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Volume 33, issue 5, 2022

Pitfalls and protocols of data science in manufacturing practice pp. 1189-1207 Downloads
Chia-Yen Lee and Chen-Fu Chien
Mathematization of experts knowledge: example of part orientation in additive manufacturing pp. 1209-1227 Downloads
Mouhamadou Mansour Mbow, Christelle Grandvallet, Frederic Vignat, Philippe Rene Marin, Nicolas Perry and Franck Pourroy
Comprehensive learning Jaya algorithm for engineering design optimization problems pp. 1229-1253 Downloads
Yiying Zhang and Zhigang Jin
MWRSPCA: online fault monitoring based on moving window recursive sparse principal component analysis pp. 1255-1271 Downloads
Jinping Liu, Jie Wang, Xianfeng Liu, Tianyu Ma and Zhaohui Tang
An innovative hybrid algorithm for bound-unconstrained optimization problems and applications pp. 1273-1336 Downloads
Raghav Prasad Parouha and Pooja Verma
A novel approach in selective assembly with an arbitrary distribution to minimize clearance variation using evolutionary algorithms: a comparative study pp. 1337-1354 Downloads
Lenin Nagarajan, Siva Kumar Mahalingam, Jayakrishna Kandasamy and Selvakumar Gurusamy
Spatial–temporal out-of-order execution for advanced planning and scheduling in cyber-physical factories pp. 1355-1372 Downloads
Mingxing Li, Ray Y. Zhong, Ting Qu and George Q. Huang
Serial number inspection for ceramic membranes via an end-to-end photometric-induced convolutional neural network framework pp. 1373-1392 Downloads
Feiyang Li, Nian Cai, Xueliang Deng, Jiahao Li, Jianfa Lin and Han Wang
Prediction of the parameters affecting the performance of compact heat exchangers with an innovative design using machine learning techniques pp. 1393-1417 Downloads
Sinan Uguz and Osman Ipek
An automatic calibration algorithm for laser vision sensor in robotic autonomous welding system pp. 1419-1432 Downloads
Runquan Xiao, Yanling Xu, Zhen Hou, Chao Chen and Shanben Chen
Diagnostics of industrial equipment and faults prediction based on modified algorithms of artificial immune systems pp. 1433-1450 Downloads
Galina Samigulina and Zarina Samigulina
A blockchain technology based trust system for cloud manufacturing pp. 1451-1465 Downloads
Reza Vatankhah Barenji
Modelling and prediction of surface roughness in wire arc additive manufacturing using machine learning pp. 1467-1482 Downloads
Chunyang Xia, Zengxi Pan, Joseph Polden, Huijun Li, Yanling Xu and Shanben Chen
A kMap optimized VMD-SVM model for milling chatter detection with an industrial robot pp. 1483-1502 Downloads
Yu Wang, Mingkai Zhang, Xiaowei Tang, Fangyu Peng and Rong Yan
An improved approach of task-parameterized learning from demonstrations for cobots in dynamic manufacturing pp. 1503-1519 Downloads
Shirine El Zaatari, Yuqi Wang, Yudie Hu and Weidong Li
Degradation principle of machines influenced by maintenance pp. 1521-1530 Downloads
Yuanju Qu and Zengtao Hou
Fault classification in the process industry using polygon generation and deep learning pp. 1531-1544 Downloads
Mohamed Elhefnawy, Ahmed Ragab and Mohamed-Salah Ouali
A framework for multi-robot coverage analysis of large and complex structures pp. 1545-1560 Downloads
Penglei Dai, Mahdi Hassan, Xuerong Sun, Ming Zhang, Zhengwei Bian and Dikai Liu

Volume 33, issue 4, 2022

On reliability of reinforcement learning based production scheduling systems: a comparative survey pp. 911-927 Downloads
Constantin Waubert de Puiseau, Richard Meyes and Tobias Meisen
An estimation distribution algorithm for wave-picking warehouse management pp. 929-942 Downloads
Jingran Liang, Zhengning Wu, Chenye Zhu and Zhi-Hai Zhang
Surface roughness stabilization method based on digital twin-driven machining parameters self-adaption adjustment: a case study in five-axis machining pp. 943-952 Downloads
Zengya Zhao, Sibao Wang, Zehua Wang, Shilong Wang, Chi Ma and Bo Yang
A novel hybrid immune clonal selection algorithm for the constrained corridor allocation problem pp. 953-972 Downloads
Junqi Liu, Zeqiang Zhang, Feng Chen, Silu Liu and Lixia Zhu
Deep prototypical networks based domain adaptation for fault diagnosis pp. 973-983 Downloads
Huanjie Wang, Xiwei Bai, Jie Tan and Jiechao Yang
A real-time defective pixel detection system for LCDs using deep learning based object detectors pp. 985-994 Downloads
Aslı Çelik, Ayhan Küçükmanisa, Aydın Sümer, Aysun Taşyapı Çelebi and Oğuzhan Urhan
Prediction of cell viability in dynamic optical projection stereolithography-based bioprinting using machine learning pp. 995-1005 Downloads
Heqi Xu, Qingyang Liu, Jazzmin Casillas, Mei Mcanally, Noshin Mubtasim, Lauren S. Gollahon, Dazhong Wu and Changxue Xu
Synthetic data augmentation for surface defect detection and classification using deep learning pp. 1007-1020 Downloads
Saksham Jain, Gautam Seth, Arpit Paruthi, Umang Soni and Girish Kumar
Dispatching method based on particle swarm optimization for make-to-availability pp. 1021-1030 Downloads
Robson Flavio Castro, Moacir Godinho-Filho and Roberto Fernandes Tavares-Neto
Gear and bearing fault classification under different load and speed by using Poincaré plot features and SVM pp. 1031-1055 Downloads
Rubén Medina, Jean Carlo Macancela, Pablo Lucero, Diego Cabrera, René-Vinicio Sánchez and Mariela Cerrada
A sequential resampling approach for imbalanced batch process fault detection in semiconductor manufacturing pp. 1057-1072 Downloads
Yi Zhang, Peng Peng, Chongdang Liu, Yanyan Xu and Heming Zhang
Machine learning integrated design for additive manufacturing pp. 1073-1086 Downloads
Jingchao Jiang, Yi Xiong, Zhiyuan Zhang and David W. Rosen
Heuristic based approach for short term production planning in highly automated customer oriented pallet production pp. 1087-1098 Downloads
Matthias Kaltenbrunner, Maria Anna Huka and Manfred Gronalt
Improving automated visual fault inspection for semiconductor manufacturing using a hybrid multistage system of deep neural networks pp. 1099-1123 Downloads
Tobias Schlosser, Michael Friedrich, Frederik Beuth and Danny Kowerko
Multi-objective optimisation of ultrasonically welded dissimilar joints through machine learning pp. 1125-1138 Downloads
Patrick G. Mongan, Vedant Modi, John W. McLaughlin, Eoin P. Hinchy, Ronan M. O’Higgins, Noel P. O’Dowd and Conor T. McCarthy
Machine learning with domain knowledge for predictive quality monitoring in resistance spot welding pp. 1139-1163 Downloads
Baifan Zhou, Tim Pychynski, Markus Reischl, Evgeny Kharlamov and Ralf Mikut
Layer-by-layer model-based adaptive control for wire arc additive manufacturing of thin-wall structures pp. 1165-1180 Downloads
Haochen Mu, Joseph Polden, Yuxing Li, Fengyang He, Chunyang Xia and Zengxi Pan
Correction to: An effective approach for the dual-resource flexible job shop scheduling problem considering loading and unloading pp. 1181-1188 Downloads
Xiuli Wu, Junjian Peng, Xiao Xiao and Shaomin Wu

Volume 33, issue 3, 2022

Universal manufacturing: data, resiliency, and sustainability linkages pp. 637-638 Downloads
Andrew Kusiak
Factors for choosing production control systems in make-to-order shops: a systematic literature review pp. 639-674 Downloads
Fernando José Gómez Paredes, Moacir Godinho Filho, Matthias Thürer, Nuno O. Fernandes and Charbel José Chiappeta Jabbour
On-line prediction of ultrasonic elliptical vibration cutting surface roughness of tungsten heavy alloy based on deep learning pp. 675-685 Downloads
Yanan Pan, Renke Kang, Zhigang Dong, Wenhao Du, Sen Yin and Yan Bao
A prediction approach of SLM based on the ensemble of metamodels considering material efficiency, energy consumption, and tensile strength pp. 687-702 Downloads
Jingchang Li, Longchao Cao, Jiexiang Hu, Minhua Sheng, Qi Zhou and Peng Jin
Optimization of the integrated fleet-level imperfect selective maintenance and repairpersons assignment problem pp. 703-718 Downloads
A. Khatab, C. Diallo, E.-H. Aghezzaf and U. Venkatadri
A clustering approach for modularizing service-oriented systems pp. 719-734 Downloads
Omar Ezzat, Khaled Medini, Xavier Boucher and Xavier Delorme
An effective adaptive adjustment method for service composition exception handling in cloud manufacturing pp. 735-751 Downloads
Yankai Wang, Shilong Wang, Bo Yang, Bo Gao and Sibao Wang
Assembly quality evaluation for linear axis of machine tool using data-driven modeling approach pp. 753-769 Downloads
Yang Hui, Xuesong Mei, Gedong Jiang, Fei Zhao, Ziwei Ma and Tao Tao
Automated inspection in robotic additive manufacturing using deep learning for layer deformation detection pp. 771-784 Downloads
Omid Davtalab, Ali Kazemian, Xiao Yuan and Behrokh Khoshnevis
Bayesian network for integrated circuit testing probe card fault diagnosis and troubleshooting to empower Industry 3.5 smart production and an empirical study pp. 785-798 Downloads
Wenhan Fu, Chen-Fu Chien and Lizhen Tang
Decision rule mining for machining method chains based on rough set theory pp. 799-807 Downloads
Rui Wang, Xiangyu Guo, Shisheng Zhong, Gaolei Peng and Lin Wang
An end-to-end fault diagnostics method based on convolutional neural network for rotating machinery with multiple case studies pp. 809-830 Downloads
Yiwei Wang, Jian Zhou, Lianyu Zheng and Christian Gogu
Ensemble convolutional neural networks with weighted majority for wafer bin map pattern classification pp. 831-844 Downloads
Chia-Yu Hsu and Ju-Chien Chien
Detecting voids in 3D printing using melt pool time series data pp. 845-852 Downloads
Vivek Mahato, Muhannad Ahmed Obeidi, Dermot Brabazon and Pádraig Cunningham
Prescribed performance fuzzy back-stepping control of a flexible air-breathing hypersonic vehicle subject to input constraints pp. 853-866 Downloads
Hanqiao Huang, Chang Luo and Bo Han
Bagging for Gaussian mixture regression in robot learning from demonstration pp. 867-879 Downloads
Congcong Ye, Jixiang Yang and Han Ding
Machine learning model to predict welding quality using air-coupled acoustic emission and weld inputs pp. 881-895 Downloads
Kaiser Asif, Lu Zhang, Sybil Derrible, J. Ernesto Indacochea, Didem Ozevin and Brian Ziebart
Digital twin of functional gating system in 3D printed molds for sand casting using a neural network pp. 897-909 Downloads
Ahmed Ktari and Mohamed El Mansori

Volume 33, issue 2, 2022

Laser pyrolysis in papers and patents pp. 353-385 Downloads
Christian Spreafico, Davide Russo and Riccardo Degl’Innocenti
A review of motion planning algorithms for intelligent robots pp. 387-424 Downloads
Chengmin Zhou, Bingding Huang and Pasi Fränti
Trends in intelligent manufacturing research: a keyword co-occurrence network based review pp. 425-439 Downloads
Chenxi Yuan, Guoyan Li, Sagar Kamarthi, Xiaoning Jin and Mohsen Moghaddam
Towards scalable and reusable predictive models for cyber twins in manufacturing systems pp. 441-455 Downloads
Cinzia Giannetti and Aniekan Essien
Deep semi-supervised learning of dynamics for anomaly detection in laser powder bed fusion pp. 457-471 Downloads
Sebastian Larsen and Paul A. Hooper
Generative models for capturing and exploiting the influence of process conditions on process curves pp. 473-492 Downloads
Tarek Iraki and Norbert Link
Transformation of a rolling mill aggregate to a cyber physical production system: from sensor retrofitting to machine learning pp. 493-518 Downloads
Benjamin James Ralph, Marcel Sorger, Karin Hartl, Andreas Schwarz-Gsaxner, Florian Messner and Martin Stockinger
A computational method for detecting aspect ratio and problematic features in additive manufacturing pp. 519-535 Downloads
Ruihuan Ge and Joseph Flynn
Simulation-based layout optimization for multi-station assembly lines pp. 537-554 Downloads
Daria Leiber, David Eickholt, Anh-Tu Vuong and Gunther Reinhart
Comparison of algorithms for error prediction in manufacturing with automl and a cost-based metric pp. 555-573 Downloads
Alexander Gerling, Holger Ziekow, Andreas Hess, Ulf Schreier, Christian Seiffer and Djaffar Ould Abdeslam
Modelling and condition-based control of a flexible and hybrid disassembly system with manual and autonomous workstations using reinforcement learning pp. 575-591 Downloads
Marco Wurster, Marius Michel, Marvin Carl May, Andreas Kuhnle, Nicole Stricker and Gisela Lanza
Real-time grasping strategies using event camera pp. 593-615 Downloads
Xiaoqian Huang, Mohamad Halwani, Rajkumar Muthusamy, Abdulla Ayyad, Dewald Swart, Lakmal Seneviratne, Dongming Gan and Yahya Zweiri
Effect and control of path parameters on thickness distribution of cylindrical cups formed via multi-pass conventional spinning pp. 617-635 Downloads
Shiori Gondo and Hirohiko Arai

Volume 33, issue 1, 2022

A comprehensive review of robotic assembly line balancing problem pp. 1-34 Downloads
Parames Chutima
Human-centred design in industry 4.0: case study review and opportunities for future research pp. 35-76 Downloads
Hien Nguyen Ngoc, Ganix Lasa and Ion Iriarte
Intelligent setting of process parameters for injection molding based on case-based reasoning of molding features pp. 77-89 Downloads
Shengrui Yu, Tianfeng Zhang, Yun Zhang, Zhigao Huang, Huang Gao, Wen Han, Lih-Sheng Turng and Huamin Zhou
Online monitoring of resistance spot welding electrode wear state based on dynamic resistance pp. 91-101 Downloads
Lei Zhou, Tianjian Li, Wenjia Zheng, Zhongdian Zhang, Zhenglong Lei, Laijun Wu, Shiliang Zhu and Wenming Wang
Investigation on industrial dataspace for advanced machining workshops: enabling machining operations control with domain knowledge and application case studies pp. 103-119 Downloads
Pulin Li, Kai Cheng, Pingyu Jiang and Kanet Katchasuwanmanee
Chatter detection for milling using novel p-leader multifractal features pp. 121-135 Downloads
Yun Chen, Huaizhong Li, Liang Hou, Xiangjian Bu, Shaogan Ye and Ding Chen
Genetic algorithm based approaches to solve the order batching problem and a case study in a distribution center pp. 137-149 Downloads
Çağla Cergibozan and A. Serdar Tasan
A novel transfer learning fault diagnosis method based on Manifold Embedded Distribution Alignment with a little labeled data pp. 151-165 Downloads
Ke Zhao, Hongkai Jiang, Zhenghong Wu and Tengfei Lu
Approach to derive golden paths based on machine sequence patterns in multistage manufacturing process pp. 167-183 Downloads
Chang-Ho Lee, Dong-Hee Lee, Young-Mok Bae, Seung-Hyun Choi, Ki-Hun Kim and Kwang-Jae Kim
Underdetermined blind source extraction of early vehicle bearing faults based on EMD and kernelized correlation maximization pp. 185-201 Downloads
Xuejun Zhao, Yong Qin, Changbo He and Limin Jia
Improving the accuracy of machine-learning models with data from machine test repetitions pp. 203-221 Downloads
Andres Bustillo, Roberto Reis, Alisson R. Machado and Danil Yu. Pimenov
Hierarchical multistrategy genetic algorithm for integrated process planning and scheduling pp. 223-246 Downloads
Xu Zhang, Zhixue Liao, Lichao Ma and Jin Yao
Tool wear condition monitoring based on a two-layer angle kernel extreme learning machine using sound sensor for milling process pp. 247-258 Downloads
Yuqing Zhou, Bintao Sun, Weifang Sun and Zhi Lei
Smart sheet metal forming: importance of data acquisition, preprocessing and transformation on the performance of a multiclass support vector machine for predicting wear states during blanking pp. 259-282 Downloads
Christian Kubik, Sebastian Michael Knauer and Peter Groche
Continual learning of neural networks for quality prediction in production using memory aware synapses and weight transfer pp. 283-292 Downloads
Hasan Tercan, Philipp Deibert and Tobias Meisen
Towards real-time in-situ monitoring of hot-spot defects in L-PBF: a new classification-based method for fast video-imaging data analysis pp. 293-309 Downloads
Matteo Bugatti and Bianca Maria Colosimo
Designing and developing smart production planning and control systems in the industry 4.0 era: a methodology and case study pp. 311-332 Downloads
Olumide Emmanuel Oluyisola, Swapnil Bhalla, Fabio Sgarbossa and Jan Ola Strandhagen
Deep reinforcement learning methods for structure-guided processing path optimization pp. 333-352 Downloads
Johannes Dornheim, Lukas Morand, Samuel Zeitvogel, Tarek Iraki, Norbert Link and Dirk Helm
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