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Volume 73, issue C, 2018

Do announcements of WTO dispute resolution cases matter? Evidence from the rare earth elements market pp. 1-23 Downloads
Juliane Proelss, Denis Schweizer and Volker Seiler
Tracing CO2 emissions in global value chains pp. 24-42 Downloads
Bo Meng, Glen Peters, Zhi Wang and Meng Li
Towards a national ETS in China: Cap-setting and model mechanisms pp. 43-52 Downloads
Shenghao Feng, Stephen Howes, Yu Liu, Keyu Zhang and Jun Yang
Unconventional energy, taxation, and interstate welfare: An analysis of Pennsylvania's severance tax policy pp. 53-65 Downloads
Kyle A. Hoy and Douglas Wrenn
Carbon pricing and system linking: Lessons from the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme pp. 66-79 Downloads
Diaz-Rainey, Ivan and Daniel J. Tulloch
Accounting for elimination-by-aspects strategies and demand management in electricity contract choice pp. 80-90 Downloads
Aemiro Melkamu Daniel, Lars Persson and Erlend Dancke Sandorf
China can peak its energy-related carbon emissions before 2025: Evidence from industry restructuring pp. 91-107 Downloads
Shiwei Yu, Shuhong Zheng, Xia Li and Longxi Li
Supply and demand driven oil price changes and their non-linear impact on precious metal returns: A Markov regime switching approach pp. 108-121 Downloads
Gazi Uddin, Md Lutfur Rahman, Syed Jawad Hussain Shahzad and Mobeen Ur Rehman
The global CO2 emission cost of geographic shifts in international sourcing pp. 122-134 Downloads
Xuemei Jiang, Dabo Guan and Luis Antonio López
Heterogeneity and persistence in the effect of demand side management stimuli on residential gas consumption pp. 135-145 Downloads
Jason Harold, Sean Lyons and John Cullinan
Time varying macroeconomic effects of energy price shocks: A new measure for China pp. 146-160 Downloads
Jamie Cross and Bao H. Nguyen
Energy intensity and its components in Iran: Determinants and trends pp. 161-177 Downloads
Zakariya Farajzadeh and Mohammad Amin Nematollahi
Second-best taxation for a polluting monopoly with abatement investment pp. 178-193 Downloads
Guiomar Martin-Herran and Santiago Rubio
Harmonization of the European balancing power auction: A game-theoretical and empirical investigation pp. 194-211 Downloads
Fabian Ocker, Karl-Martin Ehrhart and Matej Belica
Predicting carbon market risk using information from macroeconomic fundamentals pp. 212-227 Downloads
Lei Jiao, Yin Liao and Qing Zhou
Total-factor spillovers, similarities, and competitions in the petroleum industry pp. 228-238 Downloads
Binlei Gong
Are forest landowners ready for woody energy crops? Preferences for afforestation programs in Southern Spain pp. 239-247 Downloads
Mario Soliño, Jose Oviedo and Alejandro Caparrós
Spillover effects of economic globalization on CO2 emissions: A spatial panel approach pp. 248-257 Downloads
Wanhai You and Zhike Lv
Valuing electricity-dependent infrastructure: An essential-input approach pp. 258-273 Downloads
Jed Cohen, Klaus Moeltner, Johannes Reichl and Michael Schmidthaler
Technology-adjusted national carbon accounting for a greener trade pattern pp. 274-285 Downloads
Zengkai Zhang
Effects of technology assumptions on US power sector capacity, generation and emissions projections: Results from the EMF 32 Model Intercomparison Project pp. 290-306 Downloads
Jared R. Creason, John Bistline, Elke L. Hodson, Brian Murray and Charles G. Rossmann
Electric sector policy, technological change, and U.S. emissions reductions goals: Results from the EMF 32 model intercomparison project pp. 307-325 Downloads
John Bistline, Elke Hodson, Charles G. Rossmann, Jared Creason, Brian Murray and Alexander R. Barron
Trade between mass- and rate-based regulatory regimes: Bad for emissions? pp. 326-336 Downloads
Carolyn Fischer, Biao Mao and Daniel Shawhan
The costs and value of renewable portfolio standards in meeting decarbonization goals pp. 337-351 Downloads
David Young and John Bistline
U.S. energy sector impacts of technology innovation, fuel price, and electric sector CO2 policy: Results from the EMF 32 model intercomparison study pp. 352-370 Downloads
Elke L. Hodson, Maxwell Brown, Stuart Cohen, Sharon Showalter, Marshall Wise, Frances Wood, Justin Caron, Felipe Feijoo, Gokul Iyer and Kathryne Cleary
Changing baselines, shifting margins: How predicted impacts of pricing carbon in the electricity sector have evolved over time pp. 371-379 Downloads
Karen Palmer, Anthony Paul and Amelia Keyes
Co-emission and welfare effects of electricity policy and market changes: Results from the EMF 32 model intercomparison project pp. 380-392 Downloads
Daniel L. Shawhan
The future of the electricity industry: Implications of trends and taxes pp. 393-409 Downloads
Martin T. Ross
The U.S. power sector decarbonization: Investigating technology options with MARKAL nine-region model pp. 410-425 Downloads
Nadejda Victor, Christopher Nichols and Charles Zelek

Volume 72, issue C, 2018

On intermittent renewable generation & the stability of Australia's National Electricity Market pp. 1-19 Downloads
Paul Simshauser
Towards more resilient integrated power grid capacity expansion: A robust optimization approach with operational flexibility pp. 20-34 Downloads
Aakil M. Caunhye and Michel-Alexandre Cardin
Economics of household technology adoption in developing countries: Evidence from solar technology adoption in rural India pp. 35-46 Downloads
Michaël Aklin, P. Bayer, S.P. Harish and J. Urpelainen
The role of renewable energy to validate dynamic interaction between CO2 emissions and GDP toward sustainable development in Malaysia pp. 47-61 Downloads
Hussain Ali Bekhet and Nor Salwati Othman
Estimation and allocation of cost savings from collaborative CO2 abatement in China pp. 62-74 Downloads
Weijun He, Yi Yang, Zhao-Hua Wang and Joe Zhu
Sectoral energy consumption by source and output in the U.S.: New evidence from wavelet-based approach pp. 75-96 Downloads
Ben-Salha, Ousama, Besma Hkiri and Chaker Aloui
To trust or not to trust? A comparative study of conventional and clean energy exchange-traded funds pp. 97-107 Downloads
Thomas A. Alexopoulos
Blame it on the owner — Ownership and energy performance of multi-dwelling buildings pp. 108-119 Downloads
Thomas Broberg and Alejandro Egüez
Impact of oil price risk on sectoral equity markets: Implications on portfolio management pp. 120-134 Downloads
Aviral Tiwari, Sangram Keshari Jena, Amarnath Mitra and Seong-Min Yoon
The elephant in the energy room: Establishing the nexus between housing poverty and fuel poverty pp. 135-144 Downloads
Andrew Burlinson, Monica Giulietti and Giuliana Battisti
Connectedness network and dependence structure mechanism in green investments pp. 145-153 Downloads
Amanda Ivarsson Lundgren, Adriana Milicevic, Gazi Uddin and Sang Hoon Kang
Incentive pass-through for residential solar systems in California pp. 154-165 Downloads
Changgui Dong, Ryan Wiser and Varun Rai
Improvement pathway of energy consumption structure in China's industrial sector: From the perspective of directed technical change pp. 166-176 Downloads
Zhenbing Yang, Shuai Shao, Lili Yang and Zhuang Miao
Forecasting U.S. real GDP using oil prices: A time-varying parameter MIDAS model pp. 177-187 Downloads
Zhiyuan Pan, Qing Wang, Yudong Wang and Li Yang
Risk spillover of international crude oil to China's firms: Evidence from granger causality across quantile pp. 188-199 Downloads
Cheng Peng, Huiming Zhu, Yawei Guo and Xiuyun Chen
How significant is energy efficiency to mitigate CO2 emissions? Evidence from OECD countries pp. 200-221 Downloads
Ibrahim A. Tajudeen, Ada Wossink and Prasenjit Banerjee
Household welfare and CO2 emission impacts of energy and carbon taxes in Mexico pp. 222-235 Downloads
Sebastian Renner, Jann Lay and Hannes Greve
Financial markets, innovations and cleaner energy production in OECD countries pp. 236-254 Downloads
Md Al Mamun, Kazi Sohag, Muhammad Shahbaz and Shawkat Hammoudeh
Oil import tariff game for energy security: The case of China and India pp. 255-262 Downloads
Xiao-Bing Zhang, Xinye Zheng, Ping Qin and Lunyu Xie
Characterising green employment: The impacts of ‘greening’ on workforce composition pp. 263-275 Downloads
Alex Bowen, Karlygash Kuralbayeva and Eileen L. Tipoe
DEA environmental assessment on US petroleum industry: Non-radial approach with translation invariance in time horizon pp. 276-289 Downloads
Toshiyuki Sueyoshi and Derek Wang
Oil price shocks and the financial performance patterns of logistics service providers pp. 290-306 Downloads
Erik Hofmann, Tomi Solakivi, Juuso Töyli and Martin Zinn
The sign reversal problem in structural decomposition analysis pp. 307-312 Downloads
Fumiya Nagashima
Energy productivity convergence within the Australian construction industry: A panel data study pp. 313-320 Downloads
Le Ma, M. Reza Hosseini, Weiling Jiang, Igor Martek and Anthony Mills
Forecasting the oil futures price volatility: Large jumps and small jumps pp. 321-330 Downloads
Jing Liu, Feng Ma, Ke Yang and Yaojie Zhang
Oil prices and news-based uncertainty: Novel evidence pp. 331-340 Downloads
Zhi Su, Man Lu and Libo Yin
The prediction of oil price turning points with log-periodic power law and multi-population genetic algorithm pp. 341-355 Downloads
Fangzheng Cheng, Tijun Fan, Dandan Fan and Shanling Li
The behaviour of energy-related volatility indices around scheduled news announcements: Implications for variance swap investments pp. 356-364 Downloads
Raquel López
Consumer electricity and gas prices across Australian capital cities: Structural breaks, effects of policy reforms and interstate differences pp. 365-375 Downloads
Abbas Valadkhani, Jeremy Nguyen and Russell Smyth
Expansion planning of the North Sea offshore grid: Simulation of integrated governance constraints pp. 376-392 Downloads
João Gorenstein Dedecca, Sara Lumbreras, Andrés Ramos, Rudi A. Hakvoort and Paulien M. Herder
Risk premia in commodity price forecasts and their impact on valuation pp. 393-403 Downloads
Warren J. Hahn, James A. DiLellio and James S. Dyer
Modeling household energy consumption and adoption of energy efficient technology pp. 404-415 Downloads
Jia Li and Richard Just
Equilibrium supply security in a multinational electricity market with renewable production pp. 416-435 Downloads
Thomas Tangerås
Which smart electricity service contracts will consumers accept? The demand for compensation in a platform market pp. 436-450 Downloads
Laura-Lucia Richter and Michael Pollitt
Uncovering household indirect energy-saving responsibility from a sectoral perspective: An empirical analysis of Guangdong, China pp. 451-461 Downloads
Wei Zhen, Quande Qin, Zhangqi Zhong, Li Li and Yi-Ming Wei
WTI and Brent futures pricing structure pp. 462-469 Downloads
Daniel Scheitrum, Colin Carter and Cesar Revoredo-Giha
Environmental policy, technology adoption and the size distribution of firms pp. 470-485 Downloads
Jessica Coria and Efthymia Kyriakopoulou
Mapping algorithms, agricultural futures, and the relationship between commodity investment flows and crude oil futures prices pp. 486-504 Downloads
Lei Yan, Scott H. Irwin and Dwight R. Sanders
The dynamic effects of oil supply shocks on the US stock market returns of upstream oil and gas companies pp. 505-516 Downloads
Bradley Ewing, Wensheng Kang and Ronald Ratti
Feed-in tariffs with minimum price guarantees and regulatory uncertainty pp. 517-541 Downloads
Luciana Barbosa, Paulo Ferrão, Artur Rodrigues and Alberto Sardinha
How to estimate wind-turbine infeed with incomplete stock data: A general framework with an application to turbine-specific market values in Germany pp. 542-557 Downloads
Thorsten Engelhorn and Felix Müsgens
A generalized Schwartz model for energy spot prices — Estimation using a particle MCMC method pp. 560-582 Downloads
Anne Floor Brix, Asger Lunde and Wei Wei
Risk-neutral moments in the crude oil market pp. 583-600 Downloads
Xinfeng Ruan and Jin E. Zhang
The impact of oil price shocks on the term structure of interest rates pp. 601-620 Downloads
Christos Ioannidis and Kook Ka
The amenity costs of offshore wind farms: Evidence from a choice experiment pp. 621-639 Downloads
Sanja Lutzeyer, Daniel J. Phaneuf and Laura O. Taylor
Dynamic co-movements between energy consumption and economic growth. A panel data and wavelet perspective pp. 640-649 Downloads
Werner Kristjanpoller R., Alejandro Sierra C. and Javier Scavia D.
Energy price, energy efficiency, and capital productivity: Empirical investigations and policy implications pp. 650-666 Downloads
Samuel Gamtessa and Adugna Olani
Effects of long-term climate change on global building energy expenditures pp. 667-677 Downloads
Leon Clarke, Jiyong Eom, Elke Hodson Marten, Russell Horowitz, Page Kyle, Robert Link, Bryan K. Mignone, Anupriya Mundra and Yuyu Zhou
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