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Volume 27, issue 2, 2020

The Standard Narrative about DSGE Models in Central Banks’ Technical Reports pp. 163-193 Downloads
Francesco Sergi
Rationalising the supply-and-demand cross, 1838–1890 pp. 194-208 Downloads
Tony Aspromourgos
A road not taken? A brief history of care in economic thought pp. 209-229 Downloads
John B. Davis and Robert McMaster
Marx on alienation and employee capital participation pp. 230-247 Downloads
Tobias Henschen
A reappraisal of Galbraith’s challenge to Consumer Sovereignty: preferences, welfare and the non-neutrality thesis* pp. 248-275 Downloads
Alexandre Chirat
Donum, exchange and common good in Aquinas: the dawn of civil economy pp. 276-297 Downloads
Paolo Santori
Marxism before Marxism: Nikolaj Sieber and the birth of Russian social-democracy pp. 298-323 Downloads
François Allisson, Federico D’Onofrio, Danila E. Raskov and Leonid D. Shirokorad
A brief prehistory of the theory of the firm pp. 324-325 Downloads
Manuela Mosca
War in the history of economic thought. Economists and the question of war and Economists and war. A heterodox perspective pp. 325-327 Downloads
Pepijn Brandon
A history of Australasian economic thought pp. 327-329 Downloads
Simon Guttmann
Report on the agrarian law (1795) and other writings pp. 329-332 Downloads
Adriana Luna-Fabritius
The sovereign consumer: a new intellectual history of neoliberalism pp. 333-334 Downloads
Luiz Felipe Bruzzi Curi
Lionel Robbins on the principles of economic analysis – the 1930s lectures pp. 335-337 Downloads
Pedro N. Teixeira
Wilhelm Röpke (1899–1966) a liberal political economist and conservative social philosopher pp. 337-339 Downloads
Charles Rose
Wassily Leontief et la science économique pp. 339-341 Downloads
Antoine Missemer
The value of applied economics: the life and work of Arthur (A.J.) Brown pp. 341-344 Downloads
Roger Middleton
La technologie générale: Johann beckmann, entwurf der algemeinen technologie/projet de technologie générale (1806) pp. 344-346 Downloads
MÃ¥ns Jansson
Ricardo on money. A reappraisal pp. 347-350 Downloads
Germán David Feldman
City of debtors: a century of fringe finance pp. 350-352 Downloads
Mary O’Sullivan
La politique du merveilleux. Une autre histoire du système de law (1695–1795) pp. 353-356 Downloads
Antoin Murphy
Development: the re-balancing of economic powers pp. 356-359 Downloads
Davide Gualerzi

Volume 27, issue 1, 2020

Editors’ note pp. 1-1 Downloads
Muriel Dal Pont Legrand, Richard Sturn and Hans-Michael Trautwein
C. S. Peirce’s theory of abductive expectations pp. 2-44 Downloads
James R. Wible
A critical note on the new english title for Walras Éléments pp. 45-48 Downloads
Michael McLure
Guicciardini and economic (in)equality pp. 49-65 Downloads
Nikola Regent
The distinction between relative and positive profit: Sir James Steuart after Adam Smith and the Classics pp. 66-85 Downloads
Ferdinando Meacci
The controversy over intellectual property in nineteenth-century France: a comparative analysis between Proudhon and Walras pp. 86-107 Downloads
Rémy Guichardaz
The Marshallian demand curve revisited pp. 108-130 Downloads
Marek Hudik
Central banking under the gold standard: Rist versus Hawtrey on the policy of the bank of France from 1928 to 1931 pp. 131-153 Downloads
Lucy Brillant and Pierre-Hernan Rojas
Routledge handbook of the history of global economic thought pp. 154-156 Downloads
Daniela Donnini Macciò
Luigi L. Pasinetti: An intellectual biography. Leading scholar and system builder of the Cambridge School of Economics pp. 156-158 Downloads
Maria Cristina Marcuzzo
Calculated values. Finance, politics and the quantitative age pp. 158-160 Downloads
Antoin E. Murphy
Das Verhältnis von Staat und Ökonomie: Walter Euckens Ordoliberalismus im Angesicht der Schwächung des nationalstaatlichen Regulierungsmonopols pp. 160-162 Downloads
Stefan Kolev

Volume 26, issue 6, 2019

Introduction to the special issue devoted to the 2018 ESHET conference at Madrid pp. 1081-1083 Downloads
Muriel Dal Pont Legrand, Hans-Michael Trautwein and Estrella Trincado
Bringing them alive pp. 1084-1106 Downloads
André Lapidus
Circular reasoning. Forbonnais and the intricate history of circular flow analysis in the 1750s pp. 1107-1152 Downloads
Richard van den Berg
Nature and labour: theoretical approaches and metaphors of wealth before Adam Smith pp. 1153-1186 Downloads
Stefano Fiori
Adam Smith and Alexis de Tocqueville on the division of labour* pp. 1187-1211 Downloads
Jimena Hurtado Prieto
John Stuart Mill on wage inequalities between men and women pp. 1212-1251 Downloads
Virginie Gouverneur
Altruism, sociology and the history of economic thought pp. 1252-1274 Downloads
Philippe Steiner
Widening Wicksell’s conception of political economy: his “thoroughly revolutionary programme†pp. 1275-1309 Downloads
Léon Guillot
Balance Mechanics and Business Cycles pp. 1310-1340 Downloads
Johannes Schmidt
Natural resources in the theory of production: the Georgescu-Roegen/Daly versus Solow/Stiglitz controversy pp. 1341-1378 Downloads
Quentin Couix

Volume 26, issue 5, 2019

The dark side of capitalism – in orthodox economics? pp. 827-878 Downloads
Milan Zafirovski
Explanatory value in context: the curious case of Hotelling’s location model pp. 879-910 Downloads
N. Emrah Aydinonat and Emin Köksal
Hayek on expectations: the interplay between two complex systems pp. 911-941 Downloads
Agnès Festré
The puzzles of a triumvir: Friedrich von Wieser as political economist and sociologist pp. 942-972 Downloads
Stefan Kolev
Semi-normative theories of bounded rationality – back to German roots pp. 973-1002 Downloads
Katharina Friederike Sträter
The ontology of Sir William Petty’s political arithmetic pp. 1003-1026 Downloads
Akos Sivado
Is there a link between Saint-Simonian ability and the capability approach to social justice? pp. 1027-1052 Downloads
Adrien Lutz and Antoinette Baujard
Paul Samuelson, gender bias and discrimination pp. 1053-1080 Downloads
Roger Backhouse and Béatrice Cherrier

Volume 26, issue 4, 2019

Editorial pp. 653-653 Downloads
Muriel Dal Pont Legrand
Mixing history of economic thought with cliometrics: room for debates on economic growth pp. 654-658 Downloads
Claude Diebolt and Harald Hagemann
Accounting for the wealth of Denmark: a case study of Smithian growth using the emergence of modern accounting in Danish dairying pp. 659-697 Downloads
Markus Lampe and Paul Sharp
The debate over grain in the 1750s. A cliometric point of view pp. 698-737 Downloads
Jean-Daniel Boyer, Magali Jaoul-Grammare and Sylvie Rivot
A brief history of cliometrics and the evolving view of the industrial revolution pp. 738-774 Downloads
Michael Haupert
Learning outside the factory: a cliometric reappraisal on the impact of technological change on human capital accumulation pp. 775-800 Downloads
Claude Diebolt, Charlotte Le Chapelain and Audrey-Rose Menard
Les économistes et la fin des énergies fossiles (1865–1931) pp. 801-804 Downloads
Cléo Chassonnery-Zaïgouche and Guillaume Noblet
A history of macroeconomics from Keynes to Lucas and beyond pp. 804-807 Downloads
Danilo Freitas Ramalho da Silva
Classical economic today. Essays in honour of Alessandro Roncaglia pp. 807-810 Downloads
Andrés Lazzarini
Le avventure delle Aventures. Traduzioni del Télémaque di Fénelon tra Sette e Ottocento pp. 810-812 Downloads
Keith Tribe
Essays on Hume, Smith and the Scottish Enlightenment pp. 812-816 Downloads
Paul Sagar
Condorcet et Adam Smith. Réformes économiques et progrès social au siècle des Lumières pp. 816-817 Downloads
José M. Menudo
Unproductive labour in political economy. The history of an idea pp. 817-821 Downloads
Bertram Schefold
Œuvres Économiques Complètes pp. 821-825 Downloads
Tom Hopkins

Volume 26, issue 2, 2019

Brunner and Leijonhufvud: friends or foes? pp. 231-270 Downloads
Pierrick Clerc
Specialization, fragmentation, and pluralism in economics pp. 271-293 Downloads
John Davis
Thorstein Veblen’s 1904 contributions to q and insider/outsider analysis pp. 294-326 Downloads
Marion Dieudonné
Tracing neoliberalism in Italy: intellectual and political connections pp. 327-351 Downloads
Fabio Masini
An inquiry into the Ramsey-Hotelling connection pp. 352-379 Downloads
Marion Gaspard and Antoine Missemer
Walras as an ordoliberal? pp. 380-413 Downloads
Roberto Baranzini and Raphaël Fèvre
The First Serious Optimist: A.C. Pigou and the Birth of Welfare Economics by Ian Kumekawa pp. 414-417 Downloads
Karen Knight
Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Adam Smith. Ethics, Politics and Economics, by Maria Paganelli, Dennis C. Rasmussen, Craig Smith pp. 417-420 Downloads
Claire Pignol and Benoît Walraevens
The Politics of Commercial Treaties in the Eighteenth Century. Balance of Power, Balance of Trade pp. 420-422 Downloads
Christine Théré
Managing the economy, managing the people: narratives of economic life in Britain from Beveridge to Brexit, by Jim Tomlinson pp. 422-425 Downloads
Roger Middleton

Volume 26, issue 1, 2019

The rent disease: Achille Loria’s criticism to the capitalistic society pp. 1-22 Downloads
Luigino Bruni
How Rousseau read Hume’s Political Discourses: hints of unexpected agreement in their views of money and luxury pp. 23-50 Downloads
Ryu Susato
Financial capital and banks in Hilferding and Sraffa: lessons for today pp. 51-80 Downloads
Giuseppe Mastromatteo
Marx and Ricardo on machinery: a critical note pp. 81-100 Downloads
Miguel Ramirez
Starve all the lawyers: four theories of the just price pp. 101-128 Downloads
Åsbjørn Melkevik
A fundamental externality in the labour market? Ragnar Frisch on the socially optimal amount of work pp. 129-156 Downloads
Agnar Sandmo
Adam Smith on lotteries: an interpretation and formal restatement pp. 157-197 Downloads
Laurie Bréban and André Lapidus
Peripheral visions of economic development. New frontiers in development economics and the history of economic thought pp. 198-200 Downloads
Michele Alacevich
Founder of modern economics: Paul A. Samuelson. Volume 1: becoming Samuelson, 1915–1948 pp. 200-206 Downloads
Yann Giraud
The birth of austerity. German ordoliberalism and contemporary neoliberalism pp. 206-209 Downloads
Raphaël Fèvre
L’intrus et l’absent. Essai sur le travail et le salariat dans la théorie économique pp. 209-213 Downloads
Pascal Bridel
La cultura economica tra le due guerre pp. 213-217 Downloads
Carlo Cristiano
German influences on American economic thought and American influences on German economic thought/Deutsche Einflüsse auf amerikanisches wirtschaftswissenschaftliches Denken und amerikanische Einflüsse auf deutsches Wirtschaftsdenken pp. 217-220 Downloads
Günther Chaloupek
Cameralism in practice: state administration and economy in early modern Europe pp. 220-224 Downloads
Koen Stapelbroek
The new worlds of Thomas Robert Malthus: rereading the principle of population pp. 225-229 Downloads
Ryan Walter
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