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Volume 1, issue 102, 2016

The Apple Twist pp. 13-35 Downloads
Denis Lescop and Elena Lescop
The Radio Spectrum Ladder of Investment to Promote Innovation and Competition in Mobile Markets pp. 37-61 Downloads
Laurent Benzoni and Pascal Dutru
5G – Boundary Object or Battlefield? pp. 63-87 Downloads
Jannick Sørensen, Reza Tadayoni and Anders Henten

Volume 1, issue 101, 2016

The European Audiovisual Industry and the Digital Single Market: Trends, Issues and Policies pp. 17-40 Downloads
Alain Busson, Thomas Paris and Jean-Paul Simon
Public Service Media and the European Internal Market: Friends or Allies? pp. 41-61 Downloads
Karen Donders
Cultural Diversity in the Internet Age: In Search of New Tools that Work pp. 63-85 Downloads
Mira Burri
Out of the Blue: The Rise of CDN Networks pp. 107-128 Downloads
Pierre-Jean Benghozi and Jean-Paul Simon

Volume 1, issue 100, 2015

Secular Stagnation on the Supply Side: U.S. Producivity Growth in the Long Run pp. 19-45 Downloads
Robert J. Gordon
Digital Technologies and the Global Economy's Productivity Imperative pp. 47-64 Downloads
Eric Labaye and Jaana Remes
Which Role for ICTs as a Productivity Driver Over the Last Years and the Next Future? pp. 65-83 Downloads
Gilbert Cette
The Future of Productivity Improving the Diffusion of Technology and Knowledge pp. 85-105 Downloads
Dan Andrews, Chiara Criscuolo and Dirk Pilat
Productivity and Digitilization in Europe: Paving the Road to Faster Growth pp. 107-124 Downloads
Bart van Ark
Modern Communication Technology and its Economic Impact: A Survey of Research Findings pp. 125-144 Downloads
M. Ishaq Nadiri and Banani Nandi
Current Perspectives on the Employment Impact of Digital Technologies pp. 145-163 Downloads
Stéphane Ciriani and Pascal Perin
Polarization of Job Losses: Canada and the USA, the Role of ICT pp. 165-179 Downloads
Leonard Waverman

Volume 1, issue 99, 2015

Competition and Interoperability in Mobile Money Platform Markets: What Works and What Doesn’t? pp. 11-32 Downloads
Marc Bourreau and Tommaso Valletti
Competition and Regulation of Crowdfunding Platforms: A Two-sided Market Approach pp. 33-50 Downloads
Jordana Viotto
Competitive Dynamics in the ICT Sector: Strategic Decisions in Platform Ecosystems pp. 51-70 Downloads
Katharina Hoelck and Pieter Ballon
Regulating Over-the-Top Service Providers in Two-Sided Content Markets: Insights from the Economic Literature pp. 71-90 Downloads
Jan Krämer and Michael Wohlfarth
Strategizing in Platform-based ecosystems: Leveraging Core Processes for Continuous Innovation pp. 91-111 Downloads
Thierry Isckia and Denis Lescop
Innovation and Competition in Internet and Mobile Banking: an Industrial Organization Perspective pp. 129-146 Downloads
Carlotta Mariotto and Marianne Verdier

Volume 1, issue 98, 2015

Is Symmetric Access Regulation a Policy Choice? Evidence from the Deployment of NGA in Europe pp. 17-41 Downloads
Tony Shortall and Martin Cave
Regulatory Policy Implications of Different Levels of Symmetry pp. 43-60 Downloads
Jorn van STEENIS
Reconsidering ex ante Regulation in the Dutch Electronic Communications Market pp. 61-83 Downloads
Viktória Kocsis, Paul de Bijl, Rob van der NOLL and Bert Tieben
Policy Options for a Revised EU Access and Interconnection Regime pp. 85-112 Downloads
Peter Alexiadis
Lemons on the Edge of the Internet: The Importance of Transparency for Broadband Network Quality pp. 119-136 Downloads
Reza Rajabiun and Catherine Middleton

Volume 1, issue 97, 2015

The next wave: "big data"? pp. 15-39 Downloads
Giuditta De Prato and Jean Paul Simon
The Economic Impact of the European Reform of Data Protection pp. 41-58 Downloads
Stéphane Ciriani
Economic Value of Location-based Big Data: Estimating the Size of Japan's B2B Market pp. 59-74 Downloads
Teppei Koguchi and Toshiya Jitsuzumi
Mobile Network Big Data for Development: Demystifying the Uses and Challenges pp. 75-94 Downloads
Sriganesh Lokanathan and Roshanthi Lucas Gunaratne

Volume 1, issue 96, 2014

Open Data as a Catalyst for the Smart City as a Local Innovation Platform pp. 15-32 Downloads
Nils Walravens, Jonas Breuer and Pieter Ballon
Smarten Up! Open Data, Toolkits and Participation in the Social City pp. 35-52 Downloads
Shenja van der GRAAF
Open Data, Big Data and Crowdsourcing: Emergent Mobile Apps Business Models pp. 53-72 Downloads
Samy Guesmi
The Network is the Robot pp. 73-88 Downloads
Antonio Manzalini and Alexandros Stavdas
What (Smart) Data Visualizations Can Offer to Smart City Science pp. 89-112 Downloads
Luca Piovano, David Garrido, Ricardo Silva and Iris Galloso
Development of a Smart City and its Adoption and Acceptance: the Case of New Songdo pp. 113-128 Downloads
Nir Kshetri, Lailani L. Alcantara and Yonghoon Park

Volume 1, issue 95, 2014

The Evolution of ICT Standards Consortia pp. 17-40 Downloads
Tim Pohlmann
The New EU Technology Transfer Regime, Like a Rolling Stone? pp. 41-60 Downloads
Paul Lugard
Patent Licensing in Vertically Disaggregated Industries: The Royalty Allocation Neutrality Principle pp. 61-84 Downloads
Anne Layne-Farrar, Gerard Llobet and Jorge Padilla
Patents and "Patent Wars" in Wireless Communications: An Economic Assessment pp. 85-98 Downloads
David Teece, Edward Sherry and Peter Grindley
Diffusion of regulatory Policy Across Nations: The Example of Number Portability pp. 111-132 Downloads
Irene S. Wu

Volume 1, issue 94, 2014

Innovations in the Video Game Industry: Changing Global Markets pp. 17-38 Downloads
Giuditta De Prato, Claudio Feijóo and Jean-Paul Simon
Game Console Manufacturers: the End of Sustainable Competitive Advantage? pp. 39-60 Downloads
Marie Carpenter, Nabyla Daidj and Christina Moreno
'Few to Many': Change of Business Model Paradigm in the Video Game Industry pp. 61-81 Downloads
Thierry Rayna and Ludmila Striukova
Paid and Free Digital Business Models Innovations in the Video Game Industry pp. 83-102 Downloads
Myriam Davidovici-Nora

Volume 1, issue 93, 2014

Reforming Europe's Telecoms Regulation to Enable the Digital Single Market pp. 17-34 Downloads
Wolfgang D. Bock, Maikel Wilms, Peter Soos and Bjoern Roeber
Mobile Wireless Performance in the EU and the US: Implications for Policy pp. 35-58 Downloads
Erik Bohlin, Kevin W. Caves and Jeffrey A. Eisenach
Telecommunications in run up to 2020 pp. 59-80 Downloads
Nicolai van Gorp
How Spectrum Policy Could (or Could Not) Achieve a Single Market for Electronic Communications… pp. 81-97 Downloads
Alison Bunel and Denis Lescop
Achieving a Level Playing Field between the Players of the Internet Value Chain pp. 99-118 Downloads
Anne-Marie Allouet, Sylvie LE Franc, Marie-Noémie Marques and Luisa Rossi
Exploring Mobile Gaming Revenues: the Price Tag of Impatience, Stress and Release pp. 99-118 Downloads
Denis Lescop and Elena Lescop

Volume 1, issue 92, 2013

Video-Viewing Behavior in the Era of Connected Devices pp. 19-42 Downloads
Aniruddha Banerjee, James Alleman and Paul Rappoport
The Television Struggle: an Assessment of Over-the-Top Television Evolutions in a Cable Dominant Market pp. 43-61 Downloads
Bastiaan Baccarne, Tom Evens and Dimitri Schuurman
Watching Mobile TV in Constrained Telecommunication Networks pp. 71-90 Downloads
Julien Figeac
Next Generation Access Networks: The Post-Investment Conundrum pp. 91-112 Downloads
Ricardo Gonçalves and Alvaro Nascimento

Volume 1, issue 91, 2013

Public Private Interplay for Next Generation Access Networks: Lessons and Warnings from Japan’s Broadband Success pp. 13-34 Downloads
Kenji E. Kushida
Effectiveness and Efficiency in the Build-Up of High-Speed Broadband Platforms in Australia and New Zealand pp. 35-55 Downloads
Fernando Beltrán
Structural Separation and the Role of Public-Private Partnerships in New Zealand's UFB Initiative pp. 57-80 Downloads
Bert Sadowski, Bronwyn Howell and Alberto Nucciarelli
The Impact of PPIs in the Development of Broadband and the Way Forward: Ghana's Case pp. 81-102 Downloads
Idongesit Williams, Daniel M. O. Adjin and Kenneth K. Tsivor
Broadband Leadership in Emerging Markets pp. 119-139 Downloads
Kas Kalba

Volume 1, issue 90, 2013

Spectrum Crunch vs. Spectrum Sharing:Exploring the 'Authorised Shared Access' Model pp. 17-40 Downloads
Antonio Nicita and Maria Alessandra Rossi
Next Generation Spectrum Regulation:Price-Guided Radio Policy pp. 41-62 Downloads
Kenneth R. Carter
Theoretical Analysis of Mobile Operators' Spectrum Strategies pp. 63-76 Downloads
Kiyotaka Yuguchi
Cognitive Radio: How to Proceed? An Actor-Centric Approach pp. 77-95 Downloads
Peter Anker and Wolter Lemstra
Evolution of the Public Safety and Security Mobile Networks pp. 97-120 Downloads
Matti Peltola

Volume 1, issue 89, 2013

Open Innovation: A Typology of User Involvement in the Context of the Web2.0-Paradigm pp. 17-36 Downloads
Dimitri Schuurman, Peter Mechant and Bastiaan Baccarne
Managing Online Users in Open Innovation: The Case of a Nordic Telecom Company pp. 37-53 Downloads
Lars Bengtsson and Natalia Ryzhkova
Crowdsourcing as an Innovation Strategy: A Study on Innovation Platforms in Austria and Switzerland pp. 55-72 Downloads
Milica Sundic and Karl-Heinz Leitner
Crowdsourcing for Device Manufacturers in the Convergent Media Industry pp. 73-93 Downloads
Jaeheung Yoo, Kibaek Lee and Munkee Choi
The Attractiveness of Different Online Formats: Motives and Frequencies of Use pp. 105-115 Downloads
Jelena Filipovic

Volume 1, issue 88, 2012

An Online Survey Experiment on Ambiguity and Privacy pp. 19-39 Downloads
Alessandro Acquisti and Jens Grossklags
The Value of Personal Information: Evidence from Empirical Economic studies pp. 41-60 Downloads
Moritz Godel, Annabel Litchfield and Iris Mantovani
Public Perception of the Data Environment and Information Transactions: A selected-survey analysis of the European public's views on the data environment and data transactions pp. 61-78 Downloads
Dara Hallinan and Michael Friedewald
Secondary Uses of Personal Identity Information: Policies, Technologies and Regulatory Framework pp. 79-98 Downloads
Joseph K. Adjei and Henning Olesen
Online Privacy in Social Media: A Conceptual Exploration of Empowerment and Vulnerability pp. 99-120 Downloads
Jo Pierson

Volume 1, issue 87, 2012

Anyone's Game: Economic and Policy Implications of the Internet of Things as a Market for Services pp. 21-40 Downloads
Jaclyn Selby
Halos Networks: A Competitive Way to Internet of-with Things pp. 41-55 Downloads
Antonio Manzalini, Roberto Minerva and Vânia Gonçalves
The Role of Networking Standards in Building the Internet of Things pp. 57-66 Downloads
William Webb
How Can the Internet of Things Help to Overcome Current Healthcare Challenges pp. 67-81 Downloads
Jérôme Couturier, Davide Sola, Giovanni SCARSO Borioli and Cristina Raiciu
The Internet of Things, Legal Aspects: What Will Change (Everything)… pp. 83-100 Downloads
Eric Barbry
Extending the Internet of Things pp. 101-119 Downloads
Gilles Privat
Quality of Service in Cost Models pp. 135-153 Downloads
Juan RENDON Schneir

Volume 1, issue 86, 2012

The Economic Impact of Telecommunications in Senegal pp. 21-42 Downloads
Raul Katz and Pantelis Koutroumpis
Network Sharing: a Hot Topic for Operators and Regulators in Sub-Saharan Africa pp. 43-63 Downloads
Aude Schoentgen
Comparing the Determinants of Internet and Cell Phone Use in Africa: Evidence from Gabon pp. 65-83 Downloads
Thierry Pénard, Nicolas Poussing, Gabriel ZOMO Yebe and Philémon NSI Ella
Social Capital and the Use of ICTs by Small-Scale Entrepreneurs in Soweto, South Africa pp. 85-102 Downloads
Andrew Carlson
The adoption of "Transformational Mobile Banking" by the Unbanked: An Exploratory Field Study pp. 103-120 Downloads
Peter Tobbin
Hitting or Missing African UAS Objectives? An Evaluation of Universal Access and Service (UAS) Policy Guidelines for Developing Countries pp. 121-141 Downloads
Brandie L. Martin
Wholesale Pricing, NGA Take-Up and Competition pp. 153-174 Downloads
Steffen Hoernig, Stephan Jay, Werner Neu, Karl-Heinz Neumann, Thomas Plückebaum and Ingo Vogelsang
Impact Study of the Arrival of a New Mobile Phone Operator in Haiti pp. 175-192 Downloads
Jean-Michel Huet, Isabelle Viennois, Pierre Labarthe and Anas EL Barkani

Volume 1, issue 85, 2012

Competition, Neutrality and Diversity in the Cloud pp. 23-44 Downloads
Andrea Renda
Competition in the Cloud: Unleashing Investment and Innovation Within and Across Platforms pp. 45-62 Downloads
Tim Cowen and Annabelle Gawer
The Gathering Storm: Analyzing the Cloud Computing Ecosystem and Implications for Public Policy pp. 63-85 Downloads
Kenji Kushida, Jonathan Murray and John Zysman
Evolving Cloud Ecosystems: Risk, Competition and Regulation pp. 87-107 Downloads
Anastassios Gentzoglanis
Migration to the Cloud Ecosystem: Ushering in a New Generation of Platform Competition pp. 109-123 Downloads
Chaim Fershtman and Neil Gandal
Private Clouds with No Silver Lining: Legal Risk in Private Cloud Services pp. 125-140 Downloads
Rebecca Iglesias, Rob Nicholls and Anisha Travis
The Price of Copper and the Transition to Fibre pp. 147-168 Downloads
Martin Cave, Antoine Fournier and Natalia Shutova
The Cost of Nationwide Fibre Access in Germany pp. 169-188 Downloads
Stephan Jay, Karl-Heinz Neumann and Thomas Plückebaum

Volume 1, issue 84, 2011

Final Act: The Few More Steps Needed to Restore and Protect Net Neutrality in Europe pp. 15-34 Downloads
Jean-Jacques Sahel
The Internet Market For Quality pp. 35-53 Downloads
Dennis Weller
The Emerging 21st Century Access Power Peering pp. 55-73 Downloads
William B. Norton
Lights and Shadows from Economic Analysis on Net Neutrality and Internet Pricing Policies pp. 75-92 Downloads
Marc Lebourges and Claudia Saavedra
Japan's Co-Regulatory Approach to Net Neutrality and its Flaw: Insufficient Literacy on Best-Effort QoS pp. 93-110 Downloads
Toshiya Jitsuzumi
BEREC's Approach to Net Neutrality pp. 111-125 Downloads
Nadia Trainar
Broadband Openness Rules Are Fully Justified by Economic Research pp. 127-151 Downloads
Nicholas Economides
Beyond Net Neutrality: End-User Sovereignty pp. 153-173 Downloads
Eli M. Noam

Volume 1, issue 83, 2011

Open Innovation: Transforming Health Systems through Open and Evidence Based Health ICT Innovation pp. 17-35 Downloads
Joseph DAL Molin
Empowering Patients through ICT, Organisational Impact on Healthcare Systems in England and Scotland pp. 37-58 Downloads
Maria Lluch
Management of Care through Computerised Protocol-Based Care Plans pp. 59-70 Downloads
David G. Glance, Sue Metcalf and Carmel Nelson
Contribution of Standards and Profiles to the Interoperability in eHealth pp. 71-86 Downloads
Karima Bourquard
Need for ICTs Assessment in the Health Sector: A Multidimensional Framework pp. 87-108 Downloads
Myriam LE Goff-Pronost and Robert Picard

Volume 1, issue 82, 2011

Single eComms Market? No Such Thing… pp. 21-42 Downloads
Jacques Pelkmans and Andrea Renda
Do you speak European ? Media Economics, Multilingualism and the Digital Single Market pp. 43-62 Downloads
Olivier Bomsel
Where Should the European Union Intervene to Foster the Internal Market for eComms? pp. 63-84 Downloads
Philippe Defraigne and Alexandre de STREEL
Geographically Segmented Regulation: Lessons from the FCC for European Communications Markets pp. 85-104 Downloads
Donald K. STOCKDALE, Jr.
Geographic segmentation of broadband markets: appropriate differentiation or risk to a single EU market? pp. 105-126 Downloads
George Houpis, Júlia LUCENA Betriu and Juana Santamaria
Competitive Dynamics Between MNOs in the Mobile Telecommunications Single Market: Lessons from the U.S. Experience pp. 127-145 Downloads
Laurent Benzoni, Bruno Deffains, Anh Tuc Nguyen and Olivier Salesse

Volume 1, issue 81, 2011

Between Awareness and Ability: Consumers and Financial Identity Theft pp. 23-44 Downloads
Nicole S. van der MEULEN
The Impact of Public Information on Phishing Attack and Defense pp. 45-68 Downloads
Tyler Moore and Richard Clayton
Is Security Lost in the Clouds? pp. 69-86 Downloads
Marjory S. Blumenthal
Might Governments Clean-up Malware? pp. 87-104 Downloads
Richard Clayton
Cybersecurity at European Level: The Role of Information Availability pp. 105-124 Downloads
Fabio Bisogni, Simona Cavallini and Sara DI Trocchio
Negotiating a New Governance Hierarchy: An Analysis of the Conflicting Incentives to Secure Internet Routing pp. 125-142 Downloads
Brenden Kuerbis and Milton L. Mueller
Volunteer Computing Model Prospects in Performance Data Gathering for Broadband Policy Formulation pp. 153-174 Downloads
Chanuka Wattegama and Nilusha Kapugama

Volume 1, issue 80, 2010

Broadband universal service in Europe:A review of policy consultations 2005-2010 pp. 21-42 Downloads
Orada Teppayayon and Erik Bohlin
From the “broadband ditch” to the release of the 2010 US national broadband plan. A short history of the broadband penetration debate in the US pp. 43-66 Downloads
Jean-Paul Simon
Replacement of the Legacy High-Cost Universal Support Fund with a Connect America Fund. Key Economic and Legal Considerations pp. 67-82 Downloads
Christian Dippon, Christopher Huther and Megan Troy
Computer Literacy, Online Experience or Socioeconomic Characteristics – What are the Main Determinants of Internet Adoption and Internet Usage? pp. 83-104 Downloads
Joeffrey Drouard

Volume 1, issue 79, 2010

Mobile Money: Implications for Emerging Markets pp. 15-28 Downloads
James Alleman and Paul Rappoport
A Financial Analysis of Mobile Money Services pp. 29-40 Downloads
Peter Lyons
The Enigma of Mobile Money Systems pp. 41-62 Downloads
Judith Mariscal and Ernesto M. Flores-Roux
Mobile payments: moving towards a wallet in the cloud? pp. 63-72 Downloads
Sophie Pernet-Lubrano
Classifying payment instruments: A matryoshka approach pp. 73-94 Downloads
Valérie-Anne Bleyen, Leo van Hove and Monika Hartmann
Cooperation for Innovation in Payment Systems: The Case of Mobile Payments pp. 95-114 Downloads
Marc Bourreau and Marianne Verdier

Volume 1, issue 78, 2010

General Overview of FTTx Markets at end 2009 pp. 19-22 Downloads
Valerie Chaillou
Do NGAN Economics Allow for Network Competition? pp. 23-44 Downloads
Bruno Soria and Félix Hernández-Gil
Competition via investment,an efficient model for FTTH roll-out pp. 45-66 Downloads
Marc Lebourges
Price Squeezes and Imputation Tests on Next Generation Access Networks pp. 67-86 Downloads
Henry Ergas, Eric Ralph and Emma Lanigan
Fiber to the Home Unbundling and Retail Competition: Developments in the Netherlands pp. 87-106 Downloads
Annemijn van GORP and Catherine Middleton
National FTTH plans in France, Italy and Portugal pp. 107-126 Downloads
Marc Bourreau, Carlo Cambini and Steffen Hoernig
Productivity Questions for Public Sector Fast Fibre Network Financiers pp. 127-146 Downloads
Bronwyn Howell and Arthur Grimes

Volume 1, issue 77, 2010

Scenarios for the Internet Migration of the Television Industry pp. 21-34 Downloads
Gilles Fontaine, Florence LE Borgne and Marc Leiba
Legal, Economic, and Cultural Aspects of file sharing pp. 35-54 Downloads
Nico van EIJK, Joost Poort and Paul Rutten
User Generated Diversity. Some reflections on how to improve the quality of amateur productions pp. 55-78 Downloads
Natali Helberger, Andra Leurdijk and Silvain de MUNCK
Net Centric Distribution of Video Signal and Must Carry Rules in the U.S pp. 79-100 Downloads
Martha Garcia-Murillo and Ian Macinnes
EU Telecoms Reform: towards a unique and competitive market pp. 149-155 Downloads
Denis Lescop

Volume 1, issue 76, 2009

Will Broadband Networks Make the World Greener? Evaluating Pros and Cons of Broadband Development pp. 19-38 Downloads
Orada Teppayayon, Erik Bohlin and Simon Forge
ICT and the Environment in Developing Countries: an Overview of Opportunities and Developments pp. 39-60 Downloads
John Houghton
Climate Change: the Contribution of Telecommunications pp. 61-76 Downloads
Ewan Sutherland
Systematic Analysis of Rebound Effects for "Greening by ICT" Initiatives pp. 77-96 Downloads
Freek Bomhof, Paula van HOORIK and Maartje Donkers
Energy Counselling and Modern IT. Drawing on Web 2.0 for a Greener World pp. 97-120 Downloads
Alf Westelius

Volume 1, issue 75, 2009

The Platformisation of the European Mobile Industry pp. 15-34 Downloads
Pieter Ballon
Business Innovation Strategies to Reduce the Revenue Gap for Wireless Broadband Services pp. 35-56 Downloads
Jan Markendahl, Östen Mäkitalo, Jan Werding and Bengt G. Mölleryd
The Next Paradigm Shift in the Mobile Ecosystem: Mobile Social Computing and the Increasing Relevance of Users pp. 57-78 Downloads
Claudio Feijóo, Corina Pascu, Gianluca Misuraca and Wainer Lusoli
The Brand is the Bundle Strategies for the Mobile Ecosystem pp. 79-102 Downloads
Dave Heatley and Bronwyn Howell
Analysis of Radio Spectrum Market Evolution Possibilities pp. 109-132 Downloads
Thomas Casey

Volume 1, issue 74, 2009

Six Challenges in Platform Licensing and Open Innovation pp. 17-36 Downloads
Geoffrey Parker and Marshall van Alstyne
Open Innovation within Business Ecosystems: A Tale from pp. 37-54 Downloads
Thierry Isckia and Denis Lescop
Competition, Innovation and Intellectual Property Rights in Software Markets pp. 55-74 Downloads
Michiel Bijlsma, Paul de Bijl and Viktoria Kocsis
Living Labs as Tools for Open Innovation pp. 75-94 Downloads
Niklas Z. Kviselius, Per Andersson, Håkan Ozan and Mats Edenius
Competing Platforms and Third Party Application Developers pp. 95-116 Downloads
Joacim Tåg
Is Telecommunications Productivity Characterized by Steady State Conditions? Some Empirical Evidence for 13 OECD Countries pp. 127-150 Downloads
Claudia Curi and Paolo Mancuso

Volume 1, issue 73, 2009

Entering the Economic Models of Game Console Manufacturers pp. 23-42 Downloads
Nabyla Daidj and Thierry Isckia
The Dynamics of Co-Creation in the Video Game Industry: The Case of World of Warcraft pp. 43-66 Downloads
Myriam Davidovici-Nora
Case Study: Australia's Computer Games Audience and Restrictive Ratings System pp. 67-80 Downloads
Jeffrey E. Brand, Jill Borchard and Kym Holmes
Pervasive Gaming: Testing Future Context Aware Applications pp. 81-104 Downloads
Annie Gentes and Camille Jutant
PlayMancer: Games for Health with Accessibility in Mind pp. 105-122 Downloads
Elias Kalapanidas, Costas Davarakis, Fernando Fernández-Aranda, Susana Jiménez-Murcia, Susana Otilia Kocsis, Todor Ganchev, Hannes Kaufmann, Tony Lam and Dimitri Konstantas
Pervasive Gaming: Testing Future Context Aware Applications pp. 129-152 Downloads
Paul Pisjak, Stefan Felder, Ernst-Olav Ruhle, Martin Lundborg and Matthias Ehrler

Volume 1, issue 72, 2008

IP-based NGNs and Interconnection: The Debate in Europe pp. 17-32 Downloads
J. Scott Marcus
Is There a "Right" Charging Principle with the NGN Advent? pp. 33-50 Downloads
Elena Gallo
The Growing Complexity of Internet Interconnection pp. 51-72 Downloads
Peyman Faratin, David Clark, Steven Bauer, William Lehr, Patrick Gilmore and Arthur Berger
The FCC's Network Neutrality Ruling in the Comcast Case: Towards a Consensus with Europe? pp. 73-88 Downloads
David L. Sieradzki and Winston J. Maxwell
Guardian Knight or Hands Off: The European Response to Network Neutrality. Legal considerations on the electronic communications reform pp. 89-114 Downloads
David L. Sieradzki and Winston J. Maxwell
The Economics of Music Production. The Narrow Paths for Record Companies to Enter the Digital Era pp. 131-156 Downloads
Eric Brousseau

Volume 1, issue 71, 2008

Understanding the Challenges of the Digital Economy: The Nature of Digital Goods pp. 13-36 Downloads
Thierry Rayna
Dematerialization in the AV Industry, from Boxes to Attention. A case study of a newcomer, Tivo pp. 37-56 Downloads
Dominique Boullier and Frédéric Huet
Trust in the Digital World The Return of the Kings of Old pp. 57-78 Downloads
Richard Collins
Access to Audio-visual Contents, Exclusivity and Anticommons in New Media Markets pp. 79-102 Downloads
Antonio Nicita and Maria Alessandra Rossi
Audiovisual Media Services in the EU. Next Generation Approach or Old Wine in New Barrels? pp. 103-120 Downloads
Peggy Valcke, David Stevens, Eva Lievens and Evi Werkers
Is Functional Separation BT-Style the Answer? pp. 145-168 Downloads
Jason Whalley and Peter Curwen

Volume 1, issue 70, 2008

Real Option Applications to Information Security pp. 15-26 Downloads
Pythagoras Petratos
Real Options Methodology Applied to the ICT Sector: A Survey pp. 27-44 Downloads
James Alleman, Gary Madden and Hak Kim
An Investment Criterion Incorporating Real Options pp. 45-66 Downloads
Hirofumi Suto, James Alleman and Paul Rappoport
Investment Decision in a Broadband Internet Network: A Real Options Approach pp. 67-88 Downloads
Charlotte Krychowski
Invest Today or… Tomorrow? A Real Option Approach to Strategic Development in the French DSL Market pp. 89-100 Downloads
Laurent Benzoni, Nicolas Gresser and Cuong Hung Vuong
From Experimentation to Citywide Rollout: Real Options for a Municipal WiMax Network in the Netherlands pp. 101-126 Downloads
Bert Sadowski, Mathijs Verheijen and Alberto Nucciarelli
Telecommunications Regulation, Regulatory Behavior and its Impact A Systems View pp. 145-168 Downloads
John Davies, Bronwyn Howell and Victoria Mabin
Reinforcing the Commission's Power in the Communications Sector. An Issue for the Regulatory Framework Review pp. 169-188 Downloads
Annie Blandin-Obernesser

Volume 1, issue 69, 2008

Regulatory Approaches to NGNs: An International Comparison pp. 19-40 Downloads
J. Scott Marcus and Dieter Elixmann
NGA, IP-Interconnection and their Impact on Business Models and Competition pp. 41-62 Downloads
Wolfgang Reichl and Ernst-Olav Ruhle
Regulation of NGN: Structural Separation, Access Regulation, or No Regulation at All? pp. 63-84 Downloads
Fabian Kirsch and Christian von HIRSCHHAUSEN
The Economics of Next Generation Access Networks and Regulatory Governance: Towards Geographic Patterns of Regulation pp. 85-108 Downloads
Giovanni Battista Amendola and Lorenzo Maria Pupillo
White Knight or Trojan Horse? The Consequences of Digital Rights Management for Consumers, Firms and Society pp. 109-126 Downloads
Thierry Rayna and Ludmila Striukova
Payment Card Systems in Europe: Convergence or Disappearance? pp. 127-150 Downloads
Marianne Verdier
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