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2020, volume 31, issue 3

Data-informed inverse design by product usage information: a review, framework and outlook pp. 529-552 Downloads
Liang Hou and Roger J. Jiao
Support vector regression to correct motor current of machine tool drives pp. 553-560 Downloads
Max Schwenzer, Thomas Auerbach, Kazumasa Miura, Benjamin Döbbeler and Thomas Bergs
On-line part deformation prediction based on deep learning pp. 561-574 Downloads
Zhiwei Zhao, Yingguang Li, Changqing Liu and James Gao
A study on the prediction of inherent deformation in fillet-welded joint using support vector machine and genetic optimization algorithm pp. 575-596 Downloads
Liang Tian and Yu Luo
Integrating customer requirements into customized product configuration design based on Kano’s model pp. 597-613 Downloads
Shuangyao Zhao, Qiang Zhang, Zhanglin Peng and Yu Fan
A methodology for solving facility layout problem considering barriers: genetic algorithm coupled with A* search pp. 615-640 Downloads
Mariem Besbes, Marc Zolghadri, Roberta Costa Affonso, Faouzi Masmoudi and Mohamed Haddar
Genetic algorithms applied to integration and optimization of billing and picking processes pp. 641-659 Downloads
Anderson Rogério Faia Pinto and Marcelo Seido Nagano
A modular factory testbed for the rapid reconfiguration of manufacturing systems pp. 661-680 Downloads
D.-Y. Kim, J.-W. Park, S. Baek, K.-B. Park, H.-R. Kim, J.-I. Park, H.-S. Kim, B.-B. Kim, H.-Y. Oh, K. Namgung and W. Baek
SDF-GA: a service domain feature-oriented approach for manufacturing cloud service composition pp. 681-702 Downloads
Tianyang Li, Ting He, Zhongjie Wang and Yufeng Zhang
Control chart pattern recognition using the convolutional neural network pp. 703-716 Downloads
Tao Zan, Zhihao Liu, Hui Wang, Min Wang and Xiangsheng Gao
Research on adaptive CNC machining arithmetic and process for near-net-shaped jet engine blade pp. 717-744 Downloads
Dongbo Wu, Hui Wang, Kaiyao Zhang, Bing Zhao and Xiaojun Lin
Optimization of preventive maintenance for series manufacturing system by differential evolution algorithm pp. 745-757 Downloads
Xiaofeng Wang, Shu Guo, Jian Shen and Yang Liu
Segmentation-based deep-learning approach for surface-defect detection pp. 759-776 Downloads
Domen Tabernik, Samo Šela, Jure Skvarč and Danijel Skočaj
Multi-source transfer learning of time series in cyclical manufacturing pp. 777-787 Downloads
Werner Zellinger, Thomas Grubinger, Michael Zwick, Edwin Lughofer, Holger Schöner, Thomas Natschläger and Susanne Saminger-Platz
A convolutional approach to quality monitoring for laser manufacturing pp. 789-795 Downloads
Carlos Gonzalez-Val, Adrian Pallas, Veronica Panadeiro and Alvaro Rodriguez
Retraction Note to: Estimation of contact forces of underactuated robotic finger using soft computing methods pp. 797-797 Downloads
Srđan Jović, Nebojša Arsić, Ljubomir M. Marić and Dalibor Petković

2020, volume 31, issue 2

Resilient manufacturing pp. 269-269 Downloads
Andrew Kusiak
QFD and Fuzzy Kano model based approach for classification of aesthetic attributes of SUV car profile pp. 271-284 Downloads
Shwetank Avikal, Rohit Singh and Rashmi Rashmi
Condition monitoring and prediction of solution quality during a copper electroplating process pp. 285-300 Downloads
Gerardo Emanuel Granados, Loïc Lacroix and Kamal Medjaher
Ontology-based module selection in the design of reconfigurable machine tools pp. 301-317 Downloads
Zhenjun Ming, Cong Zeng, Guoxin Wang, Jia Hao and Yan Yan
Joint modeling of classification and regression for improving faulty wafer detection in semiconductor manufacturing pp. 319-326 Downloads
Seokho Kang
Fused magnesia manufacturing process: a survey pp. 327-350 Downloads
Jie Yang, Shaowen Lu and Liangyong Wang
Joint optimization of capacity, production and maintenance planning of leased machines pp. 351-374 Downloads
Zied Hajej, Nidhal Rezg and Tarek Askri
A deep neural network for classification of melt-pool images in metal additive manufacturing pp. 375-386 Downloads
Ohyung Kwon, Hyung Giun Kim, Min Ji Ham, Wonrae Kim, Gun-Hee Kim, Jae-Hyung Cho, Nam Il Kim and Kangil Kim
Adapting Thurstone’s Law of Comparative Judgment to fuse preference orderings in manufacturing applications pp. 387-402 Downloads
F. Franceschini and D. Maisano
Failure time prediction using adaptive logical analysis of survival curves and multiple machining signals pp. 403-415 Downloads
Ahmed Elsheikh, Soumaya Yacout, Mohamed-Salah Ouali and Yasser Shaban
Adaptive job shop scheduling strategy based on weighted Q-learning algorithm pp. 417-432 Downloads
Yu-Fang Wang
Intelligent rotating machinery fault diagnosis based on deep learning using data augmentation pp. 433-452 Downloads
Xiang Li, Wei Zhang, Qian Ding and Jian-Qiao Sun
Solar cell surface defect inspection based on multispectral convolutional neural network pp. 453-468 Downloads
Haiyong Chen, Yue Pang, Qidi Hu and Kun Liu
A mechanism for scheduling multi robot intelligent warehouse system face with dynamic demand pp. 469-480 Downloads
Zhi Li, Ali Vatankhah Barenji, Jiazhi Jiang, Ray Y. Zhong and Gangyan Xu
Optimization of cutting conditions using an evolutive online procedure pp. 481-499 Downloads
Antonio Del Prete, Rodolfo Franchi, Stefania Cacace and Quirico Semeraro
A model for assessment of the impact of configuration changes in complex products pp. 501-527 Downloads
Yu-jie Zheng, Yu Yang and Na Zhang

2020, volume 31, issue 1

Service manufacturing = Process-as-a-Service + Manufacturing Operations-as-a-Service pp. 1-2 Downloads
Andrew Kusiak
A data-driven cyber-physical approach for personalised smart, connected product co-development in a cloud-based environment pp. 3-18 Downloads
Pai Zheng, Xun Xu and Chun-Hsien Chen
Multi-objective optimization of an engine mount design by means of memetic genetic programming and a local exploration approach pp. 19-32 Downloads
Alejandro Alvarado-Iniesta, Luis Gonzalo Guillen-Anaya, Luis Alberto Rodríguez-Picón and Raul Ñeco-Caberta
A multi-objective hybrid evolutionary approach for buffer allocation in open serial production lines pp. 33-51 Downloads
Simge Yelkenci Kose and Ozcan Kilincci
Establishment of maintenance inspection intervals: an application of process mining techniques in manufacturing pp. 53-72 Downloads
Edson Ruschel, Eduardo Alves Portela Santos and Eduardo de Freitas Rocha Loures
Recurrent feature-incorporated convolutional neural network for virtual metrology of the chemical mechanical planarization process pp. 73-86 Downloads
Ki Bum Lee and Chang Ouk Kim
An approach to design reconfigurable manufacturing tools to manage product variability: the mass customisation of eyewear pp. 87-102 Downloads
Aurelio Montalto, Serena Graziosi, Monica Bordegoni, Luca Di Landro and Michael Johannes Leonardus Tooren
A flexible machine vision system for small part inspection based on a hybrid SVM/ANN approach pp. 103-125 Downloads
Keyur D. Joshi, Vedang Chauhan and Brian Surgenor
Literature review of Industry 4.0 and related technologies pp. 127-182 Downloads
Ercan Oztemel and Samet Gursev
Smart recovery decision-making of used industrial equipment for sustainable manufacturing: belt lifter case study pp. 183-197 Downloads
Kai Meng, Xiaoming Qian, Peihuang Lou and Jiong Zhang
An application to Stereolithography of a feature recognition algorithm for manufacturability evaluation pp. 199-214 Downloads
Giampaolo Campana and Mattia Mele
Point-by-point prediction of cutting force in 3-axis CNC milling machines through voxel framework in digital manufacturing pp. 215-226 Downloads
Omid Yousefian, Andrey Balabokhin and Joshua Tarbutton
Intelligent approach for process modelling and optimization on electrical discharge machining of polycrystalline diamond pp. 227-247 Downloads
Pauline Ong, Chon Haow Chong, Mohammad Zulafif Rahim, Woon Kiow Lee, Chee Kiong Sia and Muhammad Ariff Haikal Ahmad
A data-driven approach for constructing the component-failure mode matrix for FMEA pp. 249-265 Downloads
Zhaoguang Xu, Yanzhong Dang, Peter Munro and Yuhang Wang
Retraction Note to: Analysis of influential factors for predicting the shear strength of a V-shaped angle shear connector in composite beams using an adaptive neuro-fuzzy technique pp. 267-267 Downloads
I. Mansouri, M. Shariati, M. Safa, Z. Ibrahim, M. M. Tahir and D. Petković

2019, volume 30, issue 8

Inclusive risk modeling for manufacturing firms: a Bayesian network approach pp. 2789-2803 Downloads
Yash Daultani, Mohit Goswami, Omkarprasad S. Vaidya and Sushil Kumar
Smart manufacturing based on cyber-physical systems and beyond pp. 2805-2817 Downloads
Xifan Yao, Jiajun Zhou, Yingzi Lin, Yun Li, Hongnian Yu and Ying Liu
Industrial feedforward control technology: a review pp. 2819-2833 Downloads
Lu Liu, Siyuan Tian, Dingyu Xue, Tao Zhang and YangQuan Chen
An immune system based algorithm for cell formation problem pp. 2835-2852 Downloads
Berna H. Ulutas
Industrial wearable system: the human-centric empowering technology in Industry 4.0 pp. 2853-2869 Downloads
Xiang T. R. Kong, Hao Luo, George Q. Huang and Xuan Yang
Product quality in an inclusive manufacturing system: some considerations pp. 2871-2884 Downloads
Vedpal Arya, S. G. Deshmukh and Naresh Bhatnagar
Graduation manufacturing system: synchronization with IoT-enabled smart tickets pp. 2885-2900 Downloads
Peng Lin, Leidi Shen, Zhiheng Zhao and George Q. Huang
The application of VIKOR for the tool selection in lean management pp. 2901-2912 Downloads
Shuwei Jing, Zhanwen Niu and Pei-Chann Chang
A mathematical model and artificial bee colony algorithm for the lexicographic bottleneck mixed-model assembly line balancing problem pp. 2913-2925 Downloads
Ibrahim Kucukkoc, Kadir Buyukozkan, Sule Itir Satoglu and David Z. Zhang
A hybrid meta-heuristic algorithm for vehicle routing and packing problem with cross-docking pp. 2927-2943 Downloads
İlker Küçükoğlu and Nursel Öztürk
A multi-stage satisfaction index estimation model integrating structural equation modeling and mathematical programming pp. 2945-2964 Downloads
Adnan Aktepe, Süleyman Ersöz and Bilal Toklu
Prediction of surface roughness quality of green abrasive water jet machining: a soft computing approach pp. 2965-2979 Downloads
Jagadish, Sumit Bhowmik and Amitava Ray
Modelling and simulation of operation and maintenance strategy for offshore wind farms based on multi-agent system pp. 2981-2997 Downloads
M’hammed Sahnoun, David Baudry, Navonil Mustafee, Anne Louis, Philip Andi Smart, Phil Godsiff and Belahcene Mazari
Multi-agent system architectures for collaborative prognostics pp. 2999-3013 Downloads
Adrià Salvador Palau, Maharshi Harshadbhai Dhada and Ajith Kumar Parlikad
Determination of optimal build orientation for additive manufacturing using Muirhead mean and prioritised average operators pp. 3015-3034 Downloads
Yuchu Qin, Qunfen Qi, Paul J. Scott and Xiangqian Jiang

2019, volume 30, issue 7

Modeling and prediction of fatigue life of robotic components in intelligent manufacturing pp. 2575-2585 Downloads
Zhuming Bi and Krishna Meruva
Application of combined Kano model and interactive genetic algorithm for product customization pp. 2587-2602 Downloads
Runliang Dou, Yubo Zhang and Guofang Nan
Optimization based transportation service trading in B2B e-commerce logistics pp. 2603-2619 Downloads
Mengdi Zhang, George Q. Huang, Su Xiu Xu and Zhiheng Zhao
Internet of Things (IoT) driven kanban system for reverse logistics: solid waste collection pp. 2621-2630 Downloads
M. Thürer, Y. H. Pan, T. Qu, H. Luo, C. D. Li and G. Q. Huang
Dynamic pricing model for less-than-truckload carriers in the Physical Internet pp. 2631-2643 Downloads
Bin Qiao, Shenle Pan and Eric Ballot
Transformative innovation: turning commoditised products into radically high-valued products pp. 2645-2658 Downloads
H. H. J. K. Li and K. H. Tan
Manufacturing synchronization in a hybrid flowshop with dynamic order arrivals pp. 2659-2668 Downloads
Jian Chen, Meilin Wang, Xiang T. R. Kong, George Q. Huang, Qinyun Dai and Guoqiang Shi
The optimal time to make a risky investment under a permanent exit option pp. 2669-2680 Downloads
Qiang Li, Junwei Wang, Jian Ni, Lap Keung Chu and Congdong Li
Cloud manufacturing based service encapsulation and optimal configuration method for injection molding machine pp. 2681-2699 Downloads
Yingfeng Zhang, Dong Xi, Haidong Yang, Fei Tao and Zhe Wang
Constrained dynamic multi-objective evolutionary optimization for operational indices of beneficiation process pp. 2701-2713 Downloads
Cuie Yang and Jinliang Ding
An efficient auction mechanism for regional logistics synchronization pp. 2715-2731 Downloads
Xianghua Chu, Su Xiu Xu, Fulin Cai, Jiansheng Chen and Quande Qin
An effective metaheuristic algorithm for flowshop scheduling with deteriorating jobs pp. 2733-2742 Downloads
Hongfeng Wang, Min Huang and Junwei Wang
A hybrid PSO–BFO evolutionary algorithm for optimization of fused deposition modelling process parameters pp. 2743-2758 Downloads
Maraboina Raju, Munish Kumar Gupta, Neeraj Bhanot and Vishal S. Sharma
A semantics-based dispatching rule selection approach for job shop scheduling pp. 2759-2779 Downloads
Heng Zhang and Utpal Roy
Continuous improvement of HSM process by data mining pp. 2781-2788 Downloads
Victor Godreau, Mathieu Ritou, Etienne Chové, Benoit Furet and Didier Dumur

2019, volume 30, issue 6

Materials informatics pp. 2307-2326 Downloads
Seeram Ramakrishna, Tong-Yi Zhang, Wen-Cong Lu, Quan Qian, Jonathan Sze Choong Low, Jeremy Heiarii Ronald Yune, Daren Zong Loong Tan, Stéphane Bressan, Stefano Sanvito and Surya R. Kalidindi
Comparing performance of genetic and discrete invasive weed optimization algorithms for solving the inventory routing problem with an incremental delivery pp. 2327-2353 Downloads
Hadi Jahangir, Mohammad Mohammadi, Seyed Hamid Reza Pasandideh and Neda Zendehdel Nobari
Modeling and simulation of time and value throughputs of data-aware workflow processes pp. 2355-2373 Downloads
Yanhua Du, Ze Yu, Benyuan Yang and Yang Wang
Identification of influential function modules within complex products and systems based on weighted and directed complex networks pp. 2375-2390 Downloads
Yupeng Li, Zhaotong Wang, Xiaoyu Zhong and Fan Zou
Reconfigurable assembly line balancing for cloud manufacturing pp. 2391-2405 Downloads
Minghai Yuan, Hongyan Yu, Jinting Huang and Aimin Ji
A modified particle swarm optimization for large-scale numerical optimizations and engineering design problems pp. 2407-2433 Downloads
Hao Liu, Yue Wang, Liangping Tu, Guiyan Ding and Yuhan Hu
POLC-A: an assessment of POLCA’s authorization element pp. 2435-2447 Downloads
Matthias Thürer, Nuno O. Fernandes, Mark Stevenson, Cristovao Silva and Silvio Carmo-Silva
Material identification based on machine-learning algorithms for hybrid workpieces during cylindrical operations pp. 2449-2456 Downloads
Berend Denkena, Benjamin Bergmann and Matthias Witt
The development of a hybrid firefly algorithm for multi-pass grinding process optimization pp. 2457-2472 Downloads
Zhonglei Liu, Xuekun Li, Dingzhu Wu, Zhiqiang Qian, Pingfa Feng and Yiming Rong
A product configuration approach based on online data pp. 2473-2487 Downloads
Yao Jiao and Yu Yang
A cyber-physical attack taxonomy for production systems: a quality control perspective pp. 2489-2504 Downloads
Ahmad E. Elhabashy, Lee J. Wells, Jaime A. Camelio and William H. Woodall
Online quality inspection using Bayesian classification in powder-bed additive manufacturing from high-resolution visual camera images pp. 2505-2523 Downloads
Masoumeh Aminzadeh and Thomas R. Kurfess
Automated defect inspection of LED chip using deep convolutional neural network pp. 2525-2534 Downloads
Hui Lin, Bin Li, Xinggang Wang, Yufeng Shu and Shuanglong Niu
Using regression models for predicting the product quality in a tubing extrusion process pp. 2535-2544 Downloads
Vicente García, J. Salvador Sánchez, Luis Alberto Rodríguez-Picón, Luis Carlos Méndez-González and Humberto de Jesús Ochoa-Domínguez
An upgraded firefly algorithm with feasibility-based rules for constrained engineering optimization problems pp. 2545-2574 Downloads
Ivona Brajević and Jelena Ignjatović

2019, volume 30, issue 5

Comparative analysis of different digitization systems and selection of best alternative pp. 2039-2067 Downloads
Syed Hammad Mian and Abdulrahman Al-Ahmari
A new fuzzy QoS-aware manufacture service composition method using extended flower pollination algorithm pp. 2069-2083 Downloads
Shuai Zhang, Yangbing Xu, Wenyu Zhang and Dejian Yu
A new design method based on feature reusing of the non-standard cam structure for automotive panels stamping dies pp. 2085-2100 Downloads
Gui Li, Xiaoyu Long and Min Zhou
Multi-objective optimization of abrasive waterjet machining process using Jaya algorithm and PROMETHEE Method pp. 2101-2127 Downloads
R. Venkata Rao, Dhiraj P. Rai and J. Balic
Impacts of wireless sensor networks strategies and topologies on prognostics and health management pp. 2129-2155 Downloads
Ahmad Farhat, Christophe Guyeux, Abdallah Makhoul, Ali Jaber, Rami Tawil and Abbas Hijazi
RT-OPTICS: real-time classification based on OPTICS method to monitor bearings faults pp. 2157-2170 Downloads
D. Benmahdi, L. Rasolofondraibe, X. Chiementin, S. Murer and A. Felkaoui
Ontology for cloud manufacturing based Product Lifecycle Management pp. 2171-2192 Downloads
Asma Talhi, Virginie Fortineau, Jean-Charles Huet and Samir Lamouri
Fault diagnosis strategy of CNC machine tools based on cascading failure pp. 2193-2202 Downloads
Yingzhi Zhang, Liming Mu, Guixiang Shen, Yang Yu and Chenyu Han
Optimal control model for finite capacity continuous MRP with deteriorating items pp. 2203-2215 Downloads
Alireza Pooya and Morteza Pakdaman
Process parameter optimization for laser-magnetic welding based on a sample-sorted support vector regression pp. 2217-2230 Downloads
Feng Zhang and Taotao Zhou
User selection for collaboration in product development based on QFD and DEA approach pp. 2231-2243 Downloads
Xuefeng Zhang
A comparison of dimension reduction techniques for support vector machine modeling of multi-parameter manufacturing quality prediction pp. 2245-2256 Downloads
Yun Bai, Zhenzhong Sun, Bo Zeng, Jianyu Long, Lin Li, José Valente Oliveira and Chuan Li
Two-agent stochastic flow shop deteriorating scheduling via a hybrid multi-objective evolutionary algorithm pp. 2257-2272 Downloads
Yaping Fu, Hongfeng Wang, Guangdong Tian, Zhiwu Li and Hesuan Hu
A Cloud-based solution/reference architecture for establishing collaborative networked organizations pp. 2273-2289 Downloads
Mohammad Reza Mollahoseini Ardakani, Seyyed Mohsen Hashemi and Mohammadreza Razzazi
Intelligent parametric design for a multiple-quality-characteristic glue-dispensing process pp. 2291-2305 Downloads
Chien-Yi Huang and Kuo-Ching Ying

2019, volume 30, issue 4

On the robustness of joint production and maintenance scheduling in presence of uncertainties pp. 1515-1530 Downloads
Abdelhamid Boudjelida
A general architecture of a 3D visualization system for shop floor management pp. 1531-1545 Downloads
Xiaoming Qian, Jiachen Tu and Peihuang Lou
Barriers, external aspects and trust factors in horizontal networks of companies: a theoretical proposal for the construction of a model for evaluation of trust pp. 1547-1562 Downloads
Elaine Aparecida Regiani Campos, Luis Mauricio Resende and Joseane Pontes
Prediction of mechanical stress in roller leveler based on vibration measurements and steel strip properties pp. 1563-1579 Downloads
Riku-Pekka Nikula, Konsta Karioja, Kauko Leiviskä and Esko Juuso
An integrated framework for optimizing sculptured surface CNC tool paths based on direct software object evaluation and viral intelligence pp. 1581-1599 Downloads
N. A. Fountas, R. Benhadj-Djilali, C. I. Stergiou and N. M. Vaxevanidis
An approach to robust fault diagnosis in mechanical systems using computational intelligence pp. 1601-1615 Downloads
Adrián Rodríguez Ramos, José M. Bernal de Lázaro, Alberto Prieto-Moreno, Antônio José Silva Neto and Orestes Llanes-Santiago
A SAW wireless sensor network platform for industrial predictive maintenance pp. 1617-1628 Downloads
Bérenger Ossété Gombé, Gwenhael Goavec Mérou, Karla Breschi, Hervé Guyennet, Jean-Michel Friedt, Violeta Felea and Kamal Medjaher
Distributed multi-agent scheduling and control system for robotic flexible assembly cells pp. 1629-1644 Downloads
Abderraouf Maoudj, Brahim Bouzouia, Abdelfetah Hentout, Ahmed Kouider and Redouane Toumi
An integrated Shannon entropy and TOPSIS for product design concept evaluation based on bijective soft set pp. 1645-1658 Downloads
Varun Tiwari, Prashant Kumar Jain and Puneet Tandon
Manufacturing paradigm-oriented PHM methodologies for cyber-physical systems pp. 1659-1672 Downloads
Tangbin Xia and Lifeng Xi
An evolutionary computation based method for creative design inspiration generation pp. 1673-1691 Downloads
Jia Hao, Yongjia Zhou, Qiangfu Zhao and Qing Xue
A hybrid fault diagnosis method for mechanical components based on ontology and signal analysis pp. 1693-1715 Downloads
Qiang Zhou, Ping Yan, Huayi Liu and Yang Xin
Metacognitive learning approach for online tool condition monitoring pp. 1717-1737 Downloads
Mahardhika Pratama, Eric Dimla, Chow Yin Lai and Edwin Lughofer
The impact of information sharing on bullwhip effect reduction in a supply chain pp. 1739-1751 Downloads
Kiyoung Jeong and Jae-Dong Hong
Correlation analysis among audible sound emissions and machining parameters in hardened steel turning pp. 1753-1764 Downloads
Edielson P. Frigieri, Carlos A. Ynoguti and Anderson P. Paiva
A case-based reasoning approach to fast optimization of travel routes for large-scale AS/RSs pp. 1765-1778 Downloads
Jaeseok Huh, Moon-jung Chae, Jonghun Park and Kwanho Kim
Multi-phase sequential preventive maintenance scheduling for deteriorating repairable systems pp. 1779-1793 Downloads
Chaoqun Duan, Chao Deng and Bingran Wang
Multiple failure behaviors identification and remaining useful life prediction of ball bearings pp. 1795-1807 Downloads
Pradeep Kundu, Seema Chopra and Bhupesh K. Lad
Review of job shop scheduling research and its new perspectives under Industry 4.0 pp. 1809-1830 Downloads
Jian Zhang, Guofu Ding, Yisheng Zou, Shengfeng Qin and Jianlin Fu
An equivalent generating algorithm to model fuzzy Petri net for knowledge-based system pp. 1831-1842 Downloads
Kai-Qing Zhou, Li-Ping Mo, Jie Jin and Azlan Mohd Zain
An evolutionary clustering search for the total tardiness blocking flow shop problem pp. 1843-1857 Downloads
Marcelo Nagano, Adriano Seiko Komesu and Hugo Hissashi Miyata
Scalability in manufacturing systems: a hybridized GA approach pp. 1859-1879 Downloads
Huan Shao, Aiping Li, Liyun Xu and Giovanni Moroni
An analytical model taking feed rate effect into consideration for scallop height calculation in milling with torus-end cutter pp. 1881-1893 Downloads
Stéphane Segonds, Philippe Seitier, Cyril Bordreuil, Florian Bugarin, Walter Rubio and Jean-Max Redonnet
A systematic decision-making method for evaluating design alternatives of product service system based on variable precision rough set pp. 1895-1909 Downloads
Zaifang Zhang, Danhua Xu, Egon Ostrosi, Li Yu and Beibei Fan
Association rule mining and cognitive pairwise rating based portfolio analysis for product family design pp. 1911-1922 Downloads
Chih-Hsuan Wang
Development of a Grey online modeling surface roughness monitoring system in end milling operations pp. 1923-1936 Downloads
PoTsang B. Huang, Huang-Jie Zhang and Yi-Ching Lin
Simulating a virtual machining model in an agent-based model for advanced analytics pp. 1937-1955 Downloads
David Lechevalier, Seung-Jun Shin, Sudarsan Rachuri, Sebti Foufou, Y. Tina Lee and Abdelaziz Bouras
Diameter prediction and optimization of hot extrusion-synthesized polypropylene filament using statistical and soft computing techniques pp. 1957-1972 Downloads
Pauline Ong, Choon Sin Ho, Desmond Daniel Vui Sheng Chin, Chee Kiong Sia, Chuan Huat Ng, Md Saidin Wahab and Abduladim Salem Bala
Module partition of complex mechanical products based on weighted complex networks pp. 1973-1998 Downloads
Na Zhang, Yu Yang, Yujie Zheng and Jiafu Su
An approach for composing predictive models from disparate knowledge sources in smart manufacturing environments pp. 1999-2012 Downloads
Duck Bong Kim
Classification of weld defects based on the analytical hierarchy process and Dempster–Shafer evidence theory pp. 2013-2024 Downloads
Hongquan Jiang, Rongxi Wang, Zhiyong Gao, Jianmin Gao and Hongye Wang
Artificial immune systems based multi-agent architecture to perform distributed diagnosis pp. 2025-2037 Downloads
Andre Dionisio Rocha, Pedro Lima-Monteiro, Mafalda Parreira-Rocha and Jose Barata

2019, volume 30, issue 3

Dynamic scheduling in RFID-driven discrete manufacturing system by using multi-layer network metrics as heuristic information pp. 979-994 Downloads
Jiewu Leng and Pingyu Jiang
Automatic feature constructing from vibration signals for machining state monitoring pp. 995-1008 Downloads
Yang Fu, Yun Zhang, Huang Gao, Ting Mao, Huamin Zhou, Ronglei Sun and Dequn Li
Multi-agent system approach applied to a manufacturer’s supply chain using global objective function and learning concepts pp. 1009-1019 Downloads
Rafaella Souza Henriques
A comparative study of Multi-Objective Algorithms for the Assembly Line Balancing and Equipment Selection Problem under consideration of Product Design Alternatives pp. 1021-1046 Downloads
Jonathan Oesterle, Lionel Amodeo and Farouk Yalaoui
Automatic inspection of salt-and-pepper defects in OLED panels using image processing and control chart techniques pp. 1047-1055 Downloads
Jueun Kwak, Ki Bum Lee, Jaeyeon Jang, Kyong Soo Chang and Chang Ouk Kim
Reduced order modelling based control of two wheeled mobile robot pp. 1057-1067 Downloads
Afzal Sikander and Rajendra Prasad
A method for product platform planning based on pruning analysis and attribute matching pp. 1069-1083 Downloads
Qiuhua Zhang, Weiping Peng, Jin Lei, Junhao Dou, Xiangyang Hu and Rui Jiang
A comparative study and measuring performance of manufacturing systems with Mamdani fuzzy inference system pp. 1085-1097 Downloads
Ehsan Pourjavad and Rene V. Mayorga
Nonstationary signal analysis and support vector machine based classification for vibration based characterization and monitoring of slit valves in semiconductor manufacturing pp. 1099-1110 Downloads
M. Musselman, H. Xie and D. Djurdjanovic
Detecting cyber-physical attacks in CyberManufacturing systems with machine learning methods pp. 1111-1123 Downloads
Mingtao Wu, Zhengyi Song and Young B. Moon
Post-prognostics decision making in distributed MEMS-based systems pp. 1125-1136 Downloads
Haithem Skima, Christophe Varnier, Eugen Dedu, Kamal Medjaher and Julien Bourgeois
Combining SOM and evolutionary computation algorithms for RBF neural network training pp. 1137-1154 Downloads
Zhen-Yao Chen and R. J. Kuo
Manufacturing system maintenance based on dynamic programming model with prognostics information pp. 1155-1173 Downloads
Qinming Liu, Ming Dong, Wenyuan Lv and Chunming Ye
An improved particle swarm optimization model for solving homogeneous discounted series-parallel redundancy allocation problems pp. 1175-1194 Downloads
Seyed Mohsen Mousavi, Najmeh Alikar, Madjid Tavana and Debora Di Caprio
Multi-objective artificial bee colony algorithm for order oriented simultaneous sequencing and balancing of multi-mixed model assembly line pp. 1195-1220 Downloads
Ullah Saif, Zailin Guan, Li Zhang, Fei Zhang, Baoxi Wang and Jahanzaib Mirza
Robust DEA methodology via computer model for conceptual design under uncertainty pp. 1221-1245 Downloads
Angus Jeang
RETRACTED ARTICLE: Analysis of influential factors for predicting the shear strength of a V-shaped angle shear connector in composite beams using an adaptive neuro-fuzzy technique pp. 1247-1257 Downloads
I. Mansouri, M. Shariati, M. Safa, Z. Ibrahim, M. M. Tahir and D. Petković
Prediction of tool-wear in turning of medical grade cobalt chromium molybdenum alloy (ASTM F75) using non-parametric Bayesian models pp. 1259-1270 Downloads
Damien McParland, Szymon Baron, Sarah O’Rourke, Denis Dowling, Eamonn Ahearne and Andrew Parnell
POLCA system for supply chain management: simulation in the automotive industry pp. 1271-1289 Downloads
Maico Roris Severino and Moacir Godinho Filho
An integration model for generating and selecting product configuration plans pp. 1291-1302 Downloads
Yao Jiao, Yu Yang and Hongshan Zhang
Deep neural networks based order completion time prediction by using real-time job shop RFID data pp. 1303-1318 Downloads
Chuang Wang and Pingyu Jiang
Design of adaptable pin configuration machine bed optimized with genetic approach for sheet metal cutting process pp. 1319-1333 Downloads
K. Vijay Anand and S. Udhayakumar
An improved backtracking search algorithm for casting heat treatment charge plan problem pp. 1335-1350 Downloads
Jianxin Zhou, Hu Ye, Xiaoyuan Ji and Weilin Deng
Integration of resource allocation and task assignment for optimizing the cost and maximum throughput of business processes pp. 1351-1369 Downloads
Yi Xie, Shitao Chen, Qianyun Ni and Hanqing Wu
A knowledge-based product development system in the chemical industry pp. 1371-1386 Downloads
C. K. H. Lee
Leader-follower joint optimization problems in product family design pp. 1387-1405 Downloads
Gang Du, Yi Xia, Roger J. Jiao and Xiaojie Liu
Applications of non-monotonic reasoning to automotive product configuration using answer set programming pp. 1407-1422 Downloads
Eray Gençay, Peter Schüller and Esra Erdem
A novel integrated tool condition monitoring system pp. 1423-1436 Downloads
Amit Kumar Jain and Bhupesh Kumar Lad
Prediction of damage parameters of a 3PL company via data mining and neural networks pp. 1437-1449 Downloads
Feyza Gürbüz, İkbal Eski, Berrin Denizhan and Cihan Dağlı
Enhanced GO methodology to support failure mode, effects and criticality analysis pp. 1451-1468 Downloads
Linlin Liu, Dongming Fan, Zili Wang, Dezhen Yang, Jingjing Cui, Xinrui Ma and Yi Ren
Selection of optimal conditions in the surface grinding process using the quantum based optimisation method pp. 1469-1481 Downloads
Mahdi S. Alajmi, Fawzan S. Alfares and Mohamed S. Alfares
A big data analytics based machining optimisation approach pp. 1483-1495 Downloads
Wei Ji, Shubin Yin and Lihui Wang
Predictive analytics methodology for smart qualification testing of electronic components pp. 1497-1514 Downloads
Stoyan Stoyanov, Mominul Ahsan, Chris Bailey, Tracy Wotherspoon and Craig Hunt

2019, volume 30, issue 2

Assembly sequence optimization using a flower pollination algorithm-based approach pp. 461-482 Downloads
Atul Mishra and Sankha Deb
Defect identification in friction stir welding using continuous wavelet transform pp. 483-494 Downloads
Shilpi Kumari, Rahul Jain, Ujjwal Kumar, Inderjeet Yadav, Nitin Ranjan, Kanchan Kumari, Ram Kumar Kesharwani, Sachin Kumar, Srikanta Pal, Surjya K. Pal and Debashish Chakravarty
A geometric error budget method to improve machining accuracy reliability of multi-axis machine tools pp. 495-519 Downloads
Ziling Zhang, Ligang Cai, Qiang Cheng, Zhifeng Liu and Peihua Gu
Damage forecasting based on multi-factor fuzzy time series and cloud model pp. 521-538 Downloads
Lei Dong, Peng Wang and Fang Yan
An embedded self-adapting network service framework for networked manufacturing system pp. 539-556 Downloads
Dapeng Tan, Libin Zhang and Qinglin Ai
A multiple-rule based constructive randomized search algorithm for solving assembly line worker assignment and balancing problem pp. 557-573 Downloads
Sebnem Demirkol Akyol and Adil Baykasoğlu
Assessing the cost structure of component reuse in a product family for remanufacturing pp. 575-587 Downloads
Wenyuan Wang, Daniel Y. Mo, Yue Wang and Mitchell M. Tseng
A paradigm for customer-driven product design approach using extended axiomatic design pp. 589-603 Downloads
Prabhat Kumar and Puneet Tandon
A joint particle filter and expectation maximization approach to machine condition prognosis pp. 605-621 Downloads
Jinjiang Wang, Robert X. Gao, Zhuang Yuan, Zhaoyan Fan and Laibin Zhang
Identification of to-be-improved components for redesign of complex products and systems based on fuzzy QFD and FMEA pp. 623-639 Downloads
Hongzhan Ma, Xuening Chu, Deyi Xue and Dongping Chen
Automated optical inspection system for surface mount device light emitting diodes pp. 641-655 Downloads
Chung-Feng Jeffrey Kuo, Tz-ying Fang, Chi-Lung Lee and Han-Cheng Wu
Tool wear monitoring in ultrasonic welding using high-order decomposition pp. 657-669 Downloads
Yaser Zerehsaz, Chenhui Shao and Jionghua Jin
Automatic marking point positioning of printed circuit boards based on template matching technique pp. 671-685 Downloads
Chung-Feng Jeffrey Kuo, Chun-Han Tsai, Wei-Ren Wang and Han-Cheng Wu
Cloud computing as a facilitator for web service composition in factory automation pp. 687-700 Downloads
Juha Puttonen, Andrei Lobov, Maria A. Cavia Soto and José L. Martinez Lastra
Outsourcing optimization in two-echelon supply chain network under integrated production-maintenance constraints pp. 701-725 Downloads
Mohammed Haoues, Mohammed Dahane and Nadia Kenza Mouss
Applying the support vector machine with optimal parameter design into an automatic inspection system for classifying micro-defects on surfaces of light-emitting diode chips pp. 727-741 Downloads
Chung-Feng Jeffrey Kuo, Chun-Ping Tung and Wei-Han Weng
Towards user empowerment in product design: a mixed reality tool for interactive virtual prototyping pp. 743-754 Downloads
Pierre-Antoine Arrighi and Céline Mougenot
Erratum to: Towards user empowerment in product design: a mixed reality tool for interactive virtual prototyping pp. 755-755 Downloads
Pierre-Antoine Arrighi and Céline Mougenot
An artificial neural network approach for tool path generation in incremental sheet metal free-forming pp. 757-770 Downloads
Christoph Hartmann, Daniel Opritescu and Wolfram Volk
Matching decision method for knowledgeable manufacturing system and its production environment pp. 771-782 Downloads
Hong-Sen Yan and Yu-Fang Wang
Multi-objective robust design optimization of a sewing mechanism under uncertainties pp. 783-794 Downloads
Bilel Najlawi, Mohamed Nejlaoui, Zouhaier Affi and Lotfi Romdhane
Real-time monitoring of chemical processes based on variation information of principal component analysis model pp. 795-808 Downloads
Bei Wang and Xuefeng Yan
Evaluation of genetic programming-based models for simulating bead dimensions in wire and arc additive manufacturing pp. 809-820 Downloads
Biranchi Panda, K. Shankhwar, Akhil Garg and M. M. Savalani
Prediction of high power laser welding status based on PCA and SVM classification of multiple sensors pp. 821-832 Downloads
Guiqian Liu, Xiangdong Gao, Deyong You and Nanfeng Zhang
Working parameter optimization of strengthen waterjet grinding with the orthogonal-experiment-design-based ANFIS pp. 833-854 Downloads
Zhongwei Liang, Shaopeng Liao, Yiheng Wen and Xiaochu Liu
Integrating part modeling and assembly modeling from the perspective of process pp. 855-878 Downloads
Zhi-Jia Xu, Pan Wang, Qing-Hui Wang and Jing-Rong Li
Application of an evolutionary algorithm-based ensemble model to job-shop scheduling pp. 879-890 Downloads
Choo Jun Tan, Siew Chin Neoh, Chee Peng Lim, Samer Hanoun, Wai Peng Wong, Chu Kong Loo, Li Zhang and Saeid Nahavandi
RETRACTED ARTICLE: Estimation of contact forces of underactuated robotic finger using soft computing methods pp. 891-903 Downloads
Srđan Jović, Nebojša Arsić, Ljubomir M. Marić and Dalibor Petković
Product design and manufacturing process based ontology for manufacturing knowledge reuse pp. 905-916 Downloads
Peter Chhim, Ratna Babu Chinnam and Noureddin Sadawi
An adaptive approach for determining batch sizes using the hidden Markov model pp. 917-932 Downloads
Taejong Joo, Minji Seo and Dongmin Shin
Semi-supervised roughness prediction with partly unlabeled vibration data streams pp. 933-945 Downloads
Maciej Grzenda and Andres Bustillo
Profile monitoring based quality control method for fused deposition modeling process pp. 947-958 Downloads
Ketai He, Qian Zhang and Yili Hong
The development of an ontology for describing the capabilities of manufacturing resources pp. 959-978 Downloads
Eeva Järvenpää, Niko Siltala, Otto Hylli and Minna Lanz

2019, volume 30, issue 1

Editorial: Intelligent manufacturing: bridging two centuries pp. 1-2 Downloads
Andrew Kusiak
A weighted interval rough number based method to determine relative importance ratings of customer requirements in QFD product planning pp. 3-16 Downloads
Pai Zheng, Xun Xu and Sheng Quan Xie
Commentary to “A weighted interval rough number based method to determine relative importance ratings of customer requirements in QFD product planning” pp. 17-18 Downloads
Jagannath Roy and Krishnendu Adhikary
A hybrid approach of rough set and case-based reasoning to remanufacturing process planning pp. 19-32 Downloads
Zhigang Jiang, Ya Jiang, Yan Wang, Hua Zhang, Huajun Cao and Guangdong Tian
Makespan minimization for batching work and rework process on a single facility with an aging effect: a hybrid meta-heuristic algorithm for sustainable production management pp. 33-45 Downloads
A. Beynaghi, F. Moztarzadeh, A. Shahmardan, Reza Alizadeh, J. Salimi and M. Mozafari
The Contribution concept for the control of a manufacturing multi-criteria performance improvement pp. 47-58 Downloads
L. Berrah, V. Clivillé, J. Montmain and G. Mauris
Inventory management for a remanufacture-to-order production with multi-components (parts) pp. 59-78 Downloads
Fei Zhang, Zailin Guan, Li Zhang, Yanyan Cui, Pengxing Yi and Saif Ullah
A review of diagnostic and prognostic capabilities and best practices for manufacturing pp. 79-95 Downloads
Gregory W. Vogl, Brian A. Weiss and Moneer Helu
Balancing stochastic U-lines using particle swarm optimization pp. 97-111 Downloads
Emel Kızılkaya Aydoğan, Yılmaz Delice, Uğur Özcan, Cevriye Gencer and Özkan Bali
A new tool wear monitoring method based on multi-scale PCA pp. 113-122 Downloads
Guofeng Wang, Yanchao Zhang, Chang Liu, Qinglu Xie and Yonggang Xu
A comprehensive approach to parameters optimization of energy-aware CNC milling pp. 123-138 Downloads
Congbo Li, Lingling Li, Ying Tang, Yantao Zhu and Li Li
Porosity exploration of SMA by Taguchi, regression analysis and genetic programming pp. 139-146 Downloads
Neeraj Sharma, Kamal Kumar, Tilak Raj and Vinod Kumar
Optimal preventive maintenance policy based on reinforcement learning of a fleet of military trucks pp. 147-161 Downloads
Stephane R. A. Barde, Soumaya Yacout and Hayong Shin
An intelligent truck scheduling and transportation planning optimization model for product portfolio in a cross-dock pp. 163-184 Downloads
H. Khorshidian, M. Akbarpour Shirazi and S. M. T. Fatemi Ghomi
Optimal tolerance design of hierarchical products based on quality loss function pp. 185-192 Downloads
Yueyi Zhang, Lixiang Li, Mingshun Song and Ronghua Yi
A feasible incentive contract between a manufacturer and his fairness-sensitive retailer engaged in strategic marketing efforts pp. 193-206 Downloads
Xujin Pu, Lei Gong and Guanghua Han
A hybrid ensemble and AHP approach for resilient supplier selection pp. 207-228 Downloads
Seyedmohsen Hosseini and Abdullah Al Khaled
A supervised sparsity-based wavelet feature for bearing fault diagnosis pp. 229-239 Downloads
Cong Wang, Meng Gan and Chang’an Zhu
Knowledge discovery and predictive accuracy comparison of different classification algorithms for mould level fluctuation phenomenon in thin slab caster pp. 241-254 Downloads
Preetam Debasish Saha Roy and Prabhat Kumar Tiwari
Prognostics of multiple failure modes in rotating machinery using a pattern-based classifier and cumulative incidence functions pp. 255-274 Downloads
Ahmed Ragab, Soumaya Yacout, Mohamed-Salah Ouali and Hany Osman
Concurrent design of cell formation and scheduling with consideration of duplicate machines and alternative process routings pp. 275-289 Downloads
Hanxin Feng, Tangbin Xia, Wen Da, Lifeng Xi and Ershun Pan
ErgoALWABP: a multiple-rule based constructive randomized search algorithm for solving assembly line worker assignment and balancing problem under ergonomic risk factors pp. 291-302 Downloads
Sebnem Demirkol Akyol and Adil Baykasoğlu
Two improvements of similarity-based residual life prediction methods pp. 303-315 Downloads
Mengyao Gu and Youling Chen
ManuService ontology: a product data model for service-oriented business interactions in a cloud manufacturing environment pp. 317-334 Downloads
Yuqian Lu, Hongqiang Wang and Xun Xu
Order batching operations: an overview of classification, solution techniques, and future research pp. 335-349 Downloads
Çağla Cergibozan and A. Serdar Tasan
Online inspection system based on machine learning techniques: real case study of fabric textures classification for the automotive industry pp. 351-361 Downloads
Pedro Malaca, Luis F. Rocha, D. Gomes, João Silva and Germano Veiga
Smart Factory Information Service Bus (SIBUS) for manufacturing application: requirement, architecture and implementation pp. 363-382 Downloads
SooCheol Yoon, Jumyung Um, Suk-Hwan Suh, Ian Stroud and Joo-Sung Yoon
Eco-modular product architecture identification and assessment for product recovery pp. 383-403 Downloads
Samyeon Kim and Seung Ki Moon
Parallel chaotic local search enhanced harmony search algorithm for engineering design optimization pp. 405-428 Downloads
Jin Yi, Xinyu Li, Chih-Hsing Chu and Liang Gao
An approach to multiple fault diagnosis using fuzzy logic pp. 429-439 Downloads
Adrián Rodríguez Ramos, Carlos Domínguez Acosta, Pedro J. Rivera Torres, Eileen I. Serrano Mercado, Gerson Beauchamp Baez, Luis Anido Rifón and Orestes Llanes-Santiago
Steepest ant sense algorithm for parameter optimisation of multi-response processes based on taguchi design pp. 441-457 Downloads
P. Luangpaiboon, S. Boonhao and R. Montemanni
Correction to: A weighted interval rough number based method to determine relative importance ratings of customer requirements in QFD product planning pp. 459-459 Downloads
Pai Zheng, Xun Xu and Sheng Quan Xie
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