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Studies on Russian Economic Development

2016 - 2019

Current editor(s): Viktor V. Ivanter, Dmitrii B. Kuvalin and Galina A. Yaremenko

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Volume 28, issue 6, 2017

Finance and credit in the strategy for the economic development and structured investment policy of the Russian Federation pp. 575-584 Downloads
V. S. Panfilov, O. Dzh. Govtvan’ and A. K. Moiseev
Input–output coefficients in the evaluation of a scientific and technological component of the macrostructural forecasting pp. 585-592 Downloads
A. R. Sayapova
Import substitution as a complementary strategy pp. 593-599 Downloads
Andrey Gnidchenko
Environmental hazard assessment and forecast of economic damage from industrial accidents pp. 600-607 Downloads
B. N. Porfiryev and A. S. Tulupov
Short-term forecasting of prices for the Russian wholesale electricity market based on neural networks pp. 608-615 Downloads
I. Yu. Zolotova and V. V. Dvorkin
Forecasting the impact of economic sanctions on the development of the Russian aircraft industry pp. 616-623 Downloads
V. V. Klochkov and S. S. Kritskaya
On the assessment of the potential expansion of agricultural production and its structural shifts pp. 624-636 Downloads
M. Yu. Ksenofontov, D. A. Polzikov, Yu. S. Verbitskiy and Y. S. Melnikova
Survey of the combined dynamics of prices for pulp and timber pp. 637-640 Downloads
A. V. Plastinin and O. P. Sushko
Forecast assumption and analysis of the development of protective afforestation in the Volgograd region pp. 641-647 Downloads
K. N. Kulik, A. T. Barabanov, A. S. Manaenkov and A. K. Kulik
Modern problems and development prospects of the Russian budgetary system pp. 648-657 Downloads
K. E. Savchishina
Features of restructuring mortgage loans nominated in foreign currency pp. 658-662 Downloads
A. A. Tsyganov and A. D. Yazykov
Structural changes in employment and the quality of life of the populations of Russian million-plus cities pp. 663-671 Downloads
O. V. Kuznetsova
Russian enterprises in spring 2017: Slow restoration of investment activity against a background of economic stabilization pp. 672-683 Downloads
D. B. Kuvalin, A. K. Moiseev and P. A. Lavrinenko

Volume 28, issue 5, 2017

The relationship between monetary policy and economic development in modern Europe: Problems and possible solutions pp. 467-471 Downloads
Jacques Sapir
Scientific and technological development: Limitations and opportunities pp. 472-479 Downloads
N. I. Komkov
Areas of national modernization: Search for priorities pp. 480-485 Downloads
V. V. Kiseleva and A. G. Fonotov
Dependence of the Russian defense industry on oil prices: Conversion pp. 486-491 Downloads
V. K. Fal’tsman
Integrated energy systems: Challenges, trends, philosophy pp. 492-499 Downloads
N. I. Voropai, V. A. Stennikov and E. A. Barakhtenko
Vertically integrated intersectoral corporations as a form of transition from deindustrialization to reindustrialization of the national market economy pp. 500-505 Downloads
A. K. Kornev, S. I. Maksimtsova and S. V. Treshchina
Government control of the transport service industry pp. 506-513 Downloads
V. N. Filina
Problems and strategic objectives for the development of a public purchasing institution pp. 514-520 Downloads
I. I. Smotritskaya, O. V. Anchishkina and S. I. Chernykh
Small businesses in a system of measures aimed at recovering the trajectory of economic growth pp. 521-527 Downloads
V. G. Basareva
Forecasting the results of innovative activity taking into account significant factors in the regions of Russia pp. 528-535 Downloads
G. P. Litvintseva, V. Yu. Shchekoldin and E. A. Schits
Forecast of the basic trends of economic development in Bryansk oblast pp. 536-539 Downloads
V. N. Ozherelev and M. V. Ozhereleva
Social and economic issues facing seniors: Humanitarian dimensions of aging and social support in old age pp. 540-547 Downloads
I. M. Aizinova
Alcohol trade restrictions and alcohol consumption: On the effectiveness of state policy pp. 548-557 Downloads
Marina Kolosnitsyna, N. A. Khorkina and M. T. Sitdikov
Prospects of changes in the total size and age composition of adults with disability in Russia pp. 558-567 Downloads
S. A. Vasin
Occupational injuries as a criterion of professional risk pp. 568-574 Downloads
I. V. Bukhtiyarov, N. F. Izmerov, G. I. Tikhonova and A. N. Churanova

Volume 28, issue 4, 2017

Investments in fixed assets and human capital: Two interconnected drivers of socioeconomic growth pp. 361-363 Downloads
A. G. Aganbegyan
Structural and investment policy as an instrument for modernizing the Russian economy pp. 364-372 Downloads
V. V. Ivanter
The dynamics of capital assets in the economy of the Russian Federation over the post-Soviet period (1992–2015) pp. 373-383 Downloads
D. A. Fomin and G. I. Khanin
Estimation of the production function with the variable utilization of capital assets in the Russian economy pp. 384-390 Downloads
V. M. Gil’mundinov
Nanotechnology and the new technological revolution: Expectations and reality pp. 391-397 Downloads
O. B. Koshovets and N. A. Ganichev
Investment of venture capital in Russia as an important element of transitioning to an innovative economy under sanctions pp. 398-405 Downloads
O. E. Trofimova
Scientific and innovative activities in regions of Northwest Russia pp. 406-415 Downloads
A. A. Rumyantsev
Forecasting of regional economic development and budget based on the example of Irkutsk oblast pp. 416-422 Downloads
D. Yu. Fedotov
Forecast of energy consumption of vehicles pp. 423-430 Downloads
L. V. Eder and V. Yu. Nemov
Russian food exports: Trends, opportunities, and priorities pp. 431-436 Downloads
V. V. Rau
Accelerator effects in the freight car-building industry pp. 437-445 Downloads
K. G. Pochukaev
Comparison of the efficiency of different means of transport by direct and indirect consumer costs pp. 446-449 Downloads
P. A. Lavrinenko
Social and economic problems of the older generation: Quality of life of the older population pp. 450-457 Downloads
I. M. Aizinova
Comparative assessment of state involvement in the economy in OECD studies pp. 458-465 Downloads
M. V. Klinova

Volume 28, issue 3, 2017

RIM interindustry macroeconomic model: Development of instruments under current economic conditions pp. 241-252 Downloads
A. A. Shirov and A. A. Yantovskii
Medium-term forecasting of Russian economy using cognitive model pp. 253-258 Downloads
M. E. Morozova and V. V. Shmat
Sustainable development goals for the future of Russia pp. 259-265 Downloads
S. N. Bobylev and Sofya Solovyeva
A predictive model of economic dynamics during stagflation taking into account the volatility of the national currency pp. 266-270 Downloads
A. A. Akaev, N. S. Ziyadullaev, A. I. Sarygulov and V. N. Sokolov
An overview of the state and priorities of the iron and steel industry in the Russian Far East pp. 271-277 Downloads
G. I. Arkhipov
Assessing the efficiency of the forest industry complex based on calculation of value added index (Based on the example of the Republic of Komi) pp. 278-285 Downloads
M. A. Shishelov
Modern approach to the food security of Russia pp. 286-295 Downloads
Ya. Sh. Pappe, N. S. Antonenko and D. A. Polzikov
The impact of the institutional and infrastructural environment on innovation-based development in today’s world pp. 296-305 Downloads
N. S. Barabash, P. P. Bochkovskii and Yu. A. Shamsutdinov
The concept of subjective quality of life and psychological well-being: Essay on contemporary ideas pp. 306-316 Downloads
A. A. Poduzov and V. S. Yazykova
Migration intentions of contemporary generations in Russia: A new wave pp. 317-326 Downloads
E. I. Ivanova
Cooperation between Russia and the European Union: From importing to exporting technology pp. 327-337 Downloads
S. V. Terebova
Liberalization of Russia’s trade with the European Union, BRICS, and Trans-Pacific Partnership countries pp. 338-345 Downloads
D. A. Izotov
Russian enterprises at the end of 2016: Reaction to varying ruble exchange rate and the workforce situation pp. 346-360 Downloads
D. B. Kuvalin and A. K. Moiseev

Volume 28, issue 2, 2017

Role of instrumental methods of analysis and forecasting for substantiating economic policy pp. 121-125 Downloads
A. A. Shirov
The analysis of the dynamics of the Russian economy using the output gap indicator pp. 126-132 Downloads
A. V. Zubarev and Pavel Trunin
The crisis in the context of the present and the future of the Russian economy pp. 133-139 Downloads
V. K. Fal’tsman
Studying the problems of economic reproduction in agriculture of Russia pp. 140-146 Downloads
A. P. Zinchenko
Food security of Bashkortostan: Problems and solutions pp. 147-159 Downloads
R. R. Galiev, I. M. Khanova and F. A. Kurbangaleeva
Value added analysis and trend forecasting in the manufacturing industry in Kaliningrad oblast pp. 160-168 Downloads
N. A. Kazakova, A. I. Bolvacheva, A. L. Gendon and G. F. Golubeva
Investment and innovative technological efficiency: Case study of the Arctic project pp. 169-179 Downloads
V. N. Borisov and O. V. Pochukaeva
Certain socioeconomic problems of development of the Arctic territories pp. 180-190 Downloads
A. O. Vylegzhanina
The dynamics of housing affordability for the population of Russia in 2008–2014 pp. 191-203 Downloads
M. M. Minchenko and N. N. Nozdrina
Evaluation of the mid-market investment returns in real estate development when forecasting the housing market pp. 204-212 Downloads
G. M. Sternik and S. G. Sternik
Development of interbudgetary relations in Russia in 2000–2015 pp. 213-224 Downloads
M. A. Pechenskaya
Investment cooperation of Russia and France: Influence of sanctions pp. 225-232 Downloads
A. S. Chetverikova
European policy of the diversification of natural gas supplies (in the case of Lithuania) and consequences for Russian gas exports pp. 233-240 Downloads
D. V. Slesareva

Volume 28, issue 1, 2017

Formation of an investment model of economic development of Russia pp. 1-10 Downloads
I. A. Budanov
Ideological myths of modern economic theory and reality pp. 11-14 Downloads
V. V. Kuleshov and Vs. V. Kuleshov
Components of total factor productivity of the Russian economy with respect to other countries of the world: The role of technical efficiency pp. 15-21 Downloads
A. Yu. Apokin and I. B. Ipatova
Socioeconomic modernization of Russia and its Arctic regions pp. 22-30 Downloads
G. F. Romashkina, N. I. Didenko and D. F. Skripnuk
Problems and perspectives of innovative development of the industrial system in Russian Arctic regions pp. 31-38 Downloads
N. I. Komkov, V. S. Selin, V. A. Tsukerman and E. S. Goryachevskaya
Determinants of public health in Arctic and Subarctic territories of Russia pp. 39-47 Downloads
B. A. Revich
Optimizing the placement of fruit and berry plantations at a horticultural organization pp. 48-51 Downloads
G. Z. Sitdikova
Provision of food security of a region based on the example of the Republic of Buryatia pp. 52-59 Downloads
E. B. Naidanova and N. M. Polyanskaya
Problems of the quality of alcohol and tobacco products pp. 60-66 Downloads
L. V. Skul’skaya and T. K. Shirokova
Analysis of the status and trends of applications of advanced manufacturing technologies in Russia pp. 67-74 Downloads
V. M. Kapitsyn, O. A. Gerasimenko and L. N. Andronova
The role of innovations in the import substitution of products (based on the example of the North Caucasian Federal District) pp. 75-78 Downloads
G. Kh. Batov
Prospects of diversifying Russian direct investment abroad pp. 79-86 Downloads
A. V. Kuznetsov
School graduates from small towns in Russia: Educational and migration strategies pp. 87-96 Downloads
Yu. F. Florinskaya
Assessing data on mortality from external causes: Case study of the Republic of Bashkortostan pp. 97-109 Downloads
V. V. Yumaguzin and M. V. Vinnik
Russian enterprises in Spring 2016: Interactions with state authorities in the midst of an economic depression pp. 110-119 Downloads
D. B. Kuvalin, A. K. Moiseev and P. A. Lavrinenko
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