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2003 - 2018

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Volume 33, issue 1, 2018

Efficient importance sampling in low dimensions using affine arithmetic pp. 1-29 Downloads
Richard G. Everitt
Statistical inference under adaptive progressive censoring scheme pp. 31-74 Downloads
M. M. Mohie El-Din, A. R. Shafay and M. Nagy
Comparative study and sensitivity analysis of skewed spatial processes pp. 75-98 Downloads
Jiangyan Wang, Miao Yang and Anandamayee Majumdar
Objective bayesian analysis of the Yule–Simon distribution with applications pp. 99-126 Downloads
Fabrizio Leisen, Luca Rossini and Cristiano Villa
Efficient MCMC estimation of inflated beta regression models pp. 127-158 Downloads
Phillip Li
Independent sampling for Bayesian normal conditional autoregressive models with OpenCL acceleration pp. 159-177 Downloads
Mary Kathryn Cowles, Stephen Bonett and Michael Seedorff
Coupling stochastic EM and approximate Bayesian computation for parameter inference in state-space models pp. 179-212 Downloads
Umberto Picchini and Adeline Samson
Posterior simulation via the exponentially tilted signed root log-likelihood ratio pp. 213-234 Downloads
Samer A. Kharroubi
Objective Bayesian model selection approach to the two way analysis of variance pp. 235-248 Downloads
J. A. Cano, C. Carazo and D. Salmerón
Classical and Bayesian inference in two parameter exponential distribution with randomly censored data pp. 249-275 Downloads
H. Krishna and N. Goel
Bayesian estimation of generalized gamma shared frailty model pp. 277-297 Downloads
Sukhmani Sidhu, Kanchan Jain and Suresh Kumar Sharma
Birnbaum–Saunders power-exponential kernel density estimation and Bayes local bandwidth selection for nonnegative heavy tailed data pp. 299-318 Downloads
Yasmina Ziane, Nabil Zougab and Smail Adjabi
Heteroscedastic replicated measurement error models under asymmetric heavy-tailed distributions pp. 319-338 Downloads
Chunzheng Cao, Mengqian Chen, Yahui Wang and Jian Qing Shi
Improved parameter estimation of the log-logistic distribution with applications pp. 339-356 Downloads
Joseph Reath, Jianping Dong and Min Wang
A comparative study of methods for testing the equality of two or more ROC curves pp. 357-377 Downloads
Arís Fanjul-Hevia and Wenceslao González-Manteiga
A powerful wild bootstrap diagnosis of panel unit roots under linear trends and time-varying volatility pp. 379-411 Downloads
Helmut Herwartz and Yabibal Walle
Abrupt change in mean using block bootstrap and avoiding variance estimation pp. 413-441 Downloads
Barbora Peštová and Michal Pešta
On the invertibility of seasonally adjusted series pp. 443-465 Downloads
Yuliya Lovcha, Alejandro Perez-Laborda and Luis Gil-Alana
Local optimization of black-box functions with high or infinite-dimensional inputs: application to nuclear safety pp. 467-485 Downloads
Angelina Roche
Calculating quantiles of noisy distribution functions using local linear regressions pp. 487-501 Downloads
Björn Bornkamp
A peeling algorithm for multiple testing on a random field pp. 503-525 Downloads
Joungyoun Kim, Donghyeon Yu, Johan Lim and Joong-Ho Won
Estimation of generalized structured component analysis models with alternating least squares pp. 527-548 Downloads
Rainer Schlittgen
Joint records from two exponential populations and associated inference pp. 549-562 Downloads
William Volterman, R. Arabi Belaghi and N. Balakrishnan

Volume 32, issue 4, 2017

Bootstrap and permutation tests in ANOVA for directional data pp. 1213-1240 Downloads
Adelaide Figueiredo
An ‘apples to apples’ comparison of various tests for exponentiality pp. 1241-1283 Downloads
J. S. Allison, L. Santana, N. Smit and I. J. H. Visagie
Resampling based inference for a distribution function using censored ranked set samples pp. 1285-1308 Downloads
M. Mahdizadeh and E. Strzalkowska-Kominiak
Tests of perfect judgment ranking using pseudo-samples pp. 1309-1322 Downloads
Saeid Amiri, Reza Modarres and Silvelyn Zwanzig
A Monte Carlo evaluation of the performance of two new tests for symmetry pp. 1323-1338 Downloads
James S. Allison and Charl Pretorius
On moment-type estimators for a class of log-symmetric distributions pp. 1339-1355 Downloads
N. Balakrishnan, Helton Saulo, Marcelo Bourguignon and Xiaojun Zhu
A regression-based numerical scheme for backward stochastic differential equations pp. 1357-1373 Downloads
Deng Ding, Xiaofei Li and Yiqi Liu
An effective method to reduce the computational complexity of composite quantile regression pp. 1375-1393 Downloads
Yanke Wu and Maozai Tian
Fast implementation of the Tukey depth pp. 1395-1410 Downloads
Xiaohui Liu
Inaccurate regression coefficients in Microsoft Excel 2003: an investigation of Volpi’s “zero bug” pp. 1411-1421 Downloads
H.-J. Sun, Kaoru Fukuda and B. D. McCullough
Dependence structure and test of independence for some well-known bivariate distributions pp. 1423-1451 Downloads
M. Zargar, H. Jabbari and M. Amini
Testing the equality of several linear regression models pp. 1453-1480 Downloads
Filipe J. Marques, Carlos A. Coelho and Paulo C. Rodrigues
Multivariate moment based extreme value index estimators pp. 1481-1513 Downloads
Matias Heikkilä, Yves Dominicy and Pauliina Ilmonen
Bivariate nonparametric estimation of the Pickands dependence function using Bernstein copula with kernel regression approach pp. 1515-1532 Downloads
Alireza Ahmadabadi and Burcu Hudaverdi Ucer
Numerical distribution functions for seasonal unit root tests with OLS and GLS detrending pp. 1533-1568 Downloads
Tomás del Barrio Castro, Andrii Bodnar and Andreu Sanso
A new method to detect periodically correlated structure pp. 1569-1581 Downloads
Mohammad Reza Mahmoudi and Mohsen Maleki
A test for a parametric form of the volatility in second-order diffusion models pp. 1583-1596 Downloads
Tianshun Yan and Changlin Mei
Quasi-likelihood inference for self-exciting threshold integer-valued autoregressive processes pp. 1597-1620 Downloads
Han Li, Kai Yang and Dehui Wang
Fast derivatives of likelihood functionals for ODE based models using adjoint-state method pp. 1621-1643 Downloads
Valdemar Melicher, Tom Haber and Wim Vanroose
Quadratic properties of least-squares solutions of linear matrix equations with statistical applications pp. 1645-1663 Downloads
Yongge Tian and Bo Jiang
Prediction of censored exponential lifetimes in a simple step-stress model under progressive Type II censoring pp. 1665-1687 Downloads
Indrani Basak and N. Balakrishnan
Nonparametric confidence intervals for ranked set samples pp. 1689-1725 Downloads
Santu Ghosh, Arpita Chatterjee and N. Balakrishnan
The joint signature of parallel systems for different permutations of failure times pp. 1727-1746 Downloads
Leila Mohammadi
Weighted least squares estimation for exchangeable binary data pp. 1747-1765 Downloads
Dale Bowman and E. Olusegun George
Efficient simulation from a gamma distribution with small shape parameter pp. 1767-1775 Downloads
Chuanhai Liu, Ryan Martin and Nick Syring
Erratum to: Bootstrap prediction intervals in beta regressions pp. 1777-1777 Downloads
Patrícia L. Espinheira, Silvia L. P. Ferrari and Francisco Cribari-Neto

Volume 32, issue 3, 2017

A sparse hierarchical Bayesian model for detecting relevant antigenic sites in virus evolution pp. 803-843 Downloads
Vinny Davies, Richard Reeve, William T. Harvey, Francois F. Maree and Dirk Husmeier
Bayesian inference on longitudinal-survival data with multiple features pp. 845-866 Downloads
Tao Lu
Frequentist standard errors of Bayes estimators pp. 867-888 Downloads
DongHyuk Lee, Raymond J. Carroll and Samiran Sinha
Statistical simulation based on right skewed distributions pp. 889-907 Downloads
Kazushi Maruo, Takaharu Yamabe and Yusuke Yamaguchi
An exact approach to ridge regression for big data pp. 909-928 Downloads
Tonglin Zhang and Baijian Yang
On weighted and locally polynomial directional quantile regression pp. 929-946 Downloads
Pavel Boček and Miroslav Šiman
Efficient parameter estimation via modified Cholesky decomposition for quantile regression with longitudinal data pp. 947-975 Downloads
Jing Lv and Chaohui Guo
Effects of measurement error on a class of single-index varying coefficient regression models pp. 977-1001 Downloads
Jianhong Shi, Qian Yang, Xiongya Li and Weixing Song
Fully robust one-sided cross-validation for regression functions pp. 1003-1025 Downloads
Olga Y. Savchuk and Jeffrey D. Hart
Bandwidth matrix selectors for kernel regression pp. 1027-1046 Downloads
Jan Koláček and Ivana Horová
Optimal variance estimation based on lagged second-order difference in nonparametric regression pp. 1047-1063 Downloads
WenWu Wang, Lu Lin and Li Yu
Spurious regression due to neglected of non-stationary volatility pp. 1065-1081 Downloads
Hao Jin, Si Zhang and Jinsuo Zhang
Choosing the most relevant level sets for depicting a sample of densities pp. 1083-1113 Downloads
Pedro Delicado and Philippe Vieu
Identifying local smoothness for spatially inhomogeneous functions pp. 1115-1138 Downloads
Dongik Jang, Hee-Seok Oh and Philippe Naveau
Estimation of level set trees using adaptive partitions pp. 1139-1163 Downloads
Lasse Holmström, Kyösti Karttunen and Jussi Klemelä
Some hypothesis tests based on random projection pp. 1165-1189 Downloads
Ricardo Fraiman, Leonardo Moreno and Sebastian Vallejo
Canonical correlation for principal components of time series pp. 1191-1212 Downloads
S. Yaser Samadi, L. Billard, M. R. Meshkani and A. Khodadadi

Volume 32, issue 2, 2017

Use of EM algorithm for data reduction under sparsity assumption pp. 387-407 Downloads
Atanu Kumar Ghosh and Arnab Chakraborty
Unsupervised learning of pharmacokinetic responses pp. 409-428 Downloads
Elson Tomás, Susana Vinga and Alexandra M. Carvalho
Likelihood inference for the destructive exponentially weighted Poisson cure rate model with Weibull lifetime and an application to melanoma data pp. 429-449 Downloads
Suvra Pal and N. Balakrishnan
A general class of scale-shape mixtures of skew-normal distributions: properties and estimation pp. 451-474 Downloads
Ahad Jamalizadeh and Tsung-I Lin
A non-negative matrix factorization model based on the zero-inflated Tweedie distribution pp. 475-499 Downloads
Hiroyasu Abe and Hiroshi Yadohisa
The dynamic random subgraph model for the clustering of evolving networks pp. 501-533 Downloads
Rawya Zreik, Pierre Latouche and Charles Bouveyron
An interactive graphical method for community detection in network data pp. 535-557 Downloads
Andee Kaplan, Heike Hofmann and Daniel Nordman
Uncertainty quantification for functional dependent random variables pp. 559-583 Downloads
Simon Nanty, Céline Helbert, Amandine Marrel, Nadia Pérot and Clémentine Prieur
Dimension reduction in functional regression with categorical predictor pp. 585-609 Downloads
Guochang Wang
A note on estimating the bent line quantile regression model pp. 611-630 Downloads
Yanyang Yan, Feipeng Zhang and Xiaoying Zhou
Nonsingular subsampling for regression S estimators with categorical predictors pp. 631-646 Downloads
Manuel Koller and Werner A. Stahel
Computational testing algorithmic procedure of assessment for lifetime performance index of Pareto products under progressive type I interval censoring pp. 647-666 Downloads
Shu-Fei Wu and Jin-Yang Lu
On the impact of model selection on predictor identification and parameter inference pp. 667-690 Downloads
Ruth M. Pfeiffer, Andrew Redd and Raymond J. Carroll
Graph_sampler: a simple tool for fully Bayesian analyses of DAG-models pp. 691-716 Downloads
Sagnik Datta, Ghislaine Gayraud, Eric Leclerc and Frederic Y. Bois
Targeting Bayes factors with direct-path non-equilibrium thermodynamic integration pp. 717-761 Downloads
Marco Grzegorczyk, Andrej Aderhold and Dirk Husmeier
Computing the noncentral-F distribution and the power of the F-test with guaranteed accuracy pp. 763-779 Downloads
Ali Baharev, Hermann Schichl and Endre Rév
Optimum mechanism for breaking the confounding effects of mixed-level designs pp. 781-802 Downloads
A. M. Elsawah and Hong Qin

Volume 32, issue 1, 2017

Comparative evaluation of various frequentist and Bayesian non-homogeneous Poisson counting models pp. 1-33 Downloads
Marco Grzegorczyk and Mahdi Shafiee Kamalabad
Noninformative priors for the ratio of the shape parameters of two Weibull distributions pp. 35-50 Downloads
Sang Gil Kang, Woo Dong Lee and Yongku Kim
Bayesian inference using a noninformative prior for linear Gaussian random coefficient regression with inhomogeneous within-class variances pp. 51-69 Downloads
Clemens Elster and Gerd Wübbeler
Objective Bayesian testing on the common mean of several normal distributions under divergence-based priors pp. 71-91 Downloads
Sang Gil Kang, Woo Dong Lee and Yongku Kim
A comparison of variational approximations for fast inference in mixed logit models pp. 93-125 Downloads
Nicolas Depraetere and Martina Vandebroek
Bayesian variable selection with sparse and correlation priors for high-dimensional data analysis pp. 127-143 Downloads
Aijun Yang, Xuejun Jiang, Lianjie Shu and Jinguan Lin
Non-parametric clustering over user features and latent behavioral functions with dual-view mixture models pp. 145-177 Downloads
Alberto Lumbreras, Julien Velcin, Marie Guégan and Bertrand Jouve
Bayesian inference on partially linear mixed-effects joint models for longitudinal data with multiple features pp. 179-196 Downloads
Yangxin Huang and Tao Lu
Scale space multiresolution correlation analysis for time series data pp. 197-218 Downloads
Leena Pasanen and Lasse Holmström
Bayesian analysis of multiple thresholds autoregressive model pp. 219-237 Downloads
Jiazhu Pan, Qiang Xia and Jinshan Liu
Issues in the Multiple Try Metropolis mixing pp. 239-252 Downloads
L. Martino and F. Louzada
Precomputing strategy for Hamiltonian Monte Carlo method based on regularity in parameter space pp. 253-279 Downloads
Cheng Zhang, Babak Shahbaba and Hongkai Zhao
Integrated likelihood computation methods pp. 281-313 Downloads
Zhenyu Zhao and Thomas A. Severini
Automatically tuned general-purpose MCMC via new adaptive diagnostics pp. 315-348 Downloads
Jinyoung Yang and Jeffrey S. Rosenthal
Bayesian model averaging of possibly similar nonparametric densities pp. 349-365 Downloads
Alan Ker and Yong Liu
Parameter estimation of inverse Lindley distribution for Type-I censored data pp. 367-385 Downloads
Suparna Basu, Sanjay Kumar Singh and Umesh Singh
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