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Marine Policy

Volume 1 - 64

Current editor(s): Eddie Brown

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Volume 3, issue 4, 1979

Safety first for divers pp. 254-254 Downloads
Tony Loftas
Concepts of marine region and the new law of the sea pp. 255-263 Downloads
Maria Eduarda Gonçalves
International management of highly migratory species: Centralized versus decentralized economic decision making pp. 264-277 Downloads
Dennis M. King
Three aspects of the law of the sea,: Islands, delimitation and dispute settlement pp. 278-288 Downloads
Andreas J. Jacovides
Limitation of fishing effort: An economic analysis of options pp. 289-301 Downloads
Robert L. Stokes
The Frigg gas field: Exploitation of an international cross-boundary petroleum field pp. 302-311 Downloads
Ian Gault
Spain's foreign fishing policy pp. 312-313 Downloads
Robert A. C. Richards
Nodules and Scandinavia -- mining opportunities pp. 313-315 Downloads
Tony Marjoram
Improved access to ocean data services pp. 315-317 Downloads
Richard J. Abram and Kent H. Hughes
Marine outfall systems: Planning, design and construction: Robert A. Grace Prentice-Hall International, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, USA, 600 pp, £ 25.55 pp. 326-326 Downloads
T. L. Shaw
Offshore oil and gas yearbook 1978/79: UK and continental Europe: Kogan Page Ltd, London, 1978, 352 pp, £25 pp. 327-328 Downloads
D. E. Lennard
Flags of convenience in 1978: Ken Grundey Polytechnic of Central London, London, 1978, 58 pp, £3.00 (UK), £5.00 (overseas) pp. 327-327 Downloads
B. J. Abrahamsson
Volkerrechtliche und politische auswirkungen der dritten seerechtskon ferenz vereinten nationen auf nord und ostsee: by Renate Platzöder Publications of the Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik Forschungsinstitut für internationalen Politik und Sicherheit, Nr SWP-S 266, Hans Eggenberg, Ebenhausen bei München, October 1978, 211 pp pp. 328-329 Downloads
D. C. Watt

Volume 3, issue 3, 1979

Extended limits: A threat to small-scale fisheries pp. 170-170 Downloads
Tony Loftas
Inshore fishing interests on the Atlantic coast: Their response to extended jurisdiction by Canada pp. 171-189 Downloads
R. D. S. Macdonald
Maritime issues in North-East Asia: Their impact on regional politics pp. 190-200 Downloads
Barry Buzan
Science, politics and economics of the Peruvian anchoveta fishery pp. 201-210 Downloads
Michael H. Glantz
First steps in the enclosure of the oceans: The origins of Truman's proclamation on the resources of the continental shelf, 28 September 1945 pp. 211-224 Downloads
Donald Cameron Watt
Financing LNG carriers pp. 225-231 Downloads
Samir Mankabady
The future role of ICES in the light of changes in fisheries jurisdiction pp. 232-238 Downloads
B. B. Parrish
Fisheries policy for the Canary Isles pp. 239-240 Downloads
Robert A. C. Richards
UK pollution control--Whitehall v parliament pp. 240-242 Downloads
Viktor Sebek
A balanced science of renewable resourceswith particular reference to fisheries: by Henry A. Regier Washington Sea Grant Communications, Division of Marine Resources, 3716 Brooklyn Avenue, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98195, 1978. 108 pp, $9.50 pp. 245-246 Downloads
D. H. Cushing
Middle East liner shipping: An economic analysis of traffic, services, ports and future prospects H.P. Drewry (Shipping Consultants) Ltd Publications, 34 Brook Street, London W1Y2LL, 1978, 144 pp pp. 246-247 Downloads
B. N. Metaxas
The enterprises: by Elisabeth Mann Borgese International Ocean Institute Occasional Papers No 6, University of Malta Press, Malta, November 1978, 23 pp, no price given pp. 247-248 Downloads
Roderick C. Ogley
Aquaculture in the united states: Constraints and opportunities: The National Research Council, under the auspices of the National Academy of Sciences, Washington, DC 20418, 1978. 123pp pp. 248-250 Downloads
Colin E. Nash
Military activities and law of the sea pp. 251-251 Downloads
Elizabeth Young

Volume 3, issue 2, 1979

Law of the sea: Who should do what? pp. 78-78 Downloads
Tony Loftas
The new international law of fisheries emerging from bilateral agreements pp. 79-98 Downloads
J. E. Carroz and M. J. Savini
Aquaculture policies in Latin America pp. 99-105 Downloads
Francisco J. Palacio
Competent international organizations and the law of the sea pp. 106-132 Downloads
J. D. Kingham and D. M. McRae
The development of the code of conduct for liner conferences pp. 133-148 Downloads
S. G. Sturmey
The failure of the IWC, 1946-1966 pp. 149-155 Downloads
G. H. Elliot
Coastalwaters: A management analysis: by John M. Armstrong and Peter C. Ryner Ann Arbor Science Publishers, Inc. Ann Arbor, MI. USA, 1978, 240 pp. £12.60 pp. 161-163 Downloads
M. J. Clark
Salmon and trout farming in Norway: by David J. Edwards Fishing News Books Limited, Farnham, Surrey, UK, 1978, 195 pp. £9.00 pp. 163-164 Downloads
R. S. V. Pullin
Japanese investment in US fishing industry--update pp. 164-164 Downloads
Hilary K. Josephs

Volume 3, issue 1, 1979

Resources-- something in reserve? pp. 2-2 Downloads
Tony Loftas
Greek shipping and the accession of Greece to the EEC pp. 3-19 Downloads
Evangelos T. Pantelidis
Policies in pollution, aquaculture and coastal management in Japan pp. 20-39 Downloads
Teruji Sakiyama
Security, disarmament and the law of the sea pp. 40-58 Downloads
David L. Larson
The ClNECA experience pp. 59-65 Downloads
Matthias Tomczak
Impacts and management of resource exploitation pp. 66-67 Downloads
Peter W. Roberts and Timothy Shaw
Spanish adaptation to shipyards crisis pp. 67-69 Downloads
Robert A. C. Richards
Marine policy: A comparative approach: by John King Gamble Jr Lexington Books, Lexington, MA, and Famborough. Hants, 1977, 147 pp pp. 72-73b Downloads
D. C. Watt
Resource management at the international level: The case of the north pacific: by Oran J. Young Francis Pinter, London and New York, 1977, 252 pp pp. 72-73a Downloads
D. C. Watt
Technical change and british naval policy 1860-1939: edited by Bryan Ranft Hodder and Stoughton, London, 1977, 178pp pp. 73-74 Downloads
D. P. O'Connell

Volume 2, issue 4, 1978

New compensation fund: Closing the stable door pp. 254-254 Downloads
Tony Loftas
Japanese investment in the US fishing industry and its relation to the Two-Hundred-Mile Law pp. 255-267 Downloads
Hilary K. Josephs
The EEC treaty and the merchant fleets of the member states pp. 268-274 Downloads
Daniele Rizzi
Rockall and the limits of national jurisdiction of the UK: Part 2 pp. 275-303 Downloads
E. D. Brown
US law of the sea policy: A bureaucratic politics analysis pp. 304-320 Downloads
Alan G. Friedman
Marine archaeology in the UK: A pattern of development pp. 321-330 Downloads
Cecil Jones
Insurance and reinsurance requirements for LNG pp. 331-333 Downloads
Samir Mankabady
Oil and fishing -- conflict in the North Sea pp. 333-334 Downloads
G. A. Mackay and David Pearce
New directions in the law of the sea: Vols 5 and 6, compiled and edited by R. Churchill, M. Nordquist and S. Houston Lay Oceans and the British Institute of International and Comparative Law, London, 1977, £16.50 per volume pp. 339-340 Downloads
D. P. O'Connell
Jane's ocean technology 1978: edited by Robert L. Trillo Third edition, MacDonald and Jane's, London, 1978, 820 pages, £27.50 pp. 340-341 Downloads
D. E. Lennard
The pacific quest: Endel-Jakob Kolde Pacific Rim Research Series No 1, Lexington Books, Lexington, MA, 1976, 162 pages pp. 341-342a Downloads
Elizabeth Young
Pacific basin enterprise and the changing law of the sea: Jeremiah J. Sullivan Pacific Rim Research Series No 2, Lexington Books, Lexington, MA, 1977, 219 pages pp. 341-342b Downloads
Elizabeth Young
Submersibles and their use in oceanography and ocean engineering: Elsevier, Amsterdam, New York and Oxford, 1977, 383 pages, $49.00, Df11 20.00 pp. 342-342 Downloads
James Dawson
Offshore policemen: operational and legal considerations pp. 343-344 Downloads
Gerald B. Stanford

Volume 2, issue 3, 1978

In for the krill pp. 170-170 Downloads
Tony Loftas
Protecting the Mediterranean: Coordinating regional action pp. 171-180 Downloads
Louis J. Saliba
Rockall and the limits of national jurisdiction of the UK: Part 1 pp. 181-211 Downloads
E. D. Brown
The role of research in fisheries development pp. 212-226 Downloads
A. C. Simpson
Diving legislation in the UK pp. 227-233 Downloads
Nigel F. Mathers
US Coastal Plains Marine Center pp. 234-235 Downloads
Beverly C. Snow
Letters to the editor: Tuna management -- the debate continues pp. 239-240 Downloads
James Joseph and J. A. Gulland
Coastal ecosystem management: A technical manual for the conservation of coastal zone resources: by John Clark John Wiley and Sons, London and New York, 7977, 925 pp, £28.50, $48.50 pp. 242-242 Downloads
Michele Mason Tetley
Coastal resources management: Institutions and programs: by Joseph M. Heikoff Ann Arbor Science, Ann Arbor, Mich, 1977, 287 pp. £11.00, $18.15 pp. 242-244 Downloads
M. J. Clark
New strategic factors in the North Atlantic: edited by Christoph Bertram and Johan J. Holst IPC Science and Technology Press, Guildford, and Universitetsforlaget, Oslo, 1977, 194 pp, £11.50, $25.00 pp. 244-245 Downloads
D. C. Watt
Aquaculture for the developing countries: by Frederick W. Bell and E. Ray Canterbery Ballinger, Cambridge, Mass, 1977, 267 pp, £13.40, $22.00 pp. 245-247 Downloads
C. J. Shepherd
Fiskerigrensen, Folkeretteim OG denøkonomiske sone (Fishery Limits, international law and the economic zone): by Carl A. Fleischer Universitetsforlaget, Oslo, 1977, 220 pages, NKr69 pp. 247-248b Downloads
Robin Churchill
Norges Havretts -- OG ressurspolitikk (Norway's law of the sea and resources policy): edited by Arne Treholt, Karl Nandrup Dahl, Einar Hysvaer, and Ivar Nes Tiden Norsk Forlag, Oslo, 1976, 215 pages pp. 247-248a Downloads
Robin Churchill
Federal port policy in the United States: by Henry S. Marcus, James E. Short, John C. Kuypers, and Paul O. Roberts MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass, 1977, 371 pages, £15.00 pp. 249-250 Downloads
B. N. Metaxas

Volume 2, issue 2, 1978

UNCLOS and ocean mining: Molehill or mountain? pp. 86-86 Downloads
Tony Loftas
The South China Sea: Prospects for marine regionalism pp. 87-104 Downloads
Mark J. Valencia
Liability for North Sea oil pollution pp. 105-111 Downloads
Victor E. Fitzmaurice
Alternatives for the organization of tuna management pp. 161-163 Downloads
J. A. Gulland
Seabed mineral resources and the economic interests of developing countries: Danny M. Leipziger and James L. Mudge Ballinger, Cambridge, Mass, 1977, 241 pages, £11.00, $18.15 pp. 163-165 Downloads
Alan Archer
Economic impacts of extended fisheries jurisdiction: edited by Lee G. Anderson Ann Arbor Science, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1977, 428 pages, £16.90, $22.80 pp. 165-167 Downloads
Mark Meirowitz

Volume 2, issue 1, 1978

Resources of discontent pp. 2-2 Downloads
Tony Loftas
It's Scotland's oil?: Hypothetical boundaries in the North Sea -- a case study pp. 3-21 Downloads
E. D. Brown
Management procedures in the US fishery conservation zone pp. 22-29 Downloads
H. Gary Knight
The fishery conservation and management act of 1976: Organizational structure and conceptual framework pp. 30-36 Downloads
John E. Kelly
Offshore policeman pp. 37-45 Downloads
Kenneth Rawson
Archipelagos and the law of the sea: Island straits states or island-studded sea space? pp. 46-64 Downloads
Dale Andrew
The North Sea as a special area pp. 65-67 Downloads
S. Z. Pritchard
Marine institute in Israel pp. 68-68 Downloads
Judy Carr
An environmental appraisal of the severn barrage: edited by T.L. Shaw Department of Civil Engineering, University of Bristol, 1977, 2nd ed, 155 pages, £3.00 pp. 72-74 Downloads
Clifford S. Russell
Marine pollution: edited by R. Johnston Academic Press. London and New York, 1977, 729 pages, £23.00, & 51.00 pp. 75-76 Downloads
R. J. Morris
Radioactive wastes in the seabed?: Oceanus, Vol 20, No 1, 1977 pp. 76-77 Downloads
A. Preston
Establishing a 200-mile fisheries zone: Office of Technology Assessment Report, US Government Printing Office, Washington. DC, 1977, 132 pages pp. 77-78 Downloads
Patricia Birnie
Is coastal aquaculture in the public interest? pp. 78-79 Downloads
William H. Herke
Floating cities: further thoughts on their legal status pp. 79-81 Downloads
J. C. Woodliffe
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