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2016 - 2019

Current editor(s): Viktor V. Ivanter, Dmitrii B. Kuvalin and Galina A. Yaremenko

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Volume 29, issue 6, 2018

Role of Input-Output Model in Macroeconomic Analysis and Forecasting pp. 581-583 Downloads
V. V. Ivanter
Why Are Input-Output Tables Important? pp. 584-587 Downloads
Clopper Almon
Use of Input–Output Approach for Supporting Decisions in the Field of Economic Policy pp. 588-597 Downloads
A. A. Shirov
A Multi-Scale System of Macroeconometric Models: the Inforum Approach pp. 598-606 Downloads
Rossella Bardazzi and Leonardo Ghezzi
Global Trends of Restructuring Production and Income Worldwide and in Russia pp. 607-616 Downloads
M. S. Gusev, A. A. Shirov, D. A. Polzikov and A. A. Yantovskii
Quantitative Parameters of Global Value Chains in Macrostructural Forecasting pp. 617-624 Downloads
A. R. Sayapova
Retrospective Structural Shifts in the Russian Economy pp. 625-636 Downloads
M. Yu. Ksenofontov and D. A. Polzikov
Analysis of the Impact of Scientific and Technical Development on Economic Growth Using Input−Output Balance Tools pp. 637-644 Downloads
E. S. Uzyakova and R. M. Uzyakov
Using Input−Output Tables for Analyzing and Forecasting the Sectoral Structure of Russian Economy pp. 645-653 Downloads
V. A. Salnikov, D. I. Galimov and Andrey Gnidchenko
Dynamic Input-Output Model with a Human Capital Block Applied to Forecasting of the Russian Economy pp. 654-664 Downloads
A. O. Baranov, V. N. Pavlov, Iu. M. Slepenkova and T. O. Tagaeva
The Impact of the Fuel and Energy Complex on the Economic Development of Russia pp. 665-672 Downloads
A. Yu. Kolpakov
Russian Enterprises in Spring 2018: Skepticism about the Quality of the Economic Policies of the State and Complication of the Situation with Labor Resources pp. 673-682 Downloads
D. B. Kuvalin, A. K. Moiseev and P. A. Lavrinenko
Trends in the Development of Russian Currency Markets in the Context of Global Structural Transformations and Sanctions pp. 683-689 Downloads
V. Ya. Pishchik and A. A. Prudnikova
Comparative Assessment of Mortality Rate of the Population in Russian and Foreign Megacities pp. 690-697 Downloads
T. L. Kharkova, E. A. Kvasha and B. A. Revich

Volume 29, issue 5, 2018

The Green Factor of Economic Growth in Russia and the World pp. 455-461 Downloads
B. N. Porfiryev
On the Structure, Dynamics, and Use of the Asset Share in the National Wealth pp. 462-469 Downloads
V. K. Fal’tsman
Long-Term Forecasts of Regional Development: Analysis of Results and the Problem of Development pp. 470-480 Downloads
N. N. Mikheeva
The Russian North: Economic and Geographic Aspects of Development pp. 481-489 Downloads
V. N. Lazhentsev
Application of Standardization Methods for Environmental Improvement as an Element of Quality of Life Through the Development of a Company’s Business Potential pp. 490-496 Downloads
V. V. Okrepilov and I. V. Chudinovskikh
The EMU’s Twisted Foundations: How to Use and Misuse Economic Theory pp. 497-506 Downloads
Jacques Sapir
Scenario Prediction of Dynamics of Interest Rates and Internal Credit Volume in Russia for 2018−2022 pp. 507-513 Downloads
A. K. Moiseev and M. V. Cherkovets
Strategic Development Outlook for the Energy Complex of Russia pp. 514-526 Downloads
A. A. Makarov and T. A. Mitrova
Analytical Methods for Forecasting Development in the Electric Power Industry pp. 527-532 Downloads
Yu. D. Kononov and D. Yu. Kononov
Interrelations of Production and Investment Activities in the Construction Materials Industries pp. 533-543 Downloads
I. A. Budanov and V. S. Ustinov
Export Potential of Russian Food Industry pp. 544-550 Downloads
V. D. Goncharov and V. V. Rau
Methodological Problems of the Formation of the Concept of Food Security in Russia pp. 551-557 Downloads
M. Yu. Ksenofontov, D. A. Polzikov, I. A. Gol’denberg and P. V. Sitnikov
Technological Innovations: Development, Application and Results pp. 558-572 Downloads
N. I. Komkov and G. K. Kulakin
Innovation Activity of Russian Industrial Enterprises during Economic Crisis pp. 573-580 Downloads
K. I. Grasmik

Volume 29, issue 4, 2018

Macroeconomic Effects of Russian Defense Expenditures: Retrospective Analysis and Forecast pp. 343-351 Downloads
A. A. Shirov, M. S. Gusev and I. E. Frolov
Fixed Capital in Russia pp. 352-358 Downloads
I. A. Pogosov
Key Tasks and Development Prospects for the Russian Economy in the Context of Kondratiev’s Long Cycles pp. 359-366 Downloads
V. K. Fal’tsman
Development of Dairy Farming in the Context of Food Security Policy in Russia pp. 367-376 Downloads
M. Yu. Ksenofontov, D. A. Polzikov, Yu. S. Verbitskii and Ya. S. Melnikova
Improving the Factor Efficiency of Machinery in the Regions of the Russian Federation pp. 377-386 Downloads
V. N. Borisov, D. B. Kuvalin and O. V. Pochukaeva
Urban Economy Development Based on Utilizing the Potential of Industrial Parks pp. 387-391 Downloads
I. G. Chirkova, A. S. Osadchii and K. V. Nefatova
Reindustrialization as an Opportunity to Grow the Domestic Economy pp. 392-398 Downloads
A. K. Kornev, S. I. Maksimtsova and S. V. Treshchina
The Innovative Development of the Transport Services Market: A Cluster Approach pp. 399-405 Downloads
A. S. Lebedeva and L. I. Rogavichene
The Automobilization Process and Its Determining Factors in the Past, Present, and Future pp. 406-414 Downloads
M. Yu. Ksenofontov and S. R. Milyakin
Forecasting the Economic Need for Personnel with Higher Scientific Qualifications pp. 415-422 Downloads
V. A. Gurtov and L. V. Shchegoleva
Short-Term Projection Using the Monetary Efficiency Index pp. 423-432 Downloads
E. V. Balatsky and N. A. Ekimova
On the Development of Russia’s Information and Communication Technologies Ecosystem pp. 433-441 Downloads
D. R. Belousov, A. D. Gromov, K. V. Mikhailenko and E. A. Penukhina
Cross-Country Comparisons as an Instrument of Economic Forecasting pp. 442-446 Downloads
V. N. Ozherelev and M. V. Ozhereleva
The Level of Trade Integration in the Eurasian Economic Union pp. 447-453 Downloads
I. P. Gurova, I. N. Platonova and M. A. Maksakova

Volume 29, issue 3, 2018

Prospects of Economic Development in Russia pp. 225-227 Downloads
V. V. Ivanter
Government Social Expenditures in the Draft Federal Budget of Russia for 2018–2020 pp. 228-232 Downloads
L. S. Rzhanitsyna
Toolkit for the Input–Output Analysis of the Performance of Russian Economy in 1991–2013 pp. 233-244 Downloads
R. M. Uzyakov
Modern Trends and Problems of Migration in a Russian Border Region: The Far East pp. 245-251 Downloads
E. L. Motrich and D. A. Izotov
Outsourcing Noncore Activities of Industrial Enterprises in the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation pp. 252-256 Downloads
V. A. Tsukerman and A. A. Kozlov
Part-Time Farmers in Russia: Phenomenon and Social Functions Based on the Example of the Republic of Bashkortostan pp. 257-266 Downloads
R. R. Galiev and H. D. Ahrens
Priority Factors in Urban Environments That Affect the Quality of Life for Metropolitan Populations pp. 267-273 Downloads
B. A. Revich
Projects of Development of Interaction of FEC and HCS: Problems of Forecasting and Management pp. 274-279 Downloads
T. Kh. Usmanova
Modeling the Interdependence of the Economy and Power Industry Based on Multiplicative Two-Factor Functions pp. 280-287 Downloads
Pavel Druzhinin, A. P. Shcherbak and S. V. Tishkov
Main Trends in the Development of World Transport and Russia’s Place in Them pp. 288-294 Downloads
V. N. Filina
On the Construction of a Qualitative Model of the Russian ICT Ecosystem pp. 295-302 Downloads
D. R. Belousov and E. A. Penukhina
Russian Companies at the End of 2017: Absence of Significant General Economic Changes and Progress in the Machinery Industry pp. 303-321 Downloads
D. B. Kuvalin, A. K. Moiseev and P. A. Lavrinenko
Transboundary Problems of Overcoming Natural Disasters for International Regional Organizations in the Eurasian Region pp. 322-328 Downloads
N. G. Mavlyanova, V. A. Lipatov and O. R. Yuldashev
Efficiency of Integration Processes: Innovative Method of Evaluation pp. 329-335 Downloads
Bulat Khusainov, A. I. Nussupov and A. A. Shirov
Russian Projects and Energy Cooperation in South Africa pp. 336-342 Downloads
E. R. Salakhetdinov and V. A. Sidorov

Volume 29, issue 2, 2018

Assessing Multiplier Effects in the Russian Economy: Input-Output Approach pp. 109-115 Downloads
M. Yu. Ksenofontov, A. A. Shirov, D. A. Polzikov and A. A. Yantovskii
Cities and Megalopolises: The Problem of Definitions and Sustainable Development Indicators pp. 116-123 Downloads
B. N. Porfiryev and S. N. Bobylev
Evaluation of Sustainable Development Indicators for Regions of Russia pp. 124-134 Downloads
E. A. Tret’yakova and M. Yu. Osipova
Employment and Labor Productivity in Macroregions of Russia: Spatial Interdependence pp. 135-143 Downloads
V. A. Rusanovskiy and V. A. Markov
Development Trajectories of the Russian Far East: Evaluation Based on the Dynamic Model of Economic Interactions pp. 144-152 Downloads
Natalia Dzhurka
Forecasting the Dynamics of the Depletion of Conventional Energy Resources pp. 153-160 Downloads
Yu. A. Ul’yanin, V. V. Kharitonov and D. Yu. Yurshina
Relation of Uncertainty in Fluctuations of Energy Commodity Demand and Prices to Forecasting Timeframe pp. 161-166 Downloads
O. V. Mazurova
Influence of Import Substitution Policy on the Industrial Production Level in Russia: Sector-Specific Issues pp. 167-173 Downloads
E. A. Fedorova, D. D. Airapetyan, S. O. Musienko, D. O. Afanas’ev and F. Yu. Fedorov
Analysis of the Expected Resources of Copper Scrap pp. 174-181 Downloads
A. A. Emel’yanov, D. S. Voronov, R. A. Dolzhenko and A. V. Dushin
Industry Investment Analysis of Activities of Russian Telecommunications Companies pp. 182-190 Downloads
L. D. Zubkova and S. M. D’yachkov
Assessment of Demographic and Socioeconomic Losses due to Premature Mortality in the Populations of Russia and Vologda Oblast pp. 191-201 Downloads
M. V. Morev and A. V. Korolenko
Condition and Prospects of the Development of the Housing and Utilities Sphere in the Mari El Republic pp. 202-206 Downloads
V. V. Chernykh and L. M. Nizova
Analysis of the Efficacy of Public Spending on Research and Development in State Programs pp. 207-213 Downloads
I. E. Ilina, E. N. Zharova and S. P. Burlankov
Development of Islamic Banking in Russia Based on the Example of LLC Financial House Amal pp. 214-216 Downloads
I. I. Garifullin, A. A. Daryakin and G. M. Galeeva
Employers and Foreign Migrants in the Labor Markets of Major Russian Cities: Interactions in a New Economic Reality pp. 217-224 Downloads
Yu. F. Florinskaya

Volume 29, issue 1, 2018

System of Measures to Recovery of Economic Growth in Russia pp. 1-5 Downloads
V. V. Ivanter, O. Dzh. Govtvan’, M. S. Gusev, M. Yu. Ksenofontov, D. B. Kuvalin, A. K. Moiseev, B. N. Porfiryev, V. V. Semikashev, M. N. Uzyakov and A. A. Shirov
On Measurement of Economic Growth pp. 6-11 Downloads
V. K. Fal’tsman
Russian Nanotechnology Market: High-Technology Industry or Statistical Phenomenon pp. 12-20 Downloads
N. A. Ganichev and O. B. Koshovets
The Macro Impacts of International NPP Projects pp. 21-27 Downloads
Yu. V. Chernyakhovskaya
Evolution of Instruments of State Support of Industry in the Russian Federation: From Federal Target Programs to the State Program pp. 28-34 Downloads
A. M. Kalinin
Construction and Real Estate Markets: From Crisis to Growth pp. 35-40 Downloads
M. I. Kamenetskii and N. Yu. Yas’kova
Food Export: Looking to the East pp. 41-49 Downloads
V. V. Rau
Territorial Workspace Dispersion as a Factor of the Spatial Development of the Economy pp. 50-55 Downloads
K. V. Yankov
The Role of Sovereign Funds in Stabilizing the World’s Financial Architecture pp. 56-61 Downloads
I. A. Leonov and A. K. Moiseev
Regional Differences of Placing and Forecasting Labor Resources of Russian Agriculture pp. 62-71 Downloads
T. G. Nefedova and Nikita Mkrtchyan
The Economy of Territories Reformed into Statehood: The Donetsk People’s Republic pp. 72-78 Downloads
A. V. Polovyan, R. N. Lepa and S. N. Grinevskaya
On the Economic Contribution of Specialized Higher Education Institutions to the Development of Monofunctional Cities pp. 79-85 Downloads
P. P. Makagonov, A. R. Figueroa and S. R. Espinosa
The Pension Age as a Factor Regulating the Deficit of the State Pension System pp. 86-93 Downloads
A. K. Solov’ev
Models for Predicting Prices in the Moscow Residential Real Estate Market pp. 94-101 Downloads
V. A. Salnikov and O. M. Mikheeva
Global Production and Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages pp. 102-108 Downloads
A. M. Solov’ev
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