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Volume 110, issue May, 2020

Foreword pp. xi-xii Downloads
Janet L. Yellen
Editors' Introduction pp. xiii-xiv Downloads
William R. Johnson and Ginny Herbert
Gender in the Twenty-First Century pp. 1-24 Downloads
Marianne Bertrand
Measuring the Impact of Free Goods on Real Household Consumption pp. 25-30 Downloads
Erik Brynjolfsson, Avinash Collis, Walter Diewert, Felix Eggers and Kevin Fox
Innovation α: What Do IP-Intensive Stock Price Indexes Tell Us about Innovation? pp. 31-35 Downloads
Carol Corrado, David Martin and Qianfan Wu
Estimating Family Income from Administrative Banking Data: A Machine Learning Approach pp. 36-41 Downloads
Diana Farrell, Fiona Greig and Erica Deadman
Technology and Big Data Are Changing Economics: Mining Text to Track Methods pp. 42-48 Downloads
Janet Currie, Henrik Kleven and Esmée Zwiers
Internalizing Externalities: Designing Effective Data Policies pp. 49-54 Downloads
Ryan Hill, Carolyn Stein and Heidi Williams
In Praise of Confidence Intervals pp. 55-60 Downloads
David Romer
Research Transparency Is on the Rise in Economics pp. 61-65 Downloads
Nicholas Swanson, Garret Christensen, Rebecca Littman, David Birke, Edward Miguel, Elizabeth Levy Paluck and Zenan Wang
A Proposed Specification Check for p-Hacking pp. 66-69 Downloads
Abel Brodeur, Nikolai Cook and Anthony Heyes
Do Pre-analysis Plans Hamper Publication? pp. 70-74 Downloads
George K. Ofosu and Daniel N. Posner
Forecasting the Results of Experiments: Piloting an Elicitation Strategy pp. 75-79 Downloads
Stefano DellaVigna, Nicholas Otis and Eva Vivalt
The Allocation of Decision Authority to Human and Artificial Intelligence pp. 80-84 Downloads
Susan Athey, Kevin Bryan and Joshua Gans
The Managerial Effects of Algorithmic Fairness Activism pp. 85-90 Downloads
Bo Cowgill, Fabrizio Dell'Acqua and Sandra Matz
An Economic Perspective on Algorithmic Fairness pp. 91-95 Downloads
Ashesh Rambachan, Jon Kleinberg, Jens Ludwig and Sendhil Mullainathan
Algorithmic Social Engineering pp. 96-100 Downloads
Bo Cowgill and Megan T. Stevenson
Measuring the Macroeconomic Impact of Carbon Taxes pp. 101-06 Downloads
Gilbert Metcalf and James H. Stock
The Fiscal Costs of Climate Change pp. 107-12 Downloads
Lint Barrage
The Cost-Effectiveness Implications of Carbon Price Certainty pp. 113-18 Downloads
Joseph E. Aldy and Sarah Armitage
Effects of Fiscal Policy on Credit Markets pp. 119-24 Downloads
Alan Auerbach, Yuriy Gorodnichenko and Daniel Murphy
Automatic Stabilizers in a Low-Rate Environment pp. 125-30 Downloads
Olivier Blanchard and Lawrence H. Summers
National Fiscal Policies to Fight Recessions in US States pp. 131-36 Downloads
Karen Dynan and Douglas Elmendorf
Public Debt, Interest Rates, and Negative Shocks pp. 137-40 Downloads
Richard Evans
A Skeptic's Guide to Modern Monetary Theory pp. 141-44 Downloads
N. Gregory Mankiw
Are Large Deficits and Debt Dangerous? pp. 145-48 Downloads
Michael J. Boskin
Simulating the Blanchard Conjecture in a Multiperiod Life Cycle Model pp. 149-51 Downloads
Jasmina Hasanhodzic
Leveraging Posterity's Prosperity? pp. 152-56 Downloads
Johannes Brumm, Laurence Kotlikoff and Felix Kubler
Is New Platform Work Different from Other Freelancing? pp. 157-61 Downloads
Andrew Garin, Emilie Jackson, Dmitri K. Koustas and Carl McPherson
Information Reporting and Tax Compliance pp. 162-66 Downloads
Bibek Adhikari, James Alm and Timothy F. Harris
The Distinctive Values of Bankers pp. 167-71 Downloads
Nava Ashraf, Oriana Bandiera and Alexia Delfino
Visible Hands: Governance of Value Creation—Within Firms and Beyond pp. 172-76 Downloads
Robert Gibbons
Tackling Climate Change Requires Organizational Purpose pp. 177-80 Downloads
Rebecca Henderson and George Serafeim
Measuring Collaboration in Modern Organizations pp. 181-86 Downloads
Stephen Michael Impink, Andrea Prat and Raffaella Sadun
Knowledge, Stories, and Culture in Organizations pp. 187-92 Downloads
Robert Gibbons and Laurence Prusak
Individual Identity and Organizational Identification: Evidence from a Field Experiment pp. 193-98 Downloads
Maria Guadalupe, Zoe Kinias and Florian Schloderer
Stories at Work pp. 199-204 Downloads
Robert Akerlof, Niko Matouschek and Luis Rayo
Can Mentoring Help Female Assistant Professors in Economics? An Evaluation by Randomized Trial pp. 205-09 Downloads
Donna Ginther, Janet Currie, Francine Blau and Rachel Croson
Employment and Earnings for Federal Government Economists: Empirical Evidence by Gender and Race pp. 210-14 Downloads
Lucia Foster, Julia Manzella, Erika McEntarfer and Danielle Sandler
Do Workers Comply with Salary History Bans? A Survey on Voluntary Disclosure, Adverse Selection, and Unraveling pp. 215-19 Downloads
Amanda Agan, Bo Cowgill and Laura Katherine Gee
The Demographic Effects of Dodging the Vietnam Draft pp. 220-25 Downloads
Martha Bailey and Eric Chyn
What Happens after an Abortion Denial? A Review of Results from the Turnaway Study pp. 226-30 Downloads
Sarah Miller, Laura Wherry and Diana Greene Foster
Legal Access to Reproductive Control Technology, Women's Education, and Earnings Approaching Retirement pp. 231-35 Downloads
Jason Lindo, Mayra Pineda-Torres, David Pritchard and Hedieh Tajali
Local Economic Conditions and Fertility from the Great Depression through the Great Recession pp. 236-40 Downloads
Jessamyn Schaller, Price Fishback and Kelli Marquardt
Awards and the Gender Gap in Knowledge Contributions in STEM pp. 241-44 Downloads
Jana Gallus and Emma Heikensten
Gender Differences in Scientific Communication and Their Impact on Grant Funding Decisions pp. 245-49 Downloads
Julian Kolev, Yuly Fuentes-Medel and Fiona Murray
Inventor Gender and the Direction of Invention pp. 250-54 Downloads
Rembrand Koning, Sampsa Samila and John-Paul Ferguson
Preventing the Spread of Antibiotic Resistance pp. 255-59 Downloads
Jerome Adda
Community-Based Crisis Response: Evidence from Sierra Leone's Ebola Outbreak pp. 260-64 Downloads
Darin Christensen, Oeindrila Dube, Johannes Haushofer, Bilal Siddiqi and Maarten Voors
The Economics of Viral Outbreaks pp. 265-68 Downloads
Imran Rasul
Advance Market Commitments: Insights from Theory and Experience pp. 269-73 Downloads
Michael Kremer, Jonathan Levin and Christopher Snyder
Administration above Administrators: The Changing Technology of Health Care Management pp. 274-78 Downloads
Abe Dunn, Joshua Gottlieb and Adam Hale Shapiro
Provider Discretion and Variation in Resource Allocation: The Case of Triage Decisions pp. 279-83 Downloads
David C. Chan and Jonathan Gruber
Time Dependency in Physician Decision-Making pp. 284-88 Downloads
Lawrence Jin, Rui Tang, Han Ye, Junjian Yi and Songfa Zhong
A Test of Enhancing Learning in Economics through Nudges pp. 289-93 Downloads
Rita Balaban and Patrick Conway
Diagnosing the Learning Environment for Diverse Students in Introductory Economics: An Analysis of Relevance, Belonging, and Growth Mindsets pp. 294-98 Downloads
Amanda Bayer, Syon Bhanot, Erin T. Bronchetti and Stephen A. O'Connell
A Pareto-Improving Way to Teach Principles of Economics: Evidence from the University of Toronto pp. 299-303 Downloads
Dwayne Benjamin, Avi Cohen and Gillian Hamilton
How Often Does Active Learning Actually Occur? Perception versus Reality pp. 304-08 Downloads
Brandon Sheridan and Ben Smith
Linguistic Traits and Human Capital Formation pp. 309-13 Downloads
Oded Galor, Ömer Özak and Assaf Sarid
The Cost of Being Too Patient pp. 314-18 Downloads
Paola Giuliano and Paola Sapienza
Ancient Origins of the Global Variation in Economic Preferences pp. 319-23 Downloads
Anke Becker, Benjamin Enke and Armin Falk
The Polarization of Reality pp. 324-28 Downloads
Alberto Alesina, Armando Miano and Stefanie Stantcheva
Diversity, Immigration, and Redistribution pp. 329-34 Downloads
Alberto Alesina and Stefanie Stantcheva
Rationing as a Determinant of Immigrant Composition and Outcomes pp. 335-39 Downloads
Edward Lazear
Discrimination and the Returns to Cultural Assimilation in the Age of Mass Migration pp. 340-46 Downloads
Ran Abramitzky, Leah Boustan, Katherine Eriksson and Stephanie Hao
Extending the Race between Education and Technology pp. 347-51 Downloads
David Autor, Claudia Goldin and Lawrence Katz
College Attainment, Income Inequality, and Economic Security: A Simulation Exercise pp. 352-55 Downloads
Brad Hershbein, Melissa S. Kearney and Luke W. Pardue
Unpacking Skill Bias: Automation and New Tasks pp. 356-61 Downloads
Daron Acemoglu and Pascual Restrepo
Structural Increases in Demand for Skill after the Great Recession pp. 362-65 Downloads
Peter Q. Blair and David Deming
Economics after Neoliberalism: Introducing the EfIP Project pp. 366-71 Downloads
Suresh Naidu, Dani Rodrik and Gabriel Zucman
Shrinking Capitalism pp. 372-77 Downloads
Samuel Bowles and Wendy Carlin
The Political Limits of Economics pp. 378-82 Downloads
Luigi Zingales
Competing with Robots: Firm-Level Evidence from France pp. 383-88 Downloads
Daron Acemoglu, Claire Lelarge and Pascual Restrepo
Firm-Level Automation: Evidence from the Netherlands pp. 389-93 Downloads
James Bessen, Maarten Goos, Anna Salomons and Wiljan van den Berge
Within-Occupation Changes Dominate Changes in What Workers Do: A Shift-Share Decomposition, 2005–2015 pp. 394-99 Downloads
Richard Freeman, Ina Ganguli and Michael Handel
Artificial Intelligence in Health Care? Evidence from Online Job Postings pp. 400-404 Downloads
Avi Goldfarb, Bledi Taska and Florenta Teodoridis
The Impact of Parental Wealth on College Degree Attainment: Evidence from the Housing Boom and Bust pp. 405-10 Downloads
Rucker C. Johnson
Wealth Stratification and Portfolio Choice pp. 411-15 Downloads
Karl Boulware and Kenneth N. Kuttner
The Impact of School Finance Reforms on Local Tax Revenues pp. 416-18 Downloads
Patrick Bayer, Peter Q. Blair and Kenneth Whaley
Do Immigration Raids Deter Head Start Enrollment? pp. 419-23 Downloads
Robert Santillano, Stephanie Potochnick and Jade Jenkins
The Role of Broad-Based Employee Ownership Opportunities in Prisoner Reentry pp. 424-29 Downloads
Robynn Cox
Immigration Enforcement, Deterrence, and Crime pp. 430-35 Downloads
Sandra Orozco-Aleman and Heriberto Gonzalez-Lozano
A Look Ahead at the 2020 US Elections: The Role of Candidate Diversity in Political Participation pp. 436-41 Downloads
Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes and Jose R. Bucheli
Hispanic and Asian Earnings Inequality: New Workers and Immigrants pp. 442-46 Downloads
Randall Akee, Maggie R. Jones, Sonya R. Porter and Emilia Simeonova
Disparities in Police Award Nominations: Evidence from Chicago pp. 447-51 Downloads
Nayoung Rim, Bocar Ba and Roman Rivera
Do Nuisance Ordinances Increase Eviction Risk? pp. 452-56 Downloads
Sarah Kroeger and Giulia La Mattina
Queens of the Desert: Convictism and Marital Attitudes across Australia pp. 457-62 Downloads
Victoria Baranov, Ralph De Haas and Pauline Grosjean
Banking Panics as Endogenous Disasters and the Welfare Gains from Macroprudential Policy pp. 463-69 Downloads
Mark Gertler, Nobuhiro Kiyotaki and Andrea Prestipino
NKV: A New Keynesian Model with Vulnerability pp. 470-76 Downloads
Tobias Adrian, Fernando Duarte, Nellie Liang and Pawel Zabczyk
Private Supply of Safe Assets: Shadow Banks versus Traditional Banks pp. 477-81 Downloads
Stefan Gissler, Marco Macchiavelli and Borghan Narajabad
Understanding Collateral Re-use in the US Financial System pp. 482-86 Downloads
Sebastian Infante, Charles Press and Zack Saravay
Who Ran on Repo? pp. 487-92 Downloads
Gary B. Gorton, Andrew Metrick and Chase Ross
Emerging Markets at Risk pp. 493-98 Downloads
Gonzalo Asis, Anusha Chari and Adam Haas
Corporate Yields: Effect of Credit Ratings and Sovereign Yields pp. 499-503 Downloads
Julia Bevilaqua, Galina Hale and Eric Tallman
The Financial Center Leverage Cycle: Does It Spread around the World? pp. 504-10 Downloads
Graciela Laura Kaminsky, Leandro Medina and Shiyi Wang
Real Effects of Sovereign Debt Inflow Shocks pp. 511-15 Downloads
Lorenzo Pandolfi and Tomas Williams
Do Sounder Banks Make Calmer Waters? The Link between Bank Regulations and Capital Flow Waves pp. 516-22 Downloads
Kristin J. Forbes
The Global Financial Cycle after Lehman pp. 523-28 Downloads
Silvia Miranda-Agrippino and Hélène Rey
The Dollar, Bank Leverage, and Real Economic Activity: An Evolving Relationship pp. 529-34 Downloads
Burcu Erik, Marco Lombardi, Dubravko Mihaljek and Hyun Song Shin
Impact of Foreign Official Purchases of US Treasuries on the Yield Curve pp. 535-40 Downloads
Erin L. Wolcott
Who's Paying for the US Tariffs? A Longer-Term Perspective pp. 541-46 Downloads
Mary Amiti, Stephen Redding and David E. Weinstein
The Looming Threat of Tariff Hikes: Entry into Exporting under Trade Agreement Renegotiation pp. 547-51 Downloads
Meredith A. Crowley, Oliver Exton and Lu Han
Brexit Uncertainty: Trade Externalities beyond Europe pp. 552-56 Downloads
Alejandro G. Graziano, Kyle Handley and Nuno Limão
Theory and Measurement of Common Ownership pp. 557-60 Downloads
Matthew Backus, Christopher Conlon and Michael Sinkinson
Diversification, Common Ownership, and Strategic Incentives pp. 561-64 Downloads
Albert Banal-Estañol, Jo Seldeslachts and Xavier Vives
Active Investors, Passive Investors, and Common Ownership pp. 565-68 Downloads
Oz Shy and Rune Stenbacka
The Anticompetitive Effects of Common Ownership: The Case of Paragraph IV Generic Entry pp. 569-72 Downloads
Jin Xie and Joseph Gerakos
Split Apart: Differentiation, Diversion, and Coordination in the Market for Superpremium Ice Cream pp. 573-78 Downloads
Christopher Sullivan
Countervailing Market Power and Consumer Surplus: An Empirical Examination pp. 579-83 Downloads
Jorge Alé-Chilet and Juan Pablo Atal
Improving Financial Inclusion through Digital Savings and Credit pp. 584-88 Downloads
Prashant Bharadwaj and Tavneet Suri
Migration, Money Transfers, and Mobile Money: Evidence from Niger pp. 589-93 Downloads
Jenny C. Aker, Silvia Prina and C. Jamilah Welch
Adopting Mobile Money: Evidence from an Experiment in Rural Africa pp. 594-98 Downloads
Catia Batista and Pedro Vicente
Cashing In (and Out): Experimental Evidence on the Effects of Mobile Money in Malawi pp. 599-604 Downloads
Shilpa Aggarwal, Valentina Brailovskaya and Jonathan Robinson
Is Community-Based Targeting Effective in Identifying Intimate Partner Violence? pp. 605-09 Downloads
Jorge M. Agüero, Úrsula Aldana, Erica Field, Veronica Frisancho and Javier Romero
Women Empowerment Programs and Intimate Partner Violence pp. 610-14 Downloads
Manuela Angelucci and Rachel Heath
Reducing Violence against Women in Uganda through Video Dramas: A Survey Experiment to Illuminate Causal Mechanisms pp. 615-19 Downloads
Jasper Cooper, Donald P. Green and Anna M. Wilke
Spousal Disagreement in Reporting of Intimate Partner Violence in Kenya pp. 620-24 Downloads
Johannes Haushofer, Charlotte Ringdal, Jeremy Shapiro and Xiao Yu Wang
Minutes of the Annual Business Meeting: San Diego, CA, January 3, 2020 pp. 627-30 Downloads
Peter Rousseau
Report of the Secretary pp. 631-34 Downloads
Peter Rousseau
Report of the Treasurer pp. 635-38 Downloads
Peter Rousseau
American Economic Association 2019-2020 Universal Academic Questionnaire Summary Statistics pp. 639-41 Downloads
Charles E. Scott and John Siegfried
List of Online Reports pp. 642 Downloads
Peter Rousseau
Report of the Editor: American Economic Review pp. 660-74 Downloads
Esther Duflo
Report of the Editor: American Economic Review: Insights pp. 675-81 Downloads
Amy Finkelstein
Report of the Editor: Journal of Economic Literature pp. 682-85 Downloads
Steven Durlauf
Report of the Editor: Journal of Economic Perspectives pp. 686-88 Downloads
Enrico Moretti
Report of the Editor: American Economic Journal: Applied Economics pp. 689-94 Downloads
Alexandre Mas
Report of the Editor: American Economic Journal: Economic Policy pp. 695-702 Downloads
Matthew D. Shapiro
Report of the Editor: American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics pp. 703-9 Downloads
Simon Gilchrist
Report of the Editor: American Economic Journal: Microeconomics pp. 710-15 Downloads
Johannes Hörner
Report: Job Openings for Economists pp. 716-18 Downloads
John Siegfried
Report: Committee on Economic Education pp. 719-25 Downloads
Sam Allgood and KimMarie McGoldrick
Report: Committee on the Status of Women in the Economics Profession (CSWEP) pp. 726-36 Downloads
Margaret Levenstein
Report: Committee on the Status of Minority Groups in the Economics Profession (CSMGEP) pp. 737-51 Downloads
Gary Hoover and Ebonya Washington
Report: Committee on the Status of LGBTQ+ Individuals in the Economics Profession (CSQIEP) pp. 752-53 Downloads
Lee Badgett and Kitt Carpenter
Report: Committee on Equity, Diversity, and Professional Conduct (CEDPC) pp. 754 Downloads
Marianne Bertrand
Report: American Economic Association Committee on Statistics (AEAStat) pp. 755-58 Downloads
John Haltiwanger
Report: Committee on Government Relations (CGR) pp. 759-61 Downloads
Kenneth Troske
Report of the Search Committee for the Editor of the AEJ: Applied Economics pp. 762 Downloads
Esther Duflo
Report of the Search Committee for the Editor of the AEJ: Microeconomics pp. 763 Downloads
Drew Fudenberg
Report by the AEA Data Editor pp. 764-75 Downloads
Lars Vilhuber, James Turrito and Keesler Welch
AEA Data and Code Availability Policy pp. 776-78 Downloads
Lars Vilhuber
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