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Volume 60, issue 12, 2007

A model of buyer regret: Selected prepurchase and postpurchase antecedents with consequences for the brand and the channel pp. 1207-1215 Downloads
Susan M. Keaveney, Frank Huber and Andreas Herrmann
A process model of burnout among salespeople: Some new thoughts pp. 1216-1224 Downloads
Jeffrey E. Lewin and Jeffrey K. Sager
Factors of determining long-term orientation in interfirm relationships pp. 1225-1233 Downloads
Sungmin Ryu, Jeong Eun Park and Soonhong Min
Factors influencing successful buyer-seller relationships pp. 1234-1242 Downloads
Thomas L. Powers and William R. Reagan
The role of channel quality in customer equity management pp. 1243-1252 Downloads
Weimin Dong, Scott D. Swain and Paul D. Berger
Involvement, satisfaction, and brand loyalty in a small business services setting pp. 1253-1260 Downloads
Rebekah Russell-Bennett, Janet R. McColl-Kennedy and Leonard V. Coote
How management control and job-related characteristics influence the performance of export sales managers pp. 1261-1271 Downloads
Marios Theodosiou and Evangelia Katsikea
Antecedents of repatriates' job satisfaction and its influence on turnover intentions: Evidence from Spanish repatriated managers pp. 1272-1281 Downloads
M Eugenia Sánchez Vidal, Raquel Sanz Valle and M Isabel Barba Aragón
Export planning orientation and its antecedents: Evidence from exporting IT products pp. 1282-1289 Downloads
Bryan A. Lukas, Gregory J. Whitwell and Paul Hill
Measuring the part worth of the mode of transport in a trip package: An extended Bradley-Terry model for paired-comparison conjoint data pp. 1290-1302 Downloads
Reinhold Hatzinger and Josef A. Mazanec

Volume 60, issue 11, 2007

Mood, information congruency, and overload pp. 1109-1116 Downloads
Kathryn A. Braun-LaTour, Nancy M. Puccinelli and Fred W. Mast
Adolescent influence in family purchase decisions: An update and cross-national extension pp. 1117-1124 Downloads
Sijun Wang, Betsy B. Holloway, Sharon E. Beatty and William W. Hill
Relational behaviors in marketing channel relationships: Transaction cost implications pp. 1125-1134 Downloads
Stephen Keysuk Kim
Does it pay to be different? Competitive non-conformity under different regulatory regimes pp. 1135-1143 Downloads
Patricia M. Norman, Kendall W. Artz and Richard J. Martinez
Patronage in continually delivered business service contexts pp. 1144-1151 Downloads
Elten Briggs, Timothy D. Landry and Patricia J. Daugherty
Acquiring tacit and explicit marketing knowledge from foreign partners in IJVs pp. 1152-1165 Downloads
Le Nguyen Hau and Felicitas Evangelista
Technological knowledge, product relatedness, and parent control: The effect on IJV survival pp. 1166-1176 Downloads
Dean Xu and Jane W. Lu
The validity of attribute-importance measurement: A review pp. 1177-1190 Downloads
Koert Van Ittersum, Joost Pennings, Brian Wansink and Hans C.M. van Trijp
Market orientation and performance in the service industry: A data envelopment analysis pp. 1191-1197 Downloads
Sven A. Haugland, Ingunn Myrtveit and Arne Nygaard
Sales technology: Help or hindrance to ethical behaviors and productivity? pp. 1198-1205 Downloads
Alan J. Bush, Victoria D. Bush, Linda M. Orr and Richard A. Rocco

Volume 60, issue 10, 2007

Family influences on firms: An introduction pp. 1005-1011 Downloads
James J. Chrisman, Pramodita Sharma and Simon Taggar
The practice-driven evolution of family business education pp. 1012-1021 Downloads
Pramodita Sharma, Frank Hoy, Joseph H. Astrachan and Matti Koiranen
The missing lens in family firm governance theory: A self-other typology of parental altruism pp. 1022-1029 Downloads
Michael H. Lubatkin, Rodolphe Durand and Yan Ling
Are family managers agents or stewards? An exploratory study in privately held family firms pp. 1030-1038 Downloads
James J. Chrisman, Jess H. Chua, Franz Kellermanns and Erick P.C. Chang
The negative consequences of pay dispersion in family and non-family top management teams: an exploratory analysis of new venture, high-growth firms pp. 1039-1047 Downloads
Michael D. Ensley, Allison W. Pearson and Shruti R Sardeshmukh
A family perspective on when conflict benefits family firm performance pp. 1048-1057 Downloads
Franz Kellermanns and Kimberly A. Eddleston
Family business performance: The effects of gender and management pp. 1058-1069 Downloads
Sharon M. Danes, Kathryn Stafford and Johnben Teik-Cheok Loy
Knowledge sharing and technological capabilities: The moderating role of family involvement pp. 1070-1079 Downloads
Shaker A. Zahra, Donald O. Neubaum and Barbara Larraneta
The impact of goal alignment on board composition and board size in family businesses pp. 1080-1089 Downloads
Peter Jaskiewicz and Sabine Klein
Prior family business exposure as intergenerational influence and entrepreneurial intent: A Theory of Planned Behavior approach pp. 1090-1098 Downloads
Jon C. Carr and Jennifer M. Sequeira
New venture creation and organization: A familial sub-narrative pp. 1099-1107 Downloads
Lloyd Steier

Volume 60, issue 9, 2007

Editorial pp. 925-926 Downloads
Paul Gibbs
Delphi study of the future of marketing of higher education pp. 927-931 Downloads
Tom Hayes
Advertising message strategies for encouraging young White working class males to consider entering British universities pp. 932-941 Downloads
Roger Bennett
Brand harmonization in the international higher education market pp. 942-948 Downloads
Jane Hemsley-Brown and Shivonne Goonawardana
Service quality in higher education: The role of student expectations pp. 949-959 Downloads
Roediger Voss, Thorsten Gruber and Isabelle Szmigin
Pedagogical affect, student interest, and learning performance pp. 960-964 Downloads
Jose Luis Abrantes, Claudia Seabra and Luis Lages
The relationship between personal values and perceived value of education pp. 965-974 Downloads
Lesley Ledden, Stavros P. Kalafatis and Phillip Samouel
Endogenous growth theory applied: Strategies for university R&D pp. 975-978 Downloads
Dennis A. Kopf
A contemporary higher education student-choice model for developed countries pp. 979-989 Downloads
Demetris Vrontis, Alkis Thrassou and Yioula Melanthiou
Branding higher education: Equivalence and difference in developing identity pp. 990-999 Downloads
Anthony Lowrie
Marketing and education -- A clash or a synergy in time? pp. 1000-1002 Downloads
Paul Gibbs

Volume 60, issue 8, 2007

Complexities in markets: Introduction to the special issue pp. 813-815 Downloads
Nigel Gilbert, Wander Jager, Guillaume Deffuant and Iqbal Adjali
Propagation effects of filtering incongruent information pp. 816-825 Downloads
Guillaume Deffuant and Sylvie Huet
Targeting and timing promotional activities: An agent-based model for the takeoff of new products pp. 826-835 Downloads
S.A. Delre, W. Jager, T.H.A. Bijmolt and M.A. Janssen
Consumer heterogeneity evolving from social group dynamics: Latent class analyses of German footwear consumption 1980-1991 pp. 836-847 Downloads
Alexander Frenzel
Validating agent-based marketing models through conjoint analysis pp. 848-857 Downloads
Rosanna Garcia, Paul Rummel and John Hauser
The impact of quality uncertainty without asymmetric information on market efficiency pp. 858-867 Downloads
Segismundo Izquierdo and Luis Izquierdo
The four P's in social simulation, a perspective on how marketing could benefit from the use of social simulation pp. 868-875 Downloads
Wander Jager
Social interaction and low involvement products pp. 876-883 Downloads
Johanna Kuenzel and Pieter Musters
Building and assurance of agent-based models: An example and challenge to the field pp. 884-893 Downloads
David Midgley, Robert Marks and Dinesh Kunchamwar
Agent-based simulation of consumer behavior in grocery shopping on a regional level pp. 894-903 Downloads
Tilman A. Schenk, Gunter Loffler and Jurgen Rauh
Simulating changing consumer preferences: A dynamic conjoint model pp. 904-911 Downloads
Andras Vag
Agent-based simulation of consumer purchase decision-making and the decoy effect pp. 912-922 Downloads
Tao Zhang and David Zhang

Volume 60, issue 7, 2007

The role of overload on job attitudes, turnover intentions, and salesperson performance pp. 663-671 Downloads
Eli Jones, Lawrence Chonko, Deva Rangarajan and James Roberts
Parental style and adolescent influence in family consumption decisions: An integrative approach pp. 672-680 Downloads
Yeqing Bao, Edward F. Fern and Shibin Sheng
The relationship between unilateral and bilateral control mechanisms:The contextual effect of long-term orientation pp. 681-689 Downloads
Sungmin Ryu, Sertan Kabadayi and Christina Chung
Does the employee-customer satisfaction link hold for all employee groups? pp. 690-697 Downloads
Florian v. Wangenheim, Heiner Evanschitzky and Maren Wunderlich
Knowledge transfer between and within alliance partners: Private versus collective benefits of social capital pp. 698-710 Downloads
Jorge Walter, Christoph Lechner and Franz Kellermanns
Response-time measurement of group purchasing-decision power structures pp. 711-719 Downloads
Roger Marshall, Peter Alan Reday, Na Woonbong and Shashank Shekhar Agrawal
Customer portfolio analysis practices in different exchange contexts pp. 720-730 Downloads
Harri Terho and Aino Halinen
Strategic alliances influence on small and medium firm performance pp. 731-741 Downloads
Cheng-Wen Lee
Management learning exercise and trainer's note for building grounded theory in tourism behavior pp. 742-748 Downloads
Drew Martin
Environmental managers as institutional entrepreneurs: The influence of institutional and technical pressures on waste management pp. 749-757 Downloads
Sandra Rothenberg
A comparison of reliability between telephone and web-based surveys pp. 758-764 Downloads
Karin Braunsberger, Hans Wybenga and Roger Gates
Exploring the influence of sales management practices on the industrial salesperson: A multi-source hierarchical linear modeling approach pp. 765-775 Downloads
George J. Avlonitis and Nikolaos G. Panagopoulos
How ownership and corporate governance influence chief executive pay in China's listed firms pp. 776-785 Downloads
Michael Firth, Peter M.Y. Fung and Oliver Rui
When iron fist, visible hand, and invisible hand meet: Firm-level effects of varying institutional environments in China pp. 786-794 Downloads
Justin Tan, Shaomin Li and Jun Xia
Two-stage choice process of FDI: Ownership structure and diversification mode pp. 795-805 Downloads
Felipe Ruiz-Moreno, Francisco J. Mas-Ruiz and Juan Nicolau
International comparison on the occurrence of social movements pp. 806-812 Downloads
Tsutomu Watanabe

Volume 60, issue 6, 2007

Consumer personality and individual differences: Revitalizing a temporarily abandoned field pp. 587-589 Downloads
Michael Bosnjak, Denis Bratko, Mirta Galesic and Tracy Tuten
Toward a theory of motivation and personality with application to word-of-mouth communications pp. 590-596 Downloads
John C. Mowen, Sojin Park and Alex Zablah
Personality determinants of online shopping: Explaining online purchase intentions using a hierarchical approach pp. 597-605 Downloads
Michael Bosnjak, Mirta Galesic and Tracy Tuten
The role of gender and personality traits in response to ads using violent images to promote consumption of sports entertainment pp. 606-612 Downloads
Stephen R. McDaniel, Choonghoon Lim and Joseph E. Mahan
Beyond gender differences: Self-concept orientation and relationship-building applications on the Internet pp. 613-619 Downloads
Maureen E. Hupfer and Brian Detlor
Brand personality and human personality: Findings from ratings of familiar Croatian brands pp. 620-626 Downloads
Goran Milas and Boris Mlacic
Brand relationship quality and its value for personal contact pp. 627-633 Downloads
Edith Smit, Fred Bronner and Maarten Tolboom
You are what you wear: Brand personality influences on consumer impression formation pp. 634-639 Downloads
Bob M. Fennis and Ad Th. H. Pruyn
Should I stay or should I go? Mood congruity, self-monitoring and retail context preference pp. 640-648 Downloads
Nancy M. Puccinelli, Rohit Deshpande and Alice M. Isen
Nostalgia in post-socialist Russia: Exploring applications to advertising strategy pp. 649-655 Downloads
Susan L. Holak, Alexei V. Matveev and William J. Havlena
Segmentation approaches in data-mining: A comparison of RFM, CHAID, and logistic regression pp. 656-662 Downloads
John A. McCarty and Manoj Hastak

Volume 60, issue 5, 2007

The role of salesperson motivation in sales control systems -- Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation revisited pp. 417-425 Downloads
C. Fred Miao, Kenneth R. Evans and Zou Shaoming
Dynamic capabilities and operational capabilities: A knowledge management perspective pp. 426-437 Downloads
Gabriel Cepeda and Dusya Vera
Individual-level antecedents to market-oriented actions pp. 438-446 Downloads
Francine K. Schlosser and Rod B. McNaughton
The relevance of fit in a cause-brand alliance when consumers evaluate corporate credibility pp. 447-453 Downloads
Barbara A. Lafferty
The movie experience: A revised approach to determinants of satisfaction pp. 454-462 Downloads
Riadh Ladhari
Reverse logistics, stakeholders' influence, organizational slack, and managers' posture pp. 463-473 Downloads
M Jose Alvarez-Gil, Pascual Berrone, F. Javier Husillos and Nora Lado
Fuzzy set ideal type analysis pp. 474-481 Downloads
Jon Kvist
CEO stock option pay and R&D spending: a behavioral agency explanation pp. 482-492 Downloads
Jianfeng Wu and Rungting Tu
Explaining post-communist respect for civil liberty: A multi-methods test pp. 493-500 Downloads
Svend-Erik Skaaning
Qualitative comparative analysis, shaming, and international regime effectiveness pp. 501-511 Downloads
Olav Schram Stokke
Constructivism, fuzzy sets and (very) small-N: Revisiting the conditions for communicative action pp. 512-521 Downloads
Frank M. Hage
Comparative configurational case analysis of ergonomic injuries pp. 522-530 Downloads
Axel Marx and Geert van Hootegem
Do miracles exist? Analyzing economic performance comparatively pp. 531-538 Downloads
Barbara Vis, Jaap Woldendorp and Hans Keman
Setting standards for CSR: A comparative case study on criteria-formulating organizations pp. 539-548 Downloads
Paul Ingenbleek, Menno Binnekamp and Silvia Goddijn
Entrepreneurial resources, dynamic capabilities and start-up performance of Taiwan's high-tech firms pp. 549-555 Downloads
Lei-Yu Wu
Method issues in the measurement of relational norms pp. 556-565 Downloads
Keith J. Blois and Bjoern S. Ivens
Entrepreneurial orientation of SMEs, product innovativeness, and performance pp. 566-575 Downloads
George J. Avlonitis and Helen E. Salavou
User manual for the QCA(GUI) package in R pp. 576-586 Downloads
Adrian Dusa

Volume 60, issue 4, 2007

Interfirm behavior and goal alignment in relational exchanges pp. 285-295 Downloads
Andrew Stephen and Leonard V. Coote
Manufacturer perceptions of the consequences of task and emotional conflict within domestic channels of distribution pp. 296-304 Downloads
Gregory M. Rose, Aviv Shoham, Stern Neill and Ayalla Ruvio
Achieving adaptive ends through equivocality: A study of organizational antecedents and consequences pp. 305-313 Downloads
Stern Neill and Gregory M. Rose
Transformational leadership and market orientation: Implications for the implementation of competitive strategies and business unit performance pp. 314-321 Downloads
Bulent Menguc, Seigyoung Auh and Eric Shih
Children's influence in family decision-making: Examining the impact of the changing American family pp. 322-330 Downloads
Laura A. Flurry
CEO tenure, boards of directors, and acquisition performance pp. 331-338 Downloads
Bruce A. Walters, Mark J. Kroll and Peter Wright
Performance impact of business group affiliation: An analysis of the diversification-performance link in a developing economy pp. 339-347 Downloads
Manohar Singh, Ali Nejadmalayeri and Ike Mathur
Ownership composition and non-audit service fees pp. 348-356 Downloads
Santanu Mitra and Mahmud Hossain
Institutional investors as suppliers of equity-linked capital: Evidence from privately placed convertible debt pp. 357-364 Downloads
Dalia Marciukaityte and Raj Varma
Evaluating the efficiency of Internet banner advertisements pp. 365-370 Downloads
Ritu Lohtia, Naveen Donthu and Idil Yaveroglu
Knowledge creation process in new venture strategy and performance pp. 371-381 Downloads
Ming-Tien Tsai and Yong-Hui Li
More information, stronger effectiveness? Different group package tour advertising components on web page pp. 382-387 Downloads
Kuo-Ching Wang, Shu-Hui Chou, Che-Jen Su and Hsin-Yi Tsai
First geographic expansion of startup firms: Initial size and entry timing effects pp. 388-395 Downloads
Hsien-Jui Chung, Chun-Chung Chen and Tsun-Jui Hsieh
Towards a theory of visitors' evaluation of historical districts as tourism destinations: Frameworks and methods pp. 396-400 Downloads
Taketo Naoi, David Airey, Shoji Iijima and Outi Niininen
On the hierarchical nature of means-end relationships in laddering data pp. 401-410 Downloads
Johan van Rekom and Berend Wierenga
Replication research's disturbing trend pp. 411-415 Downloads
Heiner Evanschitzky, Carsten Baumgarth, Raymond Hubbard and J. Armstrong

Volume 60, issue 3, 2007

Introduction to the special issue on the impact of culture on marketing strategy pp. 177-180 Downloads
Michel Laroche
Culture and web communications pp. 181-188 Downloads
Daniel W. Baack and Nitish Singh
Colors and cultures: Exploring the effects of mall decor on consumer perceptions pp. 189-196 Downloads
Jean-Charles Chebat and Maureen Morrin
A tale of two theories: Sympathy or competition? pp. 197-205 Downloads
Ivonne M. Torres
Am I welcome here? Exploring how ethnic consumers assess their place identity pp. 206-214 Downloads
Mark S. Rosenbaum and Detra Y. Montoya
Culture and marketing strategy in discount retailing pp. 215-221 Downloads
Bill Merrilees, Brent McKenzie and Dale Miller
A cross-cultural examination of the effects of social perception styles on store image formation pp. 222-230 Downloads
Haiyan Hu and Cynthia R. Jasper
Positioning countries on personality dimensions: Scale development and implications for country marketing pp. 231-239 Downloads
d'Astous, Alain and Lilia Boujbel
Moderating effect of nationality on country-of-origin perceptions: English-speaking Thailand versus French-speaking Canada pp. 240-248 Downloads
Sadrudin A. Ahmed and d'Astous, Alain
Acculturaton to the global consumer culture: Scale development and research paradigm pp. 249-259 Downloads
Mark Cleveland and Michel Laroche
Building and testing models of consumer purchase intention in competitive and multicultural environments pp. 260-268 Downloads
Lefa Teng and Michel Laroche
Cross-cultural differences in crowd assessment pp. 269-276 Downloads
Frank Pons and Michel Laroche
Hofstede's dimensions of culture in international marketing studies pp. 277-284 Downloads
Ana Maria Soares, Minoo Farhangmehr and Aviv Shoham

Volume 60, issue 2, 2007

Marketing research in different settings pp. 95-97 Downloads
Enrique Ortega and Ladislao Gonzalez
The joint contribution of marketing and sales to the creation of superior customer value pp. 98-107 Downloads
Paolo Guenzi and Gabriele Troilo
Cognitive-affective model of consumer satisfaction. An exploratory study within the framework of a sporting event pp. 108-114 Downloads
Laura Martinez Caro and Jose Antonio Martinez Garcia
Importance values for Importance-Performance Analysis: A formula for spreading out values derived from preference rankings pp. 115-121 Downloads
Javier Abalo, Jesus Varela and Vicente Manzano
Exploring the role of food origin as a source of meanings for consumers and as a determinant of consumers' actual food choices pp. 122-129 Downloads
Harri T. Luomala
Assessments of country of origin and brand cues in evaluating a Croatian, western and eastern European food product pp. 130-136 Downloads
Durdana Ozretic-Dosen, Vatroslav Skare and Zoran Krupka
Application of the latent class regression methodology to the analysis of Internet use for banking transactions in the European Union pp. 137-145 Downloads
Mario Martinez Guerrero, Jose Manuel Ortega Egea and Maria Victoria Roman Gonzalez
Information at tourism destinations. Importance and cross-cultural differences between international and domestic tourists pp. 146-152 Downloads
Enrique Ortega and Beatriz Rodriguez
Assessing tourist behavioral intentions through perceived service quality and customer satisfaction pp. 153-160 Downloads
Maria Elisa Alen Gonzalez, Lorenzo Rodriguez Comesana and Jose Antonio Fraiz Brea
Airline liberalization effects on fare: The case of the Philippines pp. 161-167 Downloads
Wilfred Manuela Jr.
Culture's influence on leadership efficiency: How personal and national cultures affect leadership style pp. 168-175 Downloads
Gabriel J. Byrne and Frank Bradley

Volume 60, issue 1, 2007

Building strong brands in retailing pp. 1-10 Downloads
Arch G. Woodside and Martin G. Walser
Balancing external adaptation and internal effectiveness: Achieving better brand performance pp. 11-20 Downloads
O'Cass, Aron and Liem Viet Ngo
Relationship quality as a predictor of B2B customer loyalty pp. 21-31 Downloads
Papassapa Rauyruen and Kenneth E. Miller
Moving or doing? Knowledge flow, problem solving, and change in industrial networks pp. 32-40 Downloads
Ulf Andersson, Desiree Blankenburg Holm and Martin Johanson
Psychological empowerment and its relationship to trust in immediate managers pp. 41-49 Downloads
Azize Ergeneli, Ari, Guler Sag[caron]lam and Selin Metin
Simpatico in store retailing: How immigrant Hispanic emic interpret U.S. store atmospherics and interactions with sales associates pp. 50-59 Downloads
Deborah C. Fowler, Scarlett C. Wesley and Maria Elena Vazquez
Innovation creation by online basketball communities pp. 60-71 Downloads
Johann Fuller, Gregor Jawecki and Hans Muhlbacher
Personality orientations, emotional states, customer satisfaction, and intention to repurchase pp. 72-75 Downloads
John Gountas and Sandra Gountas
Modeling motivations and perceptions of Portuguese tourists pp. 76-80 Downloads
Antonia Correia, Patricia Oom do Valle and Claudia Moco
Testing airline passengers' responses to flight attendants' expressive displays: The effects of positive affect pp. 81-83 Downloads
Sandra Gountas, Michael T. Ewing and John I. Gountas
Stock analysts' assessments of the shareholder value of intangible assets pp. 84-90 Downloads
Gregory J. Whitwell, Bryan A. Lukas and Paul Hill
Advances in coaching practices: A humanistic approach to coach and client roles pp. 91-93 Downloads
James E. Bartlett
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