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Volume 113, month May, 2023

President's Foreword pp. xi- Downloads
Susan C. Athey
Editors' Introduction pp. xii- Downloads
William R. Johnson and Tina Lippert
Distorted Innovation: Does the Market Get the Direction of Technology Right? pp. 1-28 Downloads
Daron Acemoglu
The Macroeconomic Consequences of International Financial Sanctions pp. 29-32 Downloads
Javier Bianchi and Cesar Sosa-Padilla
International Sanctions and Limits of Lerner Symmetry pp. 33-38 Downloads
Oleg Itskhoki and Dmitry Mukhin
How Should Sanctions Account for Bystander Countries? pp. 39-42 Downloads
John Sturm
Sectoral Shocks and the Role of Market Integration: The Case of Natural Gas pp. 43-46 Downloads
Silvia Albrizio, John Bluedorn, Christoffer Koch, Andrea Pescatori and Martin Stuermer
Four Mistakes in the Use of Measures of Expected Inflation pp. 47-51 Downloads
Ricardo Reis
Perceived and Expected Rates of Inflation of US Firms pp. 52-55 Downloads
Bernardo Candia, Michael Weber, Yuriy Gorodnichenko and Olivier Coibion
Firm Inflation Uncertainty pp. 56-60 Downloads
Ivan Yotzov, Lena Anayi, Nicholas Bloom, Philip Bunn, Paul Mizen, Özgen Öztürk and Gregory Thwaites
Unconventional Fiscal Policy at Work pp. 61-64 Downloads
Rüdiger Bachmann, Benjamin Born, Olga Goldfayn-Frank, Georgi Kocharkov, Ralph Luetticke and Michael Weber
Interest Rates and World Trade: An "Austrian" Perspective pp. 65-69 Downloads
Pol Antràs
The Trickling Up of Excess Savings pp. 70-75 Downloads
Adrien Auclert, Matthew Rognlie and Ludwig Straub
Quantifying the Inflationary Impact of Fiscal Stimulus under Supply Constraints pp. 76-80 Downloads
Julian di Giovanni, Şebnem Kalemli-Özcan, Alvaro Silva and Muhammed A. Yıldırım
Measuring the Share of Imports in Final Consumption pp. 81-86 Downloads
Emmanuel Dhyne, Ayumu Ken Kikkawa, Magne Mogstad and Felix Tintelnot
Sprouting Cities: How Rural America Industrialized pp. 87-92 Downloads
Fabian Eckert, John Juneau and Michael Peters
New Measurement of Export Participation in US Manufacturing pp. 93-98 Downloads
Christoph Boehm, Aaron Flaaen and Nitya Pandalai-Nayar
Market Power, Financial Constraints, and Monetary Transmission pp. 99-104 Downloads
Romain Duval, Davide Furceri, Raphael Lee and Marina M. Tavares
Monetary Policy, Market Power, and SMEs pp. 105-09 Downloads
Annalisa Ferrando, Peter McAdam, Filippos Petroulakis and Xavier Vives
The Wage Phillips Curve under Labor Market Power pp. 110-13 Downloads
Anastasia Burya, Rui Mano, Yannick Timmer and Anke Weber
China in Tax Havens pp. 114-19 Downloads
Christopher Clayton, Antonio Coppola, Amanda Dos Santos, Matteo Maggiori and Jesse Schreger
The Secular Decrease in UK Safe Asset Market Power pp. 120-24 Downloads
Jason Choi, Duong Dang, Rishabh Kirpalani and Diego J. Perez
The Stock Connect to China pp. 125-30 Downloads
Zhiguo He, Yuehan Wang and Xiaoquan Zhu
Debt Distress on China's Belt and Road pp. 131-34 Downloads
Sebastian Horn, Bradley C. Parks, Carmen Reinhart and Christoph Trebesch
Timely Business Dynamics Using Google Places pp. 135-39 Downloads
Thibaut Duprey, Daniel E. Rigobon, Artur Kotlicki and Philip Schnattinger
Measuring Business Trends and Outlook through a New Survey pp. 140-44 Downloads
Catherine Buffington, Lucia Foster and Colin Shevlin
Payroll Employment at the Weekly Frequency pp. 145-50 Downloads
Tomaz Cajner, Leland D. Crane, Ryan A. Decker, Adrian Hamins-Puertolas and Christopher Kurz
Are Business Applications Early Economic Indicators? pp. 151-55 Downloads
Jose Asturias, Emin Dinlersoz, John Haltiwanger and Rebecca Hutchinson
Homophily and Community Structure at Scale: An Application to a Large Professional Network pp. 156-60 Downloads
Juan Nelson Martínez Dahbura, Shota Komatsu, Takanori Nishida and Angelo Mele
Using Grouped Data to Estimate Revenue Heterogeneity in Online Advertising Auctions pp. 161-65 Downloads
Nils A. Breitmar, Matthew Harding and Carlos Lamarche
Born to Be (Sub)Prime: An Exploratory Analysis pp. 166-71 Downloads
Helena Bach, Pietro Campa, Giacomo De Giorgi, Jaromir Nosal and Davide Pietrobon
News Media, Inflation, and Sentiment pp. 172-76 Downloads
Alistair Macaulay and Wenting Song
Bank Loan Monitoring, Distance, and Delegation pp. 177-81 Downloads
Amanda Rae Heitz, Christopher Martin and Alexander Ufier
Control of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations pp. 182-85 Downloads
Ian Appel and Jillian Grennan
Stereotypes about Successful Entrepreneurs pp. 186-90 Downloads
Victor Lyonnet and Léa Stern
Data Markets with Privacy-Conscious Consumers pp. 191-96 Downloads
Rossella Argenziano and Alessandro Bonatti
Privacy and the Value of Data pp. 197-203 Downloads
Simone Galperti and Jacopo Perego
Consumer Control and Privacy Policies pp. 204-09 Downloads
S. Nageeb Ali, Greg Lewis and Shoshana Vasserman
Advanced Technology Adoption: Selection or Causal Effects? pp. 210-14 Downloads
Daron Acemoglu, Gary Anderson, David Beede, Catherine Buffington, Eric Childress, Emin Dinlersoz, Lucia Foster, Nathan Goldschlag, John Haltiwanger, Zachary Kroff, Pascual Restrepo and Nikolas Zolas
Robot Hubs: The Skewed Distribution of Robots in US Manufacturing pp. 215-18 Downloads
Erik Brynjolfsson, Catherine Buffington, Nathan Goldschlag, J. Frank Li, Javier Miranda and Robert Seamans
The Local Labor Market Effects of Modern Manufacturing Capital: Evidence from France pp. 219-23 Downloads
Philippe Aghion, Celine Antonin, Simon Bunel and Xavier Jaravel
Robots and Female Employment in German Manufacturing pp. 224-28 Downloads
Liuchun Deng, Steffen Müller, Verena Plümpe and Jens Stegmaier
The Impact of Distance in Retail Markets pp. 229-33 Downloads
Danny Edgel, Jean-François Houde, Peter Newberry and Katja Seim
The Role of Housing Platforms in Facilitating Trading between Firms pp. 234-38 Downloads
Xuequan Elsie Peng and Maisy Wong
Self-Preferencing at Amazon: Evidence from Search Rankings pp. 239-43 Downloads
Chiara Farronato, Andrey Fradkin and Alexander MacKay
Matching and Network Effects in Ride-Hailing pp. 244-47 Downloads
Juan Camilo Castillo and Shreya Mathur
A Solomonic Solution to Blockchain Front-Running pp. 248-52 Downloads
Joshua S. Gans and Richard Holden
Blockchain Private Pools and Price Discovery pp. 253-56 Downloads
Agostino Capponi, Ruizhe Jia and Ye Wang
Technologies That Replace a "Central Planner" pp. 257-62 Downloads
Robert M. Townsend and Nicolas X. Zhang
Financial Bubbles in Infinitely Repeated Auctions with Tokens pp. 263-67 Downloads
Andrea Canidio
Innovation for Innovators: The Financing of Intangibles pp. 268-73 Downloads
Ana Babus, Matias Marzani and Sara Moreira
The Great Start-up Sellout and the Rise of Oligopoly pp. 274-78 Downloads
Florian Ederer and Bruno Pellegrino
Rising Markups, Rising Prices? pp. 279-83 Downloads
Christopher Conlon, Nathan H. Miller, Tsolmon Otgon and Yi Yao
Terms of the Deal Were Not Announced: Accounting for Mergers with Unpublicized Values pp. 284-87 Downloads
Thomas G. Wollmann
M&A and Innovation: A New Classification of Patents pp. 288-93 Downloads
Zhaoqi Cheng, Ginger Zhe Jin, Mario Leccese, Dokyun Lee and Liad Wagman
Mergers and Acquisitions under Common Ownership pp. 294-98 Downloads
Miguel Antón, Florian Ederer, Mireia Giné and Bruno Pellegrino
Risk Rating without Information Provision pp. 299-303 Downloads
Philip Mulder and Carolyn Kousky
Efficient Adaptation to Flood Risk pp. 304-09 Downloads
Winston P. Hovekamp and Katherine R. H. Wagner
Wildfire Insurance, Information, and Self-Protection pp. 310-15 Downloads
Judson Boomhower, Meredith Fowlie and Andrew J. Plantinga
Policies for Electrifying the Light-Duty Vehicle Fleet in the United States pp. 316-22 Downloads
Cassandra Cole, Michael Droste, Christopher Knittel, Shanjun Li and James H. Stock
Pass-through of Electric Vehicle Subsidies: A Global Analysis pp. 323-28 Downloads
Panle Jia Barwick, Hyuk-soo Kwon, Binglin Wang and Nahim Bin Zahur
Has Consumer Acceptance of Electric Vehicles Been Increasing? Evidence from Microdata on Every New Vehicle Sale in the United States pp. 329-35 Downloads
Kenneth T. Gillingham, Arthur A. van Benthem, Stephanie Weber, Mohamed Ali Saafi and Xin He
The Mental Health of Caregivers and Young Children in Conflict-Affected Settings pp. 336-41 Downloads
Juliana Sánchez-Ariza, Jorge Cuartas and Andres Moya
Reparations for Victims: Lessons from Colombia pp. 342-46 Downloads
Arlen Guarin, Juliana Londoño-Vélez and Christian Posso
Least Protected, Most Affected: Impacts of Migration Regularization Programs on Pandemic Resilience pp. 347-51 Downloads
Maria José Urbina, Sandra V. Rozo, Andres Moya and Ana María Ibáñez
Refugee Entrepreneurship: The Case of Venezuelans in Colombia pp. 352-56 Downloads
Dany Bahar, Bo Cowgill and Jorge Guzman
Addressing the Surge in Unaccompanied Migrant Children pp. 357-60 Downloads
Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes, José Bucheli and Mary Lopez
The Self-Employment Effects of Secure Communities in the United States pp. 361-66 Downloads
Raffi E. García and Alejandro Gutiérrez-Li
Anticipatory Migration Responses to Rural Climate Shocks pp. 367-71 Downloads
Esteban J. Quiñones, Jenna Nobles, Fernando Riosmena and Raphael Nawrotzki
Do Health Disparities Narrow with Pollution Disparities? Trends from California pp. 372-76 Downloads
Danae Hernandez-Cortes and Kyle C. Meng
Do Tax Increases Tame Inflation? pp. 377-81 Downloads
James Cloyne, Joseba Martinez, Haroon Mumtaz and Paolo Surico
Do Government Spending Multipliers Depend on the Sign of the Shock? pp. 382-87 Downloads
Nadav Ben Zeev, Valerie Ramey and Sarah Zubairy
Fiscal Stimulus and the Systematic Response of Monetary Policy pp. 388-93 Downloads
Christian K. Wolf
The Importance of Fed Chair Speeches as a Monetary Policy Tool pp. 394-400 Downloads
Eric Swanson
The Short-Term Labor Supply Response to the Expanded Child Tax Credit pp. 401-05 Downloads
Brandon Enriquez, Damon Jones and Ernie Tedeschi
The Effects of the Monthly and Lump-Sum Child Tax Credit Payments on Food and Housing Hardship pp. 406-12 Downloads
Zachary Parolin, Elizabeth Ananat, Sophie Collyer, Megan Curran and Christopher Wimer
The 2021 Child Tax Credit: Who Received It and How Did They Spend It? pp. 413-19 Downloads
Katherine Michelmore and Natasha V. Pilkauskas
The Impact of COVID-19 on Access to Mental Health Care Services pp. 420-22 Downloads
Benjamin Harrell, Luca Fumarco, Patrick Button, David J. Schwegman and Kyla Denwood
(Incorrect) Perceived Returns and Strategic Behavior among Talented Low-Income College Graduates pp. 423-26 Downloads
Jorge M. Agüero, Francisco Galarza and Gustavo Yamada
Males Should Mail? Gender Discrimination in Access to Childcare pp. 427-31 Downloads
Henning Hermes, Philipp Lergetporer, Frauke Peter, Fabian Mierisch and Simon Wiederhold
Do Financial Incentives Encourage Women to Apply for a Tech Job? Evidence from a Natural Field Experiment pp. 432-35 Downloads
Jan Feld, Edwin Ip, Andreas Leibbrandt and Joseph Vecci
Perceptions of Gender Diversity in Occupations pp. 436-39 Downloads
Jeffrey Flory, Andreas Leibbrandt, Olga Shurchkov, Olga Stoddard and Alva Taylor
Applicants to Historically Black Colleges and Universities pp. 440-45 Downloads
Ashley Edwards, Justin Ortagus, Jonathan Smith and Andria Smythe
Colleges and Upward Economic Mobility: The Distinctive Contribution of HBCUs pp. 446-50 Downloads
James V. Koch and Omari Swinton
Racial Gaps in Federal Flood Buyout Compensations pp. 451-55 Downloads
Kay Jowers, Lala Ma and Christopher D. Timmins
The Incarceration Penalty and Black-White Economic Inequality: The Case of Baltimore pp. 456-61 Downloads
Lauren Russell, Jorge N. Zumaeta, Aaron Colston and William A. Darity
Can High School Counselors Help the Economics Pipeline? pp. 462-66 Downloads
Melissa Gentry, Jonathan Meer and Danila Serra
Fully Promoted: The Distribution and Determinants of Full Professorship in the Economics Profession pp. 467-72 Downloads
Marieke Kleemans and Rebecca Thornton
On the Gender Diversity of Research Teams in Economics Seminars pp. 473-76 Downloads
Marcus Biermann
Effects of Parental Disability on Children's Schooling: The Surprising Role of Parental Education pp. 477-81 Downloads
Katie Bollman and Leah Lakdawala
Learning Curve: Progress in the Replication Crisis pp. 482-88 Downloads
Noam Angrist, Claire Cullen, Micheal Ainomugisha, Sai Pramod Bathena, Peter Bergman, Colin Crossley, Thato Letsomo, Moitshepi Matsheng, Rene Marlon Panti, Shwetlena Sabarwal and Tim Sullivan
Exacerbated Inequalities: The Learning Loss from COVID-19 in Italy pp. 489-93 Downloads
Michela Carlana, Eliana La Ferrara and Carolina Lopez
Behavioral Nudges Reduced Dropout Risk among Vulnerable Students during the Pandemic: Experimental Evidence from Brazil pp. 494-97 Downloads
Guilherme Lichand, Julien Christen and Eppie van Egeraat
Emotional and Behavioral Impacts of Telementoring and Homeschooling Support on Children pp. 498-502 Downloads
Hashibul Hassan, Asad Islam, Abu Siddique and Liang Wang
Emoticons as Performance Feedback for College Students: A Large-Classroom Field Experiment pp. 503-07 Downloads
Darshak Patel and Justin Roush
Competition, Motivation, and Student Engagement pp. 508-13 Downloads
Amanda J. Felkey, Eva Dziadula and Eric Chiang
Messages That Foster a Sense of Belonging Improve Learning and Satisfaction: An Experiment in an Online Environment pp. 514-18 Downloads
Sara Avila Forcada
Anxiety, Test-Taking Aid, and Test Scores: Evidence from Economics Classes pp. 519-23 Downloads
Colin Cannonier and Monica Galloway Burke
Matching Pell Grants: Implications for College Debt and Parental Transfers pp. 524-29 Downloads
Patricia Beeson, Daniele Coen-Pirani, Jessica LaVoice and Marla Ripoll
The Effects of Higher Student Loan Limits on Access to High-Earnings Graduate Programs pp. 530-34 Downloads
Jeffrey Denning and Lesley J. Turner
The Insurance Implications of Government Student Loan Repayment Schemes pp. 535-40 Downloads
Martin Gervais, Qian Liu and Lance Lochner
Knowledge about Federal Employment Nondiscrimination Protections on the Basis of Sexual Orientation pp. 541-45 Downloads
Billur Aksoy, Christopher S. Carpenter and Dario Sansone
Heterogeneity in Attitude Responses: Evidence from Bostock v. Clayton County pp. 546-50 Downloads
Cameron Deal
Hormone Therapy, Suicidal Risk, and Transgender Youth in the United States pp. 551-55 Downloads
Travis Campbell, Samuel Mann, Duc Hien Nguyen and Yana van der Meulen Rodgers
The Impact of COVID-19 on Workers' Expectations and Preferences for Remote Work pp. 556-61 Downloads
Yuting Chen, Patricia Cortes, Gizem Kosar, Jessica Pan and Basit Zafar
Selection Bias in Voluntary Random Testing: Evidence from a COVID-19 Antibody Study pp. 562-66 Downloads
Deniz Dutz, Michael Greenstone, Ali Hortaçsu, Santiago Lacouture, Magne Mogstad, Danae Roumis, Azeem Shaikh, Alexander Torgovitsky and Winnie van Dijk
Gendered Disparities during the COVID-19 Crisis in Sierra Leone pp. 567-71 Downloads
Madison Levine, Niccolò F. Meriggi, Ahmed Mushfiq Mobarak, Vasudha Ramakrishna, Maarten Voors and Uday Wadehra
The Health of Democracies during the Pandemic: Results from a Randomized Survey Experiment pp. 572-76 Downloads
Marcella Alsan, Luca Braghieri, Sarah Eichmeyer, Minjeong Joyce Kim, Stefanie Stantcheva and David Y. Yang
Labor Supply Shocks and Capital Accumulation: The Short- and Long-Run Effects of the Refugee Crisis in Europe pp. 577-84 Downloads
Lorenzo Caliendo, Luca David Opromolla, Fernando Parro and Alessandro Sforza
Distributional Impacts of the Canada-US Free Trade Agreement pp. 585-89 Downloads
Brian Kovak and Peter M. Morrow
Labor Mobility and Unemployment over the Business Cycle pp. 590-96 Downloads
Andrea Foschi, Christopher L. House, Christian Proebsting and Linda L. Tesar
Time Savings When Working from Home pp. 597-603 Downloads
Cevat Giray Aksoy, Jose Maria Barrero, Nicholas Bloom, Steven J. Davis, Mathias Dolls and Pablo Zárate
Unlocked Potential: Work-from-Home Job Postings in 20 OECD Countries pp. 604-08 Downloads
Pawel Adrjan, Gabriele Ciminelli, Alexandre Judes, Michael Koelle, Cyrille Schwellnus and Tara Sinclair
How Work from Home Changes Housing Demand: Evidence from Online Search pp. 609-13 Downloads
Elisa Guglielminetti, Michele Loberto, Giordano Zevi and Roberta Zizza
Measuring Work from Home in the Cross Section pp. 614-18 Downloads
Augustus Kmetz, John Mondragon and Johannes F. Wieland
A Disaggregated View of Household Production Trends pp. 619-22 Downloads
Benjamin Bridgman
A Model of Demand for Health and Caregiving Incorporating Marriage Markets pp. 623-26 Downloads
Shoshana Grossbard and Lorena Hakak
Is All Caregiving Created Equal? A Comparison of Caregiving to Children and Adults pp. 627-31 Downloads
Corina Mommaerts and Yulya Truskinovsky
The Girly Economics of Care Work: Implications for Economic Statistics pp. 632-36 Downloads
Misty L. Heggeness
Why Did COVID-19 Vaccinations Lag in Low- and Middle-Income Countries? Lessons from Descriptive and Experimental Data pp. 637-41 Downloads
Ahmed Mushfiq Mobarak
Does Childhood Immunization Rebound after Extreme Shocks? Evidence from Floods and Strikes in Pakistan pp. 642-46 Downloads
Subhash Chandir, Rachel Glennerster, Maryiam Haroon, Edward Jee and Danya Arif Siddiqi
Government Trust and COVID-19 Vaccination: The Role of Supply Disruptions and Political Allegiances in Sierra Leone pp. 647-52 Downloads
Anbar Aizenman, Fatu E. Conteh, Rachel Glennerster, Samantha Horn, Desmond M. Kangbai, Anne Karing and Sarah Shaukat
The Impact of Large-Scale Social Media Advertising Campaigns on COVID-19 Vaccination: Evidence from Two Randomized Controlled Trials pp. 653-58 Downloads
Lisa Ho, Emily Breza, Abhijit Banerjee, Arun G. Chandrasekhar, Fatima C. Stanford, Renato Fior, Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham, Kelly Holland, Emily Hoppe, Louis- Maël Jean, Lucy Ogbu-Nwobodo, Benjamin A. Olken, Carlos Torres, Pierre-Luc Vautrey, Erica Warner, Esther Duflo and Marcella Alsan
Mental Models and Transfer Learning pp. 659-64 Downloads
Ignacio Esponda, Emanuel Vespa and Sevgi Yuksel
Optimal Lending Contracts with Retrospective and Prospective Bias pp. 665-72 Downloads
J. Aislinn Bohren and Daniel N. Hauser
Minutes of the Annual Business Meeting, New Orleans, LA, January 6, 2023 pp. 673-77 Downloads
Peter Rousseau
Report of the Secretary pp. 678-82 Downloads
Peter Rousseau
Report of the Treasurer pp. 683-87 Downloads
Peter Rousseau
American Economic Association 2022–2023 Universal Academic Questionnaire Summary Statistics pp. 688-91 Downloads
John Siegfried and Elizabeth Braunstein
Note from the AEA Secretary-Treasurer about the Proceedings Supplement pp. 692- Downloads
Peter Rousseau
Minutes of the Meeting of the Executive Committee via Zoom, April 8, 2022 pp. 693-98 Downloads
Peter Rousseau
Minutes of the Meeting of the Executive Committee, New Orleans, LA, January 5, 2023 pp. 699-706 Downloads
Peter Rousseau
Report of the Editor, American Economic Review pp. 707-20 Downloads
Esther Duflo
Report of the Editor, American Economic Review: Insights pp. 721-29 Downloads
Amy Finkelstein
Report of the Editor, Journal of Economic Literature pp. 729-32 Downloads
David H. Romer
Report of the Editor, Journal of Economic Perspectives pp. 733-35 Downloads
Heidi Williams
Report of the Editor, American Economic Journal: Applied Economics pp. 736-44 Downloads
Benjamin Olken
Report of the Editor, American Economic Journal: Economic Policy pp. 745-56 Downloads
Erzo Luttmer
Report of the Editor, American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics pp. 757-64 Downloads
Simon Gilchrist
Report of the Editor, American Economic Journal: Microeconomics pp. 765-71 Downloads
Leeat Yariv
Report of the Director, Job Openings for Economists pp. 772-74 Downloads
John Siegfried
Report of the Committee on Economic Education pp. 775-81 Downloads
Sam Allgood and KimMarie McGoldrick
Report of the Committee on Economic Statistics pp. 782-85 Downloads
John Haltiwanger and Peter Rousseau
Report of the Committee on Government Relations pp. 786-88 Downloads
Kenneth Troske
Report of the Committee on the Job Market pp. 789-91 Downloads
John Cawley
Report of the Committee on the Status of LGBTQ+ Individuals in the Economics Profession pp. 792-93 Downloads
Lee Badgett and Kitt Carpenter
Report of the Committee on the Status of Minority Groups in the Economics Profession pp. 794-814 Downloads
Gary A. Hoover and Ebonya Washington
Report of the Committee on the Status of Women in the Economics Profession pp. 815-39 Downloads
Anusha Chari
Report of the Task Force on Best Practices for Professional Conduct in Economics pp. 840-41 Downloads
Amanda Bayer
Report of the Task Force on Outreach to High School and Undergraduate Students in Economics pp. 842-49 Downloads
Martha Olney
Report of the AEA Data Editor pp. 850-63 Downloads
Lars Vilhuber
Report of the AEA Ombudsperson pp. 864-66 Downloads
Leto Copeley
Report of the Search Committee for the Editor for the American Economic Review: Insights pp. 869- Downloads
Pinelopi Goldberg
Report of the Search Committee for the Editor for the American Economic Journal: Economic Policy pp. 870- Downloads
Anna Aizer
Report of the Search Committee for the Editor for the American Economic Journal: Microeconomics pp. 871- Downloads
Doug Bernheim
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