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Volume 30, issue 4, 2013

EMAC Distinguished Marketing Scholar 2012 pp. 323-334 Downloads
Gilles Laurent
Consumer responses to variety in product bundles: The moderating role of evaluation mode pp. 335-342 Downloads
Xia Wang, Luping Sun and Hean Tat Keh
Does private-label production by national-brand manufacturers create discounter goodwill? pp. 343-357 Downloads
Anne ter Braak, Barbara Deleersnyder, Inge Geyskens and Marnik G. Dekimpe
So you want to delight your customers: The perils of ignoring heterogeneity in customer evaluations of discretionary preferential treatments pp. 358-367 Downloads
Raphaëlle Butori and Arnaud De Bruyn
The impact of national brand introductions on hard-discounter image and share-of-wallet pp. 368-382 Downloads
Carlos J.S. Lourenço and Els Gijsbrechts
The influence of ad-evoked feelings on brand evaluations: Empirical generalizations from consumer responses to more than 1000 TV commercials pp. 383-394 Downloads
Michel Tuan Pham, Maggie Geuens and Patrick De Pelsmacker
How contracts and enforcement explain transaction outcomes pp. 395-405 Downloads
Erik A. Mooi and David I. Gilliland
Customer satisfaction and consumer expenditure in selected European countries pp. 406-416 Downloads
Matthew C.H. Yeung, Bala Ramasamy, Junsong Chen and Stan Paliwoda
Same sound, same preference? Investigating sound symbolism effects in international brand names pp. 417-420 Downloads
Christina Kuehnl and Alexandra Mantau
Can fat taxes and package size restrictions stimulate healthy food choices? pp. 421-423 Downloads
Elke Huyghe and Anneleen Van Kerckhove
The effect of physical possession on preference for product warranty pp. 424-425 Downloads
Robin Chark and A.V. Muthukrishnan
The impact of cultural symbols and spokesperson identity on attitudes and intentions pp. 426-428 Downloads
Anne-Sophie I. Lenoir, Stefano Puntoni, Americus Reed and Peeter W.J. Verlegh
Charts and demand: Empirical generalizations on social influence pp. 429-431 Downloads
Olaf Maecker, Nadja Sophia Grabenströer, Michel Clement and Mark Heitmann

Volume 30, issue 3, 2013

Marketing function and form: How functionalist and experiential architectures affect corporate brand personality pp. 201-210 Downloads
Ursula Raffelt, Bernd Schmitt and Anton Meyer
When white space is more than “burning money”: Economic signaling meets visual commercial rhetoric pp. 211-218 Downloads
John W. Pracejus, Thomas C. O'Guinn and G. Douglas Olsen
Patterns in consumption-based learning about brand quality for consumer packaged goods pp. 219-235 Downloads
Maciej Szymanowski and Els Gijsbrechts
Social interactions in customer churn decisions: The impact of relationship directionality pp. 236-248 Downloads
Michael Haenlein
Pricing in the international takeoff of new products pp. 249-264 Downloads
Deepa Chandrasekaran, Joep W.C. Arts, Gerard J. Tellis and Ruud T. Frambach
Is power powerful? Power, confidence, and goal pursuit pp. 265-275 Downloads
Dongwon Min and Ji-Hern Kim
Product development capability and marketing strategy for new durable products pp. 276-291 Downloads
Sumitro Banerjee and David A. Soberman
An introduction to the application of (case 1) best–worst scaling in marketing research pp. 292-303 Downloads
Jordan Louviere, Ian Lings, Towhidul Islam, Siegfried Gudergan and Terry Flynn
The real-exposure effect revisited — How purchase rates vary under pictorial vs. real item presentations when consumers are allowed to use their tactile sense pp. 304-307 Downloads
Holger Müller
Does container weight influence judgments of volume? pp. 308-309 Downloads
Hung-Ming Lin
The 1/N Rule revisited: Heterogeneity in the naïve diversification bias pp. 310-313 Downloads
Daniel Fernandes
Satisfaction as a predictor of future performance: A replication pp. 314-318 Downloads
Jenny van Doorn, Peter S.H. Leeflang and Marleen Tijs
Satisfaction with complaint handling: A replication study on its determinants in a business-to-business context pp. 319-322 Downloads
Christian Brock, Markus Blut, Heiner Evanschitzky and Peter Kenning

Volume 30, issue 2, 2013

Competitive information, trust, brand consideration and sales: Two field experiments pp. 101-113 Downloads
Guilherme Liberali, Glen L. Urban and John R. Hauser
Performance implications of deploying marketing analytics pp. 114-128 Downloads
Frank Germann, Gary L. Lilien and Arvind Rangaswamy
Uncovering audience preferences for concert features from single-ticket sales with a factor-analytic random-coefficients model pp. 129-142 Downloads
Wagner A. Kamakura and Carl W. Schimmel
The effects of mailing design characteristics on direct mail campaign performance pp. 143-159 Downloads
Sebastian Feld, Heiko Frenzen, Manfred Krafft, Kay Peters and Peter C. Verhoef
User-generated versus designer-generated products: A performance assessment at Muji pp. 160-167 Downloads
Hidehiko Nishikawa, Martin Schreier and Susumu Ogawa
Disentangling the market value of customer satisfaction: Evidence from market reaction to the unanticipated component of ACSI announcements pp. 168-178 Downloads
Vladimir Ivanov, Kissan Joseph and M. Babajide Wintoki
Making sense of numbers: Effects of alphanumeric brands on consumer inference pp. 179-184 Downloads
Dengfeng Yan and Rod Duclos
“You Lost Me at Hello”: How and when accent-based biases are expressed and suppressed pp. 185-196 Downloads
Ze Wang, Aaron D. Arndt, Surendra N. Singh, Monica Biernat and Fan Liu
If it tastes bad it must be good: Consumer naïve theories and the marketing placebo effect pp. 197-198 Downloads
Scott A. Wright, José Mauro da Costa Hernandez, Aparna Sundar, John Dinsmore and Frank R. Kardes
The time vs. money effect. A conceptual replication pp. 199-200 Downloads
Holger Müller, Sebastian Lehmann and Marko Sarstedt

Volume 30, issue 1, 2013

Socioeconomic status and consumption in an emerging economy pp. 4-18 Downloads
Wagner A. Kamakura and Jose A. Mazzon
Quantifying nation equity with sales data: A structural approach pp. 19-35 Downloads
Junhong Chu
Marketing capabilities, institutional development, and the performance of emerging market firms: A multinational study pp. 36-45 Downloads
Jie Wu
Functional and experiential routes to persuasion: An analysis of advertising in emerging versus developed markets pp. 46-56 Downloads
Lia Zarantonello, Kamel Jedidi and Bernd H. Schmitt
Winning hearts, minds and sales: How marketing communication enters the purchase process in emerging and mature markets pp. 57-68 Downloads
Koen Pauwels, Selin Erguncu and Gokhan Yildirim
The “green” side of materialism in emerging BRIC and developed markets: The moderating role of global cultural identity pp. 69-82 Downloads
Yuliya Strizhakova and Robin A. Coulter
Conducting field research in subsistence markets, with an application to market orientation in the context of Ethiopian pastoralists pp. 83-97 Downloads
Paul T.M. Ingenbleek, Workneh Kassa Tessema and Hans C.M. van Trijp

Volume 29, issue 4, 2012

Identity-based consumer behavior pp. 310-321 Downloads
Americus Reed, Mark R. Forehand, Stefano Puntoni and Luk Warlop
Defending the markers of masculinity: Consumer resistance to brand gender-bending pp. 322-336 Downloads
Jill Avery
Happily (mal)adjusted: Cosmopolitan identity and expatriate adjustment pp. 337-345 Downloads
Amir Grinstein and Luc Wathieu
How political identity and charity positioning increase donations: Insights from Moral Foundations Theory pp. 346-354 Downloads
Karen Page Winterich, Yinlong Zhang and Vikas Mittal
Repeated exposure to the thin ideal and implications for the self: Two weight loss program studies pp. 355-362 Downloads
Anne-Kathrin Klesse, Caroline Goukens, Kelly Geyskens and Ko de Ruyter
Bolstering and restoring feelings of competence via the IKEA effect pp. 363-369 Downloads
Daniel Mochon, Michael I. Norton and Dan Ariely
The referral backfire effect: The identity-threatening nature of referral failure pp. 370-379 Downloads
Bart Claus, Kelly Geyskens, Kobe Millet and Siegfried Dewitte
On the importance of social integration for minority targeting effectiveness pp. 380-389 Downloads
Michael Antioco, Joëlle Vanhamme, Anaïk Hardy and Lidwine Bernardin
How to say “no”: Conviction and identity attributions in persuasive refusal pp. 390-394 Downloads
Vanessa M. Patrick and Henrik Hagtvedt
Consumers' use of brands to reflect their actual and ideal selves on Facebook pp. 395-405 Downloads
Candice R. Hollenbeck and Andrew M. Kaikati
Drivers of consumer–brand identification pp. 406-418 Downloads
Nicola Stokburger-Sauer, S. Ratneshwar and Sankar Sen

Volume 29, issue 3, 2012

Marketing activity, blogging and sales pp. 221-234 Downloads
Hiroshi Onishi and Puneet Manchanda
The performance of global brands in the 2008 financial crisis: A test of two brand value measures pp. 235-245 Downloads
Johny K. Johansson, Claudiu V. Dimofte and Sanal K. Mazvancheryl
Consumer evaluation of copycat brands: The effect of imitation type pp. 246-255 Downloads
Femke van Horen and Rik Pieters
Seeing the forest despite the trees: Brand effects on choice uncertainty pp. 256-264 Downloads
Christine Eckert, Jordan J. Louviere and Towhidul Islam
Advanced brand concept maps: A new approach for evaluating the favorability of brand association networks pp. 265-274 Downloads
Oliver Schnittka, Henrik Sattler and Sebastian Zenker
Sound symbolism effects across languages: Implications for global brand names pp. 275-279 Downloads
L.J. Shrum, T.M. Lowrey, David Luna, D.B. Lerman and Min Liu
Negotiating when outnumbered: Agenda strategies for bargaining with buying teams pp. 280-291 Downloads
Charles Patton and P.V. (Sundar) Balakrishnan
The multiple roles of interpersonal communication in new product growth pp. 292-305 Downloads
Trichy V. Krishnan, Seetharaman, P.B. “Seethu” and Demetrios Vakratsas

Volume 29, issue 2, 2012

Optimizable and implementable aggregate response modeling for marketing decision support pp. 111-122 Downloads
Sönke Albers
The role of consumer self-control in the consumption of virtue products pp. 123-133 Downloads
Danit Ein-Gar, Jacob Goldenberg and Lilach Sagiv
Modeling coexisting business scenarios with time-series panel data: A dynamics-based segmentation approach pp. 134-147 Downloads
Catarina Sismeiro, Natalie Mizik and Randolph E. Bucklin
Measuring willingness to pay as a range, revisited: When should we care? pp. 148-166 Downloads
Florian Dost and Robert Wilken
Measurement of consumer preferences for bucket pricing plans with different service attributes pp. 167-180 Downloads
Christian Schlereth and Bernd Skiera
Effects of formal sales control systems: A combinatory perspective pp. 181-191 Downloads
C. Fred Miao and Kenneth R. Evans
Impact of online channel use on customer revenues and costs to serve: Considering product portfolios and self-selection pp. 192-201 Downloads
Sonja Gensler, Peter Leeflang and Bernd Skiera
The joint effects of choice assortment and regulatory focus on choice behavior pp. 202-209 Downloads
Anirban Som and Yih Hwai Lee
Offensive versus defensive marketing: What is the optimal spending allocation? pp. 210-219 Downloads
Guiomar Martin-Herran, Shaun McQuitty and Simon Pierre Sigué

Volume 29, issue 1, 2012

A global brand management roadmap pp. 1-4 Downloads
Aysegül Özsomer, Rajeev Batra, Amitava Chattopadhyay and Frenkel ter Hofstede
The process of global brand strategy development and regional implementation pp. 5-12 Downloads
Tandadzo Matanda and Michael T. Ewing
Generating global brand equity through corporate social responsibility to key stakeholders pp. 13-24 Downloads
Anna Torres, Tammo H.A. Bijmolt, Josep Tribó and Peter Verhoef
Why consumers do (not) like global brands: The role of globalization attitude, GCO and global brand origin pp. 25-34 Downloads
Petra Riefler
A short 8-item scale for measuring consumers’ local–global identity pp. 35-42 Downloads
Lingjiang Tu, Adwait Khare and Yinlong Zhang
The young adult cohort in emerging markets: Assessing their glocal cultural identity in a global marketplace pp. 43-54 Downloads
Yuliya Strizhakova, Robin A. Coulter and Linda L. Price
Emotions that drive consumers away from brands: Measuring negative emotions toward brands and their behavioral effects pp. 55-67 Downloads
Simona Romani, Silvia Grappi and Daniele Dalli
An analysis of the profitability of fee-based compensation plans for search engine marketing pp. 68-80 Downloads
Nadia Abou Nabout, Bernd Skiera, Tanja Stepanchuk and Eva Gerstmeier
Dynamics in the international market segmentation of new product growth pp. 81-92 Downloads
Aurélie Lemmens, Christophe Croux and Stefan Stremersch
Beyond expectations: The effect of regulatory focus on consumer satisfaction pp. 93-97 Downloads
Remi Trudel, Kyle B. Murray and June Cotte
The effectiveness of high-frequency direct-response commercials pp. 98-109 Downloads
Meltem Kiygi Calli, Marcel Weverbergh and Philip Hans Franses
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