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Volume 29, issue 2, 2022

Beyond the Sonderweg: defining political economy in 19th-century Germany pp. 197-217 Downloads
Luiz Felipe Bruzzi Curi and Ian Coelho de Souza Almeida
Discipline or international balance: the choice of monetary systems in Europe pp. 218-245 Downloads
Jonas Ljungberg and Anders Ögren
Wilhelm Lautenbach’s credit mechanics – a precursor to the current money supply debate pp. 246-270 Downloads
Frank Decker and Charles A. E. Goodhart
Absolute advantages and capital mobility in international trade theory pp. 271-293 Downloads
Enrico Bellino and Saverio M. Fratini
Substitutability and the quest for stability pp. 294-328 Downloads
Jean-Sébastien Lenfant
Robert Torrens and the dynamics of wages in a growing economy pp. 329-348 Downloads
Christophe Depoortère
The dual context of Keynes’ International Clearing Union: theoretical advances meet history pp. 349-368 Downloads
Adrien Faudot
Cyclical stagnation: the continental contribution to Alvin Hansen’s stagnation thesis pp. 369-386 Downloads
A. Reeves Johnson
Jérôme de Boyer des Roches (1954–2020) pp. 387-388 Downloads
Gilbert Faccarello
An introduction to the history of economic thought in Central Europe pp. 389-391 Downloads
Oleg Ananyin
Women’s economic thought in the romantic age: towards a transdisciplinary herstory of economic thought pp. 391-392 Downloads
Catherine Packham

Volume 29, issue 1, 2022

The first appearances of Quesnay in German: about Sinophilia, Sweden and the politics of physiocracy pp. 1-20 Downloads
Gabriel Sabbagh
Friedrich von Wieser on labour pp. 21-39 Downloads
Motohiro Okada
Resolving a seeming paradox in Adam Smith’s study of history with regard to inference to the best explanation pp. 40-60 Downloads
Kwangsu Kim
“I profess to have made no discovery”. James Mill on comparative advantage pp. 61-81 Downloads
Gilbert Faccarello
Rethinking Burke and Smith: political economy and foundations of industry pp. 82-103 Downloads
Sora Sato
Lexicographic preferences in Pascal’s Wager pp. 104-111 Downloads
Pavlo Blavatskyy
Oligopoly, mutual dependence and tacit collusion: the emergence of industrial organisation and the reappraisal of American capitalism at Harvard (1933–1952) pp. 112-145 Downloads
Alexandre Chirat and Thibault Guicherd
Becoming paradigmatic: the strategic uses of narratives in behavioral economics pp. 146-168 Downloads
Alexandre Truc
Great Economic Thinkers from Antiquity to the Historical School pp. 169-185 Downloads
Hans-Michael Trautwein
The economic thought of Michael Polanyi pp. 186-188 Downloads
Peter J. Boettke
The nature and method of economic science: evidence, causality, and ends pp. 188-190 Downloads
Maxime Desmarais-Tremblay
Who’s Afraid of the MPS? A Review Essay pp. 191-195 Downloads
Philip Mirowski

Volume 28, issue 6, 2021

Introduction pp. 889-891 Downloads
Richard van den Berg, Pencho Penchev and Hans-Michael Trautwein
On continuity and general equilibrium: Pareto, Cassel, and the foundations of neoclassical economics pp. 892-909 Downloads
Rogério Arthmar and Michael McLure
The Turkish Kadro pioneers of a Balkan Dependencia in the interwar period: rethinking underemployment, monetary policy, and technology pp. 910-939 Downloads
Eyüp Özveren and M. Erdem Özgür
From “science as measurement” to “measurement and theory”: the Cowles Commission and contrasting empirical methodologies at the University of Chicago, 1943 to 1955 pp. 940-964 Downloads
Robert Dimand and Sylvie Rivot
The marginalization of absolute and relative income hypotheses of consumption and the role of fiscal policy pp. 965-984 Downloads
Stavros Drakopoulos
William Nordhaus: A disputable Nobel [Prize]? Externalities, climate change, and governmental action pp. 985-1004 Downloads
Fabio Masini
A prosopography of the European Society for the History of Economic Thought pp. 1005-1024 Downloads
Maxime Desmarais-Tremblay and Andrej Svorenčík
“It might be good to know on whose shoulders we stand – and why”: a conversation with Heinz Rieter pp. 1025-1040 Downloads
Hans-Michael Trautwein and Heinz Rieter
Obituary: Takumi Tsuda (1929–2021) pp. 1041-1043 Downloads
Tamotsu Nishizawa and Richard van den Berg
Against “Capitalism”: Eugene McCarraher on “The Enchantments of Mammon” — A Review Essay pp. 1044-1054 Downloads
A. M. C. Waterman
Raising Keynes. A twenty-first-century general theory pp. 1055-1057 Downloads
Peter Spahn
The soul of classical political economy: James M. Buchanan from the archives pp. 1057-1058 Downloads
Jacob Jensen
A History of Czech Economic Thought pp. 1059-1060 Downloads
Julius Horvath
Futures past. Economic forecasting in the 20th and 21st century pp. 1061-1063 Downloads
Marius Kuster

Volume 28, issue 5, 2021

The paradox of value in the teaching of the Church Fathers pp. 695-707 Downloads
Joost Hengstmengel
On the origins and consequences of Simon’s modular approach to bounded rationality in economics pp. 708-732 Downloads
Enrico Petracca
Chester Barnard’s systems-theoretic approach to organisation theory: a reconstruction pp. 733-752 Downloads
Vladislav Valentinov and Steffen Roth
The part played by general equilibrium in the liquidity preference vs loanable funds episode (1936–1956) pp. 753-786 Downloads
Pascal Bridel
Money in the debt relationship: notes on the medieval conceptualisation of money in Accursius and Bartolus of Sassoferrato pp. 787-810 Downloads
Tommaso Brollo
Central bank independence, a not so new idea in the history of economic thought: a doctrine in the 1920s pp. 811-843 Downloads
Adriano Do Vale
Jacques Lacan and game theory: an early contribution to common knowledge reasoning pp. 844-869 Downloads
Pierre Courtois and Tarik Tazdaït
Roy Harrod pp. 870-873 Downloads
Mauro Boianovsky
Towards an economics of natural equals. A documentary history of the early Virginia School pp. 873-875 Downloads
Alain Marciano
Veblen: the making of an economist who unmade economics pp. 875-877 Downloads
Geoffrey M. Hodgson
Democratising the economic debate. Pluralism and research evaluation pp. 877-880 Downloads
Maria Cristina Marcuzzo
Paul Samuelson: Master of modern economics pp. 880-883 Downloads
Roger Backhouse
Ricardo’s theory of growth and accumulation: a modern view pp. 883-886 Downloads
Ajit Sinha
Max Weber, Praktische Nationalökonomie. Vorlesungen 1895–1899 pp. 886-888 Downloads
Keith Tribe

Volume 28, issue 4, 2021

Fisher-Modigliani-Miller organisational finance theory and the financialisation of contemporary societies pp. 499-522 Downloads
Tiago Cardão-Pito
The economist and the secret agent. Strategies to introduce the British model of society into Sicily of 1812.1 pp. 523-558 Downloads
Fabrizio Simon
Why the kinked demand curve may still be useful pp. 559-576 Downloads
Gary M. Galles and Robert L. Sexton
The 100% money proposal of the 1930s: an avatar of the Currency School’s reform ideas? pp. 577-598 Downloads
Samuel Demeulemeester
Analysis risk and commercial risk: the first treatment of usury in Thomas Aquinas’s Commentary on the Sentences pp. 599-634 Downloads
Pierre Januard
Some notes on Gossen’s “submerged and forgotten” approach to consumption and time pp. 635-653 Downloads
Sergio Nisticò
Andreas Andréadès: economic liberalism’s dilemmas in the interwar period pp. 654-678 Downloads
Yorgos Stassinopoulos
F. A. Hayek and the epistemology of politics: the curious task of economics pp. 679-680 Downloads
Francesco Di Iorio
Recharting the history of economic thought pp. 680-682 Downloads
Pavel Kuchař
Expectations. Theory and applications from historical perspective pp. 683-684 Downloads
James Forder
The Friedman-Lucas Transition in Macroeconomics: A Structuralist Approach pp. 684-687 Downloads
Sylvie Rivot
Commerce and manners in Edmund Burke’s political economy pp. 687-689 Downloads
Biancamaria Fontana
The first socialization debate (1918) and early efforts towards socialisation pp. 689-691 Downloads
Roberto Lampa
Progress Through Regression: The Life Story of the Empirical Cobb-Douglas Production Function pp. 691-693 Downloads
Matthew T. Panhans

Volume 28, issue 3, 2021

On “effectual demand” and the “extent of the market” in Adam Smith and David Ricardo pp. 305-323 Downloads
Alex Thomas
An intellectual boost for Italy’s Europeanisation: the contribution of the influential think tanks Arel and Nomisma (1978–1993) pp. 324-351 Downloads
Luca Sandonà
Keynes’s state planning: from Bolshevism to The General Theory pp. 352-374 Downloads
João Sicsú
The Stockholm School in a new age – Erik Lundberg’s changing views of the Rehn-Meidner Model pp. 375-403 Downloads
Lennart Erixon
Léon Walras and The Wealth of Nations: what did he really learn from Adam Smith? pp. 404-418 Downloads
Kayoko Misaki
Institutions, economy and politics: the debate between Commons and North pp. 419-435 Downloads
Philippe Broda
The dismal science down under: responses to Thomas Carlyle amongst Australasian Economists, c. 1880–1920 pp. 436-455 Downloads
Alexander Jordan
Calculating without money. Theories of in-kind accounting of Alexander Chayanov, Otto Neurath and the early Soviet experiences pp. 456-477 Downloads
Eric Magnin and Nikolay Nenovsky
The most Frischian among the Norwegian Economists pp. 478-482 Downloads
Ariane Dupont Kieffer
The economics book: from Xenophon to Cryptocurrency, 250 milestones in the history of economics pp. 483-484 Downloads
Astrid Van den Bossche
The betrayal of liberal economics pp. 485-489 Downloads
Richard Sturn
A history of feminist and gender economics pp. 489-491 Downloads
Agnès Le Tollec
Measuring utility. From the marginal revolution to behavioural economics pp. 492-493 Downloads
Thomas Müller
Marginalism pp. 493-495 Downloads
Guy Numa
Narrative economics: how stories go viral and drive major economic events pp. 496-497 Downloads
Roberto Romani

Volume 28, issue 2, 2021

Maffeo Pantaleoni on labour exchange: bridge between neoclassicism and Fascism pp. 179-200 Downloads
Motohiro Okada
Robert Torrens’ model of trade and growth: genesis and implications for the discovery of comparative advantage pp. 201-228 Downloads
Michael Gaul
The economics of trade liberalization: Charles S. Peirce and the Spanish Treaty of 1884 pp. 229-248 Downloads
James Wible and Kevin D. Hoover
Bent Hansen’s theory of inflation 19511 pp. 249-272 Downloads
Claes-Henric Siven
How speculation became respectable: early theories on financial and commodity markets pp. 273-291 Downloads
Paolo Paesani and Annalisa Rosselli
Economics and performativity. Exploring limits, theories and cases pp. 292-295 Downloads
Philippe Steiner
Méditations sur l’économie politique pp. 295-297 Downloads
Keith Tribe
The visionary realism of German economics: from the thirty years’ war to the cold war pp. 297-299 Downloads
Erik Grimmer-Solem
Adam Smith. La découverte du capitalisme et de ses limites pp. 300-302 Downloads
Annalisa Rosselli
A philosopher’s economist: Hume and rise of capitalism pp. 302-304 Downloads
Christopher J. Berry

Volume 28, issue 1, 2021

A trilogy of debt. The emancipatory virtue of public debt in saint-simonian, liberal and socialist discourses in nineteenth century France (1825–1852) pp. 1-30 Downloads
Clément Coste
Paul van Zeeland, a monetary economist between two worlds pp. 31-45 Downloads
Rebeca Gomez Betancourt and Ivo Maes
New economic geography: history and debate pp. 46-82 Downloads
José Gaspar
On the transmission of Keynes’ and Keynesian ideas in Brazil through Eugênio Gudin’s Principles of Monetary Economics pp. 83-102 Downloads
Victor Cruz e Silva, Marco Cavalieri and Marcelo Curado
Sraffa on Marshall’s theory of value in the Cambridge lectures: achievements in an unfinished criticism pp. 103-125 Downloads
Attilio Trezzini
Frank H. Knight on social values in economic consumption: an archival note pp. 126-141 Downloads
Luca Fiorito and Massimiliano Vatiero
Smith’s Wealth of Nations and the economic past: setting the scene for economic history? pp. 142-163 Downloads
Manolis Manioudis and Dimitris Milonakis
The Elgar companion to John Maynard Keynes pp. 164-168 Downloads
Carlo Cristiano
The marginal revolutionaries: how Austrian economists fought the war of ideas pp. 168-170 Downloads
Erwin Dekker
Monopoly power and competition. The Italian Marginalist perspective pp. 170-172 Downloads
Maxime Desmarais-Tremblay
Histoire de la pensée économique pp. 172-175 Downloads
Till Düppe
Neue Perspektiven Auf Die Politische Ökonomie von Karl Marx Und Friedrich Engels: Die Marx-Engels-Gesamtausgabe (MEGA). Studien Zur Entwicklung Der Ökonomischen Theorie. Schriften Des Vereins Für Socialpolitik (SVS), Band 115/XXXIV pp. 175-177 Downloads
Bruno Höfig
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