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Volume 36, issue 3, 2021

On tests for symmetry and radial symmetry of bivariate copulas towards testing for ellipticity pp. 1-26 Downloads
Miriam Jaser and Aleksey Min
The 2016 Data Challenge of the American Statistical Association pp. 1553-1560 Downloads
Roya Amjadi and Wendy Martinez
Predictive modeling of maximum injury severity and potential economic cost in a car accident based on the General Estimates System data pp. 1561-1575 Downloads
Gunes Alkan, Robert Farrow, Haichen Liu, Clayton Moore, Hon Keung Tony Ng, Lynne Stokes, Yihan Xu, Ziyuan Xu, Yuzhi Yan and Yifan Zhong
A hierarchical Bayes approach to adjust for selection bias in before–after analyses of vision zero policies pp. 1577-1604 Downloads
Jonathan Auerbach, Christopher Eshleman and Rob Trangucci
Analysis of drowsy driving: exploring subpopulation risk with weighted contingency table tools pp. 1605-1620 Downloads
Patrick Coyle, Chen Chen and Nooreen Dabbish
A cluster-based taxonomy of bus crashes in the United States pp. 1621-1638 Downloads
Dooti Roy, Ved Deshpande and M. Henry Linder
An analysis of crash-safety ratings and the true assessment of injuries by vehicle pp. 1639-1660 Downloads
Cody R. Philips, Robert C. Garrett, Alan J. Tatro and Thomas J. Fisher
Bi-level variable selection in semiparametric transformation models with right-censored data pp. 1661-1692 Downloads
Wenyan Zhong, Xuewen Lu and Jingjing Wu
Nonparametric estimation of a distribution function from doubly truncated data under dependence pp. 1693-1720 Downloads
Carla Moreira, Jacobo de Uña-Álvarez and Roel Braekers
A comparison of optimization solvers for log binomial regression including conic programming pp. 1721-1754 Downloads
Florian Schwendinger, Bettina Grün and Kurt Hornik
Fast computation and practical use of amplitudes at non-Fourier frequencies pp. 1755-1773 Downloads
Erhard Reschenhofer and Manveer K. Mangat
On matching confidence intervals and tests for some discrete distributions: methodological and computational aspects pp. 1775-1790 Downloads
Jan Klaschka and Jenő Reiczigel
The two-sample problem via relative belief ratio pp. 1791-1808 Downloads
Luai Al-Labadi
On the empirical estimator of the boundary in inverse first-exit problems pp. 1809-1820 Downloads
Sercan Gür and Klaus Pötzelberger
Binary segmentation procedures using the bivariate binomial distribution for detecting streakiness in sports data pp. 1821-1843 Downloads
Seong W. Kim, Sabina Shahin, Hon Keung Tony Ng and Jinheum Kim
On consistency of the monotone NPMLE of survival function under the mixed case interval-censored model with left truncation pp. 1871-1883 Downloads
Chun-Lung Su and Pao-sheng Shen
A chi-square goodness-of-fit test for continuous distributions against a known alternative pp. 1885-1900 Downloads
Wolfgang Rolke and Cristian Gutierrez Gongora
Variational approximation for importance sampling pp. 1901-1930 Downloads
Xiao Su and Yuguo Chen
Linear models for multivariate repeated measures data with block exchangeable covariance structure pp. 1931-1963 Downloads
Timothy Opheim and Anuradha Roy
Bayesian survival analysis for adaptive Type-II progressive hybrid censored Hjorth data pp. 1965-1990 Downloads
Ahmed Elshahhat and Mazen Nassar
Bayesian selection of best subsets via hybrid search pp. 1991-2007 Downloads
Shiqiang Jin and Gyuhyeong Goh
What is an optimal value of k in k-fold cross-validation in discrete Bayesian network analysis? pp. 2009-2031 Downloads
Bruce G. Marcot and Anca M. Hanea
Bayesian joint-quantile regression pp. 2033-2053 Downloads
Yingying Hu, Huixia Judy Wang, Xuming He and Jianhua Guo
Bayesian spectral density estimation using P-splines with quantile-based knot placement pp. 2055-2077 Downloads
Patricio Maturana-Russel and Renate Meyer
Objective Bayesian analysis for generalized exponential stress–strength model pp. 2079-2109 Downloads
Sang Gil Kang, Woo Dong Lee and Yongku Kim
Estimation of parameters of logistic regression for two-stage randomized response technique pp. 2111-2133 Downloads
Pei-Chieh Chang, Kim-Hung Pho, Shen-Ming Lee and Chin-Shang Li
Decomposition of the Gini index by income source for aggregated data and its applications pp. 2135-2159 Downloads
Bin Shao
Uncertainty quantification and estimation of closed curves based on noisy data pp. 2161-2176 Downloads
Luming Chen and Sujit K. Ghosh
Testing a parameter restriction on the boundary for the g-and-h distribution: a simulated approach pp. 2177-2200 Downloads
Marco Bee, Julien Hambuckers, Flavio Santi and Luca Trapin
Maximum likelihood estimation for scale-shape mixtures of flexible generalized skew normal distributions via selection representation pp. 2201-2230 Downloads
Abbas Mahdavi, Vahid Amirzadeh, Ahad Jamalizadeh and Tsung-I Lin
Double threshold receiver operating characteristic plot for three-modal continuous predictors pp. 2231-2245 Downloads
Arthur De Sá Ferreira, Ney Meziat-Filho and Ana Paula Antunes Ferreira
Moving dynamic principal component analysis for non-stationary multivariate time series pp. 2247-2287 Downloads
Fayed Alshammri and Jiazhu Pan
A new computational approach for estimation of the Gini index based on grouped data pp. 2289-2311 Downloads
Tatjana Miljkovic and Ying-Ju Chen

Volume 36, issue 2, 2021

Efficient and doubly-robust methods for variable selection and parameter estimation in longitudinal data analysis pp. 781-804 Downloads
Liya Fu, Zhuoran Yang, Fengjing Cai and You-Gan Wang
Robust estimation and variable selection in heteroscedastic regression model using least favorable distribution pp. 805-827 Downloads
Yeşim Güney, Yetkin Tuaç, Şenay Özdemir and Olcay Arslan
Variable selection in partially linear additive hazards model with grouped covariates and a diverging number of parameters pp. 829-855 Downloads
Arfan Raheen Afzal, Jing Yang and Xuewen Lu
Feature screening based on distance correlation for ultrahigh-dimensional censored data with covariate measurement error pp. 857-884 Downloads
Li-Pang Chen
An efficient algorithm for joint feature screening in ultrahigh-dimensional Cox’s model pp. 885-910 Downloads
Xiaolin Chen, Catherine Chunling Liu and Sheng Xu
A partial least squares approach for function-on-function interaction regression pp. 911-939 Downloads
Ufuk Beyaztas and Han Lin Shang
A stationary bootstrap test about two mean vectors comparison with somewhat dense differences and fewer sample size than dimension pp. 941-960 Downloads
Zhengbang Li, Fuxiang Liu, Luanjie Zeng and Guoxin Zuo
Outlier detection under a covariate-adjusted exponential regression model with censored data pp. 961-976 Downloads
Yingli Pan, Zhan Liu and Guangyu Song
Goodness-of-fit testing of survival models in the presence of Type–II right censoring pp. 977-1010 Downloads
M. Cockeran, S. G. Meintanis, L. Santana and J. S. Allison
Obtaining a threshold for the stewart index and its extension to ridge regression pp. 1011-1029 Downloads
Ainara Rodríguez Sánchez, Román Salmerón Gómez and Catalina García García
Compositional splines for representation of density functions pp. 1031-1064 Downloads
Jitka Machalová, Renáta Talská, Karel Hron and Aleš Gába
A method for computing tolerance intervals for a location-scale family of distributions pp. 1065-1092 Downloads
Ngan Hoang-Nguyen-Thuy and K. Krishnamoorthy
Designing robust modified R control charts for asymmetric distributions under ranked set and median ranked set sampling pp. 1093-1121 Downloads
Nursel Koyuncu and Derya Karagöz
On the exact distribution of the likelihood ratio test statistic for testing the homogeneity of the scale parameters of several inverse Gaussian distributions pp. 1123-1138 Downloads
Mahmood Kharrati-Kopaei
Comprehensive world university ranking based on ranking aggregation pp. 1139-1152 Downloads
Yang Zhang, Yu Xiao, Jun Wu and Xin Lu
Estimation of a CIR process with jumps using a closed form approximation likelihood under a strong approximation of order 1 pp. 1153-1176 Downloads
Patrice Takam Soh, Eugene Kouassi, Renaud Fadonougbo and Martin Kegnenlezom
Unconstrained representation of orthogonal matrices with application to common principal components pp. 1177-1195 Downloads
Luca Bagnato and Antonio Punzo
Simultaneous confidence bands for comparing variance functions of two samples based on deterministic designs pp. 1197-1218 Downloads
Chen Zhong and Lijian Yang
Genetic algorithm approach with an adaptive search space based on EM algorithm in two-component mixture Weibull parameter estimation pp. 1219-1242 Downloads
Muhammet Burak Kılıç, Yusuf Şahin and Melih Burak Koca
Efficient leave-one-out cross-validation for Bayesian non-factorized normal and Student-t models pp. 1243-1261 Downloads
Paul-Christian Bürkner, Jonah Gabry and Aki Vehtari
Analysis of type I and II error rates of Bayesian and frequentist parametric and nonparametric two-sample hypothesis tests under preliminary assessment of normality pp. 1263-1288 Downloads
Riko Kelter
Bayesian bridge-randomized penalized quantile regression for ordinal longitudinal data, with application to firm’s bond ratings pp. 1289-1319 Downloads
Yu-Zhu Tian, Man-Lai Tang, Wai-Sum Chan and Mao-Zai Tian
Bayesian analysis of restricted penalized empirical likelihood pp. 1321-1339 Downloads
Mahdieh Bayati, Seyed Kamran Ghoreishi and Jingjing Wu
Bayesian wavelet shrinkage with beta priors pp. 1341-1363 Downloads
Alex Rodrigo dos S. Sousa, Nancy L. Garcia and Brani Vidakovic
Bayesian Multiple Change-Points Detection in a Normal Model with Heterogeneous Variances pp. 1365-1390 Downloads
Sang Gil Kang, Woo Dong Lee and Yongku Kim
Variables skip-lot sampling plans on the basis of process capability index for products with a low fraction of defectives pp. 1391-1413 Downloads
Chien-Wei Wu, Ming-Hung Shu, Pei-An Wang and Bi-Min Hsu
On the transition laws of p-tempered $$\alpha $$ α -stable OU-processes pp. 1415-1436 Downloads
Michael Grabchak
Asymmetric vector moving average models: estimation and testing pp. 1437-1460 Downloads
Jan G. Gooijer
Estimation and prediction of a generalized mixed-effects model with t-process for longitudinal correlated binary data pp. 1461-1479 Downloads
Chunzheng Cao, Ming He, Jian Qing Shi and Xin Liu
Factor dimension determination for panel interactive effects models: an orthogonal projection approach pp. 1481-1497 Downloads
Cheng Hsiao, Yimeng Xie and Qiankun Zhou
Integrative analysis of multiple types of genomic data using an accelerated failure time frailty model pp. 1499-1532 Downloads
Shirong Deng, Jie Chen and Huidong Shi
Improved approximate Bayesian computation methods via empirical likelihood pp. 1533-1552 Downloads
Tatiana Dmitrieva, Kristin McCullough and Nader Ebrahimi

Volume 36, issue 1, 2021

Greedy clustering of count data through a mixture of multinomial PCA pp. 1-33 Downloads
Nicolas Jouvin, Pierre Latouche, Charles Bouveyron, Guillaume Bataillon and Alain Livartowski
Clustering method for censored and collinear survival data pp. 35-60 Downloads
Silvia Liverani, Lucy Leigh, Irene L. Hudson and Julie E. Byles
Transformation mixture modeling for skewed data groups with heavy tails and scatter pp. 61-78 Downloads
Yana Melnykov, Xuwen Zhu and Volodymyr Melnykov
Recursive non-parametric kernel classification rule estimation for independent functional data pp. 79-112 Downloads
Yousri Slaoui
Two generalized nonparametric methods for estimating like densities pp. 113-126 Downloads
Zongyuan Shang and Alan Ker
A new way for ranking functional data with applications in diagnostic test pp. 127-154 Downloads
Graciela Estévez-Pérez and Philippe Vieu
Adaptive spline fitting with particle swarm optimization pp. 155-191 Downloads
Soumya D. Mohanty and Ethan Fahnestock
Estimation of parameters in multivariate wrapped models for data on a p-torus pp. 193-215 Downloads
Anahita Nodehi, Mousa Golalizadeh, Mehdi Maadooliat and Claudio Agostinelli
Usage of the GO estimator in high dimensional linear models pp. 217-239 Downloads
Murat Genç and M. Revan Özkale
A Bayesian quantile regression approach to multivariate semi-continuous longitudinal data pp. 241-260 Downloads
Jayabrata Biswas and Kiranmoy Das
Bayesian inference of nonlinear hysteretic integer-valued GARCH models for disease counts pp. 261-281 Downloads
Cathy W. S. Chen, Sangyeol Lee and K. Khamthong
KLERC: kernel Lagrangian expectile regression calculator pp. 283-311 Downloads
Songfeng Zheng
Computation of the expected value of a function of a chi-distributed random variable pp. 313-332 Downloads
Paul Kabaila and Nishika Ranathunga
Advanced algorithms for penalized quantile and composite quantile regression pp. 333-346 Downloads
Matthew Pietrosanu, Jueyu Gao, Linglong Kong, Bei Jiang and Di Niu
Robust weighted Gaussian processes pp. 347-373 Downloads
Ruben Ramirez-Padron, Boris Mederos and Avelino J. Gonzalez
Likelihood-based analysis of doubly-truncated data under the location-scale and AFT model pp. 375-408 Downloads
Achim Dörre, Chung-Yan Huang, Yi-Kuan Tseng and Takeshi Emura
The 8-parameter Fisher–Bingham distribution on the sphere pp. 409-420 Downloads
Tianlu Yuan
Correction to: The 8-parameter Fisher–Bingham distribution on the sphere pp. 421-421 Downloads
Tianlu Yuan
Finite mixtures of skew Laplace normal distributions with random skewness pp. 423-447 Downloads
Fatma Zehra Doğru and Olcay Arslan
Optimal imputation of the missing data using multi auxiliary information pp. 449-477 Downloads
Shashi Bhushan and Abhay Pratap Pandey
Inference and optimal censoring scheme for progressively Type-II censored competing risks model for generalized Rayleigh distribution pp. 479-513 Downloads
Junru Ren and Wenhao Gui
Most recent changepoint detection in censored panel data pp. 515-540 Downloads
Hajra Siddiqa, Sajid Ali and Ismail Shah
Penalized weighted composite quantile regression for partially linear varying coefficient models with missing covariates pp. 541-575 Downloads
Jun Jin, Tiefeng Ma, Jiajia Dai and Shuangzhe Liu
Dirichlet process mixtures under affine transformations of the data pp. 577-601 Downloads
Julyan Arbel, Riccardo Corradin and Bernardo Nipoti
Generalized properties for Hanafi–Wold’s procedure in partial least squares path modeling pp. 603-614 Downloads
Mohamed Hanafi, Pasquale Dolce and Zouhair El Hadri
Partial possibilistic regression path modeling: handling uncertainty in path modeling pp. 615-639 Downloads
Rosaria Romano and Francesco Palumbo
A modified Canny edge detector based on weighted least squares pp. 641-659 Downloads
Xu Qin
Economic design of memory-type control charts: The fallacy of the formula proposed by Lorenzen and Vance (1986) pp. 661-690 Downloads
Amir Ahmadi-Javid and Mohsen Ebadi
An accelerated EM algorithm for mixture models with uncertainty for rating data pp. 691-714 Downloads
Rosaria Simone
R package for statistical inference in dynamical systems using kernel based gradient matching: KGode pp. 715-747 Downloads
Mu Niu, Joe Wandy, Rónán Daly, Simon Rogers and Dirk Husmeier
Spatio-temporal change of support modeling with R pp. 749-780 Downloads
Andrew M. Raim, Scott H. Holan, Jonathan R. Bradley and Christopher K. Wikle
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