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Volume 34, issue 6, 2010

Towards sustainable fisheries subsidies: Entering a new round of reform under the Common Fisheries Policy pp. 1117-1124 Downloads
Till Markus
A policy making framework for resilient port infrastructure systems pp. 1125-1134 Downloads
Mo Mansouri, Roshanak Nilchiani and Ali Mostashari
Socio-economic drivers and indicators for artisanal coastal fisheries in Pacific island countries and territories and their use for fisheries management strategies pp. 1135-1143 Downloads
Mecki Kronen, Aliti Vunisea, Franck Magron and Brian McArdle
Differences in causal reasoning about resource dynamics and consequences for the participatory debate on North Sea fisheries pp. 1144-1155 Downloads
M.C. Verweij and W.L.T. van Densen
Taiwan and China: A unique fisheries relationship pp. 1156-1162 Downloads
Huan-Sheng Tseng and Ching-Hsiewn Ou
Small-scale fisheries and food security strategies in countries in the Benguela Current Large Marine Ecosystem (BCLME) region: Angola, Namibia and South Africa pp. 1163-1170 Downloads
Merle Sowman and Paula Cardoso
Developing a framework for displaced fishing effort programs in marine protected areas pp. 1171-1177 Downloads
Sevaly Sen
Designed for failure: A critique of the Common Fisheries Policy of the European Union pp. 1178-1182 Downloads
Setareh Khalilian, Rainer Froese, Alexander Proelss and Till Requate
What factors affect the decision making process when setting TACs?: The case of Chilean fisheries pp. 1183-1195 Downloads
Carlos P. Leal, Renato A. Quiñones and Carlos Chavez
Application of participatory principles to investigation of the natural world: An example from Chile pp. 1196-1202 Downloads
Sarah Schumann
Marine ecosystem management: Fish abundance and size under exploitation pp. 1203-1206 Downloads
Joe Horwood
Recontextualising inshore fisheries: The changing face of British inshore fisheries management pp. 1207-1214 Downloads
Jeremy Phillipson and David Symes
Whose sustainability? Top-down participation and emergent rules in marine protected area management in Indonesia pp. 1215-1225 Downloads
Marion Glaser, Wasistini Baitoningsih, Sebastian C.A. Ferse, Muhammad Neil and Rio Deswandi
An Ecosystem Based Fisheries Management framework: the efficient, regional-level planning tool for management agencies pp. 1226-1238 Downloads
W.J. Fletcher, J. Shaw, S.J. Metcalf and D.J. Gaughan
The case for an international commission for the conservation and management of sharks (ICCMS) pp. 1239-1248 Downloads
Andrew Herndon, Vincent F. Gallucci, Douglas DeMaster and William Burke
Risk identification and perception in the fisheries sector: Comparisons between the Faroes, Greece, Iceland and UK pp. 1249-1260 Downloads
Diana Tingley, Jóhann Ásmundsson, Edward Borodzicz, Alexis Conides, Ben Drakeford, Rúnar E[eth]var[eth]sson, Ingi, Dennis Holm, Kostas Kapiris, Sakari Kuikka and Bogi Mortensen
A history of breaking laws--Social dynamics of non-compliance in Vietnamese marine fisheries pp. 1261-1267 Downloads
Wiebren J. Boonstra and Nguyen Bach Dang
Fisheries rent creation and distribution--the imaginary case of Codland pp. 1268-1272 Downloads
Ola Flaaten
The global potential for whale watching pp. 1273-1278 Downloads
A.M. Cisneros-Montemayor, Ussif Sumaila, K. Kaschner and D. Pauly
Fishing in the past: Historical data on sea fisheries landings in Belgium pp. 1279-1289 Downloads
Ann-Katrien Lescrauwaet, Heidi Debergh, Magda Vincx and Jan Mees
Making the ecosystem approach operational--Can regime shifts in ecological- and governance systems facilitate the transition? pp. 1290-1299 Downloads
H. Österblom, A. Gårdmark, L. Bergström, B. Müller-Karulis, C. Folke, M. Lindegren, M. Casini, P. Olsson, R. Diekmann, T. Blenckner, C. Humborg and C. Möllmann
Marine protected areas in Japan: Institutional background and management framework pp. 1300-1306 Downloads
Nobuyuki Yagi, Akira P. Takagi, Yukiko Takada and Hisashi Kurokura
Exploring fishing dependence in gulf coast communities pp. 1307-1314 Downloads
Steve Jacob, Priscilla Weeks, Benjamin G. Blount and Michael Jepson
Pyramids and roses: Alternative images for the governance of fisheries systems pp. 1315-1321 Downloads
Svein Jentoft, Ratana Chuenpagdee, Alida Bundy and Robin Mahon
Insights from the users to improve fisheries performance: Fishers' knowledge and attitudes on fisheries policies in Bahía de Kino, Gulf of California, Mexico pp. 1322-1334 Downloads
A. Cinti, W. Shaw and J. Torre
Using Memoranda of Understanding to facilitate marine management in Canada pp. 1335-1340 Downloads
Donald McCrimmon and Lucia Fanning
Marine spatial planning: Lessons learned from the Portuguese debate pp. 1341-1349 Downloads
H. Calado, K. Ng, D. Johnson, L. Sousa, M. Phillips and F. Alves
Aligning tourist, industry and government expectations: A case study from the swim with whales industry in Tonga pp. 1350-1356 Downloads
Megan Kessler and Robert Harcourt
Institutional and substantial uncertainty--Explaining the lack of adaptability in fish stocking policy pp. 1357-1365 Downloads
Annica Sandström
Sourcing seafood for the three major markets: The EU, Japan and the USA pp. 1366-1373 Downloads
Wilf Swartz, Ussif Sumaila, Reg Watson and D. Pauly
Charting the territory: Exploring stakeholder reactions to the prospect of seafloor exploration and mining in Australia pp. 1374-1380 Downloads
Claire Mason, Gillian Paxton, Joanna Parr and Naomi Boughen
The 2010 tsunami in Chile: Devastation and survival of coastal small-scale fishing communities pp. 1381-1384 Downloads
Andrés Marín, Stefan Gelcich, Gonzalo Araya, Gonzalo Olea, Miguel Espíndola and Juan C. Castilla
How U.S. ocean policy and market power can reform the coral reef wildlife trade pp. 1385-1388 Downloads
Brian N. Tissot, Barbara A. Best, Eric H. Borneman, Andrew W. Bruckner, Cara H. Cooper, Heather D'Agnes, Timothy P. Fitzgerald, Amanda Leland, Susan Lieberman, Amy Mathews Amos, Ussif Sumaila, Teresa M. Telecky, Frazer McGilvray, Brian J. Plankis, Andrew L. Rhyne, Glynnis G. Roberts, Benjamin Starkhouse and Todd C. Stevenson

Volume 34, issue 5, 2010

Understanding marine ecosystem based management: A literature review pp. 821-830 Downloads
Richard Curtin and Raúl Prellezo
Environmental, legal and social implications of ocean urea fertilization: Sulu sea example pp. 831-835 Downloads
Julia Mayo-Ramsay
Scientific inference and experiment in Ecosystem Based Fishery Management, with application to Steller sea lions in the Bering Sea and Western Gulf of Alaska pp. 836-843 Downloads
Marc Mangel
Impacts of unconstrained effort: Lessons from a rock lobster (Jasus edwardsii) fishery decline in the northern zone management region of South Australia pp. 844-850 Downloads
Adrian Linnane, Sean Sloan, Richard McGarvey and Tim Ward
Network approach for understanding small-scale fisheries governance: The case of the Chilean coastal co-management system pp. 851-858 Downloads
Andrés Marín and Fikret Berkes
Lease quota fishing in a changing rock lobster industry pp. 859-867 Downloads
Ingrid van Putten and Caleb Gardner
The value of marine biodiversity to the leisure and recreation industry and its application to marine spatial planning pp. 868-875 Downloads
Siân E. Rees, Lynda D. Rodwell, Martin J. Attrill, Melanie C. Austen and Steven C. Mangi
Cumulative impact mapping: Advances, relevance and limitations to marine management and conservation, using Canada's Pacific waters as a case study pp. 876-886 Downloads
Natalie C. Ban, Hussein M. Alidina and Jeff A. Ardron
Changing trust relations within the Dutch fishing industry: The case of National Study Groups pp. 887-895 Downloads
Birgit I. de Vos and Arthur P.J. Mol
Establishing a transboundary network of marine protected areas: Diplomatic and management options for the east African context pp. 896-910 Downloads
José Guerreiro, Aldo Chircop, Catarina Grilo, Ana Viras, Raquel Ribeiro and Rudy van der Elst
Ocean iron fertilization: Why further research is needed pp. 911-918 Downloads
Kerstin Güssow, Alexander Proelss, Andreas Oschlies, Katrin Rehdanz and Wilfried Rickels
Governance characteristics of large marine ecosystems pp. 919-927 Downloads
Robin Mahon, Lucia Fanning, Patrick McConney and Richard Pollnac
Institutions as facilities for change?: A study of the coherence between political regulations and innovations within the pelagic fisheries sector in Norway pp. 928-934 Downloads
Stig-Erik Jakobsen and Bernt Aarset
The value of Pacific sardine as forage fish pp. 935-942 Downloads
Rögnvaldur Hannesson and Samuel F. Herrick
Forecasting the consequences of climate-driven shifts in human behavior on cetaceans pp. 943-954 Downloads
S. Elizabeth Alter, Mark P. Simmonds and John R. Brandon
Guiding ecological principles for marine spatial planning pp. 955-966 Downloads
Melissa M. Foley, Benjamin S. Halpern, Fiorenza Micheli, Matthew H. Armsby, Margaret R. Caldwell, Caitlin M. Crain, Erin Prahler, Nicole Rohr, Deborah Sivas, Michael W. Beck, Mark H. Carr, Larry B. Crowder, J. Emmett Duffy, Sally D. Hacker, Karen L. McLeod, Stephen R. Palumbi, Charles H. Peterson, Helen M. Regan, Mary H. Ruckelshaus, Paul A. Sandifer and Robert S. Steneck
Ocean governance in a competitive world. The BRIC countries as emerging maritime powers--building new geopolitical scenarios pp. 967-978 Downloads
Juan L. Suárez de Vivero and Juan C. Rodríguez Mateos
The structure of tuna access agreements in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean: Lessons for Vessel Day Scheme planning pp. 979-987 Downloads
Elizabeth Havice
Introducing a transferable fishing day management regime for Pacific Island countries pp. 988-994 Downloads
Steven Shanks
Keeping the lead: How to strengthen shark conservation and management policies in Canada pp. 995-1001 Downloads
Aurelie Cosandey Godin and Boris Worm
Precious coral fisheries management in Taiwan--Past, present & future pp. 1002-1009 Downloads
Ming-Ho Huang and Ching-Hsiewn Ou
Rockfish in Puget Sound: An ecological history of exploitation pp. 1010-1020 Downloads
Gregory D. Williams, Phillip S. Levin and Wayne A. Palsson
Towards best environmental practice for cetacean conservation in developing Scotland's marine renewable energy pp. 1021-1027 Downloads
Sarah Dolman and Mark Simmonds
Complementary roles of European and national institutions under the Common Fisheries Policy and the Marine Strategy Framework Directive pp. 1028-1035 Downloads
Hans-Joachim Rätz, Hendrik Dörner, Robert Scott and Thomas Barbas
Failing the high seas: A global evaluation of regional fisheries management organizations pp. 1036-1042 Downloads
Sarika Cullis-Suzuki and Daniel Pauly
Cost-effectiveness of the Baltic Sea Action Plan pp. 1043-1050 Downloads
Katarina Elofsson
The potential for dive tourism led entrepreneurial marine protected areas in Curacao pp. 1051-1059 Downloads
Jiska de Groot and Simon R. Bush
Fishery management as a governance network: Examples from the Gulf of Maine and the potential for communication network analysis research in fisheries pp. 1060-1067 Downloads
Troy W. Hartley
Targeting European R&D for accidental marine pollution pp. 1068-1075 Downloads
Eva Garnacho, Robin J. Law, Ronny Schallier and Joan Albaiges
Free form property rights for fisheries: The decentralized design of rights-based management through groundfish "sectors" in New England pp. 1076-1081 Downloads
Daniel S. Holland and Joshua Wiersma
Scoping the effective marine environmental assessment of dredging and ocean disposal of coastal sediments in Korea pp. 1082-1092 Downloads
Dae-In Lee, Ki-Hyuk Eom, Gui-Young Kim and Gun-Wook Baeck
Stakeholders' participation in the fisheries management decision-making process: Fishers' perceptions of participation pp. 1093-1102 Downloads
Cristina Pita, Graham J. Pierce and Ioannis Theodossiou
The promise and pitfalls of Marine Stewardship Council certification: Maine lobster as a case study pp. 1103-1109 Downloads
Wendy Goyert, Raphael Sagarin and John Annala
Ignoring market failure in quota leasing? pp. 1110-1114 Downloads
Evelyn Pinkerton and Danielle N. Edwards
The cost-benefit ledger of quota leasing pp. 1115-1116 Downloads
Arthur Davidson

Volume 34, issue 4, 2010

Introduction: Coping with global change in marine social-ecological systems pp. 739-741 Downloads
R. Ian Perry and Rosemary E. Ommer
Building adaptive capacity to climate variability: The case of artisanal fisheries in the estuary of the Patos Lagoon, Brazil pp. 742-751 Downloads
Daniela C. Kalikoski, Pedro Quevedo Neto and Tiago Almudi
Migration, resource management and global change: Experiences from fishing communities in West and Central Africa pp. 752-760 Downloads
Jean-Calvin Njock and Lena Westlund
Middlemen, a critical social-ecological link in coastal communities of Kenya and Zanzibar pp. 761-771 Downloads
Beatrice Crona, Magnus Nyström, Carl Folke and Narriman Jiddawi
Balancing science and society through establishing indicators for integrated coastal zone management in the Balearic Islands pp. 772-781 Downloads
A. Diedrich, J. Tintoré and F. Navinés
Transdisciplinary co-operation for an ecosystem approach to fisheries: A case study from the South African sardine fishery pp. 782-794 Downloads
B. Paterson, M. Isaacs, M. Hara, A. Jarre and C.L. Moloney
Distribution of the burden of fisheries regulations in Europe: The north/south divide pp. 795-802 Downloads
Maria Hadjimichael, Gareth Edwards-Jones and Michel J. Kaiser
Fisheries development in northeastern Asia in conjunction with changes in climate and social systems pp. 803-809 Downloads
Suam Kim
Resilience to change in two coastal communities: Using the maximum dexterity fleet pp. 810-814 Downloads
Tony J. Pitcher and Cameron H. Ainsworth
Where do fishmeal and fish oil products come from? An analysis of the conversion ratios in the global fishmeal industry pp. 815-820 Downloads
Guillaume Péron, Jean François Mittaine and Bertrand Le Gallic

Volume 34, issue 3, 2010

Fuel use and greenhouse gas emission implications of fisheries management: the case of the new england atlantic herring fishery pp. 353-359 Downloads
John Driscoll and Peter Tyedmers
The Hogarth initiative on the future of the International Whaling Commission pp. 360-366 Downloads
Mike Iliff
The importance of estimating the contribution of the oceans to national economies pp. 367-374 Downloads
J.T. Kildow and A. McIlgorm
Impacts of climate variability and change on fishery-based livelihoods pp. 375-383 Downloads
Marie-Caroline Badjeck, Edward H. Allison, Ashley S. Halls and Nicholas K. Dulvy
The trade in live Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins from Solomon Islands--A CITES decision implementation case study pp. 384-388 Downloads
E.C.M. Parsons, N.A. Rose and T.M. Telecky
Wealth-based fisheries management and resource rent capture: An application to the Maldives marine fisheries pp. 389-394 Downloads
Hussain Sinan and David Whitmarsh
An improved methodology to measure flag performance for the shipping industry pp. 395-405 Downloads
Mihail Perepelkin, Sabine Knapp, German Perepelkin and Michiel De Pooter
Impacts of tuna industries on coastal communities in Pacific Island countries pp. 406-413 Downloads
Kate Barclay
'Whose science?' Precaution and power-play in European marine environmental decision-making pp. 414-420 Downloads
Elizabeth M. De Santo
Marine protected areas--substantiating their worth pp. 421-430 Downloads
H. Glenn, P. Wattage, S. Mardle, T. Van Rensburg, A. Grehan and Naomi Foley
A rejoinder to E. Pinkerton et al., the elephant in the room: The hidden costs of leasing individual transferable fishing quotas pp. 431-436 Downloads
Bruce R. Turris
Tropical shrimp trawl fisheries: Fishers' knowledge of and attitudes about a doomed fishery pp. 437-446 Downloads
S.J. Foster and A.C.J. Vincent
Limitations of 1992CLC/FC and enactment of the Special Law on M/V Hebei Spirit incident in Korea pp. 447-452 Downloads
Dong-Oh Cho
Reclaiming the ancestral waters of indigenous peoples in the Philippines: The Tagbanua experience with fishing rights and indigenous rights pp. 453-460 Downloads
Robert Charles G. Capistrano
Contemporary initiatives on the future of the International Whaling Commission pp. 461-467 Downloads
Mike Iliff
Aggregate performance in managing marine ecosystems of 53 maritime countries pp. 468-476 Downloads
Jacqueline Alder, Sarika Cullis-Suzuki, Vasiliki Karpouzi, Kristin Kaschner, Suzanne Mondoux, Wilf Swartz, Pablo Trujillo, Reg Watson and Daniel Pauly
Formalizing expert knowledge to compare alternative management plans: Sociological perspective to the future management of Baltic salmon stocks pp. 477-486 Downloads
Päivi Haapasaari and Timo P. Karjalainen
The stamp of neoliberalism on the UK tonnage tax and the implications for British seafaring pp. 487-494 Downloads
Victor Oyaro Gekara
Subsidies to high seas bottom trawl fleets and the sustainability of deep-sea demersal fish stocks pp. 495-497 Downloads
Ussif Sumaila, Ahmed Khan, Louise Teh, Reg Watson, Peter Tyedmers and Daniel Pauly
The U.K. Marine and Coastal Access Bill--A missed opportunity to enhance protection from marine environmental pollution? pp. 498-505 Downloads
Gotthard Mark Gauci
Estimation of fisheries removals and primary economic impact of the small-scale and industrial marine fisheries in Colombia pp. 506-513 Downloads
Jeffrey Wielgus, Dirk Zeller, Dalila Caicedo-Herrera and Ussif Sumaila
Valuing the recovery of overexploited fish stocks in the context of existence and option values pp. 514-521 Downloads
Elena Ojea and Maria Loureiro
The tower of Babel: Different perceptions and controversies on change and status of North Sea fish stocks in multi-stakeholder settings pp. 522-533 Downloads
M.C. Verweij, W.L.T. van Densen and A.J.P. Mol
Bringing stakeholders, scientists, and managers together through an integrated ecosystem assessment process pp. 534-540 Downloads
Yvonne L. deReynier, Phillip S. Levin and Noriko L. Shoji
Distant water fisheries development and vessel monitoring system implementation in Taiwan--History and driving forces pp. 541-548 Downloads
Shui-Kai Chang, Kun-Yu Liu and Yann-Huei Song
Strengthening regional governance to protect the marine environment in Northeast Asia: From a fragmented to an integrated approach pp. 549-556 Downloads
Suh-Yong Chung
Private rights, public benefits: Industry-driven seabed protection pp. 557-566 Downloads
Jeremy Helson, Stefan Leslie, George Clement, Richard Wells and Ray Wood
Challenging spatial and seasonal distribution of fish landings--The experiences from rural community quotas in Norway pp. 567-574 Downloads
Øystein Hermansen and Bent Dreyer
Human resource management and competitive advantage: An application of resource-based view in the shipping industry pp. 575-582 Downloads
Maria Progoulaki and Ioannis Theotokas
Fisheries observers as enforcement assets: Lessons from the North Pacific pp. 583-589 Downloads
Read D. Porter
The triangle of marine governance in the environmental governance of Dutch offshore platforms pp. 590-597 Downloads
Judith van Leeuwen and Jan van Tatenhove
Coastal management challenges from a community perspective: The problem of 'stealth privatization' in a Canadian fishery pp. 598-605 Downloads
Melanie G. Wiber, Murray Rudd, Evelyn Pinkerton, Anthony T. Charles and Arthur Bull
Adaptation to climate change in marine capture fisheries pp. 606-615 Downloads
R. Quentin Grafton
Sustainable development consequences of European Union participation in Senegal's Marine Fishery pp. 616-623 Downloads
Jonathan Stilwell, Alassane Samba, Pierre Failler and Francis Laloë
A fifty-year production and economic assessment of common property-based management of marine living common resources: A case study for the women divers communities in Jeju, South Korea pp. 624-634 Downloads
Jae-Young Ko, Glenn A. Jones, Moon-Soo Heo, Young-Su Kang and Sang-Hyuck Kang
A new typology of benefits derived from marine protected areas pp. 635-644 Downloads
Jorge A. Angulo-Valdés and Bruce G. Hatcher
Stakeholder consultation during the planning phase of scientific programs pp. 645-654 Downloads
Brett A. Human and Amanda Davies
Tangled lines in New Zealand's quota management system: The process of including recreational fisheries pp. 655-662 Downloads
Trude Borch
Global assessment of the European Union fishing fleet: An update pp. 663-670 Downloads
Sebastian Villasante
Sustainable development: Social outcomes of structural adjustments in a South Australian fishery pp. 671-678 Downloads
Kate Brooks
Introducing run-size driven fisheries management for the coastal fishery of Atlantic salmon: Preseason forecasts for policy makers pp. 679-689 Downloads
Petri Suuronen and Pekka Jounela
Maintaining a balance between resource utilisation and protection of the marine environment in New Zealand pp. 690-698 Downloads
Randall Bess
Economic feasibility of using offshore oil and gas structures in the Gulf of Mexico for platform-based aquaculture pp. 699-707 Downloads
Mark J. Kaiser, Yunke Yu and Brian Snyder
Why ITQs on target species are inefficient at achieving ecosystem based fisheries management outcomes pp. 708-709 Downloads
Mark T. Gibbs
Where could catch shares prevent stock collapse? pp. 710-712 Downloads
Florian Diekert, Anne Maria Eikeset and Nils Chr. Stenseth
The implications of Arctic sea ice decline on shipping pp. 713-715 Downloads
Joshua Ho
A note on the economics of Swedish Baltic Sea fisheries pp. 716-719 Downloads
Staffan Waldo, Anton Paulrud and Anna Jonsson
Estimating the effects of technological efficiency on the European fishing fleet pp. 720-722 Downloads
Sebastian Villasante and Ussif Sumaila
Current and future use of indicators for ecosystem based fisheries management pp. 723-727 Downloads
Joseph E. Powers and Melissa H. Monk
Deep-sea mining of seafloor massive sulfides pp. 728-732 Downloads
Porter Hoagland, Stace Beaulieu, Maurice A. Tivey, Roderick Eggert, Christopher German, Lyle Glowka and Jian Lin
Decision bias in marine spatial planning of offshore wind farms: Problems of singular versus cumulative assessments of economic impacts on fisheries pp. 733-736 Downloads
Jörg Berkenhagen, Ralf Döring, Heino O. Fock, Matthias H.F. Kloppmann, Søren A. Pedersen and Torsten Schulze

Volume 34, issue 2, 2010

Implementing marine reserve networks: A comparison of approaches in New South Wales (Australia) and New Zealand pp. 197-207 Downloads
Simon A. Banks and Greg A. Skilleter
Commercial fishing, conservation and compatibility in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands pp. 208-217 Downloads
John N. Kittinger, Kristin N. Duin and Bruce A. Wilcox
Prawn postlarvae fishing in coastal Bangladesh: Challenges for sustainable livelihoods pp. 218-227 Downloads
Nesar Ahmed, Max Troell, Edward H. Allison and James F. Muir
Illegal, unreported and unregulated fisheries catch in Raja Ampat Regency, Eastern Indonesia pp. 228-236 Downloads
Divya A. Varkey, Cameron H. Ainsworth, Tony J. Pitcher, Yohanis Goram and Ussif Sumaila
Fishermen responses on marine protected areas in the Baltic cod fishery pp. 237-243 Downloads
Petri Suuronen, Pekka Jounela and Vesa Tschernij
The value of recreational fishing in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia: A pooled revealed preference and contingent behaviour model pp. 244-251 Downloads
Prabha Prayaga, John Rolfe and Natalie Stoeckl
Scientific advice in integrated ocean management: The process towards the Barents Sea plan pp. 252-260 Downloads
Maaike Knol
Self-governance within a QMS framework--The evolution of self-governance in the New Zealand Bluff oyster fishery pp. 261-267 Downloads
Yu Wen Yang, Allen Frazer and Eugene Rees
Fisheries policy, research and the social sciences in Europe: Challenges for the 21st century pp. 268-275 Downloads
David Symes and Ellen Hoefnagel
EAF implementation in Southern Africa: Lessons learnt pp. 276-292 Downloads
Barbara Paterson and Samantha L. Petersen
Habitat mapping of the Atlantic bluefin tuna derived from satellite data: Its potential as a tool for the sustainable management of pelagic fisheries pp. 293-297 Downloads
Jean-Noël Druon
Ecosystem-based fisheries management in small-scale tropical marine fisheries: Emerging models of governance arrangements in the Philippines pp. 298-308 Downloads
Robert Pomeroy, Len Garces, Michael Pido and Geronimo Silvestre
Mapping human dimensions in marine spatial planning and management: An example from Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island pp. 309-319 Downloads
Tracey Dalton, Robert Thompson and Di Jin
Conflict of interest in research on anthropogenic noise and marine mammals: Does funding bias conclusions? pp. 320-327 Downloads
Lucie Wade, Hal Whitehead and Linda Weilgart
The unintended consequences of formal fisheries policies: Social disparities and resource overuse in a major fishing community in the Gulf of California, Mexico pp. 328-339 Downloads
A. Cinti, W. Shaw, R. Cudney-Bueno and M. Rojo
The many faces of ecosystem-based management: Making the process work today in real places pp. 340-348 Downloads
Heather Tallis, Phillip S. Levin, Mary Ruckelshaus, Sarah E. Lester, Karen L. McLeod, David L. Fluharty and Benjamin S. Halpern
Maritime safety for fishing boat operations and avoidable hijacking in Taiwan pp. 349-351 Downloads
Yi-Che Shih, Chiu L. Chou and Wen-Yan Chiau

Volume 34, issue 1, 2010

Towards a 'new form of governance' in science-policy relations in the European Maritime Policy pp. 1-6 Downloads
Jan-Stefan Fritz
Rational noncompliance and the liquidation of Northeast groundfish resources pp. 7-21 Downloads
Dennis M. King and Jon G. Sutinen
Differences in livelihoods, socioeconomic characteristics, and knowledge about the sea between fishers and non-fishers living near and far from marine parks on the Kenyan coast pp. 22-28 Downloads
J.E. Cinner, T.R. McClanahan and A. Wamukota
Generating the evidence for marine fisheries policy and management pp. 29-35 Downloads
John Holmes and John Lock
Venue shifts and policy change in EU fisheries policy pp. 36-41 Downloads
Sebastiaan Princen
The economics of ending Canada's commercial harp seal hunt pp. 42-53 Downloads
John Livernois
From community-based to centralised national management--A wrong turning for the governance of the marine protected area in Apo Island, Philippines? pp. 54-62 Downloads
E.J. Hind, M.C. Hiponia and T.S. Gray
User fees as sustainable financing mechanisms for marine protected areas: An application to the Bonaire National Marine Park pp. 63-69 Downloads
Steven M. Thur
Fishing capacity management in Taiwan: Experiences and prospects pp. 70-76 Downloads
Hsiang-Wen Huang and Ching-Ta Chuang
Fishing institutions: Addressing regulative, normative and cultural-cognitive elements to enhance fisheries management pp. 77-84 Downloads
Maricela de la Torre-Castro and Lars Lindström
A collective approach to Pacific islands fisheries management: Moving beyond regional agreements pp. 85-91 Downloads
Quentin Hanich, Feleti Teo and Martin Tsamenyi
Banking on cod: Exploring economic incentives for recovering Grand Banks and North Sea cod fisheries pp. 92-98 Downloads
R.W.D. Davies and R. Rangeley
Policy implications of protected area discourse in the Pacific islands pp. 99-104 Downloads
C.Y. Bartlett, T. Maltali, G. Petro and P. Valentine
Tuna dreams and tuna realities: Defining the term "maximising economic returns from the tuna fisheries" in six Pacific Island states pp. 105-113 Downloads
Hannah Parris
Accounting for indirect effects and non-commensurate values in ecosystem based fishery management (EBFM) pp. 114-119 Downloads
Kate Richerson, Phillip S. Levin and Marc Mangel
Artisanal fishing in Andalusia (and III): "The Day After..." pp. 120-132 Downloads
Francisco Piniella, Milagrosa Casimiro Soriguer and Francisco Pastoriza
A tenuous triumvirate: The role of independent biologists in Chile's co-management regime for shellfish pp. 133-138 Downloads
Sarah Schumann
Citation analysis for the 1995 FAO Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries pp. 139-144 Downloads
Joan Parker, David Doulman and Jean Collins
Sea turtle bycatch to fish catch ratios for differentiating Hawaii longline-caught seafood products pp. 145-149 Downloads
Paul K. Bartram, J. John Kaneko and Katrina Kucey-Nakamura
Factors influencing participation of 'top-down but voluntary' fishery management--Empirical evidence from Taiwan pp. 150-155 Downloads
Chung-Ling Chen
Economic tradeoffs in the Gulf of Maine ecosystem: Herring and whale-watching pp. 156-162 Downloads
Min-Yang Lee
Community involvement in fisheries management: Experiences in the Gulf of Thailand countries pp. 163-169 Downloads
Nopparat Nasuchon and Anthony Charles
How will climate change alter fishery governance[glottal stop] Insights from seven international case studies pp. 170-177 Downloads
Alistair McIlgorm, Susan Hanna, Gunnar Knapp, Pascal Le Floc'H, Frank Millerd and Minling Pan
Ecosystem-based management institutional design: Balance between federal, state, and local governments within the Gulf of Mexico Alliance pp. 178-181 Downloads
Cristina Carollo and Dave J. Reed
Dysfunctions in common fishing regulations pp. 182-188 Downloads
Fernando González Laxe
Fisheries traffic: The poor relation of port devolution. Lessons from Spanish state ports of general interest pp. 189-192 Downloads
José I. Castillo-Manzano, David Florido-Del-Corral and Lourdes Lopez-Valpuesta
Pretty Good Yield and exploited fishes pp. 193-196 Downloads
Ray Hilborn
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