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Volume 33, issue S1, 2011

Atmospheric externalities and environmental taxation pp. S4-S12 Downloads
Agnar Sandmo
A note on environmental policy and innovation when governments cannot commit pp. S13-S19 Downloads
Juan-Pablo Montero
Distributional impacts of carbon pricing: A general equilibrium approach with micro-data for households pp. S20-S33 Downloads
Sebastian Rausch, Gilbert Metcalf and John Reilly
Economic analysis of the climate pledges of the Copenhagen Accord for the EU and other major countries pp. S34-S40 Downloads
Bert Saveyn, Denise Van Regemorter and Juan-Carlos Ciscar
DICER: A tool for analyzing climate policies pp. S41-S49 Downloads
Ramon Ortiz, Alexander Golub, Oleg Lugovoy, Anil Markandya and James Wang
Gradual green tax reforms pp. S50-S58 Downloads
Carlos de Miguel and Baltasar Manzano
An ex-post analysis of the effect of renewables and cogeneration on Spanish electricity prices pp. S59-S65 Downloads
Liliana Gelabert, Xavier Labandeira and Pedro Linares
Willingness to pay and price elasticities of demand for energy-efficient appliances: Combining the hedonic approach and demand systems pp. S66-S74 Downloads
Ibon Galarraga, Mikel González-Eguino and Anil Markandya
Cost pass-through of the EU emissions allowances: Examining the European petroleum markets pp. S75-S83 Downloads
Alexeeva-Talebi, Victoria

Volume 33, issue 6, 2011

Oil prices and the impact of the financial crisis of 2007–2009 pp. 1049-1054 Downloads
Ramaprasad Bhar and Anastasios Malliaris
Oil revenue shocks and government spending behavior in Iran pp. 1055-1069 Downloads
Mohammad Reza Farzanegan
The impact of oil shocks on the Spanish economy pp. 1070-1081 Downloads
Ana Gómez-Loscos, Antonio Montañés and María Gadea
What has driven oil prices since 2000? A structural change perspective pp. 1082-1094 Downloads
Ying Fan and Jin-Hua Xu
Consumer willingness to pay for appliances produced by Green Power Partners pp. 1095-1102 Downloads
David O. Ward, Christopher Clark, Kimberly L. Jensen and Steven T. Yen
Read the label! Energy Star appliance label awareness and uptake among U.S. consumers pp. 1103-1110 Downloads
Anthony G. Murray and Bradford Mills
Random preferences towards bioenergy environmental externalities: A case study of woody biomass based electricity in the Southern United States pp. 1111-1118 Downloads
Andres Susaeta, Pankaj Lal, Janaki Alavalapati and Evan Mercer
Consumers' preference for renewable energy in the southwest USA pp. 1119-1126 Downloads
Pallab Mozumder, William F. Vásquez and Achla Marathe
Coal lumps vs. electrons: How do Chinese bulk energy transport decisions affect the global steam coal market? pp. 1127-1137 Downloads
Moritz Paulus and Johannes Trüby
Economic simulation of biodiesel production: SIMB-E tool pp. 1138-1145 Downloads
Daniela de Carvalho Lopes, Antonio José Steidle Neto and Paulo André R. Martins
Ethanol demand under the flex-fuel technology regime in Brazil pp. 1146-1154 Downloads
Luciano De Freitas and Shinji Kaneko
Volatility spillovers between food and energy markets: A semiparametric approach pp. 1155-1164 Downloads
Teresa Serra
Investments into forest biorefineries under different price and policy structures pp. 1165-1176 Downloads
Hanna-Liisa Kangas, Jussi Lintunen, Johanna Pohjola, Lauri Hetemäki and Jussi Uusivuori
Assessing the impact of US ethanol on fossil fuel markets: A structural VAR approach pp. 1177-1185 Downloads
Lihong McPhail
Investing in biogas: Timing, technological choice and the value of flexibility from input mix pp. 1186-1193 Downloads
Luca Di Corato and Michele Moretto
Estimating the influence of U.S. ethanol policy on plant investment decisions: A real options analysis with two stochastic variables pp. 1194-1205 Downloads
Todd Schmit, Luo J. and J.M. Conrad
Realized volatility and the influence of market measures on predictability: Analysis of Nord Pool forward electricity data pp. 1206-1215 Downloads
Erik Haugom, Sjur Westgaard, Per Bjarte Solibakke and Gudbrand Lien
Distributional modeling and short-term forecasting of electricity prices by Generalized Additive Models for Location, Scale and Shape pp. 1216-1226 Downloads
Francesco Serinaldi
Forecasting electricity prices and their volatilities using Unobserved Components pp. 1227-1239 Downloads
García-Martos, Carolina, Julio Rodríguez and María Jesús Sánchez
A conditionally heteroskedastic model with time-varying coefficients for daily gas spot prices pp. 1240-1251 Downloads
Nazim Regnard and Jean-Michel Zakoian
An hour-ahead prediction model for heavy-tailed spot prices pp. 1252-1266 Downloads
Jae Ho Kim and Warren B. Powell
Nonparametric modeling of carbon prices pp. 1267-1282 Downloads
Julien Chevallier
Disclosed corporate responses to climate change and stock performance: An international empirical analysis pp. 1283-1294 Downloads
Andreas Ziegler, Timo Busch and Volker H. Hoffmann
A model of carbon price interactions with macroeconomic and energy dynamics pp. 1295-1312 Downloads
Julien Chevallier
What should we expect from innovation? A model-based assessment of the environmental and mitigation cost implications of climate-related R&D pp. 1313-1320 Downloads
Valentina Bosetti, Carlo Carraro, Romain Duval and Massimo Tavoni

Volume 33, issue 5, 2011

Energy efficiency, rebound effects and the environmental Kuznets Curve pp. 709-720 Downloads
Karen Turner and Nick Hanley
Relative energy price and investment by European firms pp. 721-731 Downloads
Ronald Ratti, Youn Seol and Kyung Hwan Yoon
Modeling choice of fuelwood source among rural households in Malawi: A multinomial probit analysis pp. 732-738 Downloads
Charles Jumbe and Arild Angelsen
Trade and energy consumption in the Middle East pp. 739-749 Downloads
Perry Sadorsky
Testing for cross-subsidisation in the combined heat and power generation sector: A comparison of three tests pp. 750-757 Downloads
Eirik S. Amundsen, Per Andersen and Frank Jensen
Anticipated and unanticipated effects of crude oil prices and gasoline inventory changes on gasoline prices pp. 758-769 Downloads
Stanislav Radchenko and Dmitry Shapiro
A dynamic panel study of economic development and the electricity consumption-growth nexus pp. 770-781 Downloads
Nicholas Apergis and James Payne
Energy consumption and economic growth: New insights into the cointegration relationship pp. 782-789 Downloads
Ansgar Belke, Frauke Dobnik and Christian Dreger
The effect of power outages and cheap talk on willingness to pay to reduce outages pp. 790-798 Downloads
Fredrik Carlsson, Peter Martinsson and Alpaslan Akay
Validating energy-oriented CGE models pp. 799-806 Downloads
Jayson Beckman, Thomas Hertel and Wallace Tyner
Evaluating the regulator: Winners and losers in the regulation of Spanish electricity distribution pp. 807-815 Downloads
Blázquez-Gómez, Leticia and Grifell-Tatjé, Emili
The political economy of energy regulation in OECD countries pp. 816-825 Downloads
Chun-Ping Chang and Aziz N. Berdiev
A methodology for calculating the levelized cost of electricity in nuclear power systems with fuel recycling pp. 826-839 Downloads
Guillaume De Roo and John E. Parsons
Effects of technological learning and uranium price on nuclear cost: Preliminary insights from a multiple factors learning curve and uranium market modeling pp. 840-852 Downloads
Sondès Kahouli
Productivity growth and biased technological change in hydroelectric dams pp. 853-858 Downloads
Walter Briec, Nicolas Peypoch and Hermann Ratsimbanierana
Price freezes, durables, and residential electricity demand. Evidence from Greater Buenos Aires pp. 859-869 Downloads
Ariel A. Casarin and Maria Eugenia Delfino
Residential consumption of gas and electricity in the U.S.: The role of prices and income pp. 870-881 Downloads
Anna Alberini, Will Gans and Velez-Lopez, Daniel
Prediction of daily peak electricity demand in South Africa using volatility forecasting models pp. 882-888 Downloads
C. Sigauke and D. Chikobvu
Response of residential electricity demand to price: The effect of measurement error pp. 889-895 Downloads
Anna Alberini and Massimo Filippini
Electricity demand elasticities and temperature: Evidence from panel smooth transition regression with instrumental variable approach pp. 896-902 Downloads
Chien-Chiang Lee and Yi-Bin Chiu
Value-at-risk estimation of crude oil price using MCA based transient risk modeling approach pp. 903-911 Downloads
Kaijian He, Kin Keung Lai and Jerome Yen
Crude oil hedging strategies using dynamic multivariate GARCH pp. 912-923 Downloads
Chia-Lin Chang, Michael McAleer and Roengchai Tansuchat
Revisiting the relationship between spot and futures oil prices: Evidence from quantile cointegrating regression pp. 924-935 Downloads
Chien-Chiang Lee and Jhih-Hong Zeng
Multiscale entropy analysis of crude oil price dynamics pp. 936-947 Downloads
Esteban Martina, Eduardo Rodriguez, Escarela-Perez, Rafael and Alvarez-Ramirez, Jose
How do crude oil prices co-move?: A copula approach pp. 948-955 Downloads
Juan Reboredo
Oil and stock market volatility: A multivariate stochastic volatility perspective pp. 956-965 Downloads
Minh Vo
Oil price shocks and industry stock returns pp. 966-974 Downloads
Elyas Elyasiani, Iqbal Mansur and Babatunde Odusami
Oil price volatility and stock price fluctuations in an emerging market: Evidence from South Korea pp. 975-986 Downloads
Rumi Masih, Sanjay Peters and Lurion De Mello
Crude oil shocks and stock markets: A panel threshold cointegration approach pp. 987-994 Downloads
Hui-Ming Zhu, Su-Fang Li and Keming Yu
The impact of the European Union emission trading scheme on the electricity-generation sector pp. 995-1003 Downloads
Djamel Kirat and Ibrahim Ahamada
Decarbonization of the U.S. electricity sector: Are state energy policy portfolios the solution? pp. 1004-1023 Downloads
Sanya Carley
Supply of renewable energy sources and the cost of EU climate policy pp. 1024-1034 Downloads
Stefan Boeters and Joris Koornneef
General equilibrium, electricity generation technologies and the cost of carbon abatement: A structural sensitivity analysis pp. 1035-1047 Downloads
Bruno Lanz and Sebastian Rausch

Volume 33, issue 4, 2011

Editors' introduction: The economics of technologies to combat global warming pp. 565-571 Downloads
Nebojsa Nakicenovic and William Nordhaus
Prospects for nuclear energy pp. 572-580 Downloads
John F. Ahearne
Comment pp. 581-583 Downloads
John Steinbruner
The status and prospects of renewable energy for combating global warming pp. 584-593 Downloads
Douglas J. Arent, Alison Wise and Rachel Gelman
Comment pp. 594-596 Downloads
Elmar Kriegler
Scaling up carbon dioxide capture and storage: From megatons to gigatons pp. 597-604 Downloads
Howard J. Herzog
Comment pp. 605-607 Downloads
Brian Flannery
Uncertainty, loss aversion, and markets for energy efficiency pp. 608-616 Downloads
David L. Greene
Comment pp. 617-618 Downloads
Lawrence Goulder
Technology interactions among low-carbon energy technologies: What can we learn from a large number of scenarios? pp. 619-631 Downloads
Haewon C. McJeon, Leon Clarke, Page Kyle, Marshall Wise, Andrew Hackbarth, Benjamin P. Bryant and Robert J. Lempert
Comment pp. 632-633 Downloads
Valentina Bosetti
Energy R&D portfolio analysis based on climate change mitigation pp. 634-643 Downloads
Graham Pugh, Leon Clarke, Robert Marlay, Page Kyle, Marshall Wise, Haewon McJeon and Gabriel Chan
Comment pp. 644-647 Downloads
Detlef P. van Vuuren and Tom Kram
Technology and the diffusion of renewable energy pp. 648-662 Downloads
David Popp, Ivan Haščič and Neelakshi Medhi
Comment pp. 663-664 Downloads
Adam Jaffe
Designing a friendly space for technological change to slow global warming pp. 665-673 Downloads
William Nordhaus
Accelerating the development and diffusion of new energy technologies: Beyond the "valley of death" pp. 674-682 Downloads
John P. Weyant
Comment pp. 683-686 Downloads
Roger Noll
The future of the European Emission Trading System and the Clean Development Mechanism in a post-Kyoto world pp. 687-698 Downloads
Gernot Klepper
Inducing transformational energy technological change pp. 699-708 Downloads
Thomas J. Wilbanks

Volume 33, issue 3, 2011

Investment in electricity markets with asymmetric technologies pp. 379-387 Downloads
Talat Genc and Henry Thille
Taxing incumbent monopoly to foster entry pp. 388-398 Downloads
Franz Wirl
Optimal taxation of a monopolistic extractor: Are subsidies necessary? pp. 399-403 Downloads
Julien Daubanes
Causal modeling and inference for electricity markets pp. 404-412 Downloads
Egil Ferkingstad, Anders Løland and Mathilde Wilhelmsen
Implicit auctioning on the Kontek Cable: Third time lucky? pp. 413-418 Downloads
Leonardo Meeus
R&D and abatement under environmental liability law: Comparing incentives under strict liability and negligence if compensation differs from harm pp. 419-425 Downloads
Alfred Endres and Tim Friehe
Industrial electricity demand for Turkey: A structural time series analysis pp. 426-436 Downloads
Zafer Dilaver and Lester Hunt
Estimation of tourism-induced electricity consumption: The case study of Balearics Islands, Spain pp. 437-444 Downloads
Mohcine Bakhat and Jaume Rossello
The effect of population density, road network density, and congestion on household gasoline consumption in U.S. urban areas pp. 445-452 Downloads
Qing Su
Analyzing energy consumption and GDP nexus using maximum entropy bootstrap: The case of Turkey pp. 453-460 Downloads
A. Talha Yalta
Development of method for estimation of world industrial energy consumption and its application pp. 461-473 Downloads
Shinichiro Fujimori and Yuzuru Matsuoka
Inequality across countries in energy intensities: An analysis of the role of energy transformation and final energy consumption pp. 474-479 Downloads
Juan Duro and Emilio Padilla
Energy and output dynamics in Bangladesh pp. 480-487 Downloads
Biru Paksha Paul and Gazi Uddin
World oil prices and agricultural commodity prices: Evidence from an emerging market pp. 488-496 Downloads
Saban Nazlioglu and Ugur Soytas
Speculation and volatility spillover in the crude oil and agricultural commodity markets: A Bayesian analysis pp. 497-503 Downloads
Xiaodong Du, Cindy L. Yu and Dermot Hayes
Jumps and stochastic volatility in oil prices: Time series evidence pp. 504-514 Downloads
Karl Larsson and Marcus Nossman
Do global risk perceptions influence world oil prices? pp. 515-524 Downloads
Ramazan Sarı, Ugur Soytas and Erk Hacihasanoglu
Risk factors in oil and gas industry returns: International evidence pp. 525-542 Downloads
Sofia Ramos and Helena Veiga
Restricted carbon emissions and directed R&D support; an applied general equilibrium analysis pp. 543-555 Downloads
Brita Bye and Karl Jacobsen
Carbon control policies, competitiveness, and border tax adjustments pp. 556-564 Downloads
Yazid Dissou and Terry Eyland

Volume 33, issue 2, 2011

Using modeling to generate alternatives (MGA) to expand our thinking on energy futures pp. 145-152 Downloads
Joseph F. DeCarolis
Business-as-Unusual: Existing policies in energy model baselines pp. 153-160 Downloads
Neil Strachan
Energy consumption at business cycle horizons: The case of the United States pp. 161-167 Downloads
Paresh Narayan, Seema Narayan and Russell Smyth
Capacity choice and water management in hydroelectricity systems pp. 168-177 Downloads
Mohamed S. Haddad
«Would you say that the price you pay for electricity is fair?» Consumers' satisfaction and utility reforms in the EU15 pp. 178-187 Downloads
Carlo Fiorio and Massimo Florio
Do household energy expenditures affect mortgage delinquency rates? pp. 188-194 Downloads
Robert Kaufmann, Nancy Gonzalez, Thomas A. Nickerson and Tyler S. Nesbit
Consumer choice on ecologically efficient water heaters: Marketing strategy and policy implications in Japan pp. 195-208 Downloads
Hisanori Goto, Mika Goto and Toshiyuki Sueyoshi
International evidence on aggregate short-run and long-run interfuel substitution pp. 209-216 Downloads
Apostolos Serletis, Govinda Timilsina and Olexandr Vasetsky
Natural gas prices, LNG transport costs, and the dynamics of LNG imports pp. 217-226 Downloads
Don Maxwell and Zhen Zhu
Market integration and price transmission in the U.S. natural gas market: From the wellhead to end use markets pp. 227-235 Downloads
Hassan Mohammadi
Nuclear energy consumption, oil prices, and economic growth: Evidence from highly industrialized countries pp. 236-248 Downloads
Chien-Chiang Lee and Yi-Bin Chiu
Gone with the wind? -- Electricity market prices and incentives to invest in thermal power plants under increasing wind energy supply pp. 249-256 Downloads
Thure Traber and Claudia Kemfert
Growth and renewable energy in Europe: A random effect model with evidence for neutrality hypothesis pp. 257-263 Downloads
Angeliki N. Menegaki
Value-at-risk estimation with the optimal dynamic biofuel portfolio pp. 264-272 Downloads
Ting-Huan Chang, Hsin-Mei Su and Chien-Liang Chiu
Estimates of energy subsidies in China and impact of energy subsidy reform pp. 273-283 Downloads
Boqiang Lin and Zhujun Jiang
The impact of growth, energy and financial development on the environment in China: A cointegration analysis pp. 284-291 Downloads
Abdul Jalil and Mete Feridun
DEA approach for unified efficiency measurement: Assessment of Japanese fossil fuel power generation pp. 292-303 Downloads
Toshiyuki Sueyoshi and Mika Goto
Observed and unobserved heterogeneity in stochastic frontier models: An application to the electricity distribution industry pp. 304-310 Downloads
Kopsakangas-Savolainen, Maria and Rauli Svento
Co-integration of ICE Gas oil and Crude oil futures pp. 311-320 Downloads
Sjur Westgaard, Maria Estenstad, Maria Seim and Stein Frydenberg
Forecasting petroleum futures markets volatility: The role of regimes and market conditions pp. 321-337 Downloads
Nikos K. Nomikos and Panos K. Pouliasis
Oil price cycles and wavelets pp. 338-352 Downloads
Théo Naccache
An emerging equilibrium in the EU emissions trading scheme pp. 353-362 Downloads
Don Bredin and Cal Muckley
Eliciting public support for greening the electricity mix using random parameter techniques pp. 363-370 Downloads
Peter Grösche and Carsten Schröder
Carbon offsets with endogenous environmental policy pp. 371-378 Downloads
Jon Strand

Volume 33, issue 1, 2011

Editorial pp. 1-1 Downloads
Beng Wah Ang, Richard Tol and John P. Weyant
Balancing energy strategies in electricity portfolio management pp. 2-11 Downloads
Christoph Möller, Svetlozar T. Rachev and Frank Fabozzi
Applying portfolio theory to the electricity sector: Energy versus power pp. 12-23 Downloads
Erik Delarue, Cedric De Jonghe, Ronnie Belmans and William D'haeseleer
Portfolio optimization using Mixture Design of Experiments: Scheduling trades within electricity markets pp. 24-32 Downloads
Francisco Alexandre de Oliveira, Anderson Paulo de Paiva, José Wanderley Marangon Lima, Pedro Paulo Balestrassi and Ronã Rinston Amaury Mendes
Electricity tariff design for transition economies: Application to the Libyan power system pp. 33-43 Downloads
Javier Reneses, Tomás Gómez, Juan Rivier and Jorge L. Angarita
Evaluating the economic cost of natural gas strategic storage restrictions pp. 44-55 Downloads
João Miguel Ejarque
A comparative analysis of the value of pure and hybrid electricity storage pp. 56-66 Downloads
Ramteen Sioshansi, Paul Denholm and Thomas Jenkin
Energy price uncertainty, energy intensity and firm investment pp. 67-78 Downloads
Kyung Hwan Yoon and Ronald Ratti
The effect of oil price volatility on strategic investment pp. 79-87 Downloads
Irene Henriques and Perry Sadorsky
Multifractal features of spot rates in the Liquid Petroleum Gas shipping market pp. 88-98 Downloads
Steve Engelen, Payam Norouzzadeh, Wout Dullaert and Bahareh Rahmani
Detecting instability in the volatility of carbon prices pp. 99-110 Downloads
Julien Chevallier
A simple state-contingent pricing rule for complex intertemporal externalities pp. 111-120 Downloads
Ross McKitrick
Distributional effects of a carbon tax on car fuels in France pp. 121-130 Downloads
Benjamin Bureau
Technology diffusion under contraction and convergence: A CGE analysis of China pp. 131-142 Downloads
Michael Hübler
Corrigendum to: "Solving discretely-constrained MPEC problems with applications in electric power markets"[Energy Economics 32 (2010) 3-14] pp. 143-143 Downloads
Steven A. Gabriel and Florian Leuthold
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