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Volume 43, issue C, 2014

Introduction to systems approaches in coastal management—The legacy of the SPICOSA project pp. 1-2 Downloads
Jeanette Reis
Relevance of systems approaches for implementing Integrated Coastal Zone Management principles in Europe pp. 3-12 Downloads
J. Reis, T. Stojanovic and H. Smith
Training for marine planners: Present and future needs pp. 13-20 Downloads
Gillian Glegg
Internet based training and education for coastal management in Germany: A critical evaluation pp. 21-28 Downloads
Gerald Schernewski and Steffen Bock
The use of ocean color remote sensing in integrated coastal zone management—A case study from Himmerfjärden, Sweden pp. 29-39 Downloads
Susanne Kratzer, E. Therese Harvey and Petra Philipson
Testing the application of the Systems Approach Framework (SAF) for the management of eutrophication in the Ria Formosa pp. 40-45 Downloads
Sirak R. Gari, Alice Newton, John Icely and Christopher D. Lowe
Human–environment interaction in the Baltic Sea pp. 46-54 Downloads
Christopher D. Lowe, Alison J. Gilbert and Laurence D. Mee
Socio-economic analysis and stakeholder involvement: Mussel-farming in the Gulf of Trieste pp. 55-62 Downloads
Donata Melaku Canu and Cosimo Solidoro
Economic base model for the Guadiana estuary, Portugal an application for Integrated Coastal Zone Management pp. 63-70 Downloads
Maria Helena Guimarães, Carlos Sousa, Tomaz Dentinho and Tomasz Boski
Evaluation of stakeholder perspectives on the management of the stalked barnacles (Pollicipes pollicipes) resource in the Parque Natural do Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina, Portugal pp. 71-79 Downloads
Akilah T.M. Stewart, Bruno D.D. Fragoso, Rodrigo Clímaco and John D. Icely
Factors that influence the entry–exit decision and intensity of participation of fishing fleet for the Galapagos lobster fishery pp. 80-88 Downloads
Santiago Bucaram and Alex Hearn
The non-consumptive (tourism) ‘value’ of marine species in the Northern section of the Great Barrier Reef pp. 89-103 Downloads
Marina Farr, Natalie Stoeckl and Rabiul Alam Beg
Putting the seafood in sustainable food systems pp. 104-111 Downloads
Julia Olson, Patricia M. Clay and Patricia Pinto da Silva
Performance of a northwestern Mediterranean bottom trawl fleet: How the integration of landings and VMS data can contribute to the implementation of ecosystem-based fisheries management pp. 112-121 Downloads
P. Martín, A. Muntadas, S. de Juan, P. Sánchez and M. Demestre
The economic impacts of marine energy developments: A case study from Scotland pp. 122-131 Downloads
Grant Allan, Patrizio Lecca, Peter McGregor and John Swales
Assessment of eco-labelling schemes for Pacific tuna fisheries pp. 132-142 Downloads
David Seán Kirby, Candice Visser and Quentin Hanich
Democracy and the environment revisited: The case of African fisheries pp. 143-148 Downloads
Martin Sjöstedt and Sverker C. Jagers
An assessment of the current status of the chokka squid fishery in South Africa and an evaluation of alternative allocation strategies pp. 149-163 Downloads
K.L. Cochrane, B. Oliver and W. Sauer
Defining and quantifying China's ocean economy pp. 164-173 Downloads
Rui Zhao, Stephen Hynes and Guang Shun He
Indonesia tuna fisheries development and future strategy pp. 174-183 Downloads
Rahmadi Sunoko and Hsiang-Wen Huang
Implications of defining fisheries closed areas based on predicted habitats in Shetland: A proactive and precautionary approach pp. 184-199 Downloads
Richard L. Shelmerdine, Daniel Stone, Beth Leslie and Martin Robinson
Micro-economic drivers of profitability in an ITQ-managed fishery: An analysis of the Queensland Coral Reef Fin-Fish Fishery pp. 200-207 Downloads
Olivier Thébaud, James Innes, Ana Norman-Lopez, Stephanie Slade, Darren Cameron, Toni Cannard, Sharon Tickell, John Kung, Brigid Kerrigan, Lew Williams and L. Richard Little
Limits and barriers to adaptation to climate variability and change in Bangladeshi coastal fishing communities pp. 208-216 Downloads
Md. Monirul Islam, Susannah Sallu, Klaus Hubacek and Jouni Paavola
The legal, regulatory, and institutional evolution of fishing cooperatives in Alaska and the West Coast of the United States pp. 217-225 Downloads
Michael De Alessi, Joseph M. Sullivan and Ray Hilborn
Fishers' perception of a multiple-use marine protected area: Why communities and gear users differ at Mafia Island, Tanzania pp. 226-235 Downloads
Kate Barley Kincaid, George Rose and Humphrey Mahudi
Back to square one? Fisheries allocation under pressure pp. 236-245 Downloads
Dag Standal and Bjørn Hersoug
Incorporating ecosystem services into the implementation of existing U.S. natural resource management regulations: Operationalizing carbon sequestration and storage pp. 246-253 Downloads
Ariana E. Sutton-Grier, Amber K. Moore, Peter C. Wiley and Peter Edwards
Co-location of activities and designations: A means of solving or creating problems in marine spatial planning? pp. 254-261 Downloads
N. Christie, K. Smyth, R. Barnes and M. Elliott
A global ocean observing system framework for sustainable development pp. 262-272 Downloads
Thomas C. Malone, Paul M. DiGiacomo, Emanuel Gonçalves, Anthony H. Knap, Liana Talaue-McManus and Stephen de Mora
An evaluation of self-governance in the New Zealand Bluff oyster fishery – The indicator system approach pp. 273-282 Downloads
Yuwen Yang, Ross Cullen, Edward Hearnshaw and Ian A. Macdonald
A review of sustainable sea-transport for Oceania: Providing context for renewable energy shipping for the Pacific pp. 283-287 Downloads
Peter Nuttall, Alison Newell, Biman Prasad, Joeli Veitayaki and Elisabeth Holland
Subsidies to tuna fisheries in the Western Central Pacific Ocean pp. 288-294 Downloads
Ussif Sumaila, Andrew Dyck and Adam Baske
The co-location of offshore windfarms and decapod fisheries in the UK: Constraints and opportunities pp. 295-300 Downloads
Tara Hooper and Melanie Austen
Multilingual crews on Norwegian fishing vessels: Implications for communication and safety on board pp. 301-306 Downloads
Trine Thorvaldsen and Signe Annie Sønvisen
Cost-benefit analysis in the context of the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive: The case of Germany pp. 307-312 Downloads
Christine Bertram, Thomas Dworak, Stefan Görlitz, Eduard Interwies and Katrin Rehdanz
Harmful routines? Uncertainty in science and conflicting views on routine petroleum operations in Norway pp. 313-320 Downloads
Anne Blanchard, Kjellrun Hiis Hauge, Gisle Andersen, Jan Helge Fosså, Bjørn Einar Grøsvik, Nils Olav Handegard, Matthias Kaiser, Sonnich Meier, Erik Olsen and Frode Vikebø
Measuring fishery profitability: An index number approach pp. 321-326 Downloads
John B. Walden and Nolan Kitts
Public perceptions of the UK marine environment pp. 327-337 Downloads
R.L. Jefferson, I. Bailey, Laffoley, D. d′A., J.P. Richards and M.J. Attrill
Constructing logbook-like statistics for coastal fisheries using coastal surveillance radar and fish market data pp. 338-346 Downloads
Shui-Kai Chang
Socio-economic quantification of fishing in a European urban area: The case of Vigo pp. 347-358 Downloads
Juan Surís-Regueiro, M. Dolores Garza-Gil and Manuel M. Varela-Lafuente
EU marine strategy framework directive (MSFD) and marine spatial planning (MSP): Which is the more dominant and practicable contributor to maritime policy in the UK? pp. 359-366 Downloads
Jonathon Brennan, Clare Fitzsimmons, Tim Gray and Laura Raggatt
A review of animal welfare implications of the Canadian commercial seal hunt: A critique pp. 367-371 Downloads
Pierre-Yves Daoust, Mike Hammill, Garry Stenson and Charles Caraguel
Rethinking postgraduate education for marine conservation pp. 372-375 Downloads
Jeff A. Langholz and Adina Abeles
From reductionism to systems thinking: How the shipping sector can address sulphur regulation and tackle climate change pp. 376-378 Downloads
Paul Gilbert
A review of animal welfare implications of the Canadian commercial seal hunt – a response to critique of paper MP13 172 pp. 379-381 Downloads
Andrew Butterworth and Mary Richardson

Volume 42, issue C, 2013

The changing face of global fisheries—The 1950s vs. the 2000s pp. 1-4 Downloads
Reg A. Watson and Daniel Pauly
Alternatives to ITQs in equity–efficiency–effectiveness trade-offs: How the lay-up system spread effort in the BC halibut fishery pp. 5-13 Downloads
Evelyn Pinkerton
Whale watching regulation compliance trends and the implications for management off Sydney, Australia pp. 14-19 Downloads
Megan Kessler and Robert Harcourt
Public preferences regarding use and condition of the Baltic Sea—An international comparison informing marine policy pp. 20-30 Downloads
Heini Ahtiainen, Janne Artell, Mikolaj Czajkowski, Berit Hasler, Linus Hasselström, Kari Hyytiäinen, Jürgen Meyerhoff, James C.R. Smart, Tore Söderqvist, Katrin Zimmer, Julia Khaleeva, Olga Rastrigina and Heidi Tuhkanen
Progress and promise in spatial human dimensions research for ecosystem-based ocean planning pp. 31-38 Downloads
J. Zachary Koehn, Daniel R. Reineman and John N. Kittinger
Are outcomes matching policy commitments in Australian marine conservation planning? pp. 39-48 Downloads
Lissa M. Barr and Hugh P. Possingham
Marine litter: Progress in developing an integrated policy approach in Scotland pp. 49-55 Downloads
Emily Hastings and Tavis Potts
Identifying functional stakeholder clusters to maximise communication for the ecosystem approach to fisheries management pp. 56-67 Downloads
Deirdre E. Duggan, Keith D. Farnsworth and Sarah B.M. Kraak
Elicited preferences for components of ocean health in the California Current pp. 68-73 Downloads
Benjamin S. Halpern, Catherine Longo, Karen L. McLeod, Roger Cooke, Baruch Fischhoff, Jameal F. Samhouri and Courtney Scarborough
An empirical analysis of the economic value of ocean space associated with commercial fishing pp. 74-84 Downloads
Di Jin, Porter Hoagland and Brooke Wikgren
The importance of common sense: How Norwegian coastal fishermen deal with occupational risk pp. 85-90 Downloads
Trine Thorvaldsen
Data rescue and re-use: Recycling old information to address new policy concerns pp. 91-98 Downloads
S.J. Hawkins, L.B. Firth, M. McHugh, E.S. Poloczanska, R.J.H. Herbert, M.T. Burrows, M.A. Kendall, P.J. Moore, R.C. Thompson, S.R. Jenkins, D.W. Sims, M.J. Genner and N. Mieszkowska
Applying the large marine ecosystem (LME) governance framework in the Wider Caribbean Region pp. 99-110 Downloads
Lucia Fanning, Robin Mahon and Patrick McConney
Marine economy: A proposal for its definition in the European Union pp. 111-124 Downloads
Juan Surís-Regueiro, M. Dolores Garza-Gil and Manuel M. Varela-Lafuente
What is an endangered species worth? Threshold costs for protecting imperilled fishes in Canada pp. 125-132 Downloads
Jessica A. Schultz, Emily S. Darling and Isabelle M. Côté
Resolving environmental issues in the southern Brazilian artisanal penaeid-trawl fishery through adaptive co-management pp. 133-141 Downloads
Catarina N.S. Silva, Matt K. Broadhurst, Rodrigo P. Medeiros and José H. Dias
Challenges in cross-sectoral marine protection in Europe pp. 142-149 Downloads
Markus Salomon and Miriam Dross
Marine informational governance, a conceptual framework pp. 150-156 Downloads
Ellen Hoefnagel, Birgit de Vos and Erik Buisman
The development of world oceans & coasts and concepts of sustainability pp. 157-165 Downloads
T.A. Stojanovic and C.J.Q. Farmer
Community-based management of near-shore fisheries in Vanuatu: What works? pp. 167-176 Downloads
Marc Léopold, Jennifer Beckensteiner, Jeremie Kaltavara, Jason Raubani and Sophie Caillon
Politics, people and polar bears pp. 178-179 Downloads
E.C.M. Parsons and L.A. Cornick
A restricted fishing area as a tool for fisheries management: Example of the Capbreton canyon, southern Bay of Biscay pp. 180-189 Downloads
F. Sanchez, G. Morandeau, N. Bru and M. Lissardy
A spatial typology for the sea: A contribution from the Baltic pp. 190-197 Downloads
Holger Janßen, Sue Kidd and Torunn Kvinge
A primer for the Environmental Impact Assessment of mining at seafloor massive sulfide deposits pp. 198-209 Downloads
Patrick Colman Collins, Peter Croot, Jens Carlsson, Ana Colaço, Anthony Grehan, Kiseong Hyeong, Robert Kennedy, Christian Mohn, Samantha Smith, Hiroyuki Yamamoto and Ashley Rowden
Industry response to the 2003 set net restrictions for protection of Maui′s dolphin pp. 210-222 Downloads
James Stewart and Peter Callagher
Casualties and loss of life in bulk carriers from 1980 to 2010 pp. 223-235 Downloads
Stephen E. Roberts, Stephen J. Pettit and Peter B. Marlow
Consumptive versus non-consumptive use of sea turtles? Stakeholder perceptions about sustainable use in three communities near Cahuita National Park, Costa Rica pp. 236-244 Downloads
Katharine A. Hart, Tim Gray and Selina M. Stead
Identifying fisheries dependent communities in EU coastal areas pp. 245-252 Downloads
Fabrizio Natale, Natacha Carvalho, Michael Harrop, Jordi Guillen and Katia Frangoudes
Sustainable Livelihoods Approach in tropical coastal and marine social–ecological systems: A review pp. 253-258 Downloads
Daniella Ferrol-Schulte, Matthias Wolff, Sebastian Ferse and Marion Glaser
Rights-based management in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean tuna fishery: Economic and environmental change under the Vessel Day Scheme pp. 259-267 Downloads
Elizabeth Havice
Fish catch data: Less than what meets the eye pp. 268-269 Downloads
David J. Agnew, Nicolas L. Gutiérrez and Doug S. Butterworth
He who hesitates is lost: Why conservation in the Mediterranean Sea is necessary and possible now pp. 270-279 Downloads
Michelle E. Portman, Giuseppe Notarbartolo-di-Sciara, Tundi Agardy, Stelios Katsanevakis, Hugh P. Possingham and Giuseppe Di-Carlo
Brazilian environmental legislation as tool to conserve marine ornamental fish pp. 280-285 Downloads
Flavia Duarte Ferraz Sampaio and Antonio Ostrensky
Technical change in fisheries pp. 286-292 Downloads
Dale Squires and Niels Vestergaard
Has designating and protecting critical habitat had an impact on endangered North Atlantic right whale ship strike mortality? pp. 293-304 Downloads
Kaitlyn A. Mullen, Michael L. Peterson and Sean K. Todd
Sport fisheries: Opportunities and challenges for diversifying coastal livelihoods in the Pacific pp. 305-314 Downloads
Apanie L. Wood, James R.A. Butler, Marcus Sheaves and Jacob Wani
Whale interactions with Alaskan sablefish and Pacific halibut fisheries: Surveying fishermen perception, changing fishing practices and mitigation pp. 315-324 Downloads
Megan J. Peterson and Courtney Carothers
The Portuguese maritime spatial plan pp. 325-333 Downloads
H. Calado and J. Bentz
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