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2003 - 2018

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Volume 33, issue 4, 2018

Joint modeling for mixed-effects quantile regression of longitudinal data with detection limits and covariates measured with error, with application to AIDS studies pp. 1563-1587 Downloads
Yuzhu Tian, Manlai Tang and Maozai Tian
A fast imputation algorithm in quantile regression pp. 1589-1603 Downloads
Hao Cheng and Ying Wei
Quantile regression for linear models with autoregressive errors using EM algorithm pp. 1605-1625 Downloads
Yuzhu Tian, Manlai Tang, Yanchao Zang and Maozai Tian
Estimation of spatial autoregressive models with measurement error for large data sets pp. 1627-1648 Downloads
Thomas Suesse
Simulation of Student–Lévy processes using series representations pp. 1649-1685 Downloads
Till Massing
Bayesian inference of the fractional Ornstein–Uhlenbeck process under a flow sampling scheme pp. 1687-1713 Downloads
Theodore Simos and Mike Tsionas
Bayesian time series regression with nonparametric modeling of autocorrelation pp. 1715-1731 Downloads
Tanujit Dey, Kun Ho Kim and Chae Young Lim
Forecasting seasonal time series data: a Bayesian model averaging approach pp. 1733-1765 Downloads
Alexander Vosseler and Enzo Weber
sppmix: Poisson point process modeling using normal mixture models pp. 1767-1798 Downloads
Athanasios C. Micheas and Jiaxun Chen
ClustGeo: an R package for hierarchical clustering with spatial constraints pp. 1799-1822 Downloads
Marie Chavent, Vanessa Kuentz-Simonet, Amaury Labenne and Jérôme Saracco
fastWKendall: an efficient algorithm for weighted Kendall correlation pp. 1823-1845 Downloads
Jie Lin, Donald A. Adjeroh, Bing-Hua Jiang and Yue Jiang
Applications of conditional power function of two-sample permutation test pp. 1847-1862 Downloads
Monjed H. Samuh and Fortunato Pesarin
Statistical inference for $$L^2$$ L 2 -distances to uniformity pp. 1863-1896 Downloads
L. Baringhaus, D. Gaigall and J. P. Thiele
Preliminary test estimation in system regression models in view of asymmetry pp. 1897-1921 Downloads
J. Kleyn, M. Arashi and S. Millard
Stability approach to selecting the number of principal components pp. 1923-1938 Downloads
Jiyeon Song and Seung Jun Shin
A correction of approximations used in sensitivity study of principal component analysis pp. 1939-1955 Downloads
Jacques Bénasséni

Volume 33, issue 3, 2018

Proceedings of Reisensburg 2014–2015 pp. 1125-1126 Downloads
Hans A. Kestler, Bernd Bischl and Matthias Schmid
Model based optimization of a statistical simulation model for single diamond grinding pp. 1127-1143 Downloads
Swetlana Herbrandt, Uwe Ligges, Manuel Pinho Ferreira, Michael Kansteiner, Dirk Biermann, Wolfgang Tillmann and Claus Weihs
Finding small somatic structural variants in exome sequencing data: a machine learning approach pp. 1145-1158 Downloads
Matthias Kuhn, Thoralf Stange, Sylvia Herold, Christian Thiede and Ingo Roeder
Predicting measurements at unobserved locations in an electrical transmission system pp. 1159-1172 Downloads
Dirk Surmann, Uwe Ligges and Claus Weihs
Learning vector quantization classifiers for ROC-optimization pp. 1173-1194 Downloads
T. Villmann, M. Kaden, W. Hermann and M. Biehl
On the choice and influence of the number of boosting steps for high-dimensional linear Cox-models pp. 1195-1215 Downloads
Heidi Seibold, Christoph Bernau, Anne-Laure Boulesteix and Riccardo De Bin
The odd log-logistic Topp–Leone G family of distributions: heteroscedastic regression models and applications pp. 1217-1244 Downloads
Morad Alizadeh, Fazlollah Lak, Mahdi Rasekhi, Thiago G. Ramires, Haitham M. Yousof and Emrah Altun
Additive–multiplicative hazards model with current status data pp. 1245-1266 Downloads
Wanrong Liu, Jianglin Fang and Xuewen Lu
Design of component reliability test plan for a series system having time dependent testing cost with the presence of covariates pp. 1267-1292 Downloads
M. Kumar and P. N. Bajeel
Likelihood-based inference for bivariate latent failure time models with competing risks under the generalized FGM copula pp. 1293-1323 Downloads
Jia-Han Shih and Takeshi Emura
Interval estimation of $$P(X pp. 1325-1348 Downloads
M. Mahdizadeh and Ehsan Zamanzade
Proportion estimation in ranked set sampling in the presence of tie information pp. 1349-1366 Downloads
Ehsan Zamanzade and Xinlei Wang
Inferences on the common mean of several normal populations under heteroscedasticity pp. 1367-1384 Downloads
Ahad Malekzadeh and Mahmood Kharrati-Kopaei
Sample selection models for count data in R pp. 1385-1412 Downloads
Karol Wyszynski and Giampiero Marra
Efficient computation of multivariate empirical distribution functions at the observed values pp. 1413-1428 Downloads
David Lee and Harry Joe
Semiparametric estimation of the link function in binary-choice single-index models pp. 1429-1455 Downloads
Alan P. Ker and Abdoul G. Sam
Post-processing of Markov chain Monte Carlo output in Bayesian latent variable models with application to multidimensional scaling pp. 1457-1473 Downloads
Kensuke Okada and Shin-ichi Mayekawa
High-dimensional variable selection with the plaid mixture model for clustering pp. 1475-1496 Downloads
Thierry Chekouo and Alejandro Murua
Transformation of variables and the condition number in ridge estimation pp. 1497-1524 Downloads
Román Salmerón, José García, Catalina García and María del Mar López
Rank-based Liu regression pp. 1525-1561 Downloads
Mohammad Arashi, Mina Norouzirad, S. Ejaz Ahmed and Bahadır Yüzbaşı

Volume 33, issue 2, 2018

Logistic regression diagnostics in ridge regression pp. 563-593 Downloads
M. Revan Özkale, Stanley Lemeshow and Rodney Sturdivant
Model selection criteria based on cross-validatory concordance statistics pp. 595-621 Downloads
Patrick Ten Eyck and Joseph E. Cavanaugh
H-relative error estimation for multiplicative regression model with random effect pp. 623-638 Downloads
Zhanfeng Wang, Zhuojian Chen and Zimu Chen
New designs to consistently estimate the isotonic regression pp. 639-658 Downloads
Ana Colubi, J. Santos Dominguez-Menchero and Gil Gonzalez-Rodriguez
Robust empirical likelihood for partially linear models via weighted composite quantile regression pp. 659-674 Downloads
Peixin Zhao and Xiaoshuang Zhou
Robust estimation and moment selection in dynamic fixed-effects panel data models pp. 675-708 Downloads
P. Čížek and M. Aquaro
Estimating nonlinear effects in the presence of cure fraction using a semi-parametric regression model pp. 709-730 Downloads
Thiago G. Ramires, Niel Hens, Gauss M. Cordeiro and Edwin M. M. Ortega
A lack-of-fit test for generalized linear models via single-index techniques pp. 731-756 Downloads
Chin-Shang Li and Minggen Lu
On the examination of the reliability of statistical software for estimating regression models with discrete dependent variables pp. 757-786 Downloads
Jason Bergtold, Krishna P. Pokharel, Allen Featherstone and Lijia Mo
Extending AIC to best subset regression pp. 787-806 Downloads
J. G. Liao, Joseph E. Cavanaugh and Timothy L. McMurry
On the zero-modified Poisson–Shanker regression model and its application to fetal deaths notification data pp. 807-836 Downloads
Wesley Bertoli, Katiane S. Conceição, Marinho G. Andrade and Francisco Louzada
Pairwise likelihood inference for the random effects probit model pp. 837-861 Downloads
T.-F. Lo, P.-H. Ke and Wen-Jen Tsay
Optimal difference-based estimation for partially linear models pp. 863-885 Downloads
Yuejin Zhou, Yebin Cheng, Wenlin Dai and Tiejun Tong
Generalized good lattice point sets pp. 887-901 Downloads
Zong-Feng Qi, Xue-Ru Zhang and Yong-Dao Zhou
Robust population designs for longitudinal linear regression model with a random intercept pp. 903-931 Downloads
Xiao-Dong Zhou, Yun-Juan Wang and Rong-Xian Yue
Choice of optimal second stage designs in two-stage experiments pp. 933-965 Downloads
A. M. Elsawah
Likelihood computation in the normal-gamma stochastic frontier model pp. 967-982 Downloads
Bernardo B. Andrade and Geraldo S. Souza
Working correlation structure selection in generalized estimating equations pp. 983-996 Downloads
Liya Fu, Yangyang Hao and You-Gan Wang
A heuristic, iterative algorithm for change-point detection in abrupt change models pp. 997-1015 Downloads
Salvatore Fasola, Vito M. R. Muggeo and Helmut Küchenhoff
A pruned recursive solution to the multiple change point problem pp. 1017-1045 Downloads
Eric Ruggieri
On the estimation of nested Archimedean copulas: a theoretical and an experimental comparison pp. 1047-1070 Downloads
Nathan Uyttendaele
Notes on kernel density based mode estimation using more efficient sampling designs pp. 1071-1090 Downloads
Hani Samawi, Haresh Rochani, JingJing Yin, Daniel Linder and Robert Vogel
Statistical inference in mechanistic models: time warping for improved gradient matching pp. 1091-1123 Downloads
Mu Niu, Benn Macdonald, Simon Rogers, Maurizio Filippone and Dirk Husmeier

Volume 33, issue 1, 2018

Efficient importance sampling in low dimensions using affine arithmetic pp. 1-29 Downloads
Richard G. Everitt
Statistical inference under adaptive progressive censoring scheme pp. 31-74 Downloads
M. M. Mohie El-Din, A. R. Shafay and M. Nagy
Comparative study and sensitivity analysis of skewed spatial processes pp. 75-98 Downloads
Jiangyan Wang, Miao Yang and Anandamayee Majumdar
Objective bayesian analysis of the Yule–Simon distribution with applications pp. 99-126 Downloads
Fabrizio Leisen, Luca Rossini and Cristiano Villa
Efficient MCMC estimation of inflated beta regression models pp. 127-158 Downloads
Phillip Li
Independent sampling for Bayesian normal conditional autoregressive models with OpenCL acceleration pp. 159-177 Downloads
Mary Kathryn Cowles, Stephen Bonett and Michael Seedorff
Coupling stochastic EM and approximate Bayesian computation for parameter inference in state-space models pp. 179-212 Downloads
Umberto Picchini and Adeline Samson
Posterior simulation via the exponentially tilted signed root log-likelihood ratio pp. 213-234 Downloads
Samer A. Kharroubi
Objective Bayesian model selection approach to the two way analysis of variance pp. 235-248 Downloads
J. A. Cano, C. Carazo and D. Salmerón
Classical and Bayesian inference in two parameter exponential distribution with randomly censored data pp. 249-275 Downloads
H. Krishna and N. Goel
Bayesian estimation of generalized gamma shared frailty model pp. 277-297 Downloads
Sukhmani Sidhu, Kanchan Jain and Suresh Kumar Sharma
Birnbaum–Saunders power-exponential kernel density estimation and Bayes local bandwidth selection for nonnegative heavy tailed data pp. 299-318 Downloads
Yasmina Ziane, Nabil Zougab and Smail Adjabi
Heteroscedastic replicated measurement error models under asymmetric heavy-tailed distributions pp. 319-338 Downloads
Chunzheng Cao, Mengqian Chen, Yahui Wang and Jian Qing Shi
Improved parameter estimation of the log-logistic distribution with applications pp. 339-356 Downloads
Joseph Reath, Jianping Dong and Min Wang
A comparative study of methods for testing the equality of two or more ROC curves pp. 357-377 Downloads
Arís Fanjul-Hevia and Wenceslao González-Manteiga
A powerful wild bootstrap diagnosis of panel unit roots under linear trends and time-varying volatility pp. 379-411 Downloads
Helmut Herwartz and Yabibal Walle
Abrupt change in mean using block bootstrap and avoiding variance estimation pp. 413-441 Downloads
Barbora Peštová and Michal Pešta
On the invertibility of seasonally adjusted series pp. 443-465 Downloads
Yuliya Lovcha, Alejandro Perez-Laborda and Luis Gil-Alana
Local optimization of black-box functions with high or infinite-dimensional inputs: application to nuclear safety pp. 467-485 Downloads
Angelina Roche
Calculating quantiles of noisy distribution functions using local linear regressions pp. 487-501 Downloads
Björn Bornkamp
A peeling algorithm for multiple testing on a random field pp. 503-525 Downloads
Joungyoun Kim, Donghyeon Yu, Johan Lim and Joong-Ho Won
Estimation of generalized structured component analysis models with alternating least squares pp. 527-548 Downloads
Rainer Schlittgen
Joint records from two exponential populations and associated inference pp. 549-562 Downloads
William Volterman, R. Arabi Belaghi and N. Balakrishnan
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