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Volume 25, issue 4, 2018

Editorial pp. 523-523 Downloads
Muriel Dal Pont Legrand
Antonio Genovesi and Italian economic thought: when ethics matters in economics pp. 524-530 Downloads
Francesca Dal Degan
From Economia Civile to Kameralwissenschaften. The line of descent from Genovesi to Beccaria in pre-Smithian Europe pp. 531-561 Downloads
Pier Luigi Porta
Beyond virtues and vices: Antonio Genovesi's and Adam Smith's “science of relationships” pp. 562-581 Downloads
Francesca Dal Degan
Political economy of virtue: civil economy, happiness and public trust in the thought of Antonio Genovesi pp. 582-604 Downloads
Adrian Pabst
Evolution and development, categories of Genovesi’s economics pp. 605-626 Downloads
Cosimo Perrotta
On the origin of money, or Menger’s one-sided reading of Genovesi’s Lezioni pp. 627-636 Downloads
Pascal Bridel
The plural roots of rewards: awards and incentives in Aquinas and Genovesi pp. 637-657 Downloads
Luigino Bruni and Paolo Santori
In memory of Pier-Luigi Porta pp. 658-663 Downloads
Richard Arena

Volume 25, issue 3, 2018

Lost in translation – a revival of Wolfgang Stützel's Balances Mechanics pp. 401-427 Downloads
Beate Sauer and Friedrich L. Sell
History, utility and liberty: John Stuart Mill's critical examination of Auguste Comte pp. 428-459 Downloads
Philippe Légé
Positional goods and social welfare: a note on George Pendleton Watkins’ neglected contribution pp. 460-472 Downloads
Luca Fiorito and Massimiliano Vatiero
Wealth and sensibility. The historical outcome of better living conditions for all according to Adam Smith pp. 473-492 Downloads
Michele Bee
The world in the model. How economists work and think pp. 493-498 Downloads
Maxime Desmarais-Tremblay
The stakes of regulation. Perspectives on bread, politics and political economy forty years later pp. 498-500 Downloads
Arnaud Orain
The Palgrave companion to Cambridge economics pp. 501-505 Downloads
Roger Middleton
The Viennese Students of Civilisation: the Meaning and Context of Austrian Economics Reconsidered pp. 506-509 Downloads
Alexander Ebner
Economic growth and the origins of modern political economy: economic reasons of state, 1500–2000 pp. 509-511 Downloads
Marten Seppel
Finanzwissenschaft im deutschsprachigen Raum und in den Vereinigten Staaten, 1865–1917. Ursprung, Inhalt und Wissenschaftstransfer pp. 512-514 Downloads
Luiz Felipe Bruzzi Curi
The magic of concepts. History and the economic in twentieth century China pp. 514-516 Downloads
Terry Peach
A compendium of Italian economists at Oxbridge. Contributions to the evolution of economic thinking pp. 517-521 Downloads
Carlo Cristiano

Volume 25, issue 2, 2018

Robert Torrens and the Ricardian model of dynamic equilibrium growth pp. 203-226 Downloads
Taro Hisamatsu
F. A. Hayek vs. J. M. Keynes in Shackle's marginal gloss pp. 227-262 Downloads
Constantinos Repapis
The origins, development, and fate of Clower's “stock-flow” general-equilibrium programme pp. 263-294 Downloads
Romain Plassard
On science and reform: the parable of the new economics, 1960s–1970s pp. 295-326 Downloads
Roberto Romani
What laws determine progress? An Indian contribution to the idea of progress based on Mahadev Govind Ranade's works, 1870–1901 pp. 327-356 Downloads
Maria Bach
The 100% money proposal and its implications for banking: the Currie–Fisher approach versus the Chicago Plan approach pp. 357-387 Downloads
Samuel Demeulemeester
Heinrich von Storch's innovative contributions to economics pp. 388-400 Downloads
Jochen Schumann

Volume 25, issue 1, 2018

Keynes and the international monetary system: Time for a tabular standard? pp. 1-35 Downloads
Leanne J. Ussher, Armin Haas, Klaus Töpfer and Carlo C. Jaeger
Probabilising the consumer: Georgescu-Roegen, Marschak and Quandt on the modelling of the consumer in the 1950s pp. 36-72 Downloads
Jean-Sébastien Lenfant
Applying mathematics to economics according to Cournot and Walras pp. 73-105 Downloads
Ludovic Ragni
Conquering or mapping? Textbooks and the dissemination of human capital theory in applied economics pp. 106-133 Downloads
Pedro Teixeira
Alfred Marshall and François Perroux: the neglected liaison pp. 134-174 Downloads
Katia Caldari
Handbook on the history of economic analysis, edited by Gilbert Faccarello and Heinz D. Kurz pp. 175-182 Downloads
Harro Maas and Cléo Chassonnery-Zaïgouche
The Nobel factor. The prize in economics, social democracy and the market turn, by Avner Offer and Gabriel Söderberg pp. 182-184 Downloads
Ylva Hasselberg
Greatness and illusion, by Karl Marx, Gareth Stedman Jones pp. 185-190 Downloads
Christian Gehrke
The economics of Joan Robinson, edited by Maria Cristina Marcuzzo, Luigi L. Pasinetti and Alessandro Roncaglia/Fighting market failure: collected essays in the Cambridge tradition of economics, by Maria Cristina Marcuzzo pp. 191-193 Downloads
G.C. Harcourt
The political economy of progress: John Stuart Mill and modern radicalism (Oxford studies in the history of economics), by Joseph Persky pp. 193-195 Downloads
Daniela Donnini Macciò
Donald Winch 1935–2017 pp. 196-201 Downloads
Keith Tribe

Volume 24, issue 6, 2017

Introduction pp. 1131-1133 Downloads
José Luís Cardoso, Nathalie Sigot and Muriel Dal Pont Legrand
The last generalists pp. 1134-1166 Downloads
Hans-Michael Trautwein
A judicious and industrious compiler’: Mapping Postlethwayt's pp. 1167-1213 Downloads
Richard van den Berg
Smith and Rousseau on envy in commercial societies pp. 1214-1246 Downloads
Claire Pignol and Benoît Walraevens
How did it all begin? Adam Smith on the early and rude state of society and the age of hunters pp. 1247-1276 Downloads
Ecem Okan
Between mathematical formalism, normative choice rules, and the behavioural sciences: The emergence of rational choice theories in the late 1940s and early 1950s pp. 1277-1317 Downloads
Catherine Herfeld
Expected utility theory and experimental utility measurement, 1950–1985. From confidence to scepticism pp. 1318-1354 Downloads
Ivan Moscati
“From warfare to welfare”: Contextualising Arrow and Schelling's models of racial inequalities (1968–1972) pp. 1355-1387 Downloads
Cléo Chassonnery-Zaïgouche and Lauren Larrouy
Disequilibrium as the origin, originality, and challenges of Clower's microfoundations of monetary theory pp. 1388-1415 Downloads
Romain Plassard
An activist revival in central banking? Lessons from the history of economic thought and central bank practice pp. 1416-1439 Downloads
Lilia Costabile and Gerald Epstein

Volume 24, issue 5, 2017

Keynes, the socialisation of trade, and international monetary institutions pp. 979-997 Downloads
Betsy Jane Clary
Austerity and repressive politics: Italian economists in the early years of the fascist government pp. 998-1026 Downloads
Clara Elisabetta Mattei
Methodology, theory and inquiry in Italian economic and social thought: The making of Francesco Coletti pp. 1027-1052 Downloads
Jean-Guy Prévost, Stefano Spalletti and Stefano Perri
Economic policy as expectations management: Keynes’ and Friedman's complementary approaches pp. 1053-1084 Downloads
Sylvie Rivot
Friedrich Hayek's fleeting foray into 1940s colonial development pp. 1085-1106 Downloads
Chris Grocott
, by Richard Cantillon, edited by Richard van den Berg /, by Richard Cantillon, edited by Antoin E. Murphy pp. 1107-1109 Downloads
Keith Tribe
, by Fiorenzo Mornati pp. 1110-1113 Downloads
Michael McLure
A Few Hares to Chase. The Economic Life and Times of Bill Phillips, by Alan Bollard pp. 1113-1116 Downloads
Marcel Boumans
, by Manuela Mosca pp. 1116-1118 Downloads
Marianne Johnson
Dompter Prométhée: Technologies et socialismes à l'âge romantique (1820–1870) pp. 1118-1122 Downloads
Guido Frison
Kenneth J. Arrow 1921–2017 pp. 1123-1129 Downloads
Maurice Salles

Volume 24, issue 4, 2017

Erratum pp. iii-iii Downloads
The Editors
Erratum pp. iv-iv Downloads
The Editors
Corrigendum pp. v-v Downloads
The Editors
Erratum pp. vi-vi Downloads
The Editors
Erratum pp. vii-viI Downloads
The Editors
Erratum pp. viii-viii Downloads
The Editors
Corrigendum pp. ix-ix Downloads
The Editors
Sæculum pp. 625-639 Downloads
Gilbert Faccarello
Agency, exchange, and power in scholastic thought pp. 640-669 Downloads
Richard Sturn
The concept of “lawfulness” in economic matters. Reading Ibn Rushd (Averroes) pp. 670-688 Downloads
Ragip Ege
The necessity to work, according to John Calvin's duty of stewardship pp. 689-707 Downloads
Caroline Bauer
Liberal Jansenists and interest-bearing loans in eighteenth-century France: a reappraisal pp. 708-741 Downloads
Arnaud Orain and Maxime Menuet
Defending free trade after physiocracy: On Dugald Stewart's architectonic of passions, reason and Providence pp. 742-783 Downloads
Thomas Ruellou
Theological themes in Ricardo's papers and correspondence pp. 784-808 Downloads
Sergio Cremaschi
Religion and political economy in Saint-Simon pp. 809-827 Downloads
Pierre Musso
A dance teacher for paralysed people? Charles de Coux and the dream of a Christian political economy pp. 828-875 Downloads
Gilbert Faccarello
Religion and the sociological critique of political economy: Altruism and gift pp. 876-906 Downloads
Philippe Steiner
Henry Sidgwick, moral order, and utilitarianism pp. 907-930 Downloads
Keith Tribe
Pigou on philosophy and religion pp. 931-957 Downloads
Daniela Donnini Macciò
Keynes and Christian socialism: Religion and the economic problem pp. 958-977 Downloads
David Andrews

Volume 24, issue 3, 2017

A genealogy of the concept of merit wants pp. 409-440 Downloads
Maxime Desmarais-Tremblay
Can you put free will into an equation? The debate on determinism and mathematics at the end of the nineteenth century pp. 441-464 Downloads
Thomas Mueller
Economic beliefs and institutional politics: Human capital theory and the changing views of the World Bank about education (1950–1985) pp. 465-492 Downloads
Pedro Nuno Teixeira
Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen and degrowth pp. 493-506 Downloads
Antoine Missemer
From endogenous growth to stationary state: The world economy in the mathematical formulation of the Ricardian system pp. 507-527 Downloads
Neri Salvadori and Rodolfo Signorino
The road to rationalisation: A history of “Where the Empirical Lives” (or has lived) in consumer choice theory pp. 555-588 Downloads
D. Wade Hands
Journal and Notebooks of a Year in France May 1820 - July 1821: A Complete Edition with a Facsimile Reprint of the Rediscovered Notebook of John Stuart Mill in Kwansei Gakuin University and Transcribed Text, Annotation and Comparative Studies, by J. S. Mill's pp. 589-591 Downloads
Georgios Varouxakis
Macroeconomics and the Phillips Curve Myth, by James Forder pp. 591-597 Downloads
Roger Middleton
Écrits d ′économie politique, 1816–1842, Œuvres Économiques Complètes vol. IV; Nouveaux principes d′économie politique, ou de la richesse dans ses rapports avec la population, Œuvres Économiques Complètes vol. V, by J.C.L. Simonde de Sismondi, edited by P. Bridel, F. Dal Degan and N. Eyguesier pp. 597-599 Downloads
Thomas Hopkins
The German Historical School and European Economic Thought, by José Luís Cardoso, Michalis Psalidopoulos (ed.) pp. 599-602 Downloads
Birsen Filip
Economic Thought: A Brief History, by Heinz D. Kurz, translated by Jeremiah Reiner/A Brief History of Political Economy: Tales of Marx, Keynes and Hayek, by Lars Magnusson and Bo Stråth pp. 603-606 Downloads
Roger Backhouse
Architects of the Euro: Intellectuals in the Making of European Monetary Union, edited by Kenneth Dyson and Ivo Maes/The Euro and the Battle of Ideas, by Markus Brunnermeier, Harold James and Jean-Pierre Landau pp. 606-611 Downloads
Charles Goodhart
Tony Atkinson 1944–2017: A lifetime commitment to the study of inequality pp. 612-623 Downloads
Agnar Sandmo

Volume 24, issue 2, 2017

The distance between Buchanan's “An Economic Theory of Clubs” and Tiebout's “A Pure Theory of Local Public Expenditures”. New insights based on an unpublished manuscript pp. 205-237 Downloads
Peter Boettke and Alain Marciano
How modern economics learned French: Jacques Drèze and the foundation of CORE pp. 238-273 Downloads
Till Düppe
Pigou, Del Vecchio, and Sraffa: the 1955 International “Antonio Feltrinelli” Prize for the Economic and Social Sciences pp. 274-286 Downloads
Rogério Arthmar and Michael McLure
On the definition of externality as a missing market pp. 287-318 Downloads
Nathalie Berta
Producer co-operatives in nineteenth-century British economic thought pp. 319-340 Downloads
Joseph Persky
Race, competition, and institutional change in J.R. Commons pp. 341-368 Downloads
Abdallah Zouache
Hidden links in the warranted rate of growth: the supermultiplier way out pp. 369-394 Downloads
Óscar Dejuán
The Economy of the Word: Language, History and Economics, by Keith Tribe pp. 395-399 Downloads
Roger Middleton
, A Critical and Variorum, edited by Vilfredo Pareto pp. 399-402 Downloads
Paolo Scapparone
Ökonomische Theoriegeschichte im zeithistorischen Kontext. Ausgewählte Aufsätze, by Heinz Rieter, edited by Elisabeth Allgöwer, Carsten Kasprzok, and Joachim Zweynert pp. 402-403 Downloads
Roman Köster
The World the Game Theorists Made, by Paul Erickson pp. 403-406 Downloads
Philippe van Basshuysen
Calcul et morale. Coûts de l'esclavage et valeur de l’émancipation (XVIII-XIX siècle), by Caroline Oudin-Bastide and Philippe Steiner pp. 406-408 Downloads
Richard Whatmore

Volume 24, issue 1, 2017

An unrecorded Physiocratic précis by Charles Richard de Butré and the experiment of Karl Friedrich of Baden-Durlach in Dietlingen pp. 1-24 Downloads
Gabriel Sabbagh
Heterogenesis of ends: Herbert Spencer and the Italian economists pp. 25-57 Downloads
Claudia Sunna and Manuela Mosca
Why is money important in Jean-Baptiste Say's analysis? pp. 58-79 Downloads
Gilles Jacoud
Say's involvement in the 1819 French edition of Ricardo's and the issue of rent pp. 80-118 Downloads
Christophe Depoortère
Veblen's Discounted Expected Earnings Streams: Monopoly and Make-Believe pp. 119-142 Downloads
Craig Allan Medlen
The wage–employment relationship in Modigliani's 1944 article pp. 143-174 Downloads
Antonella Rancan
Nature's Gifts. The Australian Lectures of Henry George on the Ownership of Land & other Natural Resources, by John Pullen pp. 175-176 Downloads
Keith Tribe
Essays on Keynesian and Kaldorian Economics, by Antony P. Thirlwall pp. 177-178 Downloads
Sylvie Rivot
Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations: A Reader's Guide, by Jerry Evensky pp. 179-180 Downloads
Terry Peach
Why Minsky Matters, by L. Randall Wray pp. 181-184 Downloads
Charles Goodhart
The Elgar Companion to David Ricardo, edited by Heinz D. Kurz and Neri Salvadori pp. 184-187 Downloads
Fabio Petri
Arthur Cecil Pigou, by N. Aslanbeigui and G. Oakes pp. 187-190 Downloads
Daniela Donnini Macciò
Finding Equilibrium: Arrow, Debreu, McKenzie and the Problem of Scientific Credit, by Till Düppe and E. Roy Weintraub pp. 190-192 Downloads
Nicholas Gane
Yuichi Shionoya (1932–2015) pp. 193-196 Downloads
Kiichiro Yagi
Marcello De Cecco (1939–2016) pp. 197-200 Downloads
Carlo Panico
Tiziano Raffaelli (1950–2016) pp. 201-203 Downloads
Marco Dardi
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