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Volume 40, issue 3, 2023

How culture shapes consumer responses to anthropomorphic products pp. 495-512 Downloads
Sara Baskentli, Rhonda Hadi and Leonard Lee
Can firms benefit from integrating high-frequency survey measures with objective service quality data? pp. 513-533 Downloads
Jihoon Cho, Anocha Aribarg and Puneet Manchanda
Providing assets in the sharing economy: Low childhood socioeconomic status as a barrier pp. 534-551 Downloads
Yuechen Wu, Ruijuan Wang, Huizhen Jin and Meng Zhu
Estimating the effect of brand beliefs on brand evaluations when beliefs are measured with error pp. 552-569 Downloads
Garrett P. Sonnier, Oliver J. Rutz and Adrian F. Ward
Timing customer reactivation initiatives pp. 570-589 Downloads
Niels Holtrop and Jaap E. Wieringa
How business-to-business salespeople deal with buying center dissenters pp. 590-608 Downloads
Jeff S. Johnson
Financial consequences of adding bricks to clicks pp. 609-628 Downloads
Erik Maier, Rico Bornschein, Rico Manss and Damian Hesse
Category expansion through cross-channel demand spillovers pp. 629-658 Downloads
Ali Umut Guler
Understanding the sequential interdependence of mobile app adoption within and across categories pp. 659-678 Downloads
Xiaochi Sun, Xuebin Cui and Yacheng Sun
The motivational dynamics of arousal and values in promoting sustainable behavior: A cognitive energetics perspective pp. 679-699 Downloads
Li Yan and Kyle B. Murray
How firm communication affects the impact of layoff announcements on brand strength over time pp. 700-723 Downloads
Samuel Stäbler, Alexander Himme, Alexander Edeling and Max Backhaus
Adverse inclusion of asymmetric advertisers in position auctions pp. 724-740 Downloads
Zibin Xu, Yi Zhu and Shantanu Dutta

Volume 40, issue 2, 2023

On ChatGPT and beyond: How generative artificial intelligence may affect research, teaching, and practice pp. 269-275 Downloads
Renana Peres, Martin Schreier, David Schweidel and Alina Sorescu
Cross-reward effects in a coalition loyalty program: The impact of a point currency devaluation pp. 276-293 Downloads
Valeria Stourm and Eric T. Bradlow
Managing service shutdowns: Cash refunds or vouchers? pp. 294-315 Downloads
Rachel R. Chen, Eitan Gerstner, Daniel Halbheer and Paolo Roma
Till the cloud do us part: Technological disruption and brand retention in the enterprise software industry pp. 316-341 Downloads
Barış Kocaman, Sarah Gelper and Fred Langerak
Satiation and cross promotion: Selling and swapping users in mobile games pp. 342-361 Downloads
Michael Haenlein, Barak Libai and Eitan Muller
Converging vs diverging: The effect of visual representation of goal structure on financial decisions pp. 362-377 Downloads
Joonkyung Kim, Min Zhao and Dilip Soman
How institutional logics shape fairness in crowdsourcing: The case of Threadless pp. 378-397 Downloads
Annetta Grant, Henri Weijo and Peter A. Dacin
Are people less generous after a family member gives to charity? The interaction of self-construal and relationship type pp. 398-416 Downloads
Xiaohong Zhao, Fengyan Cai and Zhiyong Yang
Charitable maximizers: The impact of the maximizing mindset on donations to human recipients pp. 417-434 Downloads
Jingjing Ma, Lin, Yu (Anna) and Danit Ein-Gar
Advertising’s sequence of effects on consumer mindset and sales: A comparison across brands and product categories pp. 435-454 Downloads
Albert Valenti, Gokhan Yildirim, Marc Vanhuele, Shuba Srinivasan and Koen Pauwels
Drivers of the synergy between price cuts and store flyer advertising at supermarkets and discounters pp. 455-474 Downloads
Kai A. Widdecke, Wiebke I.Y. Keller, Karen Gedenk and Barbara Deleersnyder
What makes the corporate social responsibility impact on Customer–Company identification stronger? A meta-analysis pp. 475-492 Downloads
Valter Afonso Vieira, Jeremy S. Wolter, Clécio Falcão Araujo and Ricardo Saraiva Frio

Volume 40, issue 1, 2023

Designing Distributed Ledger technologies, like Blockchain, for advertising markets pp. 12-21 Downloads
Mingyu Joo, Seung Hyun Kim, Anindya Ghose and Kenneth C. Wilbur
Cryptopricing: Whence comes the value for cryptocurrencies and NFTs? pp. 22-29 Downloads
Z. John Zhang
How can non-fungible tokens bring value to brands pp. 30-37 Downloads
Anatoli Colicev
Blockchain technology for creative industries: Current state and research opportunities pp. 38-48 Downloads
Nikhil Malik, Wei, Yanhao "Max", Gil Appel and Lan Luo
What blockchain can and can’t do: Applications to marketing and privacy pp. 49-53 Downloads
Alex Marthews and Catherine Tucker
Complementing human effort in online reviews: A deep learning approach to automatic content generation and review synthesis pp. 54-74 Downloads
Keith Carlson, Praveen K. Kopalle, Allen Riddell, Daniel Rockmore and Prasad Vana
More than a Feeling: Accuracy and Application of Sentiment Analysis pp. 75-87 Downloads
Jochen Hartmann, Mark Heitmann, Christian Siebert and Christina Schamp
Money in a “Safe” place: Money anthropomorphism increases saving behavior pp. 88-108 Downloads
Lili Wang, Sara Kim and Xinyue Zhou
Speaking vs. listening? Balance conversation attributes of voice assistants for better voice marketing pp. 109-127 Downloads
Peng Hu, Yeming Gong, Yaobin Lu and Amy Wenxuan Ding
Consistency and commonality in advertising content: Helping or Hurting? pp. 128-145 Downloads
Maren Becker and Maarten J. Gijsenberg
Immediate and enduring effects of digital badges on online content consumption and generation pp. 146-163 Downloads
Shijie Lu, Ying Xie and Xingyu Chen
Automated inference of product attributes and their importance from user-generated content: Can we replace traditional market research? pp. 164-188 Downloads
Tobias Roelen-Blasberg, Johannes Habel and Martin Klarmann
Investigating the effect of status changes in review platforms pp. 189-209 Downloads
Ali Tamaddoni, Satheesh Seenivasan, Jason I. Pallant and Bernd Skiera
Design of product quality scales for conveying information by infomediaries pp. 210-225 Downloads
Nina Baranchuk and Ashutosh Prasad
Decomposing the effect of advertising: What happens in the retail channel? pp. 226-247 Downloads
Michaela Draganska and Maria Ana Vitorino
The future of private-label markets: A global convergence approach pp. 248-267 Downloads
Katrijn Gielens, Marnik G. Dekimpe, Anirban Mukherjee and Kapil Tuli

Volume 39, issue 4, 2022

The dark side of innovation: How new SKUs affect brand choice in the presence of consumer uncertainty and learning pp. 967-987 Downloads
Bernadette J. van Ewijk, Els Gijsbrechts and Jan-Benedict E.M. Steenkamp
Customer base analysis with recurrent neural networks pp. 988-1018 Downloads
Jan Valendin, Thomas Reutterer, Michael Platzer and Klaudius Kalcher
Is similarity a constraint for service-to-service brand extensions? pp. 1019-1041 Downloads
Radu Dimitriu and Luk Warlop
Stress can help or hinder novelty seeking: The role of consumer life history strategies pp. 1042-1058 Downloads
Justina Gineikiene, Bob M. Fennis, Dovile Barauskaite and Guido M. van Koningsbruggen
All that glitters is not gold: An investigation into the undesired effects of gamification and how to mitigate them through gamification design pp. 1059-1081 Downloads
Magdalena Bekk, René Eppmann, Kristina Klein and Franziska Völckner
Brand effect on extended warranty valuation: Subjective value versus popularity pp. 1082-1092 Downloads
Robin Chark and A.V. Muthukrishnan
Stop arguing! How childhood exposure to interparental conflict affects consumer response toward product review dispersion pp. 1093-1107 Downloads
Mengmeng Liu, Maureen Morrin and Boyoun Grace Chae
Too cute to be bad? Cute brand logo reduces consumer punishment following brand transgressions pp. 1108-1126 Downloads
Felix Septianto and Junbum Kwon
Stay positive or go negative? Memory imperfections and messaging strategy pp. 1127-1149 Downloads
Xiaolin Li, Raghunath Singh Rao, Om Narasimhan and Xing Gao
The promise and peril of dynamic targeted pricing pp. 1150-1165 Downloads
Sung H. Ham, Chuan He and Dan Zhang
Brand equity, warranty costs, and firm value pp. 1166-1185 Downloads
Zixia Cao
Drivers of consumer adoption of e-Commerce: A meta-analysis pp. 1186-1208 Downloads
Cristina Zerbini, Tammo H.A. Bijmolt, Silvia Maestripieri and Beatrice Luceri
Conjunctive screening in models of multiple discreteness pp. 1209-1234 Downloads
Youngju Kim, Nino Hardt, Jaehwan Kim and Greg M. Allenby
The role of salespeople in industrial servitization: How to manage diminishing profit returns from salespeople’s increasing industrial service shares pp. 1235-1252 Downloads
Martin Krämer, Christina Desernot, Sascha Alavi, Christian Schmitz, Felix Brüggemann and Jan Wieseke
Administrative trade barrier: An empirical analysis of exporting Hollywood movies to China pp. 1253-1274 Downloads
Chunhua Wu, Charles B. Weinberg, Qiyuan Wang and Jason Y.C. Ho
Designing successful temporary loyalty programs: An exploratory study on retailer and country differences pp. 1275-1295 Downloads
Nick J.F. Bombaij, Sarah Gelper and Marnik G. Dekimpe

Volume 39, issue 3, 2022

Simplicity is not key: Understanding firm-generated social media images and consumer liking pp. 639-655 Downloads
Gijs Overgoor, William Rand, Willemijn van Dolen and Masoud Mazloom
The roles of multiple channels in predicting website visits and purchases: Engagers versus closers pp. 656-677 Downloads
Marcel Goić, Kinshuk Jerath and Kirthi Kalyanam
The effect of control deprivation on consumers’ adoption of no-pain, no-gain principle pp. 678-698 Downloads
Yanli Jia and Robert S. Wyer
Whether, when, and why functional company characteristics engender customer satisfaction and customer-company identification: The role of self-definitional needs pp. 699-723 Downloads
Roland Kassemeier, Till Haumann and Pascal Güntürkün
Consumers’ response to weak unique selling propositions: Implications for optimal product recommendation strategy pp. 724-744 Downloads
Fabio Caldieraro and Marcus Cunha
A meta-analysis of consumer ethnocentrism across 57 countries pp. 745-763 Downloads
George Balabanis and Nikoletta Theofania Siamagka
Dimensions of brand-extension fit pp. 764-787 Downloads
Deng, Qian (Claire) and Paul R. Messinger
A conceptual framework of contemporary luxury consumption pp. 788-803 Downloads
Yajin Wang
The Impact of Power Distance Belief on Consumers' Brand Preferences pp. 804-823 Downloads
Jessie J. Wang, Ashok K. Lalwani and Devon DelVecchio
Marketing strategy implementation impediments and remedies: A multi-level theoretical framework within the sales-marketing interface pp. 824-846 Downloads
Avinash Malshe, Douglas E. Hughes, Valerie Good and Scott B. Friend
Opening the OTC drug market: The effect of deregulation on retail pharmacy’s performance pp. 847-866 Downloads
Wooyong Jo, Hyoryung Nam and Jeonghye Choi
The role of network embeddedness across multiple social networks: Evidence from mobile social network games pp. 867-887 Downloads
Hwang Kim and Vithala R. Rao
An empirical investigation of director selection in movie preproduction: A two-sided matching approach pp. 888-906 Downloads
Liyuan Wei and Yupin Yang
Financial projections in innovation selection: The role of scenario presentation, expertise, and risk pp. 907-926 Downloads
Vardan Avagyan, Nuno Camacho, Wim A. Van der Stede and Stefan Stremersch
Innovation-based strategic flexibility (ISF): Role of CEO ties with marketing and R&D pp. 927-946 Downloads
S. Arunachalam, Sridhar N. Ramaswami, Pankaj C. Patel and Linlin Chai
How does regulatory monitoring of cause marketing affect firm behavior and donations to charity? pp. 947-966 Downloads
Praveen K. Kopalle, Aradhna Krishna, Uday Rajan and Yu Wang

Volume 39, issue 2, 2022

Outstanding IJRM Area Editors and Reviewers pp. A1-A1 Downloads
Martin Schreier, Renana Peres, David Schweidel and Alina Sorescu
How, why, and when disclosure type matters for influencer marketing pp. 313-335 Downloads
Zeynep Karagür, Jan-Michael Becker, Kristina Klein and Alexander Edeling
Too much of a good thing? The unforeseen cost of tags in online retailing pp. 336-348 Downloads
Amir Sepehri, Rod Duclos and Nasir Haghighi
Feeling lucky: How framing the target product as a free gift enhances purchase intention pp. 349-363 Downloads
Maggie Wenjing Liu, Chuang Wei, Lu Yang and Hean Tat Keh
The friluftsliv response: Connection, drive, and contentment reactions to biophilic design in consumer environments pp. 364-379 Downloads
Iana A. Castro, Heather Honea, Erlinde Cornelis and Anuja Majmundar
Incentives for learning: How free offers help or hinder motivation pp. 380-395 Downloads
Yih Hwai Lee and Catherine Yeung
Grassroots innovation success: The role of self-determination and leadership style pp. 396-414 Downloads
Stefan Stremersch, Nuno Camacho, Elio Keko and Stefan Wuyts
A measurement model of the dimensions and types of informal organizational control: An empirical test in a B2B sales context pp. 415-442 Downloads
Stacey L. Malek, Shikhar Sarin and Bernard J. Jaworski
Marketing’s role in multi-stakeholder engagement pp. 445-461 Downloads
Lerzan Aksoy, Sandhya Banda, Colleen Harmeling, Timothy L. Keiningham and Anita Pansari
Marketing performance assessment and accountability: Process and outcomes pp. 462-481 Downloads
Neil A. Morgan, Satish Jayachandran, John Hulland, Binay Kumar, Costas Katsikeas and Agnes Somosi
Digital product innovations for the greater good and digital marketing innovations in communications and channels: Evolution, emerging issues, and future research directions pp. 482-501 Downloads
Rajan Varadarajan, Roman B. Welden, S. Arunachalam, Michael Haenlein and Shaphali Gupta
A global perspective on the marketing mix across time and space pp. 502-521 Downloads
Julian R.K. Wichmann, Abhinav Uppal, Amalesh Sharma and Marnik G. Dekimpe
Examining artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in marketing via a global lens: Current trends and future research opportunities pp. 522-540 Downloads
Praveen K. Kopalle, Manish Gangwar, Andreas Kaplan, Divya Ramachandran, Werner Reinartz and Aric Rindfleisch
Digital marketing communication in global marketplaces: A review of extant research, future directions, and potential approaches pp. 541-565 Downloads
Venkatesh Shankar, Dhruv Grewal, Sarang Sunder, Beth Fossen, Kay Peters and Amit Agarwal
Customer-based execution strategy in a global digital economy pp. 566-582 Downloads
J. Andrew Petersen, Brianna JeeWon Paulich, Farnoosh Khodakarami, Stavroula Spyropoulou and V. Kumar
Brand response to environmental turbulence: A framework and propositions for resistance, recovery and reinvention pp. 583-602 Downloads
Lopo Rego, Michael Brady, Robert Leone, John Roberts, Chandra Srivastava and Rajendra Srivastava
Interfirm collaboration and exchange relationships: An agenda for future research pp. 603-618 Downloads
Sourav Bikash Borah, Girish Mallapragada, Raghu Bommaraju, Rajkumar Venkatesan and Narongsak Thongpapanl
Cross-border marketing ecosystem orchestration: A conceptualization of its determinants and boundary conditions pp. 619-638 Downloads
Kelly Hewett, G. Tomas M. Hult, Murali K. Mantrala, Nandini Nim and Kiran Pedada

Volume 39, issue 1, 2022

An empirical comparison of machine learning methods for text-based sentiment analysis of online consumer reviews pp. 1-19 Downloads
Huwail J. Alantari, Imran S. Currim, Yiting Deng and Sameer Singh
Consumers’ privacy calculus: The PRICAL index development and validation pp. 20-41 Downloads
Frank T. Beke, Felix Eggers, Peter C. Verhoef and Jaap E. Wieringa
Constituency building: Determining consumers’ willingness to participate in corporate political activities pp. 42-57 Downloads
Clark D. Johnson, Brittney C. Bauer and Brad D. Carlson
How rich is too rich? Visual design elements in digital marketing communications pp. 58-76 Downloads
Yashar Bashirzadeh, Robert Mai and Corinne Faure
How voice retailers can predict customer mood and how they can use that information pp. 77-95 Downloads
Ingo Halbauer and Martin Klarmann
Modelling short-and long-term marketing effects in the consumer purchase journey pp. 96-116 Downloads
Peter Cain
Collecting samples from online services: How to use screeners to improve data quality pp. 117-133 Downloads
Aaron D. Arndt, John B. Ford, Barry J. Babin and Vinh Luong
The megamarketing of microfinance: Developing and maintaining an industry aura of virtue pp. 134-155 Downloads
Domen Bajde, Jessica Chelekis and Arjen van Dalen
A good way to boost sales? Effects of the proportion of sold-out options on purchase behavior pp. 156-169 Downloads
Jing Tian, Rong Chen and Xiaobing Xu
To be respected or liked: The influence of social comparisons on consumer preference for competence- versus warmth-oriented products pp. 170-189 Downloads
Xiaoying Zheng, Jing Xu and Hao Shen
Designing the content of advertising in a differentiated market pp. 190-211 Downloads
David A. Soberman and Yi Xiang
The differential effects of time and usage on the brand premiums of automobiles pp. 212-226 Downloads
Eyal Biyalogorsky, Amir Heiman and Eitan Muller
It pays to pay attention: How firm's and competitor's marketing levers affect investor attention and firm value pp. 227-246 Downloads
Abhishek Borah, S.Cem Bahadir, Anatoli Colicev and Gerard J. Tellis
CEO regulatory focus and myopic marketing management pp. 247-267 Downloads
Tuck Siong Chung and Angie Low
Are sports sponsorship announcements good news for shareholders? A meta-analysis pp. 268-287 Downloads
Kamran Eshghi
What drives brands’ price response metrics? An empirical examination of the Chinese packaged goods industry pp. 288-312 Downloads
Bernadette J. van Ewijk, Els Gijsbrechts and Jan-Benedict E.M. Steenkamp
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