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Volume 1 - 64

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Volume 13, issue 4, 1989

Nova Scotian offshore groundfish fishermen: Effects of the enterprise allocation and the drive for quality pp. 274-284 Downloads
Marian Binkley
Indonesia's tuna fisheries: Past, present and future prospects pp. 285-308 Downloads
James Kevin McElroy
GLORIA -- a successful business? pp. 309-317 Downloads
A. I. Rees
Managing contaminated marine sediments,: Economic considerations pp. 318-333 Downloads
Thomas A. Grigalunas and James Opaluch
The Australian offshore constitutional settlement pp. 334-348 Downloads
Marcus Haward
State responsibility and the marine environment -- The rules of decision: by Brian D. Smith Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1988, 281 pp. £30.00 pp. 352-353 Downloads
C. A. Walder
A new law of the sea for the Caribbean: An examination of marine law and policy issues in the Lesser Antilles lecture notes on coastal and estuarine studies no 27: edited by Edgar Gold Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1988, 276 pp pp. 353-355 Downloads
Barbara Kwiatkowska
The law of the sea: What lies ahead? Proceedings of the twentieth annual conference of the Law of the Sea Institute, 1986: edited by Thomas A. Clingan Jr The Law of the Sea Institute, University of Hawaii, Honolulu, 1988, 583 pp pp. 355-357 Downloads
Martin Ira Glassner
The UN convention on the law of the sea: Impact and implementation. Proceedings of the nineteenth annual conference of the law of the sea institute, 1985: edited by E.D. Brown and R.R. Churchill The Law of the Sea Institute, University of Hawaii, Honolulu, 1987, 639 pp, $38.50 pp. 355-355 Downloads
Martin Ira Glassner
International navigation: Rocks and shoals ahead?: edited by Jon M. Van Dyke, Lewis Alexander and Joseph R. Morgan Law of the Sea Institute, Hawaii, 1988, 435 pp pp. 357-358 Downloads
A. D. Couper
The fisheries regime of the exclusive economic zone: M. Dahmani publications on ocean development, Vol 11, Martinus Nijhoff, Dordrecht, The Netherlands, 1987, 188 pp pp. 358-359 Downloads
Tullio Scovazzi
Ocean boundary making: Regional issues and developments: edited by D.M. Johnston and P.M. Saunders Croom Helm, Beckenham, UK, 1988, 356 pp, £35.00 pp. 359-360 Downloads
D. H. Andersen
Long-term environmental effects of offshore oil and gas development: edited by Donald F. Boesch and Nancy N. Rabalais Elsevier Applied Science, London, 1987, 708 pp pp. 360-361 Downloads
Dorene Bolze
The Antarctic legal regime: edited by Christopher C. Joyner and Sudhir K. Chopra Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, Dordrecht, 1988, 288 pp, US$85.50 pp. 361-361b Downloads
Martin Ira Glassner
Antarctica and South American geopolitics: Frozen Lebensraum: by Jack Child Praeger, Westport, 1988, 232 pp, US$35.95 pp. 361-363 Downloads
Martin Ira Glassner
International law for Antarctica: edited by Francesco Francioni and Tullio Scovazzi Guiffré Editore, Milan, 1987, 532 pp, US$40.00 pp. 361-361a Downloads
Martin Ira Glassner
The code of conduct and the review conference: by S.G. Sturmey S.G. Sturmey, Athens, 1988, 218 pp. £55.00 pp. 363-364 Downloads
El. A. Georgandopoulos
Discussions with continental shelf committee of the Council of Ministers of Vietnam pp. 364-365 Downloads
Mark J. Valencia

Volume 13, issue 3, 1989

International maritime law in transition: New challenges for education and training pp. 178-192 Downloads
Edgar Gold
The law of the sea and maritime strategy pp. 193-217 Downloads
David L. Larson and Michael W. Roth
Narcotics interdiction at sea: UK-US cooperation pp. 218-230 Downloads
William C. Gilmore
Offshore oil and gas development: Implications for wildlife in Alaska pp. 231-248 Downloads
D. A. Bolze and M. B. Lee
Removal of offshore platforms and the development of international standards pp. 249-265 Downloads
George C. Kasoulides
Current developments: UK practice in the international law of the sea pp. 266-266 Downloads
Catherine Ftedgwell
The law of the sea and maritime boundary delimitation in South-East Asia: Kriangsak Kittichaisaree Oxford University Press, Singapore, 1987, xv + 209 pp pp. 269-269 Downloads
Martin Ira Glassner
The law and the sea: Essays in memory of Jean Carroz: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Rome, 1987, 282 pp pp. 269-270 Downloads
Martin Ira Glassner
North-south perspectives on marine policy: edited by Michael A. Morris Westview Press, Boulder, Co, 1988, 252 pp, $28.50 pp. 270-271 Downloads
Lewis M. Alexander
Marine affairs bibliography 1980-1985: Christian L. Wiktor and Leslie A. Foster Martnus Nijhoff, Dordrecht, 1987, xv + 685pp, $189.00 pp. 271-272 Downloads
Martin Ira Glassner
Chinese Association for International Marine Affairs Research (CAIMAR) pp. 272-272 Downloads
Liu Nanlai

Volume 13, issue 2, 1989

Antarctica: is there life after minerals?: The minerals treaty and beyond pp. 87-98 Downloads
R. Tucker Scully and Lee A. Kimball
Science and politics in the international management of whales pp. 99-117 Downloads
Steinar Andresen
Conflict in the management of a Northwest Atlantic transboundary cod stock pp. 118-136 Downloads
Karl M. Sullivan
Fisheries co-management,: Delegating government responsibility to fishermen's organizations pp. 137-154 Downloads
Svein Jentoft
The seaborne transport of automobiles: Growth, change and adjustment pp. 155-165 Downloads
Hans Böhme
International management of tuna pp. 166-166 Downloads
R. Hilborn
Poisoners of the seas: by K.A. Gourlay Zed Books Ltd, 1988, 256 pp, £7.95 pp. 171-172 Downloads
Ton IJlstra
Environmental cooperation between the North Sea States: Sunneva Saetevik Belhaven Press, London, 1988 pp. 172-173 Downloads
Sonja A. Boehmer-Christiansen
The Turkish straits: Christos L. Rozakis and Petros N. Stagos Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, Dordrecht, 1987 pp. 173-174 Downloads
Joseph R. Morgan

Volume 13, issue 1, 1989

Foreign fishing fleets in the subSaharan West African EEZ,: The coastal state perspective pp. 2-15 Downloads
Vlad M. Kaczynski
Distant water fishing nations and extended fisheries jurisdiction pp. 16-21 Downloads
Lewis E. Queirolo and Richard S. Johnston
Shipping and its role in economic development pp. 22-42 Downloads
Ernst G. Frankel
Interpretation of need in US ocean incineration policy pp. 43-55 Downloads
Daryl Ditz
The question of innocent passage of warships: After UNCLOS III pp. 56-67 Downloads
Shao Jin
Mobility of tuna pp. 77-78 Downloads
A. J. Mullen
The waters around the British isles; their conflicting uses: by R.B. Clark Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1987, 386 pp, £32.50 pp. 78-80 Downloads
Ton IJlstra
Sea-bed energy and mineral resources and the law of the sea volume 3: Selected documents, tables and bibliography: by E.D. Brown (airmail); Volume 3 £56.50/US $99.00 (surface mail); £61.00/US $107.00 (airmail) pp. 80-81 Downloads
Geoffrey Marston
Sea-bed energy and mineral resources and the law of the sea volume 1: The areas within national jurisdiction: by E.D. Brown Graham and Trotman, London, 1984-1986, Volume 1 £36.50/US $64.00 (surface mail); £41.00/US $72.00 (airmail) pp. 80-80a Downloads
Geoffrey Marston
Sea-bed energy and mineral resources and the law of the sea volume 2: The area beyond the limits of national jurisdiction: by E.D. Brown (airmail); Volume 2 £46.50/US $82.00 (surface mail); £51.00/US $90.00 (airmail) pp. 80-80b Downloads
Geoffrey Marston
The system for settlement of disputes under the United Nations convention on the law of the sea: by Andronico O. Adede Publications on Ocean Development, General Editor Shigeru Oda, Volume 10, Martinus Nijhoff, Dordrecht, 1987, 302 pp, £45.50 pp. 81-82 Downloads
Barbara Kwiatkowska

Volume 12, issue 4, 1988

Towards an integrated marine policy in developing countries pp. 326-342 Downloads
Jean-Pierre Levy
The Falklands fishing zone,: Legal aspects pp. 343-360 Downloads
R. R. Churchill
The enclosure of the marine commons,: Adjustment and redistribution in world fisheries pp. 361-372 Downloads
Giulio Pontecorvo
Marine science and technology in the Federal Republic of Germany: A policy for non-living resource utilization pp. 373-381 Downloads
Christine Tiler and John Yates
The Yellow Sea,: Transnational marine resource management issues pp. 382-395 Downloads
Mark J. Valencia
Norwegian fishermen,: Labour market behaviour and analysis pp. 396-407 Downloads
Knut Heen
Tuna and international institutions pp. 408-408 Downloads
John Gulland
Fisheries statistics: the need for user focus pp. 409-409 Downloads
Alan Marriott
The whale war pp. 410-411 Downloads
Sidney J. Holt
Arabian maritime law pp. 411-411 Downloads
Alastair Graham
Northern waters: Security and resource issues: edited by Clive Archer and David Scrivener The Royal Institute of International Affairs, Croom Helm, London, 1986, 240 pp £25.00 pp. 412-413 Downloads
Michael A. Morris
L'Europe bleue: La politique communautaire des ressources marines: by Finn Laursen Institute for Global Policy Studies, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 1986, 158 pp pp. 414-414 Downloads
Michael A. Morris
International organizations and the law of the sea documentary yearbook 1985: by The Netherlands Institute for the Law of the Sea Martinus Nijhoff, Dordrecht, 1987, 645 pp, £00.00 pp. 415-416 Downloads
Lee Kimball
International regulation of whaling: From conservation of whaling to conservation of whales and regulation of whale-watching: by Patricia Birnie Oceana Publications, New York, 1053 pp in two volumes, 1985, $50.00 per volume pp. 416-417 Downloads
Sidney J. Holt
Natural resources economics and policy applications: Essays in honor of James A. Crutchfield: edited by Edward Miles, Robert Pealy and Robert Stokes University of Washington Press, Seattle, 1987, 456 pp, $30.00 pp. 417-417 Downloads
Gordon R. Munro

Volume 12, issue 3, 1988

The Law of the sea and Anglo--Soviet legal relations pp. 179-181 Downloads
W. E. Butler
Custom, treaty, state practice and the 1982 convention pp. 182-186 Downloads
W. E. Butler
Legal implications of participation or non-participation in the 1982 convention pp. 187-191 Downloads
A. L. Kolodkin, V. V. Andrianov and V. A. Kiselev
Fragmentation of the law of the sea pp. 192-200 Downloads
M. H. Mendelson
The International Court of Justice and the development of the law of the sea pp. 201-210 Downloads
G. Shinkaretskaia
Towards a critical theory of general custom as a source of international law: UNCLOS III in recent French legal theory pp. 211-218 Downloads
Anthony Carty
The right of transit passage under the 1982 convention pp. 219-230 Downloads
V. D. Bordunov
Maritime delimitation: A view of British practice pp. 231-240 Downloads
D. H. Anderson
'Special areas' for preventing pollution of the sea pp. 241-246 Downloads
V. A. Kiselev
Space technology and marine scientific research pp. 247-255 Downloads
G. M. Danilenko
INMARSAT: some legal aspects pp. 256-262 Downloads
A. L. Kolodkin and E. B. Ganiushkina
The regime of navigation in the Suez Canal pp. 263-270 Downloads
T. A. Sintsova
The principle of peaceful use in the law of the sea and space law pp. 271-275 Downloads
R. V. Dekanozov
Reprisals in international maritime law: A historical paradigm pp. 276-285 Downloads
F. Parkinson
The laws of war at sea and the 1958 and 1982 conventions pp. 286-296 Downloads
A. V. Lowe
Enforcement measures against pollution of the sea pp. 297-305 Downloads
M. I. Drel'
Implementation of the 1976 limitation convention: Liability for maritime claims pp. 306-313 Downloads
R. P. Grime
The principle of genuine link and the 1986 UN convention on the registration of ships pp. 314-321 Downloads
G. S. Egiyan

Volume 12, issue 2, 1988

Ocean disposal of nuclear wastes pp. 82-95 Downloads
Jon M. Van Dyke
Ocean dumping,: Information and policy development in the USA pp. 96-104 Downloads
R. H. Burroughs
Hot pursuit and constructive presence in Canadian law enforcement,: A case note pp. 105-111 Downloads
William C. Gilmore
Adaptive management of developing fisheries pp. 112-121 Downloads
Ray Hilborn and John Sibert
The Norwegian aquaculture industry: Industrial structure and cost of production pp. 122-142 Downloads
Trond Bjørndal
Maritime terror in Europe and the Mediterranean pp. 143-152 Downloads
Samuel Pyeatt Menefee
Peaceful uses of the seas: Principles and complexities pp. 153-159 Downloads
V. F. Tsarev
Policy note: Twenty or twenty-four miles? pp. 160-161 Downloads
Nien-Tsu Alfred Hu
Passenger ships in the coastwise trade: US public policy since 1789 pp. 161-164 Downloads
Mark D. Aspinwall
Artisanal fisheries management pp. 165-165 Downloads
Rowena Lawson
The world shipping industry: by Ernst Gabriel Frankel Croom Helm, New York, 1987, 261 pp. £35.00 pp. 173-174 Downloads
S. G. Sturmey
The maritime laws of the Arabian Gulf Cooperation Council States: Volume II, edited by Richard Price Graham & Trotman, London, 1986: Vol II, 850 pp, £288.50 pp. 174-175a Downloads
Geoffrey Marston
The maritime laws of the Arabian Gulf Cooperation Council States: Volume I, written and edited by Richard Price; Graham & Trotman, London, 1986: Volume I, 267 pp. £73.50 pp. 174-175b Downloads
Geoffrey Marston

Volume 12, issue 1, 1988

Offshore lands of the USA: The US exclusive economic zone, continental shelf and outer continental shelf pp. 2-8 Downloads
Alexander F. Holser
Protecting marine environmental quality from land-based pollutants: The strategic role of ecotoxicology pp. 9-21 Downloads
P. G. Wells and R. P. Côté
The proposed 1988 review conference on the code of conduct for liner conferences pp. 22-30 Downloads
El. A. Georgandopoulos
Is international management of tuna necessary? pp. 31-39 Downloads
Ray Hilborn and John Sibert
Traditional marine tenure: A basis for artisanal fisheries management pp. 40-48 Downloads
Christopher Dahl
The fifth session of the preparatory commission: Kingston, Jamaica, 30 March-6 April 1987 and New York, USA, 27 July-21 August 1987 pp. 67-70 Downloads
Lee A. Kimball
Rights to oceanic resources: Deciding and drawing maritime boundaries: Athens, GA, USA, 1-2 May 1987 pp. 70-73 Downloads
Lewis M. Alexander
1st Penataran on The Law of The Sea and International Ecomomic Law: Bandung, Indonesia, 13 July-1 August 1987 pp. 73-74 Downloads
Barbara Kwiatkowska
Navigational restrictions within the new los context. Geographical implications for the United States: by Lewis M. Alexander offshore consultants, Peace Dale, RI, USA, 1987, 398 pp, $60.00 pp. 74-75 Downloads
O. B. Hatlem
Maritime boundaries and ocean resources: edited by Gerald Blake Croom Helm, London and Sydney, 256 pp, £27.50 pp. 75-77 Downloads
P. B. Beazley
The whale war: by David Day Routledge and Kegan Paul, London, 168 pp, £10.95 pp. 77-78 Downloads
J. A. Gulland
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