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Volume 112, month May, 2022

Foreword pp. xi-xii Downloads
Christina D. Romer
Editors' Introduction pp. xiii- Downloads
William R. Johnson and Mary Roth
On the Dynamics of Human Behavior: The Past, Present, and Future of Culture, Conflict, and Cooperation pp. 15-37 Downloads
Nathan Nunn
Black Land Loss: 1920−1997 pp. 38-42 Downloads
Dania V. Francis, Darrick Hamilton, Thomas W. Mitchell, Nathan A. Rosenberg and Bryce Wilson Stucki
Intersectionality and Financial Inclusion in the United States pp. 43-47 Downloads
Vicki L. Bogan and Sarah E. Wolfolds
At the Intersection of Race, Occupational Status, and Middle-Class Attainment in Young Adulthood pp. 48-52 Downloads
Fenaba R. Addo
Child-to-Parent Intergenerational Transfers, Social Security, and Child Wealth Building pp. 53-57 Downloads
Andria Smythe
Wealth Taxation: Lessons from History and Recent Developments pp. 58-62 Downloads
Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman
Saving Effects of a Real-Life Imperfectly Implemented Wealth Tax: Evidence from Norwegian Micro Data pp. 63-67 Downloads
Annette Alstadsæter, Marie Bjørneby, Wojciech Kopczuk, Simen Markussen and Knut Røed
Gender and Inheritances pp. 68-72 Downloads
Sandra Black, Paul Devereux, Fanny Landaud and Kjell G Salvanes
The Correlation of Net and Gross Wealth across Generations: The Role of Parent Income and Child Age pp. 73-77 Downloads
N. Meltem Daysal, Michael Lovenheim and David N. Wasser
Estimating the Disparate Cumulative Impact of the Pandemic in Administrative Unemployment Insurance Data pp. 78-84 Downloads
Alex Bell, T. J. Hedin, Peter Mannino, Roozbeh Moghadam, Carl Romer, Geoffrey Schnorr and Till von Wachter
Early Withdrawal of Pandemic Unemployment Insurance: Effects on Employment and Earnings pp. 85-90 Downloads
Kyle Coombs, Arindrajit Dube, Calvin Jahnke, Raymond Kluender, Suresh Naidu and Michael Stepner
Equity in Unemployment Insurance Benefit Access pp. 91-96 Downloads
Christopher O'Leary, William E. Spriggs and Stephen A. Wandner
Unemployment Insurance Financing as a Uniform Payroll Tax pp. 97-101 Downloads
Sebastian Graves, Jonathon Hazell, Walker F. Lewis and Christina Patterson
Poor Performance as a Predictable Outcome: Financing the Administration of Unemployment Insurance pp. 102-06 Downloads
Marta Lachowska, Alexandre Mas and Stephen A. Woodbury
Would Broadening the UI Tax Base Help Low-Income Workers? pp. 107-11 Downloads
Mark Duggan, Audrey Guo and Andrew Johnston
Should We Have Automatic Triggers for Unemployment Benefit Duration and How Costly Would They Be? pp. 112-16 Downloads
Gabriel Chodorow-Reich, Peter Ganong and Jonathan Gruber
Youth Hiring and Labor Market Tightness pp. 117-20 Downloads
Eliza Forsythe
Soft Skills in the Youth Labor Market pp. 121-25 Downloads
Sara B. Heller and Judd B. Kessler
What's in a Job? Evaluating the Effect of Private Sector Employment Experience on Student Academic Outcomes pp. 126-30 Downloads
Alicia Modestino, Urbashee Paul and Joseph McLaughlin
A General Solution to the Problem of Setting Optimal Default Options pp. 131-35 Downloads
B. Douglas Bernheim and Jonas Mueller-Gastell
Present Bias Causes and Then Dissipates Auto-enrollment Savings Effects pp. 136-41 Downloads
John Beshears, James Choi, David Laibson and Peter Maxted
Do State-Sponsored Retirement Plans Boost Retirement Saving? pp. 142-46 Downloads
John Chalmers, Olivia Mitchell, Jonathan Reuter and Mingli Zhong
Precautionary Liquidity and Retirement Saving pp. 147-50 Downloads
Marie Briere, James Poterba and Ariane Szafarz
Scapegoating during Crises pp. 151-55 Downloads
Leonardo Bursztyn, Georgy Egorov, Ingar Haaland, Aakaash Rao and Christopher Roth
Is the Partisan Divide Real? Polarization in Preferences for Redistribution pp. 156-62 Downloads
Brad Nathan, Ricardo Perez-Truglia and Alejandro Zentner
Eliciting People's First-Order Concerns: Text Analysis of Open-Ended Survey Questions pp. 163-69 Downloads
Beatrice Ferrario and Stefanie Stantcheva
Does (All) Police Violence Cause De-policing? Evidence from George Floyd and Police Shootings in Minneapolis pp. 170-73 Downloads
Maya Mikdash and Reem Zaiour
Law Enforcement Officers' Bills of Rights and Police Violence pp. 174-77 Downloads
Jamein P. Cunningham, Donna Feir, Rob Gillezeau, Matthew Harvey and Abdul Nasser Rad
Police Frisks pp. 178-83 Downloads
David S. Abrams, Hanming Fang and Priyanka Goonetilleke
Measuring Police Performance: Public Attitudes Expressed in Twitter pp. 184-87 Downloads
Taeho Kim
Estimating the Effects of Milk Inspections on Infant and Child Mortality, 1880−1910 pp. 188-92 Downloads
D. Mark Anderson, Kerwin Kofi Charles, Michael McKelligott and Daniel I. Rees
Segregation and the Initial Provision of Water in the United States pp. 193-98 Downloads
Brian Beach, John Parman and Martin Saavedra
1918 Every Year: Racial Inequality in Infectious Mortality, 1906−1942 pp. 199-204 Downloads
James Feigenbaum, Lauren Hoehn-Velasco, Christopher Muller and Elizabeth Wrigley-Field
Masks and Trolleys in San Francisco during the 1918 Influenza Epidemic pp. 205-08 Downloads
Francois Velde
Boomtowns: Local Shocks and Inequality in 1920s California pp. 209-13 Downloads
Sarah Quincy and Rowena Gray
Immigration Shocks and Marriage Market Sorting pp. 214-18 Downloads
Katherine Eriksson, Addison Lake and Gregory T. Niemesh
Transportation Revolution: The Car in the 1920s pp. 219-23 Downloads
Shari Eli, Joshua K. Hausman and Paul W. Rhode
Media Access and Consumption in the Civil Rights Era pp. 224-28 Downloads
Tianyi Wang
On the Impact of Federal Housing Policies on Racial Inequality pp. 229-33 Downloads
Omer Ali
Sundown Towns and Racial Exclusion: The Southern White Diaspora and the "Great Retreat" pp. 234-38 Downloads
Samuel Bazzi, Andreas Ferrara, Martin Fiszbein, Thomas Pearson and Patrick Testa
Discrimination, Segregation, Integration, and Expropriation pp. 239-43 Downloads
Geoffrey Fain Williams
The Trade Reform Wave of 1985−1995 pp. 244-51 Downloads
Douglas A. Irwin
The Dismantling of Capital Controls after Bretton Woods and Latin American Productivity pp. 252-56 Downloads
Diana Van Patten
Migration on the Rise, a Paradigm in Decline: The Last Half-Century of Global Mobility pp. 257-61 Downloads
Michael Clemens
Social Distancing, Stimulus Payments, and Domestic Violence: Evidence from the US during COVID-19 pp. 262-66 Downloads
Bilge Erten, Pinar Keskin and Silvia Prina
Public School Access or Stay-at-Home Partner: Factors Mitigating the Adverse Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Academic Parents pp. 267-71 Downloads
Tatyana Deryugina, Olga Shurchkov and Jenna Stearns
Gendered Impacts of COVID-19 in Developing Countries pp. 272-76 Downloads
Titan Alon, Matthias Doepke, Kristina Manysheva and Michele Tertilt
Is Remote Sensing Data Useful for Studying the Association between Pandemic-Related Changes in Economic Activity and Intimate Partner Violence? pp. 277-81 Downloads
Jorge M. Agüero, Erica Field, Ignacio Rodriguez Hurtado and Javier Romero
Black-Owned Firms, Financial Constraints, and the Firm Size Gap pp. 282-86 Downloads
J. David Brown, John S. Earle, Mee Jung Kim, Kyung Min Lee and Jared Wold
The 2021 Paycheck Protection Program Reboot: Loan Disbursement to Employer and Nonemployer Businesses in Minority Communities pp. 287-91 Downloads
Robert Fairlie and Frank Fossen
Easier to Start, Harder to Succeed: Barriers to Black Entrepreneurship since the Great Recession pp. 292-95 Downloads
Pedro Bento and Sunju Hwang
Using Technology to Tackle Discrimination in Lending: The Role of Fintechs in the Paycheck Protection Program pp. 296-98 Downloads
Rachel M.B. Atkins, Lisa Cook and Robert Seamans
Self-Reporting Race in Small Business Loans: A Game-Theoretic Analysis of Evidence from PPP Loans in Durham, NC pp. 299-302 Downloads
Raffi E. García and William A. Darity
Inequality in the Effects of Primary School Closures Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic: Evidence from the Netherlands pp. 303-07 Downloads
Carla Haelermans, Madelon Jacobs, Rolf Van der Velden, Lynn van Vugt and Sanne van Wetten
More than Shelter: The Effect of Rental Eviction Moratoria on Household Well-Being pp. 308-12 Downloads
Xudong An, Stuart A. Gabriel and Nitzan Tzur-Ilan
COVID-19 and Its Impact on Minority-Owned Banks pp. 313-18 Downloads
Salvador Contreras and Amit Ghosh
Identity during a Crisis: COVID-19 and Ethnic Divisions in the United States pp. 319-24 Downloads
Jakina Debnam Guzman, Marie Christelle Mabeu and Roland Pongou
Laissez-Faire, Social Networks, and Race in a Pandemic pp. 325-29 Downloads
Roland Pongou, Guy Tchuente and Jean-Baptiste Tondji
Fixing Errors in a SNAP: Addressing SNAP Underreporting to Evaluate Poverty pp. 330-34 Downloads
Liana Fox, Jonathan Rothbaum and Kathryn Shantz
Building a Consumption Poverty Measure: Initial Results Following Recommendations of a Federal Interagency Working Group pp. 335-39 Downloads
Grayson Armstrong, Caleb Cho, Thesia I. Garner, Brett Matsumoto, Juan Munoz and Jake Schild
Income Declines during COVID-19 pp. 340-44 Downloads
Jeff Larrimore, Jacob Mortenson and David Splinter
The Change in Poverty from 1995 to 2016 among Single-Parent Families pp. 345-50 Downloads
Kevin Corinth, Bruce D. Meyer and Derek Wu
The Racial Wealth Gap and the Role of Firm Ownership pp. 351-55 Downloads
Avi Lipton
Measuring Changes in Disparity Gaps: An Application to Health Insurance pp. 356-60 Downloads
Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham, Karen Jiang, Zirui Song and Jacob Wallace
Self-Employment and Migration: Evidence from Mexico pp. 361-65 Downloads
Alejandro Gutierrez-Li
How Do Federal Policy Shocks to State Spending Impact Returns to Primary and Secondary Education? pp. 366-69 Downloads
Miesha Jamell Williams
Investigating the Introduction of Fintech Advancement Aimed to Reduce Limited Attention Regarding Inactive Savings Accounts: Data, Survey, and Field Experiment pp. 370-75 Downloads
Maya Haran Rosen and Orly Sade
Explaining Heterogeneity in Use of Non-wage Benefits: The Role of Worker and Firm Characteristics in Disability Accommodations pp. 376-80 Downloads
Naoki Aizawa, Corina Mommaerts and Stephanie Rennane
Border Fencing, Migrant Flows, and Crossing Deaths pp. 381-85 Downloads
Cynthia Bansak, Abigail Hall Blanco and Michael Coon
Put on ICE? Effects of Immigration Raids in the Animal Slaughtering and Processing Industry pp. 386-90 Downloads
Pia Orrenius and Madeline Zavodny
Birthright Granted and Revoked: The Effects of Irish Citizenship Policy on Migrant Fertility pp. 391-95 Downloads
Hisham Foad
Parental Deportation, Safe-Zone Schools, and the Socio-Emotional and Behavioral Health of Children Left Behind pp. 396-401 Downloads
Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes, José R. Bucheli and Ana P. Martinez-Donate
Immigration and Labor Market (Mis)perceptions pp. 402-08 Downloads
Nicolás Ajzenman, Patricio Dominguez and Raimundo Undurraga
Implicit Stereotypes in Teachers' Track Recommendations pp. 409-14 Downloads
Michela Carlana, Eliana La Ferrara and Paolo Pinotti
Robustness of Rank Independence in Risky Choice pp. 415-20 Downloads
B. Douglas Bernheim, Rebecca Royer and Charles Sprenger
Simplicity and Probability Weighting in Choice under Risk pp. 421-25 Downloads
Drew Fudenberg and Indira Puri
Revealed Preferences for Randomization: An Overview pp. 426-30 Downloads
Marina Agranov and Pietro Ortoleva
Addressing Strategic Uncertainty with Incentives and Information pp. 431-37 Downloads
Marina Halac, Elliot Lipnowski and Daniel Rappoport
Efficient Full Implementation via Transfers: Uniqueness and Sensitivity in Symmetric Environments pp. 438-43 Downloads
Mariann Ollár and Antonio Penta
Preventing Bottlenecks in Organizations pp. 444-51 Downloads
Fumitoshi Moriya and Takuro Yamashita
Artificial Intelligence, Algorithm Design, and Pricing pp. 452-56 Downloads
John Asker, Chaim Fershtman and Ariel Pakes
Identifying Algorithmic Pricing Technology Adoption in Retail Gasoline Markets pp. 457-60 Downloads
Stephanie Assad, Robert Clark, Daniel Ershov and Lei Xu
Smart Meters and Retail Competition: Trends and Challenges pp. 461-65 Downloads
Jacint Enrich, Ruoyi Li, Alejandro Mizrahi and Mar Reguant
Structural Vector Autoregressions with Imperfect Identifying Information pp. 466-70 Downloads
Christiane Baumeister and James D. Hamilton
What Can We Learn from Sign-Restricted VARs? pp. 471-75 Downloads
Christian K. Wolf
Signing Out Confounding Shocks in Variance-Maximizing Identification Methods pp. 476-80 Downloads
Neville Francis and Gene Kindberg-Hanlon
SVAR Identification from Higher Moments: Has the Simultaneous Causality Problem Been Solved? pp. 481-85 Downloads
José Luis Montiel Olea, Mikkel Plagborg-Moller and Eric Qian
Do Bonuses Offset the Allocative Effects of Downward Rigid Base Wages? pp. 486-90 Downloads
Anne Kathrin Funk and Daniel Kaufmann
Monetary Policy, Labor Market, and Sectoral Heterogeneity pp. 491-95 Downloads
Aarti Singh, Jacek Suda and Anastasia Zervou
Persistent Monetary Policy in a Model with Labor Market Frictions pp. 496-502 Downloads
Roman Goncharenko and Elizaveta Lukmanova
Global Life Insurers during a Low Interest Rate Environment pp. 503-08 Downloads
Ralph S. J. Koijen and Motohiro Yogo
Shadow Bank Distress and Household Debt Relief: Evidence from the CARES Act pp. 509-15 Downloads
Susan Cherry, Erica Jiang, Gregor Matvos, Tomasz Piskorski and Amit Seru
Weak Corporate Insolvency Rules: The Missing Driver of Zombie Lending pp. 516-20 Downloads
Bo Becker and Victoria Ivashina
Undisclosed Debt Sustainability pp. 521-25 Downloads
Laura Alfaro and Fabio Kanczuk
Sovereign Debt Auctions in Turbulent Times pp. 526-30 Downloads
Harold Cole, Daniel Neuhann and Guillermo Ordonez
Hidden Defaults pp. 531-35 Downloads
Sebastian Horn, Carmen Reinhart and Christoph Trebesch
Hidden Debt pp. 536-40 Downloads
Bulent Guler, Yasin Onder and Temel Taskin
Women's Employment and Empowerment: Descriptive Evidence pp. 541-45 Downloads
Madeline McKelway
Empowering Women to Engage in Commercial Agriculture pp. 546-50 Downloads
Kate Ambler, Kelly Jones and Michael O'Sullivan
Improving Willingness-to-Pay Elicitation by Including a Benchmark Good pp. 551-55 Downloads
Rebecca Dizon-Ross and Seema Jayachandran
Measuring Women's Empowerment in Collective Households pp. 556-60 Downloads
Rossella Calvi, Jacob Penglase and Denni Tommasi
Gender Disparities in Career Advancement across the Transition to Parenthood: Evidence from the Marine Corps pp. 561-67 Downloads
Olivia J. Healy and Jennifer A. Heissel
Convincing the Mummy-ji: Improving Mother-in-Law Approval of Family Planning in India pp. 568-72 Downloads
S Anukriti, Catalina Herrera-Almanza, Mahesh Karra and Rocío Valdebenito
Continuous Gender Identity and Economics pp. 573-77 Downloads
Anne Brenøe, Lea Heursen, Eva Ranehill and Roberto A. Weber
Integration Costs and Missing Women in Firms around the World pp. 578-82 Downloads
Conrad Miller, Jennifer Peck and Mehmet Seflek
Hacking Gender Stereotypes: Girls' Participation in Coding Clubs pp. 583-87 Downloads
Michela Carlana and Margherita Fort
Gender Economics and the Meaning of Discrimination pp. 588-91 Downloads
Shelly Lundberg
Who Are the More Dismal Economists? Gender and Language in Academic Economics Research pp. 592-96 Downloads
Lea-Rachel Kosnik
Gender Differences in Economics Course-Taking and Majoring: Findings from an RCT pp. 597-602 Downloads
Daniel Halim, Elizabeth T. Powers and Rebecca Thornton
Parental Investments in Early Childhood and the Gender Gap in Math and Literacy pp. 603-08 Downloads
Amanda Chuan, John List, Anya Samek and Shreemayi Samujjwala
How Early Adolescent Skills and Preferences Shape Economics Education Choices pp. 609-13 Downloads
Lenka Fiala, John Humphries, Juanna Joensen, Uditi Karna, John List and Gregory Veramendi
Online Tutoring by College Volunteers: Experimental Evidence from a Pilot Program pp. 614-18 Downloads
Matthew Kraft, John List, Jeffrey A. Livingston and Sally Sadoff
The Effect of Teaching Economics with Classroom Experiments: Estimates from a Within-Subject Experiment pp. 619-23 Downloads
Sacha Gelfer, Jeffrey A. Livingston and Sutanuka Roy
Ranking and Selection from Pairwise Comparisons: Empirical Bayes Methods for Citation Analysis pp. 624-29 Downloads
Jiaying Gu and Roger Koenker
Statistical Uncertainty in the Ranking of Journals and Universities pp. 630-34 Downloads
Magne Mogstad, Joseph Romano, Azeem Shaikh and Daniel Wilhelm
Inference for Losers pp. 635-42 Downloads
Isaiah Andrews, Dillon Bowen, Toru Kitagawa and Adam McCloskey
Minutes of the Annual Meeting via Zoom, January 7, 2022 pp. 643-45 Downloads
Peter Rousseau
Report of the Secretary pp. 646-49 Downloads
Peter Rousseau
Report of the Treasurer pp. 650-54 Downloads
Peter Rousseau
American Economic Association 2021–2022 Universal Academic Questionnaire Summary Statistics pp. 655-57 Downloads
Charles E. Scott and John Siegfried
List of Online Reports pp. 658- Downloads
Peter Rousseau
Minutes of the Meeting of the Executive Committee, via Zoom, April 16, 2021 pp. 659-63 Downloads
Peter Rousseau
Minutes of the Meeting of the Executive Committee, via Zoom, January 6, 2022 pp. 664-72 Downloads
Peter Rousseau
Report of the Editor: American Economic Review pp. 673-86 Downloads
Esther Duflo
Report of the Editor: American Economic Review: Insights pp. 687-96 Downloads
Amy Finkelstein
Report of the Editor: Journal of Economic Literature pp. 695-98 Downloads
Steven Durlauf
Report of the Editor: Journal of Economic Perspectives pp. 699-701 Downloads
Heidi Williams
Report of the Editor: American Economic Journal: Applied Economics pp. 702-08 Downloads
Benjamin Olken
Report of the Editor: American Economic Journal: Economic Policy pp. 709-20 Downloads
Erzo Luttmer
Report of the Editor: American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics pp. 721-28 Downloads
Simon Gilchrist
Report of the Editor: American Economic Journal: Microeconomics pp. 729-36 Downloads
Leeat Yariv
Report: Job Openings for Economists pp. 737-39 Downloads
John Siegfried
Report: Committee on Economic Education pp. 740-45 Downloads
Sam Allgood and KimMarie McGoldrick
Report: Committee on the Status of Women in the Economics Profession (CSWEP) pp. 746-67 Downloads
Judy Chevalier
Report: Committee on the Status of Minority Groups in the Economics Profession (CSMGEP) pp. 768-85 Downloads
Gary Hoover and Ebonya Washington
Report: Committee on Equity, Diversity, and Professional Conduct (CEDPC) pp. 786-88 Downloads
Marianne Bertrand
Report: Committee on Status of LGBTQ+ Individuals in the Economics Profession (CSQIEP) pp. 789-90 Downloads
Lee Badgett and Kitt Carpenter
Report: American Economic Association Committee on Statistics (AEAStat) pp. 791-94 Downloads
John Haltiwanger
Report: Committee on Government Relations (CGR) pp. 795-96 Downloads
Kenneth Troske
Report of the Task Force on Best Practices for Professional Conduct in Economics pp. 797-98 Downloads
Amanda Bayer
Report of the AEA Task Force on Outreach to High School and College Students pp. 799-801 Downloads
Sam Allgood
Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on the Job Market pp. 802-03 Downloads
John Cawley
Report of the AEA Ombudsperson pp. 805-10 Downloads
Leto Copeley
Report of the Search Committee for the Editor for the American Economic Review pp. 811- Downloads
Lawrence Katz
Report of the Search Committee for the Editor for the Journal of Economic Literature pp. 812- Downloads
Valerie Ramey
Report by the AEA Data Editor pp. 813-23 Downloads
Lars Vilhuber
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