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Continuation of Journal of Energy Finance & Development.

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Volume 69, issue C, 2018

Wind, storage, interconnection and the cost of electricity generation pp. 1-18 Downloads
Valeria Di Cosmo and Laura Malaguzzi Valeri
Price and income elasticities of electricity demand: Evidence from Jamaica pp. 19-32 Downloads
Alrick Campbell
Oil indexation, market fundamentals, and natural gas prices: An investigation of the Asian premium in natural gas trade pp. 33-41 Downloads
Dayong Zhang, Min Shi and Xunpeng Shi
Investor sentiment and the price of oil pp. 42-58 Downloads
Mahmoud Qadan and Hazar Nama
The effect of price on electricity contract choice pp. 59-70 Downloads
Mattias Vesterberg
Consumption-based accounting and the trade-carbon emissions nexus pp. 71-78 Downloads
Brantley Liddle
What drives natural gas prices in the United States? – A directed acyclic graph approach pp. 79-88 Downloads
Qiang Ji, Hai-Ying Zhang and Jiang-Bo Geng
Asymmetric responses in the timing, and magnitude, of changes in Australian monthly petrol prices to daily oil price changes pp. 89-100 Downloads
Abbas Valadkhani and Russell Smyth
High-yield bond and energy markets pp. 101-110 Downloads
Alper Gormus, Saban Nazlioglu and Ugur Soytas
Energy consumption and CO2 emissions convergence in European Union member countries. A tonneau des Danaides? pp. 111-127 Downloads
Kostantinos Kounetas
Does energy efficiency promote economic growth? Evidence from a multicountry and multisectoral panel dataset pp. 128-139 Downloads
Ashish Rajbhandari and Fan Zhang
Relative value arbitrage in European commodity markets pp. 140-154 Downloads
Martin Hain, Julian Hess and Uhrig-Homburg, Marliese
Let's agree to disagree! On payoffs and green tastes in green energy investments pp. 155-169 Downloads
Alex Ng and Di Zheng
The impact of spatial price differences on oil sands investments pp. 170-184 Downloads
Gregory Galay
Does the level of energy intensity matter in the effect of energy consumption on the growth of transition economies? Evidence from dynamic panel threshold analysis pp. 185-195 Downloads
Celil Aydin and Omer Esen
The costs of charging Plug-in Electric Vehicles (PEVs): Within day variation in emissions and electricity prices pp. 196-203 Downloads
Yingkai Fang, Frank Asche and Kevin Novan
Proof of concept that requiring energy labels for dwellings can induce retrofitting pp. 204-212 Downloads
David A. Comerford, Ian Lange and Mirko Moro
The impact of an ETS on the Australian energy sector: An integrated CGE and electricity modelling approach pp. 213-224 Downloads
Sam Meng, Mahinda Siriwardana, Judith McNeill and Tim Nelson
In search of an inclusive approach: Measuring non-market values for the effects of complex dam, hydroelectric and river system operations pp. 225-236 Downloads
Benjamin Jones, Robert Berrens, Jenkins-Smith, Hank, Carol Silva, Joe Ripberger, Deven Carlson, Kuhika Gupta and Wesley Wehde
On the role of maximum demand charges in the presence of distributed generation resources pp. 237-249 Downloads
David Brown and David Sappington
Asymmetries, outliers and structural stability in the US gasoline market pp. 250-260 Downloads
Alberto Bagnai and Christian Alexander Mongeau Ospina
Understanding oil scarcity through drilling activity pp. 261-269 Downloads
Yiyi Bai and Samuel Okullo
Factor market distortion correction, resource reallocation and potential productivity gains: An empirical study on China's heavy industry sector pp. 270-279 Downloads
Mian Yang, Fuxia Yang and Chuanwang Sun
The importance of project finance for renewable energy projects pp. 280-294 Downloads
Bjarne Steffen
Can the US shale revolution be duplicated in continental Europe? An economic analysis of European shale gas resources pp. 295-306 Downloads
Aurélien Saussay
Is crude oil price detrimental to domestic private investment for an emerging economy? The role of public sector investment and financial sector development in an era of globalization pp. 307-324 Downloads
Hrushikesh Mallick, Mantu Mahalik and Manoranjan Sahoo
Persistent and transient productive inefficiency in a regulated industry: electricity distribution pp. 325-334 Downloads
Massimo Filippini, W. Greene and Giuliano Masiero
Heterogeneous direct rebound effect: Theory and evidence from the Energy Star program pp. 335-349 Downloads
Bixuan Sun
How can Chile move away from a high carbon economy? pp. 350-366 Downloads
José M. Cansino, Sánchez-Braza, Antonio and Rodríguez-Arévalo, María L.
Contract durations in the electricity market: Causal impact of 15min trading on the EPEX SPOT market pp. 367-378 Downloads
Märkle-Huß, Joscha, Stefan Feuerriegel and Dirk Neumann
How (a)symmetric is the response of import demand to changes in its determinants? Evidence from European energy imports pp. 379-394 Downloads
Svetlana Fedoseeva and Rodrigo Zeidan
Estimating the future supply of shale oil: A Bakken case study pp. 395-403 Downloads
James Smith
The evolution of inter-sectoral linkages in China's energy-related CO2 emissions from 1997 to 2012 pp. 404-417 Downloads
Rong Yuan, Paul Behrens and João F.D. Rodrigues
Identifying price bubble periods in the energy sector pp. 418-429 Downloads
Shahil Sharma and Diego Escobari
Preferences for green electricity, investment and regulatory incentives pp. 430-441 Downloads
Heiko Gerlach and Xuemei Zheng
Modeling the response to exogenous shocks: The capital uplift rate in petroleum taxation pp. 442-455 Downloads
Magnus Berg, Øyvind Bøhren and Erik Vassnes
Economic and policy factors driving adoption of institutional woody biomass heating systems in the U.S pp. 456-470 Downloads
Jesse D. Young, Nathaniel M. Anderson, Helen T. Naughton and Katrina Mullan

Volume 68, issue S1, 2017

Climate policies under climate model uncertainty: Max-min and min-max regret pp. 4-16 Downloads
Armon Rezai and Frederick (Rick) van der Ploeg
Induced technological change and energy efficiency improvements pp. 17-32 Downloads
Witajewski-Baltvilks, Jan, Elena Verdolini and Massimo Tavoni
Free riding and rebates for residential energy efficiency upgrades: A multi-country contingent valuation experiment pp. 33-44 Downloads
Mark Olsthoorn, Joachim Schleich, Xavier Gassmann and Corinne Faure
Using Production Incentives to Avoid Emissions Leakage pp. 45-56 Downloads
Karen Palmer, Dallas Burtraw, Anthony Paul and Hang Yin
Using output-based allocations to manage volatility and leakage in pollution markets pp. 57-65 Downloads
Guy Meunier, Juan-Pablo Montero and Jean-Pierre Ponssard
Elasticities of transport fuels at times of economic crisis: An empirical analysis for Spain pp. 66-80 Downloads
Mohcine Bakhat, Xavier Labandeira, Jose Labeaga and López-Otero, Xiral
The impact of energy prices on product innovation: Evidence from the UK refrigerator market pp. 81-88 Downloads
François Cohen, Matthieu Glachant and Magnus Söderberg
Explaining electricity demand and the role of energy and investment literacy on end-use efficiency of Swiss households pp. 89-102 Downloads
Julia Blasch, Nina Boogen, Massimo Filippini and Nilkanth Kumar
Climate change: Behavioral responses from extreme events and delayed damages pp. 103-115 Downloads
Riccardo Ghidoni, Giacomo Calzolari and Marco Casari
Environmental protection, innovation and price-setting behavior in Spanish manufacturing firms pp. 116-124 Downloads
Carlos de Miguel and Consuelo Pazó
US climate policy: A critical assessment of intensity standards pp. 125-135 Downloads
Christoph Böhringer, Garcia-Muros, Xaquin, Mikel González-Eguino and Luis Rey
Deep transformations of the energy sector: A model of technology investment choice pp. 136-147 Downloads
Florian Landis and Sebastian Rausch
The effect of globalisation on energy footprints: Disentangling the links of global value chains pp. 148-168 Downloads
Oliver Kaltenegger, Andreas Löschel and Frank Pothen

Volume 68, issue C, 2017

Oil price shocks, economic policy uncertainty and industry stock returns in China: Asymmetric effects with quantile regression pp. 1-18 Downloads
Wanhai You, Yawei Guo, Huiming Zhu and Yong Tang
The short and long run causality relationship among economic growth, energy consumption and financial development: Evidence from South Mediterranean Countries (SMCs) pp. 19-30 Downloads
Bassem Kahouli
On the convergence in China's provincial per capita energy consumption: New evidence from a spatial econometric analysis pp. 31-43 Downloads
Yu Hao and Hui Peng
Finding environmentally critical transmission sectors, transactions, and paths in global supply chain networks pp. 44-52 Downloads
Tesshu Hanaka, Shigemi Kagawa, Hirotaka Ono and Keiichiro Kanemoto
Dynamic return-volatility dependence and risk measure of CoVaR in the oil market: A time-varying mixed copula model pp. 53-65 Downloads
Bing-Yue Liu, Qiang Ji and Ying Fan
The impact of a household biogas programme on energy use and expenditure in East Java pp. 66-76 Downloads
Arjun Bedi, Robert Sparrow and Luca Tasciotti
Influential factors in crude oil price forecasting pp. 77-88 Downloads
Hong Miao, Sanjay Ramchander, Tianyang Wang and Dongxiao Yang
Chinese airline efficiency under CO2 emissions and flight delays: A stochastic network DEA model pp. 89-108 Downloads
Zhongfei Chen, Peter Wanke, Jorge Junio Moreira Antunes and Ning Zhang
Economic externalities in transmission network expansion planning pp. 109-115 Downloads
Hans Alayo, Marcos J. Rider and Javier Contreras
Cournot competition and “green” innovation: An inverted-U relationship pp. 116-123 Downloads
Luca Lambertini, Joanna Poyago-Theotoky and Alessandro Tampieri
The strategic robustness of oligopoly electricity market models pp. 124-132 Downloads
David M Newbery and Thomas Greve
Does purchase price matter for the waiting time to start using energy efficient technologies: Experimental evidence from rural Ethiopia? pp. 133-140 Downloads
Sied Hassen and Gunnar Köhlin
Which determinant is the most informative in forecasting crude oil market volatility: Fundamental, speculation, or uncertainty? pp. 141-150 Downloads
Yu Wei, Jing Liu, Xiaodong Lai and Yang Hu
Oil and stock market momentum pp. 151-159 Downloads
Chun-Da Chen, Chiao-Ming Cheng and Riza Demirer
An investigation of renewable and non-renewable energy consumption and economic growth nexus using industrial and residential energy consumption pp. 160-176 Downloads
Seema Narayan and Nadia Doytch
Energy-economic recovery resilience with Input-Output linear programming models pp. 177-191 Downloads
Peijun He, Tsan Sheng Ng and Bin Su
The general equilibrium costs and impacts of oil price shocks in Newfoundland and Labrador pp. 192-198 Downloads
Robert Millard, Patrick Withey, Van Lantz and Thomas O. Ochuodho
The environmental impacts of green technologies in TX pp. 199-214 Downloads
Elisheba Spiller, Peter Sopher, Nicholas Martin, Marita Mirzatuny and Xinxing Zhang
Information strategies for energy conservation: A field experiment in India pp. 215-227 Downloads
Victor L. Chen, Magali Delmas, Stephen L. Locke and Amarjeet Singh
“De-financialization” of commodities? Evidence from stock, crude oil and natural gas markets pp. 228-239 Downloads
Yue-Jun Zhang, Julien Chevallier and Khaled Guesmi
Oil volatility risk and stock market volatility predictability: Evidence from G7 countries pp. 240-254 Downloads
Jiabao Feng, Yudong Wang and Libo Yin
Move it! How an electric contest motivates households to shift their load profile pp. 255-270 Downloads
Sylvain Weber, Stefano Puddu and Diana Pacheco
Does carbon intensity constraint policy improve industrial green production performance in China? A quasi-DID analysis pp. 271-282 Downloads
Zhenbing Yang, Meiting Fan, Shuai Shao and Lili Yang
A regime-switching copula approach to modeling day-ahead prices in coupled electricity markets pp. 283-302 Downloads
A. Pircalabu and F.E. Benth
Multinational operation, ownership and efficiency differences in the international oil industry pp. 303-312 Downloads
Kwaku Ohene-Asare, Charles Turkson and Afful-Dadzie, Anthony
Does the volatility of commodity prices reflect macroeconomic uncertainty? pp. 313-326 Downloads
Marc Joëts, Valérie Mignon and Tovonony Razafindrabe
Directional predictability from oil market uncertainty to sovereign credit spreads of oil-exporting countries: Evidence from rolling windows and crossquantilogram analysis pp. 327-339 Downloads
Syed Jawad Hussain Shahzad, Nader Naifar, Shawkat Hammoudeh and David Roubaud
Human capital and energy in economic growth – Evidence from Chinese provincial data pp. 340-358 Downloads
Zheng Fang and Yang Chen
Robust bidding and offering strategies of electricity retailer under multi-tariff pricing pp. 359-372 Downloads
Sayyad Nojavan, Kazem Zare and Mohammadi-Ivatloo, Behnam
Simulation of price controls for different grade of gasoline: The case of Indonesia pp. 373-382 Downloads
Muhammad Akimaya and Carol Dahl
Spatial analysis of emissions in Sweden pp. 383-394 Downloads
George Marbuah and Franklin Amuakwa-Mensah
Oil consumption subsidy removal in OPEC and other Non-OECD countries: Oil market impacts and welfare effects pp. 395-409 Downloads
Finn Roar Aune, Kristine Grimsrud, Lars Lindholt, Knut Einar Rosendahl and Halvor Briseid Storrøsten
On quota violations of OPEC members pp. 410-422 Downloads
Hamed Ghoddusi, Masoud Nili and Mahdi Rastad
Risk-minimisation in electricity markets: Fixed price, unknown consumption pp. 423-439 Downloads
Martin Tegnér, Rune Ramsdal Ernstsen, Anders Skajaa and Rolf Poulsen
Volatility spillovers and cross-hedging between gold, oil and equities: Evidence from the Gulf Cooperation Council countries pp. 440-453 Downloads
Aktham I. Maghyereh, Basel Awartani and Panagiotis Tziogkidis
Gasoline price and new vehicle fuel efficiency: Evidence from Canada pp. 454-465 Downloads
Nicholas Rivers and Brandon Schaufele
Economy-wide effects of international and Russia's climate policies pp. 466-477 Downloads
Anton Orlov and Asbjørn Aaheim
Socioeconomic burden of air pollution in China: Province-level analysis based on energy economic model pp. 478-489 Downloads
Xu Zhang, Xunmin Ou, Xi Yang, Tianyu Qi, Kyung-Min Nam, Da Zhang and Xiliang Zhang
Hedging local volume risk using forward markets: Nordic case pp. 490-514 Downloads
Rune Ramsdal Ernstsen, Trine Krogh Boomsma, Martin Tegnér and Anders Skajaa
Airfares and oil prices: ‘Feathers and Rockets’ adjustments pp. 515-521 Downloads
Robert Kaufmann
Identifying the driving forces of national and regional CO2 emissions in China: Based on temporal and spatial decomposition analysis models pp. 522-538 Downloads
Hao Li, Yuhuan Zhao, Xiaoyong Qiao, Ya Liu, Ye Cao, Yue Li, Song Wang, Zhonghua Zhang, Yongfeng Zhang and Jianfeng Weng
Political connections and corporate environmental responsibility: Adopting or escaping? pp. 539-547 Downloads
Cui Zhang
Bounds testing approach to analyzing the environment Kuznets curve hypothesis with structural beaks: The role of biomass energy consumption in the United States pp. 548-565 Downloads
Muhammad Shahbaz, Sakiru Solarin, Shawkat Hammoudeh and Syed Jawad Hussain Shahzad
A model to assess the impact of employment policy and subsidized domestic fuel prices on national oil companies pp. 566-578 Downloads
Sergio Cabrales, Rafael Bautista and Juan Benavides
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