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Greenhouse Gases: Science and Technology

2011 - 2021

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Volume 11, issue 1, 2021

Preliminary geochemical investigation of a possible CO2 injection in the Ungaran geothermal field, Indonesia: equilibrium and kinetic modeling pp. 3-18 Downloads
Gagas Pambudi Utomo and Nilgün Güleç
The effects of porosity and permeability changes on simulated supercritical CO2 migration front in tight glutenite under different effective confining pressures from 1.5 MPa to 21.5 MPa pp. 19-36 Downloads
Liang Xu, Qi Li, Matthew Myers, Yongsheng Tan, Miao He, Happiness Ijeoma Umeobi and Xiaochun Li
Fugitive methane gas migration around Alberta's petroleum wells pp. 37-51 Downloads
J. M. Abboud, T. L. Watson and M. C. Ryan
Water vapor effects on CO2 separation of amine‐containing facilitated transport membranes (AFTMs) module: mathematical modeling using tanks‐in‐series approach pp. 52-68 Downloads
Qiang Yang, Qianguo Lin, Sergio Sammarchi, Jia Li, Sa Li and Dong Wang
Experimental investigation of CO2–brine–rock interactions in relation with CO2 sequestration in an Iranian oil reservoir pp. 69-80 Downloads
Rozita Akbari, Elnaz Khodapanah and Seyyed Alireza Tabatabaei‐Nezhad
The heterogeneous impact of environmental regulations on low‐carbon economic transformation in China: Empirical research based on the mediation effect model pp. 81-102 Downloads
Xinli Wang and Yuansheng Huang
Coupled CO2‐well‐reservoir simulation using a partitioned approach: effect of reservoir properties on well dynamics pp. 103-127 Downloads
Svend Tollak Munkejord, Morten Hammer, Åsmund Ervik, Lars Hov Odsæter and Halvor Lund
Comparison of different MOF fillers on CO2 removal performance of supported PEBA mixed matrix membranes pp. 128-143 Downloads
Amir Erfani and Morteza Asghari
Accounting for the role of transport and storage infrastructure costs in carbon negative bioenergy deployment pp. 144-164 Downloads
Udayan Singh, Erica M. Loudermilk and Lisa M. Colosi
Modification of postcombustion CO2 capture process: A techno‐economic analysis pp. 165-182 Downloads
Haider Sultan, Umair Hassan Bhatti, Hafiz Ali Muhammad, Sung Chan Nam and Il Hyun Baek
A study on the impact of storage boundary and caprock morphology on carbon sequestration in saline aquifers pp. 183-205 Downloads
Masoud Ahmadinia and Seyed M. Shariatipour

Volume 10, issue 6, 2020

Editorial ‐ Energy and Sustainability in Small Developing Economies 19 ‐ Selected papers pp. 1117-1117 Downloads
Fernando Morgado‐Dias, Lucas Pereira and Herlander Mata‐Lima
Modelling demand flexibility and energy storage to support increased penetration of renewable energy resources on Porto Santo pp. 1118-1132 Downloads
Roham Torabi, Alvaro Gomes, Diogo Lobo and Fernando Morgado‐Dias
Artificial intelligence in process control applications and energy saving: a review and outlook pp. 1133-1150 Downloads
Alexander Kramer and Fernando Morgado‐Dias
On the economics and the future prospects of battery electric vehicles pp. 1151-1164 Downloads
Amela Ajanovic and Reinhard Haas
Effect of planting density and tree species selection on forest bioenergy systems: tree growth, nutrient storage and wood chemical properties pp. 1165-1175 Downloads
Dagoberto Arias‐Aguilar, Juan Carlos Valverde and Rooel Campos
On current and future economics of electricity storage pp. 1176-1192 Downloads
Albert Hiesl, Amela Ajanovic and Reinhard Haas
The effect of BHA on oxidative stability of biodiesel from different sources pp. 1193-1201 Downloads
José María Encinar, Sergio Nogales and Juan Félix González

Volume 10, issue 5, 2020

Enhancement of CaO‐based sorbent for CO2 capture through doping with seawater pp. 878-883 Downloads
Belén González, John Kokot‐Blamey and Paul Fennell
Greenhouse gas emissions, grain yield and water productivity: a paddy rice field case study based in Myanmar pp. 884-897 Downloads
Ei Phyu Win, Kyaw Kyaw Win, Sonoko D. Bellingrath‐Kimura and Aung Zaw Oo
Comparison of reactions with different calcium sources for CaCO3 production using carbonic anhydrase pp. 898-906 Downloads
Dea Hyun Moon, Jun Eu, Wonhee Lee, Young Eun Kim, Ki Tae Park, You Na Ko, Soon Kwan Jeong and Min Hye Youn
Exploring the characteristics and drivers of indirect energy consumption of urban and rural households from a sectoral perspective pp. 907-924 Downloads
Xin Li, Xiaoqiong He, Xiyu Luo, Xiandan Cui and Minxi Wang
The enhanced enzymatic performance of carbonic anhydrase on the reaction rate between CO2 and aqueous solutions of sterically hindered amines pp. 925-937 Downloads
Neslisah Cihan and Ozge Yuksel Orhan
CO2 solubility in aqueous binary mixtures of monoethanolamine, methyldiethanolamine, and diaminobutane pp. 938-947 Downloads
Milad Gholidoost, Mohammad Farsi and Payam Setoodeh
Comparison of hydroxide‐based adsorbents of Mg(OH)2 and Ca(OH)2 for CO2 capture: utilization of response surface methodology, kinetic, and isotherm modeling pp. 948-964 Downloads
Ahad Ghaemi and Amir Hossein Behroozi
Effects of UV‐B radiation on soil carbon conversion and greenhouse gas emission in paddy soil pp. 965-979 Downloads
Tianguo Li, Xiang Li, Yong Liang, Mingrui Li, Ming Jiang, Fangdong Zhan, Yuan Li and Yongmei He
The effect of Biot coefficient and elastic moduli stress–pore pressure dependency on poroelastic response to fluid injection: laboratory experiments and geomechanical modeling pp. 980-998 Downloads
Samin Raziperchikolaee, Vivek Singh and Mark Kelley
The production cost analysis of oil palm waste activated carbon: a pilot‐scale evaluation pp. 999-1026 Downloads
Jia Yen Lai and Lock Hei Ngu
Coupled CO2 capture and thermochemical heat storage of CaO derived from calcium acetate pp. 1027-1038 Downloads
Chaoying Sun, Xianyao Yan, Yingjie Li, Jianli Zhao, Zeyan Wang and Tao Wang
When will China fulfill its carbon‐related intended nationally determined contributions? An in‐depth environmental Kuznets curve analysis pp. 1039-1049 Downloads
Ming Meng, Wei Shang, Xinfang Wang and Tingting Pang
A thermochemical reaction and kinetic characteristic study of municipal sludge in the atmosphere of treated flue gas from calcium looping (Ca‐L) pp. 1050-1062 Downloads
Songshan Cao, Yuyi Liu, Zhi Li, Feng Duan, Lihui Zhang, Jun Cao and Xiaojun Yang
The density characteristics of CO2 and alkane mixtures using PC‐SAFT EoS pp. 1063-1076 Downloads
Yuan Chi, Shuyang Liu, Weiwei Jian, Changzhong Zhao, Junchen Lv and Yi Zhang
Analysing the role of caprock morphology on history matching of Sleipner CO2 plume using an optimisation method pp. 1077-1097 Downloads
Masoud Ahmadinia and Seyed M. Shariatipour
The effect of natural fractures on CO2 storage performance and oil recovery from CO2 and WAG injection in an Appalachian basin reservoir pp. 1098-1114 Downloads
Samin Raziperchikolaee, Ashwin Pasumarti and Srikanta Mishra

Volume 10, issue 4, 2020

Editorial pp. 662-663 Downloads
Rahul R. Bhosale and Fares A. Almomani
A perspective on fossil fuel based flue gas emission reduction technologies pp. 664-677 Downloads
Sefa Yalcin, Alp Er Ş. Konukman and Adnan Midilli
Performance comparison of a natural gas and renewable‐based power and desalination system for polygeneration pp. 678-702 Downloads
Houd Al‐Obaidli, Yusuf Bicer and Tareq Al‐Ansari
Terbium oxide‐based solar thermochemical CO2 splitting cycle: A thermodynamic investigation pp. 703-714 Downloads
Rahul R. Bhosale
Synthesis of fumed silica supported Ni catalyst for carbon dioxide conversion to methane pp. 715-724 Downloads
Ahmed Aheed Ali Mohammed, Mohammed Ali H Saleh Saad, Anand Kumar and Mohammed J Al‐Marri
Estimation of solar‐to‐fuel energy conversion efficiency of a solar driven samarium oxide‐based thermochemical CO2 splitting cycle pp. 725-735 Downloads
Rahul R. Bhosale
Carbon footprint prediction of vehicle usage in Turkey pp. 736-758 Downloads
Can Coskun and Zuhal Oktay
Utilizing environmentally friendly hyperbranched polyglycerol polymers to separate gasoline from deionized water pp. 759-770 Downloads
Wamda Faisal Elmobarak, Fares Almomani and Mohammed Ali H Salah Saad
Investigating the effect of the air inlet temperature on the combustion characteristics of a spark ignition engine fueled by biogas pp. 771-782 Downloads
Abdullah Ebrahem Ebrahemi, Mohamed Abdallah Bassiony, Thaer Mahmoud Ibrahim Syam and Samer Ahmed
Doping amino acids with classical gas hydrate inhibitors to facilitate the hydrate inhibition effect at low dosages pp. 783-794 Downloads
M Fahed Qureshi, Majeda Khraisheh and Fares Almomani
Characterization of polysulfone/diisopropylamine 1‐alkyl‐3‐methylimidazolium ionic liquid membranes: high pressure gas separation applications pp. 795-808 Downloads
Majeda Khraisheh, Khadija M. Zadeh, Abedalkhader I. Alkhouzaam, Dorra Turki, Mohammad K. Hassan, Fares Al Momani and Syed M. J. Zaidi
Photovoltaic system configurations: an occupational health and safety assessment pp. 809-828 Downloads
Begum Erten and Zafer Utlu
Mitigation of NOx emission by monophenolic antioxidants blended in POME biodiesel blends pp. 829-839 Downloads
Mohd Hafiz Ali, Abdullah Adam, Mohd Hafizil Mat Yasin, Mohd Kamal Kamarulzaman and Mohd Fahmi Othman
A feasibility study of CO2‐based solar‐assisted Rankine cycle: a comparative case study for Isparta, Turkey pp. 840-854 Downloads
Onder Kizilkan and Hiroshi Yamaguchi
An efficient waste management system with municipal solid waste incineration plant pp. 855-864 Downloads
Merve Ozturk and Ibrahim Dincer
Solar thermochemical conversion of CO2 via erbium oxide based redox cycle pp. 865-874 Downloads
Rahul R. Bhosale

Volume 10, issue 3, 2020

Renewable carbon: Key to a sustainable and future‐oriented chemical and plastic industry: Definition, strategy, measures and potential pp. 488-505 Downloads
Michael Carus, Lara Dammer, Achim Raschka and Pia Skoczinski
Implementing a second generation CCS facility on a coal fired power station – results of a feasibility study to retrofit SaskPower's Shand power station with CCS pp. 506-518 Downloads
Stavroula Giannaris, Corwyn Bruce, Brent Jacobs, Wayuta Srisang and Dominika Janowczyk
Uncertainty and sensitivity analysis of relative permeability curves for the numerical simulation of CO2 core flooding pp. 519-530 Downloads
Zhanpeng Zheng, Qingsong Ma, Pei Hu, Yongchen Song and Dayong Wang
An evaluation of an offshore energy installation for the Black Sea region of Turkey and the effects on a regional decrease in greenhouse gas emissions pp. 531-544 Downloads
Ozan Akdağ and Celaleddin Yeroglu
The potential of vegetation indices: estimating methane emissions in paddy fields under nighttime warming and water saving conditions pp. 545-556 Downloads
Zhang Zhen, Lou Yunsheng, Li Rui, Ma Li, Li Jun and Lukali Amina
Numerical study of reservoir permeability effects on gravity changes associated with CO2 geological storage: implications for gravimetric monitoring feasibility pp. 557-566 Downloads
Hiroki Goto, Tsuneo Ishido and Masao Sorai
Experimental and numerical investigation of CO2–brine–rock interactions in the early Palaeozoic mudstones from the Polish part of the Baltic Basin at simulatedin situ conditions pp. 567-590 Downloads
Piotr Słomski, Maria Mastalerz, Jacek Szczepański, Arkadiusz Derkowski, Tomasz Topór and Marcin Lutyński
An experiment revealing the ability of a side‐scan sonar to detect CO2 bubbles in shallow seas pp. 591-603 Downloads
Keisuke Uchimoto, Makoto Nishimura, Yuji Watanabe and Ziqiu Xue
Evaluation of greenhouse gas emissions and energy recovery from planting street trees pp. 604-612 Downloads
Ying‐Chu Chen
Applying hybrid support vector regression and genetic algorithm to water alternating CO2 gas EOR pp. 613-630 Downloads
Menad Nait Amar, Noureddine Zeraibi and Ashkan Jahanbani Ghahfarokhi
Parametric study and optimisation of hot K2CO3‐based post‐combustion CO2 capture from a coal‐fired power plant pp. 631-642 Downloads
Foster Kofi Ayittey, Agus Saptoro, Perumal Kumar and Mee Kee Wong
Development potential evaluation of CO2‐ECBM in abandoned coal mines pp. 643-658 Downloads
Zhaolong Ge, Kai Deng, Liang Zhang and Shaojie Zuo

Volume 10, issue 2, 2020

Leveraging operational information from wastewater injection wells to evaluate CO2 injection performance for carbon storage applications in the Appalachian Basin pp. 268-282 Downloads
Manoj Valluri, Joel Sminchak, Lydia Cumming, Joel Main and Glenn Larsen
Modeling CO2 plume migration using an invasion‐percolation approach that includes dissolution pp. 283-295 Downloads
Mohamed Mehana, Seyyed A. Hosseini, Timothy A. Meckel and Hari Viswanathan
Effect of brine salinity on the geological sequestration of CO2 in a deep saline carbonate formation pp. 296-312 Downloads
Ram Kumar, Scott Campbell, Eric Sonnenthal and Jeffrey Cunningham
A novel double‐doped polymer‐modified cement‐based sealant to enhance borehole seals and reduce methane emissions pp. 313-330 Downloads
Aitao Zhou, Jiawen Wang, Kai Wang, Derek Elsworth and Meng Zhang
Identification of potential CO2 leakage pathways and mechanisms in oil reservoirs using fault tree analysis pp. 331-346 Downloads
Yanqing Wang, Liang Zhang, Shaoran Ren, Bo Ren, Bailian Chen and Jun Lu
Coal permeability evolution characteristics: Analysis under different loading conditions pp. 347-363 Downloads
Haijun Guo, Zhixiang Cheng, Kai Wang, Baolin Qu, Liang Yuan and Chao Xu
Experimental investigation of desorption kinetics of methane in diesel and internal olefin for enhanced well control pp. 364-379 Downloads
Damilola Ojedeji, Scott Perry, James Nielsen and Yuanhang Chen
Forecasting CO2 emissions from energy consumption in Pakistan under different scenarios: The China–Pakistan Economic Corridor pp. 380-389 Downloads
Aysha Malik, Ejaz Hussain, Sofia Baig and Muhammad Fahim Khokhar
A CO2 emissions assessment of the green economy in Iran pp. 390-407 Downloads
Saeed Solaymani
Pebax/MWCNTs‐NH2 mixed matrix membranes for enhanced CO2/N2 separation pp. 408-420 Downloads
Chunfeng Song, Muhammad Mujahid, Run Li, Siraj Ahmad, Qingling Liu, Bing Zhang and Yutaka Kitamura
Waste heat recovery from the stripped gas in carbon capture process by membrane technology: Hydrophobic and hydrophilic organic membrane cases pp. 421-435 Downloads
Liqiang Xu, Qiufang Cui, Te Tu, Shuo Liu, Long Ji and Shuiping Yan
Carbon dioxide mineralization for the disposition of blast‐furnace slag: reaction intensification using NaCl solutions pp. 436-448 Downloads
Enze Ren, Siyang Tang, Changjun Liu, Hairong Yue, Chun Li and Bin Liang
Catalytic solvent regeneration of a CO2‐loaded MEA solution using an acidic catalyst from industrial rough metatitanic acid pp. 449-460 Downloads
Lijun Li, Yingying Liu, Kejing Wu, Changjun Liu, Siyang Tang, Hairong Yue, Houfang Lu and Bin Liang
Effect of heat treatment temperature on CO2 capture of nitrogen‐enriched porous carbon fibers pp. 461-471 Downloads
Xue‐Fei Wang, Long Xiong, Li Li and Jun‐Jun Zhong
Mechanism of steam‐declined sulfation and steam‐enhanced carbonation by DFT calculations pp. 472-483 Downloads
Peng Yang, Zhao Sun, Lunbo Duan and Hongjian Tang

Volume 10, issue 1, 2020

Theoretical modeling of the effect of temperature on CO2 injectivity in deep saline formations pp. 4-14 Downloads
Yen Adams Sokama‐Neuyam, Francis Adu‐Boahene, Patrick Boakye, Wilberforce Nkrumah Aggrey and Jann Rune Ursin
Major CO2 blowouts from offshore wells are strongly attenuated in water deeper than 50 m pp. 15-31 Downloads
Curtis M. Oldenburg and Lehua Pan
Assessment of CO2‐enhanced oil recovery and associated geologic storage potential in the Michigan Northern Pinnacle Reef Trend pp. 32-49 Downloads
Srikanta Mishra, Autumn Haagsma, Manoj Valluri and Neeraj Gupta
The use of environmental tracers to characterize a leaky CO2 CCS natural analogue site, Soda Springs, Idaho, USA pp. 50-74 Downloads
Travis L. McLing, Ghanashyam Neupane, L. Trent Armstrong and Robert W. Smith
Estimation and mitigation of greenhouse gases in typical paddy‐upland rotation systems in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, China pp. 75-89 Downloads
Yifan Shi, Yunsheng Lou, Ying Wang, Huiting Zuo, Moses A. Ojara and Amina Lukali
Molecular simulation of equal density temperature in CCS under geological sequestration conditions pp. 90-102 Downloads
Lei Yuan, Yi Zhang, Jiafei Zhao, Yongchen Song and Yuan Chi
CO2 capture and mineralization using carbide slag doped fly ash pp. 103-115 Downloads
Rong Liu, Xiaolong Wang and Shiwang Gao
Impact of coal composition and pore structure on gas adsorption: a study based on a synchrotron radiation facility pp. 116-129 Downloads
Yingfeng Sun, Yixin Zhao and Liang Yuan
Process modifications for a hot potassium carbonate‐based CO2 capture system: a comparative study pp. 130-146 Downloads
Foster Kofi Ayittey, Christine Ann Obek, Agus Saptoro, Kumar Perumal and Mee Kee Wong
Experimental investigation of the impact of liquid carbon dioxide injection on temperature in pulverized coal pp. 147-159 Downloads
Zhijin Yu, Song Yang, Hu Wen and Jun Deng
Prediction of energy‐related CO2 emissions in multiple scenarios using a least square support vector machine optimized by improved bat algorithm: a case study of China pp. 160-175 Downloads
Qunli Wu and Fanxing Meng
Statistical based hydromechanical models to estimate poroelastic effects of CO2 injection into a closed reservoir pp. 176-195 Downloads
Samin Raziperchikolaee and Srikanta Mishra
Estimation of methane emissions based on crop yield and remote sensing data in a paddy field pp. 196-207 Downloads
Yifan Shi, Yunsheng Lou, Zhen Zhang, Li Ma and Moses A Ojara
Experimental investigation of smart carbonated water injection method in carbonates pp. 208-229 Downloads
Payam Soleimani, Seyed Reza Shadizadeh and Riyaz Kharrat
Forecast of long‐term EUA price probability using momentum strategy and GBM simulation pp. 230-248 Downloads
Domagoj Vulin, Maja Arnaut and Daria Karasalihović Sedlar
A numerical study on the non‐isothermal flow characteristics and hydrate risk of CO2 in buried transmission pipelines under the gas‐phase transportation mode pp. 249-264 Downloads
Wenyuan Liu, Jinqiu Hu, Fengrui Sun, Zheng Sun and Xiangfang Li
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