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Volume 37, issue 4, 2020

The material self pp. 661-677 Downloads
Richard P. Bagozzi, Ayalla A. Ruvio and Chunyan Xie
Sexual orientation and consumption: Why and when do homosexuals and heterosexuals consume differently? pp. 678-696 Downloads
Martin Eisend and Erik Hermann
Designing for the genders: The role of visual harmony pp. 697-713 Downloads
Kristina Nickel, Ulrich R. Orth and Minu Kumar
Universal dimensions of individuals' perception: Revisiting the operationalization of warmth and competence with a mixed-method approach pp. 714-736 Downloads
Georgios Halkias and Adamantios Diamantopoulos
Seeing brands as humans: Development and validation of a brand anthropomorphism scale pp. 737-755 Downloads
Artyom Golossenko, Kishore Gopalakrishna Pillai and Lukman Aroean
Dynamics and peer effects of brand revenue in college sports pp. 756-771 Downloads
Zhuping Liu, Jason A Duan and Vijay Mahajan
Brand activism: Does courting controversy help or hurt a brand? pp. 772-788 Downloads
Sourjo Mukherjee and Niek Althuizen
The impact of online display advertising and paid search advertising relative to offline advertising on firm performance and firm value pp. 789-804 Downloads
Emanuel Bayer, Shuba Srinivasan, Edward J. Riedl and Bernd Skiera
Best seller!? Unintended negative consequences of popularity signs on consumer choice behavior pp. 805-820 Downloads
Arezou Ghiassaleh, Bruno Kocher and Sandor Czellar
An investigation of unsustainable luxury: How guilt drives negative word-of-mouth pp. 821-836 Downloads
Cesare Amatulli, Matteo De Angelis, Giovanni Pino and Gianluigi Guido
Engaging in a culturally mismatched thinking style increases the preference for familiar consumer options for analytic but not holistic thinkers pp. 837-852 Downloads
Minkyung Koo, Sharon Shavitt, Ashok K. Lalwani and Sydney Chinchanachokchai
Finding the self in chance events pp. 853-867 Downloads
Aekyoung Kim and Donnel Briley

Volume 37, issue 3, 2020

Introduction to the Special Section: Research for the New Normal pp. 441-442 Downloads
P.K. Kannan
Virtual and augmented reality: Advancing research in consumer marketing pp. 443-465 Downloads
Michel Wedel, Enrique Bigné and Jie Zhang
Consumer privacy and the future of data-based innovation and marketing pp. 466-480 Downloads
Alexander Bleier, Avi Goldfarb and Catherine Tucker
Machine learning and AI in marketing – Connecting computing power to human insights pp. 481-504 Downloads
Liye Ma and Baohong Sun
Tactical use of rewards to enhance loyalty program effectiveness pp. 505-520 Downloads
Peter Danaher, Laszlo Sajtos and Tracey S. Danaher
Flying with a net, and without: Preventative devices and self-control pp. 521-543 Downloads
Raghunath Singh Rao, Julie Irwin and Zhuping Liu
An economic analysis of demand of the very poor pp. 544-556 Downloads
Sanghak Lee, Suman Ann Thomas and Greg M. Allenby
Restrained by resources: The effect of scarcity cues and childhood socioeconomic status (SES) on consumer preference for feasibility pp. 557-571 Downloads
Lili Wang, Yanfen You and Chun-Ming Yang
Age differences in children's happiness from material goods and experiences: The role of memory and theory of mind pp. 572-586 Downloads
Lan Nguyen Chaplin, Tina M. Lowrey, Ayalla A. Ruvio, L.J. Shrum and Kathleen D. Vohs
Third-party signals and sales to expert-agent buyers: Quality indicators in the contemporary visual arts market pp. 587-601 Downloads
Monika Kackovic, Maurice J.G. Bun, Charles B. Weinberg, Joris J. Ebbers and Nachoem M. Wijnberg
Insight versus effort. Communicating the creative process leading to new products pp. 602-620 Downloads
Miceli, Gaetano (“Nino”), Irene Scopelliti and Maria Antonietta Raimondo
Hubristic pride & prejudice: The effects of hubristic pride on negative word-of-mouth pp. 621-643 Downloads
Felix Septianto, Gavin Northey, Tung Moi Chiew and Liem Viet Ngo
Opposites attract: Impact of background color on effectiveness of emotional charity appeals pp. 644-660 Downloads
Jungsil Choi, Yexin Jessica Li, Priyamvadha Rangan, Bingqing Yin and Surendra N. Singh

Volume 37, issue 2, 2020

Cross-decision social effects in product adoption and defection decisions pp. 213-235 Downloads
Vardit Landsman and Irit Nitzan
Price and quality decisions by self-serving managers pp. 236-257 Downloads
Marco Bertini, Daniel Halbheer and Oded Koenigsberg
The effect of consumer heterogeneity on firm profits in conspicuous goods markets pp. 258-280 Downloads
S. Sajeesh, Mahima Hada and Jagmohan S. Raju
Growing the service brand pp. 281-300 Downloads
Ming-Hui Huang and Chekitan S. Dev
Service with a smiley face: Emojional contagion in digitally mediated relationships pp. 301-319 Downloads
Leah Warfield Smith and Randall L. Rose
Media influences on consumption trends: Effects of the film Food, Inc. on organic food sales in the U.S pp. 320-335 Downloads
Junzhao Ma, Satheesh Seenivasan and Bingyu Yan
Learning in retail entry pp. 336-355 Downloads
Nathan Yang
How the number of options affects prosocial choice pp. 356-370 Downloads
Michal Herzenstein, Utpal M. Dholakia and Scott Sonenshein
The effects of endorsers' facial expressions on status perceptions and purchase intentions pp. 371-385 Downloads
Yunqing Chen and Robert S. Wyer
De-targeting to signal quality pp. 386-404 Downloads
Xingyi Liu
Antecedents and consequences of cross-effects: An empirical analysis of omni-coupons pp. 405-420 Downloads
Prashanth Ravula, Amit Bhatnagar and Sanjoy Ghose
The interactive effects of product and brand portfolio strategies on brand performance: Longitudinal evidence from the U.S. automotive industry pp. 421-439 Downloads
Ahmet H. Kirca, Praneet Randhawa, M. Berk Talay and M. Billur Akdeniz

Volume 37, issue 1, 2020

Retailing and retailing research in the age of big data analytics pp. 3-14 Downloads
Marnik G. Dekimpe
The future of marketing pp. 15-26 Downloads
Roland T. Rust
The evolving world of research in marketing and the blending of theory and data pp. 27-42 Downloads
Donald R. Lehmann
Delimiting disruption: Why Uber is disruptive, but Airbnb is not pp. 43-55 Downloads
Eitan Muller
Organizing for cross-selling: Do it right, or not at all pp. 56-73 Downloads
Christian Homburg, Sina Böhler and Sebastian Hohenberg
Dynamic effects of newcomer salespersons' peer relational exchanges and structures on performance pp. 74-92 Downloads
Danny P. Claro, Carla Ramos, Gabriel R. Gonzalez and Robert W. Palmatier
On the monetization of mobile apps pp. 93-107 Downloads
Gil Appel, Barak Libai, Eitan Muller and Ron Shachar
Package graphic design and communication across cultures: An investigation of Chinese consumers' interpretation of imported wine labels pp. 108-128 Downloads
Franck Celhay, Peiyao Cheng, Josselin Masson and Wenhua Li
Customer satisfaction underappreciation: The relation of customer satisfaction to CEO compensation pp. 129-150 Downloads
Ming-Hui Huang and Michael Trusov
A comparative analysis of marketing promotions and implications for data analytics pp. 151-174 Downloads
Moutaz Khouja, Chandra Subramaniam and Vinay Vasudev
When do loyalty programs work? The moderating role of design, retailer-strategy, and country characteristics pp. 175-195 Downloads
Nick J.F. Bombaij and Marnik G. Dekimpe
Direct effect of advertising spending on firm value: Moderating role of financial analyst coverage pp. 196-212 Downloads
Ding Du and Talai Osmonbekov

Volume 36, issue 4, 2019

Strategic orientation and firm risk pp. 509-527 Downloads
Abhi Bhattacharya, Shekhar Misra and Hanieh Sardashti
Catalogue as a tool for reinforcing habits: Empirical evidence from a multichannel retailer pp. 528-541 Downloads
Tanya Mark, Jan Bulla, Rakesh Niraj, Ingo Bulla and Wolfgang Schwarzwäller
The aesthetic fidelity effect pp. 542-557 Downloads
Annika Wiecek, Daniel Wentzel and Jan R. Landwehr
Serial product evaluations online: A three-factor model of leadership, fluency and tedium during product search pp. 558-579 Downloads
Erik Maier
The distinct influence of power distance perception and power distance values on customer satisfaction in response to loyalty programs pp. 580-596 Downloads
Jessie Wang and Ashok K. Lalwani
The multichannel pricing dilemma: Do consumers accept higher offline than online prices? pp. 597-612 Downloads
Christian Homburg, Karin Lauer and Arnd Vomberg
A model of product compatibility introduction with consumer recognition pp. 613-629 Downloads
Yuansheng Wei and Pei Huang
Political ideology and brand attachment pp. 630-646 Downloads
Eugene Y. Chan and Jasmina Ilicic
Composing tweets to increase retweets pp. 647-668 Downloads
Nima Y. Jalali and Purushottam Papatla
Nostalgia marketing and (re-)enchantment pp. 669-686 Downloads
Benjamin J. Hartmann and Katja H. Brunk

Volume 36, issue 3, 2019

The impact of digital transformation on the retailing value chain pp. 350-366 Downloads
Werner Reinartz, Nico Wiegand and Monika Imschloss
Branding in the era of digital (dis)intermediation pp. 367-384 Downloads
Katrijn Gielens and Jan-Benedict E.M. Steenkamp
Making a first impression as a start-up: Strategies to overcome low initial trust perceptions in digital innovation adoption pp. 385-399 Downloads
Elisa Konya-Baumbach, Monika C. Schuhmacher, Sabine Kuester and Victoria Kuharev
International heterogeneity in the associations of new business models and broadband Internet with music revenue and piracy pp. 400-419 Downloads
Nils Wlömert and Dominik Papies
Engaging the unengaged customer: The value of a retailer mobile app pp. 420-438 Downloads
Harald J. van Heerde, Isaac M. Dinner and Scott A. Neslin
Do mobile banner ads increase sales? Yes, in the offline channel pp. 439-453 Downloads
Ernst C. Osinga, Menno Zevenbergen and Mark W.G. van Zuijlen
When consumers can return digital products: Influence of firm- and consumer-induced communication on the returns and profitability of news articles pp. 454-470 Downloads
Petra Schulz, Edlira Shehu and Michel Clement
Online marketing: When to offer a refund for advanced sales pp. 471-491 Downloads
Meng Wu, Ruud H. Teunter and Stuart X. Zhu
Seeing the wood for the trees: How machine learning can help firms in identifying relevant electronic word-of-mouth in social media pp. 492-508 Downloads
Susan A.M. Vermeer, Theo Araujo, Stefan F. Bernritter and Guda van Noort

Volume 36, issue 2, 2019

Capturing digital experience: The method of screencast videography pp. 169-184 Downloads
Fatema Kawaf
Measuring and forecasting mobile game app engagement pp. 185-199 Downloads
Oliver Rutz, Ashwin Aravindakshan and Olivier Rubel
Hook vs. hope: How to enhance customer engagement through gamification pp. 200-215 Downloads
Andreas B. Eisingerich, André Marchand, Martin P. Fritze and Lin Dong
Video mining: Measuring visual information using automatic methods pp. 216-231 Downloads
Xi Li, Mengze Shi and Wang, Xin (Shane)
Advertising spending patterns and competitor impact pp. 232-250 Downloads
Maarten J. Gijsenberg and Vincent R. Nijs
Remaining focus increases task evaluation and future task perseverance pp. 251-263 Downloads
Yunhui Huang and Yanli Jia
Too much of a good thing? Consumer response to strategic changes in brand image pp. 264-280 Downloads
Tarje Gaustad, Bendik M. Samuelsen, Luk Warlop and Gavan J. Fitzsimons
Counter-arguing as barriers to environmentally motivated consumption reduction: A multi-country study pp. 281-305 Downloads
Wassili Lasarov, Robert Mai, Nieves García de Frutos, José Manuel Ortega Egea and Stefan Hoffmann
Ad wearout wearout: How time can reverse the negative effect of frequent advertising repetition on brand preference pp. 306-324 Downloads
Ann Kronrod and Joel Huber
Feature-based attributes and the roles of consumers' perception bias and inference in choice pp. 325-340 Downloads
Fang Wu, Joffre Swait and Yuxin Chen

Volume 36, issue 1, 2019

The effect of social networks structure on innovation performance: A review and directions for research pp. 3-19 Downloads
Eitan Muller and Renana Peres
Comparing automated text classification methods pp. 20-38 Downloads
Jochen Hartmann, Juliana Huppertz, Christina Schamp and Mark Heitmann
Making new products go viral and succeed pp. 39-62 Downloads
Hang T. Nguyen and Malika Chaudhuri
Competing with co-created products pp. 63-82 Downloads
Dinah Cohen-Vernik, Amit Pazgal and Niladri B. Syam
Aesthetically (dis)pleasing visuals: A dual pathway to empathy and prosocial behavior pp. 83-99 Downloads
Amir Grinstein, Henrik Hagtvedt and Ann Kronrod
Modeling the relationship between firm and user generated content and the stages of the marketing funnel pp. 100-116 Downloads
Anatoli Colicev, Ashish Kumar and Peter O'Connor
Marketing analytics using anonymized and fragmented tracking data pp. 117-136 Downloads
Chinmay Kakatkar and Martin Spann
Cultural influences on brand extension judgments: Opposing effects of thinking style and regulatory focus pp. 137-150 Downloads
Kyeongheui Kim and Jongwon Park
Shaping consumer preference using alignable attributes: The roles of regulatory orientation and construal level pp. 151-168 Downloads
Jin Sun, Hean Tat Keh and Angela Y. Lee
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