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Volume 52, issue C, 2015

Is there coherence in the European Union’s strategy to guarantee the supply of fish products from abroad? pp. 1-10 Downloads
Luca Mulazzani and Giulio Malorgio
Balancing extractive and non-extractive uses in marine conservation plans pp. 11-18 Downloads
Ana Ruiz-Frau, Michel J. Kaiser, Gareth Edwards-Jones, Carissa J. Klein, Daniel Segan and Hugh P. Possingham
Development of a responsive fisheries management system for the Portuguese crustacean bottom trawl fishery: Lessons learnt pp. 19-25 Downloads
Cristina Silva, Hugo Mendes, Mafalda Rangel, Laura Wise, Karim Erzini, Maria de Fátima Borges, Marta Ballesteros, Jose Luis Santiago, Aida Campos, Jonas Viðarsson and Kåre N. Nielsen
Adaptive capacity of co-management systems in the face of environmental change: The soft-shell clam fishery and invasive green crabs in Maine pp. 26-32 Downloads
Loren McClenachan, O’Connor, Grace and Travis Reynolds
The status of artisanal fishing in El Salvador pp. 33-37 Downloads
Michael Campbell
Overcoming barriers to knowledge exchange for adaptive resource management; the perspectives of Australian marine scientists pp. 38-44 Downloads
C. Cvitanovic, A.J. Hobday, L. van Kerkhoff and N.A. Marshall
The phycotoxins׳ impact on the revenue of the Portuguese artisanal dredge fleet pp. 45-51 Downloads
M.M. Oliveira, A.S. Camanho and M.B. Gaspar
Impacts of hegemony and shifts in dominance on marine capture fisheries pp. 52-58 Downloads
Robert Blasiak, Nobuyuki Yagi and Hisashi Kurokura
Successful local marine conservation requires appropriate educational methods and adequate enforcement pp. 59-67 Downloads
G.J. Watson, J.M. Murray, M. Schaefer and A. Bonner
Considering social values in the seafood sector using the Q-method pp. 68-76 Downloads
Patricia A. MacDonald, Grant Murray and Michele Patterson
Marine governance in an industrialised ocean: A case study of the emerging marine renewable energy industry pp. 77-84 Downloads
Glen Wright
Stubborn fuel tax concessions: The case of fisheries in Norway pp. 85-92 Downloads
John R. Isaksen, Øystein Hermansen and Ola Flaaten
‘It׳s part of me’; understanding the values, images and principles of coastal users and their influence on the social acceptability of MPAs pp. 93-102 Downloads
Michelle Voyer, Natalie Gollan, Kate Barclay and William Gladstone
Precious corals become more precious in the northwestern pacific: Urgent need for integrated policy pp. 103-107 Downloads
Shui-Kai Chang
Rights and ownership in sea country: implications of marine renewable energy for indigenous and local communities pp. 108-115 Downloads
Sandy Kerr, John Colton, Kate Johnson and Glen Wright
Valuing coastal water quality: Adelaide, South Australia metropolitan area pp. 116-124 Downloads
Darla Hatton MacDonald, Ali Ardeshiri, John Rose, Bayden D. Russell and Sean D. Connell
Tradable permit programs: What are the lessons for the new Alaska halibut catch sharing plan? pp. 125-137 Downloads
Isabel L. Call and Daniel K. Lew
Community attitudes towards environmental conservation behaviour: An empirical investigation within MPAs, Malaysia pp. 138-144 Downloads
Muhammad Mehedi Masud and Fatimah Binti Kari
Sustained competitive advantage based on high quality input pp. 145-154 Downloads
Jon Nilssen, Bernt Arne Bertheussen and Bent Dreyer
The interaction triangle as a tool for understanding stakeholder interactions in marine ecosystem based management pp. 155-162 Downloads
Christine Röckmann, Judith van Leeuwen, David Goldsborough, Marloes Kraan and Gerjan Piet
Coastal livelihood vulnerability to marine resource degradation: A review of the Indonesian national coastal and marine policy framework pp. 163-171 Downloads
Daniella Ferrol-Schulte, Philipp Gorris, Wasistini Baitoningsih, Dedi S. Adhuri and Sebastian C.A. Ferse

Volume 51, issue C, 2015

A network approach to migratory whale conservation: Are MPAs the way forward or do all roads lead to the IMO? pp. 1-12 Downloads
Christina K.A. Geijer and Peter J.S. Jones
Mismatch between biological, exploitation, and governance scales and ineffective management of sea urchin (Paracentrotus lividus) fisheries in Galicia pp. 13-20 Downloads
Rosana Ouréns, Inés Naya and Juan Freire
An economic analysis of the Portuguese fisheries sector 1960–2011 pp. 21-30 Downloads
Trond Bjørndal, Alena Lappo and Jorge Ramos
Marine conservation challenges in an era of economic crisis and geopolitical instability: The case of the Mediterranean Sea pp. 31-39 Downloads
Stelios Katsanevakis, Noam Levin, Marta Coll, Sylvaine Giakoumi, Daniel Shkedi, Peter Mackelworth, Ran Levy, Adonis Velegrakis, Drosos Koutsoubas, Hrvoje Caric, Eran Brokovich, Bayram Öztürk and Salit Kark
Social science as a vehicle to improve dolphin-swim tour operation compliance? pp. 40-47 Downloads
Nicole E. Filby, Karen A. Stockin and Carol Scarpaci
Towards a functional typology of small-scale fisheries co-management informed by stakeholder perceptions: A coral reef case study pp. 48-56 Downloads
T.D. Brewer and K. Moon
The excessive complexity of national marine governance systems – Has this decreased in England since the introduction of the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009? pp. 57-65 Downloads
Suzanne J. Boyes and Michael Elliott
Shaping technology, building society; the industrialization of the Norwegian cod fisheries pp. 66-74 Downloads
Dag Standal and Bjørn Hersoug
History, effort distribution and landings in an artisanal bottom longline fishery: An empirical study from the North Atlantic Ocean pp. 75-85 Downloads
Hugo Diogo, João G. Pereira, Ruth M. Higgins, Ângela Canha and Dália Reis
Evaluating conditions for transboundary Marine Spatial Planning: Challenges and opportunities on the island of Ireland pp. 86-95 Downloads
Wesley Flannery, O’Hagan, Anne Marie, O’Mahony, Cathal, Heather Ritchie and Sarah Twomey
The new mode of marine planning in the UK: Aspirations and challenges pp. 96-102 Downloads
Gavin Scarff, Clare Fitzsimmons and Tim Gray
Harvesters׳ perspectives on the management of British Columbia׳s giant red sea cucumber fishery pp. 103-110 Downloads
O׳Regan, Sacha M.
Designing a framework for addressing bycatch problems in Brazilian small-scale trawl fisheries pp. 111-118 Downloads
José Hugo Gondim Guanais, Rodrigo Pereira Medeiros and Patrick A. McConney
Vessels, risks, and rules: Planning for safe shipping in Bering Strait pp. 119-127 Downloads
Henry P. Huntington, Raychelle Daniel, Andrew Hartsig, Kevin Harun, Marilyn Heiman, Rosa Meehan, George Noongwook, Leslie Pearson, Melissa Prior-Parks, Martin Robards and George Stetson
Why fish? Using entry-strategies to inform governance of the small-scale sector: A case-study in the Bijagós Archipelago (West Africa) pp. 128-135 Downloads
Helen Cross
Identification of important marine areas around the Japanese Archipelago: Establishment of a protocol for evaluating a broad area using ecologically and biologically significant areas selection criteria pp. 136-147 Downloads
Takehisa Yamakita, Hiroyuki Yamamoto, Masahiro Nakaoka, Hiroya Yamano, Katsunori Fujikura, Kiyotaka Hidaka, Yuichi Hirota, Tadafumi Ichikawa, Shigeho Kakehi, Takahiko Kameda, Satoshi Kitajima, Kazuhiro Kogure, Teruhisa Komatsu, Naoki H. Kumagai, Hiroomi Miyamoto, Kazushi Miyashita, Haruyuki Morimoto, Ryota Nakajima, Shuhei Nishida, Kou Nishiuchi, Shingo Sakamoto, Masayoshi Sano, Kenji Sudo, Hiroya Sugisaki, Kazuaki Tadokoro, Katsuhiko Tanaka, Yoshie Jintsu-Uchifune, Kentaro Watanabe, Hiromi Watanabe, Yumiko Yara, Norishige Yotsukura and Yoshihisa Shirayama
The potential of trait-based approaches to contribute to marine conservation pp. 148-150 Downloads
Rick D. Stuart-Smith, Amanda E. Bates, Jonathan S. Lefcheck, J. Emmett Duffy, Susan C. Baker, Russell J. Thomson, Jemina F. Stuart-Smith, Nicole A. Hill, Stuart J. Kininmonth, Laura Airoldi, Mikel A. Becerro, Stuart J. Campbell, Terence P. Dawson, Sergio A. Navarrete, German Soler, Elisabeth M.A. Strain, Trevor J. Willis and Graham J. Edgar
Assessing uncertainty associated with the monitoring and evaluation of spatially managed areas pp. 151-162 Downloads
Vanessa Stelzenmüller, Tomás Vega Fernández, Katherine Cronin, Christine Röckmann, Maria Pantazi, Jan Vanaverbeke, Tammy Stamford, Kris Hostens, Ellen Pecceu, Steven Degraer, Lene Buhl-Mortensen, Julia Carlström, Ibon Galparsoro, Kate Johnson, Joanna Piwowarczyk, Vassiliki Vassilopoulou, Robbert Jak, Marie Louise Pace and Luc van Hoof
The precautionary principle and its approach to risk analysis and quarantine related to the trade of marine ornamental fishes in Brazil pp. 163-168 Downloads
Flavia D.F. Sampaio, A. Freire Carolina, M. Sampaio Tony Vinícius, R.S. Vitule Jean and F. Fávaro Luís
Renewable energy developments in an uncertain world: The case of offshore wind and birds in the UK pp. 169-172 Downloads
Elizabeth A. Masden, Aly McCluskie, Ellie Owen and Rowena H.W. Langston
Mapping inshore fisheries: Comparing observed and perceived distributions of pot fishing activity in Northumberland pp. 173-181 Downloads
Rachel A. Turner, Nicholas V.C. Polunin and Selina M. Stead
Finding solutions for the styrofoam buoy debris problem through participatory workshops pp. 182-189 Downloads
Jongmyoung Lee, Sunwook Hong, Yong Chang Jang, Mi Jeong Lee, Daeseok Kang and Won Joon Shim
An economic approach to understanding the international transfer of bycatch from unilateral bycatch reduction policies pp. 190-195 Downloads
Zinnia Mukherjee
A reporting compliance of national Fisheries Authority of Papua New Guinea pp. 196-201 Downloads
Alistair M. Brown
Political lessons from early warnings: Marine finfish aquaculture conflicts in Europe pp. 202-210 Downloads
Irmak Ertör and Miquel Ortega-Cerdà
Moving towards an ecosystem approach to fisheries management in the Coral Triangle region pp. 211-219 Downloads
Robert Pomeroy, Kevin Hiew Wai Phang, K. Ramdass, Jasmin Mohd Saad, Paul Lokani, Grizelda Mayo-Anda, Edward Lorenzo, Gidor Manero, Zhazha Maguad, Michael D. Pido and Gilliam Goby
Challenges facing local communities in Tanzania in realising locally-managed marine areas pp. 220-229 Downloads
Robert E. Katikiro, Edison D. Macusi and K.H.M. Ashoka Deepananda
An overall indicator for the good environmental status of marine waters based on commercially exploited species pp. 230-237 Downloads
Rainer Froese, Nazli Demirel and Arlene Sampang
Japan׳s whaling following the International Court of Justice ruling: Brave New World – Or business as usual? pp. 238-241 Downloads
Phillip J. Clapham
Strandings, bycatches and injuries of aquatic mammals in China, 2000–2006, as reviewed from official documents: A compelling argument for a nationwide strandings programme pp. 242-250 Downloads
Yamin Wang, Wei Li and Koen Van Waerebeek
Lessons from stakeholder dialogues on marine aquaculture in offshore wind farms: Perceived potentials, constraints and research gaps pp. 251-259 Downloads
Lara Wever, Gesche Krause and Bela H. Buck
Obtaining a social licence for MPAs – influences on social acceptability pp. 260-266 Downloads
Michelle Voyer, William Gladstone and Heather Goodall
Spatial and temporal assessment of potential risk to cetaceans from static fishing gears pp. 267-280 Downloads
Susie L. Brown, David Reid and Emer Rogan
Combining area closures with catch regulations in fisheries with spatio-temporal variation: Bio-economic implications for the North Sea saithe fishery pp. 281-292 Downloads
Simons Laura Sarah, Döring Ralf and Temming Axel
Taiwan and Japan: A complex fisheries relationship pp. 293-301 Downloads
Yun-Hu Yeh, Huan-Sheng Tseng, Dong-Taur Su and Ching-Hsiewn Ou
Research into fisheries equity and fairness—addressing conservation burden concerns in transboundary fisheries pp. 302-304 Downloads
Quentin Hanich, Brooke Campbell, Megan Bailey and Erik Molenaar
Implementation of European marine policy: New water quality targets for German Baltic waters pp. 305-321 Downloads
Gerald Schernewski, Rene Friedland, Marina Carstens, Ulrike Hirt, Wera Leujak, Günther Nausch, Thomas Neumann, Thorkild Petenati, Sigrid Sagert, Norbert Wasmund and Mario von Weber
Participatory indicators of sustainability for the salmon industry: The case of Chile pp. 322-330 Downloads
O׳Ryan, Raúl and Mauricio Pereira
The emerging politics of the Arctic Ocean. Future management of the living marine resources pp. 331-338 Downloads
Njord Wegge
Australian practice in respect of the continental shelf beyond 200 nautical miles pp. 339-346 Downloads
Stuart Kaye
Each fisherman is different: Taking the environmental perception of small-scale fishermen into account to manage marine protected areas pp. 347-355 Downloads
Monalisa R.O. Silva and Priscila F.M. Lopes
Conservation of maritime cultural heritage: A discrete choice experiment in a European Atlantic Region pp. 356-365 Downloads
Roi Durán, Begoña A. Farizo and María Xosé Vázquez Rodríguez
How can discards in European fisheries be mitigated? Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of potential mitigation methods pp. 366-374 Downloads
Sigríður Sigurðardóttir, Elísabet Kemp Stefánsdóttir, Harriet Condie, Sveinn Margeirsson, Thomas L. Catchpole, Jose M. Bellido, Søren Qvist Eliasen, Raquel Goñi, Niels Madsen, Andreas Palialexis, Sebastian S. Uhlmann, Vassiliki Vassilopoulou, Jordan Feekings and Marie-Joëlle Rochet
The regional management of fisheries in European Western Waters pp. 375-384 Downloads
Le Floc’h, Pascal, Arantza Murillas, Martin Aranda, Fabienne Daurès, Mike Fitzpatrick, Olivier Guyader, Aaron Hatcher, Claire Macher and Paul Marchal
Ecosystem-based adaptation for improving coastal planning for sea-level rise: A systematic review for mangrove coasts pp. 385-393 Downloads
Paula Cristina Sierra-Correa and Jaime Ricardo Cantera Kintz
Bio-logging of marine migratory species in the law of the sea pp. 394-400 Downloads
James Kraska, Guillermo Ortuño Crespo and David W. Johnston
Small-scale fishers’ adaptations to change: The role of formal and informal credit in Paraty, Brazil pp. 401-407 Downloads
C. Emdad Haque, C. Julián Idrobo, Fikret Berkes and Dale Giesbrecht
Pacific Ocean observation programs: Gaps in ecological time series pp. 408-414 Downloads
J. Anthony Koslow and Jennifer Couture
Under the banner of sustainability: The politics and prose of an emerging US federal seafood certification pp. 415-422 Downloads
Joshua S. Stoll and Teresa R. Johnson
Biogeographic assessments: A framework for information synthesis in marine spatial planning pp. 423-432 Downloads
Chris Caldow, Mark E. Monaco, Simon J. Pittman, Matthew S. Kendall, Theresa L. Goedeke, Charles Menza, Brian P. Kinlan and Bryan M. Costa
Re-defining co-management to facilitate small-scale fisheries reform: An illustration from northwest Mexico pp. 433-441 Downloads
Elena M. Finkbeiner and Xavier Basurto
Results based management in fisheries: Delegating responsibility to resource users pp. 442-451 Downloads
Kåre Nolde Nielsen, Petter Holm and Michaela Aschan
Maximum economic yield of the western rock lobster fishery of Western Australia after moving from effort to quota control pp. 452-464 Downloads
Nick Caputi, Simon de Lestang, Chris Reid, Alex Hesp and Jason How
Key factors for successful management of marine protected areas: A comparison of stakeholders׳ perception of two MPAs in Weh island, Sabang, Aceh, Indonesia pp. 465-475 Downloads
Ika Kusumawati and Hsiang-Wen Huang
Fishing for recognition: Understanding the use of NGO guidelines in fishery improvement projects pp. 476-485 Downloads
L.K. Deighan and L.D. Jenkins
Governance fit for climate change in a Caribbean coastal-marine context pp. 486-498 Downloads
Jeremy Pittman, Derek Armitage, Steven Alexander, Donovan Campbell and Marium Alleyne
Individual and village-level effects on community support for Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in the Philippines pp. 499-506 Downloads
Tomas Chaigneau and Tim M. Daw
Key steps for operationalizing social–ecological system framework research in small-scale fisheries: A heuristic conceptual approach pp. 507-511 Downloads
Stefan Partelow
Hurricane clean-up activity in the Gulf of Mexico, 2004–2013 pp. 512-526 Downloads
Mark J. Kaiser
Evaluation of a programme of integrated coastal zone management: The Ecoplata Programme (Uruguay) pp. 527-535 Downloads
María Luisa Pérez-Cayeiro and Juan Adolfo Chica-Ruiz
Status of the marine protected area network across the English channel (La Manche): Cross-country similarities and differences in MPA designation, management and monitoring pp. 536-546 Downloads
D. Rodríguez-Rodríguez, S. Rees, G. Mannaerts, M. Sciberras, C. Pirie, G. Black, C. Aulert, E.V. Sheehan, S. Carrier and M.J. Attrill
What determines fishers’ knowledge of and attitudes towards regulations? A case study from the Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand pp. 547-554 Downloads
Alyssa S. Thomas, Taciano L. Milfont and Michael C. Gavin
Regional economic and environmental analysis as a decision support for marine spatial planning in Xiamen pp. 555-562 Downloads
Wei Huang, James J. Corbett and Di Jin
Work segmentation in the Norwegian salmon industry: The application of segmented labor market theory to work migrants on the island community of Frøya, Norway pp. 563-572 Downloads
Rachel Gjelsvik Tiller, Lillian Hansen, Russell Richards and Hillevi Strand
Angler perceptions of California sea lion (Zalophus californianus) depredation and marine policy in Southern California pp. 573-583 Downloads
Taylor C. Cook, Kira James and Maddalena Bearzi
Diversifying the use of tuna to improve food security and public health in Pacific Island countries and territories pp. 584-591 Downloads
Johann D. Bell, Valerie Allain, Edward H. Allison, Serge Andréfouët, Neil L. Andrew, Michael J. Batty, Michel Blanc, Jeffrey M. Dambacher, John Hampton, Quentin Hanich, Shelton Harley, Anne Lorrain, Michael McCoy, Nicholas McTurk, Simon Nicol, Graham Pilling, David Point, Michael K. Sharp, Paula Vivili and Peter Williams
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