Demystifying Statistical Learning Based on Efficient Influence Functions pp. 292-304 Downloads
Oliver Hines, Oliver Dukes, Karla Diaz-Ordaz and Stijn Vansteelandt
Data Monitoring Committees in Clinical Trials: A Practical Perspective pp. 305-306 Downloads
Chris Barker
Leadership in Statistics and Data Science: Planning for Inclusive Excellence pp. 306-307 Downloads
Emilija Perković
Comment on “On the Power of the F-test for Hypotheses in a Linear Model,” by Griffiths and Hill (2022) pp. 308-309 Downloads
David A. Harville
Comment on “On the Power of the F-test for Hypotheses in a Linear Model” by Griffiths and Hill (2022) pp. 310-311 Downloads
Ronald Christensen
Rejoinder to Harville (2022) and Christensen (2022) Comments on “On the Power of the F-test for Hypotheses in a Linear Model,” by Griffiths and Hill (2022) pp. 312-312 Downloads
William E. Griffiths and Carter Hill

Volume 76, issue 2, 2022

Variable Selection With Second-Generation P-Values pp. 91-101 Downloads
Yi Zuo, Thomas G. Stewart and Jeffrey D. Blume
A Generalization of the Savage–Dickey Density Ratio for Testing Equality and Order Constrained Hypotheses pp. 102-109 Downloads
Joris Mulder, Eric-Jan Wagenmakers and Maarten Marsman
Bang the Can Slowly: An Investigation into the 2017 Houston Astros pp. 110-116 Downloads
Ryan Elmore and Gregory J. Matthews
The Case-Control Approach Can be More Powerful for Matched Pair Observational Studies When the Outcome is Rare pp. 117-123 Downloads
Wei Wang, Dylan S. Small, Guy Cafri and Elizabeth W. Paxton
Pseudo-Ranks: The Better Way of Ranking? pp. 124-130 Downloads
Georg Zimmermann, Edgar Brunner, Werner Brannath, Martin Happ and Arne C. Bathke
Publication Policies for Replicable Research and the Community-Wide False Discovery Rate pp. 131-141 Downloads
Joshua Habiger and Ye Liang
Statistical Implications of Endogeneity Induced by Residential Segregation in Small-Area Modeling of Health Inequities pp. 142-151 Downloads
Rachel C. Nethery, Jarvis T. Chen, Nancy Krieger, Pamela D. Waterman, Emily Peterson, Lance A. Waller and Brent A. Coull
COVID-19 Pandemic as a Change Agent in the Structure and Practice of Statistical Consulting Centers pp. 152-158 Downloads
Shing Lee, Emilia Bagiella, Roger Vaughan, Usha Govindarajulu, Paul Christos, Denise Esserman, Hua Zhong and Mimi Kim
On Deconfounding Spatial Confounding in Linear Models pp. 159-167 Downloads
Dale L. Zimmerman and Jay M. Ver Hoef
Comparing Three Groups pp. 168-176 Downloads
Jelle J. Goeman and Aldo Solari
Re-exploring the Penney-Ante Game pp. 177-183 Downloads
Sushil Kumar Singh, Neelkanth Rawat, Sargun Singh and Savinder Kaur
Pairwise Independence May Not Imply Independence: New Illustrations and a Generalization pp. 184-187 Downloads
Nitis Mukhopadhyay
A Survey of Bias in Machine Learning Through the Prism of Statistical Parity pp. 188-198 Downloads
Philippe Besse, Eustasio del Barrio, Paula Gordaliza, Jean-Michel Loubes and Laurent Risser
Bayesian Analysis of Infectious Diseases: COVID-19 and Beyond pp. 199-199 Downloads
Qiwei Li
Statistics in Medicine pp. 199-200 Downloads
Weixiao Dai and Toshimitsu Hamasaki
The Impact of Application of the Jackknife to the Sample Median pp. 201-201 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 76, issue 1, 2022

A Proposal for Informative Default Priors Scaled by the Standard Error of Estimates pp. 1-9 Downloads
Erik van Zwet and Andrew Gelman
Computing (Bivariate) Poisson Moments Using Stein–Chen Identities pp. 10-15 Downloads
Christian H. Weiß and Boris Aleksandrov
Calculating Sample Size for Follmann’s Simple Multivariate Test for One-Sided Alternatives pp. 16-21 Downloads
Matthew J. McIntosh
Bayesian Inference Is Unaffected by Selection: Fact or Fiction? pp. 22-28 Downloads
David A. Harville
Difference Between Binomial Proportions Using Newcombe’s Method With Multiple Imputation for Incomplete Data pp. 29-36 Downloads
Yulia Sidi and Ofer Harel
Reconstructing the Kaplan–Meier Estimator as an M-estimator pp. 37-43 Downloads
Jiaqi Gu, Yiwei Fan and Guosheng Yin
Myths About Linear and Monotonic Associations: Pearson’s r, Spearman’s ρ, and Kendall’s τ pp. 44-52 Downloads
Edwin van den Heuvel and Zhuozhao Zhan
When Your Permutation Test is Doomed to Fail pp. 53-63 Downloads
William F. Christensen and Brinley N. Zabriskie
A Bayesian Spatial Analysis of the Heterogeneity in Human Mobility Changes During the First Wave of the COVID-19 Epidemic in the United States pp. 64-72 Downloads
Giulia Carella, Javier Pérez Trufero, Miguel Álvarez and Jorge Mateu
A Geometric Derivation of the Cantor Distribution pp. 73-77 Downloads
Brett Presnell
On the Power of the F-test for Hypotheses in a Linear Model pp. 78-84 Downloads
William E. Griffiths and Carter Hill
Exploratory Data Analysis with MATLAB, 3rd ed., by Wendy L. Martinez, Angel R. Martinez, and Jeffrey L. Solka pp. 85-86 Downloads
Yang Ni
Do Dice Play God? The Mathematics of Uncertainty, by Ian Stewart pp. 85-85 Downloads
James M. Flegal
The Phantom Pattern Problem: The Mirage of Big Data pp. 86-87 Downloads
Emilija Perković
Statistics for Making Decisions pp. 87-88 Downloads
Angelika M. Stefan
A Connection Between Baseball and Clinical Trials Found in “Slugging Percentage is Not a Percentage—And Why That Matters” pp. 89-89 Downloads
Byron J. Gajewski, Jo A. Wick and Truman J. Milling
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