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Volume 63, issue 12, 2010

Evaluating export markets: Experienced exporters' hierarchical cognitive structures pp. 1261-1266 Downloads
Van R. Wood, Joy H. Karriker and Larry J. Williams
Commentary essay on "exploring origins of ethical company/brand perceptions -- A consumer perspective of corporate ethics" pp. 1267-1268 Downloads
Deborah Y. Cohn
Golder's historical method in research in marketing pp. 1269-1272 Downloads
Ann-Marie K. Thompson
Competitive strategies and firm performance: Technological capabilities' moderating roles pp. 1273-1281 Downloads
María José Ruiz Ortega
Non-price determinants of automotive demand: Restyling matters most pp. 1282-1289 Downloads
Oleg Korenok, George E. Hoffer and Edward Millner
The effect of mixed versus blocked sequencing of promotion and prevention features on brand evaluation: The moderating role of regulatory focus pp. 1290-1294 Downloads
Subimal Chatterjee, Ashwin Vinod Malshe and Timothy B. Heath
Evaluating the impact of Arnould and Wallendorf's (1994) market-oriented ethnography pp. 1295-1300 Downloads
Josephine L.L Chong
Experience, environment, and subsidiary performance in high-tech MNEs pp. 1301-1309 Downloads
Wann-Yih Wu and Ching-Yi Lin
Which subfield to enter first?: The role of a firm's pre-entry experiences pp. 1310-1316 Downloads
Hun Lee and Hyung-Deok Shin
Changing underwriting practices on underpricing of U.S. global initial public offerings pp. 1317-1323 Downloads
Kelly Nianyun Cai, Hei Wai Lee and Magali Valero
Why Susie owns Starbucks: The name letter effect in security selection pp. 1324-1327 Downloads
Heather S. Knewtson and Richard W. Sias
Adolescent perceptions of parent and peer influences on teen purchase: An application of social power theory pp. 1328-1335 Downloads
Kendall Goodrich and Tamara F. Mangleburg
When does electronic word-of-mouth matter? A study of consumer product reviews pp. 1336-1341 Downloads
Jason Q. Zhang, Georgiana Craciun and Dongwoo Shin
Adolescent consumption autonomy: A cross-cultural examination pp. 1342-1348 Downloads
Kay M. Palan, Elodie Gentina and Isabelle Muratore
The effect of organizational justice, perceived organizational support, and perceived supervisor support on marketing employees' level of trust pp. 1349-1355 Downloads
James B. DeConinck
Innovation generation in upstream and downstream business relationships pp. 1356-1363 Downloads
Subroto Roy and K. Sivakumar
Exploring origins of ethical company/brand perceptions: Reply to Shea and Cohn's commentaries pp. 1364-1367 Downloads
Katja Brunk
Cross-border relationships and performance: Revisiting a complex linkage -- A commentary essay pp. 1368-1371 Downloads
Rudolf Sinkovics, Jean, Ruey-Jer 'Bryan' and Noemi Pezderka

Volume 63, issue 11, 2010

Introduction: Thought leadership in brand management pp. 1111-1112 Downloads
Colin Jevons, Cleopatra Veloutsou, George Christodoulides and Leslie de Chernatony
Brand misconduct: Consequences on consumer-brand relationships pp. 1113-1120 Downloads
Frank Huber, Kai Vollhardt, Isabel Matthes and Johannes Vogel
Looking more or less alike: Determinants of perceived visual similarity between copycat and leading brands pp. 1121-1128 Downloads
Miceli, Gaetano "Nino" and Rik Pieters
Brand morphing across Wal-Mart customer segments pp. 1129-1134 Downloads
Bill Merrilees and Dale Miller
Life after death? Analyzing post-defection consumer brand equity pp. 1135-1141 Downloads
Svetlana Bogomolova
Competition for memory retrieval between private label and national brands pp. 1142-1147 Downloads
Magda Nenycz-Thiel, Byron Sharp, John Dawes and Jenni Romaniuk
The impact of sales encounters on brand loyalty pp. 1148-1155 Downloads
Tim Oliver Brexendorf, Silke Mühlmeier, Torsten Tomczak and Martin Eisend
Co-creating value for luxury brands pp. 1156-1163 Downloads
Caroline Tynan, Sally McKechnie and Celine Chhuon
Public sector corporate branding and customer orientation pp. 1164-1171 Downloads
Susan Whelan, Gary Davies, Margaret Walsh and Rita Bourke
Marketing and societal welfare: A multiple stakeholder approach pp. 1173-1178 Downloads
Margaret Matear and Peter A. Dacin
Timing is everything: A meta-analysis of the relationships between organizational performance and innovation pp. 1179-1185 Downloads
Frances E. Bowen, Mahdi Rostami and Piers Steel
Channel relationship factors in cross-cultural contexts: Antecedents of satisfaction in a retail setting pp. 1186-1195 Downloads
Rodney C. Runyan, Brenda Sternquist and Jae-Eun Chung
Top management teams and corporate political activity: Do top management teams have influence on corporate political activity? pp. 1196-1201 Downloads
Mine Ozer
Store-evoked affect, personalities, and consumer emotional attachments to brands pp. 1202-1208 Downloads
Ulrich R. Orth, Yonca Limon and Gregory Rose
Balancing the sequential logic of quality constructs in manufacturing-supplier relationships -- Causes and outcomes pp. 1209-1214 Downloads
Göran Svensson, Tore Mysen and Janice Payan
Understanding multi-channel banking customers pp. 1215-1221 Downloads
Mónica Cortiñas, Raquel Chocarro and María Luisa Villanueva
The pivotal roles of product knowledge and corporate social responsibility in event sponsorship effectiveness pp. 1222-1228 Downloads
Russell Lacey, Angeline G. Close and R. Zachary Finney
Performance implications of customer-linking capabilities: Examining the complementary role of customer orientation and CRM technology pp. 1229-1236 Downloads
Adam Rapp, Kevin J. Trainor and Raj Agnihotri
Attitudes toward the extension and parent brand in response to extension advertising pp. 1237-1244 Downloads
Nathalie Dens and Patrick De Pelsmacker
Organizing for external technology exploitation in diversified firms pp. 1245-1253 Downloads
Ulrich Lichtenthaler
The impact of firm strategy and foreign ownership on executive bonus compensation in Japanese firms pp. 1254-1260 Downloads
Toru Yoshikawa, Abdul A. Rasheed and Esther Del Brio

Volume 63, issue 9-10, 2010

New developments in modeling Internet consumer behavior: Introduction to the special issue pp. 915-918 Downloads
Michel Laroche
Engagement, telepresence and interactivity in online consumer experience: Reconciling scholastic and managerial perspectives pp. 919-925 Downloads
Anne Mollen and Hugh Wilson
A proposed model of online consumer behavior: Assessing the role of gender pp. 926-934 Downloads
Marie-Odile Richard, Jean-Charles Chebat, Zhiyong Yang and Sanjay Putrevu
Web aesthetics effects on perceived online service quality and satisfaction in an e-tail environment: The moderating role of purchase task pp. 935-942 Downloads
Yong Jian Wang, Monica D. Hernandez and Michael S. Minor
Person-place congruency in the Internet Banking context pp. 943-949 Downloads
Spiros Gounaris, Christos Koritos and Katerina Vassilikopoulou
Has e-marketing come of age? Modeling historical influences on post-adoption era Internet consumer behaviors pp. 950-956 Downloads
David G. Taylor and David Strutton
Internet banking acceptance model: Cross-market examination pp. 957-963 Downloads
Bander Alsajjan and Charles Dennis
Customer behavior in electronic commerce: The moderating effect of e-purchasing experience pp. 964-971 Downloads
Blanca Hernández, Julio Jiménez and M. José Martín
Simultaneous exposure to a program and advertising content in an interactive context: Perceptual and semantic interference and reinforcement pp. 972-978 Downloads
Verolien Cauberghe, Patrick De Pelsmacker and Wim Janssens
Relative importance of online versus offline information for Internet purchases: Product category and Internet experience effects pp. 979-985 Downloads
Amar Cheema and Purushottam Papatla
Beyond buying: Motivations behind consumers' online shopping cart use pp. 986-992 Downloads
Angeline G. Close and Monika Kukar-Kinney
Web Site spill over to email campaigns: The role of privacy, trust and shoppers' attitudes pp. 993-999 Downloads
Anne-Sophie Cases, Christophe Fournier, Pierre-Louis Dubois and John F. Tanner
Viral marketing: Motivations to forward online content pp. 1000-1006 Downloads
Jason Y.C. Ho and Melanie Dempsey
Website attributes that increase consumer purchase intention: A conjoint analysis pp. 1007-1014 Downloads
Ying-Hueih Chen, I-Chieh Hsu and Chia-Chen Lin
Advances in internet consumer behavior and marketing strategy: Introduction to the special issue pp. 1015-1017 Downloads
Michel Laroche
Trust considerations on attitudes towards online purchasing: The moderating effect of privacy and security concerns pp. 1018-1024 Downloads
Patrick McCole, Elaine Ramsey and John Williams
Trust factors influencing virtual community members: A study of transaction communities pp. 1025-1032 Downloads
Jyh-Jeng Wu, Ying-Hueih Chen and Yu-Shuo Chung
Understanding consumer-to-consumer interactions in virtual communities: The salience of reciprocity pp. 1033-1040 Downloads
Kimmy Wa Chan and Stella Yiyan Li
How e-WOM recommendations influence product consideration and quality of choice: A motivation to process information perspective pp. 1041-1049 Downloads
Pranjal Gupta and Judy Harris
Experiential goods with network externalities effects: An empirical study of online rating system pp. 1050-1057 Downloads
Jun Yang and Mai, Enping (Shirley)
Product returns on the Internet: A case of mixed signals? pp. 1058-1065 Downloads
Carolyn Bonifield, Catherine Cole and Randall L. Schultz
Consumer response to norm-breaking pricing events in e-commerce pp. 1066-1072 Downloads
Ellen Garbarino and Sarah Maxwell
Buying while expecting to sell: The economic psychology of online resale pp. 1073-1078 Downloads
Hsunchi Chu and Shuling Liao
Validating the search, experience, and credence product classification framework pp. 1079-1087 Downloads
Tulay Girard and Paul Dion
The need to touch: Exploring the link between music involvement and tangibility preference pp. 1088-1094 Downloads
Maria Ek Styvén
Motivators and enablers of SCOURing: A study of online piracy in the US and UK pp. 1095-1102 Downloads
Kevin J. Shanahan and Michael R. Hyman
How corporate reputation, quality, and value influence online loyalty pp. 1103-1110 Downloads
Albert Caruana and Michael T. Ewing

Volume 63, issue 8, 2010

A more comprehensive understanding and measure of customer helping behavior pp. 787-792 Downloads
Jennifer Wiggins Johnson and Adam Rapp
Avatars as salespeople: Communication style, trust, and intentions pp. 793-800 Downloads
Kathleen Keeling, Peter McGoldrick and Susan Beatty
Female consumers: Decision-making in brand-driven retail pp. 801-808 Downloads
Elad Granot, Henry Greene and Thomas G. Brashear
The impact of expectation of future negotiation interaction on bargaining processes and outcomes pp. 809-816 Downloads
Charles Patton and Balakrishnan, P.V. (Sundar)
Wearing many hats: Supply managers' behavioral complexity and its impact on supplier relationships pp. 817-823 Downloads
Zhaohui Wu, Michelle D. Steward and Janet L. Hartley
Seeking knowledge or gaining legitimacy? Role of social networks on new practice adoption by OEM suppliers pp. 824-831 Downloads
Hsiang-Lin Cheng
The quality of quality awards: Diminishing information asymmetries in a hotel chain pp. 832-839 Downloads
Juan Nicolau and Ricardo Sellers
Creating and appropriating value in collaborative relationships pp. 840-848 Downloads
Stephan M. Wagner, Andreas Eggert and Eckhard Lindemann
How does CRM technology transform into organizational performance? A mediating role of marketing capability pp. 849-855 Downloads
Woojung Chang, Jeong Eun Park and Seoil Chaiy
How foreign firms achieve competitive advantage in the Chinese emerging economy: Managerial ties and market orientation pp. 856-862 Downloads
Julie Juan Li and Kevin Zheng Zhou
Inter-organizational cooperation in buyer-supplier relationships: Both perspectives pp. 863-869 Downloads
Kyung Kyu Kim, Seung-Hoon Park, Sung Yul Ryoo and Sung Kook Park
Non-linear relationships between growth opportunities and debt: Evidence from quoted Portuguese companies pp. 870-878 Downloads
Zelia Serrasqueiro and Paulo Maçãs Nunes
Integrative assessment of exporting research articles in business journals during the period 1960-2007 pp. 879-887 Downloads
Leonidas C. Leonidou and Constantine S. Katsikeas
Investor reaction to women directors pp. 888-894 Downloads
Eugene Kang, David K. Ding and Charlie Charoenwong
On the Chinese B-share price discount puzzle: Some new evidence pp. 895-902 Downloads
Ali F. Darrat, Otis Gilley, Yanhui Wu and Maosen Zhong
Are emotions consequences of affective expectations? A commentary essay pp. 903-904 Downloads
Pierre Desmet
Research on non-market actions: A commentary essay pp. 905-907 Downloads
Chun-Ju Wang
Human resource management, ethical context, and personnel consequences: A commentary essay pp. 908-910 Downloads
Sean Valentine
The integration-responsiveness framework and subsidiary management: A response pp. 911-913 Downloads
Shao-Lung Lin and An-Tien Hsieh

Volume 63, issue 7, 2010

Asset specificity's impact on outsourcing relationship performance: A disaggregated analysis by buyer-supplier asset specificity dimensions pp. 657-666 Downloads
Glauco De Vita, Arafet Tekaya and Catherine L. Wang
Small versus large retail stores in an emerging market--Mexico pp. 667-672 Downloads
Audhesh Paswan, María de los Dolores Santarriaga Pineda and Francisco Carlos Soto Ramirez
Adapting to a retail environment: Modeling consumer-environment interactions pp. 673-681 Downloads
Francesco Massara, Sandra S. Liu and Robert D. Melara
Strategic fit, contractual, and procedural governance in alliances pp. 682-689 Downloads
Bo Nielsen
Application of hedonic price modeling to consumer packaged goods using store scanner data pp. 690-696 Downloads
Josué Martínez-Garmendia
Firm downsizing and satisfaction among United States and European customers pp. 697-706 Downloads
Jeffrey E. Lewin, Wim Biemans and Wolfgang Ulaga
Knowledge absorptive capacity: New insights for its conceptualization and measurement pp. 707-715 Downloads
César Camisón and Beatriz Forés
Managerial optimism and search pp. 716-720 Downloads
Chris Papenhausen
Managerial labor-market discipline and the characteristics of merger and acquisition transactions pp. 721-728 Downloads
Nada Kobeissi, Xian Sun and Haizhi Wang
The impact of pay on CEO turnover: A test of two perspectives pp. 729-734 Downloads
Wei Shen, Richard J. Gentry and Henry L. Tosi
How can shopping mall management best capture mall image? pp. 735-740 Downloads
Jean-Charles Chebat, M. Joseph Sirgy and Stephan Grzeskowiak
Evaluation uncertainty of venture capitalists' investment criteria pp. 741-747 Downloads
Tobias Kollmann and Andreas Kuckertz
Supermarkets as libraries of postmodern mythology pp. 748-753 Downloads
Maria Kniazeva and Russell W. Belk
Charitable organizations' storytelling influence on donors' emotions and intentions pp. 754-762 Downloads
Altaf Merchant, John B. Ford and Adrian Sargeant
Linking organizational culture, structure, strategy, and organizational effectiveness: Mediating role of knowledge management pp. 763-771 Downloads
Wei Zheng, Baiyin Yang and Gary N. McLean
Performance expectations of small firms considering radical product innovation pp. 772-777 Downloads
Frans J.H.M. Verhees, Matthew T.G. Meulenberg and Joost Pennings
A cognitive model to predict domain-specific consumer innovativeness pp. 778-785 Downloads
Stefan Hoffmann and Katja Soyez

Volume 63, issue 6, 2010

Understanding subsistence marketplaces: Toward sustainable consumption and commerce for a better world pp. 535-537 Downloads
Madhu Viswanathan and José Antonio Rosa
Low socioeconomic class and consumer complexity expectations for new product technology pp. 538-547 Downloads
Carlos Trujillo, Andrés Barrios, Sonia M. Camacho and José Antonio Rosa
How the poor in a developing country view business' contribution to quality-of-life 5Â years after a national economic crisis pp. 548-558 Downloads
Mark Peterson, Ahmet Ekici and David M. Hunt
Marketing to subsistence consumers: Lessons from practice pp. 559-569 Downloads
Kelly L. Weidner, José Antonio Rosa and Madhu Viswanathan
Understanding consumption and entrepreneurship in subsistence marketplaces pp. 570-581 Downloads
Madhu Viswanathan, Srinivas Sridharan and Robin Ritchie
Creating mutual value: Lessons learned from ventures serving base of the pyramid producers pp. 582-594 Downloads
Ted London, Ravi Anupindi and Sateen Sheth
Building Entrepreneurship in Subsistence Markets: Microfranchising as an Employment Incubator pp. 595-601 Downloads
Lisa Jones Christensen, Helen Parsons and Jason Fairbourne
A naturological approach to marketing exchanges: Implications for the bottom of the pyramid pp. 602-607 Downloads
Ronald Paul Hill
Making theory and practice in subsistence markets: An analytic autoethnography of MASAZI in Accra, Ghana pp. 608-616 Downloads
Benét DeBerry-Spence
Fuel-efficient stoves for Darfur: The social construction of subsistence marketplaces in post-conflict settings pp. 617-629 Downloads
Samer Abdelnour and Oana Branzei
Incentives and the growth of Oaxacan subsistence businesses pp. 630-638 Downloads
Arcelia Toledo, José de la Paz Hernández and Denis Griffin
The Village Network(TM): Partnership and collaboration to alleviate poverty in subsistence marketplaces pp. 639-642 Downloads
Krista Crawford-Mathis, Stephen Darr and Amy Farmer
Understanding factors that influence purchases in subsistence markets pp. 643-650 Downloads
Tendai Chikweche and Richard Fletcher
Strategic motivations and choice in subsistence markets pp. 651-655 Downloads
Raed Elaydi and Charles Harrison

Volume 63, issue 5, 2010

Essential research in technology management pp. 451-453 Downloads
Kun-Huang Huarng
Identification and analysis of industry cycles pp. 454-462 Downloads
Hao Tan and John A. Mathews
Management factors affecting the performance of technology firms pp. 463-470 Downloads
Domingo Ribeiro Soriano
The continuing debate on firm performance: A multilevel approach to the IT sectors of Taiwan and South Korea pp. 471-478 Downloads
Yi-Min Chen
The determinants of foreign direct investment in China: The case of Taiwanese firms in the IT industry pp. 479-485 Downloads
Feng-Jyh Lin
Corporate investment, financing, and dividend policies in the high-tech industry pp. 486-489 Downloads
David Han-Min Wang
Corporate motivation and performance in R&D alliances pp. 490-496 Downloads
Wen-Hsiang Lai and Pao-Long Chang
Diffusion models of mobile telephony pp. 497-501 Downloads
Feng-Shang Wu and Wen-Lin Chu
Acquisition experience, board characteristics, and acquisition behavior pp. 502-509 Downloads
Yu-Shu Peng and Chung-Ping Fang
Mobility of public researchers, scientific knowledge transfer, and the firm's innovation process pp. 510-518 Downloads
Liliana Herrera, Maria Felisa Muñoz-Doyague and Mariano Nieto
Technology revenue management system for customer groups in hotels pp. 519-527 Downloads
José Guadix, Pablo Cortés, Luis Onieva and Jesús Muñuzuri
Self-reporting mechanism for risk regulation pp. 528-534 Downloads
Shi-Woei Lin

Volume 63, issue 4, 2010

Unmastered risks: From crisis to catastrophe: An economic and management insight pp. 337-346 Downloads
Andrea Schenker-Wicki, Matthias Inauen and Maria Olivares
Exploring consumer boycott intelligence using a socio-cognitive approach pp. 347-355 Downloads
Maya F. Farah and Andrew J. Newman
Flexibility-efficiency tradeoff and performance implications among Chinese SOEs pp. 356-362 Downloads
Justin Tan and Liang Wang
A socio-cultural approach to exploring consumer boycott intelligence: A commentary essay pp. 363-365 Downloads
Victoria K. James
Developing a measure to capture marketing faculty's perceptions of unethical behavior pp. 366-371 Downloads
Gao, Tao (Tony), M. Joseph Sirgy and J.S. Johar
Uncovering unconscious memories and myths for understanding international tourism behavior pp. 372-383 Downloads
Drew Martin
The influence of ethical climate on marketing employees' job attitudes and behaviors pp. 384-391 Downloads
James B. DeConinck
Antecedents of growth through mergers and acquisitions: Empirical results from Belgium pp. 392-403 Downloads
Nancy Huyghebaert and Mathieu Luypaert
CEO pay fairness as a predictor of stakeholder management pp. 404-410 Downloads
Eric A. Fong
Creative workforce density, organizational slack, and innovation performance pp. 411-417 Downloads
Chung-Jen Chen and Yi-Fen Huang
Is small business better than big business for marketing managers? pp. 418-423 Downloads
Anusorn Singhapakdi, M. Joseph Sirgy and Dong-Jin Lee
Integrating marketing databases through regressed microsegmentation pp. 424-430 Downloads
Hugh M. Cannon, David L. Williams and Sung-Joon Yoon
Antecedents of retailer loyalty: Simultaneously investigating channel push and consumer pull effects pp. 431-438 Downloads
Jyh-Shen Chiou, Lei-Yu Wu and Min-Chieh Chuang
Cross-cultural study of channel relationship factors -- Antecedents of satisfaction in a retail setting: A commentary essay pp. 439-441 Downloads
Sudhir H. Kale
Advancing the country image construct -- A commentary essay pp. 442-445 Downloads
Saeed Samiee
Advancing the country image construct: Reply to Samiee's (2009) commentary pp. 446-449 Downloads
Katharina Zeugner-Roth and Adamantios Diamantopoulos

Volume 63, issue 3, 2010

Reseller adoption of manufacturers' e-business tools: The impact of social enforcement, technology-relationship fit and the mediating role of reseller benefits pp. 217-223 Downloads
Talai Osmonbekov
How strategic orientations influence the building of dynamic capability in emerging economies pp. 224-231 Downloads
Kevin Zheng Zhou and Caroline Bingxin Li
Re-assessment of E-S-Qual and E-RecS-Qual in a pure service setting pp. 232-240 Downloads
Serkan Akinci, Eda Atilgan-Inan and Safak Aksoy
Trust and reciprocity with transparency and repeated interactions pp. 241-247 Downloads
Kiridaran Kanagaretnam, Stuart Mestelman, S.M. Khalid Nainar and Mohamed Shehata
Ownership and capital structure in Latin America pp. 248-254 Downloads
Jacelly Céspedes, Maximiliano González and Carlos Molina Manzano
Exploring origins of ethical company/brand perceptions -- A consumer perspective of corporate ethics pp. 255-262 Downloads
Katja Brunk
Using consumer perceived ethicality as a guideline for corporate social responsibility strategy: A commentary essay pp. 263-264 Downloads
Linda J. Shea
Does network board capital matter? A study of innovative performance in strategic SME networks pp. 265-275 Downloads
Joakim Wincent, Sergey Anokhin and Daniel Örtqvist
Impulse buying and variety seeking: A trait-correlates perspective pp. 276-283 Downloads
Piyush Sharma, Bharadhwaj Sivakumaran and Roger Marshall
Diversity, outside directors and firm valuation: Korean evidence pp. 284-291 Downloads
Haksoon Kim and Chanwoo Lim
Managerial ownership and performance: A commentary essay pp. 292-293 Downloads
Adrian (Wai-Kong) Cheung
Purging data before productivity analysis pp. 294-302 Downloads
Necmi K. Avkiran and Nakhun Thoraneenitiyan
Influence of industry type on the relationship between international operations and risk pp. 303-309 Downloads
B. Elango
Can formalization, complexity, and centralization influence knowledge performance? pp. 310-320 Downloads
Eva M. Pertusa-Ortega, Patrocinio Zaragoza-Sáez and Enrique Claver-Cortés
Which companies should implement management innovation? A commentary essay pp. 321-323 Downloads
Lei-Yu Wu
Insufficient discriminant validity: A comment on Bove, Pervan, Beatty, and Shiu (2009) pp. 324-327 Downloads
Andrew M. Farrell
Coke is It: How stories in childhood memories illuminate an icon pp. 328-336 Downloads
Kathryn LaTour, Michael S. LaTour and George M. Zinkhan

Volume 63, issue 2, 2010

2008 World Social Marketing Conference: Introduction to special issue pp. 97-98 Downloads
Walter Wymer
Rethinking the boundaries of social marketing: Activism or advertising? pp. 99-103 Downloads
Walter Wymer
Refuting fear in heuristics and in recycling promotion pp. 104-110 Downloads
Gonzalo Díaz Meneses
Leaving home: Food choice behavior of young German adults pp. 111-115 Downloads
Debra Harker, Bishnu Sharma, Michael Harker and Karin Reinhard
A social cognitive approach to tackle inactivity and obesity in young Australians pp. 116-120 Downloads
Luke Hawley, Debra Harker and Michael Harker
Race and attitude formation in HIV/Aids fear advertising pp. 121-125 Downloads
Marlize Terblanche-Smit and Nic S. Terblanche
Developing pandemic communication strategies: Preparation without panic pp. 126-132 Downloads
Sandra C. Jones, Louise Waters, Omnia Holland, John Bevins and Don Iverson
Investigating social marketing sponsorships: Terminology, stakeholders, and objectives pp. 133-139 Downloads
Judith Madill and O'Reilly, Norm
Fear, guilt, and shame appeals in social marketing pp. 140-146 Downloads
Linda Brennan and Wayne Binney
Redefining social marketing with contemporary commercial marketing definitions pp. 147-153 Downloads
Stephen Dann
Comparing adolescent-focused obesity prevention and reduction messages pp. 154-160 Downloads
Jennifer Allyson Dooley, Sameer Deshpande and Carol E. Adair
Tobacco smoking's changing trajectory in Australia pp. 161-165 Downloads
Julian de Meyrick
Using social marketing to enhance hotel reuse programs pp. 166-172 Downloads
Jingzhi Shang, Debra Z. Basil and Walter Wymer
Advances in spreadsheet and database training: Editorial pp. 173-174 Downloads
Robert G. Brookshire
Teaching problem solving and database skills that transfer pp. 175-181 Downloads
Catherine Chen
Teaching basic marketing accountability using spreadsheets: An exploratory perspective pp. 182-190 Downloads
Gopala Ganesh and Audhesh K. Paswan
Utilizing and teaching data tools in Excel for exploratory analysis pp. 191-206 Downloads
Susan W. Palocsay, Ina S. Markham and Steven E. Markham
Designing the spreadsheet-based decision support systems course: An application of Bloom's taxonomy pp. 207-216 Downloads
Craig K. Tyran

Volume 63, issue 1, 2010

Considerations on "Research on non-market actions: A commentary essay" pp. 1-2 Downloads
Zulima Fernández and Belén Usero
Control mechanisms across a buyer-supplier relationship quality matrix pp. 3-12 Downloads
Yi Liu, Yuan Li and Leinan Zhang
How is marketers' credibility construed within the sales-marketing interface? pp. 13-19 Downloads
Avinash Malshe
Ethics institutionalization, quality of work life, and employee job-related outcomes: A survey of human resource managers in Thailand pp. 20-26 Downloads
Kalayanee Koonmee, Anusorn Singhapakdi, Busaya Virakul and Dong-Jin Lee
Applicability of the resource-based and dynamic-capability views under environmental volatility pp. 27-31 Downloads
Lei-Yu Wu
Perceived benefits of loyalty programs: Scale development and implications for relational strategies pp. 32-37 Downloads
Aîda Mimouni-Chaabane and Pierre Volle
Service recommendations and customer evaluations in the international marketplace: Cultural and situational contingencies pp. 38-44 Downloads
Dana L. Alden, Yi He and Qimei Chen
Chinese consumer decision-making styles: A comparison between the coastal and inland regions pp. 45-51 Downloads
Joyce Xin Zhou, Mark J. Arnold, Arun Pereira and Jun Yu
International strategy implementation: Roles of subsidiaries, operational capabilities, and procedural justice pp. 52-59 Downloads
Shao-Lung Lin and An-Tien Hsieh
Legitimacy of team rewards: Analyzing legitimacy as a condition for the effectiveness of team incentive designs pp. 60-66 Downloads
Federico Aime, Christopher J. Meyer and Stephen E. Humphrey
Cognitive complexity implications for research on sustainable competitive advantage pp. 67-70 Downloads
Shu-Ling Cheng and Hae-Ching Chang
The effect of incentives on customer evaluations of service bundles pp. 71-76 Downloads
Melinda L. Andrews, Ray L. Benedicktus and Michael K. Brady
Forecast information and traditional retailer performance in a dual-channel competitive market pp. 77-83 Downloads
Ruiliang Yan and Sanjoy Ghose
Consideration of an expected future deal in assessing the value of a present deal: Forward-looking bargain shopping pp. 84-90 Downloads
Kyoung-Nan Kwon, David W. Schumann and Ann Fairhurst
Reflective and formative metrics of relationship value: Response to Baxter's commentary essay pp. 91-93 Downloads
Adamantios Diamantopoulos
The integration-responsiveness framework and subsidiary management: A commentary pp. 94-96 Downloads
Sven A. Haugland
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