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Volume 62, issue 12, 2009

Storytelling research of consumers' self-reports of urban tourism experiences in China pp. 1223-1254 Downloads
Shih-Yun Hsu, Ning Dehuang and Arch G. Woodside
The influence of social capital on strategic choice: An examination of the effects of external and internal network relationships on strategic complexity pp. 1255-1261 Downloads
Susan M. Houghton, Anne D. Smith and Jacqueline N. Hood
A hierarchical model approach for identifying the trait antecedents of general gambling propensity and of four gambling-related genres pp. 1262-1268 Downloads
John C. Mowen, Xiang Fang and Kristin Scott
The sources of management innovation: When firms introduce new management practices pp. 1269-1280 Downloads
Michael J. Mol and Julian Birkinshaw
Effects of customer feedback level and (in)consistency on new product acceptance in the click-and-mortar context pp. 1281-1288 Downloads
Emery Yao, Ruolian Fang, Brian R. Dineen and Xin Yao
Drivers of dynamic learning and dynamic competitive capabilities in international strategic alliances pp. 1289-1295 Downloads
Hung-hsin Chen, Po-yen Lee and Tzyy-jane Lay
How do strategic groups handle cognitive complexity to sustain competitive advantage? A commentary essay pp. 1296-1298 Downloads
Kuo-Feng Huang
Reframing brand experience: The experiential meaning of Harley-Davidson pp. 1299-1310 Downloads
Sharon Schembri
Performance implications of cognitive complexity: An empirical study of cognitive strategic groups in semiconductor industry pp. 1311-1320 Downloads
Shu-Ling Cheng and Hae-Ching Chang
How different types of partners influence innovative product sales: Does technological capacity matter? pp. 1321-1328 Downloads
Kuen-Hung Tsai and Ming-Hung Hsieh
Learning by doing: Cross-border mergers and acquisitions pp. 1329-1334 Downloads
Jamie D. Collins, Tim R. Holcomb, S. Trevis Certo, Michael A. Hitt and Richard H. Lester
Detours and frolics on the Internet: Employer liability and management control of cybertorts pp. 1335-1341 Downloads
Robert J. Aalberts, David S. Hames and Paul D. Thistle
Development of a scale to measure skepticism of social advertising among adolescents pp. 1342-1349 Downloads
Mrugank V. Thakor and Karine Goneau-Lessard
Managerial ownership and performance pp. 1350-1357 Downloads
Chris Florackis, Alexandros Kostakis and Aydin Ozkan
The signaling effects associated with convertible debt design pp. 1358-1363 Downloads
Mookwon Jung and Michael J. Sullivan
Management structure and the performance of funds of mutual funds pp. 1364-1369 Downloads
William J. Bertin and Laurie Prather
Reflective and formative metrics of relationship value: A commentary essay pp. 1370-1377 Downloads
Roger Baxter

Volume 62, issue 11, 2009

Google or BizRate? How search engines and comparison sites affect unplanned choices of online retailers pp. 1039-1045 Downloads
Purushottam Papatla and Liu, Feng (Oliver)
Unpacking the relationship between an innovation strategy and firm performance: The role of task conflict and political activity pp. 1046-1053 Downloads
Dirk De Clercq, Bulent Menguc and Seigyoung Auh
Are they playing by the same rules? A consumer gifting classification of marital dyads pp. 1054-1062 Downloads
Leon G. Schiffman and Deborah Y. Cohn
Market orientation, competitive advantage, and performance: A demand-based perspective pp. 1063-1070 Downloads
Kevin Zheng Zhou, James R. Brown and Chekitan S. Dev
E-business's impact on organizational flexibility pp. 1071-1080 Downloads
Paul A. Phillips and Claire Wright
The effect of leader-member exchange on turnover among retail buyers pp. 1081-1086 Downloads
James B. DeConinck
How do interorganizational and interpersonal networks affect a firm's strategic adaptive capability in a transition economy? pp. 1087-1095 Downloads
Xufei Ma, Xiaotao Yao and Youmin Xi
Firm-employee relationship strength--A conceptual model pp. 1096-1107 Downloads
Carmel Herington, Lester W. Johnson and Don Scott
Firm-employee relationship strength -- Competitive advantage through people revisited: A commentary essay pp. 1108-1109 Downloads
Hwee Hoon Tan
Mentoring in supervisor-subordinate dyads: Antecedents, consequences, and test of a mediation model of mentorship pp. 1110-1118 Downloads
Orlando C. Richard, Kiran M. Ismail, Shahid N. Bhuian and Edward C. Taylor
Anti-branding on the internet pp. 1119-1126 Downloads
Sandeep Krishnamurthy and S. Umit Kucuk
Congruence in the assessment of service quality between employees and customers: A study of a public health care delivery system pp. 1127-1135 Downloads
Gary J. Young, Mark M. Meterko, David Mohr, Michael Shwartz and Hai Lin
Understanding how employees understand customers: A commentary essay pp. 1136-1138 Downloads
Kathleen Seiders
First come, first served: How market and non-market actions influence pioneer market share pp. 1139-1145 Downloads
Belén Usero and Zulima Fernández
The role of the seven dimensions of job satisfaction in salesperson's attitudes and behaviors pp. 1146-1151 Downloads
Brian Rutherford, James Boles, G. Alexander Hamwi, Ramana Madupalli and Leann Rutherford
Understanding the psychological process underlying customer satisfaction and retention in a relational service pp. 1152-1159 Downloads
Lin Guo, Jing Jian Xiao and Chuanyi Tang
Assessing contribution of research in business to practice pp. 1160-1164 Downloads
Tony Ellson
Outsourcing: Think more expansively pp. 1165-1172 Downloads
Rajan Varadarajan
CEO duality leadership and corporate diversification behavior pp. 1173-1180 Downloads
Kong-Hee Kim, Hussam A. Al-Shammari, Bongjin Kim and Seung-Hyun Lee
What causes turnover among women on top management teams? pp. 1181-1186 Downloads
Hema A. Krishnan
The promoter's role in ticket pricing: Implications of real options for optimal posted prices and rationing pp. 1187-1192 Downloads
Steven L. Jones and John C. Yeoman
Strategic alliances by financial services firms pp. 1193-1199 Downloads
Dalia Marciukaityte, Kenneth Roskelley and Hua Wang
Alignment or entrenchment? Corporate governance and cash holdings in growing firms pp. 1200-1206 Downloads
Yenn-Ru Chen and Wei-Ting Chuang
Gains from equity carve-outs and subsequent events pp. 1207-1213 Downloads
Minoru Otsubo
Asset specificity roles in interfirm cooperation: Reducing opportunistic behavior or increasing cooperative behavior? pp. 1214-1219 Downloads
Steven S. Lui, Yin-yee Wong and Weiping Liu
Customer satisfaction with service recovery pp. 1220-1222 Downloads
Anders Gustafsson

Volume 62, issue 10, 2009

Impact of culture on marketing strategy: Introduction to the special issue pp. 921-923 Downloads
Michel Laroche
The customer-based corporate reputation scale: Replication and short form pp. 924-930 Downloads
Gianfranco Walsh, Sharon E. Beatty and Edward Shiu
Cross-cultural advertising communication: Visual imagery, brand familiarity, and brand recall pp. 931-938 Downloads
Andrey Mikhailitchenko, Javalgi, Rajshekhar (Raj) G., Galina Mikhailitchenko and Michel Laroche
Corporate philanthropy, attitude towards corporations, and purchase intentions: A South Korea study pp. 939-946 Downloads
Hanjoon Lee, TaeKyu Park, Hyoung Koo Moon, YongHee Yang and Chankon Kim
Universal differences in advertising avoidance behavior: A cross-cultural study pp. 947-954 Downloads
José I. Rojas-Méndez, Gary Davies and Canan Madran
Cultural differences in consumer socialization: A comparison of Chinese-Canadian and Caucasian-Canadian children pp. 955-962 Downloads
Chankon Kim, Zhiyong Yang and Hanjoon Lee
Migration and materialism: The roles of ethnic identity, religiosity, and generation pp. 963-971 Downloads
Mark Cleveland and William Chang
Is there really an Asian connection? Professional service quality perceptions and customer satisfaction pp. 972-979 Downloads
Linda C. Ueltschy, Michel Laroche, Man Zhang, Hyuksoo Cho and Ren Yingwei
How quality, value, image, and satisfaction create loyalty at a Chinese telecom pp. 980-986 Downloads
Fujun Lai, Mitch Griffin and Barry J. Babin
Language influence in responses to questionnaires by bilingual respondents: A test of the Whorfian hypothesis pp. 987-994 Downloads
Marie-Odile Richard and Roy Toffoli
Consumer revenge behavior: A cross-cultural perspective pp. 995-1001 Downloads
Haithem Zourrig, Jean-Charles Chebat and Roy Toffoli
Tax exemption as a marketing tool: The Irish Republic and profits derived from artistic creativity pp. 1002-1006 Downloads
O'Connor, Thomas S. and O'Connor, Terrence M.
Does switching from NASDAQ to the NYSE affect investment-cash flow sensitivity? pp. 1007-1012 Downloads
Chau-Chen Yang, H. Kent Baker, Li-Chuan Chou and Bo-Wei Lu
The role of conflict, culture, and myth in creating attitudinal commitment pp. 1013-1019 Downloads
Charles D. Bodkin, Christie Amato and Cara Peters
The role of top management networks for market knowledge creation and sharing in China pp. 1020-1026 Downloads
Xueming Luo and Morsheda Hassan
A meta-analysis of the relationship between perceived organizational support and job outcomes: 20 years of research pp. 1027-1030 Downloads
Robert J. Riggle, Diane R. Edmondson and John D. Hansen
"To buy or to pirate": The matrix of music consumers' acquisition-mode decision-making pp. 1031-1037 Downloads
James R. Coyle, Stephen J. Gould, Pola Gupta and Reetika Gupta

Volume 62, issue 9, 2009

Latin America: Environmental and firm-level challenges pp. 849-853 Downloads
Esteban R. Brenes, Jerry Haar and Bernardo Requena
TMT strategic consensus in Mexican companies pp. 854-860 Downloads
Claudia Ramos-Garza
Determinants of cross-border M&As in Latin America pp. 861-867 Downloads
Eduardo Pablo
Productivity and trade openness in Ecuador's manufacturing industries pp. 868-875 Downloads
Sara A. Wong
Management of perceptions of information technology service quality pp. 876-882 Downloads
Luís Kalb Roses, Norberto Hoppen and Jorge Luiz Henrique
Information technology impact on market orientation in e-business pp. 883-890 Downloads
Mauro Borges, Norberto Hoppen and Fernando Bins Luce
Estimating cellphone providers' customer equity pp. 891-898 Downloads
Cleusa Satico Yamamoto Sublaban and Francisco Aranha
Derived versus full name brand extensions pp. 899-905 Downloads
Sergio Olavarrieta, Eduardo Torres, Arturo Vásquez-Parraga and Cristóbal Barra
Ago ra Partnerships Nicaragua: A micro venture capital fund pp. 906-912 Downloads
Luis J. Sanz and Mario Lazzaroni
Teaching note Agora Partnerships Nicaragua pp. 913-915 Downloads
Luis J. Sanz and Mario Lazzaroni
Pricing corporate bonds in Brazil: 2000 to 2004 pp. 916-919 Downloads
Eduardo Vieira dos Santos Paiva and José Roberto Ferreira Savoia

Volume 62, issue 8, 2009

Developing a model of antecedents to consumers' perceptions and evaluations of price unfairness pp. 761-767 Downloads
Nada Nasr Bechwati, Rajendra S. Sisodia and Jagdish N. Sheth
Effects of comparative advertising format on consumer responses: The moderating effects of brand image and attribute relevance pp. 768-774 Downloads
Mehmet I. Yagci, Abhijit Biswas and Sujay Dutta
Satisfaction with service recovery: Perceived justice and emotional responses pp. 775-781 Downloads
Ana Belén del Río-Lanza, Rodolfo Vázquez-Casielles and Ana M Díaz-Martín
Market responsiveness, top management risk taking, and the role of strategic learning as determinants of market pioneering pp. 782-788 Downloads
Robert P. Garrett, Jeffrey G. Covin and Dennis P. Slevin
The interplay between cognitive- and affective conflict and cognition- and affect-based trust in influencing decision outcomes pp. 789-796 Downloads
Satyanarayana Parayitam and Robert S. Dooley
Cross-listing pursuit of unseasoned foreign firms after going public in the U.S pp. 797-804 Downloads
Magali Valero, Hei Wai Lee and Cai, Nianyun (Kelly)
Product differentiation and consumption efficiency in mortgage markets pp. 805-809 Downloads
Damian Robert Ward
The role of an entrepreneurially alert information system in promoting corporate entrepreneurship pp. 810-817 Downloads
Zeki Simsek, Michael H. Lubatkin, John F. Veiga and Richard N. Dino
Antecedents and consequences of psychological contracts: Does organizational culture really matter? pp. 818-825 Downloads
Orlando C. Richard, Amy McMillan-Capehart, Shahid N. Bhuian and Edward C. Taylor
Identity salience and shifts in product preferences of Hispanic consumers: Cultural relevance of product attributes as a moderator pp. 826-833 Downloads
Veena Chattaraman, Nancy A. Rudd and Sharron J. Lennon
Knowledge based resources, property based resources and supplier bargaining power in Hollywood motion picture projects pp. 834-840 Downloads
Paul F. Skilton
Governance structures in the hotel industry pp. 841-847 Downloads
Robert Dahlstrom, Sven A. Haugland, Arne Nygaard and Aksel I. Rokkan

Volume 62, issue 7, 2009

Organizational culture and effectiveness: A study of values, attitudes, and organizational outcomes pp. 673-679 Downloads
Brian T. Gregory, Stanley G. Harris, Achilles A. Armenakis and Christopher L. Shook
Auditing program evaluation audits: Executive training exercise for assessing management thinking, planning, and actions pp. 680-689 Downloads
Chih-Hsien Hsu and Marcia Y. Sakai
Information diffusion and new product consumption: A bass model application to tourism facility management pp. 690-697 Downloads
James Po-Hsun Hsiao, Chyi Jaw and Tzung-Cheng Huan
Service worker role in encouraging customer organizational citizenship behaviors pp. 698-705 Downloads
Liliana L. Bove, Simon J. Pervan, Sharon E. Beatty and Edward Shiu
The role of social influence on adoption of high tech innovations: The moderating effect of public/private consumption pp. 706-712 Downloads
Songpol Kulviwat, Gordon C. Bruner and Obaid Al-Shuridah
Upgrade pricing, market growth, and social welfare pp. 713-718 Downloads
Hao Zhao and Sharan Jagpal
The effects of reference point, knowledge, and risk propensity on the evaluation of financial products pp. 719-725 Downloads
Kyoung-Nan Kwon and Jinkook Lee
Advancing the country image construct pp. 726-740 Downloads
Katharina Zeugner-Roth and Adamantios Diamantopoulos
A higher-order model of risk propensity pp. 741-744 Downloads
Dheeraj Sharma, Bruce L. Alford, Shahid N. Bhuian and Lou E. Pelton
When do firms invest in offensive and/or defensive marketing? pp. 745-749 Downloads
Eileen Bridges and Per V. Freytag
R&D innovation and the value of cash in the biotech industry pp. 750-755 Downloads
Bixia Xu
The role of perceived control and gender in consumer reactions to download delays pp. 756-760 Downloads
Pratibha A. Dabholkar and Xiaojing Sheng

Volume 62, issue 6, 2009

Retailing evolution research: Introduction to the special section on retailing research pp. 579-580 Downloads
Jean-Charles Chebat, David J. Ortinau and Barry J. Babin
Developing and validating a psychometric shopper-based mall equity measure pp. 581-587 Downloads
Kamel El Hedhli and Jean-Charles Chebat
Price fairness perceptions and customer loyalty in a retail context pp. 588-593 Downloads
William C. Martin, Nicole Ponder and Jason E. Lueg
Perceptions of ethical work climate and person-organization fit among retail employees in Japan and the US: A cross-cultural scale validation pp. 594-600 Downloads
Tará Burnthorne Lopez, Barry J. Babin and Christina Chung
Personality-Relatedness and Reciprocity framework for analyzing retailer-consumer interactions pp. 601-608 Downloads
Velitchka D. Kaltcheva and A. Parasuraman
Congruity's role in website attitude formation pp. 609-615 Downloads
Sijun Wang, Sharon E. Beatty and David L. Mothersbaugh
What drives college-age Generation Y consumers? pp. 617-628 Downloads
Stephanie M. Noble, Diana L. Haytko and Joanna Phillips
Consumer responses to offline and online low price signals: The role of cognitive elaboration pp. 629-635 Downloads
Sujay Dutta and Sandeep Bhowmick
Marketing accountability: Linking marketing actions to financial results pp. 636-643 Downloads
David W. Stewart
Information search and consideration set formation in a web-based store environment pp. 644-650 Downloads
Girish Punj and Robert Moore
Industry effects and firm effects: No effect is an island pp. 651-659 Downloads
Richard J. Arend
Exploring the governance mechanisms of quasi-integration in buyer-supplier relationships pp. 660-666 Downloads
Shaohan Cai, Zhilin Yang and Zuohao Hu
Global business partnering among family-owned enterprises pp. 667-672 Downloads
Salomão Alencar de Farias, Rajan Nataraajan and Erica Piros Kovacs

Volume 62, issue 5, 2009

Current issues in retailing: Relationships and emerging opportunities: Introduction to the special issue from the American Collegiate Retailing Association 2005 and 2006 conferences pp. 517-520 Downloads
Carol Kaufman-Scarborough and Sandra Forsythe
Indian consumers' purchase intention toward a United States versus local brand pp. 521-527 Downloads
Archana Kumar, Hyun-Joo Lee and Youn-Kyung Kim
Market and partner selection processes in international retail franchising pp. 528-534 Downloads
Anne Marie Doherty
Wal-Mart: Supplier performance and market power pp. 535-541 Downloads
Sandra Mottner and Steve Smith
"It's nice to get a wee treat if you've had a bad week": Consumer motivations in retail loyalty scheme points redemption pp. 542-547 Downloads
Andrew Smith and Leigh Sparks
Generation Y employees' retail work experience: The mediating effect of job characteristics pp. 548-556 Downloads
HaeJung Kim, Dee K. Knight and Christy Crutsinger
What induces online loyalty? Online versus offline brand images pp. 557-564 Downloads
Wi-Suk Kwon and Sharron J. Lennon
Consumer e-shopping acceptance: Antecedents in a technology acceptance model pp. 565-571 Downloads
Sejin Ha and Leslie Stoel
Expanding opportunities for online shoppers with disabilities pp. 572-578 Downloads
Terry L. Childers and Carol Kaufman-Scarborough

Volume 62, issue 4, 2009

A theory-based measure of acculturation: The shortened cultural life style inventory pp. 399-406 Downloads
Dawn Lerman, Rachel Maldonado and David Luna
Consumer cosmopolitanism: Review and replication of the CYMYC scale pp. 407-419 Downloads
Petra Riefler and Adamantios Diamantopoulos
Advertising time expansion, compression, and cognitive processing influences on consumer acceptance of message and brand pp. 420-431 Downloads
Carol M. Megehee
The effect of fit and dominance in cause marketing communications pp. 432-440 Downloads
Sridhar Samu and Walter Wymer
Web site customer orientations, Web site quality, and purchase intentions: The role of Web site personality pp. 441-450 Downloads
Amit Poddar, Naveen Donthu and Yujie Wei
Perceived quality, emotions, and behavioral intentions: Application of an extended Mehrabian-Russell model to restaurants pp. 451-460 Downloads
Jang, SooCheong (Shawn) and Young Namkung
Transformational leadership, creativity, and organizational innovation pp. 461-473 Downloads
Lale Gumusluoglu and Arzu Ilsev
Knowledge stock, exploration, and innovation: Research on the United States electromedical device industry pp. 474-483 Downloads
Jianfeng Wu and Mark T. Shanley
Environmental performance and plant closure pp. 484-494 Downloads
George Kassinis and Nikos Vafeas
Sources of variation in firm profitability and growth pp. 495-508 Downloads
John Goddard, Manouche Tavakoli and John Wilson
Brand crises: The roles of brand familiarity and crisis relevance in determining the impact on brand evaluations pp. 509-516 Downloads
Niraj Dawar and Jing Lei

Volume 62, issue 3, 2009

Introduction: Special issue on advances in brand management pp. 289-290 Downloads
Leslie de Chernatony, Cleopatra Veloutsou, George Christodoulides and Susan Cottam
Brand defection in a business-to-business financial service pp. 291-296 Downloads
Svetlana Bogomolova and Jenni Romaniuk
Interacting contributions of different departments to brand success pp. 297-304 Downloads
Leslie de Chernatony and Cottam (née Drury), Susan
Brand extension feedback: The role of advertising pp. 305-313 Downloads
Eva Martínez, Teresa Montaner and José M. Pina
Brand relationships through brand reputation and brand tribalism pp. 314-322 Downloads
Cleopatra Veloutsou and Luiz Moutinho
An ex-ante approach to brand capability valuation pp. 323-331 Downloads
Janek Ratnatunga and Michael T. Ewing
Brand death: A developmental model of senescence pp. 332-338 Downloads
Michael T. Ewing, Colin P. Jevons and Elias Khalil
The owner's edge: Brand ownership influences causal maps pp. 339-344 Downloads
Johan van Rekom, Peeter W.J. Verlegh and Robert Slokkers
Investigating the service brand: A customer value perspective pp. 345-355 Downloads
Roderick J. Brodie, James R.M. Whittome and Gregory J. Brush
Does brand meaning exist in similarity or singularity? pp. 356-361 Downloads
Pierre Berthon, Leyland F. Pitt and Colin Campbell
Antecedents of residents' city brand attitudes pp. 362-367 Downloads
Bill Merrilees, Dale Miller and Carmel Herington
An investigation of determinants of counterfeit purchase consideration pp. 368-378 Downloads
Xuemei Bian and Luiz Moutinho
Co-creating brands: Diagnosing and designing the relationship experience pp. 379-389 Downloads
Adrian Payne, Kaj Storbacka, Pennie Frow and Simon Knox
Towards an identity-based brand equity model pp. 390-397 Downloads
Christoph Burmann, Marc Jost-Benz and Nicola Riley

Volume 62, issue 2, 2009

Anti-consumption: An overview and research agenda pp. 145-147 Downloads
Michael S.W. Lee, Karen V. Fernandez and Michael R. Hyman
Mapping symbolic (anti-) consumption pp. 148-159 Downloads
Margaret K. Hogg, Emma N. Banister and Christopher A. Stephenson
Purpose and object of anti-consumption pp. 160-168 Downloads
Rajesh Iyer and James A. Muncy
Anti-consumption and brand avoidance pp. 169-180 Downloads
Michael S.W. Lee, Judith Motion and Denise Conroy
Anti-consumption discourses and consumer-resistant identities pp. 181-190 Downloads
Hélène Cherrier
Underdog consumption: An exploration into meanings and motives pp. 191-199 Downloads
Lee Phillip McGinnis and James W. Gentry
Market-resistance and Valentine's Day events pp. 200-207 Downloads
Angeline G. Close and George M. Zinkhan
Politically motivated brand rejection pp. 208-217 Downloads
Özlem SandIkcI and Ahmet Ekici
The rejection of brand hegemony pp. 218-230 Downloads
John G. Cromie and Mike T. Ewing
Reprisal, retribution and requital: Investigating customer retaliation pp. 231-238 Downloads
Venessa Funches, Melissa Markley and Lenita Davis
Consumer boycotts due to factory relocation pp. 239-247 Downloads
Stefan Hoffmann and Stefan Müller
An evaluation of strategic responses to consumer boycotts pp. 248-259 Downloads
Ulku Yuksel and Victoria Mryteza
Social marketing: A pathway to consumption reduction? pp. 260-268 Downloads
Ken Peattie and Sue Peattie
Demarketing tobacco through governmental policies - The 4Ps revisited pp. 269-278 Downloads
Edward Shiu, Louise Hassan and Gianfranco Walsh
Managing anti-consumption in an excessive drinking culture pp. 279-288 Downloads
Maria G. Piacentini and Emma N. Banister

Volume 62, issue 1, 2009

Journal and author impact metrics: An editorial pp. 1-4 Downloads
Arch G. Woodside
The effect of web interface features on consumer online purchase intentions pp. 5-13 Downloads
Angela V. Hausman and Jeffrey Sam Siekpe
A comparison of two types of price discounts in shifting consumers' attitudes and purchase intentions pp. 14-21 Downloads
Lefa Teng
The influence of seller strategy on the winning price in online auctions: A moderated mediation model pp. 22-30 Downloads
Kristy E. Reynolds, James H. Gilkeson and Ronald W. Niedrich
How do price range shoppers differ from reference price point shoppers? pp. 31-38 Downloads
Sangkil Moon and Glenn Voss
Conceptual blending in advertising pp. 39-49 Downloads
Annamma Joy, John F. Sherry and Jonathan Deschenes
Modeling the brand extensions' influence on brand image pp. 50-60 Downloads
Eva Martínez Salinas and José Miguel Pina Pérez
Information direction, website reputation and eWOM effect: A moderating role of product type pp. 61-67 Downloads
Cheol Park and Thae Min Lee
Patterns of store patronage in urban China pp. 68-81 Downloads
Mark D. Uncles and Simon Kwok
Relationship Quality and the Theory of Planned Behavior models of behavioral intentions and purchase behavior pp. 82-92 Downloads
Marie Hélène De Cannière, Patrick De Pelsmacker and Maggie Geuens
Technology commercialization, incubator and venture capital, and new venture performance pp. 93-103 Downloads
Chung-Jen Chen
Strategic human resource practices and innovation performance -- The mediating role of knowledge management capacity pp. 104-114 Downloads
Chung-Jen Chen and Jing-Wen Huang
Learning from error: The influence of error incident characteristics pp. 115-122 Downloads
Gert J. Homsma, Cathy Van Dyck, Dick De Gilder, Paul L. Koopman and Tom Elfring
Two-stage models for the analysis of information content of equity-selling mechanisms choices pp. 123-133 Downloads
Cheng-Few Lee and Wu YiLin
Revising the myth of gay consumer innovativeness pp. 134-144 Downloads
Bert Vandecasteele and Maggie Geuens
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