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Volume 1 - 64

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Volume 7, issue 4, 1983

Castillo de Bellver: Which way will the wind blow? pp. 238-238 Downloads
D. W. Abecassis
Japanese new technology,,: Creating future marine industries pp. 239-253 Downloads
Luke Georghiou, Glyn Ford, Michael Gibbons and Glyn Jones
Liner conferences: Evolution of US policy pp. 254-266 Downloads
Robert A. Ellsworth
Historical patterns of fish stocks pp. 267-278 Downloads
J. F. Caddy and J. A. Gulland
Artisanal fisheries in West Africa,: Problems of management implementation pp. 279-290 Downloads
Rowena Lawson and Michael Robinson
Marine scientific research in offshore areas,: Ireland and the law of the sea convention pp. 291-301 Downloads
Clive R. Symmons and Piers R. R. Gardiner
National legislation and Convention obligations,: Canadian vessel-source pollution law pp. 302-312 Downloads
Ted L. McDorman
Joint ventures: a changing scene pp. 313-314 Downloads
W. Philip Appleyard
From the net to the plate pp. 314-317 Downloads
J. K. McElroy
Metals from the seabed: Prospects for mining polymetallic nodules by India: by Manjula R. Shyam Oxford and IBM, New Delhi, 165 pp, 1982, Rs 72 (available from the publishers at 66 Janpath, New Delhi 110001) pp. 317-318 Downloads
Glyn Ford
Britain's naval future: Sir James Cable Macmillan, 1983, 220 pp, £20 pp. 318-319 Downloads
Keith Speed
Issues in Australia's marine and antarctic policies: edited by R.A. Herr, R. Hall and B.W. Davis Public Policy Monograph, Department of Political Science, University of Tasmania, 1982, 201 pp pp. 319-319 Downloads
G. F. Humphrey
Small power adaptation: The case of Denmark and the aw of the sea: by Finn Laursen Department of Public Finance and Policy, Odense University, Occasional Papers No 3, 1983, 37 pp pp. 320-320 Downloads
Clive Archer
Aquaculture development in less developed countries: Social, economic and political problems: edited by L.J. Smith and S. Peterson Westview, Boulder, CO, 1982, 152 pp pp. 321-322 Downloads
Ian R. Smith
Post experience course in fisheries management pp. 322-322 Downloads
K. Crean

Volume 7, issue 3, 1983

The Tunisia-Libya continental shelf case: A missed opportunity pp. 142-162 Downloads
E. D. Brown
Soviet fishery agreements with developing countries,: Benefit or burden? pp. 163-174 Downloads
William L. Black
Newfoundland offshore mineral rights pp. 175-196 Downloads
William C. Gilmore
Common property in fisheries: Is sole ownership an option? pp. 197-211 Downloads
E. A. Keen
A workable policy for Falkland island fisheries pp. 215-218 Downloads
J. K. McElroy
Fisheries aid: low in development league pp. 218-220 Downloads
W. Philip Appleyard
Malaysian trawlers: economics of vessel size pp. 220-222 Downloads
Ishak Haji Omar
Ocean shipping: survival at rock bottom pp. 223-224 Downloads
Hans Böhme
International marine organizations essays on structure and activities: Kamil A. Bekiashev and Vitali V. Serebriakov (translated from the Russian by Vitali V. Serebriakov) Martinus Nijhoff, The Hague, 1981, 578 pp, US$130 pp. 224-226 Downloads
Patricia Birnie

Volume 7, issue 2, 1983

EEC fisheries: agreement at last pp. 74-74 Downloads
Robin Churchill
IOC data and information exchange,: Implications of the Law of the Sea Convention pp. 75-89 Downloads
Edward Miles
Floating nuclear power plants: US and international regulations pp. 90-100 Downloads
John Warren Kindt
The introduction of limited entry: The New Zealand rock lobster fishery pp. 101-108 Downloads
John H. Annala
Mediterranean pollution: Health related aspects pp. 109-117 Downloads
Louis J. Saliba
Merchant marine in Soviet naval strategy pp. 118-122 Downloads
David Scrivener
Indian marine technology policy pp. 122-123 Downloads
Glyn Ford
LOS and 'other minerals' pp. 123-124 Downloads
Sally Meese
Packaging the Falklands pp. 124-125 Downloads
J. K. McElroy
Marine scientific research and the law of the sea: by Alfred H.A. Soons Kluwer Law and Taxation Publishers, Deventer, The Netherlands, 1982, 383 pp pp. 129-130 Downloads
George Humphrey
Impact of marine pollution on society: edited by Virginia K. Tippie and Dana R. Kester Centre for Ocean Studies, Praeger, New York, 1982, 313 pp, $27.95 pp. 130-131 Downloads
Sonja Boehmer-Christiansen
Modernization and marine fisheries policy: edited by John R. Maiolo and Michael K. Orbach Ann Arbor Science, Ann Arbor, MI, 1982, 330 pp, £25 pp. 131-132 Downloads
Rowena Lawson
Third United Nations conference on the law of the sea: Documents: by Renate Platzöder Oceana Publications, Dobbs Ferry, New York, 1982, 537 pp, $100 pp. 132-133 Downloads
E. D. Brown

Volume 7, issue 1, 1983

The adoption of the law of the sea convention: Prospects for seabed mining pp. 3-13 Downloads
Tullio Treves
The Falkland islands/ Islas Malvinas conflict: A question of zones pp. 14-24 Downloads
R. P. Barston and P. W. Birnie
Dumping nuclear waste into the Sea: International control and the role of science and law pp. 25-36 Downloads
S. A. Boehmer-Christiansen
Artificial structures and traditional uses of the sea: The field of conflict pp. 37-52 Downloads
Jean-Dominique Wahiche
Greek association to 'raise environmental consciousness' pp. 55-56 Downloads
El A. Georgandopoulos
The case for the defence pp. 56-57 Downloads
Sally Meese
Tanzanian marine policy pp. 58-59 Downloads
C. M. Peter
Regulation and policies of American shipping: by Ernst G. Frankel Auburn House Publishing Company, Boston, MA, 1982, 347 pp pp. 60-60 Downloads
Bernhard J. Abrahamsson
Crowded agendas, crowded rooms: Institutional arrangements at UNCLOS III. Some lessons in global negotiations: by Mohamed El Baradi and Chleo Gavin UNITAR Policy and Efficacy Studies, No 3, United Nations Institute for Training and Research, 801 UN Plaza, New York, NY 10017, October 1981 pp. 61-61 Downloads
Brian Meredith
'The law of the sea and ocean industry', 16th annual conference of the law of the sea institute cosponsored by the Dalhousie Ocean Studies Programme: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, 21-24 June 1982 pp. 62-64 Downloads
Alastair Dingwall
34th meeting of the international whaling commission: Brighton, UK, 19-24 July 1982 pp. 64-68 Downloads
Patricia Birnie
'Industry, government and academia: partners in progress' Oceans 82: Washington, DC, 20-22 September 1982 pp. 68-68 Downloads
Jon Simnet

Volume 6, issue 4, 1982

Falklands conflict pp. 258-258 Downloads
James Fawcett
Strategic decision making in shipping pp. 259-264 Downloads
Ernst G. Frankel
Travails of the flying Dutchmen: Lloyd's standard form of salvage agreement and the US salvage industry pp. 265-286 Downloads
Mark Cohen
Australia's new whaling policy: Formulation and implementation pp. 287-302 Downloads
Keith D. Suter
Resource allocation in Antarctica,: A review pp. 303-325 Downloads
William Westermeyer
A move against substandard shipping pp. 326-330 Downloads
A. V. Lowe
Spectre of overcapacity pp. 330-331 Downloads
Hans Böhme
Rationalization at sea pp. 332-335 Downloads
Brian Meredith
The other price of Britain's oil: Safety and Control in the North Sea: by W.G. Carson Martin Robertson, Oxford, 1981, 320 pp, £15 (hardback), £5.95 (paperback) pp. 335-337 Downloads
Patricia Birnie
The environmental law of the sea: by Douglas M. Johnston and others Erich Schmidt Verlag, Berlin, 1981, 419 pp pp. 337-338 Downloads
A. V. Lowe
Coastal aquaculture law and policy: A case study of California: by Gerald Bowen Westview Press, Boulder, CO, 1981, 241 pp pp. 339-340 Downloads
Bruce H. Wildsmith
Pollution in the Mediterranean: Directed by Jean Pierre Baux La service de film de Recherche Scientifique CNDP, France, 1980, 30 mins. This film may be obtained from the Scottish Central Film Library, Dowanhill, 74 Victoria Crescent Road, Glasgow G12 9JN, UK pp. 341-342 Downloads
Donald C. Watt
Third UN conference on the law of the sea, eleventh session, New York, 8 March-30 April 1982 pp. 342-344 Downloads
Lee Kimball
International symposium on genetics in aquaculture, Galway, Ireland, 29 March-2 April 1982 pp. 345-347 Downloads
R. S. V. Pullin
Shellfish international conference, Jersey, UK, 27-28 April 1982 pp. 347-350 Downloads
J. K. McElroy
Whale conservation pp. 350-350 Downloads
Sidney J. Holt

Volume 6, issue 3, 1982

Marine pollution control regulation,: Regional approaches pp. 162-174 Downloads
Dominique Alhéritière
Mining the deep seabed: A complex and innovative industry pp. 175-192 Downloads
Kurt Shusterich
The Iran-Iraq war: Legal implications pp. 193-218 Downloads
S. H. Amin
Implementing Canada's marine fisheries policy,: Objectives, hazards and constraints pp. 219-235 Downloads
Parzival Copes
Krill -- still an enigma pp. 238-239 Downloads
James McElroy
Commonwealth view of deep sea mining pp. 239-241 Downloads
Chandra K. Kumar
Maritime transport the evolution of international marine policy and shipping law: by Edgar Gold Lexington Books, Lexington, MA, and Farnborough, Hants, UK, 1981, 425 pp, £21.50 pp. 251-252 Downloads
Andrew Ashley

Volume 6, issue 2, 1982

Law of the sea and ASW: National security versus arms control pp. 90-102 Downloads
David Larson and Peter Tarpgaard
An economic history and analysis of pelagic whaling pp. 103-120 Downloads
C. W. Clark and R. Lamberson
Regional fish stock management: A model for North-West Africa pp. 121-130 Downloads
John P. Warren, Wade L. Griffin and William E. Grant
Controlling incidental catch: An economic analysis of six management options pp. 131-139 Downloads
Richard J. Marasco and Joseph M. Terry
Criticism from former director of fisheries pp. 140-147 Downloads
A. M. Olsen
The Chattertons reply pp. 147-148 Downloads
Lynne and Brian Chatterton
Administrative aspects pp. 148-149 Downloads
R. D. Walkerden
Seminar on the marketing of fish: London, UK, November 1981 pp. 154-156 Downloads
J. K. McElroy
International Conference for Ocean Mining: Düsseldorf, FR Germany, 15 May 1981 pp. 156-157 Downloads
Hugh Cameron and Jonathan Simnett
Eighth Ocean Energy Conference: Washington, DC, 7-11 June 1981 pp. 157-158 Downloads
Luke Georghiou
Aquaculture economics basic concepts and methods of analysis: by Y.C. Shang Westview Press, Boulder, CO, and Croom Helm, London, 1981, 124 pp, $17.50 pp. 158-159 Downloads
Ian R. Smith
Resource management and environmental uncertainty lessons from coastal upwelling fisheries: edited by Michael H. Glantz and J. Dana Thompson John Wiley, Chichester, Sussex, UK, 1981, 491 pp, £27.05 pp. 159-160 Downloads
Agustín Ayala-Castañares

Volume 6, issue 1, 1982

The scientific basis of marine pollution control pp. 2-10 Downloads
Sonja Boehmer-Christiansen
Us public and private regulation of LNG transport pp. 11-26 Downloads
Jonathan David Aronson and William Westermeyer
Fishery provisions of the ICNT: Part 2 pp. 27-42 Downloads
S. P. Balasubramanian
Fishery management techniques: Practical aspects and limitations pp. 43-57 Downloads
M. P. Sissenwine and J. E. Kirkley
New role for IOC pp. 60-60 Downloads
Matthias Tomczak
UK fish marketing -- a fresh approach pp. 61-62 Downloads
James A. Young
Research interests in the North Sea pp. 63-66 Downloads
Cato C. ten Hallers-Tjabbes and Gerard M. Peet
Small-scale fisheries in the CECAF region -- priorities for research pp. 66-68 Downloads
Rowena M. Lawson
Film pp. 68-69 Downloads
Donald C. Watt
Third UN Conference on the Law of the Sea, Tenth Session (resumed): Geneva, Switzerland, 3-28 August 1981 pp. 69-71 Downloads
Lee Kimball
Greenwich VII, 'Britain and the sea: modern technology and the organization of safety in ports and coastal and enclosed waters, present perils and future prospects', organized by the Greenwich Forum: Greenwich, UK, 17 September 1981 pp. 71-72 Downloads
John Edmondson
ICLARM-CSIRO Workshop on the Theory and Management of Tropical Multispecies Fish Stocks: Cronulla, Australia, 12-23 January 1981 pp. 72-74 Downloads
Daniel Pauly
33rd Meeting of the International Whaling Commission: Brighton, UK, 20-26 July 1981 pp. 74-76 Downloads
Patricia Birnie
Ocean yearbook 2: edited by Elisabeth Mann Borgese and Norton Ginsburg University of Chicago Press for International Oceanic Institute, Chicago and London, 1980, 713pp pp. 78-79 Downloads
Donald C. Watt
Restricting the concept of the freedom of the seas: Modern maritime law re-evalued by George P. Smith II Robert E. Krieger, New York, NY, 1980, 242 pp pp. 79-80 Downloads
A. V. Lowe
Ocean leasing for Hawaii: by Gerald S. Clay with S. Broder, R. Turner, D.S. Kitaoka, G.L. Rhodes and D.K. Yamase Department of Planning and Economic Development, Honolulu, on request pp. 80-81 Downloads
John E. Bardach
The North Sea and its environment, uses and conflicts: edited by Henk van Hoorn, Gerard Peet and Marianne Tiel Netherlands North Sea Working Group, Amsterdam, 1980 pp. 82-83b Downloads
Michael Shackleton
The North Sea: A new international regime?: Records of Greenwich Forum V, 2-4 May 1979 edited by D.C. Watt Westbury House, Guildford, Surrey, UK, 1980, 260 pp, £20, UK only pp. 82-83a Downloads
Michael Shackleton
Internationai politics and the sea: The case of Brazil by Michael A. Morris, Westview Press, Boulder, CO, 1979, 291 pp, $22 pp. 83-84 Downloads
Donald C. Watt
Limited entry as a fishery management tool: edited by R. Bruce Rettig and Jay J.C. Ginter Washington Sea Grant Program, distributed by University of Washington Press, Seattle and London, 1980, 456 pp, $15.00 pp. 84-85 Downloads
David S. Liao
Problems of sea power as we approach the twenty first century: edited by James L. George American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, Washington, DC, 1978, $11.75 cloth, $5.75 paperback pp. 85-85 Downloads
Bryan Ranft
The unnoticed challenge: Soviet maritime strategy and the global choke points by Robert J. Hanks Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis, Cambridge, MA, and Washington, DC, 1980, 66 pp, $6.50 pp. 85-86 Downloads
Peter Nailor
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