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2017, volume 33, issue 3

Returns to Office in National and Local Politics: A Bootstrap Method and Evidence from Finland pp. 413-442 Downloads
Kaisa Kotakorpi, Panu Poutvaara and Marko Terviö
Campaign Contributions from Corporate Executives in Lieu of Political Action Committees pp. 443-474 Downloads
Brian Kelleher Richter and Timothy Werner
Transparency and Performance Evaluation in Sequential Agency pp. 475-506 Downloads
Susumu Cato and Akifumi Ishihara
Efficient Material Breach of Contract pp. 507-540 Downloads
Bernhard Ganglmair
Who (if Anyone) Should be Liable for Injuries from Generic Drugs? pp. 541-577 Downloads
Ezra Friedman and Abraham L. Wickelgren
Unrecognized States: A Theory of Self-Determination and Foreign Influence pp. 578-611 Downloads
Kristy Buzard, Benjamin A.T. Graham and Ben Horne

2017, volume 33, issue 2

The Emergence of the Corporate Form pp. 193-236 Downloads
Giuseppe Dari-Mattiacci, Oscar Gelderblom, Joost Jonker and Enrico Perotti
Competition, Product Safety, and Product Liability pp. 237-267 Downloads
Yongmin Chen and Xinyu Hua
Do Politicians’ Relatives Get Better Jobs? Evidence from Municipal Elections pp. 268-300 Downloads
Marcel Fafchamps and Julien Labonne
Minimum Wages and Relational Contracts pp. 301-331 Downloads
Matthias Fahn
Developing Shared Knowledge in Growing Firms pp. 332-376 Downloads
Hongyi Li
A Theory of Shareholder Approval and Proposal Rights pp. 377-411 Downloads
John Matsusaka and Oguzhan Ozbas

2017, volume 33, issue 1

Congressional Investigations and the Electoral Connection pp. 1-27 Downloads
Kenneth Lowande and Justin Peck
Internal Labor Markets in Equilibrium pp. 28-67 Downloads
Timothy N. Bondtn
The Welfare Effects of Metering Ties pp. 68-104 Downloads
Einer Elhauge and Barry Nalebuff
Caveat Venditor: The Conditional Effect of Relationship-Specific Investment on Contractual Behavior pp. 105-138 Downloads
Peter Murrell and Radu A. Păun
Buying up the Block: An Experimental Investigation of Capturing Economic Rents Through Sequential Negotiations pp. 139-172 Downloads
Gautam Goswami, Thomas Noe and Jun Wang
Incentives to Acquire Information under Mandatory versus Voluntary Disclosure pp. 173-192 Downloads
Urs Schweizer

2016, volume 32, issue 4

The Returns to Knowledge Hierarchies pp. 653-684 Downloads
Luis Garicano and Thomas N. Hubbard
Procedural Fairness and the Cost of Control pp. 685-718 Downloads
Judd B. Kessler and Stephen Leider
Soliciting Advice: Active versus Passive Principals pp. 719-761 Downloads
Heikki Rantakari
Informational Lobbying and Agenda Distortion pp. 762-793 Downloads
Christopher Cotton and Arnaud Dellis
Measuring the Economic Effect of Alien Tort Statute Liability pp. 794-815 Downloads
Darin Christensen and David K. Hausman
School Consolidation and Student Achievement pp. 816-839 Downloads
Monique De Haan, Edwin Leuven and Hessel Oosterbeek

2016, volume 32, issue 3

Negative Advertising and Political Competition pp. 433-477 Downloads
Amit Gandhi, Daniela Iorio and Carly Urban
Presidential Control of the Judiciary via the Appointment Power: Evidence from Russia pp. 478-507 Downloads
Julia Shvets
Price Delegation and Performance Pay: Evidence from Industrial Sales Forces pp. 508-544 Downloads
Desmond (Ho-Fu) Lo, Wouter Dessein, Mrinal Ghosh and Francine Lafontaine
Sinking Costs to Force or Deter Settlement pp. 545-585 Downloads
William H.J. Hubbard
Arbitration and Renegotiation in Trade Agreements pp. 586-619 Downloads
Mostafa Beshkar
Strategic Shirking in Promotion Tournaments pp. 620-651 Downloads
Jed DeVaro and Oliver Gürtler

2016, volume 32, issue 2

Product Liability versus Reputation pp. 213-241 Downloads
Juan-José Ganuza, Fernando Gomez and Marta Robles
Organizational Capacity, Regulatory Review, and the Limits of Political Control pp. 242-271 Downloads
Alexander Bolton, Rachel Augustine Potter and Sharece Thrower
Congressional Assertions of the Spending Power: Institutional Conflict and Regulatory Authority pp. 272-305 Downloads
Miranda Yaver
Business Associations and Private Ordering pp. 306-358 Downloads
Jens Prüfer
Informal Sanctions on Prosecutors and Defendants and the Disposition of Criminal Cases pp. 359-394 Downloads
Andrew Daughety and Jennifer Reinganum
Contracting Externalities and Mandatory Menus in the US Corporate Bankruptcy Code pp. 395-432 Downloads
Antonio E. Bernardo, Alan Schwartz and Ivo Welch

2016, volume 32, issue 1

Patent Pools, Competition, and Innovation—Evidence from 20 US Industries under the New Deal pp. 1-36 Downloads
Ryan Lampe and Petra Moser
Why Whine about Wining and Dining? pp. 37-60 Downloads
Benjamin Hermalin
More than Politics: Ability and Ideology in the British Appellate Committee pp. 61-93 Downloads
Matias Iaryczower and Gabriel Katz
Trial and Error: Decision Reversal and Panel Size in State Courts pp. 94-118 Downloads
Yosh Halberstam
An Exploration of the Promotion Signaling Distortion pp. 119-149 Downloads
Michael Waldman and Ori Zax
Merger Remedies in Oligopoly under a Consumer Welfare Standard pp. 150-179 Downloads
Markus Dertwinkel-Kalt and Christian Wey
Three-Party Settlement Bargaining with an Insurer Duty to Settle: Structural Model and Evidence from Malpractice Claims pp. 180-212 Downloads
Kowsar Yousefi and Bernard Black

2015, volume 31, issue suppl_1

Introduction pp. i1-i2 Downloads
Pablo Spiller
Water Under the Bridge: Determinants of Franchise Renewal in Water Provision pp. i3-i39 Downloads
Eshien Chong, Stephane Saussier and Brian S. Silverman
Transaction Costs and the Employment Contract in the US Economy pp. i40-i76 Downloads
W. Bentley Macleod and Daniel Parent
Structuring Incentives within Accountable Care Organizations pp. i77-i103 Downloads
Brigham Frandsen and James Rebitzer
An Influence-Cost Model of Organizational Practices and Firm Boundaries pp. i104-i142 Downloads
Michael Powell
Vertical Integration, Exclusivity, and Game Sales Performance in the US Video Game Industry pp. i143-i168 Downloads
Ricard Gil and Frédéric Warzynski

2015, volume 31, issue 4

Trust, Leniency, and Deterrence pp. 663-689 Downloads
Maria Bigoni, Sven-Olof Fridolfsson, Chloé Le Coq and Giancarlo Spagnolo
Becker Meets Ricardo: Multisector Matching with Communication and Cognitive Skills pp. 690-720 Downloads
Robert J. McCann, Xianwen Shi, Aloysius Siow and Ronald Wolthoff
Auditor Conservatism, Incentive Compensation, and the Quality of Financial Reporting pp. 721-751 Downloads
Ravi Singh and Ian Larkin
Introduction to "25 Years of Law and Positive Political Theory: Past, Present and the Future" pp. 752-755 Downloads
Daniel B. Rodriguez and Emerson H. Tiller
Vetogates and American Public Law pp. 756-781 Downloads
William N. Eskridge
The "Reformation of Administrative Law" Revisited pp. 782-807 Downloads
Daniel B. Rodriguez and Barry Weingast
Interpreting Circuit Court Voting Patterns: A Social Interactions Framework pp. 808-842 Downloads
Joshua B. Fischman
A Model of Judicial Influence on Congressional Policy Making: Grove City College v. Bell pp. 843-875 Downloads
Brian A. Marks

2015, volume 31, issue 3

Bias in Open Peer-Review: Evidence from the English Superior Courts pp. 431-471 Downloads
Jordi Blanes i Vidal and Clare Leaver
A Common-Space Measure of State Supreme Court Ideology pp. 472-498 Downloads
Adam Bonica and Michael J. Woodruff
Corruption and Ideology in Autocracies pp. 499-533 Downloads
James R. Hollyer and Leonard Wantchekon
Power, Composition, and Decision Making: The Behavioral Consequences of Institutional Reform on Brazil’s Supremo Tribunal Federal pp. 534-567 Downloads
Scott W. Desposato, Matthew C. Ingram and Osmar P. Lannes
Firms’ Qualifications and Subcontracting in Public Procurement: An Empirical Investigation pp. 568-598 Downloads
Luigi Moretti and Paola Valbonesi
Sustaining Group Reputation pp. 599-628 Downloads
Erik Kimbrough and Jared Rubin
Contracting among Founders pp. 629-661 Downloads
Thomas Hellmann and Veikko Thiele

2015, volume 31, issue 2

The Political Economy of Occupational Licensing Associations pp. 213-241 Downloads
Nicola Persico
The Empirical Content of Pay-for-Performance pp. 242-261 Downloads
Canice Prendergast
Team-Based Incentives in Problem-Solving Organizations pp. 262-286 Downloads
Jin-Hyuk Kim and Nick Vikander
On the Interaction of Deterrence and Emotions pp. 287-319 Downloads
Menusch Khadjavi
The Constraining, Liberating, and Informational Effects of Nonbinding Law pp. 320-346 Downloads
Justin Fox and Matthew C. Stephenson
Power to the People? An Experimental Analysis of Bottom-Up Accountability of Third-Party Institutions pp. 347-382 Downloads
Stefania Ottone, Ferruccio Ponzano and Luca Zarri
Do Black Mayors Improve Black Relative to White Employment Outcomes? Evidence from Large US Cities pp. 383-430 Downloads
John Nye, Ilia Rainer and Thomas Stratmann

2015, volume 31, issue 1

Corruption in Chinese Privatizations pp. 1-29 Downloads
Raymond Fisman and Yongxiang Wang
Client-Based Entrepreneurship pp. 30-60 Downloads
James Rauch and Joel Watson
The Impact of State Supreme Court Decisions on Public School Finance pp. 61-92 Downloads
Sarah A. Hill and D. Roderick Kiewiet
Party Capability versus Court Preference: Why Do the "Haves" Come Out Ahead?—An Empirical Lesson from the Taiwan Supreme Court pp. 93-126 Downloads
Kong-Pin Chen, Kuo-Chang Huang and Chang-Ching Lin
Citizens United, Independent Expenditures, and Agency Costs: Reexamining the Political Economy of State Antitakeover Statutes pp. 127-159 Downloads
Timothy Werner and John J. Coleman
Procurement with Unenforceable Contract Time and the Law of Liquidated Damages pp. 160-186 Downloads
Cesare Dosi and Michele Moretto
Bonding Through Investments: Evidence from Franchising pp. 187-212 Downloads
Giorgo Sertsios
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