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Volume 90, issue 4, 2023

Managerial Quality and Productivity Dynamics pp. 1569-1607 Downloads
Achyuta Adhvaryu, Anant Nyshadham and Jorge Tamayo
Optimal Environmental Targeting in the Amazon Rainforest pp. 1608-1641 Downloads
Juliano Assunção, Robert McMillan, Joshua Murphy and Eduardo Souza-Rodrigues
Wealth Dynamics in Communities pp. 1642-1668 Downloads
Daniel Barron, Yingni Guo and Bryony Reich
Culture and the Historical Fertility Transition pp. 1669-1700 Downloads
Brian Beach and W Walker Hanlon
Data-intensive Innovation and the State: Evidence from AI Firms in China pp. 1701-1723 Downloads
Martin Beraja, David Y Yang and Noam Yuchtman
An Instrumental Variable Approach to Dynamic Models pp. 1724-1758 Downloads
Steven T Berry and Giovanni Compiani
Time Consistency and Duration of Government Debt: A Model of Quantitative Easing pp. 1759-1799 Downloads
Saroj Bhattarai, Gauti Eggertsson and Bulat Gafarov
Career Spillovers in Internal Labour Markets pp. 1800-1831 Downloads
Nicola Bianchi, Giulia Bovini, Jin Li, Matteo Paradisi and Michael Powell
Opinions as Facts pp. 1832-1864 Downloads
Leonardo Bursztyn, Aakaash Rao, Christopher Roth and David Yanagizawa-Drott
Agenda-Manipulation in Ranking pp. 1865-1892 Downloads
Gregorio Curello and Ludvig Sinander
Optimal Corporate Taxation Under Financial Frictions pp. 1893-1933 Downloads
Eduardo Dávila and Benjamin Hebert
Moral Universalism and the Structure of Ideology pp. 1934-1962 Downloads
Benjamin Enke, Ricardo Rodríguez-Padilla and Florian Zimmermann
Subsidizing Labour Hoarding in Recessions: The Employment and Welfare Effects of Short-time Work pp. 1963-2005 Downloads
Giulia Giupponi and Camille Landais
Estimation of Discrete Games with Weak Assumptions on Information pp. 2006-2041 Downloads
Lorenzo Magnolfi and Camilla Roncoroni
Screening with Frames: Implementation in Extensive Form pp. 2042-2082 Downloads
Franz Ostrizek and Denis Shishkin

Volume 90, issue 3, 2023

When Less is More: Improving Choices in Health Insurance Markets pp. 1011-1040 Downloads
Jason Abaluck and Jonathan Gruber
Wall Street and Silicon Valley: A Delicate Interaction pp. 1041-1083 Downloads
George-Marios Angeletos, Guido Lorenzoni and Alessandro Pavan
Matching in Dynamic Imbalanced Markets pp. 1084-1124 Downloads
Itai Ashlagi, Afshin Nikzad and Philipp Strack
Infrequent Random Portfolio Decisions in an Open Economy Model pp. 1125-1154 Downloads
Philippe Bacchetta, Eric van Wincoop and Eric Young
Multinomial Logit Processes and Preference Discovery: Inside and Outside the Black Box pp. 1155-1194 Downloads
Simone Cerreia-Vioglio, Fabio Maccheroni, Massimo Marinacci and Aldo Rustichini
Estimating Intergenerational and Assortative Processes in Extended Family Data pp. 1195-1227 Downloads
M Dolores Collado, Ignacio Ortuño-Ortín and Jan Stuhler
Price Discrimination and Public Policy in the US College Market pp. 1228-1264 Downloads
Ian Fillmore
Marginal Jobs and Job Surplus: A Test of the Efficiency of Separations pp. 1265-1303 Downloads
Simon Jäger, Benjamin Schoefer and Josef Zweimüller
Asset Prices and Unemployment Fluctuations: A Resolution of the Unemployment Volatility Puzzle* pp. 1304-1357 Downloads
Patrick J Kehoe, Pierlauro Lopez, Virgiliu Midrigan and Elena Pastorino
Sentimental Business Cycles pp. 1358-1393 Downloads
Andresa Lagerborg, Evi Pappa and Morten Ravn
Consumer Search and Prices in the Automobile Market pp. 1394-1440 Downloads
José Luis Moraga-González, Zsolt Sándor and Matthijs R Wildenbeest
Reputation Building under Observational Learning pp. 1441-1469 Downloads
Harry Pei
We Are All Behavioural, More, or Less: A Taxonomy of Consumer Decision-Making pp. 1470-1498 Downloads
Victor Stango and Jonathan Zinman
The Missing Profits of Nations pp. 1499-1534 Downloads
Thomas Tørsløv, Ludvig Wier and Gabriel Zucman
Hours Constraints, Occupational Choice, and Gender: Evidence from Medical Residents pp. 1535-1568 Downloads
Melanie Wasserman

Volume 90, issue 1, 2023

Immigration and Redistribution pp. 1-39 Downloads
Alberto Alesina, Armando Miano and Stefanie Stantcheva
Measuring Belief-dependent Preferences without Data on Beliefs pp. 40-64 Downloads
Charles Bellemare and Alexander Sebald
What is a Good School, and Can Parents Tell? Evidence on the Multidimensionality of School Output pp. 65-101 Downloads
Diether Beuermann, C Kirabo Jackson, Laia Navarro-Sola and Francisco Pardo
Are Marriage-Related Taxes and Social Security Benefits Holding Back Female Labour Supply? pp. 102-131 Downloads
Margherita Borella, Mariacristina De Nardi and Fang Yang
A World Equilibrium Model of the Oil Market pp. 132-164 Downloads
Gideon Bornstein, Per Krusell and Sergio Rebelo
Racial Diversity and Racial Policy Preferences: The Great Migration and Civil Rights pp. 165-200 Downloads
Alvaro Calderon, Vasiliki Fouka and Marco Tabellini
Simple Adaptive Size-Exact Testing for Full-Vector and Subvector Inference in Moment Inequality Models pp. 201-228 Downloads
Gregory Cox and Xiaoxia Shi
Innovation and Strategic Network Formation pp. 229-260 Downloads
Krishna Dasaratha
The Emergence of Market Structure pp. 261-292 Downloads
Maryam Farboodi, Gregor Jarosch and Robert Shimer
Affordable Housing and City Welfare pp. 293-330 Downloads
Jack Favilukis, Pierre Mabille and Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh
Slicing the Pie: Quantifying the Aggregate and Distributional Effects of Trade pp. 331-375 Downloads
Simon Galle, Andres Rodriguez-Clare and Moises Yi
Using Bid Rotation and Incumbency to Detect Collusion: A Regression Discontinuity Approach pp. 376-403 Downloads
Kei Kawai, Jun Nakabayashi, Juan Ortner and Sylvain Chassang
Should Central Banks Issue Digital Currency? pp. 404-431 Downloads
Todd Keister and Daniel Sanches
Behaviour within a Clinical Trial and Implications for Mammography Guidelines pp. 432-462 Downloads
Amanda Kowalski
How Do Inheritances Shape Wealth Inequality? Theory and Evidence from Sweden pp. 463-498 Downloads
Arash Nekoei and David Seim

Volume 89, issue 6, 2022

The Dynamics of Return Migration, Human Capital Accumulation, and Wage Assimilation (Immigration and Spatial Equilibrium: The Role of Expenditures in the Country of Origin) pp. 2841-2871 Downloads
Jerome Adda, Christian Dustmann and Joseph-Simon Görlach
The Impact of Car Pollution on Infant and Child Health: Evidence from Emissions Cheating (Management and Shocks to Worker Productivity) pp. 2872-2910 Downloads
Diane Alexander and Hannes Schwandt
The Welfare Effects of Transportation Infrastructure Improvements (General Equilibrium Effects in Space: Theory and Measurement) pp. 2911-2957 Downloads
Treb Allen and Costas Arkolakis
Subjective Models of the Macroeconomy: Evidence From Experts and Representative Samples (Rationally Confused: On the Aggregate Implications of Information Provision Policies) pp. 2958-2991 Downloads
Peter Andrebriq, Carlo Pizzinelli, Christopher Roth and Johannes Wohlfart
Product Life Cycle, Learning, and Nominal Shocks (Optimal Learning by Experimentation) pp. 2992-3054 Downloads
David Argente and Chen Yeh
Coordinated Capacity Reductions and Public Communication in the Airline Industry (Exchangees of Cost Information in the Airline Industry) pp. 3055-3084 Downloads
Gaurab Aryal, Federico Ciliberto and Benjamin Leyden
Yogurts Choose Consumers? Estimation of Random-Utility Models via Two-Sided Matching (Unobserved Product Differentiation in Discrete-Choice Models: Estimating Price Elasticities and Welfare Effects) pp. 3085-3114 Downloads
Odran Bonnet, Alfred Galichon, Yu-Wei Hsieh, Keith O’Hara and Matt Shum
China’s Model of Managing the Financial System (Beauty Contests and Iterated Expectations in Asset Markets) pp. 3115-3153 Downloads
Markus Brunnermeier, Michael Sockin and Wei Xiong
The Design of Teacher Assignment: Theory and Evidence (House Allocation with Existing Tenants) pp. 3154-3222 Downloads
Julien Combe, Olivier Tercieux and Camille Terrier
A Theory of Participation in OTC and Centralized Markets (Trade Dynamics in the Market for Federal Funds) pp. 3223-3266 Downloads
Jérôme Dugast, Semih Üslü and Pierre-Olivier Weill
Welfare and Redistribution in Residential Electricity Markets with Solar Power (Residential Consumption of Gas and Electricity in the US: The Role of Prices and Income) pp. 3267-3302 Downloads
Fabian Feger, Nicola Pavanini and Doina Radulescu
Seawalls and Stilts: A Quantitative Macro Study of Climate Adaptation (The Environment and Directed Technical Change) pp. 3303-3344 Downloads
Stephie Fried
Measuring Unfair Inequality: Reconciling Equality of Opportunity and Freedom from Poverty (Multidimensional Poverty and Inequality) pp. 3345-3380 Downloads
Paul Hufe, Ravi Kanbur and Andreas Peichlifo
Globalization, Gender, and the Family (Trade Shocks and Labor Adjustment: A Structural Empirical Approach) pp. 3381-3409 Downloads
Wolfgang Keller and Hale Utar
The Unavoidability of Low Inflation–Low Output Traps (Forward Guidance without Common Knowledge) pp. 3410-3435 Downloads
Narayana Kocherlakota

Volume 89, issue 5, 2022

Killer Incentives: Rivalry, Performance and Risk-Taking among German Fighter Pilots, 1939–45 (The Perils of High-Powered Incentives: Evidence from Colombia’s False Positives) pp. 2257-2292 Downloads
Philipp Ager, Leonardo Bursztyn, Lukas Leucht and Hans-Joachim Voth
Interventions and Cognitive Spillovers (The Welfare Effects of Nudges: A Case Study of Energy Use Social Comparisons) pp. 2293-2328 Downloads
Steffen Altmann, Andreas Grunewald and Jonas Radbruch
Informal Risk Sharing with Local Information (Network Structure and the Aggregation of Information: Theory and Evidence from Indonesia) pp. 2329-2380 Downloads
Attila Ambrus, Wayne Gao and Pau Milán
An Information-based Theory of Financial Intermediation (Trade Dynamics in the Market for Federal Funds) pp. 2381-2444 Downloads
Zachary Bethune, Bruno Sultanum and Nicholas Trachter
Multi-asset Noisy Rational Expectations Equilibrium with Contingent Claims (A Noisy Rational Expectations Equilibrium for Multi-asset Securities Markets) pp. 2445-2490 Downloads
Georgy Chabakauri, Kathy Yuan and Konstantinos E Zachariadis
Caught between Cultures: Unintended Consequences of Improving Opportunity for Immigrant Girls (Economics and Identity) pp. 2491-2528 Downloads
Gordon Dahl, Christina Felfe, Paul Frijters and Helmut Rainer
Currency Choice in Contracts (Currency Unions) pp. 2529-2558 Downloads
Andres Drenik, Rishabh Kirpalani and Diego J Perez
Recovering Investor Expectations from Demand for Index Funds (American Association of Individual Investors (AAII) Investor Sentiment Survey) pp. 2559-2599 Downloads
Mark Egan, Alexander MacKay and Hanbin Yang
Cupid’s Invisible Hand: Social Surplus and Identification in Matching Models (An Empirical Model of the Medical Match) pp. 2600-2629 Downloads
Alfred Galichon and Bernard Salanié
Optimal Auctions: Non-expected Utility and Constant Risk Aversion (A Nonconvex Variational Problem with Constraints) pp. 2630-2662 Downloads
Alex Gershkov, Benny Moldovanu, Philipp Strack and Mengxi Zhang
Inference with Many Weak Instruments (Specification Testing in Models with Many Instruments) pp. 2663-2686 Downloads
Anna Mikusheva and Liyang Sun
Coordination and Continuous Stochastic Choice (Dynamic Global Games of Regime change: Learning, Multiplicity, and the Timing of Attacks) pp. 2687-2722 Downloads
Stephen Morris and Ming Yang
Intelligence, Errors, and Cooperation in Repeated Interactions (Reasoning about Others’ Reasoning) pp. 2723-2767 Downloads
Eugenio Proto, Aldo Rustichini and Andis Sofianos
Taking the Fed at its Word: A New Approach to Estimating Central Bank Objectives using Text Analysis (Inflation Targeting Does Not Anchor Inflation Expectations: Evidence from Firms in New Zealand) pp. 2768-2805 Downloads
Adam Shapiro and Daniel Wilson
Patience and Comparative Development (How Large Are Human-capital Externalities? Evidence from Compulsory Schooling Laws) pp. 2806-2840 Downloads
Uwe Sunde, Thomas Dohmen, Benjamin Enke, Armin Falkbriq, David Huffman and Gerrit Meyerheim

Volume 89, issue 4, 2022

Geography and Agricultural Productivity: Cross-Country Evidence from Micro Plot-Level Data pp. 1629-1653 Downloads
Tasso Adamopoulos and Diego Restuccia
Central Bank Swap Lines: Evidence on the Effects of the Lender of Last Resort (Bias-Corrected Matching Estimators for Average Treatment Effects) pp. 1654-1693 Downloads
Saleem Bahaj and Ricardo Reis
Endogenous Social Interactions with Unobserved Networks (Endogenous Production Networks) pp. 1694-1747 Downloads
Marco Battaglini, Eleonora Patacchini and Edoardo Rainone
Financial Regulation in a Quantitative Model of the Modern Banking System (Securitization Without Risk Transfer) pp. 1748-1784 Downloads
J Begenau and T Landvoigt
Forbidden Fruits: The Political Economy of Science, Religion, and Growth (Economic Backwardness in Political Perspective) pp. 1785-1832 Downloads
Roland Benabou, Davide Ticchi and Andrea Vindigni
Lending Relationships and Optimal Monetary Policy (A Comprehensive Revision of the U.S. Monetary Services (Divisia) Indexes) pp. 1833-1872 Downloads
Zachary Bethune, Guillaume Rocheteau, Russell Wong and Cathy Zhang
Trade Finance and the Durability of the Dollar (Understanding Trade Finance: Theory and Evidence from Transaction-level Data) pp. 1873-1910 Downloads
Ryan Chahrour and Rosen Valchev
A Theory of Monetary Union and Financial Integration pp. 1911-1947 Downloads
Luca Fornaro
Overcoming Free-Riding in Bandit Games pp. 1948-1992 Downloads
Johannes Hörner, Nicolas Klein and Sven Rady
An Equilibrium Analysis of the Long-Term Care Insurance Market pp. 1993-2025 Downloads
Ami Ko
Fragile Self-Esteem (Students’ Response to Academic Setback: “Growth Mindset” as a Buffer against Demotivation) pp. 2026-2060 Downloads
Botond Koszegi, George Loewenstein and Takeshi Murooka
Entrepreneurial Human Capital and Firm Dynamics (How Large Are Human-Capital Externalities? Evidence from Compulsory Schooling Laws) pp. 2061-2100 Downloads
Francisco Queiró
Patent Screening, Innovation, and Welfare (Innovation, Reallocation, and Growth) pp. 2101-2148 Downloads
Mark Schankerman and Florian Schuett
Policy Effects of International Taxation on Firm Dynamics and Capital Structure (Foreign investment of us multinationals: The effect of tax policy and agency conflicts) pp. 2149-2200 Downloads
Adam Spencer
Folk Theorem in Repeated Games with Private Monitoring (Collusion in Dynamic Bertrand Oligopoly with Correlated Private Signals and Communication) pp. 2201-2256 Downloads
Takuo Sugaya

Volume 89, issue 3, 2022

Are High-Interest Loans Predatory? Theory and Evidence from Payday Lending (Choice Inconsistencies among the Elderly: Evidence from Plan Choice in the Medicare Part D Program) pp. 1041-1084 Downloads
Hunt Allcott, Joshua Kim, Dmitry Taubinsky and Jonathan Zinman
Confidence and the Propagation of Demand Shocks (No Firm is an Island? How Industry Conditions Shape Firms’ Aggregate Expectations) pp. 1085-1119 Downloads
George-Marios Angeletos and Chen Lian
Liquidity Constraints in the U.S. Housing Market (Why Do Homeowners Make Mortgage Curtailment Payments?) pp. 1120-1154 Downloads
Corina Boar, Denis Gorea and Virgiliu Midrigan
Fiscal Multipliers and Foreign Holdings of Public Debt (When Should You Adjust Standard Errors for Clustering?) pp. 1155-1204 Downloads
Fernando Broner, Daragh Clancy, Aitor Erce and Alberto Martin
Who Chooses Commitment? Evidence and Welfare Implications (Self-Control and Demand for Commitment in Online Game Playing: Evidence from a Field Experiment) pp. 1205-1244 Downloads
Mariana Carrera, Heather Royer, Mark Stehr, Justin Sydnor and Dmitry Taubinsky
Priority Design in Centralized Matching Markets (Research Design Meets Market Design: Using Centralized Assignment for Impact Evaluation) pp. 1245-1277 Downloads
Oğuzhan Çelebi and Joel P Flynn
Liquidity Risk and Long-Term Finance: Evidence from a Natural Experiment (Was Prometheus Unbound by Chance? Risk, Diversification, and Growth) pp. 1278-1313 Downloads
Ali Choudhary and Nicola Limodio
Concentration Bias in Intertemporal Choice (Eliciting Risk and Time Preferences) pp. 1314-1334 Downloads
Markus Dertwinkel-Kalt, Holger Gerhardt, Gerhard Riener, Frederik Schwerter and Louis Strang
Risk Premium Shocks Can Create Inefficient Recessions (Uninsured Idiosyncratic Investment Risk and Aggregate Saving) pp. 1335-1369 Downloads
Sebastian Di Tella and Robert Hall
Firm Dynamics, On-the-Job Search, and Labor Market Fluctuations (Optimal Investment with Costly Reversibility) pp. 1370-1419 Downloads
Michael Elsby and Axel Gottfries
Firm Heterogeneity in Consumption Baskets: Evidence from Home and Store Scanner Data (Measuring Trends in Leisure: The Allocation of Time over Five Decades) pp. 1420-1459 Downloads
Benjamin Faber and Thibault Fally
Measuring the Incentive to Collude: The Vitamin Cartels, 1990–99 (Extremal Equilibria of Oligopolistic Supergames) pp. 1460-1494 Downloads
Mitsuru Igami and Takuo Sugaya
Winning by Default: Why is There So Little Competition in Government Procurement? (Specification and Negotiation in Incomplete Contracts) pp. 1495-1556 Downloads
Karam Kang and Robert A Miller
The Gift of Moving: Intergenerational Consequences of a Mobility Shock pp. 1557-1592 Downloads
Emi Nakamura, Jósef Sigurdsson and Jón Steinsson
The Real Effects of Monetary Expansions: Evidence from a Large-scale Historical Experiment pp. 1593-1627 Downloads
Nuno Palma

Volume 89, issue 2, 2022

Collateral Booms and Information Depletion (Rational Exuberance Booms) pp. 517-555 Downloads
Vladimir Asriyan, Luc Laeven and Alberto Martin
Spatial Equilibrium, Search Frictions, and Dynamic Efficiency in the Taxi Industry (Search frictions and market power in negotiated-price markets) pp. 556-591 Downloads
Nicholas Buchholz
Skill-Biased Structural Change (Skills, Tasks and Technologies: Implications for Employment and Earnings) pp. 592-625 Downloads
Francisco J Buera, Joseph Kaboski, Richard Rogerson and Juan I Vizcaino
Risky Matching (Constructing AFQT Scores that are Comparable Across the NLSY79 and the NLSY97) pp. 626-665 Downloads
Hector Chade and Ilse Lindenlaub
Structural Breaks in an Endogenous Growth Model (Monetary Policy Regimes and Beliefs) pp. 666-694 Downloads
Timothy Cogley and Boyan Jovanovic
Corruption and Firms (Mafia and Public Spending: Evidence on the Fiscal Multiplier from a Quasi-experiment) pp. 695-732 Downloads
Emanuele Colonnelli and Mounu Prem
International Spillovers and Local Credit Cycles (Exchange Rate Dynamics and Monetary Spillovers with Imperfect Financial Markets) pp. 733-773 Downloads
Julian di Giovanni, Şebnem Kalemli-Özcan, Mehmet Ulu and Yusuf Baskaya
Roman Transport Network Connectivity and Economic Integration (Transport) pp. 774-810 Downloads
Matthias Flückiger, Erik Hornung, Mario Larch, Markus Ludwig and Allard Mees
From Immigrants to Americans: Race and Assimilation during the Great Migration (Immigration in American Economic History) pp. 811-842 Downloads
Vasiliki Fouka, Soumyajit Mazumder and Marco Tabellini
Conditional Superior Predictive Ability (Modeling and Forecasting Realized Volatility) pp. 843-875 Downloads
Jia Li, Zhipeng Liao and Rogier Quaedvlieg
Long-Term Effects of Childhood Nutrition: Evidence from a School Lunch Reform (The Long-run Impact of Cash Transfers to Poor Families) pp. 876-908 Downloads
Petter Lundborg, Dan-Olof Rooth and Jesper Alex-Petersen
The Extensive Margin of Aggregate Consumption Demand (Cost of Living Inequality during the Great Recession) pp. 909-947 Downloads
Claudio Michelacci, Luigi Paciello and Andrea Pozzi
Rationalizability, Observability, and Common Knowledge* (Player Importance and Forward Induction) pp. 948-975 Downloads
Antonio Penta and Peio Zuazo-Garin
Uncertainty in the Hot Hand Fallacy: Detecting Streaky Alternatives to Random Bernoulli Sequences (A Statistical Analysis of Hitting Streaks in Baseball) pp. 976-1007 Downloads
David M Ritzwoller and Joseph P Romano
Welfare Effects of Dynamic Matching: An Empirical Analysis (The Welfare Effects of Coordinated Assignment: Evidence from the New York City High School Match) pp. 1008-1037 Downloads
Valentin Verdier and Carson Reeling

Volume 89, issue 1, 2022

Demographics and Automation (Automation and Demographic Change) pp. 1-44 Downloads
Daron Acemoglu and Pascual Restrepo
Income and Wealth Distribution in Macroeconomics: A Continuous-Time Approach (On the Existence and Uniqueness of Stationary Equilibrium in Bewley Economies with Production) pp. 45-86 Downloads
Yves Achdou, Jiequn Han, Jean-Michel Lasry, Pierre-Louis Lionse and Benjamin Moll
Understanding the Size of the Government Spending Multiplier: It’s in the Sign (Downward Wage Rigidity and Business Cycle Asymmetries) pp. 87-117 Downloads
Régis Barnichon, Davide Debortoli and Christian Matthes
A Menu of Insurance Contracts for the Unemployed (The Effect of Unemployment Insurance Sanctions on the Transition Rate from Unemployment to Employment) pp. 118-141 Downloads
Régis Barnichon and Yanos Zylberberg
The U.K. as a Technological Follower: Higher Education Expansion and the College Wage Premium (Why Do New Technologies Complement Skills? Directed Technical Change and Wage Inequality) pp. 142-180 Downloads
Richard Blundell, David Green and Wenchao Jin
Quasi-Experimental Shift-Share Research Designs (Sampling-based vs. Design-based Uncertainty in Regression Analysis) pp. 181-213 Downloads
Kirill Borusyak, Peter Hull and Xavier Jaravel
Recoverability and Expectations-Driven Fluctuations (Non-Fundamentalness in Structural Econometric Models: A Review) pp. 214-239 Downloads
Ryan Chahrour and Kyle Jurado
Choice with Endogenous Categorization (The Adaptive Nature of Human Categorization) pp. 240-278 Downloads
Andrew Ellis and Yusufcan Masatlioglu
Should Robots Be Taxed? (Skills, Tasks and Technologies: Implications for Employment and Earnings) pp. 279-311 Downloads
Joao Guerreiro, Sergio Rebelo and Pedro Teles
Instrument-Based versus Target-Based Rules (The Economics of Labor Coercion) pp. 312-345 Downloads
Marina Halac and Pierre Yared
Improving Management with Individual and Group-Based Consulting: Results from a Randomized Experiment in Colombia (From Proof of Concept to Scaleable Policies: Challenges and Solutions, with an Application) pp. 346-371 Downloads
Leonardo Iacovone, William Maloney and David McKenzie
Social Connectedness and Local Contagion (Blockchain Economics) pp. 372-410 Downloads
C Matthew Leister, Yves Zenou and Junjie Zhou
An Elementary Theory of Directed Technical Change and Wage Inequality (Automation and Demographic Change) pp. 411-451 Downloads
Jonas Loebbing
Migration and Informal Insurance: Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial and a Structural Model (Efficient Risk Sharing with Limited Commitment and Hidden Storage) pp. 452-480 Downloads
Costas Meghir, A Mushfiq Mobarak, Corina Mommaerts and Melanie Morten
Exchange Rate Exposure and Firm Dynamics (Credit Constraints and the Cyclicality of R&D Investment: Evidence from France) pp. 481-514 Downloads
Juliana Salomao and Liliana Varela
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