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Volume 1 - 64

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Volume 11, issue 4, 1987

The management of North Sea fisheries,: Looking towards the 21 st century pp. 259-272 Downloads
J. A. Gulland
Access agreements in the South Pacific: Kiribati and the distant water fishing nations 1979-1986 pp. 273-284 Downloads
Roniti Teiwaki
In quest of an Arctic legal regime: Marine regionalism -- a concept of international law evaluated pp. 285-298 Downloads
J. Enno Harders
The politics of PrepCom: Australia's role pp. 299-312 Downloads
Anthony Bergin
The North Sea: problems of de-commissioning pp. 313-315 Downloads
Richard Bentham
Expansion of China's fleet pp. 315-319 Downloads
Xin Lee and R. Pearson
Variability in the lengths of Dover sole (Solea solea) after death pp. 319-320 Downloads
Jack Lavety
Maritime affairs -- A world handbook: edited by Henry W. Dagenhardt Longman's Group, London, 1986, 412 pp, £55.00 pp. 320-321 Downloads
Donald Cameron Watt
Exclusive economic zone claims: An analysis and primary documents: by Robert W. Smith Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, Dordrecht-Boston-Lancaster, 1986, 501 pp, £112.25 pp. 321-323 Downloads
Barbara Kwiatkowska
The future for ocean technology: by Glyn Ford, Chris Niblett and Lindsay Walker Frances Pinter, London and New Hampshire, 1987, xii + 139 pp, £17.50 pp. 323-324 Downloads
Don Lennard
Advances in underwater technology, ocean science and underwater engineering, volume 8 exclusive economic zones, resource opportunities and the legal regime: Society for underwater technology Graham and Trotman, London, 1986, 187 pp, £30.00 pp. 324-325 Downloads
Donald Cameron Watt
Closing the British seas: a comment pp. 326-327 Downloads
Elizabeth Young

Volume 11, issue 3, 1987

Piracy: Past, present and future pp. 163-183 Downloads
P. W. Birnie
Vessels in distress: 'Safe havens' for crippled tankers pp. 184-195 Downloads
George C. Kasoulides
The impact of seals on fisheries pp. 196-204 Downloads
J. A. Gulland
Increasing problems for Thailand's fisheries,: Malaysia's new fisheries law pp. 205-216 Downloads
Ted L. McDorman and Panat Tasneeyanond
Government subsidies in Norwegian fisheries,: Regional development or political favouritism? pp. 217-228 Downloads
Svein Jentoft and Knut H. Mikalsen
Tilling the sea: Prospects for Norwegian aquaculture pp. 229-239 Downloads
Eivind Dale, Jonathan Owens and Åsmund Stenseth
Falklands fishing pp. 240-240 Downloads
John A. Gulland
United nations convention on the law of the sea 1982: A commentary volume 1: edited by Myron H. Nordquist Center for Ocean Law and Policy, University of Virginia, Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, Dordrecht, 1985, Ixv + 467 pp, $100 pp. 241-242 Downloads
Jon M. Van Dyke
Ordering the oceans the making of the law of the sea: by Clyde Sanger Zed Books Ltd, London, 1986, 272 pp, £18.95 hardback, £6.95 paperback pp. 242-244 Downloads
Donald Cameron Watt
The new order of the ocean the advent of a managed environment: edited by Giulio Pontecorvo Columbia University Press, New York, 1986, xv + 277 pp, US$30 pp. 244-245 Downloads
Donald Cameron Watt
Oil pollution control: by Sonia Zaide Pritchard Croom Helm, London, 1987, x + 231 pp, £25.00 pp. 245-246 Downloads
Donald Cameron Watt
The carriage of dangerous goods by sea: by Cleopatra Elmira Henry Frances Pinter, London, 1985, 181 pp, £25.00 pp. 246-246 Downloads
Edgar Gold
Australia's offshore maritime interests: edited by W.S.G. Bateman and M.W. Ward Occasional Papers in Maritime Affairs: 3, Australian Centre for Maritime Studies, Canberra, 1985, 122 pp pp. 246-247 Downloads
G. F. Humphrey
Rejoinder pp. 250-252 Downloads
A. V. Lowe

Volume 11, issue 2, 1987

Closing the British seas pp. 90-96 Downloads
James Cable
Cargo-sharing through a policy of bilateralism: Effects on US containerized foreign trade pp. 97-104 Downloads
Bruce E. Marti
Analysis of the issues related to sea dumping of radioactive wastes pp. 105-124 Downloads
J. M. Bewers and C. J. R. Garrett
New Soviet fishery regulations concerning the EEZ: An appraisal pp. 125-132 Downloads
Erik Franckx
The Sino-Argentine 'Squid War' of 1986,: Its implications for fisheries policy making pp. 133-142 Downloads
Nien-Tsu Alfred Hu
Price formation in fisheries pp. 143-145 Downloads
Chris Loannides and David Whitmarsh
Oil and gas resources offshore Newfoundland pp. 145-147 Downloads
William C. Gilmore
Seals and the public pp. 147-148 Downloads
John Gulland
The Strait of Dover volume 8 international straits of the world: by Luc Cuyvers Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, Dordrecht, 150 pp, £31.95 pp. 152-153 Downloads
Elizabeth Young
Oil pollution from ships: International, United Kingdom and United States Law and Practice, 2 ed: by David W. Abecassis and Richard L. Jarashow Stevens, London, 1985, 619 pp. £75.00 pp. 153-154 Downloads
Edgar Gold
South East Asian seas: Oil under troubled waters: by Mark J. Valencia Oxford University Press, Singapore, 155 pp, £17.00 pp. 154-155 Downloads
Daniel A. Spagni

Volume 11, issue 1, 1987

Arctic shipping, marine safety and environmental protection pp. 3-15 Downloads
Cynthia Lamson
Licensing distant-water tuna fleets in Papua New Guinea pp. 16-28 Downloads
David J. Doulman
Market segmentation,: Nova Scotia fish processing and the US market pp. 29-44 Downloads
R. L. Mazany, L. G. Barrett and R. A. Apostle
Peru and the law of the sea convention pp. 45-57 Downloads
Eduardo Ferrero Costa
Outer limits of continental shelf,: A legal analysis of Chilean and Ecuadorian island claims and US response pp. 58-68 Downloads
Kilaparti Ramakrishna, Robert E. Bowen and Jack H. Archer
The maritime political boundaries of the world: J.R.V. Prescott Methuen, London and New York, 1985, 377 pp, £30 pp. 79-80 Downloads
Patricia Birnie
The economics of fisheries management (revised edition): L.G. Anderson Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, MD, 1986, 296 pp, £24.40 pp. 80-81 Downloads
John A. Gulland
The weidenfeld atlas of maritime history: Richard Natkiel and Antony Preston Weidenfeld and Nicolson, London, 256pp, £16.95 pp. 81-82 Downloads
Donald Cameron Watt
Maritime strategy for medium powers: Rear Admiral J.R. Hill RN (Ret) Croome Helm, London, 1986, 247 pp, £19.95 pp. 82-83c Downloads
Donald Cameron Watt
Law, force and diplomacy at sea: Ken Booth George Allen and Unwin, London, 1985, 231 pp, £18.50 hb, £7.95 pb pp. 82-83a Downloads
Donald Cameron Watt
Diplomacy at sea: James Cable Macmillan, London, 1985, 191 pp, £25.00 pp. 82-83b Downloads
Donald Cameron Watt
The implementation of the new law of the sea in West Africa -- prospects for the development and management of marine resources: Dalhousie Ocean Studies Programme, Dalhousie University, 1985, 132 pp pp. 83-85 Downloads
Gerald K. Moore

Volume 10, issue 4, 1986

In the wake of the Polar Sea,: Canadian jurisdiction and the northwest passage pp. 243-257 Downloads
Ted L. McDorman
Control of marine pollution generated by offshore oil and gas exploration and exploitation: The Scotian shelf pp. 258-270 Downloads
Shelley M. Evans
Extended fisheries jurisdiction in the USA,: An economic appraisal pp. 271-278 Downloads
Stephen R. Crutchfield
Fishery resources and policies in the Maldives: Trends and issues for an island developing country pp. 279-293 Downloads
R. Sathiendrakumar and Clement Tisdell
Fishing fleet replacement,: The French policy from 1945 to 1983 pp. 294-309 Downloads
Eric Meuriot
A further note to making sense of the dollars: income distribution among Atlantic Canadian fishermen and public policy pp. 310-314 Downloads
Victor Thiessen and Anthony Davis
Managing the ocean: Resources, research, law: edited by Jacques G. Richardson Lomond Publications, Mt Airy, Maryland, 1985, xv + 407 pp pp. 315-316 Downloads
Martin Ira Glassner
Enforcement of maritime claims: D. C. Jackson Lloyd's of London Press Ltd, London, 1985, Ixi and 376 pp, plus 93 pp appendices and 14 pp index, £39.50 pp. 316-317 Downloads
F. D. Rose
Maritime boundary: S. P. Jagota Publications on Ocean Development Vol 9, Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, Dordrecht, 1985, xx + 388 pp, £48.50 pp. 317-318 Downloads
G. H. Blake

Volume 10, issue 3, 1986

Some legal problems arising from the use of the seas for military purposes pp. 171-184 Downloads
A. V. Lowe
Legal aspects of the transportation of dangerous goods at sea pp. 185-191 Downloads
Edgar Gold
The new law of the sea, and the access to surplus fish resources,: Bioeconomic reality and scientific collaboration pp. 192-200 Downloads
S. Garcia, J. A. Gulland and E. Miles
Making sense of the dollars: Income distribution among Atlantic Canadian fishermen and public policy pp. 201-214 Downloads
Anthony Davis and Victor Thiessen
Local-level management and the commons problem,: A comparative study of Turkish coastal fisheries pp. 215-229 Downloads
Fikret Berkes
Ocean shipping: unpromising outlook for 1986 -- better prospects for the longer term pp. 230-231 Downloads
Hans Böhme
Piracy today: robbery and violence at sea since 1980: by Roger Villar Conway Maritime Press Ltd, London, Uk, 1985, £12.50 pp. 232-233 Downloads
Giulio Pontecorvo
Fishery development experiences: by W.H.L Allsopp Fishing News Books, Farnham, Surrey, 160 pp, £12.50 pp. 233-234 Downloads
Rowena Lawson
Marine mammals and fisheries: edited by J.R. Beddington, R.J.H. Beverton and D.M. Lavigne George Men and Unwin, London 1985, 354pp, £40 pp. 234-236 Downloads
John A. Gulland
The law of the sea and international shipping: Anglo-Soviet post-unclos perspectives: edited by W.E. Butler Oceana, Dobbs Ferry, New York, 1985, 411 pp. $45.00 pp. 236-238 Downloads
Glen Plant

Volume 10, issue 2, 1986

Formulation of national marine policy,: The case of Belgium pp. 90-100 Downloads
Filip Volckaert
Some reflections on aid to fisheries in West Africa pp. 101-110 Downloads
M. A. Robinson and Rowena Lawson
The survival of small capital,: State policy and the dragger fleet in north-west Newfoundland pp. 111-118 Downloads
Peter R. Sinclair
An end to radioactive waste disposal 'at sea'? pp. 119-131 Downloads
Sonja Boehmer-Christiansen
Delimitation arrangements in Arctic seas: Cases of precedence or securing of strategic/economic interests? pp. 132-154 Downloads
Willy Østreng
Australian ocean policy -- the need for review pp. 155-158 Downloads
Anthony Bergin
Antarctic politics and marine resources: Critical choices for the 1980s: edited by L.M. Alexander and L.C. Hanson Center for Ocean Management Studies, University of Rhode Island, Kingston, 1985, 268 pp pp. 158-159 Downloads
Francis Auburn
Atlantic fisheries and coastal communities: Fisheries decision-making case studies: edited by Cynthia Lamson and Arthur J. Hanson Institute for resource and environmental studies, Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS, 1984, 262 pp, $18.50 pp. 159-160 Downloads
Gordon R. Munro
L'acces des etrangers a l'exploitation des ressources biologiques de la zone economique exclusive: Antonio Tavares de Pinho Thesis for the Doctorate in Law, university of Nice, December 1983, pp 574 pp. 160-161 Downloads
Gerald Moore
Shipping nationalism and the future of the united states liner industry: The unctad code and bilateralism; proceedings of a workshop organised by the center for ocean management studies, University of Rhode Island, USA, november, 1983: Times Press, 1984, pp 164 + viii pp. 161-162 Downloads
S. G. Sturmey

Volume 10, issue 1, 1986

Maritime delimitation: The equiratio method -- a new approach pp. 3-18 Downloads
Wijnand Langeraar
Control strategies for the protection of the marine environment pp. 19-28 Downloads
H. Hirvonen and R. P. Côté
The South Pacific states, the USA and sovereignty over highly migratory species pp. 29-41 Downloads
B. Martin Tsamenyi
Towards improving fishery management systems pp. 42-50 Downloads
Warren H. Lieberman
US-Soviet fishing agreement: Treaty authorizing Soviet fishing in US waters pp. 51-56 Downloads
Cameron Crone Bilger
Satellite oceanography: a new tool for marine policy makers pp. 57-60 Downloads
Peter Cornillon
Preparatory commission for the international seabed authority (ISA)/ international tribunal on the law of the sea (ITLOS): Geneva, Switzerland, 12 August-4 September 1985 pp. 60-62 Downloads
Lee Kimball
Thirty-Seventh Meeting of the International Whaling Commission: Bournemouth, UK, 15-19 July 1985 pp. 62-66 Downloads
Patricia Birnie
The hybrid emergency: multiple risk and hazard in marine transportation: The Greenwich forum, Royal United Services Institution, London, 7 June 1985 pp. 66-68 Downloads
Elizabeth Young
Scientific basis for the role of the oceans as a waste disposal option: North Atlantic Treaty Organization Advanced Research Workshop, Vilamoura, April 1985 pp. 68-69 Downloads
Susan Peterson and John Teal
The UN Convention on the Law of the Sea: Impact and implementation,: Nineteenth Annual Conference of the Law of the Sea Institute: Cardiff, 24-27 July 1985 pp. 69-74 Downloads
Patricia Birnie
Ocean yearbook 4 pp. 74-75 Downloads
Norton Ginsburg
International wildlife law: An analysis of international treaties concerned with the conservation of wildlife: by Simon Lyster Grotius Publications Ltd, Cambridge, UK, 1985, 470 + xxiii pp, £12 paperback, £25 hardback pp. 75-77 Downloads
Patricia Bimie
Consensus and confrontation: The United States and the law of the sea convention: edited by Jon M. Van Dyke Law of the Sea Institute, Honolulu, 1985, 576pp, $29.50 pp. 77-78 Downloads
Lee Kimball
Northwest passage: Arctic straits: by Donat Pharand, in association with Leonard H. Legault Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, Dordrecht, The Netherlands, 1984, xxii + 199pp. Dfl 120 pp. 78-79 Downloads
Donald M. McRae
The future of British sea power: edited by Geoffrey Till Macmillan's Press, London, 1984, 278 pp pp. 79-80 Downloads
D. Cameron Watt
Sea-bed energy and mineral resources and the law of the sea volume I: The areas within national jurisdiction: by E.D. Brown Graham and Trotman, London, 1984, £38.00/US $61.00 pp. 80-81 Downloads
William C. Gilmore
United Kingdom marine pollution law: by John H. Bates Lloyds of London Press, London, 1985, 461 + xxxiipp, £35.00 pp. 81-82 Downloads
C. A. Walder
Ocean yearbook 5: edited by Elisabeth Mann Borgese and Norton Ginsburg University of Chicago Press, Chicago and London, 1985, 544 pp, $49.00 pp. 82-84 Downloads
Donald Cameron Watt
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