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2023-03: Sharing, Social Norms, and Social Distance: Experimental Evidence from Russia and Western Alaska Downloads
E. Lance Howe, James Murphy, Drew Gerkey, Olga Stoddard and Colin West
2023-02: Universal Cash Transfer Impacts on Maternal and Infant Health Downloads
Mary Kopriva
2023-01: Catastrophic Fires, Human Displacement, and Real Estate Prices in California Downloads
Hannah Hennighausen and Alexander James
2022-04: Hidden inefficiency: Strategic inflation of project schedules Downloads
Matej Lorko, Maroš Servátka and Le Zhang
2022-03: Honesty in the City Downloads
Martin Dufwenberg, Paul Feldman, Maroš Servátka, Jorge Tarraso and Radovan Vadovic
2022-02: Oil Windfalls, Taxation, and Demand for Government Accountability Downloads
Alexander James and Dilek Uz
2022-01: Cash Transfers and Voter Turnout Downloads
Alexander James, Nathaly Rivera and Brock Smith
2021-05: Crossing Frozen Ground: Tiebout, Local Public Goods, Place Amenities, and Rural-to-Rural Migration in the Arctic Downloads
E. Lance Howe and Terry Huskey
2021-04: Kaivik: A Free Online Asset Market Cellphone Interface Experiment with Financial Bubbles Downloads
Kyle Hampton and Paul Johnson
2021-03: Natural-Resource Funds: A Review Downloads
Alexander James, Timothy Retting, Jason Shogren, Brett Watson and Samuel Wills
2021-02: An Experimental Test of Cause-Related Marketing and Charitable Giving Downloads
James Murphy, Molly Conlin and Bryan Haugstad
2021-01: The Endogenous Formation of Common Pool Resource Coalitions Downloads
Carlos Chavez, James Murphy, Felipe Quezada and John Stranlund
2020-03: The impact of public health messaging and personal experience on the acceptance of mask wearing during the COVID-19 pandemic Downloads
Todd Cherry, Alexander James and James Murphy
2020-02: Contests for Shares of an Uncertain Resource Downloads
Cary Deck, Lance Howe, Matthew Reimer, Jonathan Alevy and Kyle Borash
2020-01: The Coal-to-Gas Fuel Switching and its Effects on Housing Prices Downloads
Nathaly Rivera and Scott Loveridge
2019-07: Do Appeals to Donor Benefits Raise More Money than Appeals to Recipient Benefits? Evidence from a Natural Field Experiment with Pick.Click.Give Downloads
John List, James Murphy, Michael Price and Alexander James
2019-06: Air Quality Warnings and Temporary Driving Bans: Evidence from Air Pollution, Car Trips, and Mass-Transit Ridership in Santiago Downloads
Nathaly Rivera
2019-05: Is Mining an Environmental Disamenity? Evidence from Resource Extraction Site Openings Downloads
Nathaly Rivera
2019-04: Oil, Politics, and Corrupt Bastards Downloads
Alexander James and Nathaly Rivera
2019-03: Geography, Geology, and Regional Economic Development Downloads
Kevin Berry, Alexander James, Brock Smith and Brett Watson
2019-02: Lying and Shirking Under Oath Downloads
Nicolas Jacquemet, Alexander James, Stéphane Luchini, James Murphy and Jason Shogren
2019-01: Co-enforcement of Common Pool Resources: Experimental Evidence from TURFs in Chile Downloads
Carlos Chavez, James Murphy and John Stranlund
2018-07: Managing and Defending the Commons: Experimental Evidence from TURFs in Chile Downloads
Carlos Chavez, James Murphy and John Stranlund
2018-06: Donors Change Both Their Level and Pattern of Giving in Response to Contests among Charities Downloads
Cary Deck and James Murphy
2018-05: Tying enforcement to prices in emissions markets: An experimental evaluation Downloads
John Stranlund, James Murphy, John Spraggon and Nikolaos Zirogiannis
2018-04: The Ecological Insurance Trap Downloads
Kevin Berry, Eli P. Fenichel and Brian E Robinson
2018-03: In the Shadow of Coase Downloads
Kevin Berry, Anthony Delmond, Rémi Morin Chassé, John Strandholm and Jason Shogren
2018-02: The Geographic Dispersion of Economic Shocks: Evidence from the Fracking Revolution: Comment Downloads
Alexander James and Brock Smith
2018-01: Fata Morganas In Oil-Rich, Institution-Poor Economies Downloads
Jodie Gatti, Gavin Triplet and Alexander James
2017-04: Who Benefits From an Oil Boom? Evidence From a Unique Alaskan Data Set Downloads
Mouhcine Guettabi and Alexander James
2017-03: The (Uneven) Spatial Distribution of the Bakken Oil Boom Downloads
Johanna Richter, Alliana Salanguit and Alexander James
2017-02: Corporate Apology for Environmental Damage Downloads
Ben Gilbert, Alexander James and Jason Shogren
2017-01: Household Composition and Gender Difference in Parental Time Investments Downloads
Andrew Bibler
2016-03: Introduction to Symposium on Innovation and Research Contests Downloads
Cary Deck and James Murphy
2016-02: Dual Language Education and Student Achievement Downloads
Andrew Bibler
2016-01: Multi-good Demand in Bidder's Choice Auctions: Experimental Evidence from the Lab and the Field Downloads
Jonathan Alevy, Julianna Butler and Michael Price
2015-05: Advancing the Understanding of Behavior in Social-Ecological Systems: Results from Lab and Field Experiments Downloads
Marco Janssen, Therese Lindahl and James Murphy
2015-04: Indirect Reciprocity, Resource Sharing, and Environmental Risk: Evidence from Field Experiments in Siberia Downloads
Lance Howe, James Murphy, Drew Gerkey and Colin West
2015-03: Trading in Networks: a Classroom Experiment Downloads
Paul Johnson and Qiujie Zheng
2015-02: The Impact of Social Information on the Voluntary Provision of Public Goods: A Replication Study Downloads
James Murphy, Nomin Batmunkh, Benjamin Nilsson and Samantha Ray
2015-01: Is education really underfunded in resource-rich economies? Evidence from a panel of U.S. states Downloads
Alexander James
2014-05: Fair Weather Avoidance: Unpacking the Costs and Benefits of “Avoiding the Ask" Downloads
Hannah Trachtman, Andrew Steinkruger, Mackenzie Wood, Adam Wooster, James Andreoni, James Murphy and Justin Rao
2014-04: There will be blood: Crime rates in shale-rich U.S. counties Downloads
Alexander James and Brock Smith
2014-03: The Resource Curse: A Statistical Mirage? Downloads
Alexander James
2014-02: U.S. State Fiscal Policy and Natural Resources Downloads
Alexander James
2014-01: Price Controls and Banking in Emissions Trading: An Experimental Evaluation Downloads
John Stranlund, James Murphy and John Spraggon
2013-03: Unraveling the Multiple Margins of Rent Generation from Individual Transferable Quotas Downloads
Matthew Reimer, Joshua Abbott and James Wilen
2013-02: Gender- and Frame-specific Audience Effects in Dictator Games Downloads
Jonathan Alevy, Francis Jeffries and Yonggang Lu
2013-01: A Classroom Financal Market Experiment Downloads
Jonathan Alevy and Paul Johnson
2012-07: Advice and Fictive Learning: The Pricing of Assets in the Laboratory Downloads
Jonathan Alevy and Michael Price
2012-06: Imperfect Enforcement of Emissions Trading and Industry Welfare: A Laboratory Investigation Downloads
John Stranlund, James Murphy, John Spraggon and John K. Stranlund
2012-05: Does Government Regulation Complement Existing Community Efforts to Support Cooperation? Evidence from Field Experiments in Colombia Downloads
Maria Claudia Lopez, James Murphy, John Spraggon and John Stranlund
2012-04: Institutional Heterogeneity in Social Dilemma Games: A Bayesian Examination Downloads
Klaus Moeltner, James Murphy, John Stranlund and Maria Vélez
2012-03: Behavioral Foundations of Environmental Economics and Valuation Downloads
John Horowitz, Kenneth McConnell and James Murphy
2012-02: Preferences for government enforcement of a common pool harvest quota: Theory and experimental evidence from fishing communities in Colombia Downloads
Maria Vélez, John Stranlund and James Murphy
2012-01: Sharing as Risk Pooling in a Social Dilemma Experiment Downloads
Todd Cherry, Lance Howe and James Murphy
2011-05: Measuring Regional Economic Impacts from Wildfire: Case Study of Southeast Oregon Cattle-Ranching Business Downloads
Man-Keun Kim, Erqian Zhu, Thomas Harris and Jonathan Alevy
2011-04: Ambiguity in Individual Choice and Market Environments: On the Importance of Comparative Ignorance Downloads
Jonathan Alevy
2011-03: Migration in Arctic Alaska: Empirical Evidence of the Stepping Stones Hypothesis Downloads
Lance Howe, Lee Huskey and Matthew Berman
2011-02: Field Experiments on Anchoring of Economic Valuations Downloads
Jonathan Alevy, Craig Landry and John List
2011-01: An Experimental Analysis of Compliance in Dynamic Emissions Markets Downloads
John Stranlund, James Murphy and John Spraggon
2010-10: Local Permit Ownership in Alaska Salmon Fisheries Downloads
Gunnar Knapp
2010-09: Demand Shocks, Capacity Coordination and Industry Performance: Lessons from Economic Laboratory Downloads
Kyle Hampton and Katerina Sherstyuk
2010-08: How can Behavioral Economics Inform Non-Market Valuation? An Example from the Preference Reversal Literature Downloads
Jonathan Alevy, John List and Wiktor Adamowicz
2010-07: Comparing the Effectiveness of Regulation and Pro-Social Emotions to Enhance Cooperation: Experimental Evidence from Fishing Communities in Colombia Downloads
Maria Claudia Lopez, James Murphy, John Spraggon and John Stranlund
2010-06: A Comparison of Induced Value and Home-Grown Value Experiments to Test for Hypothetical Bias in Contingent Valuation Downloads
James Murphy, Thomas Stevens and Lava Yadav
2010-05: Voluntary Approaches to Transitioning from Competitive Fisheries to Rights-Based Management: Bringing the Field into the Lab Downloads
Gunnar Knapp and James Murphy
2010-04: Right-to-Choose Auctions: A Field Study of Water Markets in the Limari Valley of Chile Downloads
Jonathan Alevy, Oscar Cristi and Oscar Melo
2010-03: Foreword: Special Issue on Experimental Methods in Environmental, Natural Resource and Agricultural Economics Downloads
Kent Messer and James Murphy
2010-02: The problem of maintaining compliance within stable coalitions: experimental evidence Downloads
David McEvoy, James Murphy, John Spraggon and John Stranlund
2010-01: Centralized and Decentralized Management of Local Common Pool Resources in the Developing World: Experimental Evidence from Fishing Communities in Colombia Downloads
Maria Vélez, James Murphy and John Stranlund
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