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1973 - 2023

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Volume 40, issue 3, 2023

Rebel institutions and negotiated peace pp. 239-259 Downloads
Karen Albert
Female combatants and rebel group behaviour: Evidence from Nepal pp. 260-280 Downloads
Marius Mehrl
A certain gamble: Institutional change, leader turnover, and their effect on rivalry termination pp. 281-303 Downloads
Richard J Saunders
Intervention, war expansion, and the international sources of civil war pp. 304-324 Downloads
Hans-Inge Langø
Relative political capacity: A dataset to evaluate the performance of nations, 1960–2018 pp. 325-345 Downloads
Ali Fisunoglu, Kyungkook Kang, Tad Kugler and Marina Arbetman-Rabinowitz

Volume 40, issue 2, 2023

Judicial independence and refugee flights pp. 111-133 Downloads
Saadet Ulasoglu Imamoglu
Can religious norms reduce violent attitudes? Experimental evidence from a Muslim–Christian conflict pp. 134-161 Downloads
Anselm Hager and Kunaal Sharma
Democratization as an impetus for peace talks in civil wars pp. 162-186 Downloads
Barış Arı
Does transnational terrorism stimulate foreign assistance? pp. 187-206 Downloads
Wukki Kim and Todd Sandler
Fear, accessibility, and legitimacy: An examination of the effects of political violence on health security in Pakistan pp. 207-235 Downloads
Amira Jadoon and Hina Khalid

Volume 40, issue 1, 2023

The lesser evil? Experimental evidence on the strength of nuclear and chemical weapon “taboos†pp. 3-21 Downloads
Michal Smetana, Marek Vranka and Ondrej Rosendorf
Securing guarantees: How nuclear proliferation can strengthen great power commitments pp. 22-41 Downloads
Julianne Phillips
Hitting back or holding back in cyberspace: Experimental evidence regarding Americans’ responses to cyberattacks pp. 42-64 Downloads
Marcelo M Leal and Paul Musgrave
Human rights organizations and transitional justice agenda-setting: Evidence from peace agreement provisions pp. 65-87 Downloads
Sam R. Bell and Risa Kitagawa
Financial contributions to United Nations peacekeeping, 1990–2010: A new dataset pp. 88-107 Downloads
Timothy JA Passmore, Megan Shannon and Morgan Nadeau

Volume 39, issue 6, 2022

Arming for conflict, arming for peace? How small arms imports affect intrastate conflict risk pp. 637-660 Downloads
Andreas Mehltretter
Trickledown politics: Do excluded ethnic groups benefit from non-violent national resistance campaigns? pp. 661-685 Downloads
Brandon Ives
A perfect match? The dampening effect of interethnic marriage on armed conflict in Africa pp. 686-705 Downloads
Leila Demarest and Roos Haer
Secessionist conflict as diversion from inequality: The missing link between grievance and repression pp. 706-730 Downloads
Valery Dzutsati
Violence, co-optation, and postwar voting in Guatemala pp. 731-754 Downloads
Francisco Villamil
{peacesciencer}: An R package for quantitative peace science research†pp. 755-779 Downloads
Steven V Miller

Volume 39, issue 5, 2022

Preventive war and sovereign debt pp. 487-519 Downloads
Colin Krainin, Kristopher W Ramsay, Bella Wang and Joseph J Ruggiero
Economic crises, civilian mobilization, and repression in developing states pp. 520-541 Downloads
Ore Koren and Bumba Mukherjee
Fear of campaign violence and support for democracy and autocracy pp. 542-564 Downloads
Inken von Borzyskowski, Ursula Daxecker and Patrick M. Kuhn
Female fighters and the fates of rebellions: How mobilizing women influences conflict duration pp. 565-586 Downloads
Reed M. Wood and Lindsey Allemang
US aid and substitution of human rights violations pp. 587-608 Downloads
Ghashia Kiyani
The Ethnic Stacking in Africa Dataset: When leaders use ascriptive identity to build military loyalty pp. 609-632 Downloads
Kristen A. Harkness

Volume 39, issue 4, 2022

Against polarization pp. 375-393 Downloads
Christian Davenport
Economic legacy effects of armed conflict: Insights from the civil war in Aceh, Indonesia pp. 394-421 Downloads
Martin Philipp Heger and Eric Neumayer
Turning the lights on to keep them in the fold: How governments preempt secession attempts pp. 422-446 Downloads
Rob Williams
Scientific intelligence, nuclear assistance, and bargaining pp. 447-469 Downloads
William Spaniel
The MID5 Dataset, 2011–2014: Procedures, coding rules, and description pp. 470-482 Downloads
Glenn Palmer, Roseanne W McManus, Vito D’Orazio, Michael R Kenwick, Mikaela Karstens, Chase Bloch, Nick Dietrich, Kayla Kahn, Kellan Ritter and Michael J Soules

Volume 39, issue 3, 2022

Major power politics and non-violent resistance movements pp. 241-265 Downloads
Ilker Kalin, Marie Olson Lounsbery and Frederic Pearson
Conditional cross-border effects of terrorism in China pp. 266-290 Downloads
Ji Yeon Hong and Wenhui Yang
Pro-government militias and civil war termination pp. 291-310 Downloads
Chelsea Estancona and Lindsay Reid
Accountability and cyber conflict: examining institutional constraints on the use of cyber proxies pp. 311-332 Downloads
William Akoto
Ideological motives and taxation by armed groups pp. 333-350 Downloads
Jori Breslawski and Colin Tucker
US global military deployments, 1950–2020* pp. 351-370 Downloads
Michael A Allen, Michael E Flynn and Carla Martinez Machain

Volume 39, issue 2, 2022

Who’s prone to drone? A global time-series analysis of armed uninhabited aerial vehicle proliferation pp. 119-142 Downloads
Michael Horowitz, Joshua A Schwartz and Matthew Fuhrmann
Higher education and violent revolutionary activism under authoritarianism: Subnational evidence from Iran pp. 143-165 Downloads
Peyman Asadzade
To fight or demonstrate? Micro foundations of inequality and conflict pp. 166-190 Downloads
Solveig Hillesund
Arms transfers and international relations theory: Situating military aircraft sales in the broader IR context pp. 191-213 Downloads
Spencer L Willardson and Richard AI Johnson
Terrorism in armed conflict: new data attributing terrorism to rebel organizations pp. 214-236 Downloads
Virginia Page Fortna, Nicholas J. Lotito and Michael A. Rubin

Volume 39, issue 1, 2022

The tradeoffs of using female suicide bombers pp. 3-23 Downloads
Michael J. Soules
Sequencing United Nations peacemaking: Political initiatives and peacekeeping operations pp. 24-48 Downloads
Han Dorussen, Tobias Böhmelt and Govinda Clayton
The significance of age structure, education, and youth unemployment for explaining subnational variation in violent youth crime in Mexico pp. 49-73 Downloads
Nicolás Corona Juárez, Henrik Urdal and Krishna Chaitanya Vadlamannati
The gender gap in voting in post-conflict elections: Evidence from Israel, Mali and Côte d’Ivoire pp. 74-96 Downloads
Daniel Stockemer and Michael J Wigginton
Post-Cold War sanctioning by the EU, the UN, and the US: Introducing the EUSANCT Dataset pp. 97-114 Downloads
Patrick M Weber and Gerald Schneider

Volume 38, issue 6, 2021

Violence, non-violence and the conditional effect of repression on subsequent dissident mobilization pp. 627-653 Downloads
Amy Yunyu Chiang
Ethnic minorities, ethnic conflict, and confidence in the UN across the world pp. 654-673 Downloads
Ekrem Karakoç and Zhiyuan Wang
Environmental shocks, civil conflict and aid effectiveness pp. 674-695 Downloads
Seok Joon Kim
Teaching from experience: foreign training and rebel success in civil War pp. 696-717 Downloads
Eric Keels, Jay Benson and Michael Widmeier
Politics of interconfessional empathy and Schadenfreude in Lebanon pp. 718-741 Downloads
Konstantin Ash and Thomas M. Dolan
Terrain and war: Measuring topographic and land cover heterogeneity in interstate wars, 1816–2003 pp. 742-761 Downloads
Connor JS Sutton and Michael J Battaglia
Diplomatic documents data for international relations: the Freedom of Information Archive Database pp. 762-781 Downloads
Matthew J Connelly, Raymond Hicks, Robert Jervis, Arthur Spirling and Clara H Suong

Volume 38, issue 5, 2021

Non-violent resistance and the quality of democracy pp. 503-523 Downloads
Felix S Bethke and Jonathan Pinckney
Selectorate’s information and dictator’s accountability pp. 524-542 Downloads
Mario Gilli and Yuan Li
Public opinion, international reputation, and audience costs in an authoritarian regime pp. 543-560 Downloads
Xiaojun Li and Dingding Chen
Displacement and the expectation of political violence: Evidence from Bosnia pp. 561-579 Downloads
Akisato Suzuki, Djordje Stefanovic and Neophytos Loizides
Keeping electoral peace? Activities of United Nations peacekeeping operations and their effects on election-related violence pp. 580-604 Downloads
Hannah Smidt
Peace data: Concept, measurement, patterns, and research agenda pp. 605-624 Downloads
Paul F Diehl, Gary Goertz and Yahve Gallegos

Volume 38, issue 4, 2021

Democratic breakdown and terrorism pp. 369-390 Downloads
Joshua Tschantret
Mobilization for peace: Analyzing religious peace activism pp. 391-410 Downloads
Johannes Vüllers
Extended intergroup contact in frozen conflicts: Experimental evidence from Cyprus pp. 411-433 Downloads
Daniela Donno, Charis Psaltis and Omer Zarpli
Protest, counter-protest and organizational diversification of protest groups pp. 434-456 Downloads
Kana Inata
The implications of traditional authority contest for local-level stability – Evidence from South Africa pp. 457-480 Downloads
Katariina Mustasilta
Mutiny in Africa, 1950–2018 pp. 481-499 Downloads
Rebecca Schiel, Jonathan Powell and Christopher Faulkner

Volume 38, issue 3, 2021

The legacy of war: The effect of militias on postwar repression pp. 247-269 Downloads
Sabine C Carey and Belén González
Organizational context matters: explaining different responses to militant leadership targeting pp. 270-291 Downloads
Yasutaka Tominaga
Peacekeeper Fatalities and Force Commitments to UN Operations pp. 292-315 Downloads
Andrew Levin
The reintegration of ex-combatants and post-conflict violence. An analysis of municipal crime levels in Colombia pp. 316-337 Downloads
Andrea González Peña and Han Dorussen
The dataset of Political Agreements in Internal Conflicts (PAIC) pp. 338-364 Downloads
Giuditta Fontana, Argyro Kartsonaki, Natascha S Neudorfer, Dawn Walsh, Stefan Wolff and Christalla Yakinthou

Volume 38, issue 2, 2021

In plain sight? Reconsidering the linkage between brideprice and violent conflict1 pp. 129-146 Downloads
Scott J Cook and Cameron G Thies
Response to Cook and Thies pp. 147-153 Downloads
Valerie M Hudson and Hilary Matfess
Reply to Hudson and Matfess pp. 154-155 Downloads
Scott J Cook and Cameron G Thies
Pork, parties, and priorities: Partisan politics and overseas military deployments pp. 156-177 Downloads
Andrew Stravers
Power changes, alliance credibility, and extended deterrence pp. 178-199 Downloads
Jesse C Johnson and Stephen Joiner
The democracy dilemma. Aid, power-sharing governments, and post-conflict democratization pp. 200-223 Downloads
Felix Haass
Near crises in world politics: A new dataset pp. 224-243 Downloads
Evgeniia Iakhnis and Patrick James

Volume 38, issue 1, 2021

Oil wealth and US public support for war pp. 3-19 Downloads
Lala Muradova and Ross James Gildea
Fiscal weakness, the (under-) provision of public services, and institutional reform pp. 20-44 Downloads
Manuel Oechslin and Mauricio Rodriguez
How mediator leadership transitions influence mediation effectiveness pp. 45-62 Downloads
Marius Mehrl and Tobias Böhmelt
Precrisis military hostility and escalation in international crises pp. 63-86 Downloads
Luba Levin-Banchik
Simplified complexity: Analytical strategies for conflict event research pp. 87-108 Downloads
Eelco van der Maat
Introducing the Ethnic One-Sided Violence dataset pp. 109-126 Downloads
Hanne Fjelde, Lisa Hultman, Livia Schubiger, Lars-Erik Cederman, Simon Hug and Margareta Sollenberg
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