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Studies on Russian Economic Development

2016 - 2019

Current editor(s): Viktor V. Ivanter, Dmitrii B. Kuvalin and Galina A. Yaremenko

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Volume 27, issue 6, 2016

Scientific and technological dimensions of the macrostructural forecast pp. 611-620 Downloads
A. A. Shirov, M. S. Gusev, A. R. Sayapova and A. A. Yantovskiy
Organizational issues of expert review and evaluation of macroregional development projects in Russia pp. 621-628 Downloads
V. N. Leksin and B. N. Porfiryev
Assessment of Russian aviation development for long-term prospects with the regard for Arctic developing: reproductive and technological aspects pp. 629-637 Downloads
I. E. Frolov
Monitoring economic security in the region based on indicators of sustainable development pp. 638-648 Downloads
N. A. Kazakova, A. I. Bolvachev, A. L. Gendon and G. F. Golubeva
Rational aggregation of territory in long-term forecasting of energy prices pp. 649-655 Downloads
D. Yu. Kononov and Yu. D. Kononov
A medium-term forecast of crude oil buyers’ prices pp. 656-663 Downloads
V. V. Kossov
Forecasting the dynamics of demand for high-tech products of industrial companies pp. 664-668 Downloads
A. V. Putilov and S. G. Kudeshova
Economic crises and unemployment in Russia pp. 669-675 Downloads
I. A. Pogosov and E. A. Sokolovskaya
Current trends in Germany’s social policy in employment and unemployment pp. 676-679 Downloads
O. Yu. Lorents
Forecast of qualitative and quantitative characteristics of external labor migration in Russia using foresight pp. 680-682 Downloads
M. A. Pitukhina
Social entrepreneurship in the system of social policy: International experience and prospects of Russia pp. 683-688 Downloads
A. A. Moskovskaya and I. V. Soboleva

Volume 27, issue 5, 2016

Recovery of economic growth in Russia pp. 485-494 Downloads
V. V. Ivanter, T. D. Belkina, D. R. Belousov, A. A. Blokhin, V. N. Borisov, I. A. Budanov, I. E. Frolov, O. Dzh. Govtvan’, M. S. Gusev, N. I. Komkov, A. G. Korovkin, M. Yu. Ksenofontov, D. B. Kuvalin, V. N. Leksin, N. N. Mikheeva, A. K. Moiseev, V. S. Panfilov, Ya. Sh. Pappe, D. A. Polzikov, B. N. Porfiriev, B. A. Revich, V. A. Sal’nikov, K. E. Savchishina, V. V. Semikashev, A. A. Shirov, I. N. Shokin, Yu. V. Sinyak, O. G. Solntsev, A. V. Suvorov, M. N. Uzyakov, K. V. Yankov and Zh. A. Zaionchkovskaya
Assessment of the impact of human capital on economic growth pp. 495-509 Downloads
N. V. Suvorov, A. V. Suvorov, V. G. Grebennikov, V. N. Ivanov, E. E. Balashova and O. N. Boldov
Medium-term forecast of the dynamics of the development of the Russian economy pp. 510-517 Downloads
A. A. Akaev, N. S. Ziyadullaev, A. I. Sarygulov and V. N. Sokolov
Study of the multiplier effect of increasing public spending on Russia’s economy pp. 518-527 Downloads
A. O. Baranov and K. S. Krashenina
On the role of the fuel-and-energy complex in the Russian economy pp. 528-536 Downloads
V. A. Malakhov and K. V. Nesytykh
Growth in prices for mining products in the post-Soviet period and economic deindustrialization pp. 537-547 Downloads
A. K. Kornev, S. I. Maksimtsova and S. V. Treshchina
Projections of Russia’s agricultural development under the conditions of climate change pp. 548-556 Downloads
S. V. Kiselev, Anton Strokov and A. Yu. Belugin
Estimate of the demand for financial resources for the economic growth recovery pp. 557-560 Downloads
A. K. Moiseev
Activity of the Russian monetary and banking sector in conditions of adverse external factors of 2014–2015 affecting the economy pp. 561-574 Downloads
Sh. Sh. Ibragimov
Analysis of the nature of cause-and-effect relationship between inflation and wage in Russia pp. 575-584 Downloads
M. A. Ivanova
Imbalances of external sector of the Russian financial market and approaches of their regulation pp. 585-592 Downloads
E. A. Zvonova, A. V. Navoi, V. Ya. Pishchik, O. V. Ignatova and A. A. Prudnikova
Influence of the spatial factor on the regional differentiation of unemployment in the Russian economy pp. 593-604 Downloads
V. A. Rusanovskiy and V. A. Markov
Labor market in the Mari El Republic pp. 605-610 Downloads
L. M. Nizova and I. V. Malinkina

Volume 27, issue 4, 2016

From a crisis of financing mechanisms to sustainable economic growth pp. 359-366 Downloads
A. A. Shirov
Problems of structural, investment, and innovation policy in the crisis period pp. 367-373 Downloads
V. K. Fal’tsman
Economic mistakes and their consequences pp. 374-381 Downloads
Ya. N. Dubenetskii
Market-based and target approaches to assessing the prospects of the nuclear power industry pp. 382-389 Downloads
A. N. Karkhov
Investment and construction activities in modern Russia: State and trends pp. 390-399 Downloads
M. I. Kamenetskii
Development vectors of railway transport pp. 400-411 Downloads
V. N. Filina
Sugar market in Russia: Retrospective analysis and development trends pp. 412-417 Downloads
L. Yu. Berezhnaya
Evaluation of the effectiveness of government programs of socioeconomic development of regions of Russia pp. 418-428 Downloads
V. N. Leksin and B. N. Porfiryev
Scenario of the socioeconomic development of Russian regions up to 2030 in light of large-scale investment projects implemented in the regions pp. 429-440 Downloads
V. A. Malakhov and T. G. Dubynina
Differentiation of the regions of Russia based on level of economic development pp. 441-445 Downloads
M. V. Moroshkina
The socioeconomic situation in Transdniestria pp. 446-452 Downloads
A. N. Spartak and N. N. Yevchenko
Major overhaul of housing stock in economic and social terms pp. 453-465 Downloads
I. M. Aizinova
Some efficiency estimates of federal health programs in terms of high technology application pp. 466-473 Downloads
V. M. Kapitsin, V. A. Basurov, O. A. Gerasimenko and L. N. Andronova
Analysis of long-term dynamics of factors that determine labor commuting in the Moscow region pp. 474-482 Downloads
Yulia Shitova and Yu. A. Shitov
Erratum to: “Scenario forecast of the development of the Northern Sea route” pp. 483-483 Downloads
N. I. Komkov, V. S. Selin, V. A. Tsukerman and E. S. Goryachevskaya
Erratum to: “Problems and prospects of special economic zones in Russia” pp. 484-484 Downloads
K. V. Yankov, A. K. Moiseev and D. A. Evgrafov

Volume 27, issue 3, 2016

Domestication of monetary policy pp. 231-236 Downloads
A. K. Moiseev
Government bond market: Potential for establishing a system of primary dealers in Russia based on relevant world experience pp. 237-253 Downloads
A. V. Deshko, I. B. Ipatova and O. G. Solntsev
Bankruptcy-prediction models for Russian enterprises: Specific sector-related characteristics pp. 254-261 Downloads
E. A. Fedorova, S. E. Dovzhenko and F. Yu. Fedorov
Corporation for development as a tool to attract foreign investment pp. 262-268 Downloads
K. I. Grasmik and A. A. Nesterov
The use of regression models to forecast passenger air travel indices pp. 269-275 Downloads
Yu. A. Shcherbanin
The role of foreign capital in the economies of regions of Russia: Possibilities of assessments and interregional differences pp. 276-285 Downloads
O. V. Kuznetsova
System-dynamic model of regional economy: The case of Rostov oblast pp. 286-290 Downloads
O. Yu. Patrakeeva and S. V. Kryukov
State support for the modernization of the individual family sector of the rural economy (Based on the Example of the Republic of Bashkortostan) pp. 291-297 Downloads
F. F. Aidarbakov, A. A. Barlybaev, U. A. Barlybaev, I. A. Sitnova and V. T. Saitbatalova
Change in basic ownership model in Russian big business pp. 298-310 Downloads
N. S. Antonenko
Problems and prospects of special economic zones in Russia pp. 311-317 Downloads
K. V. Yankov, A. K. Moiseev and D. A. Efgrafov
Funding of basic research in Russia: Modern realities and forecasts pp. 318-325 Downloads
L. E. Mindeli and S. I. Chernykh
Market analysis of strategic resources, raw materials, and the components of high-tech products pp. 326-331 Downloads
M. N. Danilin and V. V. Klochkov
Course on new industrialization: A global trend of economic development pp. 332-340 Downloads
E. B. Lenchuk
Russian enterprises at the end of 2015: Anti-crisis activities and assessment of the impact of mutual Economic sanctions of the west and Russia pp. 341-358 Downloads
D. B. Kuvalin

Volume 27, issue 2, 2016

Inforum models: Origin, evolution and byways avoided pp. 119-126 Downloads
Clopper Almon
Russia and Europe: Energy union of energy conflict? (Eight years after) pp. 127-137 Downloads
A. A. Shirov, V. V. Semikashev, A. A. Yantovskii and A. Yu. Kolpakov
Import substitution as a strategy of economic development pp. 138-147 Downloads
M. S. Gusev
Evaluation of economic crises using short-term indexes and average indexes of economic security of Russia pp. 148-158 Downloads
V. K. Senchagov and S. N. Mityakov
Relationships between development factors of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation pp. 159-165 Downloads
V. N. Borisov and O. V. Pochukaeva
Macroeconomic assessment of the state of regional labor markets in the Asian part of the Russian Arctic pp. 166-179 Downloads
A. G. Korovkin
Scenario forecast of the development of the Northern Sea Route pp. 180-188 Downloads
N. I. Komkov, V. S. Selin, V. A. Tsukerman and E. S. Goryachevskaya
Problems of food security in Russia pp. 189-196 Downloads
V. D. Goncharov, S. V. Koteev and V. V. Rau
Directions of increasing the role of depreciation as a source of reproducing fixed capital in agriculture pp. 197-202 Downloads
L. I. Pronyaeva
The main development strategies of the fishing industry complex in the Republic of Crimea pp. 203-209 Downloads
L. V. Aleksakhina and I. P. Tregulova
Cold waves in southern cities of European Russia and premature mortality pp. 210-215 Downloads
B. A. Revich and D. A. Shaposhnikov
Economic ties between Russia and Estonia in the modern context pp. 216-221 Downloads
A. A. Nevskaya
Mutual direct investment in the commonwealth of independent states: Problems, prospects, and lessons of the Ukrainian crisis pp. 222-229 Downloads
Yu. D. Kvashnin

Volume 27, issue 1, 2016

Strategy of transition to economic growth pp. 1-4 Downloads
V. V. Ivanter
Security-development nexus in strategic planning in the Russian Federation: From goal-setting to forecasting pp. 5-12 Downloads
A. A. Kokoshin and V. I. Bartenev
The use of input–output tables to forecast the effects of demand stimulation state policy pp. 13-20 Downloads
A. A. Evstratov, A. M. Kalinin and S. G. Parsegov
Strategic alternatives of import substitution of power equipment for the oil-and-gas sector pp. 21-33 Downloads
A. N. Dmitrievskii, N. I. Komkov, M. V. Krotova and V. S. Romantsov
The rationale for projected prices of demand on electricity for industry in Russia up to 2020 pp. 34-44 Downloads
V. V. Kossov
On the development strategy for the grain sector pp. 45-53 Downloads
V. V. Rau
Macroeconomic assessment of the regional labor markets in the European part of the Russian Arctic pp. 54-67 Downloads
A. G. Korovkin
Forecasting recruitment needs of the Russian economy: Qualitative aspects pp. 68-75 Downloads
V. A. Gurtov, N. Yu. Garifullina and S. V. Sigova
The evaluation of the long-term economic development of the Irkutsk region in the system of the all-Russian forecasting pp. 76-83 Downloads
M. A. Tarakanov, M. M. Guseva and B. V. Melent’ev
Government control of the territorial distribution of farming branches in the Central Black-Earth Zone of Russia pp. 84-88 Downloads
V. F. Pechenevskii
Assessing an enterprise’s investment potential pp. 89-93 Downloads
P. N. Maydanevich
Comparative rate of alcohol consumption in European countries pp. 94-100 Downloads
A. M. Solov’ev
Industry-level effects from integration between Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan through industrial cooperation pp. 101-113 Downloads
V. A. Salnikov, Andrey Gnidchenko and D. I. Galimov
On the modernization of engineering systems in the farming industries of Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan pp. 114-117 Downloads
S. A. Solov’ev and S. A. Goryachev
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